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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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they're on a whirlwind tour crisscrossing the state on their final campaign swings before tomorrow's caucuses. this morning we're in iowa following the action. authorities have now filed charges against a teenager after his gun went off inside a philadelphia high school. details on the arrest are coming up. a live look at boathouse row. it's still lit up at 6:00 this morning. i'm sure it will be busy out there on kelly drive it is cold at moment, but warmer today than yesterday. that warming trend will continue. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast now with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. sounds like we'll see more snow melting today. >> absolutely. snow melt, runoff is the story for the next four days or so. you and i enjoy these forecasts where temperatures are on the upswing, folks have been saying, hey, we want to ice skate, ski,
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we want snow, but temperatures are bumping up. skaters are out. a great day to go skating, if you're going to the auto show. temperatures not too bad, we will be rebounding upward as we move through our sunday afternoon. look at that, 43 degrees in wildwood. temperatures down along the shoreline may hit 55 for a high temperature today. just hang on. if you're in for the warmer temperatures, milder air, this is a forecast you may enjoy. taking you through the planner, 7:00 a.m., 34. chilly start, but then mild conditions as we move through. we have sunshine, a few clouds around. clouds could thicken as we get closer to the lunch time hour. for right now through the 11:00 a.m. hour we'll call it 46 for your high temperature at that hour. nice conditions. but that temperature will be bumping as we move later on into the 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 p.m. hour. we'll be back with the seven-day
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forecast with warmer temperatures there. rosemary? >> thanks, karen. now to decision 2016. there's just a day and a half of campaigning to go until voters in iowa make their presidential pic picks. steve handelsman has this caucus preview. >> reporter: with two days to go, donald trump came back. if we can win here, if we win in iowa, everyone is talking about it, we can run the table for the first time ever. >> reporter: he minutes win ever republican contest and it's possible. trump's weakest polls are here a five point iowa lead. >> on february 1st, you have to get out and caucus. >> reporter: even in a blizzard he said or a marital storm. >> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is, if you're sick, you got to get out. >> reporter: ted cruz gently urged his backers to show up and caucus and insisted to me he's winning back the iowa
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front-runner spot that he once held. what do you say to the trump backers who used to back you but now back him? >> they're backing me once again. >> reporter: marco rubio's push will be partly digital. >> we'll bombard you with e-mails. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton's once large iowa lead has slipped to three points. her e-mail problem flared again, but her long-time supporters looked likely to caucus. >> for those of who have already decided to support me monday night, thank you very much. >> reporter: more than clinton, bernie sanders is relying on first time caucusers, young people. >> we will win the caucus if there's a large voter turnout. >> reporter: and predicting the turnout on monday is impossible. they say a big turnout helps trump and sanders. a small turnout helps cruz and clinton. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at iowa caucus headquarters, des
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moin moines. to hillary clinton's latest endorsement. more than two dozen african-american ministers pledged their support to clinton after meeting with her on wednesday at mother bethel ame church. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage this election season. lauren mayk is in iowa covering the caucuses. and presidential candidates, ted cruz, marco rubio and bernie sanders will be talking with chuck todd on "meet the press" that comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. this morning crews are wrapping up their work at a house fire in the logan section of philadelphia. the blaze broke out around 4:00 on north 5th street and summerville avenue. it didn't take long for firefighters to knock down the flames. investigators are say it appears the fire started on the second floor. there are no reported injuries and the cause is still under investigation. this morning philadelphia
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police are looking for the men who may have flashed a phony police badge during a robbery. this happened during the delaware valley "sportscenter" on bustleton. there is no word on a motive, prosecutors are accusing a mercer county woman of murder in the beating death of her mother-in-law. police arrested tasneem diwan friday night in a casino. police found her mother-in-law's body on tuesday night in her home. officers say a 911 call led them there. according to prosecutors, she died after she was hit in the head several times with a heavy opt. investigators are not saying what led to the attack. in philadelphia, a teenager is facing charges after a gun went off inside benjamin franklin high school during a fight. police arrested the teen early yesterday. the incident happened on friday in a stairwell at the school on
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broad street and spring garden. nobody was hurt. witnesses say a group of students was fighting in the hallway. the gun went off shortly after that. the union representing new jersey corrections officers wants action after leaders say an inmate attacked one of their members. union officials say the attack happened wednesday at the southern state correctional facility in cumberland county. the union wants state lawmakers to pass a bill that would provide corrections officers the same protection as police when it comes to being assaulted on duty. four people left in a standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge are holding their ground, but their leader is asking them to leave. we'll hear from him coming up. i'm drew smith following an important day for anyone who doesn't have health insurance. we'll explain why people are out trying to sign people up today.
