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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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storm damage. trees down. there's flooding along creeks in our area. flooded out inside. too much rain turned the basement of this lehigh home into a muddy indoor pool. clear skies right now in center city, but the threat of more rain remains in the forecast today, and after a warm start, we'll end up in the 50s today. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get you details with everything weather-related with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> temperatures have been coming down. we've only been on air for half an hour. a cooldown achlt little bit of a breeze blowing. temperatures will be falling through this afternoon. and we have a few more raindrops. steady rain through the west and central pennsylvania. scattered light showers now in lancaster, burks, in lee hie
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valley. by 9:00 we'll be in the upper 40s. the winds picking up at noontime with clouds returning. we should see breaks of sunshine returning. with clouds back by lunn 67tich we'll see more. we'll go back through the neighborhoods neighborhood by noibd when we're back. jessica boyington with traffic. >> we're watching. lincoln drive earlier was closed, but right now open. around forbidden driving still getting reports of flooding even though this area is open and cars are getting through. we definitely want you to use caution. it could potentially be a dangerous situation. don't drive through the flooded waters. here's right through center city. no problems right around 24th street. headed through the schuylkill
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expressway. earlier we had schuylkill closed with crews cleaning that up. no more problems there. that's all clean. headed eastbound into center city, a 13-minute rachls areas that appear to have rainwater or flooding, go slower than that, tracy. >> jessica, thanks. 4:32 right now. we're following damage across our area. this following along montgomery just before mind. this morning power is out in parts of cherry hill and there's more storm damage across camden county and beyond. nbc 10's drew smith is live in cherry hill to show us more. drew? >> reporter: good morning, tracy. we're in the residential neighborhood of cherry hill. i want to show you what the wind did. take a look. these are parts of a power pole
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that fell down into the street. we're careful not to get too close. some areas are back on with power but some are waiting to get back online. we shot video in other parts of new jersey overnight. this is in cumberland county. i want to show you where a tree fell into a day care. we went inside to look at some of the damage, leaves coming through the roof. no one was hurt there, but they're thinking they'll have to be closed today to do some repairs. we found trees down on several roads in nearby millville as well as damage to other wires. back in this area we did see the ps & g crews working. several thousand in camden county without power. the restoration looks like later this afternoon to get everybody's power back on.
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you'll be doing cleanup today if you're in a neighborhood like this one. "nbc 10 news," drew smith. we just got new video. more than a dozen cars hit a pothole and got stuck. drivers couldn't see the pothill because it happened around midnight. this is new video from pine hill, camden county. this tree fell onto seventh avenue taking down power lines. you can see emergency crews blocking off that street. now let's continue to check conditions across the area. nbc 10's matt due lee shah is live, one of several areas concerned with flooding. matt? >> reporter: we traveled here to give you a look at the conditions we're seeing here in montgomery county. take a look right here. this is riverview boulevard in
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west norton. beyond the trees is the schuylkill river. it's already starting to spill its banks onto the apartment complex. right here to the right where cow see the water meeting the curb, there's a stick there. we put that stick there when we last saw you 30 minutes ago. you can see how much farther that water has started to creep up. a couple more feet in this direction. we even had to back up our truck a few feet because we didn't want to get overcome by water. the water is moving slowly but you don't want to be driving when you can't see what's underneath you. i wanted to show you. the national weather service put out flood reports here. you can see the schuylkill river is in minor flood stage. it's a little over 13 feet. that is flood stainless. you can see the forecast here also just under 15 feet. that should happen later on today. so this is predicted to get a little bit worse before it gets better. real quickly, i want to show you
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the schuylkill river in philadelphia. it's looking like it's below flood stage, but, of course, it's been rising a bit over the past several hours. we're going to get back in. we're going to head toward the philadelphia area by kelly drive, that area, to get a look at the area. for now, west norton, matt die lucia, "nbc 10 news." a large tree collapsed on the roof of a home in chelten m cheltenham. no one was hurt. a burger king sign fell down. a man took a picture of a tree that crashed in his yard. you can see all the videos sent to us or send us your ownby going to the app store and getting free download, the nbc 10 app. as bill said, the flood threat continues this morning. a family from pottstown already got caught in the rising water. hear from them about the
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late-night rescue. imagine going downstairs to find three feet of water in your basement.
