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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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going to be back in the all snow area fairly soon. this is all rain, most live across southern delaware and extreme south jersey. the visibility shows us how heavy the snow is, we have some in the philadelphia area, but wilmington, reading, lancaster, getting some fairly heavy snow at this hour. certainly enough to accumulate. the temperatures are near the freezing mark so that's especially where it expects some of those slick untreated surfaces. philadelphia itself, the temperature holds pretty steady as we go through the night. but hour after hour of snow is on the way. more about the snow totals, what to expect for the rest of the night and a frigid arctic air mass coming in with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then. aside from the snow, flooding is also a problem in some areas, look at this, this is on delaware avenue add pent penns landing. water from the delaware river
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spilled on the road. this flooding has receded. we're keeping an eye on flooding at the jersey shore. look at the scene in atlantic city. some drivers stranded there, others slowly making their way along. nbc 10's ted greenberg will give us a live update coming up at 4:30. and you can tap the nbc 10 app to track that snow as it moves through. you can see the full list of any school closings or delays. now to new video of a bar brawl involving former eagles star lasean mccoy. tmz reports this video shows shady throwing punches during a fight with offduty police officers. cydney long is following today's developments and joins us live in center city. what is the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you sources close to the investigation tell me that charges against mccoy will not happen today but they are considered imminent due to the injuries that the officers
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sustained. detectives at did ninth district have been interviewing employees of the nightclub. i'm told the charging paperwork has been sent to the d.a. along with a new video. we spoke to a fan who bumped into mccoy within an hour after the alleged fight. look for yourself at cell phone video provided to us by tmz sports taken inside the nightclub sunday morning, that is lasean mccoy wearing a dark t-shirt. it appears friends try to hold him back. a long necklace, then a brief glimpse of his face. video that police are playing as more witnesses including the club security are interviewed. the brawl in which two off-duty cops were hurt was at 2:45 in the morning according to police, less than an hour laider shady agreed to this photograph with an eagles fan inside this westin. >> shady was checking in and like my first reaction was wow, there is lasean mccoy. >> flanigan was back from a
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friend's wedding. he spoke to some of mccoy's buddies now named a suspect, one of them curtis brinkley. >> i want a picture with shady. you have to ask him. i asked and he nodded. i gave him my phone, again, he took the picture for us. >> and the necklace in the video looked similar to the one mccoy is wearing. flanigan had no idea about the alleged fight. >> not at all. i would never assume there was an altercation before that with anybody. at that point it looked like shady was as far as his demeanor he looked distraught and he was quiet. he didn't say one word to me. >> for a second day in a row we have been on mccoy and some of the other suspect's media pages, reaching out to high profile attorneys and in touch with his agent but so far all are silent. we have tried reaching the owners of the recess lounge nightclub for the second day in a row but so far no success.
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i'm cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> a former chester county high school accused of exchanging nude photographs and videos with a 16-year-old student. brandon mitchell was a teach esh at downingtown west. he was suspended in april and later resigned and faces charges including child pornography. >> fire hits a gloucester county apartment complex for the second time in just over a year. crews were called here to the chestnut lane apartment around 9:00 this morning. no one was hurt but 26 people are now without their homes. it's not clear what started the fire. crews rescued five people from flames a it the same complex last february more than 30 people lost their homes that day. now to our coverage of decision 2016. and the new hampshire primary, this is a live look inside a polling place in manchester. the first primary is under way. democrats and republicans are standing outside polling places smiling and shaking hand, hoping
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to make one last impression on voters. tonight's results could be the end of the campaign trail for some candidates. nbc 10 dedicated to bringing you complete political coverage. george spencer is live in manchester with more of the final push for support. george. >> reporter: jacqueline, in a handful of new hampshire towns the polls actually opened at midnight, closed shortly thereafter with the results tallied almost immediately. and one such town the winner was republican john kasich and democrat bernie sanders but the question at this point is who can pull off a statewide win and just as much who can pull off second place. with a total of nine ballots cast in dicksville notch kasich snatched the win with one more vote than republican donald trump, bernie sanders took all four on the democratic side. >> that's it. >> most other polls opened at 7
