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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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cosby. bruce castor maintained he intended for the case to be settled in a civil court telling the court and the judge that now must decide this that he believes that cosby may have done something, may have inappropriately touched the victim in this case but he did not think he could prove it in a court of law which is why he deferred the case to the civil courts. now take a look at sketches from inside. bruce castor on the stand all day long. and again, taking the stand at this hour. he didsay that he believed cosby could make that deposition in the civil suit in which andrea constand was awarded unspecified amount of money. there is a confidential agreement in the case so we don't know how much money she was given but cosby did say he hopes that he made her a millionaire. he said that on the stand. he also said that for cosby to say the things that he said in the deposition he would have had to have been crazy to admit some of the things, that deposition is being used in this case and
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he also said that he believed the alleged victim in the case but that he believed that she harmed her own case, he cited the fact she didn't go to police until a year after the alleged assault, he said that she had contacted a civil attorney, before going to police. and that he believed that the victim and or her mother in this case engaged in several wire taps, wire taps he believed to be illegal at the time and said that information came to him from cosby's former defense attorney, who is now deceased. the defense attorney that he says was aware of this agreement not to prosecute. nouf, the prosecutors have gotten a chance to question bruce castor, some former co-workers at the table questioning him at this hour. and his case is expected to go to a second day. where the judge will decide if the case will continue. that is the latest reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> how you feeling this morning?
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>> a smile and a nod was all nbc 10's matt delucia got from cosby as he walked into the courthouse. he was flafrpg flanked by men o sides. >> rosemary connors joining us live with reaction from people who came out to see the tv star in the midst of this fall from grace, rosemary. >> caller: certainly not your average tuesday here in norristown. while the courthouse was open for regular business today really the only thing anybody could talk about was bill cosby. our cameras captured the embattled kme ed comedian on hi in. his security holding both of his arms separated from the media and spectators by metal gates that lined the walkway. you can see cosby wore a tan suit, made his way in with ease, it was a very different image than what we saw late december during his arraignment. i was in the courtroom for that and at the time cosby tripped on his way, getting up on the
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sidewalk, he was wearing sweat pants and carrying a cane. outside court today there were both cosby supporters and critics. >> i just see a circus. i see -- what boggles my mind people screaming free bill cosby which i think is a joke. >> i think bill cosby was a corner stone of our community and this is too much, a bit too much for him and i think he is innocent. >> reporter: here it appeared as though there were fewer supporters and detractors compared to his arraignment in late december, that of course may change as the testimony continues here. and this is a long day in court. reporting live, rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." we're also following the latest developments in a civil case against bill cosby, that's in california. today, a judge ordered the comedian to attend a second deposition in a lawsuit filed by ju judy who claims cosby
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assaulteder when she was 15. his lawyers denied her accusations. she is represent bid gloria allred. more than 60 women accused cosby of either rape or sexual assault. the dates span from 1965 to 2008, across the united states and canada. he is only criminally charged in the montgomery case. bill cosby maintained his innocence and repeatedly denied the allegations. right now today's hearing in norristown is under way. harry harrison is inside the courtroom getting the latest information. we expect court to wrap up in the next couple hours and you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage as all of the players in this case come out. >> now to more breaking news in south philadelphia, where a hit and run driver struck a woman and two children, this happened before 1:00, at the intersection of broad and dickenson streets.
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doug shimell is live in south fill we more on the victims, also doug, you have a description of the car? >> reporter: yes, we do. of course that is what detectives say they got from some of the pieces left in the intersection. they opened broad and dickenson now but the afternoon was shattered with the sound of screams. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: captured on a witness's cell phone, a family scattered around the intersection of broad and dickinson street. >> be okay. >> reporter: chris had just parked near his office. >> i heard the young girl screaming and crying and i saw the mom, she was laying on the ground unconscious. and i saw them holding the baby in -- it was like pretty disturbing. >> reporter: police stay a late 90s red honda hit a mother, her 6-year-old daughter and infant as they crossed the street. >> it doesn't appear at this time with the information that i have that the car slowed down and stopped.
