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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> if you don't want to see trump as the no, ma'ampy, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, then stand with us on super tuesday. >> today marks the biggest one-day prize in the race for the white house. and mayor jim kenney wants to improve philadelphia schools by making communities. and getting your caffeine fix could soon cost you more money in philadelphia.
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6:00 a.m., good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, i heard you say snow shovels, we both did. i think sunglasses will also be in the order for the day as w l well. >> you'll need sunglasses, in fact, sun glare will rear its evil head in probably about half an hour. it will be bright. thin, scattered clouds in the distance. this is what we'll see all day. a beautiful day to start march off. though it is chilly, colder than yesterday. milldille is just below freezing, down to 33 degrees in pottstown. that's falling rapidly. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, that was at 42. now 32 in south philadelphia with very little wind or no wind. dry air, pockets of colder air just like that. look how quickly it changes. 5th and wharton, 42 degrees.
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the influence of water won't have much of an affect during the day. the sunshine will. bright, sunny skies from 8:00 into this afternoon. the temperatures, nowhere near as windy as yesterday. picks up some this afternoon, southeast at 14 miles an hour. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast to show you how warm it will get where you live when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching the first alert traffic. >> we're watching where you drive pretty much. around route 73, around the atlantic city expressway. no problems in either direction, whether you're headed to new jersey or down the shore. in montgomery county, an accident scene on bethlehem pike and unionville pike. the boulevard lacking okay. this is right around broad street. more traffic heading out the door. if you're headed southbound towards the schuylkill
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expressway from the boulevard you will be vine for right now. another update within i come back in the next ten. decision 2016. today is that day, super tuesday. >> the presidential candidates want to cash in on the delegates in more than a dozen states. 13 states and one u.s. territory will hold primaries or caucuses. republican donald trump is expected to win most of those states but not without some issues. several protesters disrupted trump's rally in virginia yesterday. >> then i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say he's a con man. ted cruz is smarter. he's a smarter person than rubio but he's so strident. folks, it's not going to work. >> a trump rally in virginia got rowdy when several protesters interrupted the candidate. gop hopefuls ted cruz and marco rubio need a surge of support
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today. >> they continue attacking donald trump at their campaign stops yesterday. >> we are not going to give up our freedom, we're not going to do it! >> what he's saying to people isn't true. it doesn't match his record, yet somehow it's gotten to this point, it's gotten too far. >> polls show rube yes and cruz trailing trump by double digits in many of the states involved in today's voting. the democratic front-runner hillary clinton is looking for double digit polling to hold up for her in the super tuesday states. the former secretary of state is expected to win most of today's contests. her rival, bernie sanders, reminded sporers of his strategy for today. >> super tuesday is what happens here in minnesota. we can win, no question, here in minnesota, if we have a turnout. >> senator sanders is looking to regain the momentum he got after trouncing hillary clinton in new hampshire's primary. now in 15 minutes on nbc 10 we'll be speaking live with nbc
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political director chuck todd. then on the "today" show, we'll have reporters stand out across the country covering the rallies and the speeches. tonight, it's a special one-hour edition of "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, dedicated to today's primaries and caulks. new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman after a double shooting in hunting park. investigators say a north percy street resident shot two men in their 20s who were renting another room in the same house. doctors are treating the victims at temple university hospital. 65067:05, 38 degrees. new information on the man caught trying to pass himself off as a high school student. it turns out 23-year-old artur samarin applied to and was accepted into a citizens police academy. he had a driver's license and social security card for his alias, asher potts. after he attended three classes,
