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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. and right now at 11:00, wet and windy conditions through our area. and that is why the first alert continues. heavy rain and gusty winds will be an issue for part of the day as we take a live look at center city, philadelphia. that flag is really whipping it up. and it was an icy start to the day with a tricky morning commute. take a look at this salt truck here treating slush in chester county earlier this morning. and there was certainly a lot of slipping and sliding earlier today. and temperatures are quickly rising. with the rain coming downright now, all the snow that fell yesterday will be melting. we're watching a flood threat at the shore and throughout much of the area as we take a live look
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now at cape may, new jersey. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn. >> yeah, vai. we've got a few very wet hours ahead. and then things are going to start improving as i-95 in south philly. and the roads wet and the camera is shaking it is so windy out there. we continue to see the first alert for heavy rain with localized flooding. it's not something that's going to be widespread, but we're going to have to keep our eye on the radar as we go through, again, the next several hours at least. as you can see the yellows and the reds indicating the heavier rain. everything is moving pretty much south-t south-to-north, but some of this will eventually be sliding in from maryland into delaware, especially this line is what we're going to be watching. again, some really heavy rain and gusty winds with that. could see wind gusts well over 40 miles an hour. there is rain in philadelphia
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area, but nothing like what we're going to be seeing over the next couple of hours. that's in the western suburbs, chester county, berks county, upper montgomery county getting some locally heavy rain already. and it's a steady rain. it will rain for a few hours straight. still on the lighter side in bucks county and mercer county in new jersey, but again, it will get heavier everywhere. but this is the back edge of it. and so it's not going to be raining all day. by later today it will be drying out. it's 59 degrees in philadelphia. 55 in allentown. you imagine we even had some ice this morning. and now we are closer to 60 degrees than anything else. now, as we go through the afternoon midday hours it is just going to be pouring rain across much of the area. but ending from west-to-east as early as 2:00 this afternoon.
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it is going to be tapering off and ending very quickly. and by the late afternoon rush we don't expect any rain in the area. so we're near 60 degrees, strong winds. but we dry out by 4:00, and we start to get colder by 7:00. so, again, big changes coming over a matter of hours. more on the timing and what to expect for the rest of the week with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. see you then. it was an icy start along 202 in tredfyn township. penndot truck struck a power line and it fell on the road and created backup this morning. skyforce 10 video showing just how far this backup stretched. the accident closed 202 in both directions between route 401 and route 252. there were no injuries reported. icy roads are blamed for an 11-vehicle pileup that closed a stretch of interstate 81 north of scranton.
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eight tractor-trailer trucks and three vehicles in all were involved. emergency crews treated three people for minor injuries. let's check on conditions right now with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing out there? >> vai, we did have a slushy start this morning and now we're having a wet commute. we don't have tons of problems in terms of added volume but we are starting to see accidents pop up. one in montgomery on county line road and lower state road, reports of emergency crews on the scene there to get help out of that vehicle. but you can see a string of red on either side of those roadways and that intersection. here's 422. we are seeing a little bit of a delay. it's getting a little bit better than it was earlier this morning, but we can also see that reduced visibility on our cameras here. these are the eastbound lanes headed towards the schuylkill expressway on 422. again, right around trooper road. average speeds in the 40s, so they are way down there. and that drive time is up there about three to four minutes a little longer than normal. now, a lot of our drive times
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around center city are back to norm normal. we had an accident clear around callowhill, completely back to normal and a 15-minute trip. we are seeing a slowdown approaching center city on the schuylkill. there is a disabled vehicle on center city southbound monument road and 42 freeway we are starting to see the rain but no big delays because of it, dp4n and make sure you have the free nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet. get news and weather alerts as they're issued and customize the forecast for your neighborhood. several hundred schools were closed or had delayed openings this morning. make sure you're signed up for the nbc 10 school closing alerts. we'll send you a text or e-mail as soon as your child's school makes a decision about a delayed opening or closing. and breaking news, fumes send four people to the hospital in camden including three firefighters. the fire department was called out to the verizon building on seventh street in camden around 8:30 this morning. three firefighters and a
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maintenance man are reported feeling dizzy and were taken to the hospital. the building was evacuated while the building was aired out. to more breaking news now, philadelphia firefighters are still on the scene of a house fire in the city's west kensington section. this is video just into our newsroom showing the scene on north water street. the fire started just after 8:00 this morning. no one was hurt. an early morning shooting in center city leaves a man in critical condition. police say two men were standing near 15th and locust streets around 1:00 this morning when another man walked up and shot one of them in the forearm. officers arrived and rushed the 38-year-old victim to the hospital. investigators say the suspect was last seen heading eastbound on manning streetcar carrying black semiautomatic handgun. philadelphia police investigating shots fired near temple university. nbc 10 on the scene near 11th street and cecil b. avenue. a window at the nearby view
