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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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not over. >> take a look at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. we're still tracking rain showers and gusty winds this morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's check in with bill henley and the first alert weather center. bill? >> we're starting off warm. in philadelphia it was 506 degrees when we went on the air at 5:00. it's slowly coming down. the winds are gusting and staying with us. for now the showers are in berks and lehigh county. there's a chance we'll see them this afternoon. at 7:00, 52 degrees, down to 49 as the winds shift and become more westerly at 10:00 this morning and at 1k this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and that's when we'll see the return of more showers. floods have returned this
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morning. we won't see flooding rains during the day today but it's taking some time overnight from all that rain that came through last night to reach the streams and some of the roadways. well, some ponding this morning. is that what we're seeing? >> we are. we're having road closures because of that. roads are open, block alks there. westville, south of 95 and another one on route 130 around 322. those roadways are not closed right now. reports of flooding in the area. you want to err on the side of caution. they're dealing with fewer cars this morning so you may have overcrowding on your trains due to weather-related issues. you want to pay attention before you head out the door. i'll be back in the next ten minutes. tracy. >> thanks. we continue our live team
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coverage of our damage. this morning still dealing with power outages. the threat of flooding that bill mentioned. nbc 10's drew smith live with details. drew? >> reporter: tracy, good morning. this is what neighborhoods will be waking up to. you can take a look. there's debris branches and limbs all over as well. power lines are stretched right now underneath these limbs. you know utility crews are in the neighborhood but they haven't reached this spot just yet. i want to show you damage from elsewhere. nbc 10 in cumberland county in a vineland day care, we had a tree go right through the roof. no one was in the building at that time, but the day care will be closed today for repairs. we spoke with people who worked there who described being nearby when the storm was so dangerous. >> i was a little bit nervous. it was kind of a scary thing that you don't think it could happen to you.
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but everyone was okay, no one was in the building. >> we know the utility crews are in this neighborhood. we've seen them, but they've been steadily restoring electricity to some of the homes around here. that i hope to have it all done by the end of the day. ads y as you can see from this damage here, they have a lot of work to do when the sun comes up. we're live here, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you, drew. right now we have a crew driving across the region all over the place to track down flooding. matt delucia is live for us. on the schuylkill. matt, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, vie, it looks very dry on the schuylkill. let's have a look from our vantage point. some vehicles are making their way past us approaching the area near our studios heading toward philadelphia. you can see that most of the road surface has begun to dry up
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a little bit. we did see problem spots earlier this morning because of some flooding, but at this point, mostly dry streets. in the philadelphia area, we haven't really seen too much in the way of flooding from the schuylkill itself, but at this point, more cars are heading out onto the roadways and the conditions have improved quite sub zhanlly over the past several hours. just a little breeze out here is about the worst we have seen in addition to some of that on street flooding and ponding on the roadways because of perhaps some debris clogging up some storm drains. other than that, it's not too bad. at this point we're going to continue heading through philadelphia, check on the conditions throughout our area. throughout i'm live, matt
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delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks for the update, matt. for more, check out the nbc 10 app. you canal get hour-by-hour forecast that's customized for your neighborhood. happening today in pittsburgh, suspended pennsylvania supreme court justice michael eakin faces a hearing in connection with a pornographic e-mail scandal. eakin could be removed from the bench if the judge finds he violated conduct rules because of inappropriate e-mail rules. a hearing could resolve those charges. his lawyers call the hearing a major step in the case. it's 5:05 and 56 degrees outside. turning to decision 2016. tonight the republican presidential hopefuls face off for another event in houston, texas. marco rubio and ted cruz are battling for second place. ben carson and john kasich are
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also participating tonight. john kasich said he's the best hope for going up against donald trump. he said he's in it for the long haul. >> the race consolidates, i beat trump. nobody else beats trump in any other state that i know of. that's in the karsd. i beat him head to head by 18 points in ohio. >> kasich finished last. meantime the dem kralts are getting ready for a weekend showdown. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off in the south carolina primary on saturday and experts say african-american voters are expected to play a crucial role in that contest. back to damage caused by backyard storms. this is in lancaster county. winds brought down metal siding and scattered debris hundreds of
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yards. families took cover in their basements and when they stepped outside, they were is so surprise surprised. the winds sent a tree crashing through a day care. no one was hurt. the business is closed today so parents will have to find other places to take their children. it also allows the workers to clean up the debris and klein up the damage left behind. >> we're not going to see a repeat of what we had yesterday. 63-mile-an-hour wind gusts in chester county as the storms rolled through. 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts in new jersey. this morning the winds are still gusty and i'm tracking showers. the winds are lighter. we'll see them during the day. gusty winds to near 30 miles an hour. right now the temperatures are starting to slide. reading seeing some light rain and 52 degrees.
