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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. and right now at 11:00, snow is falling in many parts of our area. that's why first alert is still in effect for today. here's a live look at i-95 near the girard point bridge. west wildwood, cape may county earlier this morning. drivers dealing with flooded street there is and the flood threat will continue there. and in the back bay. here's a live look from north wilmington in new castle county. roads there looked fairly clean. wet in some spots. our nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking snow across the
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area. here's a live look now at the first alert radar. nbc 10 team is hard at work tracking the snow here and in the studio, out in the field. we begin with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn. >> thanks, vai. we continue to see this big but disorganized storm with periods of snow during the day today and into tonight. most of that snow melting as has been the case as we've expected. but some slick, untreated surfaces especially after dark tonight. the live radar shows that we do have precipitation down to the south generally from wilmington southward, extreme south jersey as well. much of this is in the form of snow, but there is some rain toward the shore. and from dover southward this is a little bit more impressive coming into chester county, new castle county pretty well
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cover covered, parts of salem county. some of these areas have already received an inch or so of snow. little more back toward baltimore and washington. and this is the system overall as you can see just little pieces of it all over the eastern portion of the country. the visibility tells us how heavy the snow is. it's heavy in lancaster, heavy around the baltimore area and a little heavier in reading than the rest of the region, but for most of the area it is not much more than flurry type intensity. and the temperatures are above freezing across most of the region. and they're not really going to change much as we go through the rest of the day. so this is more of a nuisance especially during the daytime hours. more on the timing and the latest amounts coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. thank you, glenn. we continue our live team coverage now with nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong who is live in north wilmington. tim, what is it looking like out
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there? >> reporter: vai, my kids went to bed last night, it's snowing, it's a lock, snow day. they wake up this morning it's a winter wonderland, everywhere except out on the roads. that's what the roads look like. in the grass is a different story. we have some snow accumulation. we have a very, very fine light snow falling right now. the roads not too bad. the surface over here like you can see right here in the parking lot of the shops at grayland, no major problems. you can see a lot of cars over here like this one here this jeep cherokee here, if you left your car out, you did come out to find snow on it this morning. again, the surfaces not a big problem. i checked in with state police, no major problems on any delaware roads, certainly not weather related problems. i also checked in with dell dot. they do an interesting thing. they monitor the road surfaces and say so far all the road temperatures they monitor are up in the 30s. so like glenn said, nothing is going to stick to it. they are keeping an eye on the temperatures as they go through the day. might get a little more
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accumulation. again, in north wilmington, it looks pretty, a lot of snow on the grass here and there and on the rooftops and some cars, but all the roads here for anyone hoping for a snow day today they didn't get it because we have a lot of wet roads here in north wilmington. we're live, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> may be enough to make a snowball for the furlong kids. time to check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. what's it looking like out there? >> it looks okay for the most part on a lot of the majors. we are dealing with some parts of the jersey shore flooding. route 322 between the a.c. expressway and franklin boulevard. now, there's some of the roadways that have reported closures. we also have some flooding just being reported in some spots that aren't dealing with closures, route 147 in wildwood, route 40 in egg harbor township and route 40. but the rest of the majors are okay. this is the garden state parkway around the great egg toll plaza. you can see looking basically dry and no real problems there. moving over towards the center
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city area here's the vine street expressway around 24th street. no problem. 95 and schuylkill doing great. the commodore, betsy, barry and ben, also the walkway on the ben franklin is closed. walt is doing okay heading into philadelphia or back into jersey. bye. thank you, jessica. if you live in philadelphia, listen up. you'll have to hold onto your trash because of the winter storm. the city says there will be no trash or recyclables picked up today if this is your normal trash day, you're going to have to hold onto it because pickup will resume next tuesday. our live team coverage continues now with nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg in ship bottom in ocean county. ted, see some flood water there. >> reporter: yeah, vai, this is high tide for the second straight day long beach island and many other barrier island
