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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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introducing themselves, it all comes down to this final day. i got a chance to see inside a campaign headquarters, pizza boxes and all. in a des moines grocery store parking lot the crush of reporters waits outside the bus for the senator in a tight race with hillary clinton. >> this is a national campaign. we are in this to win at the convention. >> for now it's the last day to make the case in iowa. where sanders is promoting a distance from wall street money. >> the reason i think we're going to win is our average contribution is $27 apiece. we don't get wall street money. we don't have a super pac. >> reporter: this is inside sanders headquarters. there is phone banking, there is food of course, and there is the final push to get people out to caucus. he is attracting younger voters but not 20-year-old emma. >> who are you sporting? >> hillary clinton. >> when did you decide that? >> about four years ago the day after obama got elected.
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>> it will be her first presidential caucus. here in des moines they are familiar coffee shop is busy as media and causes descend on the place that will make the first big decision of 2016. >> you know this circus is going to be here this morning? >> not like this. this is crazy. we come here often but without the cameras. >> reporter: that place was incredibly busy today. and you know, one sanders precinct captain today mentioned a big challenge for them, that is working with these younger voters, these millennials, making sure that they get to these caucuses on time. making sure they remember they are not going to a party and in some cases the doors close at 7:00 p.m. live in des moines, iowa, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> i was reading you can be as young as seas17. what about technology and tracking the outcome. that changed a lot in four
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years. >> reporter: it has changed, jim. there is new technology being used here in iowa this year. it was developed by microsoft and you know, they used to use thing likes telephone reporting and paper forms to send everything in. but this year they are using basically apps on your smart phone or tablet, both the republicans and the democrats are using that same technology. we'll see in a few hours how it works. >> lauren mayk, reporting live from iowa. thank you. lauren's reports from there continue tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00 as the race for the white house officially gets under way. and nbc 10 is also looking ahead to new hampshire. george spencer will follow the candidates there as they get ready for the first primary election a week from today. look for george's reports beginning on sunday. >> to the weather for now. we're tracking rain this evening, you see it here on the first alert radar, so how long is it going to be sticking
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around? for the answer we know who to go to, nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's not going to last much longer, certainly not going to last all night. it's already tapering off. visibility is getting better around the philadelphia area as the rain gets lighter. you can see the heaviest of the rain moving through burlington county into ocean county. we still have rain covering a good bit of the area. most of it is on the light side now. especially compared to what we saw a couple of hours ago you can see the yellows and the oranges moving away and in some places very invest light rain or no rain at all. that is the first time we've seen that in a couple of hours. as we look at the wider view we see where the heavy rain is moving. ocean county about to get it, and the back edge of it not too far away out by harrisburg. so it's a matter of a couple of hours before it is over.
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the temperatures knocked down by the rain as well as 41 in pottstown. still way above the freezing point, don't have to worry about any change to snow or anything before it ends. because it's going to be ending, moving out fairly quickly by 7, 8:00 it's even offshore and then the temperatures start to go down and in some cases north and west below the freezing point. in philadelphia it doesn't even get that low. we've got record warmth along with a flood watch in effect that's coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. tonight we're getting our first look at new images taken on board amtrak train 188 that shows the moment the train derailed last may. the images among a trofb released. among the evidence is when brandon bostian told investigators after that derailment that includes his last memory before the train jumped the tracks.
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mitch blacher has been poring over this report. >> in the documents are interviews and some of the mechanical findings from the locomotive, what it doesn't say, though, is name a cause or assign blame. hundreds were hurt and eight died when amtrak 188 bound for new york flew off the track at 106 miles per hour, in his first interview days after the crash, engineer brandon bostian told investigators quote the last memory i have is approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia. i remember turning on the bell and the next thing that i remember is when i came to my senses i was standing up in the locomotive cab after the accident. in separate interviews his co-workers described him as professional, and loving his job. after the crash bostian described going to the hospital in a police van with other crash survivors, in his second interview six months after the derailment he provided more detail but said he didn't know how the train accelerated to 106 miles per hour. he said, quote, my practice is
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to i gradually then the throttle. i don't slam it open when i'm going slow. he told investigators he remembers traveling 70 miles per hour on a straight stretch of track shortly before the curve. dr. allen ziremski says finding out what happened next is key. >> it takes time and takes acceleration. and it takes a significant amount of acceleration. each an engine as powerful as the train it still takes a significant amount to go from 70 to 106 miles an hour. >> bostian told investigators one of his earliest memories take his cell phone out and calling 911. there have been questions about what bostian was doing in the moments leading up to the crash, whether he was distracted. he didtell investigators he was both sober and got enough sleep the night before. >> more pieces to the puzzle.
