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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we begin tonight with breaking news from denver, colorado where police say one person is dead, several others hurt after a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo. law enforcement sources tell nbc news it involves a fight between two biker gangs. the source said two people from each of the gangs were in grave condition at local hospitals. police have evacuated the complex. authorities are questioning at least one person but no arrests have been made. new video tonight of a fight over bus fare that led to a stabbing on a bus. this video shows the victim pushed the suspect off the bus and then they start brawling. it unfolded yesterday afternoon. tonight, police are still
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searching for this man they say stabbed the victim several times. nbc 10 is live at northeast detectives. you're waiting to talk to police, andrea? >> reporter: that's right. we'll talk to police in just a few minutes. we want to show you the video that they released a little bit earlier today. take a look. this is a video from the bus, it shows the alleged suspect coming on the bus. police say the man could not pay the fare and was told by the driver to get off at the next stop. when they got to the 4,100 block, the suspect refused to get off the bus causing a delay. you see by the surveillance camera other passengers filed off the bus. one passenger stayed on and began arguing with the suspect telling him to get off. the argument turned physical spilling on to the street. at some point, detectives say the suspect stabbed the passenger in the head and the body then ran away.
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now the passenger was taken to temple university hospital where we're told he's in stable but critical condition. again, we're waiting for police to get the latest on investigation. reporting live, nbc 10 news. we have new information about a murder investigation in delaware. new castle county police has issued an arrest for parker for murder. he stabbed a 47-year-old man inside his home. the two men did know each other anyone with information about parker or his whereabouts is asked to contact police. a juvenile is facing charges after a gun went off do a fight inside saphiladelphia high school. police arrested the teen overnight. no one was hurt. the incident before noon yesterday in a stair well at a
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high school. a shot was fired shortly after a fight. taking a live look at the center city skyline. it's going to be chilly out there tonight but a warmup is heading our way. let's check in with our first alert meteorologist. tomorrow we could see the return of spring like weather. >> it's already not going to be quite as cold as we head into tonight. the changes will be noticeable tomorrow. low upper 30s towards philadelphia, 36 washington township area. upper 30s in the allentown area. temperatures looking uniform here. 30 in woodbine. 36 in millville. about 36 towards the dover area. not looking too cold out there as we head in through the course of the next 24 hours that will be changing.
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our current 24 change not looking too different. everybody is sitting around where they were at this point last night. now, if you're heading into the city tonight, you'll still need a coat. it won't be brutally cold. temperatures will be remaining in the mid30s. no umbrella necessary. a pretty nice night. tomorrow we'll have a noticeable warm up, right into next week with potentially record warmth. one week after the blizzard of 2016, devastated parts of the jersey shore, some residents are seeing the damage to their homes for the first time. this as dozens of families met with charities to get the help they need to move forward. randy gyllenhaal reports. >> the refrigerator floated, wept over. >> reporter: for the first time since the storm mary arrive as her house to assess the damage. her furniture and the wood floor
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totally ruined but her hand painted shell collection curated over the years survived inches from the water line. the water line is just below? >> just below them. so they were lucky. >> reporter: saturday marks one week since the storm and the cleanup continues. today, the red cross organized a one stop shop for residents to speak with social service agencies and local charities helping folks with their most basic needs. >> in some cases they've lost their car, they're out of their home. they don't have electricity or heat. >> reporter: the maria family wants answers about their busted water heater which was ruined during the flood. >> we wake up saturday and the water is all there. there's waves and icebergs floating. >> reporter: across cape may county, officials estimate $67 million in damage. so far, that's not enough to trigger any disaster aid, but the mayors here say the number will raise and they'll keep pushing. >> i'm demanding state and
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federal. we don't want to be slighted because it was bad but not as bad as north jersey. >> reporter: it's a waiting game to hear back from the insurance company. as for the possible disaster aid, the mayors here in wildwood say they're in touch with the governor's office and waiting to hear back. in west wildwood. nbc 10 news. family and friends remembered a pregnant teenager who died after last week's blizzard. they lit candles in memory in montgomery county. family members said she was eight months' pregnant and suffered from heart defects. her unborn baby did not survive. >> she was so excited to be a mom. she had everything. she looked forward every single day just to feel her kick. >> police have not determined a cause of death. authorities have not linked her
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death to shoveling. new at 6:00, in delaware county police want to know if slippery conditions caused man to fall to his death in springfield township. police tell us a body was found in a creek. he may have slipped in snow and ice and hit his head. a mercer county woman faces murder charges in the death of her mother-in-law. she was arrested late last night in atlantic city. police say the body was found in this home on mozart court tuesday night. prosecutors say she died after she was hit in the head several times with a heavy object. no word on a motive. the philadelphia auto show shifted into high gear today. nbc 10 at the pennsylvania convention center for those official grand opening of the nine day show. get an up close look at 700 of the newest fastest exotic vehicles in the world.
