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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i would say it came down to a matter of five second. that's how fast it was. >> right now at 6:00 a house collapses in a philadelphia neighborhood trapping a man. how a community came to the rescue. it's a battle down south in decision 2016. at this hour south carolina voters are casting their ballots in the state's democratic primary. hillary clinton is hoping for a big win over her rival, bernie sanders. she's leading in the polls there and an impressive victory could give her significant momentum going into super tuesday. i'm rosemary connors. polls close at 7:00 in the first in the south contest.
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nbc's steve handlesman has more on the faceoff from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: hillary clinton went to alabama. >> we have a lot of work to do in america. >> reporter: south carolina democrats most of them african-american voted for their long time favorite. >> hillary clinton she's a very smart and capable woman. >> reporter: at celebrities hair salon most trust clinton. >> i definitely trust the clintons. >> reporter: bernie sanders is what? unproven. >> definitely unproven. >> reporter: canvases for clinton are hearing she's a d.c. insider. >> who is actually outside the system that actually can go in there and make the change. >> bernie sanders. i feel like he's honest. >> reporter: sanders went to texas working to win than more than just his home state of vermont on super tuesday. >> we're not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up.
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>> reporter: with chris christie donald trump focused on the biggest super tuesday state. >> we're tied in texas. we have a good chance of winning texas. >> reporter: ted cruz's home state where cruz leads in the polls. >> pick a side. and i'll tell you this, when it comes to picking a side, i pick the side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> reporter: like cruz, marco rubio on the paper could still beat trump in their fight is ugly. >> a con artist will never get control of this party. >> a little mouth on him, bing bing bing. >> a guy with a worst spray tan in america. >> i thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. >> reporter: three days till a showdown. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. here at home, hundreds of bernie sanders' supporters rallied at city hall in philadelphia. organizers of the movement for bernie mart say sanders'
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platform should appeal fto residen residents. they point to his proposal of $15 minimum wage free college and single payer healthcare. the rally included union members, students and military veterans. we reached out to hillary clinton's campaign, a representative responded with a statement from former mayor michael nutter who is one of her supporters. he noted her strong backing and wide range support throughout the city. both democrats and the remaining republican candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday. on this coming tuesday, a dozen states will hold their nominating contests, which you can see here on the map. to get dates ton the results anytime be sure to download the nbc 10 app. this just in, some more political news. congressman fatah is getting a new backing. he is set to go on trial in federal court in may. he's accused of misusing his
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congressional influence, and stealing taxpayer money and charitable donations. he has denied all the charges. it was his neighbors who came to the rescue this after a man got trapped under the debris of the house collapse in philadelphia. clean up crews finish their work for the day, questions remain about what caused the building to buckle. it happened before 8:30 this morning on the 1,400 block of south patten street in the city's grays berry section. george spencer is live with details. >> reporter: the demolition crews arrived around 1:00 and work will continue into next week. we still don't know how this happened. because the home had no open violations. but several neighbors were watching today, as it fell this morning. with the resident on the second floor asleep and those neighbors rushed in to help. by this afternoon, we watched as a backhoe picked up the pieces of this building, scoop by
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scoop. earlier in the day you could see the mound of white siding, wood and brick. the rubble from a collapse that witnesses watched from their windows. >> i got out of the bed and heard a loud crack. >> reporter: neighbor greg cooper says the crack is what got his attention around 7:30. moments later, several neighbors saw the two story building fall. each floor directly down on to the floor below. a true pancake collapse. >> first we thought it was like a tree. then the -- you could hear, like, boom boom boom boom. >> i would say it came down in a matter of five seconds, that's how fast it was. >> reporter: cooper and other neighbors rugged outside knowing the resident was inside and asleep on the second floor above the old bell's barber shop here. as neighbors searched, they heard a voice from the rubble. >> when i hollered in the building was there anybody in there we noticed a voice coming from the back of the house. >> reporter: cooper and others
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helped that man climb out of the rubble. today, the we find the building had no open violations but neighbors say the foundation was crumbling. officials on scene suspect this week's heavy wrain and winds could have had an impact. >> very fortunate the building fell in the way it did, it didn't collapse into the other buildings nearby. >> had he bit on the first floor the basement he might not be here today. >> reporter: that 38-year-old man was taken to the hospital compaining of lower back pain. the building had been in his family for decades. his grandfather ran that barber shop on the first floor here. that was closed years ago. reporting live tonight in gray's ferry i'm george spencer nbc 10 news. tonight, police are searching for the man who stabbed a woman inside an elevator at a septa stop.