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with candidates from both parties waiting outside to make one last impression with an estimated half million voters. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast and counted. >> chris christie hopes the final count adds up to a second place for him. trailing by double digits he'd consider that a win. >> donald trump is expected to claim the most votes but lagging poll numbers didn't stop ben carson from greeting voter today, any one of the others could finish behind donald trump or even win. >> aside from what clinton supporters believe bernie sanders is expected to sweep the democrats but if she gets closer than expected clinton could call it a victory in this highly competitive race. and today jeb bush said he would
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continue his campaign to the next state, governor christie refused to answer that question about his own campaign, calling for the next question from reporters but he did say that marco rubio's poor performance in last weekend's debate has changed this the race entirely. reporting live in manchester, new hampshire, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." george, thank you. and he'll join us live throughout the afternoon and evening, look for his live reports on the results tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. president obama unveiled his eighth final budget today, the $4 trillion proposal arrived on capitol hill this morning. it calls for a $10 per barrel tax hike on oil, it includes a $19 billion increase in cyber security funding. the budget heads to a republican-led congress which guaranteed many of the proposals would be rejected. several tested for the zika
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virus, everything has come back negative. the pennsylvania department of health announced five have tested negative for the zika virus, results for 14 others are pending. officials in new jersey and delaware say they will only announce if and when they have a confirmed case. zika is a mosquito-borne virus that is spreading rapidly through latin america, the people being tested in pennsylvania did so because they traveled abroad to areas where they could have been exposed to zika. keith jones is live with a look at the impact the zika virus is having on travel plans. >> jackie, should i stay or go? that's what people with travel plans to countries where the zika virus is spreading are trying to figure out. r rogers travel has one cancellation. >> some airlines are working with you if you are an expectant
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mother and kind of allowing you to change your tickets without penalties. >> agents are also urging people to double-check their travel insurance to make sure the zika virus hasn't been excluded from coverage. meanwhile, kenya said today it could pull out of the summer olympics because it's worried about zika. kenya has some of the best runners in the world. it's in 32 countries since appearing in brazil. authorities are working to calm the fears of athletes and spectators planning to travel for the olympics. for the 14 people waiting for testing to come back, the department of health hasn't said when it expects results, it does say the risk is extremely low for p.a. residents and that the concern is for people who traveled to areas where the virus is rampant. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, "nbc 10 news." >> a head on crash involving two commuter trains killed at least 10 people in germany. the trains were on a curve when
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they collided early this morning in bavaria. the stretch is fitted with a safety system designed to automatically stop trains and prevent crashes like this one but they are not sure why the system didn't work. about 100 people were injured, many of them seriously. >> the cruise ship battered at sea will arrive back in new jersey. new video shows the waves that damaged the ship off the coast of north carolina. one florida senator, wants federal investigators to look at why the ship sailed into a storm that was forecast days earlier. passengers are getting refunds, certificates, too, as well, toward a future cruise with royal caribbean. >> new information on a cab driver shot on the job in philadelphia this weekend. nbc 10 learned that alex destin was released from the hospital a short time ago. passengers opened fire on him while driving in point breeze early saturday morning. there have been no arrests and nbc 10's tim furlong spoke to
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destin after he got out of the hospital. we'll have his interview coming up at 4:55. in the past hour police identified the victim of a shooting outside a tgi friday's. they found eric pierson's body in the parking lot last night. he was shot several times. detectives are now going through surveillance video and interviewing workers and customers. tomorrow could bring a pivotal moment in political future of embattled attorney general kathleen kane, the state senate is to vote whether to remove kane from office. if it votes to remove her the recommendation geese governor wolf who would have the final decision. kane is fighting charges she leaked grand jury material, then lied under oath about it. >> pennsylvania's finances are a ticking time bomb, that's the warning from governor wolf as he sent a spending proposal for next year each though there is no plan in place for this year. lauren mayk has been covering