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more than 40 car brands are represented. there's plenty to do for people of all ages. >> boy's day out. we come down just to look at the cars, trucks and see what's cooking. >> where else can they go and play on an $80,000 and not get in trouble. >> the philadelphia auto show runs through next sunday. back in custody, how police say they finally tracked down two inmates that escaped from a california jail last week. the clock is ticking. we'll take you to iowa where the presidential candidates are out in full force, just 48 hours ahead of the caucuses. who is up and who is down in the polls.
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two inmates who escaped from a southern california jail are now in custody. police caught the men 400 miles away in san francisco this morning. a woman spotted the stolen van
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police say the fugitives were living in. investigators say they escaped by crawling through plumbing tunnels to a roof and then used bed sheets to climb down the jail wall. the union representing new jersey corrections officers is calling for action after they say an inmate attacked one of their own. they say the attack happened wednesday at southern state correctional facility in cumberland county. the union wants the state legislature to act so they would have the same protection as police officers when they are assaulted on duty. we'll tell you how hillary clinton is getting a campaign boost from her recent visit to philadelphia. the latest on the presidential candidates' last minute push in iowa. tomorrow, looking warmer. i'm tracking record breaking warmth into next week. i'll have the details coming up in my seven-day forecast forecast.
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topping our decision 2016 coverage, another endorsement for hillary clinton. more than two dozen african-american ministers have pledged their support to the democratic front runner after meeting with her in philadelphia earlier this week. clinton met with 50 clergy members at a fundraiser wednesday night. two days left until the iowa caucuses. the campaigning is intense as nbc 10 reports, the candidates have hope and busy schedules. >> reporter: ted cruz today at a rally in ames iowa. >> we have 53 hours to the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: call friends, get them to caucus. >> this is the men and women of iowa, the time to make a decision. >> reporter: marco rubio in sioux city closing in on cruz. rubio's iowa polls are rising.
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>> this is the last minute of the campaign. this is where desperation kicks in. >> reporter: the republican front runner flew back to iowa. >> we have a chance to do something so great. make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump holding nearly seven point lead in iowa polling over cruz who once led here and insisted the numbers are reverting. what do you say to the trump backers who used to back you but now back him? >> well, they're backing me once again. >> reporter: for democratic front runner hillary clinton a reminder she's under investigation. more of what she e-mailed has been reclassified top secret. >> i'm not concerned it's the same story that has been going on for months now. >> reporter: she's held more than 90 events in iowa. >> go out and stand up for me on monday night. >> reporter: bernie sanders has campaigned at 130 events telling iowa supporters if they caucus, they can take power back from the billionaires. >> if we have that courage, not
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only will we win here in iowa, not only will we win the nomination, but much more importantly, we will transform america. >> reporter: but first a big effort to get out the vote. nbc news, des moines, iowa. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage this election season. you can hear the reports beginning tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. time is running out to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the deadline is tomorrow, january 31st. there are several enrollments events happening in our area to help get you signed up. nbc 10 found an independence blue cross mobile sign up center in montgomery county today. it will be at the bella shopping center on city avenue until 8:00 tonight. again at 10:00 in the morning till 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. students are trying to checkmate violence with help
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from the new philadelphia police commissioner. hundreds of the city's best and brightest young chess players came out for the ninth annual chess marathon. the commissioner was there having fun, racing the kids outside. this program is designed to promote safe and engaging after school activities. and in camden today, hundreds of students took part in a city wide school fair. families got a chance to learn about dozens of public schools. the deadline is march first. now you're nbc 10 first alert weather. pretty seasonable winter-like afternoon for us today. you can see the great turnout here toward blue mountain ski resort to the poconos.
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looki looking warmer. showers are likely to be for the earlier portion of the week. keeping an eye on near record warmth as we head into the next week. current conditions to philadelphia, 38. a little on the cloudy side. wind is out of the south at about nine miles per hour. feels like temperature 31. not too windy, so the temperature and the wind chill for the most part not too far apart. keeping an eye on the building warmth across the southern plains. 75 the current temperature toward northern texas. this is a piece of that air mass that will be sliding up in our direction and that will bring us warmer temperatures as we head into the upcoming days. temperatures upper 30s towards philadelphia. 30 degrees to the poconos. for tonight temperatures won't be quite as cold. it's for tomorrow that we'll be tracking the noticeable warmup. sunday, i want to mention we have an air quality in alert in areas to the north and west.
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it's a little polluted here across parts of the lehigh valley. elderly, children, you want to monitor the time you'll be out doors. high pressure is sitting off the atlantic coast. it's the return flow coming out of the south that's going to drive this warmer air into the area. tonight, still on the cold side. we're looking for the most part at 30s in philadelphia. early risers for sunday, it's going to be cold out there. as we head into the afternoon, those temperatures are going to start to swing into the 50s here for a good portion of the area. you can see with a nice amount of sunshine as well. very nice and to the weekend as we head into sunday. we keep things dry for sunday night so we can give the umbrella a little bit of a break. we're going to be keeping an eye out ounn monday. rain will be swinging showers into the area as we head into monday afternoon and evening. for the most part what's going to bring our attention is the warmer temperatures here.