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dozens of runners braved the cold and snow for a unique race that's gaining popularity. more than 60 people competed in the pennsylvania snowshoe race in spring mountain, montgomery county. runners took a 5 kilometer path through snow-covered hills and trails. organizers tell nbc 10 more than double the runners signed up this year than last year. karen, those folks a bit more adventure houous than i am. >> what a workout, like running in sand. we don't have to worry about snow falling in our area today. temperatures well above the average of 40 degrees. live look this morning, it's dark outside, it's chilly outside, but we are expecting sunshine as the sunrises in a couple of hours. right now temperatures on the brisk count for sure. 36 in mount pocono. 26 in allentown. we get a bit of a warmer push
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towards the shore. it's reporting 40 degrees in atlantic city. look at that, 43 in wildwood. 42 in southern delaware. those temperatures are only going up as we make our way through sunday afternoon. sun and clouds is the call. staying dry. if you're ready for the snow to be melting, you would like to see your front lawn again, this is the start. 46 to 53 for high temperatures across the region. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10. i'll be back with a warming trend in the seven-day forecast. it is your last chance to get health insurance this year as required by the affordable care act. nbc 10's drew smith is live in the digital operations center with more on the deadline. the clock is ticking but there is help out there. >> that's right. there's efforts from insurance companies and these get covered organizations in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the goal is to get as many people signed up today as they can. we have video from the mobile
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independent blue cross express where people can climb on that bus and get help enrolling in a health plan. that company told us they're expanding their efforts to reach underserved communities. >> this year the tax penalty for not having insurance is a minimum 06of 695 dollars per adult. . >> are heading out there, bring your social security number, address and birth date, income information and information from your employer about any available job related health insurance and numbers from any health insurance plans you may have. that deadline is at midnight. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. the more i did, the more it touched me. the more it encouraged me to continue. >> a woman starts her own lost and found to help the homeless. we'll tell you how the seed she's planted has grown as the
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community is helping her efforts to give back.
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the four people who remain in a standoff with federal officials at an oregon wildlife refuge are holding their ground. the fbi says it is trying to resolve the situation peacefully but the protesters say they're afraid they may be forcefully removed to end the month-long standoff. the group's leader and ten others were arrested earlier this week. bundy is asking the occupiers to leave. he had a message for them when he called his family from jail. >> please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed standoff. we only came to expose abuse and educate people about their rights and protect them and advise them of the constitution of the united states. please do not make this
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something it was not meant to be. go home to your families. the standoff situation has turned deadly. one man was killed during the arrests earlier this week. family and friends are remembering a pregnant teen who died after shoveling during last weekend's blizzard. there were lots of hugs and tears last night as loved ones lit candles in memory of 18-year-old brianna and her unborn daughter. it took place at a memorial. she was eight months pregnant and suffered from several heart defects. her baby did not survive. >> she was so excited to be a mom. she had everything. she looked forward every day wake up and feeling a kick. >> an autopsy was performed last week. the results and official cause of death are spending further investigation. today the jewish federation of southern will start its super
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sunday phone-a-thon. it benefits programs and services for those in need it runs today through thursday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. if you would like to volunteer, donate, tap the nbc app or go to our website, from the big bucks to the spent on the super bowl to the january jobs report, we have a preview of what's ahead this week in business news. >> the super bowl is not until next sunday but the advertising extravaganza is already underway. expect plenty of stories on super bowl ads cost $5 millions this year. earnings season rolls on with alphabet. it reports on monday. for the first time google results will be reported separately from those of the rest of the company. the other units will be grouped under the curious title "other bets." more than a fifth of the s&p
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500 companies will report during the week including exxonmobil, pfizer, general motors and comcast, the part of cnbc. personal income and construction spending reports are out on monday. on tuesday, carmakers will tell us how january sales went and give us hints on whether 2016 can maintain last year's really strong sales pace. it all leads up to the jobs report friday. job growth in january suspected to slow from the 292,000 pace that we saw in december. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. get all your financial news it on cnbc. a chilly start to our sunday, temperatures then warming up as we move through the daytime howeverurs. warmer still in the seven-day. yes, we do have rain on the way. right now 31 degrees in
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philadelphia. winds out of the west-southwest at 5 to 8 miles per hour. not doing too badly. temperature-wise, 36 in the poconos. only in the upper 20s the further north and west we go from philadelphia and then about 31 degrees here in trenton. 31 in bensalem. the same for philadelphia. a little warmer push down along the shoreline, 40 degrees in atlantic city. actually 43 in wildwood and stone harbor. satellite showing us we do have some clouds around, but we stay dry today, which is good news. leave the umbrellas home. we pull back and you some moisture here pushing across the great lakes. we should stay dry for our sunday afternoon. there's some good news. wanted to show you where this warm, milder air is coming from. it's coming from the southwest. yes, milder air pushing in, it will stay in play for the next couple of days as we move through our sunday into our monday. sun and clouds forecast today.
