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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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this is nbc 10 news. right now on "nbc 10 news today." two teenagers are shot in a drive-by shooting in philadelphia. and the whole thing was caught on camera. donald trump is under fire again. this time it's for a campaign endorsement. we'll tell you why trump is being criticized for his reaction. we are tracking rain showers moving into our area and a chilly breeze this morning but later today, good news. it's back to mild temperatures. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. those rain showers, i think they're out west in the pittsburgh area right now.
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>> not here quite yet. >> let's go to meteorologist bill henley. >> that will give you time to find your umbrella. a live view of boathouse row, completely dry. though it is a chilly breeze, it's not a cold one. the temperatures not bad, not for the very end of february. 48 degrees in wilmington, upper 40s in northeast philadelphia. 50 right now in millville. starting to cool down a bit, south philadelphia is now at 43 degrees. radar is clear to start with but here are the showers. they're really starting to lighten up. it looks impressive. a large area in western pennsylvania and central pennsylvania that is seeing rainfall. by the time it gets to us, there will not be a lot of it left. showers sweeping through this morning. the winds at 14 miles an hour, at 7:00, 47 degrees. here comes the rain at 10:00 in philadelphia. it won't last long, not with the winds. those will blow the showers offshore by early this afternoon. 1:00 we'll start to see sunshine and the temperature, a nice
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warmup. 58 degrees and we could hit 60 degrees this morning. we'll see the mild weather this afternoon, we could hit 60 in some areas. i'll go through the forecastç neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> we're still watching an accident scene in montgomery county in worcester on skippack pike and north wales road. watch out for the police activity there on the scene right now. 295 in mt. laurel, new jersey, around route 38, no problems in either direction. the southbound drive times from 38 at this point to the black horse pike. average speeds clocking in at 67 miles an hour. the 12-minute drive times in either direction. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive. we'll check in with the area bridges. vai? >> jessica, thank you. 5:32. two teenagers are in the hospital after they were gunned down in a drive-by shooting.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in university city this morning. what do we know about the shooting? >> well, vai, one of the victims, a 15-year-old boy was taken here to children's hospital yesterday in critical condition. take a look at this surveillance video as i explain to you what police are telling us right now. this was just before 6:00 last night at 31st and tasker in grays ferry. two teens were standing outside a chinese restaurant when a white car rolls by and the teens are shot. one of the teens was able to run a away, the other got inside a restaurant that was right there. witnesses say they heard several shots fired. police say a 17-year-old was hit in the leg and arm. he was able to run to a neighbor's house for safety. that's where police found him inside a little bit later. he's in stable condition at penn presbyterian. the 15-year-old, the one here at c.h.o.p., was hit in the abdomen and foot. he was more seriously injured. police have not specified a
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shooting just yet but neighbors are pretty angry about this. >> it could have been a young kid walking out here. it could have been, you know -- i could have been walking out here. innocent bystanders, people going about their business. it was a sunday, enjoying the day. >> investigators collected evidence in this case. they are looking for the white car you saw in the surveillance video as well as whoever pulled the trigger on these two teens. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. from our delaware bureau, police are investigating three shootings over the weekend in new castle county. the latest crime happened in oakmont. investigators say someone shot a 30-year-old woman in the leg. paramedics treated her at the scene and she is expected to be okay. that shooting followed deadly gunfire saturday night that killed a 31-year-old newark man. and those two incidents came after a shooting in wilmington saturday that left the 41-year-old victim with leg and face injuries. and happening today in new jersey, a look at just how many children are being affected by
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lead poisoning. new jersey congressman frank pallone jr. is expected to testify before the state senate. pallone wants more information about the federal funds the state receives for lead detection. pallone is a top democrat on the house energy and commerce committee. a fight at a party leads to a deadly shooting outside a cherry hill motel. the shooting happening at the inn of the dove around 2:30 sunday morning. police say both of the victims were driveen in a private vehicle to the hospital. a 17-year-old man later died. a ç20-year-old man was treated and released. police say both victims were shot inside a car near the motel's front entrance following a fight at a party inside one of the motel rooms. no arrests have been made. police in toms river are looking for a burglary suspect who broke into a home while a family with children were sleeping these are the surveillance images of the suspect. police say he broke into a home on wyoming drive in ocean county around 4:30 on saturday morning. he walked off with two purses