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montgomery apartments was shattered around 1:30 this morning. no one was hurt. temple notified students of the situation. and new video this morning showing a gunman robbing a woman. the victim was shopping at a deli on rising sun avenue in olney on february 7th when the suspect came up behind her, put a gun to her chest and ordered her to drop her belongings. the suspect grabbed her handbag and keys and walked out of the store. he got in the victim's black honda accord and took off. if you happen to recognize this man, you're asked to call police. happening today, philadelphia -- or pennsylvania rather attorney general kathleen kane will hold a news conference in scranton to talk about the future of her office. kane is awaiting trial on criminal charges she leaked secret grand jury information and then lied about it. voters will choose a new attorney general in the fall. she has not filed to get her name on the ballot for re-election and today is the deadline to file. today, new jersey governor
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chris christie will deliver his budget address to state lawmakers. christie is expected to unveil his plans for funding the state's pension system and the transportation trust fund. the governor suspended his presidential campaign last week. and late last night christie tweeted a preview of his budget speech, which has a sort of look and sound of an action movie trailer. check it out. >> i will never stop coming into this chamber and telling the hard truths. the numbers do not lie. we will not leave it for another day, another year or another generation. >> governor christie's budget address is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon at the state house in trenton. and new this morning, pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed a bill allowing certain people to have their criminal records wiped away if they served their time and avoid trouble for several years. the legislation only applies to non-violent third and
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second-degree misdemeanors. supporters say the law will help people who have had trouble finding work because of the criminal history. and norovirus is to blame for hundreds of sick students at ursinus school. results were confirmed yesterday. at least 114 students got sick. college canceled classes and closed dining halls. classes resumed yesterday. norovirus is the most common cause of stomach inflammation. and today, philadelphia school reform commission will vote on a dozen applications for new charter schools. the commission will hear from each applicant and the public before making its decisions. this final step in the process follows a series of public hearings. if you'd like to speak at today's meeting, you must register ahead of time. we have the information on how to register on and on the nbc 10 app. the number of speakers however will be limited.
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and happening today, mast community charter school in northeast philadelphia will hold its annual lottery. more than 8,000 students have applied to fill 99 open spots. for kindergarten alone there are more than 1,300 applicants and there's just 75 seats available. one national company named mast charter the top charter school in the state. still ahead, supreme battle. the impact of supreme court justice scalia's death and how it's reshaping the race for president. and that mix of snow, ice and heavy rain didn't cause -- didn't just cause trouble for people this morning. how the system is affecting millions of people and how some people banded together to rescue a woman trapped in debris from powerful storms. we got some heavy ra rain falling today. is it going to move out in time for the afternoon rush? plus a look at a drastically different kind of weekend ahead.
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in decision 2016, news this morning donald trump and hillary clinton are maintaining their national leads, but vermont senator bernie sanders is closing the gap with mrs. clinton following his new hampshire primary vivictory, senator sanders now trails by ten points nationally. the race is now the closest it's ever been in seven weeks. on the republican side businessman donald trump holds a
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20 point lead nationally over texas senator ted cruz. florida senator marco rubio has fallen three points to 14%. and dr. ben carson is in fourth place with 8%. donald trump ramped up his attacks on gop rival ted cruz calling him unstable and a liar. >> i will tell you, i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never ever seen anything like it. >> trump also threatened to file a lawsuit against cruz over his eligibility to run for the presidency. cruz was born in canada to an american mother. cruz meanwhile held a campaign event this morning on the u.s.s. yorktown. the retired world war ii battleship is docked in mt. pleasant, south carolina. crews gave a speech about the military and was joined by texas governor rick perry who was the first republican candidate to drop out of the 2016 race. >> where if you're not willing
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to use the force, then it's dangerous as well. >> this is a live look right now at columbia, south carolina, where jeb bush is participanting in a town hall with employees at a manufacturing plant. bush came in sixth in the most recent national poll of republican voters. jeb bush is also getting some campaign help from his big brother. former president george w. bush appeared at his first rally for his brother yesterday in charleston, south carolina. former president said he's proud of jeb and urged voters to support a candidate who will be measured and thoughtful on the world stage. bush's one-time political protege marco rubio held a town hall event in beaufort, south carolina. the florida senator told voters about his plans to help teenagers attend trade schools. and ohio governor john kasich continues to focus his campaign on the rust belt. this is a live look right now at a town hall he's holding underway in dl hlivonia, michig.