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communities are dealing with a lot of high water, flooding. some communities telling me the water is higher than what they saw yesterday morning. and you can see that these vehicles are taking the chance. the drivers are risking it and driving through these flood waters. we'rejjt beach boulevard in ship bottom, but i can tell you it is closed between 31st street and 92nd street in long beach township, which is just south of where we are, because of all this water. take a look at some video we got just a short time ago. we found people stuck in their houses in atlantic city. and one woman stranded in her car after it stalled out in flood waters on fairmount avenue. this is the third high tide of concern since yesterday morning. how high the water has reached depends on where you are. officials in some towns telling me the water is similar or marginally higher than monday morning's high tide. some say it's a bit lower. for folks who live in these
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flooded areas all of this water after that serious coastal storm we had january 23rd is getting very tiresome. >> it's quite disturbing. quite disturbing. you know, i'm taking measures to protect my property. >> this is my second day trying to get to work. and i get here again this morning and the water is up again. >> reporter: and the water is certainly up here on long beach island, continuing to be up. we are again at high tide along the back bay. and here that is barnigate bay. all the water you see in the street it came out of the bay. the bay couldn't hold it in after these persistent northeast winds that we've been having for the past couple days, the water continues to pile up in the back bays from the ocean and really can't go anywhere. it just gets trapped in the bay. so that's what we're dealing with again here on long beach island. i checked with wildwood police just a short time ago. you heard jessie talking about
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some road closures because of flooding. and the george reading bridge in and out of wildwood is currently closed because of flooding. that's route 47 between wildwood and middle township. for now live in ship bottom, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, good information. thank you. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet. you can track the snow, get the seven-day forecast there, also sign up for personalized school closings and delays. and we're following breaking news in gloucester county where a fire forced 26 people out of their apartments in deptford. the fire started just after 8:30 this morning at the chestnut lane apartments. the battalion chief is telling us the fire started in one unit and then spread to the others. four units were destroyed in all. no one was hurt. as new hampshire voters go to the polls today in the nation's first presidential primary, we are getting a new look at where the nominating
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contests stand nationwide. according to an nbc news survey monkey weekly election tracking poll, donald trump continues to hold a commanding lead on the republican side. he is 15 points ahead of texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio is just three points behind cruz. his support has gone up 5% in the last week. and among democrats hillary clinton still holds a double digit national lead over independent vermont senator bernie sanders. clinton leads sanders 51% to 39%. and new hampshire the poll that really counts is the one being cast right now. this is a live look at a polling place in manchester, new hampshire. voters will have until 7:00 tonight to cast their ballots. nbc's tracie potts shows us how several candidates are hoping for an unexpected finish. >> reporter: down but not out. hillary clinton hit the polls this morning. >> we're going to keep working, literally until the last vote is cast and counted.
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>> reporter: three small towns voted just after midnight. kasich and sanders won tine any dixville notch. now the rest of new hampshire begins what election officials expect to be a record breaking day. >> out the door. lines out the door. >> reporter: candidates continue their final arguments today. >> it's christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> reporter: trump has a huge lead here, but the number two spot seems up for grabs. polls show cruz, rubio, even kasich or bush have a shot at it. >> the ones that are going to lead this town. >> get up early tomorrow and vote. get up early tomorrow and get your friends and family to vote. >> reporter: bernie sanders fired up supporters. he's way ahead of hillary clinton in the polls. today's the last day and polls show more than half the electorate is either undecided -- >> i don't know what party i'm
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voting for yet. >> reporter: or willing to switch their vote at the last minute. they're expecting a huge turnout here today. more than half a million people, that's two-thirds of all new hampshire voters. in manchester, tracie potts, nbc news. >> and you can watch live reports from nbc 10's george spencer on the new hampshire primary today and tomorrow on nbc 10 news. and we're following new developments into the investigation into an old city bar fight involving former philadelphia eagle lesean mccoy. the new video we just got into our newsroom as authorities decide whether shady will face charges. plus, nightmare at sea. new details on the royal caribbean ship that ran into high winds and rough seas and why a u.s. senator is now calling for an investigation into the way the cruise line handled this situation. glenn. and the forecast for that area at that time called for some really bad conditions. they should have known it was
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coming. i'm tracking snow on and off throughout the day. i'll let you moe when it's going to end and the frigid air behind it, that's all just ahead. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily.