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the budget gridlock for months joining us in harrisburg with the governor's latest proposal for a spending plan. lauren. >> reporter: if you can see through the snow, this is a breakdown for the governor's budget. $33 billion general fund, increases for education but you know what, the governor really didn't talk about this today. instead, he had some warnings for both lawmakers and pennsylvanians. >> our commonwealth is in crisis. >> from the beginning the governor warned it wouldn't be an ordinary budget address and the deficit has consequences. >> it's a time bomb. and it's ticking away right now even as i speak. >> reporter: his warning in a divided harrisburg that still hasn't agreed on a full budget for this year. >> do you see a way forward now? >> of course i do. >> what is it? >> well, you have to negotiate. >> representative bill adolph is a republican chair of the house appropriationings committee, now
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facing two budgets at one time. >> how do you handle it in your committee? >> i wish i could tell you i knew how. but this is my 28th budget and my last budget. that i'm going to be dealing with. this is the first time it's ever happened. >> as this year's impasse stretched on and the governor pressed for more education funding philadelphia schools borrowed millions to stay open. the mayor jim kenney was on hand to hear the governor's message. >> i think that he clearly is an education governor trying to be. >> republicans said they heard a divisive message. >> there was no vision. unfortunately there was just fear mongering. >> democrats said the governor talked reality. >> do you think he said anything that is going to change anything around here? >> well, as the governor can only do his best. i think it will. i think he sent a message now that he means business. >> reporter: did not sit well with everyone and there was a point today where you could
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actually hear just how divided things are here, coming up i'll show you what the governor said that got him booed today. for now live in harrisburg, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." a court decision should be coming in the long running dune battle playing out on the jersey shore. a judge says he will rule by early march whether the state was justified in seizing 87 properties in margate through eminent due nine. the state wants to build protective sand dunes following sandy but some argue residents are opposed to the plan. >> a lot will soon have new life. people roasted during a ground breaking celebration for a project known as the 4050 apartments. the complex will feature 20 units for local artists along haverford avenue. an increasing number of artists are drawn to the area. the apartments are expected to be completed late this year.
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>> new orleans undoubtedly party central for mardi gras. >> that's not stopping some from celebrating philadelphia style. nbc 10 along south street we found revelers braving the weather to celebrate tuesday, fat tuesday, marks the end of the mardi gras season before the beginning of lent which is a period of spiritual renewal. >> as always, new orleans is the ultimate destination for fat tuesday fun, thousands lined the main streets of the big easy to see the season come to an end. revelers will party until police clear the streets tonight at midnight. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> nbc 10 and old new castle county, delaware, you could see the flakes falling this afternoon. one group it didn't bother was of course this flock of geese. they are used to it. and in some areas the snow is coming down harder than it has for the entire system. we have periods of snow tonight, 340e69 of it melting but not
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necessarily all of it in all spots. so we've got slick spots, untreated surfaces as it's getting dark. so we're losing the impact of the sun's rays right through the clouds. this is i-95, things looking okay now but there's a band of snow headed into philadelphia, curious to see what happens to the camera. 36 degrees, snowing at the airport now. east-northeast at 7 miles an hour. and the temperatures, above freezing in philadelphia, it's been that way all day. it's going to probably stay that way about all night. and to the south and east, above freezing. but it's near that, those are the areas especially the untreated surfaces will be seeing some of those slick spots. the darker blues indicating a little bit heavier snow. this is not nearly as dark a blue as what we saw during the blizzard. but we've got one band coming
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through chester county, delaware county and that rain snow line that was near i-95 is already moved down to the south as the cooler air is coming down. doesn't take much. so it's snowing all across wilmington and pilesgrove and woolwich township in new jersey. you're getting this band coming right up. right up the delaware river. right up i-95 across delaware county into philadelphia. right into camden. right into gloucester county. but to the south this is all rain, and no weather advisories for snow because it's too warm and it's raining. and this disorganized mess continues to be a disorganized mess. let's show you where the snow is the heaviest. the visibilities will tell you that. it's actually dropped all across eastern pennsylvania. it's not coming down hard but it's coming down. pottstown 3/4 mile visibility.