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milder conditions for sure. 46 to 53 with those winds. we'll get that warm air from the south-southwest. that's going to set us up for an interesting ride temperature-wise for our seven-day forecast. these high temperatures are well above our normal 40 degrees for an average high. look at the next couple of days here. kind of crazy. 58 for monday. groundhog day on tuesday, 52. should stay dry on tuesday. we do get rain coming in midweek it could be heavy at times, maybe even an embedded thunderstorm. look at that high temperature, temperatures bumping over 60 to the low to mid 60s for high temperature s on wednesday. remember, we should be at about 40 for our high temperature this time of year, even the overnight lows are astounding, in the 40s. we will get closer to wednesday but the potential is there for warmth. we'll talk about that in a bit in terms of what our record highs are. yeah, we could be sort of
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dancing with those numbers and cooling off towards the end of the week. >> i'm looking forward to those numbers. a louisiana woman has found a unique way to help the homeless stay warm. tammie miles calls it i am not lost. shes out blankers and coats from her home, she leaves them out in the public so everyoanyone walkn need can have one. >> there was a note on the jacket. >> i did not want someone thinking the item was lost, and just leave it so i started penning notes so people would know if you need it, take it. >> when she ran out of her own items to give, she asked friends for donations, they were glad to help. miles says her next project is collecting personal hygiene items for the less fortunate. families down the shore are trying to get their lives back
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to normal following flooding during last weekend's blizzard. still ahead, the effort to get them help now and the promise one official is making to keep them from being forgotten.
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6:23 on this sunday morning. here is a live look at the pocono mountains. camelback resort. getting ready for all the skiers and snowboarders. karen thomas tells me it will be about 3 degrees f43 degrees forn the poconos. one week after the blizzard of 2016 devastated parts of the jersey shore, some residents are
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seeing the damage to their homes for the very first time. dozens of families met with charities yesterday to get the help they need to move forward. randy gyllenhaal reports from west wildwood, cape may county. >> the refrigerator actually just float ed and went over. >> reporter: for the first time since the storm, mary marks arrives at her shore in west wildwood to see the damage. her furniture and wood floor totally ruined, but her handpainted shell collection cureated over the years survived inches from the water line. >> the water level was just below them. >> yeah. just below them. they were lucky. >> reporter: saturday saturday the red cross helped folks with their most basic needs. >> in some cases they are out of
6:25 am
their homes, don't have cars, or heat. >> reporter: the maria family wants to know about their busted water heater that was damaged in the flood. >> we wake up, there's waves, icebergs floating. >> reporter: across cape may county $67 million in damage so far. that's not enough to trigger any disaster yor here says the amount will still be rising. >> you're in need, our people are in need. we don't want to be slighted because it was bad but it wasn't as bad as north jersey. >> the mayors say they are in touch with the governor's office and waiting to hear back. in west wildwood, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. 6:25 on this sunday morning. students in philadelphia are trying to checkmate violence with help from the city's new police commissioner. hundreds of the city's best young chess players challenged
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each other in north philadelphia yesterday. commissioner richard ross was there having fun racing the kids outside. the checkmate violence chess marathon aims to promote safe and engaging after-school activities. in camden, students and their families got to learn about dozens of public schools this weekend. it is part of the city's new open rollmeenrollment where fam can choopick a school of their choosing. coming up, a look at the final campaign swings. a report from lauren mayk in ira is coming. and a chilly start to our sunday forecast. if you love mild weather, hang on. temperatures are taking a bump as we move through our sunday. live look at cape may. temperature reading in cape may now, 43 degrees.