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now to the latest on the police investigation into former eagle lesean mccoy. this was the breaking news we first brought you yesterday on nbc 10 news :00 news at 11:00 a. new video obtained by the local
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sports blog crossing bar, allegedly shows part of a fight that broke out inside recess nightclub around 2:45 a.m. sunday morning. according to a police report mccoy and former nfl running back curtis brinkley were involved in an altercation with three offduty philadelphia police officers. sources tell nbc 10 charges will be filed against mccoy and three others for their involvement in the nightclub brawl that sent two offduty philadelphia police officers to the hospital. the fight started over a champagne bottle. >> i can't come up with any type of argument, again, over a bottle of champagne, that would lead to me wanting to knock someone to the ground and begin to stomp them and kick them and beat them in a brutal way. >> mccoy now plays for the buffalo bills. and the team released a statement saying they are aware of the reports regarding mccoy and are in the process of gathering more information. and they are not commenting further. this morning police are trying to track down a killer
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who opened fire in a t.g.i. friday's parking lot in delaware. the shooting happened last night around 7:00 on north dupont highway in new castle. police responded when they got a call of shots being fired. >> looked like a bunch of cops got here real fast. i'm just trying to get out of here. we've been here for like three hours. >> police interviewed about 30 workers and customers who were inside the restaurant. the man police are working to identify is believed to be in his late 20s. police are going through surveillance video to try to figure out what may have lead to the shooting. and we're getting a look at a new video this morning of a robbery attempt at a west philadelphia federal credit union. philadelphia police say the suspect seen here dressed in black forced the victim whose face is blurred to withdraw money from his account. the victim was able to tip off the teller who called police. the suspect fled before officers arrived.
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police are also looking for a second suspect. if you happen to have any information or recognize this man, you're asked to call police. today, a school board in montgomery county will meet for the first time since a series of fights involving students. tonight's abington school boort ma board meeting is expected to cover what happened in these videos. last week the school superintendent notified parents that the district and police are tightening security and investigating the violence. in about 15 minutes pennsylvania governor tom wolf will present his budget plan for next year even though the state has gone seven months without a budget for this year. wolf is set to unveil his spending plan in a speech at the capital in harrisburg. his spokesman said the democratic governor will talk about two paths that the state can take, one where education is funding -- education funding is a priority, or another where money for education and services
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are cut. republican lawmakers said wolf chose to veto their budget in june and make education cuts in december. you can watch wolf's address coming up live right here on nbc 10 as well as and the nbc 10 app. and the governor wants you to know -- wants to know what you think about his proposed budget. he's holding a facebook town hall this afternoon. the live stream on the governor's facebook page starts this afternoon at 3:30. but you can post your questions right now. just tap the nbc 10 app or log onto our website at for a link. temple university is moving forward with a plan to build a new football stadium on its north philadelphia campus. yesterday the board of trustees approved $1 million for a feasibility study. the plan calls for a 35,000 seat stadium at a cost of more than $100 million. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it's snowing in parts of the area, raining in other parts and just cloudy in some other places. we are expecting periods of snow as we go through the afternoon and into tonight. most of it melting especially on the roads as it falls. but some slick spots on untreated surfaces, especially after dark as the snow continues. cloudy skies in philadelphia now officially 34 degrees. the winds northeast at 10 miles an hour. it is a bit colder than at this time yesterday, but as you can see the roads are doing just fine. just wet at this point. temperatures right now show part of the reason why it's wet, it's just about freezing 30 in about everywhere pottstown and allentown and not snowing at the moment. lancaster is getting snow and there may be some issues
