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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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ñ right now on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00, good samaritans chase down and take down a suspected mugger accused of robbing a woman with a box cutter. but first, two teen agers shot in the streets of bethlehem, nbc 10 live on the scene. good evening. i'm denise nakano. both teens are seriously hurt after police say someone shot each of them several times. officers found the victims lying along east sixth street near lynn avenue in bethlehem. that was around 6:30 tonight. aundrea cline-thomas joins us live from the scene. what are you learning? >> reporter: denise, this is not a secluded area.
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the teens were shot near a church. the police have cleared the scene within the last 45 minutes. this investigation is ongoing. police are busy following up on leads. at this hour no arrests have been made. we saw the crime scene unit combing through the scene. police arrived in the 1500 block of east sixth street around 6:30 this evening. they found a 14 and 16-year-old boys lying in the street. they were walking when someone drove up and started firing. they were rushed to st. luke's hospital. one was in critical condition, one in serious condition. we spoke to a woman, this is what else she saw. >> the first one was down over there. and then the other one looks like running, and then he got him over there with two shots. i guess he got away one of them.
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>> reporter: witnesses say they heard multiple shots. police continue to conduct interviews and again follow leads, if you have information they are asking that you give them a call. >> we're following a developing story from philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. police looking for a suspect who may have flashed a phony police badge before robbing a man. it happened on geiger road. police say two men pulled a gun on the victim, and then stole some cash. new at 11, cell phone video captures the moment a group of bystanders jumped in taking down a man who had just allegedly mugged a woman with a box cutter. it happened at queen ann shopping center. police say the guy struggled with the woman in the parking lot trying to get her purse. he got her wallet, then took off running, that's when three
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bystanders chased down the man and held him until police arrived. ron roberts says he saw the commotion while on his lunch break so took out his phone and started to record. >> these guys were big. they threw him over the snow and they had his head in the snow. they wouldn't let him get up. they made sure he was going to jail. >> the victim suffered a small cut. police charged the suspect with robbery. >> police hope this new surveillance video will help them find a man who they say stabbed a passenger on a septa bus yesterday. it shows the suspect getting on the bus. he couldn't pay so the driver told him to get off at the next stop but he refused. that's when he and another passenger started fighting in an argument that spilled out into the street. investigators say the suspect stabbed the victim, then ran off. that passenger remains in critical condition but stable
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condition. >> turning now to our weather. let's take a live look at center city where it's seasonably cold tonight. but we are in for a big warm-up starting tomorrow. and our forecast, and it will start feeling more like march soon? >> that's right. it's not as cold but i think tomorrow we'll see that difference. check out the temperatures into the southeast into the 60s in dallas and little rock, this is an air mass that's going to slide to the north and east. that's going to bring us the warmer temperatures into tomorrow. currently, though, philadelphia at about 35 degrees, 30 up toward mount holly, still at 40 in atlantic city. 37 toward millville. already in the 20s in the areas north and west. snowmelt from this afternoon could potentially refreeze. northwest of the i-95 corridor, of course you want to make sure you are careful not only driving but walking.
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the sidewalks can be on the slippery side during the overnight hours. into sunday, quiet conditions, nice and sunny with temperatures in the 40s by 11. but again we're looking at 50s by the afternoon and warmer temperatures as we head into next week. >> decision 2016, tonight the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state of iowa with two days left. nbc 10's lauren mayk is in iowa covering the caucuses. lauren. >> reporter: we're in irvindale outside of des moines, and this is the ball room of a ramada hotel, a rally for marco rubio. this is an eventual see across iowa in the final push before caucus night. >> this is incredible. this is by far our largest crowd. >> reporter: senator rubio walked out to a packed room, hundreds here not everyone was convinced. >> i'm not settled yet. >> who is the other one?