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that temperature could be rising up to the 50s down along the shoreline. tranquil morning out there. hang on. we'll be back with the seven-day. your complete wrap up forecast for the rest of the weekend as well. we'll be back after the break.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the presidential candidates make their final swings as we count the hours to the iowa caucuses. nbc 10's lauren mayk is in iowa following the action. today is your last day to sign up for healthcare coverage under the affordable care act this year. if you have not enrolled yet and need help, we have you covered. >> another cold start today. here's a live look at the philadelphia skyline. the weekend will wrap up on a high note with temperatures well above freezing. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us.
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i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this sunday. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the chilly weather outside now, but we are going to get a bump. >> we are getting a bump. as i mentioned earlier, you and i kind of like that. but some folks want that cold snap nfor winter, maybe some moe snow. i don't know. not getting that today. an interesting shot as the sun prepares to rise. a beautiful look at the comcast building. beautiful shot. we love to see the clouds holding back. how about temperature readings now? 31 in philadelphia. a little colder north and west. mount pocono getting a warm push. another warm push down along the shoreline with temperatures in the 40s already. temperatures du temperatures bumping up to the 50s. we could push 50 degrees in wildwood, avalon and the
6:31 am
shoreline. we are getting that warm air from the south-southwest. we will reap the benefit of that push. 5 to 10-mile-per-hour for our winds. looking for sun and clouds, should stay dry but rain could be on the way. i'll explain that in a bit. >> we are just a day away from the iowa caucuses. the first two test for the candidates running for president in what's expected to be the final poll before the caucuses, donald trump with 28% holds a 5-point lead over ted cruz. then it's marco rubio and ben carson. in the democratic race, polling shows hillary clinton with a three-point lead over bernie sanders. in the final hours before the caucuses. all of the candidates are crisscrossing iowa to win over voters. nbc 10's lauren mayk is there. >> reporter: we are in irving dale, just outside of des moines and this is the
6:32 am
ballroom of a ramada hotel. this is a rally for marco rubio. and this is the kind of event will you see across iowa in the final push on caucus night. >> this is by large our biggest crowd, not just this day but this week. >> reporter: senator marco rubio walked out to a packed room, there were hundreds here, but not everyone was convinced yet. >> i'm not settled yet. >> reporter: who is the other one you're considering? >> cruz. >> reporter: elizabeth johnson has less than 48 hours to decide. do you usually know at this point? >> yes. >> reporter: why is this year different? >> well, number one, there's more people involved. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one on the fence. >> why are you here? >> i haven't decided who i'm caucusing for yet, so i'm just out listening to candidates this weekend. >> bernie sanders! >> reporter: it's why candidates are out across the state, trying to reach iowans with just the right pitch. including republican ted cruz in
6:33 am
ames, iowa, democrat bernie sanders in manchester, and democrat hillary clinton, joined by daughter, chelsea, in carroll. rubio already won some over. >> i'm going to caucus for marco. >> reporter: what convinced you? >> i find him inspirational. >> reporter: but mia bragg showed me photos of at least ten candidates she went to see. >> wow, you really did see a lot of candidates. >> yeah. >> reporter: it led her here, where some are still making that final decision. not everyone is decided yet but the rubio team is passing out these to folks who come here, instructions on how to caucus and a commitment card to support him. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the all-important iowa caucuses and all the major stops on the campaign trail. lauren is reporting through tuesday. you can tune in on air and online with the nbc 10 app, and online at new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a killer after man was shot
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a number of times in the backseat of a car this happened along south 60th street in west philadelphia just after 11:00 last night. the victim fell out of the car as police arrived on the scene. they took him to the hospital where he died. there is no word of an arrest. in the lehigh valley, two teens shot in the street are in the hospital this morning with serious injuries, and police are looking for the gunman who did it. officers in bethlehem found the victims lying on east 6th street near lynn avenue. someone shot the teenage boys several times near a church. the victims are just 14 and 16. police tell us that the teens were walking when someone drove up and started firing shots. medics rushed the victims to the hospital. we just checked not too long ago, one teen remained in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. police are conducting interviews and following leads. if you have information, you're asked to he give them a call.
