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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. . right now on nbc 10 news today, the presidential candidates make their final pitches in iowa as we count down the hours to the caucuses. a report from iowa is coming up. today is your last day to sign up for healthcare coverage under the affordable care act this year. what you need to know if you have last-minute plans to enroll. cold start to our sunday. here's a live look at the comcast building in center city, it will take a few hours for temperatures to climb above freezing. it will get warm, we will warm up and get warmer during the week ahead. good morning, i'm rosemary connors, it's 5:30 this sunday. meteorologist karen thomas is
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tracking our weekend weather. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. we're in for a nice warm shot as we move into sunday afternoon, monday, tuesday and wednesday. but a cold start waking up this morning. we see a beautiful live shot of the city skyline across the river. looking beautiful as we wait for the sun to rise. temperatures across the region in the lower 30s. it is 31 in philadelphia, 28 further west we go. in the upper 20s, it is 35 in mount pocono. a warmer shot up there. getting closer to the shoreline, approaching the mid to upper 30s, it's 41 now in beach haven. what we can expect today, sun and clouds across the region. a milder feel making our way into the afternoon hours. 46 to 53 degrees for high temperatures across the area. we have winds out of the southwest, that's where we get the warmer push of air for today. if you think 50, 53 is warm, hold on.
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i'll be back with more warm details in the forecast in a bit. >> looking forward to it. we are day away from the iowa caucuses. the first true test for the candidates running for president in what's expected to be the final poll before the caucuses, donald trump with 28% leads a 5-point lead over ted cruz. in the democratic race, polling shows hillary clinton with a three-point lead over bernie sanders in the final hours before the caucuses. all of the candidates are crisscrossing iowa to rwin over voters. lauren mayk is there. >> reporter: we are outside of des moines and this is the ballroom of a hotel and rally for marco rubio. and this is the kind of event you will see in iowa before the final push on caucus night. >> this is by large our biggest
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crowd. >> reporter: senator marco rubio walked out to a packed room, hundreds were here, but not everyone was convinced. >> i'm not settled yet. >> reporter: who is the other one? >> cruz. >> reporter: karen johnson has less than 48 hours to decide. do you usually know at this point? >> yes. >> reporter: why is this year different? >> well, number one, there's more people involved. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one on the fence. >> why are you here? >> i haven't decided who i'm caucuses for. i'm out listening to candidates this weekend. >> reporter: it's why candidates are out across the state, trying to reach iowans with just the right pitch. including republican ted cruz in ames, iowa, bernie sanders in manchester, and democrat hillary clinton, joined by daughter, chelsea, in carroll. rubio already won some over. >> we are talking about things. >> reporter: what convinced you? >> i find him inspirational. >> reporter: but mia bragg
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showed me photos of at least ten candidates she saw. it led her here, where some are still making that final decision. not everyone is decided yet but the rubio team is passing out these to folks who come here, instructions on how to caucus and a commitment card to support him. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 for coverage of the iowa caucus and all the major stops on the campaign trail. lauren is reporting through tuesday. you can tune in on air and online, on the app and on hillary clinton has another endorsement, one with a philadelphia connection. more than two dozen african-american ministers pledged their support to clinton after meeting with her at mother bethel ame church in society hill on wednesday. new this morning, fire crews are wrapping up work at a house fire in the logan section of philadelphia. the blaze broke out around 4:00 on north 5th street near
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summerville avenue. it didn't take firefighters long to knock down flames. investigators say it appears to have started on the second floor. there are no reported injuries. the cause is still under investigation. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a killer after a man was shot a number of times in the ba ba ba backseat of a car. it happened just after 11:00 last night. the victim fell out of the car as police arrived on the scene. they took him to the hospital where he died. in the lehigh valley, two teens shot in the street are in the hospital this morning with serious injuries, and police are looking for the gunman who did it. officers in bethlehem found the victims lying on east 6th street near lynn avenue. someone shot the teenage boys several times near a church. the victims are just 14 and 16. police tell us that the teens were walking when someone drove up and started firing shots.
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medics rushed the victims to the hospital. we just checked not too long ago. one teen remained in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. nbc 10 spoke to a witness who did not want to reveal her identity. take a listen. >> the first one was down over there. and then the other one was, like, running. and then he got him over there, with two shots. i guess he got him with one of them. >> right now police are conducting interviews and following leads. if you have information, you're asked to give them a call. the next someone a story about good samaritans springing into action this cell phone video shows a group of bystanders taking down a man whom they say mugged a woman with a box cutter this happened yesterday at the queen ann shopping center in fairless hills, bucks county. the alleged attacker struggled with the woman in the parking lot trying to take her purse. he got her wallet and then took off running, that's when three
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bystanders chased down the man and held him until officers arrived. ron roberts told us he saw the commotion during his lunch break so he took out his phone and started recording. >> these guys were big. they threw him over the snow. they had his head in the snow, they wouldn't let him get up. they made sure he was going to jail today. >> police arrested the suspect. he's facing robbery charges. the victim suffered a small cut to her lip. this morning philadelphia police are zeros in on the man who allegedly stabbed a septa bus rider over the weekend. investigators hope the new surveillance video will help them identify the tacker. according to the investigators, he couldn't pay the fathre, so e driver told him to get off at the next stop. he refused. he and another passenger started fighting and it spilled into the street. the suspect eventually stabbed the victim and walked away that
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passenger remains in critical but stable condition. a dog shot and nearly killed trying to protect his owner in a deadly home invasion is back home now. how the family is helping the canine hero recover. back in custody, how police tracked down two inmates who escaped from a california jail last week.
