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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mexican border. >> he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. >> first, police accused of breaking a man's elbow. the dashcam video launching a lawsuit in south jersey. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the arrest happened two years ago but we're finally seeing the video tonight. we're joined live from burlington city, the scene of the confrontation. >> reporter: police were called because a man had an argument. when police arrived, they were focussing attention on the women but things escalated very quickly. attorney michael mckenna shows us video of 2013 arrest. his client is in the driver's seat and his passenger was already detained in handcuffs. >> about to go south and very quick. >> reporter: while looking for evidence the officer suspected conn made a move. >> it was a marijuana roach on
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the lady's coffee cup and he believes he saw mr. conn touch it or nudge it into the coffee cup. >> reporter: that's what led to the arrest. they forcefully removed conn from the car. >> his right arm is now under him and they are nailing on him. this is the arm that's about to get -- you heard it. >> reporter: mckenna says the force broke his elbow. does the video concern you at all? >> obviously, the video is always concerning and any time you see on camera and then today's climate we want to make sure we have everything right. >> reporter: the mayor was not in office in 2013. the lawsuit made him aware. he's waiting for the outcome before taking action. will you put in place something that says if force is used that is reviewed and at least within a timely fashion? >> that will definitely happen. those are things that have been put in place since before i got
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here. >> reporter: but it wasn't done in this instance. >> that i'm not sure about. >> reporter: mckenna says at no point did conn pose a threat. he is not just looking for a check for mr. conn, he wants to change policies so this never happens again. meanwhile, the mayor says officers will be held to the highest ethical standards. reporting live in burlington city, i'm aundrea. the mayor of chester hosted the first town hall where he unveiled the mayor transitional report. the plan for the city includes body cameras for patrol officers in the next 30 days. the department reached out to the department of justice to have the feds look into their policies concerning use of force. tonight's announcement comes a week after six police officers shot and killed 33-year-old longer. they say the suspect was armed and pointing his gun at police
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following a chase. the district attorney says the officers that used deadly force was justified. >> to decision 2016 and fallout from donald trump's battle with the pope. earlier today the presidential candidate bristoled at the pontiff's suggestion that a real christian wouldn't build a wall on the mexico border. >> donald trump was more subdued. >> you've been in fights with a lot of people but the pope, does that give you pause? >> i don't like fighting with the pope, actually. i don't think it's a fight. i think he said something much softer than originally reported by the media. i think he heard one side of the story, which is probably by the mexican government. >> nbc 10 george spencer is live with the latest, george? >> jacqueline, some observers believe pope francis was not wading into the tense waters, just simply offering a heart-felt opinion but donald trump doesn't often back down from the chance to speak out and
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today there are two contrasting opinions made for perhaps the most unexpected spat of the political season. from pope francis' own mouth you might call these the words heard around the world today. >> translator: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel. >> reporter: on his flight back home the pope specified he gives trump the benefit of the doubt but on the ground in south carolina, the republican presidential front runner quickly fired back. >> for religious leaders to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> reporter: trump blamed the mexican government for giving the pope bad information about him. trump has promised a crackdown on illegal immigration including deportations, and says he will force mexico to pay for a wall along the entire length of the border. by contrast, francis focused on
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the polite of immigrants and refugees. >> when a pope steps on the plane, everybody's ears prick up. >> reporter: kevin hues says the pope's midair news conferences are characterized by plain spoken honesty and the top pick draws that out even more. he believes francis simply answered a reporter's question from his heart, not focused on creating political waves. >> this is an issue the pope cares about and has cared about. not so much about donald trump as it is about that issue. and if donald trump is saying the only way to respond to this is by biddiuilding a wall, the will speak out. >> reporter: for trump, the moment offered another day in the spotlight to reinforce his claims of foreign policy strength. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you the pope would have only wished and
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prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> during the town hall tonight, trump said he believes the pope was not fully aware of the quote tremendous strain that illegal immigration puts on the united states and the politicians said he would meet with the pope at any time. jim and jacqueline? >> george spencer, thank you. tonight the democratic presidential candidates both criticized trump while pushing their own immigration platforms. hillary clinton and bernie sanders each spent an hour taking questions from nevada voters at a town hall hosted by msnbc. both tried to appeal to latino voters who make up about 17% of nevada's voting population. >> should unite families, not divide families. we should not be sending people back to a country they can barely remember and a language they may not even be able to speak. >> you know, i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said enough of this prejudice
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and per know ya. the body of scalia current and retired justices will line the steps while scalia's casket is carried into the great hall. the public can pay respects until 10:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night. the schedule is saturday. scalia's chair is draped with black wool in memorial. a minor earthquake hit north jersey tonight. a 1.6 magnitude earthquake in morris county. concerned residents called 911. no damage has been reported. firefighters battle heavy flames as they shot through the roof of a house in upper darby tonight. the fire started around 6:00. crews on the scene putting out hot spots.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. lunchtime chaos today when a school bus and two cars jumped a curb and crashed. witnesses tell us it sounded like an explosion. they describe a chain reaction that sent a black suv into the bank right across from city hall. no children were on the bus at that time. 14 people were taken to the hospital, though. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. a five-ton generator fell from a crane at a construction site in north jersey killing two workers this morning. the crane was lowering the generator wh generator when a strap gave out. it's the future home in morris county and now, the accident is under investigation. sixers rookie okafor resolved a speeding case today. the sixers top pick drove his mercedes 108 miles per hour across the ben franklin bridge last october, two and a halftimes the posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. he pleaded guilty and agreed to
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pay a $437 fine. drop in the bucket for okafor to make $4 million this year. ♪ ♪ a booth for the upcoming mardi gras parade. an $8,000 non-profit donation to help the parade go forward this saturday. they reportedly have been hard pressed for donations for the event. you may remember there was controversy surrounding some of the skits that appeared to be racist and home phobic including this act a man dressed like caitlyn jenner. there are calls to changes to future parades. a helicopter falling from the sky. how witnesses jumped in and became heroes. also, well-dressed thieves strike at a grocery store. their victim says they stole
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something priceless. >> more important than anything. everything can be replaced except that. plus the hero in uniform, how a police officer saved a baby who stopped breathing. and it's going to be a cold morning tomorrow followed by a nice weekend warm up and a nor'easter for necessary week. i'll show you the details and timing coming up.
