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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  January 31, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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shots fired, police officers punched and three people under arrest. how a night at the bar turned violent in northeast philadelphia. caucus countdown, we are in iowa ahead of the first in the nation vote for the white house. why so many are still undecided, what the campaigns are doing to sway them. deadline to enroll, today is your last day to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. what you need to know and how to get help enrolling next in a live report. we've been waiting for a warmup, at least i have been. i know karen has been waiting.
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it's coming. we'll flirt with the 50s today, and temperatures are expected to climb even higher. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 10:00 on this sunday. let's get to our weekend weather right now with meteorologist karen thomas. good morning. good morni >> good morning. you said it right, i do not mind the bumping temperatures, and bump they will. it's shaping up to be a nice sunday forecast. looking live right now at boathouse row, i keep saying tranquil, that's the word that keeps coming to mind. heading out early this morning, you will need a jacket for sure. you will find temperatures comfortable today. 44 up in the poconos. 50 in southern delaware, wildwood and atlantic city. getting a warm push for sure. a few clouds around, radar showing we're dry, we will stay dry throughout the afternoon. mild conditions will prevail.
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46 to 53 across the region. we do have some rain in the forecast. new from overnight, two police officers were punched in the face while responding to a fight in northeast philadelphia. it happened at the good life lounge. shell casings were found on the ground but no reports that anyone was shot. this blaze broke out around 4:00
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on north 5th street in summerville avenue. it did not take firefighters long to knock down the flames. investigators tell us it appeared the fire started on the second floor. there are no reports of any injuries here and the cause is still under investigation. all right. it's the last call to get health insurance under the affordable care act. that deadline is midnight. if you don't act you could face penalties. drew smith is live at an enrollment effort that got started in bala cynwyd. >> this is a help center on wheels. check it out. independence blue cross has this out there, it's called the mobile enrollment center, they're trying to show people how to use the healthcare options that the government makes available to people. you're required now have health insurance. licensed insurance agents are inside the bus. they have computers ready, they're ready to walk people through the process. they're asking that people bring social security numbers and other personal information.
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we're told the amount of money the government uses to assist low income people may have changed from last year. so the price on your plan may have changed. so experts plan to point that out when people show up here. >> even if you looked before, take another look. it takes five minutes of your time to look and see what affordable options there may be for you. >> there will also be help on hand from another organization at methodist hospital that just started. you can head to ceiba on west susquehanna, that runs until 5:00 today. the minimum penalty for going without health insurance this year can run you a minimum of $700. it can also go as high as $2,000. it can be costly if you don't sign up. this bus will be here until 8:00 tonight. thanks, drew. now to decision 2016.
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we are a day away from the iowa caucuses, and in what is expected to be the final poll before the caucuses, donald trump holds a lead at 28%, follows by cruz. in the democratic race, polling shows hillary clinton with a three-point lead over bernie sanders in the final hours before the caucuses. all of the candidates are crisscrossing iowa to win over voters. lauren mayk is there. >> reporter: we are in irving dale, just outside of des moines and this is the ballroom of a ramada hotel. this is a rally for marco rubio. and this is the kind of event will you see across iowa in the final push on caucus night. >> this is by large our biggest crowd, not just this day but this week. >> reporter: senator marco rubio walked out to a packed room, there were hundreds here, but not everyone was convinced yet. >> i'm not settled yet.
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>> reporter: who is the other one you're considering? >> cruz. >> reporter: elizabeth johnson has less than 48 hours to decide. do you usually know at this point? >> yes. >> reporter: why is this year different? >> well, number one, there's more people involved. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one on the fence. >> why are you here? >> i haven't decided who i'm caucusing for yet, so i'm just out listening to candidates this weekend. >> bernie sanders! >> reporter: it's why candidates are out across the state, trying to reach iowans with just the right pitch. including republican ted cruz in ames, iowa, democrat bernie sanders in manchester, and democrat hillary clinton, joined by daughter, chelsea, in carroll. rubio already won some over. >> i'm going to caucus for marco. >> reporter: what convinced you? >> i find him inspirational. >> reporter: but mia bragg showed me photos of at least ten candidates she went to see. >> wow, you really did see a lot of candidates. >> yeah. >> reporter: it led her here, where some are still making that final decision.