6:35 am
a new castle county man remains on the run as police are calling him a suspect in a murder investigation. last night an arrest warrant was issue ford gregory parker. he was considered a person of interest in the death of 47-year-old sean spence. officers found spence dead inside parker's new castle county home on thursday night. investigators are saying the two men knew each other. anyone with information on parker's whereabouts should call police in new castle county. this next one is a story about good samaritans springing into action. this cell phone video shows a group of bystanders taking down a man who they say mugged a woman with a box cutter. this happened yesterday at the queen ann shopping center in fairless hills, bucks county. the alleged attacker struggled with the woman in the parking
6:36 am
lot trying to take her purse. he got her wallet and then took off running, that's when three bystanders chased down the man and held him until officers arrived. ron roberts told us he saw the commotion during his lunch break so he decided to take out his phone and start recording. >> these guys were big. they threw him over the snow. they had his head in the snow, they wouldn't let him get up. they made sure he was going to jail today. >> police arrested the suspect. he's facing robbery charges. the victim suffered a small cut to her lip. today is the last chance for folks to get health insurance coverage under the affordable care act. the deadline is at midnight. drew smith is live in the digital operations center to explain the last-minute push to enroll people. drew? >> the government granted extensions to a lot of procrastinators last year. they insist that won't happen this time around. if you or people you know need to sign up there are enrollment events going on in our area today. you can go to methodist hospital in south philadelphia from 10:00
6:37 am
to 3:00. the hospital is on south broad street or head to ceiba on west susquehanna street. in montgomery county, you will find an independence blue cross mobile today at the bala cynwyd shopping center, that's at 10:00 this morning. the affordable care act plans come with subsidies for low-income people, if you don't get insurance you will have to pay a nearly $700 penalty this year. >> we're out in the community because health insurance for some folks is not easy, right? we want to make sure everybody has all the resources they need in order to make the decision right for them and their family. >> if you re-enrolled in the plan you had last year, you can change your selection, but only up until midnight. live in the digital operations center, drew smith, nbc 10 news. back in custody, how police say they finally tracked down two inmates who escaped from a
6:38 am
california jail last week and who may have helped them. plus may as well get your motors running. today the philadelphia auto show is in town. a look at cars and the celebrity you can see there today.
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6:40 am
good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. whatever you have planned today, you will enjoy the forecast. we are on the mild stay and we will stay dry. a few clouds around, but all in all a beautiful morning as we anticipate the sun to fully come up. seeing a bit of that in the horizon off there. the beautiful sky right now, just a few clouds around.
6:41 am
temperature readings mainly in the upper 20s, lower 30s with the exception of down at the shoreline there. 40 degrees right now in atlantic city. 41 in wildwood. close to 40 in dover, delaware what you can anticipate as we move through the early morning hours, bump to 37 by 9:00, then about lunch time closer to 50 degrees. so, temperatures on the upswing as we move on through the afternoon. as i mentioned, a few clouds around, mild for sure. we can anticipate sun and clouds, milder conditions, 46 to 53. i'll be back with your full forecast in a bit. >> if you're looking for something to do today, the philadelphia auto show continues at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. hundreds were there yesterday to check out the newest, fastest and most exotic vehicles. this year's show features more than 700 cars, trucks, and motorcycles. you can get under the hood, get
6:42 am
in the driver's seat and handle the controls. the auto show runs through next sunday night. if you go today, there's a special guest, the fifa women's world player of the year, carly lloyd will appear at the auto show this afternoon. the world cup champ and olympic gold medalist will give a speech and do a soccer demonstration for the guests. 6:42 on this sunday. 29 degrees outside. the sixers played perhaps the best game of the year against the league's best team. highlights and reaction from the sixers thriller. that's next in sports. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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you like being picture perfect. ♪ you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. this morning philadelphia police are zeroing in on the man who allegedly stabbed a septa bus rider on friday.