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instead, the car fled eastbound on dickinson street from broad street. >> reporter: all three were rushed to area hospitals while police search for a female hit and run driver. >> call the authorities right away. red honda, missing passenger mirror. side mirror. call immediately. >> reporter: trying to check over businesses to see what cameras there are and if they show anything leading up to or after the hit and run. we did check in with the detectives, they believe that the mother and her two daughters will survive. live in south philadelphia, doug shimell, "nbc 10 news." a nice day out there today. lots of sun, mild temperatures. this was the scene along the atlantic city boardwalk this afternoon. a live look outside in philly. this is the schuylkill river, the skies are clear but we're tracking changes on the way. >> nbc 10 is issuing a first alert for tomorrow when we
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expect a lot of rain and potential flooding. the first alert radar shows what's coming our way. right now that storm is dumping heavy snow and fierce winds in the midwest. look at these pictures. this is from des moines, iowa where the storm arrived just hours after yesterday's presidential caucuses. when it gets to our area, none of that. none of that blinding snow you saw from iowa. we're going to see a lot of rain. >> could cause problems, too, first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that rain for us. >> right, it's a combination of the rain and the snowmelt that is going to provide the flood threat. that's why tomorrow we have a first alert out for late wednesday and wednesday night for that heavy rain coming in. there is a flood watch for much of the area, periods of heavy rain especially during the late afternoon rush. and that snow cover on the ground as that melts, that adds to the moisture that goes into the creeks and rivers. this is the area of the flood
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watch that is for late tomorrow and into thursday. and we're even talking about possible river flooding by the time this is over with. and not major but we haven't seen the rivers go over the banks in quite a while. you can see on the warm side of this storm, lots of showers and thunderstorms. and we're going to be on the warm side of that. it's already kind of warm. 52 degrees, more than 10 degrees above average even in the cool spots, it's in the 40s. so as we go through the night tonight we're going to see the temperatures, not drop a whole lot, so nothing is going to freeze. we're not going to be getting snow at the start of this. it's all rain and some of it is going to be heavy and i'll have the timing of that with the seven-day in a few minutes. now to decision 2016 and the focus shifted from iowa to new hampshire where the first primary election will take place next week and candidates are
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reacting to last night's unpredicted results. it was too close to call in the democratic winner until this afternoon. the iowa democratic party says hillary clinton squeaked by though the numbers to a 50-50 split. the party says it will not do a recount. and the sanders campaign does not intend to challenge the results. >> on the republican side, ted cruz claimed the win and the momentum going into new hampshire beating front-runner donald trump with 28%, trump 24. look at marco rubio. he was the unexpected been a factor of a large turnout. these results narrowed the field of candidates on both sides of the aisle. republican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley both dropping out of the presidential race late last night. nbc 10's lauren mayk has been leading our coverage joining us live with more on what's ahead on the campaign trail.
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>> reporter: here in iowa the snow moved in and the candidates moved out. caucusgoers here tell me they took advantage of having these candidates in their back yard for so many months, and those personal connections really mattered. now it's voters in new hampshire have them in their neighborhoods. it's on to new hampshire for the presidential hopefuls after a nail biter here in iowa last night. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. >> i wowa, thank you. >> this afternoon hillary clinton officially became the winner of the iowa caucuses, edging out senator bernie sanders. the race so tight some were decided by a coin toss, something party officials recommend to settle disputed counts. >> it looks like we'll have about half of the iowa delegates. >> reporter: senator ted cruz earned a validating victory over donald trump. >> god bless the great state of
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iowa. >> reporter: last night's winners and losers now focused on the next big test, one week from today in new hampshire. >> thanks everybody. >> governor christie said he finished how he thought he would, second to last but now game time for his campaign. >> you got time in the next seven days, to make one. seven days. >> all of the candidates pledging to battle it out in new hampshire and beyond. >> reporter: south carolina is already in their sights, for example, ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio, the top three republicans here, they all have events in south carolina next week. live in des moines, iowa, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> we'll have more on governor christie's position in this race coming up at 4:45. and count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest from the campaign trail. george spencer will pick up coverage this weekend in new hampshire. look for his reports beginning