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on the democratic side former secretary of state hillary clinton held a meeting with african-american leaders in new york city. the reverend al sharpton was among those joining clinton at the national urban league. she thanked the leaders for the advice that they'd given to her campaign. clinton's rival, bernie sanders, took part in a prayer breakfast with faith leaders at historically black allen university in columbia, south carolina. the minority vote could be a key factor in deciding the winner of the south carolina primary. and happening now, pope francis is continuing his visit to mexico. he's holding a mass at a stadium in a violent region in the center of the country, as we take a live look right now. later today he will meet the young people at another stadium. severe weather caused damage in south florida. the national weather service in miami's investigating a possible tornado touchdown in that area. stormy conditions partially sunk
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two boats in fot. lauderdale ths morning. rescuers took one person away to the hospital and helped get several people out of the water. now nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. it's pretty rare to have tornadoes in the miami area, that's for sure. we've got our own issues with weather today. we've got heavy rain already falling in parts of the area and about to fall in other parts. localized flooding, yeah, that's likely to happen. but we don't expect it to be widespread like everybody getting flooding out of this. it is wet already. it is windy. and it is warm. it is 59 degrees in philadelphia now. 36 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. the wind is 25, gusting to 40 miles an hour right now. and as you can see the biggest
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threat today is going to be the flooding. and much lower threats of lightning or any kind of damaging winds or hail or tornadoes or anything like that. it's mostly the rain that we're watching. the current temperatures pretty amazing considering yesterday 59 degrees in philadelphia. 50s everywhere except for 47 in lancaster and 48 degrees in mt. pocono. so it's raining up there. it's going to continue to rain up there. they're going to continue to see some of that snow they got just melt away. the wind is coming right off the ocean, a southeast wind gusting to 40 in philadelphia, 39 in trenton. 36 in wilmington. now, it's not going to stay this windy all day. once the wind shifts a little bit later today, it will start dying down. but first we've got some really heavy rain getting ready to come into the area. there's a line of some heavy rain. we don't see the reports of lightning or thunder yet.
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and here's northern delaware. light to moderate rain now, but obviously heavy rain about to come within the next hour. in philadelphia we're socked in with the rain. again, not nearly as heavy as it's going to be in the next couple of hours. look at this line. it's going to come right through all of delaware into south jersey. but the back edge of this thing is moving pretty quickly. this is going to end quickly, abruptly this afternoon. and by the late afternoon rush no rain, getting cooler. watch what happens here. 1:00 60 degrees. and heavy rain all the way up and down through eastern pennsylvania. already tapering off in delaware. and by 3:00 it's pretty much gone. the temperatures down, down to 50. 40s north and west. and so we have quite a change going on here as we go through
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the rest of the day. then tonight it's cooling down, but we only barely get below freezing in some areas later on tonight. so we're not expecting any widespread icing. there could be a little bit especially north and west toward tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon we're warming up only into the 40s. so it's going to be considerably cooler tomorrow than it is today. but then you'd expect that after 60 degrees. well, there's the wind southeast gusting to 40 miles an hour. some heavy rain and wind. then drying and cooler late in the day. it is going to be a drastically different afternoon rush than what we're seeing right now. tomorrow, temperatures are down a bit but that's closer to average. thursday is the coolest day of the week, possibly a late shower on friday. and then look at what happens for the weekend. how about that? little different than this past weekend when we had windchills below zero.