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that's accumulating snow. reading is fairly heavy and coatesville is very heavy snow. you can get an inch or more an hour at that kind of rate. wilmington itself a half mile is certainly accumulating snow. but in philadelphia, so far not quite there. wait until the band of snow gets there. and no snow in much of south jersey including the areas where it is raining. as we go through the next several hours, the temperature is going to be very critical. but it's also not going to be dropping a lot. and as it drops the snow is kind of moving out. so, again i'm not expecting any widespread problems for tomorrow morning. how much snow? we're still in that target area to the north and west, but less than an inch farther to the south. 1 to 3 inches around the philadelphia area, bucks, montgomery county may get a quick inch this evening. but chester county, parts of
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berks county, 3 to 5 inches. then watch what happens here. the cold air comes in later in the week. and then it gets even colder. this is arctic air. it's not just arctic air. we trace that air back across the north pole all the way to siberia. call it the siberian express and it's hitting this weekend. periods of snow, melting tonight, 31 degrees in philadelphia, 28 north and west. during the day tomorrow, generally dry, clouds and sun. temperatures getting up close to 40 but see how windy it is. gusts of 30 miles per hour. and then it gets colder every day. until saturday, the high of only 16 and a low of 8. with wind chills below zero for valentine's day. especially in the morning. before we warm up for the next storm. we have breaking news out in delaware. we learned delaware has its
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first case of the zika virus, the state will make that official announcement at a news conference tomorrow but says a woman from delaware has the zika virus, it's travel related and pregnancy is not an issue. >> a famous rapper hospitalized after he collapsed. >> the musician just brought back from the dead. plus, assault with an alligator. the charge against a man after police say he threw a gator into a drive-through window. >> beyonce bounce to the business that says the performance made them a super bowl winner. >> and later the groomsman gift that made a man's wedding unforgettable.
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watch as a canopy collapses. it lands on several cars. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. crews were working on the roof of the gas station when that suddenly gave way. >> rapper dmx is in the hospital after being found without a pulse. that's according to tmz. his real name is earl simmons. tmz says police found him at a parking lot in yofrpg enkers ne. he is stable now. he remembers having shortened breath. >> this is a new one. a man behind bars accused of tossing a live alligator through a wendy's drive through window. the photo shows the 3 1/2 foot gator inside that restaurant on the floor.
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police say joshua james pickedp the reptile and decided to hurl it through the window. it happened last october but police just arrested james and he faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. >> an alligator. >> that would be the weapon. >> yeah. all right. snow is moving through our area. and will continue into the night. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking it. >> yes, some of it is about to come into the city of philadelphia right now. and we're not talking about a whole lot of snow, but it's going to continue for the next several hours. i'll show you when and where that snow's going to fall and when it's going to move out. flooding was a problem again at the jersey shore today. next a live report on the high water and damage left behind.
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it's the first alert weather day that means we're tracking snow across many parts of our area. nbc 10 in delaware county this morning where the snow is coming down making for wet roads. this is video from coatesville in chester county in the past hour. you can see how hard the snow is coming down there. and we're also keeping an eye on the snow's impact on the evening commute. a live look at i-95 in wilmington from our camera at the blue rock stadium. the snow is really coming down. that snow will continue to fall into the evening. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what is calling and what's to come. >> you notice you can't really see very well in that picture, go back to it in wilmington. and the heavier snow reduces the visibility. that's how we can tell how heavy the snow is by how far you can see and how that changes over
4:30 pm
time. so periods of snow reducing that visibility, most of it is melting, certainly doing that in wilmington now. traffic is moving fine but some slick untreated surfaces, also in parts of the western suburbs you saw that video from coatesville, certainly the snow sticking to driveways and some of the side streets. this is a fairly large area of snow right now. and that darker blue indicating a little bit heavier, not super heavy but certainly heavier than we've seen so far with this system. now this is coming through delaware county, right through chester itself, coming up i-95, getting right into south philly right now. through the blue route, and coming up toward king of prussia, and that's significant snow. it is not trivial here. lower merion about to get into a heavier band. in the meantime it's turned all to snow in northern delaware where there was a mixture