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before leaving. anyone who recognizes this man, you're asked to call police. meanwhile, in west philadelphia, police are looking for the person who stabbed two men this weekend at a bar. this happened early sunday at the studio 7 bar at 60th and spruce streets. the victims took themselves to the hospital and both men are expected to be okay. turning now to decision 2016. republican white house front-runner donald trump is trying to navigate through another controversy, this one with racial overtones. yesterday, a cnn interviewer asked trump about david duke who used to be the grand wizard of the ku klux klan. duke told a radio audience that voting against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. trump condemned duke on friday and, again after the interview. that didn't stop trump's republicans rivals from pouncing on what he said. here's part of the interview with reaction. >> i don't know anything about david duke. i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're
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talking about. >> the ku klux klan. >> you may have groups that are totally fine and it would be unfair. >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or hatred or bigotry in america. >> trump also took fire from ted cruz who accused trump of not releasing his tax returns because of possible ties to the mafia. polls show that cruz faces an uphill bat toll overtake trump for the gop nomination. you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage of super tuesday. you can track live primary results and get the latest updates from the campaign trail. just download the free nbc 10 app or check out anaheim police released several kkk members from custody after they say evidence shows they acted in self-defense during a weekend brawl. this fight broke out yesterday at an orange county park as the clan members clash with counterprotesters. the brawl led to three people getting stabbed. police say the clan members have the right to defend themselves
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regardless of their beliefs. >> australian survivors of presexual abuse reacted exceptically to testimony from a top vatican official. abuse victims left a rome hotel after listening to cardinal george peltz testify by satellite. he testified that he had difficulty recalling the details of how the melbourne archdiocese responded to abuse allegations when he served as auxiliary bishop there. survivors of abuse say they want answers. >> represent hundreds and hundreds and thousands across australia. there's a long way to go for us. >> cardinals pell is not accused of sexual abuse and denied knowing about active pedophile priests in his australian diocese during his time there in the '70s and '80s. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> 22 minutes before 6:00. it is still february but you wouldn't know it if you stepped out the door. 49 degrees in northeast philadelphia. up by 11 degrees at this hour. got a little bit of a breeze blowing. clouds are starting to move into the area. we're not going to see the bright sunshine we had yesterday, at least not this morning. these clouds sweep in with rain that's been moving through pennsylvania. it will not be an all-day rainfall. showers this morning and this afternoon, 51 degrees in camel back. into the middle 50s for bethlehem, fleetwood and pennsburg. gusty winds blow through with those showers later this morning for souderton and new hope and early this afternoon. in morristown, breaks of sunshine and during the afternoon you'll see those showers, light showers move through ventnor city. near 06 as we clear out this afternoon. the quick-moving showers won't last long. rainfall in philadelphia later this afternoon.
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then we get the temperatures into the upper 50s for woodstown and malvern. we have colder air at the end of the workweek, the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. this monday morning as folks are getting ready to head out the door with their backpack and get kids to school and work. >> yes, a little bit of mild start, which is nice. it would be nicer if the roads were clear. jessica, weigh in on that. >> they actually are still pretty clear. good to go if you're heading out the door in the next couple of minutes. here's the schuylkill expressway. we are starring to pack in the volume. it's not delaying anyone yet. schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive, eastbound drive time still with no problems from the blue route to the vine street expressway. a 12-minute trip there. average speeds in the 60s, 63 miles per hour. we're okay. we have reports of this accident scene in worcester in montgomery county with one person taken to be checked out at the hospital. police activity there on the scene as well.
