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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. the calendar says january, but it definitely feels more like spring. we even spotted some people wearing short sleeves while working out along kelly drive today. and taking a live look at 8th and market streets in center city, this is just the start of the warmer weather with temperatures expected to climb as we head into the work week. good evening, i'm denise nakano, a week ago we were digging out from the blizzard of 2016. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is trauk tracking the warm-up. we could be looking at a record-break centre.
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>> we have a good chance of breaking records one day. we have dry conditions out there now. we were only 41 yesterday, but 58 degrees today. 60 coming tomorrow. even with the drop on tuesday, that's still pretty mild and there's the record expected on wednesday. now i'm going for 66 degrees. it's 52 in philadelphia now, 40s to the north and west. it's warm everywhere. even 45. at mount pocono. as we go through the night tonight, it doesn't cool off a whole lot. by 2:00 a.m., we're 43 degrees as we go through the evening. coming into the suburbs down into the 30s, that's still pretty mild for this time of the year. and it's not that cold when you get up to tomorrow, we do have rain in the forecast. but we also have the 60-plus weather in the forecast. we'll see if that's going to last all week with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we're following two developing stories out of philadelphia. police have a person of interest
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in custody, related to a stabbing on a septa bus, this is surveillance video of the suspect. the incident happened on the route 56 bus on toursdale avenue in frankfurt, friday, police say the suspect stabbed another rider. in germantown police are investigating claims that a teacher inappropriately touched a student. officials at the depaul catholic school have confirmed they are investigating a boundary issue with a teacher. they say the teach anywhere question has been placed on leave pending an investigation. turning now to our decision 2016 coverage. it is the countdown to iowa. and the presidential candidates are making a last-minute push for support across the state. here's a look at what's expected to be the final pull before the caucuses. donald trump has surged ahead of ted cruz in the republican field with 28% of support. they're followed by marco rubio and ben carson. and it's a close race on the
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democratic side, hillary clinton now has a three-point lead over senator bernie sanders. nbc 10's lauren make is in iowa covering the caucuses for us with the latest on the final push. ♪ >> in council bluffs, iowa, the line winds down the steps of the middle school. they're here to see donald trump. what do you like about him? >> speaks his mind. he says it like it is. says things we all think. >> even in the crowd lining up to see him. he has some convincing to do. >> who is it between? >> trump, cruz and rubio. >> sheryl abercrombie wants specifics. >> i love to hear that. >> do you feel like you haven't heard some of that substance yet? >> not yet, i haven't. i keep, i think i've heard a lot of, i'm just going to do it because i'm great and i'm trump. >>? this is the last weekend for trump and other candidates to make their case. about 15 minutes away, chris christie signs signaled a town hall in the quaker steak and
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lube. inside we found the new jersey king, here to see the new jersey governor, who he says he is 98% convinced to support on caucus night. >> my only fear with chris christie. as low as he is in the polls, think he is the most qualified man for the job. i'm just afraid that trump takes this. i really afraid of this. >> and that was lauren make reporting. democrat hillary clinton also made a campaign stop in council bluffs she appeared with daughter chelsea at a high school today. polls show 80% of clinton's supporters are ready to caucus for her. clinton is in a tight race with senator bernie sanders. sanders campaigned today in waterloo. the senator says he's counting on first-time caucusers to help him win iowa. can you count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. lauren is reporting live from iowa through tuesday. you can tune in on air and online. with the nbc 10 app and at
6:05 pm new information about an armed robbery involving crooks posing as philadelphia police officers. investigators now tell us two men with a gun barged into an auto body shop in butterflyton. identifying themselves as police. they tied up the owner, took $1200 from his wallet. then took off. the owner of the shop was not hurt. three philadelphia police officers were tackled outside the good life lounge on buffleton avenue. security guards called police after hearing gunshots. responding officers found dozens of people fighting, and as they tried to break up the fight, the officers were punched several times. police arrested three people. the officers are okay. well two teenaged boys are recovering tonight after they were shot several times near a church in bethlehem yesterday. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal spoke
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to churchgoer who is voiced their anger over what happened. >> bethlehem police continue searching for clues after a double shooting left two young teens fighting for their lives. the gunfire broke out across from this church. and as sunday services let out this morning -- >> especially at that age. >> churchgoers were furious that children in their neighborhood were targeted. >> it's just sad that it had to take to this place. but our prayers are with their families. and their parents and in these sad times. it's unusual. it's unusual to see this. >> the two victims are 14 and 16. police say they were walking in their south end neighborhood when someone opened fire. witnesses saw the boys run, then hit the pavement. >> the first one was down over there. and then the other one was like -- running and then he got him over there. with two shots. >> one of the teens is in critical condition. shot in the head. both underwent emergency surgery. >> every now and then he goes by
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my house. he will go to my house say hi, how you doing? but they don't say much. >> alex batista is a former basketball coach of the older boy, he's worried the 16-year-old got caught up in the wrong crowd. >> feel sad. i feel very sad. because you know, he you know he was a kid that was under my wing at one time. once i heard that, i've been praying. >> bethlehem police tell nbc 10 they continue to conduct s interviews and gather evidence. in bethlehem, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10. tomorrow investigators are expected to release evidence that could shed light in the deadly amtrak train derailment, that left eight people dead and more than 200 injured in may. the release will be the first major development since the ntsb pinpointed excessive speed as a key factor weeks after the deadly crash. a final report isn't expected for months. from our delaware bureau,
