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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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doylestown and wrightstown. millville is now down to 30 degrees. if it hasn't completely dried out, watch out for icyç spots this morning. most of the area, though, the streets are dry, including center city. 35 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00 this morning, sunshine and near 40 degrees and it will go warmer as we go into the afternoon. the winds will also pick up a bit. a chilly breeze at 42 degrees at 1:00 today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in with jessica boyington to find out how your first alert traffic is moving. >> we're not moving much. we had an earlier scheduled opening on the tacony palmyra for 5:05. starting to get back in business there. the betsy ross is the alternate. we have a scheduled opening for the burlington bristol. that's schedule for 6:10 this morning. here's 95 around woodhaven road. you can see no problems in either direction. we have a great drive time here.
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hasn't budged yet. speeds still in the 60s there. we'll head on over into new jersey where we have an accident scene in mount laurel township near the james fin core cooper service air -- area. the alternate is 295. i'll be back in ten. we're following breaking news out of the lehigh valley. one person is in custody this morning after allegedly shooting a police officer. this was along godfrey street. that's where investigators say the suspect was involved in a standoff with police. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us outside lehigh valley hospital this morning. that's where the officer and the suspect are recovering. katy, do we have an idea of either of these men? >> hi, vai. we're efforting new information every half hour. i reached out to top brass at allentown police department trying to find out the name of the injured officer. they have not released his name
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yet. he's being treated here, as is the suspect in this shooting. we don't know the suspect's name either. both men are here being treated for gunshot wounds. allentown police around 10:00 last night were serving a search warrant at this apartment complex. they had zeroed in, they tell us, on aç unit there along nor godfrey street. when someone inside the unit started shooting at them. one of the officers was hit in the arm. the shooter from inside that apartment complex was also hit by return fire from police. now, what followed was a tense standoff between police and the suspect. here's the allentown police chief on the subject. >> at the time of the incident there was an exchange of gunfire. the individual inside did receive wounds from the exchange of gunfire. after a brief standoff, we were able to secure him inside the apartment and transport him for treatment as well. >> the chief goes on to tell us that his officers were following
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leads from a homicide send night here in allentown where a woman's body was found stuffed in a recycling bin on east tillmtil tilghman street which is not far from last night's shooting scene. autopsy results released yesterday indicate she was shot multiple times to death. she has not been identified. at this time, her killer has not been found. police with the criminal investigations division were following up on leads related to sunday's homicide when this shooting took place. we'll have another live update in 25 minutes. reporting live in allentown, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 5:33. right now a ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court goes in favor of charter schools in philadelphia. the court's decision limits the power of the school reform commission and authority over charter schools. drew smith is live outside the philadelphia school district to explain the impact of the ruling. drew? >> reporter: tracy, good morning. this all began as a fight over
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enrollment in those charter schools. since the charter schools won in this case, it may mean more kids in those charter schools. this could have wider impact, including contracts and school closings. three more charter schools were approved for the city. thousands of parents tried to win a lottery for less than 100 spots in one charter school. the federation of teachers was c not happy about this ruling. they worry about the financial state of the city of if illy public schools. supporters of charters say there's a reason there's such a high demand for them. >> so many great things going on in the classroom. and with excellent teachers. i couldn't imagine them being anywhere else. >> and get this, there were only 99 spots open in that one charter school. 8,000 parents showed up to try to get their kids name in that lottery.