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lancaster county and points to the west. just a little bit of precipitation down to the south and it's in the form of patchy snow, light snow moving through parts of new castle county and salem county in new jersey. but rain as you head toward the coastline. this is one area of -- with this overall system that is moving through. so there will be some snow this afternoon. but again, it looks like it's not going to be heavy enough to stick. and there are pieces of this system back to the west that we're going to have to contend with later today or tonight. visibility shows us how heavy the snow is. there's reading so there's at least some significant snow there. c coatesville, parts of new castle county, chester county may get some of the greatest amounts in the area. these 10-mile visibilities indicate either zero snow is falling or it's light it's not
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interrupting visibility at all. georgetown, delaware certainly getting a little bit of light rain. you can see on the futurecast patchy areas of the snow. the computers indicate that this does pick up later today, but it also shows temperatures above freezing, which would mean melting for most surfaces. by 9:00 tonight still at or above freezing. so as we go through the night tonight this is more of a nuisance thing than a real storm as we continue with this all the way into tomorrow. because it is a long lasted thing. so we're talking about how much snow. like up to an inch of snow in southern delaware, the jersey shore and other portions of coastal new jersey 1 to 3 inches. by the time it's done tomorrow morning in philadelphia and delaware county, bucks, mont cogom ri, cam den, gloucester, salem,
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3 to 5 inches parts of chester county and perhaps new castle with lesser amounts farther to the north. i want to give you an idea what's going on back to the west. we're going to get some of this. these are the windchills, feels like temperatures right now. des moines, iowa, 7 below, that's pretty cold, right? look at those numbers in central canada. it is really going to get cold this weekend, near record cold. dangerous cold. periods of snow this afternoon. rain and a wintry mix south and east. temperatures staying above the freezing mark. seven-day forecast a breezy day. temperatures again above freezing wednesday, but then we start getting colder and colder. and by the time we get to the weekend we're talking about high temperatures only in the teens, low temperatures in the single digits, winds on top of that. so the windchills could be well below zero at some points during the weekend.
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>> this isn't a major storm, but i heard you use a word yesterday and heard it again today, i like, it's descriptive, unorganized. which i take to mean it's uneven, not uniform, little here, little there. >> well, you saw it on radar. i called it a big disorganized mess. that's what it looks like on the radar. and that's what it looks like for meteorologists because these things are real frustrating because 100 little pieces instead of one big storm. that's the easier type to predict. >> all right. thank you, glenn. news that will make a lot of people around here smile, lonely planet has just named its best tourist destination in the u.s. but for a lot of partiers today there's no better tourist destination than new orleans. a look at the celebrations underway. the big easy for mardi gras. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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today is fat tuesday. and crowds of partiers in new orleans are getting ready for one last day of mardi gras celebrations. this year's fat tuesday events are expected to be the largest since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans. the celebration and security are both being described as unprecedented this year. with more than 1 million people expected in the big easy, the fbi says visitors should always assume that they're being filmed. and we told you it was coming. there's snow falling over much of our area right now. here's a live look outside at
11:27 am
conditions along boathouse row. glenn will let us know when we can expect the heaviest snow. and he's also tracking the cold air of the season that's heading our way. plus, growing concerns worldwide about the zika virus and the impact on the upcoming summer olympics, plus the results from testing just done in pennsylvania. many people clean their dentures
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. 33 degrees right now and light snow is falling over our area. this is a live look at market street in center city, philadelphia. high tides in wildwood this morning and other parts of the jersey shore once again brought flooded streets to that area. and here's a live look at ship bottom on long beach island in ocean county, new jersey, where high tide is bringing water in from the bay and covering the
11:31 am
streets. some residents there tell nbc 10's ted greenberg that the water is higher today than it was yesterday. now here's a live look from north wilmington in new castle county, delaware. looks like most of the snow there along the grassy parts of the that road, the median. our nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking rain and snow across the area as we take a live look at the radar at this moment. and we have live team coverage of the snow expected today. let's begin with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz in studio. glenn. >> yeah, vai. a lot of the snow is just on the grassy surfaces, not on the roads or even other surfaces around. but we continue to see some periods of snow with lower visibility as we go through the afternoon and into tonight most of it will continue to melt. but there may be some slick, untreated surfaces especially after dark as we go into the