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57 in philadelphia. it's going to get cooler during the day in the city. 52 right now in cape may. as far as the rivers are concerned, they're still running high. as matt delucia said there's still flooding to be found. it's hard to see without any sunlight just yet. this should. add too much rain to the morning commute burke just enough to make the windshield wipers going this morning. that's light rate in the allentown area. right now it's dry in delaware and south jersey, but watch how that changes. your hour-by-hour forecast showing the showers moving through this morning. that's at 8:00. philadelphia, and bucks county seeing some showers. a few scattered showers will break for sunshine in the early afternoon hours. 's noontime today. watch delaware and south jersey. here come the showers. unlike yesterday, these will only be light scattered showers during the day today. no storms today.
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temperatures cooler. 52 for bethlehem and fleetwood. 53 in pennsburg. mostly high, cloudy skies for king of prussia. during the afternoon you can see some showers. smyrna, 53 degrees today and sunshine will break through at times but keep an eye on the times. a lot of changes in a pretty good way for the weekend. wait till you see the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> the weekend. >> thank you, bill. a few minutes ago we saw matt delucia and the schuylkill. i think jessica's going to give us a more macro view. >> this morning there were crews out there after the shutdown of the schuylkill. but we also had an eastbound shutdown where only one lane was getting by. different points around city
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avenue as well dealing with some parts of flooding. right now we're baek open, back in business. no problems really in either direction. it appears we're drying out a little bit. a 12-minute trip. speeds in the 60s. i checked in and we did have earlier flooding. that is all clear right now. you will be good to go out there. stick to the majors. eastbound, westbound to the schuylkill, still an eight-minute trip. now, the thorn dale line for septa is running with fewer car this morning so you might have some of overcrowding on your train and there are also delay. check out before you go. vai and tracy. we have coverage but another threat of damage is still happening right now. take a look at lincoln drive this morning. we'll have another update on the roads coming up. plus, cracking down.
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we'll tell you why police in delaware are keeping a closer eye on the roads on drivers, and they say they're going to do it until those drivers change certain habits.
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it's 5:13. 56 degrees outside. severe weather left damage and power outages. this morning crews are working to restore electricity to more than 50,000 customers across the region. there are cancellations and
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delays at the airport so check pfr flying out. to montgomery county, drivers had to deal with flooded streets. you can see water is several inches deep here. and nbc 10 was along the creek at took this morning. you could see the falls are running high along the creek. storm team force 10 is driving around. you can counseled on nbc 10 and the first alert weather team and traffic team to let you know of any problems along your morning commute. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will soon begin treatment for prostate cancer. yesterday he said he's battling the disease. wolf said his doctor caught it early and won't affect his ability to do his job. >> i'm convinced by talking with people who have had this and gotten it treated early on, it's
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eminently treatable. >> this will be dealt with. >> governor wolf said he'll start treatment in the coming weeks. he did not elaborate on the treatment but said there will be no chemotherapy. cadets left due to possible cheating scandal. 29 cadets are gone. internal affairs began an investigation in december. from our delaware bureau, newark police are cracking down. a new initiative means officers are targeting speeders, texters, swervers, and anybody else breaking laws. last year's new york collision hit a five-year high. they don't want drivers to pay
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fines. they just want them to pay attention. if we wanted to make money, we wouldn't tell them where we're going to be. every day on facebook we put out what sections we're working on. it's not revenue-based. we even just trying to generally get the collisions down. >> they'll keep this going until they start seeing distracted driver cases go down. probably not a good idea. you see drivers plowing through. >> not a good idea at all. >> roads were closed so crews could clean up storm debris, but now it's back open. >> now let's talk flooding. jessica boyington is watching that. jessica? >> we have lane closures. earlier it was close and they were directing traffic around the scene because of the
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flooding. now it's back open, but, again, something you want to be caution with and don't drive through the flooded waters. more flooding reported south of 295 and logan twin north and southbound. so 1:30 dealing with a lot. again, don't drive through those flooded areas. here's 295 probably around the same point around 1:30. 22-minute time. you can see no problems there. right now i think your highways are going to be ur yo best bet until we clear that a little bit later nonthe day. so the average speed, 66 miles an hour. i wanted to check in with though to see if there were any restrictions. you're good to go heading into the area.