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a scary scene today. the helicopter was carrying five people when it crash landed near the uss arizona memorial. people who saw the crash jumped into the water and helped pull the victims to shore, including a california man that described that moment of impact. >> when it hit the water, blades stopped, two people popped out. i jumped in. >> all five people on board were taken to the hospital including
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a 16-year-old boy who is in critical condition. no word on what caused the crash. the ntsb is investigating. a montgomery county woman's trip to whole foods left her torn up. >> reporter: they look like two gentlemen shoppers but police say they are actually well-dressed thieves. see that one guy by a woman's shopping cart in the whole foods, that's a wallet he's stealing right out of her purse, the other guy acting as a decoy. she was just shopping for dinner makings tuesday afternoon. >> when i went to pay for my bill, my wallet wasn't in my handbag and my stomach dropped and i started shaking. >> reporter: in the time it took for her to start calling her bank and credit card companies to notify them, police say the bad guys were already putting the stolen plastic to work here making more than $1500 worth of purchases. >> within a half an hour, those credit cards are being used by
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two females at the target store and at the rite aid. >> reporter: she doesn't care about the stolen wallet but one special keepsake inside is now gone. >> it was my father's dog tags from the war, which is very sentimental and i wish i had them. my father is my best friend. he's great man. he passed away too young. made me feel like he was always with me whenever i carried with him all times. >> her father served in the korean war. the duo that apparently have his dog tags are still at large. from our south jersey burro tonight, every parent's worst nightmare. >> a township woman's infant son just stops breathing. >> an infant that isn't breathing, turned blue. >> a friend called for help february 10th while the mother of 2 month old performed cpr on
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the lifeless infant. police officer kevin was the first to arrive on scene. soon, emts and paramedics were there, too, and that's when the officer said the baby started breathing. >> just opened his eyes subtly, shut them again. i'm a father of three girls it was touching and holds a special place in my heart. >> the tiny boy is recovering at st. christophers hospital for children in philadelphia. that face. those eyes, almost like he's saying thank you with his eyes. miami's police union is planning a boycott of beyoncbey world tour. >> in regard to the super bowl performance of the song "formation." ♪ ♪ >> reporte the video features imagery of the black lives matter
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movement and paid tribute to the black panther movement. the order of police is asking all law enforcement agencies to boycott her entire formation world tour that starts in miami in april and comes to philadelphia in june. hundreds came out to the prince theater tonight for sneak peak of the movie titled "race." the film tells the incredible true story of olympian jesse owens. >> the true story of sportsmanship we're seeing between these two athletes today. >> owens won four gold metals at the 1936 olympics shattering adolph hitler's notion of nazi racial superiority. we spoke with owen's granddaughter that called the film authentic. >> my family had a lot of input, script, in the script, very, very involved in the development over the last two, three years and met several times with the
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producers, just very involved because there was a true story that we wanted to tell and that now was the time to tell it. >> can't wait to see that. "race" opens in theaters tomorrow. the blue cross river rank turned into a movie theater tonight. >> the river rink lodge was turned into theater seating that tells the story of three athletes attempting to make the first successful asent. the blue cross river rinks winter season ends on sunday february 28th. now your nbc 10 pirls brksb weather. >> temperatures tonight are colder and they will be colder again tomorrow morning. so another cold start to your day tomorrow. some areas will be in the teens. so you'll definitely want heavy jacket. then we go into the weekend. we'll be warming up nicely near 60 one day and then next week we have a nor'easter in the forecast. we'll show you the timing of that in a second.