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but because of this ruling in the future, there may be more students open to that because the school district no longer can cap the enrollment on charter schools. live at the school district headquarters in spring garden with be drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew, thank you. meanwhile, some berks county elected officials fear the iconic pagoda atop mt. penn could be in jeopardy. reading city officials are checking out reports that a retaining wall at the base is deteriorating. it was repaired several years ago but some say stones have since fallen out. they say the building is secure and anchored by ten tons of bolts. a pizza place is in shambles after someone smashed through the front of the building. the 88-year-old driver thought he put the van in reverse but it was still in drive. and this is the damage to mama
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muchio's pizzeria. >> everybody thought i was hurt because i was in the dining room. usually i come back to the register. they were looking for me. when i found out i was in the dining room, we called each other's names, the employee i had helping me out. everybody was okay. >> the driver is also okay. that pizza place just opened this week. police in north jersey have busted a couple who they say tricked shoppers into donating for a phony cause. police in wayne, passaic county say the couple collected cash donations at the stop & shop store there.ç they claimed the money was for adopt-a-soldier platoon, which is a real charity. shoppers are upset. >> people are good hearted and they want to give something to help people. that's just a shame. >> police learned that that was
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fake when the president of the real charity reported that the collections were not authorized. now, police are checking to see if the couple did the same thing in other towns nearby. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:37. we are dry this morning. nice, clear view looking across the delaware. no sign of the fog that we saw in parts of the area yesterday. very warm temperatures we started with yesterday, too, 38 degrees. that's a little bit cooler than yesterday in northeast philadelphia. but there are some colder spots, especially in new jersey. look at toms river, now down to 30 degrees. 35 in wilmington and gloucester county, harrison township has just dropped down to 31 degrees. it's just one degree above freezing in washington township. so if it hasn't dried out overnight, you might see a little bit of ice out there. most of the area is dry. we had hours of drying with those winds blowing in the afternoon. though there are clouds around, you can see breaks in the
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clouds. we will get sunshine today and the temperatures will turn around as we go into the afternoon. upper 30s for allentown, reading an quakertown. we'll see the wind kick in and that's going to keep doylestown in the 30s this afternoon. wouldn't be as strong as yesterday. winds up to 15 miles an hour. also for trenton and mt. holly. lots of sunshine for the shore, atlantic city, cape may, rehoboth, all well into the 40s this afternoon. we'll start off with clouds in philadelphia and swedesboro and west chester but more and more sunshine this afternoon to warm the temperatures up today. but i'm talking warmer weather for the weekend. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. all right, bill. about 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. time to get another check of traffic and the vine street expressway. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic sp[eporter jessica boyington ha that. >> where is that? >> we're on the vine street expressway. you were really right, around 24th street. we have no problems there in or out of center city as you can
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see, westbound right in here. if you're headed towards the schuylkill expressway, this is typically where you see the delay first when you head towards the schuylkill westbound. that always backs up first. 30th street station, right now, eastbound on 95, you'll be okay there as well. we head out the door into haddon township, new jersey, there's a utility pole down, from an earlier accident on the black horse pike around nicholson road. the two right-hand lanes are closed. traffic still moving through the airy. not a lot of delays behind that, especially because it's early for a lot of cars to be out on the black horse pike in that area right now. the falls bridge is closed for rehabilitation work until april. something you want to plan into your morning commute. right now, the city avenue bridge is your alternate there. speaking for bridges, we had a scheduled opening earlier for the tacony palmyra. we're all clear there. no problems. it's back down and the betsy ross was your alternate. clear there. the burlington bristol, a scheduled opening for 6:10.
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in the next half hour or so, you may see delays there. here's the schuylkill expressway, no problems in either direction. we're at 13 minutes eastbound into center city, average speeds still up there. if you're going to the blue route to the vine street expressway, still going to take you the same time it normally does. >> 35 degrees through the delaware valley, 5:40. a simple tweet from jeb bush is causing controversy. we'll show you the image bush tweeted out with a one-word caption. plus, paying respects. find out about the plans for the public to honor the life of supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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5:43. happening today, caitlyn jenner is scheduled to speak at the university of pennsylvania. jenner will join penn alum buzz basinger at the sold out event. student organizers say they try to bring in speakers who promote discussions on topical issues. the public will get the chance to pay final respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia's body will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday, current and retired justices will line the steps of the high court while scalia's casket is carried into the great hall. the funeral mass will be held
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saturday in washington. scalia died over the weekend at the age of 79. governor chris christie is promising no new taxes in his proposed budget. he proposed a $34.8 billion budget and invited the democrat-led legislature to work with him on the state's biggest issues. one south jersey man says he wants christie to right what's wrong with the state's benefits and pension system. >> i feel for these people. after you work 20 or 30 years you want your money that was promised, you know? >> the governor did leave open the possibility of raising the gas tax to fund the state transportation trust funned in exchange for cutting other taxes. the democrats said they wanted to set the record straight. assembly speaker vincent preito said when you talk about accomplishments, sometimes you forget talking about some of the other things. i did hear a lot of the things about poverty and helping people but he neglected also to say that under his watch, we have the most children in poverty, over 800,000.