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not everyone is decided yet but the rubio team is passing out these to folks who come here, instructions on how to caucus and a commitment card to support him. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the all-important iowa caucuses and all the major stops on the campaign trail. lauren is reporting live from iowa through tuesday. you can tune in on air and online with the nbc 10 app, and online at presidential candidates ted cruz, marco rubio and bernie sanders will be talking with moderator chuck todd on "meet the press," that comes your way this morning at 10:30 on nbc 10. this morning philadelphia police are zeroing in on the man allegedly stabbed a septa e man bus rider on friday. investigators are hoping this surveillance video here will help them identify the attacker. the video shows the suspect getting on the route 56 bus
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torresdale avenue.7un he couldn't pay the fare, so the driver told him to get off at the next stop. he refused. police say that's when he and another passenger started fighting and the argument spilled into the street. that led to this stabbing. a hero dog nearly killed trying to protect his owner against an attacker is on the road to recovery this morning. earlier this month rhino was shot in the leg during a home invasion in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. his owner, nakia pyatt, was killed. now pyatt's family and sister have stepped up to care for theñ 7-month-old pit bull boxer mix. >> it's been a horrible month but rhino has been giving us peace. i'm happy the doctors cleared him and he's normal again. he still has the bullet embedded in him, but he's a happy, big boy. >> veterinarians say rhino should make a full recovery.
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these guys are big. they threw him over the snow. they had his head in the snow. they wouldn't let him get up. >> talk about a foiled robbery. a thief picks the wrong place and the wrong time to mug a woman. we'll hear how these ga smood samaritans stopped the crime. and the stars come out in los angeles. we'll break don't big winners at this year's screen actors guild awards.
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checking the forecast, if you're hoping for more snow in the area, be patient because temperatures are moving upwards, the wrong way on the thermometer for snow. right now it's 44 degrees on the mountain. 41 in philadelphia. 40 in wilmington. look at the shore. 48 in wildwood. 48 in atlantic city.
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already at 50 in georgia town. temperatures moving up because we're getting the southwesterly push. yes, our air, our wind is evecting from the southwest. winds about 10 miles per hour out of the west-southwest right now. winds should be fairly stable as we move through our sunday. looking for cloud cover this afternoon, mild conditions will stay with us. we have a temperature reading of close to 53 degrees. please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed standoff. >> time to go home. that's the message from the leader of the protesters involved in that standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge. we will hear more of his plea to his follows that remain at site. and how a local news viewer helped capture three escaped
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turns out it was local news viewer who helped police capture escaped fugitives in california. the three inmates broke out of a maximum security jail about a week ago. one turned himself in on friday, yesterday police caught up with the other two in a san francisco parking lot after a man spotted the van they allegedly stole. a teacher at the jail she escaped from was arrested on thursday. she is accused of showing men maps of the facility that may have helped them escape. >> we don't have information to determine that it was romantic, but we do know it was closer and much more personal than it should have been. >> that's law enforcement speaking about the relationship between the teacher and the inmates. the teacher is being held at the same jail where she taught. she's due in court tomorrow. authorities in delaware issued an arrest warrant for
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this man yesterday. he's gregory parker and he's on the run and the suspect in a murder investigation. last night an arrest warrant was issue ford gregory parker. he was considered a person of interest in the death of 47-year-old sean spence. officers found spence dead inside parker's new castle county home on thursday night. investigators are saying the two men knew each other. anyone with information on parker's whereabouts should call police in new castle county. in the lehigh valley, two teenagers shot in the street are in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. someone shot the teens near a church in bethlehem. the victims are just 14 and 16. police tell us that the teens were walking when someone drove up and started firing shots. medics rushed the victims to the hospital. we checked earlier this morning, one teen remains in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. this next one is a story about some good samaritans who
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sprang into action. this cell phone video shows a group of bystanders taking down a man whom they say mugged a woman with a box cutter. this happened yesterday at the queen ann shopping center in bucks county. according to police, the alleged attacker struggled with the woman trying to take her purse. he did get her wallet and took off running. that's when three bystanders chased down the man and held him until officers arrived. ron roberts told us he saw the commotion during his lunch break so he decided to take out his phone and start recording. >> these guys were big. they threw him over the snow. they had his head in the snow, they wouldn't let him get up. they made sure he was going to jail today. the victim suffered a small cut to her lip.