6:45 am
investigators hope the new surveillance video will help them identify the attacker. according to the investigators, he couldn't pay the fare, so the driver told him to get off at the next stop. he refused. police say that's when he and another passenger started fighting and the argument spilled into the street. investigators tell us the suspect eventually stabbed the victim and took off. that passenger remains in critical but stable condition. california, three inmates who broke out of a maximum security jail a week ago are back in custody this morning. one turned himself in on friday. yesterday police caught up with the other two in a san francisco parking lot after a woman spotted the van they allegedly stole. a teacher at the jail she escaped from was arrested on thursday. she is accused of showing men maps of the facility that may have helped them escape. >> we don't have information to determine that it was romantic, but we do know itj÷ was closer d
6:46 am
much more personal than it should have been. >> right now the teacher is being held at the same jail where she taught. she goes to court tomorrow. in colorado, the motorcycle expo in denver is still on today despite a deadly shootout and stabbing there earlier this weekend. one person was killed and seven others were hurt during the melee near the denver coliseum. the fight was between two biker gangs. police are interviewing a person of interest in the case but investigators believe there was more than one shooter. the hospital where the victims were taken was put on lockdown yesterday as a precaution. to the north, the area of a deadly avalanche in western canada is closed off as experts investigate what caused it. five snowmobilers were killed friday in mcbride, british columbia. at the time of the avalanche there were almost 150 snowmobilers riding around in the area.
6:47 am
four different groups were buried when the snow came down. in total 17 people got caught in the avalanche. crews managed to rescue 12 of them. officials are blaming thick fog for this massive pileup involving about 70 cars and trucks in slovenia. the crash happened yesterday on a major highway between slovenia's capital and the coast. >> don't go in. don't go in. >> this woman and her dog found themselves in some trouble this weekend in iowa. the woman who can't swim was pleading for help from bystanders after her dog got swept up in the current of the des moines river. people shouted at her to stay out of the water fearing her and her pet would both be swept away. a good smaren framaritan from o town managed to bring the dog in. good sunday morning.
6:48 am
i'm meteorologist karen thomas, waking up this morning on a chilly note for sure. you will need a coat if you're heading out, then a warmup, maybe a light jacket or sweater this afternoon. warmer still as we move through the seven-day. we'll show you that. mild conditions building, and the chance for some rain on the way as well. some patchy fog later on tonight, that's on target as well, 31 degrees. currently in philadelphia, winds out of the west-southwest at 5 miles per hour. temperatures across the region mainly in the upper 20s, lower 30s. as we get down closer to the shoreline, 40 degrees in atlantic city. 43 in cape may. close to 40 in southern delaware. we're getting that southwesterly push, we're going to stay with this trend as we move on through the next four days. check this out 53 our projected high in philadelphia, bumping close to 60 on monday. we sort of moderate on tuesday, look at that. sort of just going head to head
6:49 am
with the record of 62 degrees in philadelphia on wednesday. so, we could have record breaking warmth midweek. satellite showing us some clouds around. we are expecting some sunshine to peek through. later this afternoon we will have sun and clouds with us. we have a rainmaker sheer, but we should stay dry for our sunday afternoon. mild conditions for sure, especially when we get the prolonged hours of sun later today. clouds will hang around and thicken as we move closer to the overnight hours, early morning. by 3:00 a.m., expecting a chance for rain come monday. at noontime. the system gets closer to us, so areas to the west will get shower activity. this model saying rain will be to us by 1:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area. on the shoreline as we move closer to the evening hours. so, down along the shoreline there in cape may county as well asú atlantic county. the system moves out quickly, dry for tuesday. for today, sun and clouds,
6:50 am
milder conditions, 46 to 53 for high temperatures. we get that warm air from the southwest, and that is going to set us up. look at this seven-day forecast as we pull it all the way out and show you these crazy temperatures. our average high temperature this time of year about 39 to 40 degrees. we will be well above the average for this time of year. chance of showers on monday, bring the umbrellas along. we say hi to groundhogs day on tuesday. wednesday we get an anomalous push in our temperature reading at 63 degrees. rain for wednesday, some of that rain could be heavy at times, maybe even an embedded thunderstorm. good morning, i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. it was one of those fabulous days when the wells fargo center was the place to be. steph curry and the world champion golden state warriors in town to face the sixers. this one lived up to the hype -- game of the year. late second quarter,