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>> cruz. >> reporter: elizabeth has 48 hours to decide. >> do you usually know at this point? >> yes. >> why is this year different? >> one, there's more people involved. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one on the fence. >> why are you here? >> i haven't decided who i am caucusing for. so i'm out listening to candidates. >> reporter: it's why candidates are out across the state trying to reach iowans with the right pitch including republican ted cruz in ames. bernie sanders in manchester and democrat hillary clinton joined in carol and rubio has already won some over. >> we're caucusing for marco. >> what convinced you? >> i find him inspirational. >> reporter: mia showed me photos of 10 candidates. >> you really did see a lot. it led her here where some are still making that final decision. not everyone is decided yet but
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the rubio team is passing out these to folks who come here. instructions on how to caucus, and a commitment card to suppore him. in iowa, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> count on nbc 10 for insight into the all important iowa caucuses in all of the major stops on the campaign trail. lauren mayk is reporting live from iowa through tuesday. catch her coverage on tv and on another endorsement for hillary clinton, this one has a philadelphia connection. more than two dozen african-american ministers have pledged their support to the democratic front runner. after meeting with her in philadelphia earlier this week. >> up next on "nbc 10 news" at 11, a dog is shot trying to protect its owner in a deadly apparent home invasion. how the family is fighting to help the guard dog fully recover. >> and jersey shore families fighting to get their lives back to normal after flooding after
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last weekend's blizzard. the promise one official is making to keep victims from being forgotten. >> the sixers play perhaps their best game of the year. we have highlights and reaction from the thriller with steph curry and the champion warriors coming up.
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a dog shot and nearly killed trying to protect his owner in a home invasion is out of the hospital tonight. he was shot in the leg during the incident earlier this month. sadly, his owner was killed. now his sister and her family have stepped in to care for the 7-month-old boxer/pitbull mix. >> it's been a horrible month,
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but i'm kind of happy that the doctors clear and he's normal again. he still has the bullet embedded but he still is a happy big boy. >> doctors say he should make a full recovery. >> the feud between biker gangs explode in a deadly shootout. what police are saying tonight. >> tomorrow's definitely looking warmer but temperatures could reach record levels into next week. details coming up in my forecast.
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police are interviewing a person of interest following a
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deadly shooting at a motorcycle expo in denver. one was killed and several hurt. investigators say some of the injured were shot, one stabbed and three injured in a fist fight. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the fight was between two biker gangs. investigators believe there was more than one shooter. a teenager is facing charges after a gun went off during a fight in a philadelphia high school. the incident happened yesterday in a stairwell at benjamin franklin high. no one was hurt. witnesses said several students were involved in a fight in a hallway and a shot was fired shortly after the fight. it's been one week since the blizzard of 2016 devastated parts of the jersey shore. some are seeing the damage to their homes for the first time. today the red cross organized a one stop shop for residents to speak with social service
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agencies and local charities. across cape may county officials estimate $67 million in damage. but wildwood's mayor says that will rise so he's demanding federal and state aid. >> you're in need, our people are in need. we don't want to be slighted because it was bad but it wasn't as bad as north jersey. >> the mayors say they are in touch with the governor's office and waiting to hear back. >> get your motors running. the newest, fastest most exotic vehicles in the world are on display at the pennsylvania convention center. hundreds packed the center as the doors opened. this year's show features more than 700 cars, trucks and motorcycles from dozens of manufacturers around the globe. you are allowed to touch most of them and sit inside. the show runs through next sunday night.