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police got a called that he was artur samarin, a ukrainian citizen. he was arraigned on charges yesterday, including identity theft. you may remember in the fall, nbc 10's katy zachry travelled to cincinnati with mayor jim kenney and his team to tour one of the most successful community schools in the country. now katy is talking to the woman appointed to help turn philadelphia schools into neighborhood hubs where students don't just learn. they can also get medical care and social services as well. she joins us live in center city. good morning, katy. >> good morning, vai. let me tell you, one of the most interesting points about this concept is that it's not just students who would benefit but entire neighborhoods would be made better. >> the mayor has said we want to have 25 community schools in place in the first four years. >> reporter: a big goal for an even bigger idea. susan gobreski is director of community schools for philadelphia, a new role under may irjim kenney.ç
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there will be health and social service offices inside the school, maybe even a police substation, day care or classes for adults. >> a lot of schools have pieces in motion. so they have partnerships. they have strong parental involvement. they're starting to make connections with health centers. we have university that are looking to see what they can do. >> reporter: gobreski says there will be overwhelming community involvement and meetings to hear specific needs from each neighborhood. those which will become community schools have not been decided. the principal at james logan elementary in north philadelphia hope it's one of the first. >> number five is "o." >> reporter: already at this school, there are partnerships with la salle university and big brothers, big sisters as well as offices run by outside agencies
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that offer social services to kids and their parents. >> it's extremely helpful. they're here all day long. they work with students in class and it's very convenient for the parents to have an appointment that's around the corner. >> i think everyone is watching and thinking about how they can get involved. which i think is a great thing. >> reporter: a note about funding here. idea is this wouldn't be any additional cost for the district or city but instead, the outside partners who come into the school build be would cover the cost of their operations there. we're told the first public community meeting on this should be scheduled for the next few weeks. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and one of the ways that mayor kenney wants to pay for the community schools is through a soda tax that he plans to introduce this thursday to city council. the tax would be 3 cents per ounce, 36 cents on a 12 ounce can of soda but only on sugary beverages. diet sodas would not be included. the tax would be leave
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individual on distributors. >> we don't make that much money on soda as it is. whatever prices they raise to us one we'll have to raise to the consumer. >> two previous attempts to enact a soda tax in philadelphia both failed partly because then city councilman kenney opposed the tax. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 6:00. skies are clear. it's getting chilly this morning. the temperatures are cooling down now. the 1st of march, sunshine, nothing but sunshine and the temperatures will warm up with much less wind than yesterday. but enjoy it today. because tomorrow i'm tracking rain and wind and colder temperatures. this morning there are colder spots, 35 degrees in doylestown, millville at 30, below çfreezi. 40 in northeast philadelphia and with sunshine in the pocono mountains, the temperatures will climb quickly during the day today. it will be a beautiful day on the slopes. in fact, the entire area will
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see sunshine. no clouds this morning. the only thing clouds are moving through the pocono mountains. you saw how thin they were on the live picture. we are on track for sunny skies an a quick warmup, too. much less wind today compared to yesterday for doylestown, norristown and mount holly. at the shore, a bit of a breeze, that keeps it chillier. you'll need your sunglasses and you'll be able to ditch the jacket this afternoon. 58 degrees today in philadelphia. but a much different picture for tomorrow. in fact, the colder air that moves in tomorrow might be cold enough for snow later in the week. we've got the seven-day forecast, a look at that possibility when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. 6:10 this first day of march. we want to take a look at the roads, specifically 95. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic
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reporter jessica boyington has that. what are you seeing, jessica? >> 59 gathering a little bit of volume. if you're around girard avenue right now, you'll start to see -- you're seeing that increase. only 15 minutes right now still with the drive time, southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway at that point. average speeds starting to drop into the 50s. we'll obviously keep you updated for the rest of the morning. here's 95 throughout delaware. 95 southbound to exit 7b at route 52. it's supposed to be opening at some point today. 95 northbound around 202 and adams street is going to be closed until march 21st. drive times still doing okay. i have updates for you for new jersey transit when i come back in the next ten. 6:11 right now. a community is coming together to stop the violence. how pastors in philadelphia are answering a call to action. next on "nbc 10 news today," a power struggle that is shaking up the delaware town.