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>> all right, thank you, glenn. his days of throwing punches inside a boxing ring may soon be coming to an end, but manny pacquiao is throwing some other punches but causing quite a controversy. the filipino boxer turned politician comments on same-sex relationships coming up. and a night to shine and pay tribute. the winners from last night's grammy awards plus a singer that took a shot at kanye west on stage. and why adele's much-anticipated performance hit a sour note. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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february is black history month. and this thursday there will be a special event at the african-american museum in philadelphia. the event is a volunteer effort to unlock the history of freed slaves in america and help families along the way learn more about their roots. joining me this morning a senior leader of the church of jesus christ for latter day saints for the philadelphia region. and he's along with two men both from connections academy cyber school. appreciate you being here. thank you for coming this morning. tell us about this project and partnership with family search. >> sure. the bureau started in 1865 by government agency to help the freed african-americans following the civil war with school, with education,
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hospitals, with food and clothing distribution and legal documents and labor contracts. and as a partnership with the national archives the smithsonian and the african-american historical and general logical society. >> that's a mouthful. you're both part of a youth group that accepted the challenge to index some of these records. tell us how this started. you were just telling me you've committed to ten hours. >> yes. >> of indexing names. tell us about the process and what you've learned. >> well, to start off, we go in there and we just pull up documents. and it's not really easy to read all the time. but, you know, we put in the time and effort to do it because we like -- myself i like going to the family history and looking at my family roots. i know others would like to do the same. we go and look at documents and
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find names and birth dates, index it, put it online for people to read. >> antwon, do you find this fulfilling for you? >> i actually like doing it, yes. it is fulfilling. like he said, it is not easy at all because some of the stuff we're doing it's like -- it looks like they just overlapped it with more and more stuff. you can actually see like some documents underneath of what they've wrote. like we stated already, it's not easy. but, you know, we put our time and our effort into doing it. and i find it like satisfying. >> what a tremendous thing for a couple young people like you guys to do. and obviously it helps not just your own family perhaps but other families who are looking for this kind of information, very valuable. thank you very much. the freed man's bureau project event is happening this thursday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the african-american museum in philadelphia. the event is free.
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it's open to the public, but you need to register ahead of time. and you do that on our website. we've provided a link there for you at or the nbc 10 news app. thank you very much. good work for you guys. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. warm, wet and windy. and there are flooding concerns at the shore as all the snow that fell yesterday is beginning to melt. here's a live look now at cape may, new jersey. glenn is tracking heavy rain and the threat for flooding and the big changes ahead. and clue to the crime. a guy breaks into a house and holds a man at gunpoint, but it's what he left behind that we hope should have authorities tracking him down in no time.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. we are dealing with heavy
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rain and gusty winds after an icy start to the day. as we take a live look right now at market street in center city, philadelphia. and it was an icy start this morning in northeast philadelphia. slippery streets were difficult to walk on as you see this woman here trying to get to her car. nbc 10 cameras catching this woman successfully got to her car. in wyncote commuters needed extroo time to get where they were going. they had to clear some snow and ice off their windshield. roads are wet right now, so be sure to take it a lit m slow. here's a live look right now at conditions along i-95 at girard point bridge in south philly. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn. >> yeah, vai, we've got rain across the entire area. and that includes the poconos. this is camelback. they had some snow yesterday then some ice and a lot of rain and warmer weather.
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so not exactly great news for ski lovers. we've got heavy rain across the area causing some localized flooding. so the first alert continues through the afternoon, but not widespread flooding. we're not expecting every area to get flooded. it will be more of a localized thing. but one of the areas that we're watching is in the eastern maryland now just about to go into delaware. it's a line of very heavy rain. and could even be a little rumble of thunder in here. but it's not going to last for a long time. everything is moving today. and so you're going to get downpours, but it's not going to last for hour after hour. generally lighter rain in the philadelphia area right now, but we've got a little burst of heavier rain coming right up through salem and gloucester counties right now. we have some pretty heavy rain coming through chester county. coatesville right now into west
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chester and about to pottstown, berks county also about to get into heavier rain near reading. in the lehigh valley, little heavier coming into allentown. still nothing like what it's going to be like. and bucks county the rain is getting a bit heavier. it's a steady rain once it starts, but it also has a back edge to this system. so it is not going to last all day. your temperatures right now close to 60 degrees in philadelphia and northeast philly and trenton and in mount holly. but conditions are really going to be changing through the afternoon. we'll get into that hour by hour with the seven-day in a few minutes. thank you, glenn. those weather conditions are causing problems for drivers all throughout the area. a car went off snuff mill road in new castle county. firefighters had to jump into the frozen creek and save a woman trapped inside this car. she's now recovering at chr