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skippack pike and north wales road. watch out for that. also heading into new jersey, a new construction layout on route 50 northbound around route 49. that is scheduled until july. plan that into your morning commute or use caution when you're traveling. 46 degrees in the delaware valley at 5:41. it's no secret that the leg room on airplane seats have been shrinking for years. but now, a lawmaker is stepping in and says he wants some changes to the rules. we'll tell you what he's demanding from the airlines. plus, a militia of toddlers. that's what critics are saying about a proposed bill in iowa. and always be part of the conversation here on nbc 10. follow the "nbc 10 news today" team on twitter. our addresses are right here on the screen for you. read our posts or tweet us directly. we'll tweet you right back, right here from the news set.
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welcome back. 5:44. from our trenton bureau, new jersey lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill to cut taxes on retirement income. it would faze in a $100,000
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exemption over three years. four people are dead in a small plane crash in texas. a pilot, his flight instructor and two children are identifies as victims. another pilot spotted the wrkage near the navasota airport yesterday. federal investigators are looking into what caused the crash. and the turkish government pullelç one of that country's independent broadcasters off the air over allegations of spreading terrorist propaganda. the istanbul-based imc network devotes much of its coverage to the kurdish conflict. earlier this month, imc footage triggered an international outcry. a pro-kurdish politician called the decision censorship. call it a case of elephant road rage. take a look as this elephant starts flinging a small vehicle out of its way in india.
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the animal broke loose from a religious festival and went on a rampage as you can see. the two men riding it seemed unfazed and waited for the elephant to calm down. fortunately, no one was hurt. iowa lawmakers are trying to decide if guns should be in the hands of children under the age of 14. iowa lawmakers sent a bill stot state senate that would allow children under the age of 14 to shoot handguns. they are already allowed to shoot rifles at any age. while supporters say the measure brings iowa law up to date with most of the other states, opponents argue it's creating a, quote, militia of toddlers. >> give the power back to where it belongs, back in the hands of the parents. >> we pass laws for those parents who lack the parenting skills needed to protect their own children. >> federal law, still makes it illegal for minors to purchase guns. the bill now goes to the state senate. ever try to squeeze into one of those tiny airline seats? we all have. and a new york lawmaker wants
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the government to join the fight for more seat room on airlines. new york senator chuck schumer says he thinks the faa should require airlines to abide by a seat size guideline. he says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches. it has now shrunk to an average of 31 inches. the width of the seats has also shrunk. schumer says he'll introduce a seat size guideline amendment to the faa reauthorization act that is pending in congress right now. >> as you pay more and more for tickets at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated like a sardine. >> a vote on the faa reauthorization bill is expected next month. they rolled out the red carpet in center city to help people in need. volunteers of america delaware valley held their 17th annual red carpet gala at the loews hotel last night. folks enjoyed the full hollywood experience. while raisin money to support homeless families and veterans in the delaware valley. a big congratulations to
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andrew clark of malvern prep. he was named the leukemia and lymphoma society student of the year. he was one of three who raised more than $171,000 for the organization. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:48. and it is mild and right now dry. you can see mostly clear skies over philadelphia. just a few thin clouds. not much wind just yet. but both of those things will change. the wind will be increasing, clouds will be coming in. 47 degrees. that's 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. we'll be heading to near 60 this afternoon. view from the pocono mountains, the flag is blowing there. the winds have started to kick in. those winds come with rain that will quickly pof through the area. as far as the warmup, already 20 degrees warmer in pottstown compared to yesterday. southwesterly winds helping with the warmup today. they're a bit stronger in delaware and south jersey. they'll stay with us into the this afternoon.
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here come the clouds, though. the bright sunshine we saw all day long yesterday. it's not going to repeat. these clouds will bring us some rain. it's been falling on western and central pennsylvania. it's really been starting to taper off. it's starting to shrink and it will not be all that impressive by the time it gets to us. this is 10:00 this morning. light rain will have cleared philadelphia and be moving offshore with sunshine for us this afternoon. and that will warm things up, in spite of the wind. so the forecast for today is calling for light showers, moving through late this morning and early this afternoon. then they're out of here, temperatures peaking in the upper 50s and low 60s with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour this afternoon. winds will die down tonight. tomorrow, a little chillier in the morning. 38 degrees but another mild afternoon with the breeze blowing out of the southwest, warm temperatures on tuesday. another round of gusty winds and wet weather for wednesday. and sunshine and chillier thursday and a chance we'll see rain and snow on friday.