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6:15. in south jersey, a lost smoke and flames but nothing to worry about this morning. this is a controlled burn at the penn state forest in burlington county. regrow. from our delaware bureau, residents of middletown say they're tired of being kept in the dark about a proposed power plant. the natural gas power plan the would be built around 301 at the the middletown technology center near the center of town. they've sent a petition with hundreds of signatures to the mayor and town council asking for a meeting. >> we're not saying, you know, throw the whole project out without question, the thing i've been asking from the beginning is, if this is such a great project, just show us. >> we reached out to
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middletown's mayor for comment. a former hospital worker is expected to plead guilty in the murder of two virginia college students. the prosecutor announced plea deals with jesse leroy matthew jr. yesterday. he faces charges in the killing of hannah graham and worthington. classes cancelled in one ohio school district after a 14-year-old student opened fire in his school. two students were injured by gunfire and two others hurt in the ensuing chaos. all will be okay. it happened in the cafeteria after the madison junior-senior high school yesterday in middletown, ohio. police say they do know the motive of the 14-year-old boy accused of shooting his classmates but are not revealing this at this point. check out this fiery scene in san francisco. a bus caught fire at a gas station. the workers quickly turned off the pumps. the bus driver pulled into the gas station when he noticed his
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bus was overheating. he whacked into the gas station store and that's when the bus burst into flames. no one was hurt. happening today, a new community development project gets under way that's expected to create 140 permanent jobs in north philadelphia. ground breaking will happen this afternoon for the plaza allegheny project. the shopping center will transform more than nine acres of vacant land and junkyards around 2nd and allegheny. >> 17 past 6:00. time to get a look at traffic. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> we have updates right now. if you take new jersey transit, pay attention. the northeast corridor service is suspended between trenton and princeton junction in both directions due to a trespasser fatality. a person on the tracks or something of the sort like that. there will be an accident investigation, of course, under way whenever there is a fatality. train 3808 from new brunswick is also canceled.
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we'll have more updates. also watch forç an accident sce in montgomery county and lower pottsgrove, high street and south sanitoga road. the vine street expressway is doing okay. this is actually around 8th estate. no problems in either direction. westbound traffic this here heading to the schuylkill is okay. no problem or delay, also eastbound headed to 95. more updates on mass transit when i come back. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we have a chilly start this morning. temperatures have been falling under clear skies. 18 minutes after 6:00. the numbers are still coming down. the wind has already died down. it's so windy, winds got close to 40 miles an hour in the afternoon. just a general breeze blowing. we're cleared for sunshine today. 39 at philadelphia international, 10 degrees colder than yesterday. we will not see any wet weather today. we won't get the strong, gusty winds and we're about to get
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bright sunshine. we're just a few minutes away from sunrise this morning, coming up just after 6:30 this morning. bright sunshine all day long. we got our own super tuesday with a nice warmup in store. there are colder areas. look at millville, 30 degrees, 32 in wrightstown and bucks county, it's dropped into the 30s for langhorne. 38 degrees in warrenton. you'll need a jacket or winter coat but not this afternoon. perkasie 38 degrees. it will be dry and clear and comfortable with afternoon temperatures warming into the 50s today. enjoy it today because tomorrow that is going to change. it arrives first thing in the morning. rain and snow. but the snow misses us to the north. the cold air will arrive after that rain comes through. it's going to be moving into the area early tomorrow morning. the clouds arrive first by wednesday morning. tomorrow morning, just after midnight at 1:00, a steadier rain in mound pocono.