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sunday night. the son of a local congressman is serving his five-year sentence on fraud and tax evasion charges. the judge sentenced chaka fattah jr. this morning. prosecutors say he lied to banks to get business loans to support an extravagant lifestyle. he is the son of chaka fattah. he was at the sentencing and contends this is nothing but a smear campaign against his family. >> taking my only son, and they have i guess they suggested this is justice, i'll leave it for others to decide. >> congressman fattah is accused in an unrelated case of misusing federal grant money, his trial to begin in may. congressman fattah is married to renee fattah. >> a school was on lock down after a police officer's gun
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disappeared. officials tells us school safety officer left his weapon in his car. he believes it was stolen but isn't sure when. the gun hasn't been found but the lock down was lifted before 2:00 this afternoon. new video in of a shooting, police are hoping you'll recognize the suspect caught on surveillance video they say he shot a man at 15th and chestnut streets on january 21. then ran off. the victim was taken to the hospital with gun shots to the back and arm. learning more about a deadly pedestrian accident that happened last night in northeast philadelphia. police stay a man was running around in the southbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard when he was hit by two cars. he was only wearing his underwear, that victim has not been identified. >> new information on the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl this afternoon. a prosecutor saying that nicole was stabbed to death on the same day she disappeared. two virginia tech students have
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been charged in her death. today prosecutors also announced that keepers will now be charged with accessory before the fact to first-degree murder. lovell's body was found saturday. police said she knew eisenhower but they haven't said anything about a motive. >> we have new information about a shattered amtrak train window. officials say it was hit by a rock as it moved through philadelphia sunday, this is a picture of that damaged window tweeted by one of the passengers. safety glass protected riders from injury. able track says it doesn't know how the rock hit the window. >> the founder of a african church received an honor. the u.s. postal service unveiled this stamp featuring bishop richard allen who founded the church in philadelphia 200 years ago. the forever stamp is a portrait of allen taken from an 1876 print. bishop allen was born a slave, bought his freedom, becoming a methodist minister. he started a church to counter
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discrimination blacks suffered in the established churches. hundreds of people gathered here at mother bethel ame church to celebrate the honor. >> to be a part of this is just awesome. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i'm just so happy and grateful i'm able to be here to witness this for myself. >> mayor jim kenney attended along with bobby hill, the local singer who touched hearts around the world when he sang for pope francis in philadelphia. we're going to have quite a change in the weather from today to tomorrow. we have picture perfect weather today and a first alert out for late tomorrow and into thursday for the possibility of some flooding. we are tracking some heavy rain that is already there in the mississippi valley and we're also expecting some record
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warmth across at least parts of the area. look how blue that sky is. hard to believe it's going to be rainy tomorrow. 52 degrees, the wind is dead calm. that's not going to be the case tomorrow either. could be gusty. it is unseasonably mild right now. 43 in mount pocono, 47 in pottstown, one of the cold spots. the average high temperature for this time of the year is 41. and we're 52. so far we've been up to 53 degrees in philadelphia for the high temperature today. you can see it's even warmer back to the west. got 52, it's 57 in cincinnati. but 72 in nashville. and 74 in little rock. 63 in st. louis. there's plenty of warm air that's headed in this direction. and the record temperatures, well, philadelphia's record tomorrow 62, 64. wilmington should be close to a record.
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westchester should break it and southern delaware going for 70 degrees. allentown may be one of the places that doesn't get it because they still have the snow on the ground. hard to get high temperature records when you have snow cover around. we have a flood watch for much of the area for tomorrow afternoon into thursday. really isn't any flood threat tomorrow morning. you can see how far away the nearest rain is but it continues to increase, the gulf of mexico moisture moves in and on the cold side of this we've got snow from michigan all the way back into the rockies. and including what you saw in iowa. some of these thunderstorms are becoming severe. there's more and more moisture building up with them, we're not necessarily expecting severe thunderstorms tomorrow but there could be a rumble of thunder along with a gusty wind. as we go through the evening the temperatures, well, still not average for this time of the year. still relatively mild night for this time of the year.