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4:39. the big storms from last night are gone. they're offshore. but i'm still tracking some rain showers in the area. scattered light rain showers this morning and a possibility of a few more scattered around during the afternoon. gusty winds, we've already got them. it's going be a windy day. the gusty winds kick in later today. that's going to bring in colder weather as we end the workweek, but this weekend, a temperature turnaround. a warmup with a good deal of sunshine. sunshine is going to be limited today. cloudy skies over mt. pocono. 57 in trenton and dover at 55 degrees. streets are damp and be on the
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lookout for ponding, flooded streeted. difficult to see at this hour without any sunshine, but they're out there. flood warnings take some time to reach the rivers and streams, so they're still on the rise. one of the locations in chester county, that's where some of the worst flooding is right now. flood warning in effect until 5:00 today and it's not just in chester county. there are flooding concerns for much of the area this morning. that snow to the west. we won't see snow, but we could see a few more scattered showers in chester, lancaster, burks, and lehigh, it will be moving in. but not just chester. a sprinkle or two in dover. then we'll get brings of sunshine. 9:00, the showers are on the move heading out of the area. 11:00 this morning, a few breaks of sunshine and can clouds return with scattered light showers. new jersey, delaware, and lehigh
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valley could see those this afternoon. so your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for mostly cloudy skies. a few scattered light showers this morning. low 50s for bethlehem, fleetwood. a cloudy day. some scattered showers possible this afternoon at the shore. 50 degrees for afrivalon. same story for wilmington, mel vurn this afternoon. >> looking forward to it. flooding continues to be a problem with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica. jessica? >> we have reports of flooding. we did have areas of closure.
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route 130. around here, watch for reports of flooding there. here's route 355 out in new jersey. route 49 no problems here. pchl a. turnpikes doing okay. no work crews. to valley forge, a 23-minute trip. bile back in ten with more checks on your morning drive, tracy. many roads looked more like rivers. next hear from a family who had to be rescued after their car got stuck in knee-deep floodwaters. next, trump and taxes. find out why a former republican nominee got into a twitter war about his finances.
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it's just about a quarter to 5:00 and 56 degrees outside. take look at this video. a gust of strong wind send an old tree toppling right onto a passing car just before 8:00 last night. the driver was not hurt. and now to lehigh county where heavy rain from the storm left three feet of water in the basement of this salisbury township home. the butterfield family had to pump out all the water and then clean up that soggy mess. and a family managed to get out of their car okay after it got stuck in flooding in montgomery county. the car was next to a swollen street. the driver said his engine died out as the water continued to ride to knee level. the incident brought his 1-year-old daughter to tears. >> pretty nervous for my daughter. she was upset and crying, whatnot. any parent would be. i called the ambulance and tried to make moves before anything else could have happened. >> crews averted traffic around
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the area to prevent anyone else from getting stuck. now to decision 2016. presidential nominee donald trump hit back. romney was the gop nominee in 2012, you'll remember. said in an interview that trump's delay on releasing his returns suggests that he has something to hide. trump endorsed romney for four years ago but has been deeply critical of the former massachusetts governor. on twitter trump say says romney is playing tough guy after blowing a running he should have won. hillary clinton on issues over social security. >> ted cruz called social security a ponzi scheme. you know, it's one of the most important social programs that our country has ever put in
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place. >> clinton picked up a big endorsement from senate minority leader harry reid. >> there will be two challenges. a marco rubio supporter is questioning the signatures to get kasich on the ballot and one for ted cruz and questions on whether he's qualified because he was important in canada. voters in our region will start heading to the polls in about two months. delegates in pennsylvania hold their primaries soon. a look at the history and influence of the presidential campaign. it will also put this current election into perspective which as of now has been based on wide-ranging public opinion. >> the idea that you've got to
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present an ilk, it's new and now more relevant than ever. >> the town hall begins at noon. it's one part of the center's white house exhibit. telemundo and nbc are part of the sponsors to that. it's 4:48. a camden county church will hold a rally. organizers say a formal address to address the climate and race will be held. police have not made any arrests. >> a high school in kentucky is getting dozens of complaints about a student's art project. take a look at it. the draws compares a white police officer pointing a gun at an african-american teenager in 20 2015 compares to the ku klux
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klan pointing a gun in 1930. >> yes, it's harsh in way, but i think it really just shows the views on this kind of topic. >> now the parents know and now the parents can make up their own decision. >> reporter: efficients say the project will stay up until the class finishes their discussion on civil rights. almost ten minutes before 5:00 right now. conditions are changing on the roads. we have flooding in some areas. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> that's right. you can see on wissahickon behind me. here's the schuylkill expressway where earlier we had cleanup due to flooding with only one lane getting by. we're back in business. we have been. eastbound from the blue route to the vinewood, a 12-minute trip
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now. watch for the slick spots as well. we have reports of flooding. the roads are still not closed but around here, you're starting to see some flooding -- hear of reports of flooding in the area with vehicles not being able to move through. also hazardous road conditions from upper providence on lower indian head road. when i come back, we'll check in with area bridges. clouds still overhead and i'm tracking scattered lighter showers this morning. we'll see more of those during the day today. the big storms from last night have cleared the area. they're now offshore. but the rivers, they're still rising. rivers and streams. you hear jessica talk about the flooding. watch for flooded streets and ponding. 67 right now in philadelphia. temperatures not the problem at all. that will be coming down a bit during the day, but no big cold
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air mass moving through, though there is cool weather ahead. at this time the winds are out of the southwest at 21 miles an hour. they'll become more westerly and that will start to bring the temperatures down. that happens this morning. mostly afternoon. will be cooler. no rain falling on city avenue, but that, too, may change during the day today, though it is dry and warm right now in northeast philadelphia. 60 degrees. the temperatures will cool. and scattered showers during the day. we're watching for light rain showers. in chester county, to the west at this hour. it's cooled to 54 and phoenixville is in the low 50s to start with. but the clouds, they're hanging out. they've broken over deware and south jersey. with these clouds will come a chance of showers this morning. you can see in lancaster and berks county. most of the area will see it.