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evening hours. there's still snow on the radar. and it is generally south of philadelphia and west. chester county is in it, and parts of new castle county and salem county, cumberland county, but farther to the south and east a little bit warmer, warm enough for rain. that's true in southern delaware and cape may county, for example. a little bit heavier rain -- snow in northeastern maryland. and in lancaster county in pennsylvania. and these are other little pieces of that huge system that continues to be very disorganized. visibility shows us how heavy the snow is. and obviously not much of anything from philly and pottstown and allentown eastward, but in wilmington now visibility's down below two miles. so it's snowing fairly significantly there now. and lancaster with the 3/4-mile visibility is snowing at least a
11:33 am
moderate clip at the moment. and that's the area we're expecting the heaviest amounts of snow. but it is going to be 3 to 5 inches for the total thing by the time we get into tomorrow morning. and temperatures generally well above freezing throughout the day despite the fact that we'll see some occasional snow. more on the timing of this and when it ends. and talk more about a frigid air mass coming for the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. thank you, glenn. our live team coverage continues now with nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg live on long beach island, ocean county, in the town of ship bottom. ted, tell us what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: still seeing a lot of flooding, vai, but water is receding in some barrier island communities. but that is not the case here on long beach island. this is high tide. water from the bay has been spilling out here onto long beach boulevard. and you can see these drivers are taking the risk.
11:34 am
this isn't just water, this is salt water. on the other side of the boulevard this is abr construction. anglo is here. unfortunately, anglo, you have your broom and shoes covered in plastic bags. >> sure. i wasn't expecting this today. they said it's going to be a high tide, but nothing like this. what are we going to do? >> reporter: yesterday we had a significant high tide, but it was not as bad as this, right? >> not as bad as this. this snuck up around 9:00, 9:30 started coming up. and i was sitting at my office and coming in slow ly and about 11:00 we were two inches under. >> reporter: not too bad. it could be worse. >> it could be a heck of a lot worse. >> reporter: when was the last time you had water inside? >> we had this about a month ago when we had that nor'easter a few weeks ago. and, yes -- >> reporter: the end of january. >> correct. correct. >> reporter: so now you have your broom and you're doing what
11:35 am
you can to push the water back out? >> yes. that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: all right. good luck to you. >> it is a risk. >> reporter: that's true. it is a risk of what can happen here. thank you, anglo. we take a look again at long beach boulevard. quite a bit of traffic out here despite the flooding these drivers again going right through it. we were in atlantic city earlier this morning, a flood prone section of atlantic city, fairmount avenue. take a look at the video we have. we found people stuck in their houses there. one woman stuck in her car in the middle of the street after her vehicle stalled out. this is the high tide of concern since yesterday morning and how high the water has reached depends on where you are. officials in some towns telling me the water -- the flooding is similar or marginally higher than monday morning's high tide. some say it's a bit lower or similar. you heard here on long beach island and ship bottom anglo telling us it is indeed higher. >> it's about the same today as
11:36 am
yesterday. but it just, boom, high tide and it was just overwhelming. >> it's kind of a pain. i guess the people that are already out in it are still kind of dealing with it now. getting around is kind of tough today. >> reporter: it is tough getting around here. if you are going to venture through this water, salt water. and i want to tell you that long beach boulevard is closed between 31st street and 92nd street in long beach township just south of here because of all the water in the street. live in ship bottom, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. we continue our live team coverage now with nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong. tim, when i last saw i joked about your kids making snowballs. glenn told me this is good snow for snowballs, but i'm not sure that there's enough snow to make snowballs. >> reporter: yeah, they're going to be little snow meatballs maybe. it's snowed for hours and hours but don't really have anything to show for it. north wilmington the roads really just wet.