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6:00 a.m., way above freezing. don't have to worry about icing or snow at the start of this. but the heaviest of the rain is going to take a while to get here. here we are at noon, already 60 degrees in philadelphia. each 56 in allentown. and look at that area of rain. tomorrow afternoon, coming through right during the afternoon rush in many parts of the area with strong gusty southerly winds, 60 degrees in allentown with still snow on the ground at least in the morning. there may not be anything left by the time we get to tomorrow evening. and then we have some lingering showers, going to last toward the shore. even into thursday morning. now, how much rain is likely to fall? we're expecting in general half inch to an inch in southern areas and an inch to an inch and a half to the north. that may be just enough to cause some flooding and if we didn't have the snow cover, this would
4:19 pm
not be occurring. clouds increasing tonight, not as cold. 32 north and west. not as cold as last night. tomorrow here's the warmth. temperatures in the 60s, the showers in the afternoon becoming heavy toward the afternoon rush. the wind possibly gusting to 40 miles an hour. and the seven-day forecast, so we start off with temperatures of 54 degrees. thursday morning. and drop into the 40s in the afternoon. then friday is a chilly day. not that chilly over the weekend. and as we go into early next week, if there is a chance for a coastal storm that could produce snow. >> it was a bright and sunny morning. you noey what today is, february 2. comes to mind, groundhog day. punxsutawney phil still did not see his shadow on this groundhog day. >> so legend says that means an
4:20 pm
early spring. if punxsutawney phil had seen his shadow it would have meant six more weeks of winter. a group called the inner circle made the announcement but in truth they decide the forecast ahead of time, jackie. >> what? no. it's phil. >> is this current weather more than a trend, per chance this winter has come to an end. >> look at the face. the annual event in western pennsylvania drew about 10,000 people. looks less than thrilled. past research finds the groundhog wrong about two thirds of the time. i guess that's why he doesn't look happy. he is hoping he's right. >> a cold snap out west is happening and hitting the produce aisle. >> next vegetable that's going to cost more on your next grocery run. don't mess with this vet. next a story of a store owner who turned the tables on an armed gunman. >> and getting ready for summer at the delaware beaches, but
4:21 pm
there is a problem. the concern facing coastal towns ahead of the tourist season. >> we continue to follow breaking news in norristown, bill cosby sits in a courtroom as his lawyers try to get the sexual assault case dropped. >> sky force 10, count on nbc 10 to follow the breaking details.
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eagles and other large birds of prey may soon be used to snag rogue drones out of the sky. check out how easily this bird grabs one of the flying machines. police in the netherlands may use the birds to down drones near airports or other banned areas, they are trained to see them as a meal ticket getting a food reward when they catch one. >> a clerk turned the tables on a would-be robber fighting him
4:25 pm
off and taking his gun of it it was caught on video in brap vard county near orlando. you can see the crook show his gun and demand cash. what he didn't know is the clerk is a military veteran who did several tours in iraq. when the worker saw his chance he took it. the two struggled. the clerk got the gun and chased the suspect out of the store. >> wow. >> a world war ii vet stopped a burglar. >> joseph says when he heard the noise he grabbed his gun, fired several shots at the burglar forcing him to run off. he believes the man thought the house was empty. >> came to the conclusion being a sunday he assumed that people would be going shopping or going to church. >> police out in california haven't found the burglar and say they don't have leads yet. >> we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county. >> right now bill cosby is in
4:26 pm
court for what could be a make or break hearing. next a live report from norristown where the hearing is still going on. we'll have more on what is at stake. >> we're going to tell you about the recall that impacts power cords and the threat it could pose to consumers.