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>> good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. if you're waking up this early sunday morning, it's chilly outside for sure. looking live at cape may, new jersey. the yellow lights are blinking, just free to go. we are looking for a bit of snow melt down there. temperature in cape may, 43. but pushing to the mid 50s down along the shoreline today. radar showing we have clouds moving through the area, but we
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are dry for now. so that's good news. we talk about this warm push. we are expecting milder conditions across the entire region later today. 46 to 53 for high temperatures, and this is all due to a southwesterly push, our winds are out of the southwest today 5 to 10 miles per hour. by all standards sunday's forecast is not looking too bad. stay tuned, you will be interesting in the seven-day as we get a real warm up coming on strong. today is your last chance to sign up for health insurance coverage for the year. the deadline is september by the affordable care act. drew smith is live in the digital operations center with details on how you can get help enrolling if you need it. drew? >> insurance companies and some other groups are holding public events today, they're trying to reach people and get them signed up. if you miss the dead line, you risk paying nearly a $700 fine. we stopped by a mobile enrollment center yesterday. they said they're trying to make it simple and help people in
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underserved communities with english and spanish. today in our region you can go to the methodist hospital in south philadelphia from 10:00 to 3:00. the hospital is on south broad street, or head to ceiba on west susquehanna street. in montgomery county, you will find an independence blue cross mobile today at the bala cynwyd shopping center, that's at 10:00 this morning. you can also sign up from your own mobile or pc. live in the digital operations center, drew smith, nbc 10 news. police respond to a deadly biker expo. details on the bloodshed has led to a lockdown at a hospital. we'll explain.
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a new castle county man
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remains on the run as he is a suspect in a murder investigation. last night an arrest warrant was issue ford gregory parker. he was considered a person of interest in the death of 47-year-old sean spence. officers found spence dead inside parker's new castle county home on thursday night. the two men knew each other. anyone with information on parker's whereabouts should call police. three inmates in california who broke out of a maximum security jail a week ago are all back in custody. one turned himself in on friday. yesterday police caught up with the other two in a san francisco parking lot after a woman spotted the van they allegedly stole. a teacher at the jail she escaped from was arrested on thursday. she is accused of showing men maps of the facility that may have helped them escape. >> we don't have information to determine that it was romantic but it was much closer and much more personal than it should have been. >> the teacher is being held at
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the same jail where she taught. she goes to court tomorrow. to western canada, investigators are finding out what caused an avalanche. five people were killed. at the time of the avalanche there were almost 150 snowmob e snowmobilers riding in that area. four different groups were buried when the snow came down. in total 17 people got caught in the avalanche. crews managed to rescue 12 of them. back in the u.s., in colorado, the motorcycle expo in denver is still on today despite a deadly shootout and stabbing there earlier this weekend. one person was killed and seven others were hurt during the melee near the denver coliseum. the fight was between two biker gangs. police are interviewing a person of interest in the case but investigators believe there was more than one shooter. the hospital where the victims were taken was put on lockdown as a precaution.
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back in our area, a hero dog nearly killed trying to protect his owner against an attacker is on the road to recovery this morning. earlier this month rhino was shot in the leg during a home invasion in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. his owner, nakia pyatt was killed. now pyatt's family and sister have stepped up to care for the 7-month-old pit bull boxer mix. >> it's been a horrible month but rhino has been giving us peace. i'm happy the doctors cleared him and he's normal again. he still has the bullet embedded in him, but he's a happy, big boy. >> doctors say rhino should make a full recovery. all right. waking up this early sunday morning we have some weather headlines for you because we are starting off on a chilly note
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but then warming up. so that's going to be really a good thing. warming up, here we go warm, mild today, but then getting more mild. you'll see that in the seven-day. yes, we do have rain on the way. other current numbers now, 31 degrees in philadelphia. we have a wind out of the west-southwest at 3 miles per hour. our humidity is 82%. we look at temperatures across the region, we are starting off on a chilly note for sure. we are getting a mild push as we move on through our sunday an. so these temperatures will be quickly on the rise. look at that almost 40 degrees in atlantic city. 36 in millville, almost 40 now in dover, delaware. we go to live shot right now, it is crisp and we do have a few clouds around this morning. so we are staying dry, satellite showing us that we get some clouds with this warmer air pushing in from the south-southwest, and that will continue. so the call for today, sun and clouds. wider view, we have precipitation up in the great lakes, but for now that low will
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stay up there. we're looking for a dry afternoon. wind bars showing us where the winds are coming from. much warmer to the south. so we're getting this mild air push for the afternoon. this is sort of going to be our trend as we set up for monday, tuesday, even wednesday. you will see that reflected in the seven-day. we do get that milder air pushing in. it will bump our temperatures for sure. sun and clouds today, 46 to 53 for high temperatures. again, winds out of the southwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. the all-important seven-day forecast. check out the temperatures. i think it's interesting. by wednesday we could potentially be 15 degrees above the average high temperature this time of year. albeit we are looking for rain on wednesday. could be heavy at times, maybe even an embedded thunderstorm. certainly no snow in the forecast as we look at the highs, even the overnight lows
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in the 40s. that's just really warm for this time of year. rosemary? >> decent weather to head out and about today. you may as well get those motors running, it's the philadelphia auto show and it continues at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. hundreds were there wred to check out the newest, fastest and most exotic vehicles. the show features more than 700 cars, trucks and motorcycles. you can check them out up close sitting in the driver's seat and handling the controls. the 2015 fif asha women's sr player will attend the event and give a demonstration. coming up, highlights and reaction from the sixers thriller against steph curry and the warriors. that's next in sports.