4:31 pm
between the rain and snow, but it stays all snow farther to the south. the visibility shows how heavy the snow is. wilmington is a half mile. that's heavy, so is reading, lancaster. more about what to expect for the rest of the evening and the brutal blast coming for the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> now to the jersey shore where it wasn't snow that was a problem, it was more coastal flooding that left cars driving through high water here. people moving to higher ground as well. nbc 10's reporter ted greenberg went to several communities today, he's been a busy man. what did you find? >> reporter: well, right now, jim, we're finding a little bit of light rain coming down. no snow here, the water has generally receded from this morning but we could see a little bit more flooding later on this evening. for some folks, all of this high
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water is really wearing on them. the back bay rushed into streets for the second straight day in margate and other barrier island communities. >> living on the shore, shore living, you can't help what mother nature does. >> quite disturbing. i'm taking measures to protect my property. >> reporter: allen kept a watch on the rising water from the front steps of his atlantic city home which was flooded in the january 23rd nor'easter. >> we're just finishing clean up and looking at it again. >> reporter: down the street a woman going nowhere after driving into several inches of salt water. >> guess it's stuck. nothing. >> reporter: angela spent part of the day sweeping water out of his construction office in ship bottom. >> by 11:00 we were about two inches under.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: which was not flooded yesterday. >> it caught me offguard, what is going on. >> reporter: other shore communities reported flood levels similar to monday's high tide or slightly below. but still more than enough water to bring a surge of challenges. >> getting around is tough. >> driving through the salt water with your characters it's cold, everybody's water's turned off. no way to wash it. >> reporter: we are a few hours from the next high tide, minor tidal flooding is expected so not nearly as high as what we saw this morning and yesterday morning. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." we have breaking news in pottstown. authorities have found a body in a car belonging to a missing elderly man, that car was discovered today in the schuylkill river. investigators say the car belongs to harold leister. harold is 93 years old.
4:34 pm
he left his home last thursday, hasn't been seen since. nbc 10's deanna durante is on her way. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. happening now in decision 2016 only a few hours left in new hampshire's first in the nation primary. this is a live look in a polling place in bedford. all of the campaigns today focused on get-out-the-vote efforts and for both the republicans and the democrats one of the biggest questions is how big the winner's margin will be. george spencer is live in new hampshire. the final hours can be so critical for these campaigns. >> reporter: indeed. successful new hampshire presidential campaigns often credit their so called ground games, canvassing voters right up until the polls close at 7:00 tonight. indeed, we watched those final efforts under way around the southern part of this state today, a state where each second and third place is being closely
4:35 pm
watched tonight. >> hi. how is it going? >> at homes across new hampshire a time get out the vote push from every campaign with volunteers going door to door hoping to sway the state's notorious undeclared voters like bill who voted earlier this morning. >> it's overwhelming but it's great to be able to meet the candidates and hear what is going on directly. >> good morning. >> at busy polling places volunteers greeted the continuous stream of voters. by 9:00 a.m. at this spot on manchester's south side more than 20% of voters had already cast ballots. >> it's huge because you know, we're picking presidents here in new hampshire. >> shawn is a northeast philly native who grew up in bucks county and is running for office here. he says the granite state's many undeclared voters can swing a primary in ways that no pollster can predict, undeclared an
4:36 pm
choose to vote for either party day of. >> you don't know whether they are going to pull the republican ballot, or bernie has a lot of independent support, or pull a democratic ballot for bernie. >> for those working to get every single vote for their candidate like sanders supporter here, these final hours point to the seriousness of new hampshire voters on the front lines politically for more than a year now. >> we didn't always live in new hampshire. we've been here 10 years so it was a culture shock when we moved here. but it's an interesting process. >> the way the people have embraced the political system and they enjoy this time of year, and they cherish it. >> reporter: we mentioned those undeclared voters, they represent four out of every 10 voters here in the granite state. talk about a ground game, many of the campaigns were offering free rides to would be voters who had trouble getting from their house over to the polling location. reporting live in manchester,
4:37 pm
new hampshire, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." thank you, george. ikea is issuing a recall, coming up next the problem with one of its products that could result in pieces falling. plus, the wedding gift one philadelphia groom will never forget. the surprise his groomsmen pulled off on his special day.