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40 degrees friday afternoon. by saturday, partly sunny, then you'll need your wet weather gear again on sunday with a chance of some rain showers, high of 51 degrees. >> all right, bill, thank you so much. 5:50 right now. a mixed bag looking at the week. still on the mild side. >> we like it mild and especially for commuters in the lehigh valley if it's mild out there on the roads, jessica boyington checking in. jessica? >> it is. mondays seem to be more of a quiet drive for a little bit later into the morning commute. we will start to see that volume added later on. for right now, you're okay if you're heading out the door. it's just before 6:00 in the morning. we are in the lehigh valley. no big backups or delays behind any of that. in montgomery county, there's an accident right now, one person being taken to be checked out for injuries out in worcester, skippack pike and north wales
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road. mass transit, septa train number 326 is running 22 minutes late this morning. check before you go. katy and vai. jessica, thank you. it's something that comes around every four years, leap day. ahead at 6:00, we'll tell you about the special day and the deals that come along with it. nice. plus, hungry hollywood. that's a box of girl scout cookies in chris rock's hand. how rock used star power to help out his daughters. i get out of work and i go to the store,
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and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. your morning drive will be okay so far, especially if you're heading out the door on route 73 around the berlin circumstance until berlin, new jersey. that traffic headed maybe towards the tacony palmyra bridge and having no scheduled openings there. mass transit, 22 minute delays on elwyn train 326 on septa. more updates when i come back in the 6:00 hour. family and friends remember
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cara mccollum. she was laid to rest in arkansas. a memorial service will be held on saturday, march 12th april the ocean city tabernacle. cara died last monday following a car crash in bad weather. she was a news anchor at çsny today based in millville, cumberland county and was the girlfriend of nbc 10's keith jones. from our delaware bureau, there's a pull outbreak at the howard r. young correctional institution in dover. health officials confirm 18 cases so far. they're evaluating six more potential cases. the prison canceled all visits and programs until further notice to prevent further spread of the virus. happening today, officials swear in dozens of people as u.s. citizens. 33 people from more than 20 countries will take the citizenship oath in mt. laurel,
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burlington county. congressman tom macarthur will be there. president obama will honor senior chief edward byers jr. for his part in a hostage rescue mission in afghanistan in december of 2012. defense department officials said byers will be the first living s.e.a.l. to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. he has two purple hearts and five bronze stars for heroism. in golf, the right slacks can make the man unless of course he takes them off to play the game. take a brief look at gary woodland at the pga event in florida yesterday. he stripped off his white pants so they couldn't get dirty during his shot near the water. and look at this shot here. for me, that would be a nice shot. but for him not so much. he hits this shot here, gets into the bunker. not so good. well, chris rock used his
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time as host of the oscars to address the serious issue of diversity at the academy awards but he also used stage time to help his daughter sell girl scout cookies, yes, to the star-studded audience. rock explained that his daughters came in second place in their troop after selling a measly $600 worth of cookies. he urged the crowd to buy some of the snacks. the comedian later announced the grand total to the audience which he said was more than $65,000. >> what? you're kidding. ♪ the feeling of your skin locked in my head ♪ >> "the voice" returns tonight, one of the contestants auditioning in the season premiere is mike schiavo from middlesex county. "the voice" airs tonight at 8:00 here on nbc 10. love that show. this morning, philadelphia police are trying to track down gunmen who opened fire on two teens standing outside a
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restaurant. >> this happened in philadelphia. live outside the children's hospital of philadelphia where one of the teens is being treated we'll have an update for you on his condition as well as the case.
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nbc 10 news starts now. a drive-by shooting in grays ferry leaves two teenagers shot. police are using surveillance footage to track down the gunmen. >> teens with guns could soon be legal in one state. some claim the law would create a militia of toddlers. i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> from the beginning, host chris rock gave his take on the diversity controversy. as to the awards, there was a mix of expected and unexpected winners. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." it is 6:00 a.m. on your monday, i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. 46 degrees right now in the delaware valley.


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