6:51 am
steph curry off the screen. blast drains the three. warriors up big at the half. fourth quarter, the sixers fighting back. down 8. noel on the business and the alley-oop. building about to come off the hinges. curry, strong to the bucket. back to a six point lead. later a two-point game. under 30 to go. isaiah cannon, the great steal, ish smith ahead of the pack. six to flush. the game is tied. the place is going bananas. however champions do what champions do. harrison barnes, far side, cash money with the wide open three. less than a second remaining, that's the game winner. warriors beat the sixers, 108-105. here is curry on getting the sixers best effort. >> every night we play, going to be the team's best game most likely. and we have that mindset you can't just come in and coast and
6:52 am
can't come in and expecting to show up and win. >> you enjoy the atmosphere kind of situation. >> yes, special night. the nhl all star festivities taking place in nashville. the flyers get the second half underway tuesday at home against the canadians. claude giroux in nashville representing the flyers. participated in the skills competition. look at the stickhandling from g here. weaving the puck in and out. then he practiced in the accuracy competition. the man known as g capped things off with a sick goal in the shootout competition. have a look. sunday the main event, the all-star game, beginning at 4:30 on nbc sports network. we turn to baseball now. spring training is less than three weeks away, this is the first spring training post cole hamels after being traded to the rangers last season.
6:53 am
he made a return saturday hosting a pitching clinic. to benefit the foundation. he is splitting time between here and texas. cole was asked about the process his former team was going through and whether it will work. >> it always does, there's nothing better to play in front of these fans. i know they have to go through a couple hard years. but they'll be back out sellout after sellout for years, those guys are going to reap the benefit and the organization is going to do very well with that. >> st. joe's and rhode island locking it up. good for the hawks in this match-up. bembre with the feed and the kid can jump. finishes with two hands. hawks beat rhode island 64-55. st. joe's now 18-3 on the season. australian women's open final, angelique kerber never even played in a grand slam finale, yesterday she beats the world's best player for the championship. serena williams. here's a look at her winning on match point. kerber is overcome with emotion. wins her first grand slam title. other notes to pass along, lasalle lost to dayton, drexel
6:54 am
took it on the chin from hofstra and penn loses to brown. that's sports, i'm danny pommels from comcast sportsnet.
6:55 am
6:56 am
mild temperatures in maine are making it a little bit difficult for snowmobilers competing in a big race there
6:57 am
this weekend. yesterday thousands of people came out for the second annual paul bunion snow-cross races. but a lack of fresh snow made it tricky for riders. they couldn't train as much and it's harder on the machines with less snow, but spectators enjoyed the warm weather. today music fans with enjoy a free outdoor concert at xfinity live in south philly. the radio 104.5 winter jam will be held in the parking lot at noon. there will be several performers including elle king who performs "xs and os." today is the deadline to sign up for the affordable care act. drew smith has some important information that you need to know so you don't miss out. >> you could end up paying a lot of money if you miss this deadline and hear from the experts about why it may be worth checking the insurance marketplace again for a better deal. if you're heading outside to the winter jam or going to the
6:58 am
auto show, good forecast on tap for a sunday afternoon. we're looking live right now. the american flag is flying. we have warm air from the southwest pushing temperatures upward with sunshine. all in all looking pretty nice. we have rain on the way. i'll be back with a look at the seven-day and your complete forecast after the break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. deadline to enroll. today is your last chance to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. we have you covered with what you need to know and how to get help enrolling. that's next in a live report. caucus countdown. we are in iowa ahead of tomorrow's first in the nation vote in the race for the white house. why so many are still undecided and what the campaigns can do to sway them coming up. we are waiting for a warmup and it is coming. guess what? anybody out on the slopes today will enjoy it. the sun will be out. it will feel great. we'll flirt with the 50s today, closer to philadelphia. 40s for the mountains. this week the temperatures could climb even higher. welcome back to nbc 10 news, i'm


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