11:37 am
yes, if you want to make those snowballs, this is what you have to work with, not much at all. the roads not in too bad shape. take a look at video i shot earlier. we fired up my dash cam. the road surface is just wet. i didn't find problems on any secondary roads either. we did find snow that sat on cars outside overnight. state police saying everything is pretty much normal today as well. as we come back live i can also tell you deldot is monitoring road surface temperatures. they're telling me at this point they're in the upper 30s up and down the entire state. so no snow is going to accumulate, but they will keep an eye on it. and as glenn said it might still snow so they're going to keep an eye on the roads. but so far, so good in the 302. live in north wilmington, delaware, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, thank you. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app on your smartphone and your tablet. you can track the snow. you can get glenn's seven-day forecast and sign up for
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personalized school closings and delays. switching gears now, a deadly train crash in germany claimed nine lives and injured 150 others. the trains were on a curve when they collided head-on at 60 miles an hour in the very southern part of that country. it took emergency workers several hours to rescue all the survivors in this wreckage. officials say it appears neither train operator could see each other because of the curve. and neither had time to brake before they hit. they slammed into each other. federal transportation officials might soon be looking into a royal caribbean ship that ran into high winds and rough seas over the weekend. florida senator bill nelson wants the ntsb to investigate the voyage and the decision to sail into a storm. nbc's natalie morales tells us more about the passengers' terrifying ordeal as they sail back to new jersey right now. >> reporter: flying furniture, ceilings collapsing, shattered glass, waves as high as 30 feet
11:39 am
and hurricane force winds more than 150 miles an hour. all part of the harrowing journey that more than 6,000 passengers and crew won't forget any time soon. the captain telling passengers -- >> yesterday turned out to be probably one of my worst days at sea. >> reporter: and passengers aren't arguing with that. >> seeing what we were seeing outside of our windows these 30-foot waves, you know, and we're like 30 degree tilt, it was crazy. >> i was hanging on because you would roll out of bed if you didn't hang on. >> i realized it was really serious and at the point i was sitting on the chair in the bar and the four legs came up and i was on two and i fell off the chair, essentially. >> reporter: despite their fear, most passengers say they felt the captain did a great job of keeping them informed and are just happy to be alive. >> just the happiest day of my life right now. because like, you know, it was terrifying last night. truly terrifying. >> i'm just really happy that
11:40 am
everyone is safe and there were minimal injuries and, you know, thankfully no casualties. >> reporter: others angry they were put in danger at all since a storm had been forecast. >> they're angry because they feel that somebody should have known. >> i think there's the question of why were we in this to begin with. >> reporter: royal caribbean's response to that, the weather the ship experienced was greater than what was forecasted. and while the weather was unpleasant, the ship remained seaworthy at all times. and the cruise line promises to make it up to passengers by giving everyone a full refund and 50% off any future cruise. although some may never take advantage of that deal. >> you know, whether or not we ever go on a cruise again that i'm not sure about. >> that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. the ship is expected to port cape liberty in new jersey tomorrow morning. new this morning, the pennsylvania health department says five people have tested negative for the zika virus. and test results for 14 others are pending. the people who have been tested
11:41 am
did so because they traveled abroad to areas where they could have been exposed to the mosquito borne virus. kenya is considering pulling out of the rio olympics due to concerns over the zika virus. and the u.s. olympic committee denies it told athletes to skip the 2016 summer games over fears of the virus. the virus has been linked to birth defects in thousands of newborns in brazil. the brazilian government is recommending pregnant women stay away since they are most at r k risk. the city of brotherly love getting a lot of love today. what a company known for its popular travel guide is saying about philadelphia as a travel destination. we've got snow falling right now in parts of our area. i'll let you know when it's going to end and just how cold it's going to get. it's all just ahead.