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fighting to clear his name, that's what bill cosby and his lawyers are doing right now in a norristown courtroom. sky force 10 live over that court house now as his lawyers lay out their arguments in their push to get the sexual assault case against cosby dropped. today the former district attorney who declined to bring sex crime charges against cosby testified that his decision closes the door on prosecuting
4:30 pm
the comedian. >> the current district attorney says he knows of no such agreement. rosemary connors is live outside the courthouse where that hearing is still going on and will carry into a second day. rosemary. >> reporter: bruce castor testified earlier this afternoon that when he was district attorney he made at least half a dozen plea agreements like the one in this case. he also told the court the exact reasons why he did not bring criminal charges and during that testimony we learned new information. flafr bill cosby arrived for what would turn out to be a long day in court wearing a stoot, his appearance differed greatly from late last month during his arraignment on the rnl chas aggravated indecent assault. the focus in court today whether the non-prosecution deal by bruce castor, the district attorney in 2005, should be upheld or thrown out. in november 2014 castor told nbc 10 about his doubts winning a
4:31 pm
skas. >> i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> reporter: on the stand today castor testified that the alleged victim andrea constand would not have seemed credible to a jury because she had waited a year to alert police after the incident and had contacted attorneys first. castor testified that during his investigation he became aware of wire taps allegedly conducted by constand and her mother that recorded their phone calls with cosby in an effort to obtain money. castor did not believe the recordings would be admissible. by not bringing criminal charges castor said it forced cosby to testify in the civil suit because he could not plead the fifth against self-incrimination. >> i created the scenario where he would have to answer questions under oath, and obviously they got the information that they needed and she was compensated monetarily. >> reporter: today in court
4:32 pm
castor said he hoped the immunity deal would set the stage for the civil lawsuit and that in the end andrea constand would be made a millionaire. reporting live in norristown, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." >> a lot going on in that courtroom today. to help us understand what's happening we wanted to bring in our legal expert. thanks for joining us. >> enrique, we heard castor say there is a big difference between what he believesz2qp>s
4:33 pm
continues on. >> boils down to this supposed agreement not in writing. does castor's testimony today help sort that out? >> it does. he said this is something he did, did on a regular basis. he was the actual d.a., he is not the assistant district attorney at the time he's the actual d.a., now if he had actually won the election that just took place these charges wouldn't even be here right now. this was a discretionary thing done among the new d.a. that came into office. this was something he did, he explained why he did it, he explained he did this purposely so that the civil case could move forward. for that reason at the very least i believe that the statements that were in the deposition should not be used against him. >> a lot going on today. we'll look forward to hearing
4:34 pm
from you in about an hour from now with even more on this case. thank you. >> right now we know today's hearing in norristown still under way. harry hairston is inside the courtroom gathering the latest information for us. we expect court to wrap up for the day in the next couple of hours. can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage as that happens. >> still ahead here as women enter combat roles talk over if there is a draft. >> two generals weigh in on that issue. >> plus, the benefits of feasting on fish. next what a new study says it can do for your brain. puffs knows winter...
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we have a recall to tell you about. look at your computer power cord. microsoft is recalling ac power cords sold with surface pro computers before last march, also sold with an accessory power supply. dozens of users reported
4:38 pm
overheating, flames and electrical shock. if you have one stop using it and contact microsoft for a free replacement. love cauliflower? prepare to pay. a cold snapp caused a shortage. some buyers in california and arizona pay as much as $8 a head. federal officials say the price has shot up 30% from last year. >> all women should have to register for the selective service, that's what some top army and marine corps generals are saying now that combat jobs are open to women. they told the armed services committee this will not lower standards to bring women in. it will take up to three years before the combat posts are integrated. >> there is a new plan for stopping the spread of heroin abuse, make treatment funding mandatory. president obama proposed $1.1 billion in his new budget to make that happen. states will get money based on the severity of the epidemic. funding must be used to expand treatment and make mother
4:39 pm
affordable. more americans now die every year from drug overdoses than they do in moster vehicle crashes. >> texas officials confirmed zika virus, the patient caught it from a person who was infected outside the u.s. meanwhile, a relief organization wants $9 million to help stop the spread of the virus. it will use the money to wipe out mosquito breeding sites and train people. comes a day after the world health organization called at global health emergency. >> if you want to reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease, doctors say feast on fish. at least once a week. researchers at rush university say eating more seafood will increase the level of mercury in the brain, but they say the increase does not affect the brain health of older people. the positive benefit was only found in people with a genetic link to the disease. >> new jersey governor chris christie staying positive a day after a dismal performance. >> dupe the people in his home
4:40 pm
state still have faith? nbc 10 is talking to voters. what they have to say about the governor's push for the white house. >> we issued a first alert for tomorrow. a lot of rain is going to move in. it could create flooding. i'm tracking the rain and when it's going to start next in my first alert forecast.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
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and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. in decision 2016, new jersey christie says iowa is in the rearview mirror and he's focused on the new hampshire primaries. >> christie anchored his efforts in new hampshire and needs those to pay off next week especially after his poor performance in the iowa caucuses. christie came in next to last, these are the bottom four. christie pulled in only 2% of the vote, beating only rick santorum. what are new jerseyans saying.