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christianne hospital. tornadoed spawned to the south and dumped heavy snow to the north. mike seidel is in buffalo covering the blizzard conditions there. >> reporter: across western new york the snow really piled up on tuesday morning. here in buffalo how about six inches in five hours. not far from here just to the east in rochester they picked up seven inches in four hours, three hours in a row, two inches per hour, that's a pretty hefty rate. we're not talking lake effect. here in buffalo it's catchup time. they've only had three feet of snow coming into this storm versus an average of 60. so they're 50% of average up until now. downtown streets are snow packed and snow covered, but these are the professionals here in western new york. they're plowing and blowing and shoveling as the snow adds up where temperatures in the upper 20s. other issues, freezing rain. all the way from syracuse, new york believe it or not, not far to our east. enough warm air aloft you get the ice and not the snow. all the way down through central pennsylvania, state college, harrisburg and d.c. this morning
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after snow yesterday early this morning had a lot of issues with freezing rain and accidents. at reagan national the temperature went from 32 to 50, 18 degrees, in two hours. the snow's going to wrap up here and wind down later on this afternoon. and then temperatures for a lot of us east of the rockies are on the way up for the rest of the week and the weekend. i'm weather channel meteorologist mike seidal in downtown buffalo for nbc news. yesterday's storm impacted the gulf coast of florida all the way up to maine. tornadoes touched down in the panhandle. at least ten homes were destroyed. first responders and volunteers rescued this unconscious woman from a home hit by a tornado in florida. workers had to dig around her using tools and their bare hands. there's no word on her condition right now. thousands of people in the pensacola area are still without power this morning. and track the heavy rain with the nbc 10 app.
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it will tell you what to expect hour by hour with live radar and customized forecasts for your neighborhood. and checking out our nbc 10 headlines this morning. getting a quick check of the morning headlines, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will hold a news conference in scranton today to talk about the future of her office. today is the deadline to file for re-election. kane is awaiting trial on criminal charges that she leaked secret grand jury information and then lied about it. new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his budget address to state lawmakers. christie is expected to unveil his plans for funding the state's pension system and the transportation trust fund. the governor suspended his presidential campaign last week. and mast community charter school in northeast philadelphia applied to fill just 99 spots that are open. one national company named mast charter the top school -- the top charter school in the state.
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to decision 2016, the battle to replace antonin scalia is reshaping the race for the white house. the republican presidential candidates are taking a hard line against confirming anyone president obama nominates, no matter how moderate. but the democrats are standing behind the rights of the president. nbc's andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: it is the one issue on which all the republican candidates agree, no one nominated by barack obama should be considered for the supreme court. >> the balance of the constitution is at stake. >> republicans should not allow it to happen. >> we are one justice away from a radical five-justice left wing majority. >> reporter: for ted cruz it's personal. he clerked for the high court, has argued before it and knew scalia well. within hours of the justice's death the battle lines were drawn. republican senate leaders saying they won't confirm any obama nominee to the high court. democrats firing back. >> it's unprecedented, it's pure
11:38 am
politics and the supreme court of all places should not be tied up in politics. >> reporter: the president in california hosting an asean summit signaling through aides he's not backing down. >> those responsibilities in the constitution are ironclad. there are no caveats. the constitution does not include exemptions for election years or for the president's last term in office. >> reporter: and hillary clinton weighing in, unleashing a flurry of tweets overnight aimed at gop senators. hillary tweeting, fill this vacancy, potus will do his job, do yours. the scalia succession fight now also a campaign issue for the democrats. >> last time i looked the constitution did not have a parenthes parentheses. the president nominates parentheses except in election year, that's not the way our system works. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. and now if the republicans refuse to even consider moderate choices, the president could decide to fire up his own democratic base nominating a
11:39 am
minority candidate or perhaps another woman. that would be a deliberate contrast to the majority of the republican opposition in the senate. and happening now, we are continuing to follow pope francis on his journey through mexico. here's another live look at a stadium mass in a violent region in the center of the country. later today pope francis will meet with young people at another stadium. an emotional night for a band at the center of the november terrorist attacks in paris. the eagles of death metal will play in paris tonight for the first time since that mass shooting. gunfire erupted at the bataclan theater during their last show. 89 people were killed that day. armed police are expected to be outside tonight's event hours before the band takes the stage. the bataclan theater in paris was one of several places attacked by islamic extremists on november 13th. that attack left 130 people dead. outside the venue today .