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today dozens of runners braved the cold and snow for a rather unique race gaining in popularity. more than 60 people competed in the annual pennsylvania snowshoe race at spring mountain in montgomery county. runners took a path through snow covered hills and trails, organizers tell nbc 10 more than double the amount of runners signed up this year compared to last year. well, i'm not looking snoot for a bit, temperatures are going to be coming up over the next 24 hours, we're looking at 50s, as we head into sunday a warm-up of 10 to 15 degrees. now we're talking near record warmth as we head into this upcoming week, we'll talk a little when we can expect to see rainfall across the area. not going to be the case as we head into tonight. a little bit of lingering cloud cover toward philadelphia, current conditions about 35 degrees in the upper 20s toward
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allentown, atlantic city at about 40 degrees with mostly clear skies. not a ton of wind either, so the wind chill only about 5 degrees cooler than what the temperature indicates. 30 degrees in philadelphia, 33 wildwood, 29 degrees up toward the allentown area. 24 up across the poconos. again, conditions looking quiet into tonight and actually tomorrow as well. we do have an air quality alert for areas north and west, this includes the lehigh valley, the air is a little polluted here so again, sensitive groups, elderly, children, probably want to limit the amount of time that you're spending outdoors as we head into tomorrow. a wider look at our radar and satellite. high pressure bringing in the southerly wind that's going to usher in warmer air tomorrow. we keep things quiet tonight into tomorrow. a nice amount of sunshine, sunday, here is 3:00, mid-40s, some 50s in the mix as well. much of the area in the upper 40s and low 50s. there is the 10 to 15-degree
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warm-up for tomorrow. it continues into early next week but we're going to be keeping an eye on this weak cold front that's approaching from the west. not a whole lot of moisture with this, but this is going to usher in showers it looks like into monday morning, perhaps in the afternoon as well. you can see not looking like a washout of a day. it's not looking like a damper on these temperature readings. we're looking at lower 60s perhaps in spots into monday afternoon and again that's not even going to be the warmest day of the extended forecast. for tonight, not as cold, still in the 20s, though, areas north and west, so again, careful with the icy spots in areas north and west, 32 degrees the overnight low toward philadelphia. tomorrow, a beautiful end to the weekend. 53 degrees the high in philadelphia with a mix of clouds and sunshine, mid-40s areas north and west and a nice southerly swind going to curber in the warmer air. the warm-up monday, we're watching for some spotty showers in the afternoon. that is going to usher in cooler
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air tuesday, overall not bad. lower 50s on tuesday and then low 60s on wednesday. the record for that day is 62 degrees set in 2002. we do also have the potential for showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two later in the day. hey, one of those fabulous days when the wells fargo center was the place to be.ern steph curry and the champion warriors in town to face the sixers, this one lived up to the hype. game of the year, picking up second quarter. steph curry off the screen. blast drains the three. warriors up big at the half. the sixers fighting back. down 8. on the business in the alley-oop. steph curry strong drive, straight, off the glass, back to a 6-point lead.
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now a 2-point game. look at the defense. cannon the steal. he is dunking more than donuts, we're tied. the place is going crazy. however, champions do what champions do. barnes the three. string music from the corner. less than a second remaining, the game winner, weariers beat the sixers. 108-105. >> every night we play, going to be the team's best game most likely. and we have that mantra that you know, can't just come in and coast and can't come in and expecting to show up and win. >> you enjoy the atmosphere because it is pretty special kind of situation. >> yes, special night. the nhl all star festivities taking place in nashville. the flyers get the second half tuesday at home. how about claude giroux
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representing the flyers. in the skills competition first a stick handling competition. weaving the puck in and out. then he practiced in the accuracy competition. the man known as g capped things off with this goal. pretty stuff. sunday the main event, the all-star game, beginning at 4:30. now to baseball, spring training less than three weeks away, the first post-cole hamels after being traded to the rangers. he made a return hosting a pitching clinic. to benefit the foundation. he is splitting time between here and texas. cole was asked about the process his former team was going through and whether it will work. >> it always does, there's nothing better to play in front of these fans. i know they have to go through a couple hard years. those guys are reap the benefit
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and the organization is going to do very well with that. >> st. joe's and rhode island, good for the hawks in this match-up. hawkings beat rode island 64-55. hawks now 18-3. lasalle lost to dayton. and penn loses to brown. that's sports. we'll be right back. ♪
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well, what a difference a week makes after our major blizzard, mother nature being kinder to us in the temperature department as we head into the week. sunday looks beautiful and you can see warmer temperatures are here to stay for a bit. so again, it's not going to be a one-day thing. looks like we could challenge a record wednesday. >> that's "nbc 10 news" for now. "saturday night live" is next.
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>> paris is the city of light, and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight. we stand with you. paris, c'est la ville lumiére. ici, á new york city, nous savons que cette lumière ne s'éteindra jamais.


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