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at 5:53 on this sunday morning, 29 degrees outside. as we look over philadelphia, you can see 30th street station off in the distance. we're warmer this morning than we were yesterday. guess what? we'll warm into the low 50s. meteorologist karen thomas tells us the warming trend will continue through the week. mild temperatures in maine are making it difficult for snowmobilers competing in a big race there this weekend. yesterday thousands of people came out for the second annual paul bunion snow-cross races. but a lack of fresh snow made it tricky for riders. they couldn't train as much and it's harder on the machines with less snow, but spectators enjoyed the warm weather. good morning, i'm danny
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pommells from comcast sportsnet. it was one of those fabulous days when the wells fargo center was the place to be. steph curry and the golden state warriors in town to face the sixers. this one lived up to the hype -- game of the year. second quarter. steph curry off the screen. blast drains the three. warriors up big at the half. fourth quarter, the sixers fighting back. down 8. noel and the building about to come off the hinges. curry, strong to the bucket. back to a six point lead. later a two-point game. isaiah cannon, the great steal, ish smith ahead of the pack. the game is tide. the place is going bananas. however champions do what champions do. harrison barnes, far side, cash money with the wide open three. less than a second remaining, that's the game winner. warriors beat the sixers, 108-105.
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here is curry getting the sixers best effort. >> every night we play, going to be the team's best game most likely. and we have that mindset you can't just come in and coast and can't come in and expecting to show up and win. >> you enjoy the atmosphere kind of situation. >> yes, special night. the nhl all star festivities taking place in nashville. the flyers get the second half underway tuesday at home against the canadians. claude giroux in nashville representing the flyers. in the skills competition first a stick handling competition. weaving the puck in and out. then he practiced in the accuracy competition. the man known as g capped things off with this six goal in the skills competition. sunday the main event, the all-star game, beginning at 4:30.
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we turn to baseball now. spring training is less than three weeks away, this is the first spring training post cole hamel hamels after being traded to the rangers. he made a return hosting a pitching clinic. to benefit the foundation. he is splitting time between here and texas. cole was asked about the process his former team was going through and whether it will work. >> it always does, there's nothing better to play in front of these fans. i know they have to go through a couple hard years. but they'll be back out sellout after sellout for years, those guys are reap the benefit and the organization is going to do very well with that. >> st. joe's and rhode island locking it up. good for the hawks in this match-up. bembre with the feed and the kid can jump. hawks beat rhode island 64-55. hawks now 18-3. australian women's open final, angelique kerber never
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even had played in a world championship, and yesterday she beats serena williams. kerber is overcome with emotion and wins her first grand slam title. other notes to pass along, lasalle lost to dayton, drexel toss it on the chin to hofstra, and penn loses to brown. that's sports, i'm danny pommel. we are counting down the hours now until voters in iowa choose their presidential picks. a rundown of the final campaign swings in the state where the first voices will be heard in the race for the white house. we're starting off this sunday morning with temperatures in the upper 20s, lower 30s. but hold on, as we move through sunday afternoon, high temperatures are expected to bump up considerably, especially as we move through the first part of our work week. looking live across the river, beautiful city skyline this morning. few clouds around. i'll let you know if we'll stay dry this afternoon and a look at
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the seven-day after the break.
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the presidential candidates are burning up the road in iowa. they're on a whirlwind tour
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crisscrossing the state on their final campaign swings before tomorrow's caucuses. this morning we're in iowa following the action. authorities have now filed charges against a teenager after his gun went off inside a philadelphia high school. details on the arrest are coming up. a live look at boathouse row. it's still lit up at 6:00 this morning. i'm sure it will be busy out there on kelly drive it is cold at moment, but warmer today than yesterday. that warming trend will continue. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast now with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. sounds like we'll see more snow melting today. >> absolutely. snow melt, runoff is the story for the next four days or so. you and i enjoy these forecasts where temperatures are on the upswing, folks have been saying, hey, we want


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