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islamic leaders held a forum to help educate the public on issues facing young muslims in the u.s. this was the scene at the silver side church in wilmington, delaware today. the panel discussion centered around the topic of rising islamophobia in america. and today's event was hosted by the group movement for a culture of peace. and by the delaware council of global and muslim affairs. well president obama is about to make his first visit to a u.s. mosque. as president. a senior administration official says the president is scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore wednesday. he's expected to hold a roundtable with community members and deliver remarks. well you don't need your running shoes just yet. but you will need the internet. we'll tell you how you can get a spot in this year's broad street run. plus the deadline is practically here -- your last chance to sign up for health care under the affordable care act. what you need to know to get covered.
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if you want to take part in this year's broad street run, here's the flfgs you need. the lottery opens tomorrow, runs online through february 12th through lottery selections are random, you have an equal chance no matter when you sign up. if you're not running you can watch the race live on may 1st on nbc 10. starting tomorrow, the falls bridge will be off-limits to drivers. crews will begin rehabilitation work, including strengthening the existing floor beams and stringers. walkers, runners and bikers will still have access to the bridge during construction. the project is expected to be done by april 1st. well before you woke up to him on the morning news, nbc 10's vi sikahama was making news
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on the football field. i'm tracking a warm-up and when we could see the record-breaking heat. at least for this time of year. plus heavy rain on my nbc 10 seven-day forecast.
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it's a last call to get health insurance under the affordable care act. the deadline is at midnight. nbc 10's drew smith explains how local enrollment events are helping people make their last-minute selections. >> for some people, signing up for a government subsidized health care plan can seem as confusing as the complex medical procedures you get at the hospital. >> health insurance for some folks is not easy, right? we want to make sure that everybody has all the resources they need. >> paula sunshine and her independence blue cross team of insurance agents manned the
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mobile enrollment center in kinwood today, essentially a help desk on wheels. while the website is faster and more reliable this year, premiums have gone up. >> even if you've looked before, take another look. insurance is more affordable than ever. we've had tens of thousands of our members this year whose subsidies this year are greater than last year. so even if you've looked before, take another look. it takes five minutes of your time to look and see what affordable options there may be for you. >> the government insists that procrastinators won't get an extension this year. which could be costly. >> this year, the tax penalty for not having insurance is is a minimum of $695 per adult. so it's really important. >> that fine has gone up from last year and the maximum can run you as much as $2,000. you pay up when you file your taxes. drew smith, nbc 10 news. a big congratulation does a member of our nbc 10 family.
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vai sikahema was inducted into the hawaiian football hall of fame over the weekend. here he is, checking out celebrating in style. that's him if you haven't noticed there on the right. vai was the first native of tonga in the south pacific to play in the nfl. he made the pro bowl twice as a return specialist. if you're a long-time eagles fan, you'll never forget this moment in his career back in 1992, congratulations to vai, boom boom boom. and his family. >> he has replayed that video about a couple hundred times here at the station. the boxing is not just a tribute to rocky. he came up as a boxer. he really is an incredible boxer. i've seen him fight. and he's just a great athlete and as nice of a guy as you think he is he's even nicer than that in person. >> multitalented. and vai was celebrating in
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hawaii and we might as well be in hawaii. >> got stuck in new york last weekend. i told him get out of town faster because the blizzard was coming. so he did finally get there on time. >> okay. >> and we don't worry about any blizzards now. >> only what, tropical weather? >> not for a while. i'm telling you, winter is not over. so don't put everything away yet and get the shorts and t-shirts out and think that that is going to stay that way. now we do have an unseasonably warm stretch of weather. we often have it at the end of january, called the january thaw. this is happening right on schedule. then we go from unseasonably warm to record warm. as we go into the week. we also have some heavy rain on the way. right now we have dry conditions, it's 52 degrees. the winds south-southwest at 8. 14 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. it was kind of chilly yesterday. it's in the 40s. north and west even in the 40s at mount pocono, they're not exactly enjoying this warm
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weather. and it's down to 49 atlantic city international. they got up to 64 degrees today. setting a record. just imagine how warm it would be here if we didn't have all that snow on the ground? that prevents us from getting even warm he. so the temperatures doesn't drop tonight. the average high is 41. and we're going to be at or above that for most of the night tonight. as far as the amount of snow, none left at the shore. that's why they got to get into the 60s, and we get less and less every day. the light blue here. only three inches of snow left in just a couple of places in northern delaware. and in philadelphia. the darker blue, six inches plus and we still get well into the 50s with that. much of bucks and montgomery, six inches plus and parts of the lehigh valley with a foot or more. and as we head back to the west, look at how warm it is, it's 64 in cincinnati. 68 in nashville.