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it will move through quickly. 5:00 in the morning, light rain showers. the heavier stuff is to the south. it's out of here by 10:00 in the afternoon. sunshine tomorrow but you'll feel the gusty will that will follow and bring in colder air and give us a chance that the next storm system will bring us snow. that chance will come on friday. this computer model shows it thursday afternoon at 4:00, the snow in western pennsylvania and by evening time, we could see light snow in delaware, south jersey into southeastern pennsylvania and into maryland, too. just a chance of some light snow. there's still time for this one to thin out a bit. but we'll be watching friday closely. and enjoying today. sunshine, a light breeze, temperatures into the 50s this afternoon. enjoy it today. tomorrow we'll be colder. 48 in the morning, drops to 47 in the afternoon. the gusty winds blow the rain out of here. during the daytime, it's going to be dry and then it gets cooler for thursday, sunshine,
6:21 am
41 after a morning low of 27 degrees. possibility of light snow on friday. we dry out on saturday. a chance of a quick shower on sunday, then monday warmer up to 55 degrees. >> already, thank you, bill. for the first time in ten years, justice clarence thomas asked questions during a supreme court argument. he asked ten questions to a justice department attorney. that attorney was defending a federal law that bans anyone who has a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from owning a gun. in years past, thomas has offered several reasons for not asking questions from the bench. in 2012 he said it's not unusual, stressing that notable justices, thurgood marshall and william brennan rarely did. super tuesday coverage, count it on throughout the day. governor christie is backing donald trump as you know, not because of his policies. he has a more pragmatic reason.
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we'll hear from the governor coming up at 6:30. a judge's ruling in new york could help apple in a case 3,000 miles away. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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it's 6:25. in south jersey, parents and students are working to save their elementary school. evesham township school district officials held a meeting last night to unveil plans to consolidate the district's seven elementary schools to six. florence evans elementary school would close. opponents say the school is needed but district leaders say the move will save more than $1.4 million per year. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. right now we're watching route 202 around the schuylkill expressway. no real problems right there at that point in either direction. we're starting to see the added volume around the schuylkill
6:26 am
expressway or anywhere heading into the center city area, of course, i have updates for you on new jersey transit and i will go over those when i come back at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> looking good today, jessica. lots of sunshine. that's a live view2from the cae mama rina. 38 degrees here at shore. big changes ahead. hour by hour forecast coming up. thank you, bill. erin andrews takes the stand. >> they were screaming that i was naked all over the internet and i didn't know what it was. >> her stalker was caught but andrews explains why her nightmare continues. and tempers flare at a donald trump rally and ends with a confrontation between two people working the event.
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this is nbc 10 news. 6:30 and super tuesday is here. polls are now open in some of the states holding primaries. and republican and democratic presidential candidates are campaigning fast and furious. >> kids are out here killing people. >> we're losing all our kids in the streets. >> today a philadelphia community is looking for answers to solve the city's gun violence problem. and we're off to a chilly start. but a beautiful day is on the way. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30, 38 degrees outside but it will warm up nicely. let's go to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> count on a big warmup today. the wind has died down, sunshine will be bright. a live view of the sunrise from cape may. you'll see sunshine all day long. you'll need the sunglasses today. you'll need a jacket this morning. it is in the 30s in
6:31 am
philadelphia, barely into the 30s. colder in millville, pottstown low 30s and 20s for the pocono mountains. we have a ways to go. it will be a fast warmup thanks to clear skies and a light breeze. 42 degrees by 8:00. then we're into the low 50s. 2:00 this afternoon, a 14 mile-an-hour wind. 56 degrees by 2:00. i think it will get warmer than that. i'll go through the forecast highs when i come back neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching a few things as well. one in montgomery county and lowerç pottsboro, high street d south sanatoga road. new jersey transit, one-hour delays. we had a cancellation on the northeast corridor service it's because a trespasser fatality was near a jersey avenue
6:32 am
station. an accident investigation under way there. northeast corridor train 3815 from new york penn station is also kanls cancelled this morni. here's the 42 freeway at the new jersey turnpike. another update when i come back in the next ten. now to decision 2016. we just got the latest nbc news survey monkey poll heading into super tuesday. for the republicans, registered voters, front-runner donald trump 40%, marco rubio 21%, ted cruz 18%. in the democratic race for the white house, same poll, showed hillary clinton tops bernie sanders 51% to 41%. both the democrats and the republican candidates are looking to score some big points today. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the national constitution center for a closer look at what's at stake today. matt? >> a lot is at stake, tracy. here at the head the to the
6:33 am
white house exhibit at the national constitution center. learn about the primaries, the primaries and why they're held. you can also learn about super tuesday, a day that started back in the 1980s. this is a very important day for the 2016 election. about a dozen states will hold primaries or caulks today. hillary clinton and donald trump, the front-runners, they have opportunities to really run up the delegate score. in 2008, 24 states held their primary on super tuesday. this year it's about half that. more typical number. pennsylvania, new jersey an delaware will not be among them. pennsylvania and delaware will be next month and new jersey is in june. >> historically pennsylvania, new jersey haven't really ever attempted to move up their primary dates to be a part of that day. they kept it where they were -- our normal primaries at the end of the april. we don't attempt to move up during a presidential year.