4:44 pm
>> ted greenberg live in our bureau with reaction. so what are people saying? >> well, jim and jackie, everyone i spoke with even a christie supporter said they weren't surprised about the governor's tenth place finish in iowa. most think it's time for christie to drop out. >> i think you're looking at him. >> governor christie sounded confident as he told supporters in new hampshire his focus remained locked on the granite state hours after his poor showing in iowa. >> dragging a dead elephant behind him. i don't think he's voter appeal or approval is going to improve. >> i think he's great in a lot of ways. >> we want to be the number one governor coming out of these two races. >> christie's next to last finish behind other governors fell short of that previously stated goal. >> a little hot air.
4:45 pm
>> spent a lot of time in new hampshi hampshire. >> daniel douglas at stockton university says christie is still facing a considerable challenge. >> what do you see happening here if there is a similar performance in new hampshire? >> he might limp to south carolina and nevada and that's probably about it. >> i don't think he should be until it's over. >> the majority we spoke to believe christie should end his bid for the white house sooner rather than later. >> at this point i would say it's probably good to pack it in. >> he needs to drop out and start paying more attention to what goes on in jersey. >> christie said today his campaign has more energy and more enthusiasm than any other on the ground in new hampshire and that it's bringing in reinforcements from all over the place. including, he said, lots of friends from new jersey.
4:46 pm
we're live at our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> count on nbc 10 to follow the entire field of candidates as they make the final push. nbc 10's george spencer will be on the campaign trail. look for his reports beginning on sunday. it's good thing they got the iowa caucuses in yesterday because they got a blizzard in parts of the state today. and the warm part of that storm is going to be affecting us starting tomorrow. that's why we have a first alert out for tomorrow afternoon and into thursday as a flood watch for much of the area, of course heavy rain and we still have snow on the ground and that provides even more moisture to eventually flow into the creeks and rivers. right now we have sunshine, 52 degrees, beautiful day out there. 12 degrees above average over all during the afternoon. as we go through the night tonight it doesn't get down to
4:47 pm
the freezing mark. and we don't have to worry refreezing, about precipitation coming in toward morning starting off as snow or anything like that. we have 43 in mount pocono. you can see how warm it is higher up. and east wind keeping the temperature fairly uniform. 48 in coatesville, 45 in blue bell is one of the cold spots, and 50 degrees in mount holly, 49 in kennett square. 49 also in trenton. 47 atlantic city airport. they were up in the 60s the last couple of days. but that east wind takes care of that. tomorrow back up in the 60s. now this shows how much snow is left and it's very important because if you have heavy rain on top of a lot of snow cover, that's when you get flooding this time of the year. but from philadelphia southward there is virtually nothing left. we have to go up toward chestnut hill into bucks and montgomery counties before we see
4:48 pm
significant snow, even delaware county without anything too significant as you can see. this lighter blue indicates three inches or more of snow. and as we head up toward the lehigh valley, which had 18 plus inches last week, it is now six inches at most. so, that may help us out a little bit, the fact that so much of the snow has melted gradually the last week. the flood watch in effect for much of the area, now it's going to be how much rain we get in what kind of period of time. and a lot of moisture building up from the gulf of mexico. ahead of the storm. and that is what is moving in this direction. lots of thunderstorms, even tornado watches and warnings down there. it won't be that potent as it gets here, but we'll be a lot of rain and some gusty winds as that comes in. so nothing's coming in overnight tonight as you can see.