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protesters with mops in tow clean up the steps of the statehouse. the mops are a reference to a comment christie made on the campaign trail in new hampshire last month. a woman asked him why he was speaking at a town hall rather than helping floodç victims at the shore. christie suspended his presidential campaign last week. decision 2016. the democratic race for president is focusing on minority voters. >> both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are trying to pick that up support. clinton met with the reverend al sharpton and other african-american leaders in new york city yesterday. at the same time, sanders was huddling with the black clergy in south carolina. both candidates offered messages of empowerment. >> any view of black america that focuses exclusively on crime, poverty or other challenges is missing so much. >> as a nation, we should be
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investing in jobs and education, not jails, not incarceration. >> polls show san doctors and clinton even, headed into this weekend's nevada caucuses. clinton with a sizable lead in south carolina. the republicans running for president will participate in several town halls in south carolina. the gop primary there is saturday. msnbc will host two of the town halls, john kasich tonight at 7:00 and donald trump tonight at 8:00. and the latest polls in south carolina show jeb bush bunched tightly with other candidates vying for second place in the primary. state republican poll shows donald trump with about 33% among likely voters. florida senator marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz are tied with 14%. jeb bush is right on their heels with 13%. gun rights activists are hailing the latest tweet from republican candidate jeb bush. gun control advocates are blasting it. bush posted on social media came a day after his brother, former
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president george w. bush campaigned with him. take a look. jeb bush tweeted a picture of a handgun engraved with his name with a one-word caption, america. analysts agree that the former florida governor needs to beat his establishment rivals in south carolina to keep his campaign going. >> south carolina, is it jeb bush's last stand in this race? >> no. o, it isn't. the obituaries have been written about me for a week. we're in it for the long haul. >>ç when does jeb bush when a state. >> i can tell you that. >> analysts say jeb bush is now gaining traction against gop front-runner donald trump who has taken particular aim at bush in debates and on the campaign trail. >> meanwhile, pope francis heads to juarez, mexico for a public mass. that's just a stone's throw away from el paso, texas. the pope will hold a prayer service with migrants at a bridge that separates mexico from el paso. he's expected to highlight both the needs of workers and
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immigrants. preparations are under way at the sun bowl to watch the pope's mass. he then heads back to rome. meanwhile, personal letters between pope john paul ii an a married polish american woman are raising questions about their relationship. the letters are part of a bbc documentary. they reveal an intense and personal relationship that lasted more than three decades. the two spent time together in vermont and went on ski trips in poland. there's no evidence, though, that the pope ever violated his vow of celibacy. stranded travelers find unexpected entertainment at the washington airport. >> an orchestra performed for them. take a listen. ♪ they're standing around, look, we have these instruments. the high school orchestra was supposed to fly back to utah monday. snow and ice canceled their flight. the students decided to do what they do best, they played a concert.ó?g3 >> that was the weirdest place i
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ever played. >> we had an instinct the to play music. then it turned out to be a join the concert in the middle of the airport. >> i bet you those people appreciated that. the stranded travelers said the music helped calm their nerves. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 6:00. getting a cooler start this morning. the temperatures are falling but that's it. skies have clouds but no sign of rain or snow for our area. not today. 35 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze, out of the west/southwest at 6 miles an hour. it will be shifting coóing out of the northwest during the day today. that will bring in drier air that will help keep our temperatures down. below freezing in the pocono mountains. that's the view from camel back. saw rain in the mountains yesterday. there's colder snow making weather ahead. there it is, 29 degrees for mt. pocono. most of the rest of the area is above freezing. the areas that have clouds,