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took over an oregon wildlife refuge is asking those still there to stand down. >> please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed standoff. we only came to expose abuse and educate people about their rights and protect them and advise them of the constitution of the united states.znñ please do not make this something it was not meant to be. go home to your families. the four men left at the oregon refuge are holding their position. the fbi says they're trying to resolve the situationfully but the protest situation;gñnxxy one man was killed earlier this week during some of the arrests of those protesters. to western canada, investigators are finding out
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what caused an avalanche. five people were killed. at the time of the avalanche there were almost 150 snowmobilers riding in that area. four different groups were buried when the snow came down. in total 17 people got caught in the avalanche. crews managed to rescue 12 of them. if we remember a week ago today we were digging out, cleaning up. trying to get our cars out, now if we let our temperatures take care of it, what remains of the snow pileup will be out of here in the coming days. temperatures are warming up for sure. mild today, we do have some rain in the forecast. that's coming along in the seven-day forecast. right now 41 degrees, not doing too badly outside. we have plenty of sunshine right now. clouds moving in. still temperatures ticking
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upwards. skiers are loving it up in the poconos this morning. feeling pretty good out there. 34 in allentown. 33 in bensalem. heading down to the shore, 48 in atlantic city. in southern delaware, we're already pushing 50 degrees in georgetown. we'll stay with the mild temperatures as we move through the early part of the work week. in the 50s for some parts of the region today. close to 60 tomorrow. that 53 on tuesday could be bull ed to 55, and 63 for wednesday. in philadelphia, the record is 62. those temperatures are well above the average high this time of year. satellite showing us a few clouds around. a system developing in the great lakes. snow well to the north here. this system is not expected to disturb us at all as it passes west to east tomorrow. possibly a scattered rain shower, light shower moving through. we'll stay mild this evening
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into the overnight. some patchy fog possible tonight. waking up tomorrow, clouds move in early out in front of that system. but just as i will show new this model, a few light passing showers here and there. clouds will hang on and then skies clear monday into tuesday. high pressure builds in. we are looking for drying on tuesday with sunshine. we get ready for some rain on wednesday. sun and clouds today, milder. if you have plans outside, you will probably need a light jacket later on today. 46 to 53, feeling pretty good. winds out of the southwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. the seven-day forecast. over the next couple of days, well above normal this time of year. especially wednesday. storm system moves through wednesday. rain, heavy at times, possibly a thunderstorm, then we out, clear out thursday, friday, saturday. the temperature will be dropping towards the end of the week, we get back closer to normal.
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rosemary? >> i don't know how to swim. >> don't go in. don't go in. >> this woman and her dog found themselves in a little bit of trouble this weekend in iowa. the woman who can't swim was pleading for help from bystanders after her dog got swept up in the current of the des moines river. people shouted at her to stay out of the water fearing her and her pet would be swept away. a good samaritan from out of town came to the rescue and brought the dog safely to dry land. today the 2016 fifa world's women player of the year, carli lloyd will appear at philadelphia auto show. the world cup champ and olympic gold medalist will give a speech and treat visitors to a soccer demonstration this afternoon. the auto show runs through next sunday night. oh, man. he's in trouble. >> it's stolen!
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the sixers are going to tie it! >> the sixers try to work late game magic against the warriors, could they pull off the major upset? highlights are next.
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tina and i are thrilled to be here tonight to present the screen actors guild life achievement award to carol burnett.q)&'ñ >> carol burnett took home the lifetime achievement award in los angeles last night. she got a standing ovation from the crowd of a-listers as she was escorted to the stage by steve carell. ÷ film and television. some of the night's other big winners included leonardo dicaprio, and idris elba. elba addressed the recent oscars controversy with this one-liner, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. man, in trouble. it's stolen! the sixers are going to tie it
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the 76ers had a chance for a huge upset against the golden state warriors, they tied it up with under 30 seconds left in the game, but then harrison barnes hit a three-pointer to seal the deal with less than a second on the clock. warrior win 108-105. next up for the sixers, they host atlanta on wednesday. novak djokovic is your australian open winner for a record tying sixth time. he beat britain's andy murray in straight sets for the championship in melbourne. it's his 11th grand slam title. before he was a member of the nbc 10 family and a broadcast pioneer, our own vai sikahema was doing this on the gridiron. now it's time to congratulate vai who is now a hall of famer. yesterday vai was inducted into the polynesian football hall of fame in honolulu. vai is the first native of tonga in the south pacific to play in the nfl.
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he made the pro bowl twice. if you're a long-time eagles fan you will never forget this moment in vai's career. 1992. before that he was a national champion at brigham young rá university. vai sent us some of these photos of him and his wife at induction ceremony yesterday. here he is celebrating in style. yeah. that's him on the right. wearing the tuxedo, full hula gear and everything. vai told an interviewer out in hawaii that it feels good to be a football immortal. >> here's the unique thing about our people and our culture, off the field we're very laid back, everybody who lives in hawaii, knows everything is cool. but we also know that when we play, we play with a ferocity and a passion that sort of invokes our warrior heritage.
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it means a great deal for us and our community to be -- means a great deal to me to honor the great legacy we have as polynesians. >> our congratulations to vai sikahema and his family. wish them the best. he always makes us proud. >> he's the best. >> you were saying watching that video earlier that you can't get over it. i love to see that. wall to wall vai playing for the eagles. temperatures are looking --
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this sunday, the iowa caucuses. the candidates have had their say, now it's time for iowa voters to have theirs. can donald trump win here and just simply start to roll? >> i don't even think i have to campaign anymore. why am i even wasting my time? >> can ted cruz beat trump and turn this into a two-man race? >> the time for all that media noise is past. this is your time. >> what about marco rubio? does he finish second and become the chief challenger to trump? >> you see some deceitful things going on in the last minute. >> ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul are all with me here live. plus, what will the latest e-mail story do to hillary clinton's chances? >> i never sent or received any


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