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thank you. our coverage of the story continues on line at you'll find the complete interview with bostian plus new pictures from the derailment released today. >> something shattered the window of an amtrak train last night near the spot of that deadly derailment. officials still trying to figure out what exactly hit the train. a woman who says she was on board at the time tweeted this picture of the damage. the expression headed to new york from washington when it was hit. no one was hurt. bill cosby heads back to court tomorrow. it hinges on a deal between bruce castor and cosby's former attorney who is now deceased. a promise not to prosecute cosby in exchange for his testimony was never in writing so a judge will consider its merit. attorney bill brennan has been following developments but has no ties to the case. >> it doesn't get any better than having the district attorney at the time say i made
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this deal and it should be honored. that's as powerful as it gets. >> if granted charges could be tossed. the current d.a. and other deplayers did not return our calls for comments. nbc 10 will be in the courtroom for tomorrow's hearing. follow ussen facebook and twitter for updates and full coverage tomorrow on nbc 10. >> happening now a popular philadelphia bridge closed to drivers in what's expected to cause a traffic headache. the falls bridge undergoing repairs to rusted steel under the surface. the bridge spans the schuylkill river. now everyone needs to figure out the detour. >> it's going to cause congestion and backup and maybe slower getting to work and around and maneuvering and a lot of angry drivers. >> our biggest concern is we do a lot of deliveries to the other side of the river. that's our sneak through the back way. >> the bridge is expected to
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reopen in early april but it's not a permanent fix. it will need a major overhaul in six years. a councilman who pleaded guilty to bribery was sentenced to two years behind bars. he pleaded guilty in august to accepting a bribe. he is the former president of the reading city council. he accepted an $1800 bribe. the judge ordered supervised release, community service and $1800 fine. police say the shooting of two teens in bethlehem last weekend began as a dispute over a girl involving rival gangs. omar and elias are now charged with attempted homicide. investigators say ariz ar admitted his involvement. police found the victims lying on a street around 6:30 saturday night. the 14-year-old had been shot eight times. one victim remains in the hospital, ariza is also charged
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in connection with another shooting sunday in allentown. >> from our south jersey bureau police arrested a juvenile after a threat against a local high school circulated on line yesterday. students at cherry hill east saw more police patrols today after police were notified about a threatening text message. authorities found nothing dangerous when they checked the school. >> from the jersey shore bureau, the garden state expanding its push. tonight there are fears at least one part of the jersey shore could become a ghost town. now the state's voluntary blue acres buy-out program has been expanded to include the township. the state buys homes in high risk flood zones, demolishes them and preserves the land but the mayor tells nbc 10 without bay side homes the rural community's tax base could be wiped out. >> we're not going to -- i don't
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see anything else except bankruptcy. >> but the state says it only buys from owners willing to sell and the homes are valued at their pre-sandy prices. >> next, on nbc 10. news at 6, water worries. we look at how local departments make sure the same thing doesn't happen here. >> well, after the work week we're tracking the rain. how long it's going to stick around plus the record warmth on the way. oft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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>>. >> the water crisis in flint, michigan is sparking concerns in other parts of the country, flint's tap water was contaminated with too much lead after the city tried to save money by switching water sources. the situation there has some people here wondering if the same thing could happen in their community. nbc 10's delaware reporter tim furlong is looking into how you know your water department is doing what it's supposed to do. >> reporter: building up muscles, they are also helping others. these women post add request on social media, they needed botted water and supplies for flint, michigan, they are doing the sprint to flint road trip with a donation on tuesday. >> we want to make sure that the
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people who need the supplies, the elderly, the kids, are getting the supplies that they need in the neighborhood. >> reporter: when the city of flint switched to a cheaper supply they switched to a less healthy one. the state reportedly broke the law by not treating the watt wer a cheap chemical that could have protected families. the water is now unsafe. residents develop rashes and the future effects for children exposed is uncertain. you see this, the water company brings this to thousands. they have a command center monitoring pressure and quality and they are constantly checking the water in their lab to make sure it is safe. artesian says nation wide our drinking water is generally pretty safe but say when that water gets into our homes pipes and faucets that's where lead can leech into the h 2o. most water companies treat water with a corrosion inhibitor.
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that didn't happen in flint. >> before you use it let it run for a minute or so. that allows that initial bit to come through and avoid an issue such as any lead that may have leeched in overnight in your plumbing. >> you should also check your water company's quality report and call your local or state health department if you have concerns about quality or safety or need professional water testing. it's great to see delawareans going out to help people in flint. we hope we never have a problem here like they do there. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> well, it's the country's largest and most popular 10-mile race and starting today you can enter a lottery to take part in the blue cross broad street run. registration continues through next friday, and it doesn't matter when you sign up. lottery selections are random so everybody gets an equal shot. get registered heading to or tapping on the app. if you are not running you can watch the race live on may 1 right here on nbc 10.