11:40 am
given free tickets to tonight's gig. top u.s. official signed a pack in havana this morning restoring scheduled airline service between the u.s. and cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. u.s. airlines will have to apply for permission to fly specific routes before they can start selling flights to the island. the arrangement allows only 20 round-trip flights a day between the u.s. and havana. and boxing star manny pacquiao apologized this morning for his comments about same-sex couples. in a tv interview, manny pacquiao said same-sex couples were, quote, worse than animals. on his facebook page today, pacquiao said he remained against gay marriage but was, quote, not condemning the lgbt community. he added, god bless you all. and i'm praying for you. pacquiao is also a member of the house of representatives in his
11:41 am
native philippines. a forgetful thief left behind a very obvious clue after a california home break-in. police say the robber forgot his cell phone. the sacramento homeowner found the device charging in his kitchen. officers say the phone is full of selfies which should help them track down the criminal. right now the suspect is still on the loose. heavy rain and gusty winds today, but big changes are coming. i'll let you know what you can expect for your afternoon commute and beyond just ahead.
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one very familiar face walked away a winner at last night's grammy awards, but there were also a lot of surprises and some new faces in the crowd. nbc's mark barger has a wrapup. >> reporter: taylor swift got the grammys started monday night. >> taylor swift. >> reporter: and then added to her collection. three awards, including album of the year for 1989. >> i want to thank the fans for the last ten years. >> reporter: fans of rapper kendrick lamar got to celebrate. his show stopping performance and five grammys including best rap album for "to pimp a butterfly". >> this is for snoop dogg, we will live forever, believe that. >> reporter: honors for record of the year went to mark ronson and bruno mars.
11:45 am
>> we wouldn't be up here if it wasn't for the people dancing to this song. thank you guys so much. >> reporter: tonight's first-time grammy winners included ed sheeran, song of the year for "thinking out loud" and meghan trainor. justin bieber also won his first grammy. chris stapleton took best country album. and alabama shakes won best rock performance. ♪ >> reporter: audio issues marred a performance by adele, but not tributes to lost lessons, including b.b. king. eagles singer glenn fry and david bowie. lady gaga's tribute medley to the singer among the highlights on music's biggest night. mark barger, nbc 10 news. are you up for a brief run this weekend? well, when we say brief that's
11:46 am
actually what we mean. hundreds of people are expected to wear the bare essentials for a great fundraiser this weekend. race director for the cupid's undy run. this is a really unique sort of event, isn't it? tell us about it. >> it is. so philadelphia cupid run is a one-mile funnish run and it's in your underwear and it's for charity. it benefits the children tumor foundation. >> tell us a little about this situation and what it goes for because this is kind of a personal issue for you. >> it is. that's right. so the undie run supports the leading organization dedicated to ending a neurological disorder called nf. my son owen 11 diagnosed with it at the age of 2. as a result he had to be monitored very closely by mri for tumor growth. and unfortunately coming on three years ago now his mri
11:47 am
revealed a brain tumor. so he had no choice but to endure a 14-month regimen of chemotherapy for the tumor. and he's doing well today. he's stable. but that can change in a heartbeat as is the nature of this disease. so that's why it's important that we have events like cupid's undie run for not only to raise awareness for the disorder but also raise money for research in hopes to find better treatments. >> well, we're so grateful to hear about as you are but owen's circumstances how he's doing. this is the fourth year in philadelphia. >> fourth year in philadelphia. >> there's like 36 cities across the country. this undie run has caught on. it's raised like $8 million so far. >> it has. this year alone off this past weekend there are already over $3 million. so we're on track to raise somewhere between $4 million and $5 million this weekend. >> that's pretty amazing. on top of that i'm sure you've been watching closely glenn's forecast. >> it's looking balmy this weekend. this might be our warmest run yet. >> it's going to be great. well, thank you very much. >> thanks for coming.