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>> snow is coming down across the area and could slow the evening commute. i-95 in wilmington. deanna is driving around checking on conditions in montgomery and chester counties. where are you now and what are the conditions like? >> reporter: we just got on 202 heading toward westchester from the king of prussia area. you can look through our dash cam here you can see that the roads are wet, we do have nice fluffy snowflakes. penndot is salting but no major issues. the temperatures are warm enough on the roads, but you do have
4:41 pm
that kind of snow where the skies are gray and visibility is reduced so take it easy out there. ikea is recalling more than 1.2 million ceiling lamps, this involves hyby and lock lamps. there are 222 reports of them falling after clips failed. 11 people have been hurt. the lamps can be returned for a full refund. when you get married you want your loved ones there of course. >> it's so important. one man thought his mother wouldn't be able to attend his wedding in northeast philadelphia. luckily, his groomsmen stepped in. the groom's mother surprised him at the ballroom. she wasn't originally going to be able to attend the wedding due to medical issues, so the groomsmen shipped in to pay for an ambulance to take her. his reaction has been getting a
4:42 pm
lot of attention on social media. >> they came through big time. >> they did. such a great job. >> good friends. >> coming through. as well the broncos not the only wipers sunday night. >> next the business that says it's getting a boost from beyonce. plus a lesson in losing. cam newton responds to his post-game actions that have some calling him a sore loser. >> you can see it's happening now, the visibility right in philadelphia is getting reduced, as we go into rush hour. i'm tracking more snow for your tuesday night. how much snow you wake up with tomorrow and then when the arctic air is going to move in.
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>> a lot of people talking about this. cam newton's behavior after the super bowl. standing up leaving the podium right in the middle of his
4:46 pm
interview after his team lost of course. some call him a sore loser. >> he defended his actions. john clark is here now with more on wa newton says about winners and losers. so many were jabbing, now not so much. >> right. and cam, he cannot walk out of his post game press conference like that but the nfl setup had players near him and cam could hear them talking about their game plan and how they stopped him. that added to the situation. cam spoke to the media since that post-game session at the super bowl. earlier in his career cam was known to mope a little bit at his post-game press conferences. we saw cam celebrating and dabbing having more fun than anybody in the nfl. you get the glory you got to also take the bad when you lose. here is cam today on if he is a sore loser. >> we've got all these people that's condemning and saying oh, man, he should have did this, second and third. what makes your way right?
4:47 pm
i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser i'll show you a loser. you know. i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest, you know what i'm saying. i'm here to win football games. >> there is the quote. he is a sore loser. now are the eagles and fletcher cox close to a contract extension? we've got fletcher's opinion coming up. we'll see you then. >> here is an unexpected winner from sunday night's game. a shout out from beyonce sent red lobster sales through the roof. the chain said sales spiked 30% after beyonce performed her song formation. it includes lyrics about enjoying red lobster. it's calling the boost the beyonce bounce. well, the snowflakes
4:48 pm
starting to fall again in philadelphia. a look at i-95 in south philly where the snow started to pick up a few minutes ago. as the snow gets heavier the visibility gets worse. take it easy driving home. a live shot in center city, again you can't see very far because of the snowflakes. that's not fog, that is snow. reducing visibility. that's one of the reasons for the first alefrrt. most of it melting but you got to watch for the slick spots on untreated surfaces, especially in chester county. getting hit the hardest with this storm, and that's where the temperatures are a little lower too. kennett square at 31, chester springs 32. wilmington 33, as is trenton. it's above freezing in philadelphia. that way all day. probably stay that way all night. lancaster down to 30, pottstown 31, coatesville 32, reading 32. right on the border.