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this particular model bringing philadelphia into the lower 60s and that's not even the warmest day of the extended forecast. tonight not quite as cold, still on the look out for a refreeze north and west where temperatures are going to be into the mid20s. tomorrow, sunshine and clouds, definitely looking milder out there. 53 degrees. mid40s areas north and west. again, a beautiful end to the weekend as we head into monday the warmup continues, 50 for monday with a chance for showers. as we head into tuesday, still into the 50s. it's wednesday that we're looking at the potential for record warmth. 62 degrees, it will be close, looking at the potential for thunderstorms perhaps later in the day. again, for february, of course, that is significant. it's back to reality later in the week with temperatures into the 40s. i'm danny from comcast sports net. the birds are backing up the brinks truck. we're hear from the eagles. sometimes one of the smallest
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guys on the court attracts the biggest crowd. the biggest show of the nba is next.
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time to check in with erica hill for a look at what's coming up at nbc nightly news. good evening. >> good evening to you. just ahead here it's a final push by the candidates in iowa. we're just over 48 hours away from those first votes being cast for president in the caucuses there. also tonight we're in brazil on the front lines on the battle against the spread of the zika virus. flint, michigan, struggling to deal with the potential effects of led poisoning in its children. we'll tell you why cooking classes are now required in one well-known medical school. that's all ahead when we see you in a few minutes for nbc nightly news. all right. thank you. we'll see you at 6:30.
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today, one of those days where all eyes are on the wells fargo center. steph curry and the golden state warriors are in town to take on the sixers. defending champs in the town. the hot one was in the first quarter clay thompson catch and shoot. string music from the far side. eleven first quarter points. curry getting it done from outside. hits the triple gives the warriors a nine point lead. they lead 78-54 in the third quarter. all the attention on curry an hour before the game. he put on his shooting exhibition. tons of adoring fans taking photos and getting a glimpse of perhaps the most exciting player in sports right now. last night before warriors' practice a fan came to get a curry autograph.
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no access, they didn't stop. they hung wires down on a clip board including a sharpy. steph always game. autographed both. he told them to wait a second so he could take his own video. the biggest show in town. people tend to get creative. let's go to football. the eagles are in full draft mode. as draft preparations continue as for now the team taking care of in house business. the team locked up three players to contract extensions, including a long time player. people see a new coach and the team in rebuild mode. he said it's not the case. >> we've got a great group of guys. we've get a team that can definitely win now. we need to win now. i know that's what the organization expects. and we as players expect that, too. >> another player in for the
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long hall, lane johnson the right tackle signed a six year deal yesterday and will move to left tackle once jason peters is done. despite the changes there is more to come, johnson said the future is bright. >> we have a bunch of great young players here. you know, veteran leaders like celek who is a warrior. there will be changes moving forward. i think we have a new taste in our mouth. i think we'll do a lot of good things moving forward. >> to baseball pitchers and catchers set to report in a week. this will be the first season since the mid2000's where hamels will not be in spring training. he made a return to the area hosting a pitching clinic in garnet valley. he's splitting his off season between here and texas. he was asked about the process his former team is going through and whether it will work. >> it always does. it is. there's nothing better to play in front of the fans. they'll have to go through a couple hard years.
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they'll be back out sellout after sellout for years. they will reap the benefit, the organization will do very well with that. >> pro hockey enjoying their midway point. tonight the skills competition which will feature the fliers drew, all-star festtivitieses taking down in nashville, tennessee. and the fliers captain will be in the accuracy competition. in the game tomorrow, it's going to be a new format. three on three hockey. testing the players' stamina. >> i'm not sure what to expect for 20 minutes. we're use today five minutes. we'll have to pace ourselves a little bit. i think we'll have to have a system going on. >> you heard about this? australian open women's final. angleak curber knocked off the best player in the world for the championship. she can't believe it t. she's flat on her back after getting match point overcome with emotion as she wins her first
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grand slam title. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back. we'll take it from here, we have a last check on the forecast. >> we'll see the snow melt continue. it will be on the cold side for tonight. we'll need to be careful with icy spots. again, big time warmup in the forecast that begins tomorrow. 53 the high, mostly sunny, a beautiful, beautiful end to the weekend. even warmer as we head into monday. we'll continue to keep an eye on that shower chance for the afternoon hours. again, not anything too major. it's wednesday that we're setting our sights on the potential to break the record there which is 62. it will be close. thank you, that's nbc 10 news now. for all of us here, we'll see you at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, down to the wire. with 48 hours to go, the candidates make a final push for votes in iowa. tonight, we go inside the war rooms and door to door. clinton and sanders neck and neck and a real battle among the republicans as iowa gets ready for the opening act of 2016. captured. three escaped inmates back in jail tonight after two are caught on the streets of san francisco. a teacher who may have helped them break out. race against time. the growing battle to contain the zika virus on the ground in brazil as the outbreak linked to birth defects spreads. eating well why more medical students are taking classes in the kitchen. "nightly news" begins now.


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