4:49 pm
and temperatures generally staying above the freezing mark all night. and even rising toward daybreak as maybe a few showers start to come in. already 50 degrees in dover, 6:00 a.m. and then as we go through the morning hours, it's warm, close to 60, by 9:00 here comes the rain. kind of warm, it's pouring rain and it's in the mid-50s. with snow on the ground. that doesn't happen often either. there we are at 60 degrees, and you can see this large area of rain coming right in during the late afternoon rush. and it's going to take a little while before it moves out. the slower it moves the more trouble we're in with the flood threat. 40 degrees for philadelphia, 32 north and west. during the day tomorrow, a lot different than today. of we have record warmth but the showers coming in, heaviest toward the afternoon rush. temperatures in the 60s with some records broken, but also
4:50 pm
winds gusting as high as 40 miles an hour. that's the first alert day. then on thursday the high temperatures at midnight. then we fall but we don't fall tremendously. the coldest day is friday, then over the weekend, looking pretty nice, then early next week there could be a coastal storm that does have a threat of some snow. >> remnants of that blizzard melting away but the storm created problems at the delaware beaches that will not be so easy to get rid of. >> the damage left behind and the push to get the coastline ready in time for summer tourists.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
only february but towns thinking about summer along the delaware coastline. >> work is under way to repair the dunes and beaches damaged during the blizzard last month. >> tim furlong has more on the push to have everything ready for the summer season. >> reporter: this is how the delaware beaches look during the blizzard of 2016, it wasn't really a blizzard here. this is how the beaches look now. buckled boardwalk, sandbags, pooling water in the beaches and then this, the sound of busy construction workers fixing what mother nature broke. >> a lot of shingles blown off and i'm surprised that it wasn't more damage. >> reporter: the popular new gordon's pond bike trail is closed due to the damage and down in bethany -- >> two bad storms in the same season was hard. >> reporter: crews are trying to dry out the beach. now all of the beach access ramps are ramp to nowhere. they have a lot of work ahead of
4:55 pm
them over the next few months. so everyone seems confident delaware will have beaches ready for the summer season, but what if a nor'easter hits before that and what about the hurricane season. how much more can these beaches take? >> this is mother nature. put it back. so take it away again. >> reporter: he's right. they are always preparing for the next storm but hoping it won't come. they know it will. right now they tell me a little extra time before the next big storm would be a good thing for them, give them time to rebuild the dunes from fenwick up to lewis everyone here knows how important this sand is to the beach town. >> no one's going to be visiting bethany beach if there is no beach. next, we're inside the courtroom as bill cosby makes his case against criminal charges. >> sky force 10 also live over that court house once cosby leaves we'll bring that to you live. >> and we have heavy rain in store for the area tomorrow. also some record high temperatures in the forecast.
4:56 pm
we'll take a look at which areas can expect the heaviest rain and when. ♪
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, nbc 10 is covering every angle of bill cosby's latest time in court. tonight both sides are still making their case. sky force 10 is still live over the courthouse in norristown.
4:59 pm
when court is over and cosby leaves we'll show that to you live here on nbc 10. in the meantime, the same witness has been testifying all day so the judge has told everyone they have to come back tomorrow. >> today's testimony all came from the former district attorney who investigated cosby. bruce castor confirmed he made a deal not to charge cosby. however, he also said he was rooting for the prosecution and hoped they would win. >> deanna is joining us live outside the courthouse where she's following every word of today's testimony. >> reporter: yes, the former district attorney on that witness stand all day said make no mistake, to cosby's defense attorney i'm not on your side. for hours bruce castor sat in the witness box, not the normal spot for the prosecutor. today he answered many about bill cosby. why he didn't charge him in 2005 with rape.
5:00 pm
castor believed the alleged victim had been assaulted but told the court he believed her lack of reporting the case for a year, the lack of forensic evidence are some of the reasons he declined to prosecute saying the case would not be winnable. he also said he did not want to discredit the victim in the case who he hoped would file a civil suit against cosby. he said he feared if he released information he had about the case it would taint a potential civil jury. the victim did settle a civil lawsuit with cosby for an undisclosed amount. the judge now must decide if castor's assertion not to prosecute is a valid one and if that means the deposition cosby gave cannot be used against him. castor agreed not to prosecute the allow cosby to tell the truth without asserting his fifth amendment rights. he said cosby would have been nuts to say those things if he thought he was going to be prosecuted. and multiple times today castor made reference to what he described as illegal wire taps


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