4:49 pm
the temperature's not going to drop a lot so everything isn't going to ice over during the night tonight. just going to drop a couple degrees. we have warm enough for rain across parts of south jersey and the southern half of delaware. there is that area of snow, the darker blue indicating a little bit heavier going right from philadelphia up to haverford and phoenixville. that continues to move toward the northeast. in new jersey, glassboro, camden county, and you're going to see the snow pick up a little bit. you see the rain snow line through delaware as the warmer air is trying to come in but now that it's dark it's not going to have much more success. and look at all of the snow on this map. can you imagine if everything came together into one big storm? that would be one big storm. but it's not coming together. and so that's why you have these pieces of moisture. coatesville, reading, pottstown,
4:50 pm
pretty low visibility. that's where the snow is coming down the hardest and wilmington is coming down really hard. a quarter mile visibility. reduced a little in philadelphia, that band has come over and it will continue to be reduced over the next hour. where it's raining, that's not an issue. watch the temperatures. they don't really change very much as we go through the night as the snow area diminishes. so we're not going to be in that bad a shape for tomorrow morning's rush. so less than an inch to the shore, and southern delaware where we're getting rain now. 1 to 3 inches in and around the philadelphia area and 3 to 5 inches, chester county for the most part southern berks county and even a little portion of new castle county getting the 3 to 5. periods of snow mainly melting, 31 in philadelphia, 28 north and west. again, chester county probably the driving conditions the worst. clouds and sun tomorrow, windy, gusts of 30 miles an hour. near 40 and then colder until
4:51 pm
this weekend it is just brutal. 16 for the high on saturday. wind chills down below zero. over the weekend. and then it gets a little milder in time for a storm monday night or tuesday.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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>> a cab driver shot on the job at philadelphia this week was released from the hospital late this afternoon. >> tim furlong was there to talk to him about his terrifying ordeal. tim joins us live with the story. >> reporter: that's right. amazing this guy survived. he has a long recovery ahead. he is leaving the hospital, he wants to go home and get a rest
4:55 pm
and justice. >> very bad. very bad. but i have a lot. >> reporter: alex leaves the hospital shot saturday morning after picking up two men and a woman in the point breeze section. he still has his blood on his shoes, stitches above his eye and a gunshot wound on his right arm. the 38-year-old father of four remembers picking up the three, one of the men sat next to him, something he usually doesn't allow, then it happened. >> i turn, the guy pointed a gun in my face. told me don't move. he shoot me. >> alex took off in the cab and blew through stop signs. he got out. the passenger took off. the two in the back yelling that they were locked in. unknowing passerby let them out. >> i was like where are you going, you were a witness. >> they took off. a camera at a deli shows people matching the descriptions walking away from the scene as
4:56 pm
officers were arriving. >> can't talk too much. >> still in a lot of pain but thankful he is alive. his boss wants the suspects off the street. >> these people have to be removed from the street. any citizen who saw them and in the camera please help to bring this guy some justice. >> reporter: alex and his family left. i checked in. they haven't made arrests. or more clearly identified suspects. of course if you have any information about this case you should call philadelphia police. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> "nbc 10 news" at 5 is next. >> the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking snow. >> flurries are picking up right in the middle of the evening rush. meteorologist sheena parveen is following the latest conditions for your area. >> that's right. we have one heavy area of snow basically moving through philadelphia right now so coming up we'll show you where it's
4:57 pm
heading and what you can expect for the rest of tonight. followed by really cold air this weekend. >> we have new information on the zika virus including the first confirmed case in our area. how concerns about the virus are changing people's travel plans. next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5, more snow
5:00 pm
hits our area in the middle of the evening rush. taking a live look at i-95 in wilmington and you can see the snow coming down. here is another live look at i-95 where drivers are facing more snowfall, this one picking up some during the evening commute. a live look at conditions in center city philadelphia. traffic out there as people are trying to make their way home. nbc 10 is keeping an eye on the roads for your drive. >> right to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen for an update on conditions in your neighborhood. >> we're seeing the snow falling at a good clip in the philadelphia area. we have rain mixed in farther south, but here's what the radar looks like. there you see the picture again. it's falling that this band moving through will be providing accumulation through the area, so you see the darker purple moving across 76, 95, 676, and this is that more moderate snow falling i showed you. doo


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