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some of that air headed this way. 72 degrees. in little rock. now this is the front that's going to come through with some showers as we go into tomorrow. this will be relatively brief. the bigger system comes in on wednesday. with some heavy rain along with that record warmth. the clouds increase tonight. the low of only 42, which is about the average high for this time of the year. tomorrow, cloudy and warm, we have some showers likely. it's not going do rain all day. and that's pretty darn warm for a mostly cloudy day with snow still on the ground. and then we cool down on tuesday after a weak front, that's still 53. and then record warmth on wednesday. with some heavy rain in parts of the area. we kol down after that. but it's not bitter cold. it's still above normal for most of that time. kind of chilly on friday. and seasonably cold over the weekend. >> hi i'm danny pommel from
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comcast sportsnet. villanova looks to bounce back from their first conference loss and the temple owls getting nasty. highlights from the hardwood coming up.
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brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, danny pommells with you, the peaks and valleys of the college hoops season trapped the wildcats as villanova had their 26 straight victories record snapped. taking on st. john's, they had won five straight at madison square garden. there appeared to be a bit of a hangover early on as st. john's ron naweka just before the half banks home the buzzer-beater.
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he pumped nova up to one at the break. the wildcats responded the second half. mikhail bridges tripled off the rebound and josh hart driving to the bucket for a pair. he finished with 16 and 11 boards. nova wins 68-53. let's have a look at trey lowe here. comes up with the steal and look at finish, bo zigler. look at receipt play as the owls take flight and throw it down with two hands. this game was all about quentin decozy, he was feeling it, had 30 points and 11 shots to get there and temple wins 70-63. the flyers have couturier on injured reserve. the 6ers came close to pulling off an all-time upset yesterday.
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a furious fourth quarter comeback against the warriors ended in a heartbreak as harrison barnes nails this triple before time expired. the 6ers aren't interested in moral victories. >> you know, we didn't you know have enough time to win the game. we kept pushing and kept pressing. like i said, they're the defending champions for a reason. and that's how the game goes sometime. there's no sympathetic pat on the back or anything like that we just lost a tough game. >> it's smith keeping his head high worth noting the warriors have 43 wins, four losses. the panthers will arrive in santa clara for next sunday's super bowl tonight and quarterback cam newton will be doing so in style. he departed rocking these pants. they are versace. the broncos fly out tomorrow. i know they're versace, because i'm wearing the exact same pants right now. but you can't see them because i'm sitting down.
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let's check in with lester holt, live in des moines, iowa for look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." good evening, lester. >> i want to know where to get those pants. coming up from iowa, the stakes are high, polls are tight, less than 24 hours until the iowa caucuses. the unmistakable compassion shown to refugees on the island of lesbos. while people are petitions for it to get on the list for the nobel peace prize. >> and screen actors guild awards show. we'll see you in a few minutes on "nbc nightly news," for now we send it back to you in philly. we'll be right back.
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it's going to be warm as we start february, by the weekend it will be chilly again. >> thanks, that's nbc 10 news for now, we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, the final countdown. neck and neck polls and high stakes less than 24 hours before iowa voters caucus. the democrats are in a dead heat and the gop front-runners praying for a victory, making church a campaign stop today. tonight it's all about the ground game. turning out supporters and surviving this first lap of the race to the white house. late word that a college student accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl in virginia may have had an accomplice. the front line, we're in brazil with those working to stop the spread of the zika virus as the risk spreads to other countries. tonight, world experts gather for an emergency meeting. noble acts.


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