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right now, at 15 degrees, 24 alan town and pottstown and 29 in philadelphia and these numbers will keep on dropping by the time we get to tomorrow morning right around sunrise will be the coldest. 27 right now in dover. so as we go through the overnight hours and into tomorrow, take a look at how low our temperatures get around 20 degrees for parts of the area by 7:00 a.m. and then by 11:00 a.m. only near 30. so it's still going to be a cold day tomorrow, just not as windy as it was today. here is a look at satellite and radar. so we're dry across the area. we'll stay this way into tomorrow and we'll notice more clouds moving in. big area of high pressure will keep us mostly dry and the disturbance around the great lakes that will pass to the north and that is going to swing us cloud cover. there is a very small chance we could see some very light precip late tomorrow night but the chance is extremely small so here is future weather. you'll see it on that. cold tonight. we do stay dry and go through
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tomorrow. high pressure still keeps us fairly dry. there you see the clouds moving in. disturbances to the north will be watching for light precip and into saturday and looks rail he good mostly sunny, highs around 60 degrees and nice warm start to your weekend and sunday really looks good, too, so here is sunday. we're looking at the next snow chance, the nor'easter sunday nice and dry until we get to late sunday night we could see late showers into early monday then by the middle of the week, wednesday and there is an area of low pressure and this is going to change before we get to wednesday at least slightly the track we're still many days away but at this point it does look like we could be seeing snow and rain across the area so two different storm tracks can really happen with this farther offshore, farther inland and if it was farther inland, we would have more rain. fit was farther offshore, we would have a better chance of more snow cover. the light shifts will make a difference and we'll update this as we get closer to next week but at this time, we're still pretty far out for any clear
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details. clear and cold. 15 degrees, areas north and west and tomorrow we'll see the clouds increasing but still going to be fairly dry, cold day around 40 degrees through the afternoon but the weekend is going to be really nice. so you want to get outside and enjoy it. 60 on saturday and sunny, the average high is 44. we'll be around 15 degrees above normal as we go into most of the weekend. now very late sunday we'll have this small area of disturbance weather move in that can give us rain showers and then we go into early monday. we could see lingering but quickly moves away and makes room for that nor'easter that we are tracking. so we'll be watching that as we go into the middle of the week. we could see rain and snow in the forecast there. >> 60 degrees? that overnight low last week 6? >> yes, we were in single digits and windchills below zero, remember that? so we're still on this roller coaster ride. >> so much fluctuation. >> so much.
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especially with the weather pattern in place and the nor'easter that could bring rain and snow. enjoy the weekend. that's why i say go outside now before we see a round of snow possibly -- >> not right now you mean. >> not right now, this weekend. it's cold out right now. >> and wait until the show is over. [ laughter ] a night of casino gaming to make sure no one faces aids alone. the hotel hosted 250 lgbt community supporters for a fundraiser for action aids. the organization provides individualized services for those living with or affected by hiv or aids. yeah, john clark coming up the sixers make a trade. and it's the first workout for phillies pitchers and catchers. a report from clear water and a buzzer beater from high school basketball in our area tonight. that is next.
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i'm john clark, warm feelings from clearwater, florida tonight. it's the first workout for phillys and pitchers, catches today, close to 50 new young players are there and so is jillian. >> reporter: there are plenty of new faces at spring train thing year but one of the story lines that always remains the same who will be the starter on opening day. i had a chance to speak with rising star and got his take on what that would mean to him. >> it would mean a lot. that's everybody's dream on opening day and it's definitely a cool thing if that happened, but, you know, wherever i am, wherever everybody is in rotation, i think the biggest thing is to do our job.
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>> reporter: here is a look at no wi nola working out today. sees a lot of similarities between the hall of famer and nola. >> it reminds me of him. he shows no fear. he's very confident in his ability and has the ability to locate a fast ball down in the zone on both sides of the plate and he really believes in himself and i think over the course of time, i think he's going to turn into something special. >> reporter: he will monitor nola's workload but hopes he gets to the 200-inning mark. >> thanks, the fliers are six points back and penguins and lightning won. three more games to go tomorrow night in montreal and defense man guttis got another match one. the coach talked to him about not taking bad penalties and he says the league warned him about it. >> the referee will be looking
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at me with probably the biggest spotlight but got to make sure to change my game in the direction that i'm not taking them anymore. >> not gudis. to the right behind president obama today, he was singled out by the president honored with the stanley cup with the black hawks and retiring a champ. he had tears in his eyes. sixers get a second round draft pick. another joel but he is expected to be waived. high school hoops, two seconds left. spencer cook from 70 plus feet nails the shot to tie it. washington township would win in double over time. township is balling tonight. kid is a stud. we're right back.
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colder tomorrow morning and more clouds and look at the weekend around 60 on saturday. >> love that. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. have a great night. thanks for watching.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vince vaughn.


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