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it happened in the philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. the attacker got into the elevator with the woman pulled out a knife and demanded money. he stabbed her in the shoulder and leg. the victim managed to crawl out of the elevator, screaming for help. >> the ambulance was here and it was three septa cop and the fire alarm was going off. there was a trail of blood through the turnstile. >> the attacker ran off the victim is being treated at the hospital for stab wounds. as our crew in the field was gathering information on the stabbing, they took this exclusive video of medics using narcan to save a man's life. a heroin user overdosed there at the huntington station in kensington but was brought back by the medics. tonight at 11:00 we take a closer look at the heroin epidemic and we'll have more on the exclusive video. that's come up this evening on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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all right. talking about the weather now. the sun was out, but the air was chilly. nbc 10 along south street this afternoon. folks kept the layers on to stay warm. you may be able to lose the heavy coat before the weekend is out. here's a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. it will be cool tonight in the city, but we're about to get a taste of spring. viletta brings some good news for us. it looks like we'll be putting a pause on winter over the next couple of days. as we head into tonight it will be chilly. into the 30s north and west. 37 in quaker town. 43 in philadelphia. 41 at the moment toward wilmington. 40 toward kents square. 49 in philly. 39 in trenton. 39 in woodbine. 37 in millville. it has also been windy through much of the afternoon it's felt a little bit colder than that. feels like temperature 36 in
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philadelphia. 33 for potstown. 30 in allen town. feeling below freezing areas north and west. it will keep things dry tonight. no umbrella necessary. it will be chilly out there. 7:00, we're looking at lower 40s in philadelphia, 38 by 9:00. 11:00 clearing with temperature s into the mid30s. we have warmer temperatures to talk about. it doesn't look like it will be just for one day. we'll have the details coming up on my first alert seven-day forecast. >> we'll see you in a few. we're following a developing story. a pilot was trapped in the trees for close to three hours here after the small plane crashed near the gettysburg airport. there's no word yet wlon the pilot or was hurt. have you ever gotten stuck in traffic trying to get to the king of prussia mall. the new proposal to connect philadelphia to the area's biggest shopping hub.
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it was a history making day for high school sports in the philadelphia region. not because of the score at the end of the match, but because of who was competing. we'll explain coming up.
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yoko ono the widow of john lenin len lenin -- lennon has flu like symptoms. reports yoko ono had a stroke are not true. and it looks pretty cold as we head into tonight. a big time warmup on the way as we head into tomorrow. i'll have the details in a few minutes in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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a visitation is happening now before a funeral tomorrow for a former ms. new jersey carra mccolum. another memorial service is scheduled in ocean city new jersey. she was a news anchor, she died after a car crash in bad weather. carra was the girlfriend of our friend and colleague tim jones. kids spent thesaturday focug on faith and grace. generation rally. it featured music work shops and interactive exhibits. septais working on a plan to stop at king of prussia mall.
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it would run four to five miles along the pennsylvania turn pike. it would include five stops including two at the king of prussia mall one inside one outside. the project has a ways to go. septa officials will hold a hearing to explain the proposal and get feed back from the community. a young athlete who inspired change in high school sports hit the mat for a first in the philadelphia region. tatiana ortiz is the first female wrestler to qualify for the public league wrestling championships. she competed today. ortiz inspired the philadelphia archdiocese to let boys compete in contact sports against female athletes. she was supposed to take on a top seed catholic lead athlete today. there was a change in the schedule. we have call in to her coach to
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get the results of the match she participated in. you know the saying all good things must come to an end. but in this case, only until next winter. this is the last weekend to enjoy the blue cross rink. there will be arts andcrats for the kids, the blue cross river rink is open until 1:00 a.m. and opens tomorrow from 11:00 until 11:00. all things considered, violetta, a pretty decent weekend to get out and about. >> a little windy but a nice winter afternoon. tomorrow, it's going to actually feel more spring like. we're talking warmer temperature and plenty of sunshine. and it looks like the warmth is going to stick around for a couple of days. we're not talking about a one day deal. sunday and also monday are looking quite warm. we'll talk about the return of stormy weather. we've got a couple of good days.
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44 in philadelphia. our feels like temperature 36. the winds continue in and out of the west at about 14 miles per hour. that's sustained. the wind gusts finally starting to die down. and check out the warm temperatures across the southern plains still in the 70s up to parts of iowa. cold air across the great lakes and northeast. we still have a cold night ahead. make sure you're warm enough. big time changes expected as we head into tomorrow. 40 right now in dover. low 40s across the i-95 corridor. 39 in lancaster, 38 in allen town. 39 in atlantic city and colder towards the poconos. we're looking at dry conditions as we head into tonight. the closest area of precipitation across new york state and southern canada. warm area across the nation's midsection that will shift to the north and east. that will bring us a beautiful sunday afternoon. now, we keep things dry tonight. cold, but less wind.