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i can't quite say it's feeling like may but it is feeling like april the last couple of days. we also have rain to come in as we set up for somewhat cooler weather tomorrow. we've got that rainy rush, we have record warmth coming in on wednesday and heavy rain as well. leading to a flood watch for much of the area as you'll see. we have improving conditions across philadelphia area. it's 50 degrees now but the rain is getting much lighter, the wind is very light. only 3 miles an hour. and as you can see visibility is good, the temperature gradually going down overnight but staying above the freezing mark in the city. and so we're not going to get any kind of freeze over there. in the northern and western suburbs, there may be patchy areas of ice tomorrow morning. it's going to take a while for the temperature to get down.
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41 in pottstown and in mount pocono. those are the cold spots. 53 in atlantic city is the warm spot. and we did have some places up to 60 today. and much of the area has a flood watch. now for the rain that happened this afternoon but for wednesday and into thursday, it's combination of the heavy rain plus the warm temperature melting the snow plus the high humidity melting snow when you combine that moisture it may be enough to cause some of the creeks and rivers to go up. so something will have to be watched. you can see the general area moving through, really never really reaching the poconos. which is fine with them to not get rain. they are going to get it wednesday. and patches of a little moderate rain left, but nothing like that heavier rain area that moved through and there are some areas without rain for once. there is a patch near broomall,
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king of prussia getting rain right now. and the back edge toward harrisburg, lighter and lighter as we head through the early evening. this is the next storm affecting us. it's also affecting the rockies and it's going to affect iowa, and they are going to be reporting from iowa tomorrow after the election with near blizzard conditions in parts of the state. in the meantime, our rain areas move out pretty quickly by 8, 9:00, it's pretty much gone. and once it's gone it's dry for the rest of the night. dry tomorrow, then on wednesday we start off in the morning very warm, the main area of rain comes in later in the day, possibly affecting the afternoon rush. and if it comes down that hard for a period of time with all of the melting snow, we could see some flooding as a result of that. we're also going to see some record warmth, philadelphia's record is 62 degrees on
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wednesday, predicting 66 and in southern delaware going for 70. beating the record by 7 degrees. for the rest of the night tonight, down to 34 in philadelphia, 28 in north and west, with clearing conditions late tonight. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine and light winds, temperatures about 10 degrees above average. a lot of people are going to love tomorrow. wednesday is going to be really warm but ending up really wet. and wednesday night too, very wet. dry out thursday, cool down, more on friday. and then go back up a little bit over the weekend. setting us up for a close call for a potential storm on monday. borderline rain snow. >> i'm john clark live in cherry hill new jersey where carli lloyd is being honored. we'll talk with her and also the eagles make a day for a make-a-wish foundation kid. wait until you see what they did.
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i'm john clark live in cherry hill, new jersey at the philly sports writer association dinner. you want a champion in the valley, how about carli lloyd. she won gold in the olympics last summer. look at her, being honored tonight as the athlete of the year and what a year it has been for carli lloyd, the first of to score three goals in the first 16 minutes of a world cup final. and from that moment on women's world cup champion life changed forever. the face of women's soccer, she's the fifa soccer player of
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the year, went to the white house, getting tweets from entertainers and the president, she tells us how everything changed from that moment on. >> that happened on july 5th and i honestly haven't stopped since then. it's been great. i can't complain. i haven't had a lot of sleep but so many appearances, so many opportunities to meet athletes, actors, actresses, it's honestly been incredible. life has changed tremendously for me. >> how about life has changed tremendously for matt, temple's coach. he is getting ready for a recruiting class on sunday. national signing day, he is more nervous than for games and temple now in the conversation for top recruits. they are the team of the year here at the sportswriters association banquet. here is matt rouhl on that honor. >> it's a tremendous honor. this is the greatest sports
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city. for these kids to make our program relevant that represents the best in athletics, the best in sports, is really one of the best things about living in philadelphia. >> we got to tell you about an eagles fan, 14 years old, nicholas dion, from sellersville, p.a., a huge eagles fan battling leukemia. the eagles with make-a-wish foundation boy, did they make his day today. >> what we got here. super bowl 50? huh? you want those? >> yes. >> here you go. that's for you. >> thank you. >> that is unbelievable. doug feeder sen and the pederson and the organization is sending dion and his family to the super bowl. that is incredible. he is a life long eagle fan and he is going to enjoy the trip. john clark here in cherry hill new jersey.
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>> join us at 11:00. breaking news. tonight the voting begins in iowa as the nation takes its first step towards electing a new president. after months of campaigning, tens of millions spent, the final polls show just how close it is on both sides. can trump close the deal, or will cruz take down the front-runner? and can marco rubio surpris with a strong showing? and for hillary clinton, can she fight off a surging bernie sanders, or will 2008 repeat itself in another devastating loss? it's all about turnout, a ground game and a wild sprint to the dramatic finish tonight. "nightly news" from iowa begins right now. >> announce >> announcer: decision 2016, the iowa ca


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