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philadelphia, pottstown and allentown. we're seeing breaks in the clouds. that's why we're getting the cooldown. millville is just below freezing at 30 degrees. cape may, wildwood, 32 degrees. a few showers off to the northeast and off to the northwest. these light snow showers moving through the great lakes will move into northwestern pennsylvania but will not find the immediate tri-state area. clouds breaking for sunshine, which means the temperatures will be climbing some. clearing skies, breezy this afternoon, though nowhere near as windy as yesterday. temperatures in the lower to middle 40s. less wind, clear skies and we'll see a colder start tomorrow morning. 26 degrees to start with. and a chillier day. the sunshine will be bright. high of 38 thursday. the big warmup, we're saving that for the weekend. near 60 degrees on saturday. and then another nice day for
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sunday. partly sunny, 57 and nice and mild on monday. the next chance of showers will come tuesday with a high of 47. >> look at that weekend. very nice. thanks, bill. nine minutes before 6:00. let's check your ride to work. yesterday arrange this time is the time 202 became a disaster. >> let's see what it looks like right now, jessica boyington. >> it's looking great. if you were one of people that got stuck on 202 yesterday for several hours you'll be happy about this. 202 good for the most part. this is around chester pike, no problems in either direction. it's hard to even see sometimes. there's not a lot of cars in the area. the cars are moving along just fine. drive times are down there, actually. out in montgomery county, watch out forç an accident scene in w hanover, big road and ludwig road. these lanes right in here, this is headed northbound. that's what's going to take you to 295 or if you have to get to
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philadelphia, no backups there yet into the city or approaching the area breaths. out in mt. laurel, on the new jersey turnpike there's an accident to watch out for, blocking the ramp near james fenmore cooper service area. no big delays on the turnpike because of this. if you want an alternate, take 295. more updates in the 6:00 hour. next on nbc 10, fantasy comes to life for phillies fans. we'll show you exclusive highlights from the camp hosted by phils legend michael jack schmidt.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching the blue route right now, right around ridge pike in conshohocken. no problems. all traffic moving along nicely. we do have problems with the area bridges. i'll explain all about them, what they are and where it's happening when i come back in the 6:00 hour. now from our jersey shore bureau, a multimillion dollar deal ensures the miss america pageant will stay in atlantic city for three more years. the state's casino reinvestment
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and redevelopment agency approved the deal worth close to $12 million which is 4 million more than the previous deal. and the agency will be footing the bill. the pageant began in atlantic it was moved to las vegas for six years before returning to ac in 2013. today's the day phillies pitchers and catchers report to spring training. one of the guests will be hall of famer mike schmidt. nbc 10 had exclusive access when schmidt shared batting tips with fans who were attending the phillies fantasy camp. >> i came up in an era, at a time when we were taught as hitters to hit the fastball and hit it out front of home plate. back then, most pitchers had two pitches. very few pitchers threw 90 plus miles an hour. it's a whole different ball game for the young men playing baseball right now. >> just love looking at those faces watching mike schmidt. he told us the phillies would be
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on their way to success if they finish with a .500 record or above this year. nbc 10 is your home for the phillies home opener. we have you covered on monday, april 11th with the welcome home phillies special. first pitch at 3:00 p.m., right here on nbc 10. happening today, fans have only a few days to see the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus elephants perform in philadelphia. the elephants will entertain at crowd at the wells fargo center tonight through sunday night. after that, they will retire to the ringling conservation center for elephants in florida. they say they are ending the act for economic reasons. neighbors call police after feeling their homes shake yesterday morning. we'll tell you what an investigation revealed about what caused the tremors. >> the vatican is responding to
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donald trump, the message it has for the republican candidate after he criticized the pope's trip to mexico. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it.
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black silk, from folgers. nbc 10 breaking news. this breaking news this morning, an officer shot while serving a warrant and it's connected to a murder investigation. a pennsylvania supreme court ruling could impact philadelphia charter schools. what it means for parents, students and teachers. plus, a burglary at bloomingdales. we'll tell you whatç nine men ski masks took from the upscale department store in center city. 6:00 a.m., 35 degrees at philly international. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, i think this is the first day in four days we haven't issued a first alert. >> we have a break for today. much of the rest of the week it ask looking good, though it is colder this morning. that's because it was so warm yesterday.


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