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happening now in harrisburg, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is delivering his budget address. let's take a second to just listen in. >> this deficit isn't just a cloud hanging over pennsylvania's long-term future, it's a time bomb. and it's ticking away right now even as i speak. if it explodes, the people in this chamber, if you allow it to explode, then pennsylvania will experience a fiscal catastrophe the likes of which we have never seen. please understand we're not talking about a long-term budget
11:45 am
projection. we're talking about pennsylvania failing to meet its basic obligations this year. we're talking about pain that will be felt all across our commonwealth this year. if the general assembly does not approve -- >> discussing budget woes. they have been without a budget now for quite a part of -- half a year rather. if you'd like to watch the address in its entirety, we are streaming it for you on and also on our nbc 10 mobile app. president obama's final budget arrived this morning on capitol hill. the $4 trillion plus proposed plan includes tax hikes and aid for college students. it also calls for boosting cyber security funding by $19 billion. the budget stands virtually no chance of passing the republican controlled congress. new this morning, one travel guide is telling the world what we here already know, that
11:46 am
philadelphia is a great place to visit. we take a live look at the skyline. lonely planet today named the city of brotherly love the top place to visit in the u.s. in 2016. they say philadelphia is, quote, on a roll right now. the city of course hosted pope francis last year and will host the democratic national convention this summer in july. well, a local hospital is celebrating an exciting new addition later this week. it is opening the -- the opening of the fox chase cancer center at temple helped bone marrow transplant outpatient clinic. here to tell us more, dr. patricia kroft, assistant director of the bone marrow transplant program and frank seriani diagnosed with hodge kins lymphoma and underwent two bone marrow transplants. we'll hear more about that, but dr. kroft, tell us what we can expect later this week and what makes the clinic at gene's hospital so special. >> well, we built an entirely
11:47 am
new outpatient facility on the fifth floor of gene's hospital. so it's essentially streamlined now with the inpatient facility, which allows us to integrate our state-of-the-art therapy and more procedures for patients in need. >> frank, tell us about your diagnosis and the treatment that you receive and had how you're feeling, how you're doing today. >> doing great today. my diagnosis was hodgekins lymphoma. i had a lot of chemo and some radiation. and then the bone marrow transplant, my own, which didn't take. and then a year and a half later i got another bone marrow transplant from my brother. he was a 10 out of 10 match, which was great. and last couple years just getting better and better. >> how do you feel about the nurses and doctors there who treated you? >> okay. i feel like they're my family. they're just like my sisters. they would be calling me screaming on the phone happy that my brother was a match. it was great. they were great.
11:48 am
>> dr. kropf, this portion of the hospital built with part of it funds and people who are philanthropic and donate to help the cause. >> yes. yes. so it was both funded by temple university in combination with endowments and donations from people in the community. it's a beautiful facility. >> frank, i'm sure you are certainly grateful to see this facility. >> yes. i got a chance to look through the windows the other day. the ribbon cutting is this thursday and i'm going to go to that too. >> we appreciate you guys coming. there will be a ribbon cutting as frank just said for the new outpatient clinic at gene's hospital this coming thursday. dr. kropf and frank, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate. glad you feel better. >> yep. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. well, we had some snow overnight, most was about an inch in parts of chester county and new castle county.