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we'll going to wake up with temperatures into the 30s. below freezing areas north and west throughout the course of the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. not a cloud in sight. this particular model keeps temperatures into the upper 50s. with plenty of sunshine i'm thinking it will get warmer than that. we keep things dry sunday night. it's monday afternoon. temperatures do remain warm we have a weak front that will move through that can bring spotty showers mostly monday morning. it's not looking like much or prolonged. conditioned will stay warm through your monday afternoon. typically the temperature drops quite a bit we're not looking a a drastic cool down. partly cloudy for tonight with less wind. 35 the low in philadelphia. 28, areas north and west. still cold out there but beautiful as we led into sunday. mostly sunny and little on the breezy side. we're talking about a southwest wind. even that will be on the warm side. sunday looking warm. monday looking warm. upper 50s. perhaps with showers in the morning. but that quickly clears out.
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much of the rest of the afternoon looking nice. again, tuesday, still very warm with temperatures once again. perhaps reaching the low mid 60s before the pattern gets colder and stormy wednesday into the end of the week. i'm danny pommels. the villanova basketball team shows us how good they are at bouncing back. the flyers are contending for a playoff shot. we'll show you how close they are to the post season.
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nbc nightly news is coming up in a new moments. for a preview we check in with lester holt who joins us from los angeles. >> good to see you coming up tonight after the coverage of today's democratic primary in south carolina. the polls will be closing there
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shortly. could the thaw in u.s. cuban relations shut the down to u.s. for cuban immigrants who are normally welcomed in? why more and more cubans are rushing to the american border. we preview the oscars and how the diversity controversy could play out tomorrow night when we see you back here for nbc nightly news. rosemary, for now we'll send it back to you in philly. >> thanks, lester. hey, danny pommels with you. the flyers going for a second straight win. no jake borcheck who is out with a lower body injury. he was seen after the game in a walking boot. he did have jurue. sneaks one. 5 hundredth career point. 2-1 orange and black. 40 seconds later, finished it.
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three assists including 400th care career point. 3-2 in the series. another flyers rush, though. and a second in as many games, flyers win three point behind the penguins who also won today in the wild card race. >> when the whole team is on the same page it makes everybody's job a lot easier. right now we're playing some good hockey because we're playing hard and the right way. we need to keep playing like this. >> two points, we're way bigger than my 400 points. such a big game. we got to get the win at home. >> to the college ranked after wednesday's loss villanova enjoying its final weekend. they needed a win to stay alone at the top of the big east standings. start from nova and josh hart. hits to three. the man in his face.
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seven of eight shooting for him. second half, jenkins, bang in the bucket. he had 19. later it's the csenior connection, 18 points, 11 rebounds. nova winds 89-79. temple hosting central florida. final seconds, decozy. sizing up his defender. nice pump here. the foul line. turned out to be the game winner, temple wins 63-61. jordan price was a man about his business. smooth but moves like an army. 24 points to lead the exploes s exflorrers. 78-68. drexal hosting northeastern. drexal down two. allen going for the win on senior day. clean look, but no. misses off the rim. he's ejected but drexal's 25th
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loss hurts even more. the nfl draft combine continues today. doug peterson taking in the action. theegea the eagles take a quarterback with their selection. al ohio state quarterback cardale jones looks like he suffered a ham string. memphis quarterback, 6'7". not the most talked about quarterback, but he's used to that. >> i'm the type of guy who always finds something, you know, there's always something there. to put a chip on your shoulder and drive yourself to work even harder. that's how it's been for me since i came out of high school. >> all right. let's go to baseball. the phillies play the university of tampa tomorrow. they open grapefruit league tuesday. nolea will pitch the second
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inning. nolla is expected to be the game two starter. even though he's gone to pitch one inning he's taking a serious approach. >> i'm going to treat it as a regular game going in and pitching one and defeating like i usually do. it's what they want us to do anytime i get out the mound, starting off healthy. >> a lot of young guys at phillies string training. that's sports. >> thanks for that. a little bit chilly but the sun was shining. there was a feeling of spring in the air outside reading terminal market for bloom phillies festival ultimate pop up picnic. folks played out door games, bloom philly festival is the official count down for the spring festival. can't believe we're getting out
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of winter family. >> still on the chilly side for tonight. tomorrow, i think we'll be seeing less layers. temperatures anywhere from 10-15 above normal. you want to make sure you're getting out and enjoying that 63 for the high as we wrap up the weekend. it's not going to be a one day deal as we head into monday. slight cooldown with showers early but it's not going to be an all day event. most of us will be at work already. so monday looking good. just as warm if not warmer on tuesday. we want to make sure we enjoy that before the pattern starts to get not only cooler, but also stormier. >> we're still in winter. that's going to do it for us, for violetta danny and all of us i'm rosemary connors we'll see you after the hockey game at 11:00.
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is he unstoppable? as trump soars and get key endorsements, the battle gets ugleer. out of cuba another side of the country's kbaimmigration debates tens of thousands of cubans are being admitted to the u.s. some say it's time to change the law. room for rent how $10 will get you a night inside a famous painting as life imitates art. nightly news begins right now.


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