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an isolated somehower this morning. the temperatures will be falling. 40s to low 50 this afternoon. gusty winds, a possibility of light showers with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow we'll see bright sunshine but it gets colder. 32 degrees. gusty winds on friday. just 42 in the afternoon and turning even colder to start with on saturday. saturday morning, 25 degrees. but look at the turnaround that starts on saturday. in the afternoon, 45 degrees. 60 degrees. but the mild weather stays with us into next week. >> well, bill. thanks. a clap from vai. eight minutes past 5:00. check out. next, we'll hit the roads with
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stormforce 10. next, piles of pjs. we'll check in with a student who's on a mission to collect pajamas for those less fortunate.
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and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. no problem. roadways still look a little slick, so something you want tory to err on the side of caution. we do have some reports of flooding. i'll cover those when i come back in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks. the winds knocked down. no one was hurt. packages had to be moved to another train.
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from our jerseyville medical, they're warning patients of possible hiv or hepatitis skpoirs. from june of 2013 to september of 2014 drug tampering by an employee may have led to some patients to come in contact with the blood. they're asking patients treated during that time to get tested. a judge says bill cosby has no right to appeal in the sexual assault cases against him. he wants the charges thrown out because he said he had a deal with the former district attorney bruce castor but the judge threw it out and said no such deal exists. well, people at the jersey shore could soon get federal money loans to make repairs from flood damage during last month's blizzard. anyone affected in atlantic, burlington, camden, cape may,
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cumberland, gloucester, and ocean counties can apply for low interest disaster loans. it's not free money. it's loaned. homeowners and renters can receive up to $200,000. businesses can receive up to $2 million to make repairs. students celebrated 100 days at their school. to commemorate the day and in honor of black history month, 100 african-american men talked with the students. the kids heard from athletes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and public officials. >> it's so good to come out with the young people. i'm so happy people are giving of their time and effort to share their knowledge with children to tell them they can do whatever they want to do in
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life. >> the men share how and why they chose their careers. and women were recognized as pillars of success last night. it was in scepter city for the women of substance and style awards. the event was part of african-american history month and honored more than 40 will for their achievements in a variety of fields. two minutes before 5:00 right now. a freshman at st. joe prep is helping children stay warm. >> he's doing a pajama drive. his name is bubba borouurroroub. collection bins are set up all throughout the school. >> it makes me feel good to know other kids can enjoy the comfort
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and security of pajamas and a good night's sleep. >> he started the kriesh after learning some organizations run out of boys' pajamas because most people interestingly donate girls pajamas. >> it's so a great. he's attached to pajamas at home. i love pajamas at home and at school. >> my boys graduated from st. joe prep. their motto is a man for others. young bubba is showing them. you're watching nbc 10. it starts at 5:00 right now. jo . right now on nbc 10, storm damage and how it's impacting you. >> take a look at this driver in this county.
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this morning the flood threat is not over. >> take a look at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. we're still tracking rain showers and gusty winds this morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's check in with bill henley and the first alert weather center. bill? >> we're starting off warm. in philadelphia it was 506 degrees when we went on the air at 5:00. it's slowly coming down. the winds are gusting and staying with us. for now the showers are in berks and lehigh county. there's a chance we'll see them this afternoon. at 7:00, 52 degrees, down to 49 as the winds shift and become more westerly at 10:00 this morning and at 1k this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and that's when we'll see the return of more


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