11:49 am
we've got some periods of snow continuing as we go through the day, most of it melting for most of the day. but after it gets dark there could be some slick spots on untreated surfaces. right now we have cloudy skies in philadelphia at 34 degrees. the winds northeast at 10 miles an hour. it's not that windy and it won't be. the streets generally on the wet side, if that. and even when it's snowing we're going to be seeing mostly wet roads. as you can see with current temperatures the only places below freezing are chester springs, kennett square just barely below freezing. so, again, chester county that may be the one county that sees some of these issues this evening. oxford, coatesville also 31. pottstown, allentown, also 30 but the snow hasn't gotten that far up north. 29 in doristown and warm enough down toward the shore that it's actually rain that's coming down at the moment. you can see that on the radar
11:50 am
here. kind of a line going right through philadelphia. but what you see with this snow is generally on the lighter side the darker the blue the heavier the snow. so there may be a little bit of a burst right at the edge of the rain/snow line down here in delaware bay. and you can also see some rain in sussex county in delaware. this is just part of this huge disorganized mess, as we called it yesterday, and these disorganized systems very often do not produce a lot of snow. you need kind of concentrated. now, coatesville has fairly low visibility along with reading so they're getting more significant snow. but the rest of the area not so much. wilmington down to two miles. when you see the 10-mile visibility plus even if it's snowing it could snow for weeks at that rate and still not accumulate. and we have rain in southern
11:51 am
delaware reducing the visibility. as we go through the afternoon, you see some of this snow from maryland coming up through the area. most places, again, at or above the freezing mark. the sun's rays coming through even the thick clouds to help keep the roads just wet. but once we get into tonight, we lose that effect and any temperatures that go below freezing we could see again some slick spots on any untreated surfaces. so the area most likely to see the heaviest snow relatively speaking is in chester county. snow in the south sussex county up to cape may county, atlanta county up to an inch, one to three in and around the philadelphia area and northern suburbs. and three to five in parts of chester county and new castle county. and once this is through then we start looking at the frigid air for the weekend. so periods of snow mostly on the light side and mostly melting with rain and a mix south and
11:52 am
east, temperatures well above the freezing mark. then for tomorrow it's breezy, more melting. then it gradually gets colder thursday and friday. and that's nothing compared to the weekend. high temperatures only in the teens. lows in the single digits. and about the only thing that may prevent some records from being broken is if we're going to have snow on ground or not. it's really hard to get records without snow. by the way, the record for today in philly, 11 below zero. >> wow. so it's a first alert day. we've issued the first alert and it will be canceled later on this evening. >> right. as soon as we feel it's either warm enough or the snow has gone. and then we start looking toward the weekend. and the weekend is really going to be a focus of our attention. i mean, we don't get that cold that often. >> yeah. we just want to get people through the day today so the first alert will be canceled later this evening. glenn will let you know that in
11:53 am
the afternoon shows. we'll be right back. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
11:54 am
11:55 am
coming up today on "steve harvey" love week continues as steve interviews a woman at the center of one of the biggest
11:56 am
political scandals in american history. >> you really in love -- >> oh, my god, madly in love. this was not a frivolous relationship. >> steve talks to rielle hunter, ex mistress of former presidential candidate john edwards. she talks about the child they had together and where her romantic life stands now. see the full interview today at 2:00 p.m. on "steve harvey" right here on nbc 10. after that it's an all new "ellen" and then nbc 10 news at 4:00, this afternoon the zika virus impact on spring break plans. we're talking to travel experts about how the virus is changing families' destinations and where you can go to avoid the infected mosquitos this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. back with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, most of this snow that falls this afternoon is going to melt. and into this evening just some patchy slick spots on untreated surfaces and then we really focus on the frigid weekend.
11:57 am
>> thank you, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
11:58 am
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>> brady: hey. >> theresa: hey, uh, uh, don't worry. i'll be done with these in time for the meeting. >> brady: no, theresa, you don't--you don't have to be here. it--it's only nicole and me. it's just financial stuff. >> theresa: yeah, i know. i'll be ready. >> brady: there's no need for you to sit in, honey. it's okay. i thought you were gonna take tate for a walk, anyway. >> theresa: yeah, the sitter took him. i want to be here. >> brady: why? >> tresa: because i want to learn... and i want to keep an eye on you. >> brady: on me... or nicole and me? >> lani: did we get any latents from this area? >> shawn: i got a partial palm and two fingerprints that i'm running through the database now. >> lani: okay. >> fynn: excuse me, officer. i, uh-- hey. i didn't know you were a cop. this is great. is--is there somewhere we can talk in private? >> lani: why?


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