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>> clouds are still with us. we'll see breaks of sunshine. 57 degrees but the wind will be kicking in and changing directions. it's a southwesterly wind at 21 miles an hour and that wind shift during the morning hours is going to bring the temperatures down. we're at 57 degrees right now in philadelphia, but as we go through the day, 7:00 this morning, 51 degrees. at 9:00, we'll be in the upper 40s. and then we'll be hovering right around that 50-degree mark into the afternoon hours. this evening is when colder temperatures come our way. you can see puddles and clouds will be breaking for some sunshine, but there's still some clouds coming in with wet weather coming in from the west we're seeing scattered light showers right now from lancaster and berks county.
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we'll see them swing into much of the rest of the area. the chance of showers will be with us this afternoon but unlike yesterday, it will be light. reading getting some raindrops adding to already flooding conditions in some areas. flood warnings are still in effect as jez ka boyington is talking about. light scattered showers and temperatures that will be coming down. during the day, upper 40s and low 50s with guftss to 30 miles an hour. seven-day forecast, you saw it. trending to the south, it gets colder by the morning. 42 the high temperature tomorrow afternoon. making it feel colder. the gusty winds. at least we'll see some sunshine. and the sunshine states for the weekend. look at what it does for the temperature after a cold morning on saturday. 45 on saturday afternoon. the big warmup comes sunday, near 60 degrees sunday and the mild weather, hey, it's going to stay with us into next week. >> nice. all right, bill.
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four people died in virginia and the governor there has declared a state of emergency. a suspected tornado tore through waverly, virginia, about an hour west of norfolk. two adults and a 2-year-old boy died when winds destroyed their mobile home. police found another man dead inside his mobile home. people who made it through couldn't believe how powerful it was. >> all you can do is look away. >> you can see all that fire. flo electricity. >> two died in louisiana. winds flattened around 160 homes. 5:20 this thursday morning. we have an update on the sexual assault on bill cosby. we'll tell you why a legal ruling says cosby and his legal team don't have a right. we'll show you some of the
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hardest hit parts this morning. plus, the ongoing threats.
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this morning philadelphia's district attorney will take his anti-bullying campaign to the andrew jackson school. he's discuss bullying and tell
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kids why they should stay in school. the faa is now considering a law that could change the way your packages are delivered and how you fly. landon dowdy is here with that in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. hi, tracy. good morning. they'll consider allowing small drones to fly. amazon and google say they aim to start delivering items by drone within the next two years although they would face regulatory challenges beyond the faa. meantime on wall street the markets will continue to hold their ground even if stocks in china tumble overnight. stocks facing may juror turnaround wednesday. posting its biggest one-day reversal since 2008. the dow, which had been down as much as 266 points closed up by 53 points to 1648, the nasdaq
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ends up to 39443. back to you. landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. 5:25. 56 degrees. the big storms are out of here, but there's still some showers in our future for today and gusty winds as well. that's a live view from the loews hotel from center city. jessica boyington is watching our first alert traffic. jessie. >> no problems really in either direction. as you can see, all cars moving along nicely. we do have some reports of flooding. we're going to go over this for you when i come back at 5:30. >> reporter: and i'm drew smith live in camden county, you're looking at damage from last night's storm. we'll update you on the progress of the cleanup restoration coming up next. and it's going to be a busy day for crews all across our region as they deal with downs trees and power line as you saw
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with drew. we'll tell you of the live team coverage storm damage next.
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right now on "nbc 10 news," storm damage. trees and power lines knocked
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down. we have live team coverage this morning as we take you county by county to look at the impact. right now creeks and rivers are under flooding as we track more rain showers and gfting winds today. >> we're tracking more. here's a look from our nbc 10 first alert radar. it's 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. i guess some is gone. let's bring in meteorologist bill henley with a first alert forecast. bill? >> a few showers and the rain the storms brought in last night are still making its way to rivers and streams. that's why they're running high this morning. some flood warnings are still in effect.
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we're seeing light rain in lehigh county, berks county, lancaster county and liking into chester county at this time. add to that gusting winds. winds are at 32 miles an hour in philadelphia. it's going to be a blustery day. we'll get brings of sunshine this morning. 52 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00 it gets a little chillier, and then it will be hovering as we go into the afternoon and get more clouds. we'll go through by neighborhood and neighborhood. jessica boyington has been watching the streets with your first alert traffic. >> that's right. lincoln drive, more reports in the area. areas getting stuck. do not drive through flooded waters. you don't want to be stuck and be in a worse off situation.


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