11:48 am
if you come, vai, i don't know if you're a boxers or brief kind of guy, but i went with boxer briefs. >> these look a little small. might just put that away. cupid's undie run is this saturday february 20th fun starts at noon at xfinity live in south philadelphia. we have more information on our website at and on the nbc 10 app. >> take them. they're stretchy, they're nice. >> and they're brand new? >> yes. they're brand new. >> thank you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and, yes, the weather saturday is looking excellent. but the only rain we expect after today is some showers on friday night. we do have some heavy rain coming in during the next couple of hours, already happening in some places with some localized flooding. it's not going to be widespread. we're not expecting every place
11:49 am
to get flooded. it's not one of those deals. we're getting lower visibility with the rain, of course nothing like yesterday. it's 59 degrees the wind. south-southeast at 26 gusting to 41 miles an hour right now. and it's way up into the 50s north and west. we had some earlier trenton, mt. holly, 52 in dover, 53 in atlantic city. now, the temperatures will be dropping later today. biggest risk of any kind of severe weather today is in the flood threat. again, that would be more of an isolated thing. we do have some thunderstorms in the area. we've had at least one or two reports of some thunder, but it's not again expected to be severe. we have some gusty winds but this is about it for as high as
11:50 am
it's going to be. 35 to 40 miles an hour, pretty widespread across the area. 39-mile-an-hour gust at -- in the poconos right now. 41 in philadelphia. it was also 30 to 40 degrees yesterday. just pretty incredible. here's that line of very heavy about. into new castle county. it's right in the western it is almost on top of dover right now. it's going through seaford and southern delaware right now, it will be going through milford within the next hour. and we'll continue to move to the east. rain's getting a little heavier in the philadelphia area as you can see. and some of the northern suburbs. of course the pennsylvania turnpike and norristown. and we're getting some patches
11:51 am
of moderate to heavy rain farther to the north in lehigh valley and poconos. but we're also seeing the back edge of this racing eastward. this is going to end very abruptly this afternoon. once the rain is over, that's it for the rest of the day. but watch the temperatures go down. by 3:00 rain is gone, temperatures are back down into the 40s. not exactly frigid for this time of the year. and we may actually see a little sunshine toward the end of the day, maybe a real nice sunset. and then temperatures drop into the 30s. but it's not going to be that cold tonight. we're not expecting any widespread icing during the night tonight. just some patchy areas north and west. some heavy rain for the next two or three hours in much of the area. very windy. and then dry, cooler late today. the gusts up to 40 miles an hour over the next couple of hours. things quiet down tomorrow closer to average temperatures. then a chilly day on thursday.
11:52 am
chance of some late showers on friday as a front moves through, but it's a warm front. not a cold front. look how warm it is over the weekend. it's looking dry. and what a change from this past weekend. and we'll be right back. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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tens of thousands of people win the lottery, we're not talking about the powerball or megamillions, but a coveted spot in the upcoming blue cross broad street run. news came in the form of an e-mail yesterday the broad street run is the largest race of its kind in the country. about 40,000 people will run. and because there's so much interest, organizers have to use a lottery system. so if you want to run but didn't get a winning e-mail, there's a list of charities that have bids waiting. you'll find the list on the nbc 10 app or at and we are a proud sponsor of the blue cross broad street run. you can watch the race live on nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on sunday may 1st. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new ellen with mma superstar and sports illustrated win e swim suit model ronda rousey. and the home has a dark past, now philadelphia's considering making it a historical landmark.
11:56 am
who lived there and died here that could make it a controversial move. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with another look at the weather. >> not looking so nice out there. but at least it's a lot warmer than yesterday. >> yeah. >> it is close to 40 degrees warmer in some parts of the area. and look at this line of very heavy rain moving through chester county now just about to move into new castle county. it's already in kent county, delaware, right on top of dover. just past seaford about to get onto milford. and that's some briefly heavy rain that is going to be moving in. once that passes through it's only going to be a couple hours. so by later today it will be a dry afternoon rush. and then cooler tomorrow, colder on thursday and then we really warm up over the weekend. so we had windchills below zero this past weekend. >> yeah. >> and temperatures in the 50s
11:57 am
this weekend. >> 60 degrees that's just amazing. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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. >> jj: hey, thanks for meeting me. >> gabi: hey, um, i... i thought you had work today. >> jj: yeah, i'm going in in a few minutes. >> gabi: so... >> jj: so i just wanted to buy you...just a cup of coffee. >> gabi: a coffee? >> jj: yeah, and--and do this. >> chad: as soon as the sale is finalized, i want all the locks changed and a new security system installed asap. >> harold: yes, sir. uh, thank you, sir, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me stay. >> chad: hi. >> abigail: hi. >> chad: and, um, i'm sure you won't forget, but you work for us now, right? not my father or andre. >> harold: yes, sir. [somber music]


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