6:34 am
that hasn't been a motivating factor in pennsylvania. >> we asked people if the primaries should be moved up to have a bigger impact on political momentum? >> this is the kind of first day where you can have a bunch of states after those early primary states, they all want to see that influencing state to help build up the delegate total for one candidate or another. >> we also talked with folks from our area about that. i'm thinking it would beç a go idea, others think it would make it harder to decide who to vote for. we'll keep an eye on the developments all day. looking ahead, march 15th, two weeks from now, another big day, states with big delegate counts, including florida. the next couple weeks will be very important for this election process. live in the the national constitution center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a donald trump rally in
6:35 am
virginia yesterday turned rowdy. a news photographer gets into a tussle with i secret service agent. here's more of it the agent grabbed the photo journalist by the throat, threw him to the ground. the photographer was detained and later released. 6:35. chris christie is defending his endorsement of donald trump on a radio show last night, the new jersey governor was asked about his decision to support his formal rival. >> donald trump has won three of the first four primaries. i've known him for 14 years. he will probably win at least 7 or 8 of the 11 primaries with be if not more, tomorrow night. he'll be the republican nominee for president an i want to make sure hillary clinton doesn't win. >> christie also said he doesn't foresee running again but couldn't say for spurn that he would never seek the presidency again. super tuesday is a critical time for the 2016 presidential election and the entire nbc hamfy has you covered today. first make sure you have the nbc 10 app. the app will tell you everything
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you need to know, including realtime election results. stopping the gun violence that's killing young people. >> that's the goal of a faith huff based meeting today at philadelphia city hall. city councilman kenyatta johnson is hosting dozens of pastors for the discussion. he call ed for an end to gun violence. nbc 10 was at a community meeting in south philadelphia not far from where a drive-by shooting on sunday wounded two teenagers. mayor jim kenney told neighbors he wants to use money from a proposed soda tax to fix up rec centers. neighbors we spoke to get parents and police have to step up. >> young boys. this violence in this world is crazy and it has to stop.
6:37 am
>> kids is getting killed nor no reason. it's just too much. >> community\activists say they'll be coming up with more plans to help solve the problem of gun violence. sportscaster erin andrew ;háears as she took the stand in a $75 million lawsuit. the sports reporter tearfully described to a nashville jury yesterday what happened in september of '08. that's when michael david barrett requested a hotel room right next to her, altered a peephole and secretly recorded her naked. barrett served 2 1/2 years for his crime. andrews said it traumatized her. she's suing barrett and the marriott. >> somebody sends a still of the video to my twitter or someone screams it at me in the stands and i'm right back to this.
6:38 am
a win for apple. a judge ruled yesterday that the justice department cannot force apple to hack an iphone. this ruling was part of a routine drug case in brooklyn but it could help in apple's fight in the case involving the phone used by the terrorist in san bernardino. apple takes the position that it violates privacy rights and national security. 22 minutes before 7:00. we're getting a pretty chilly start this morning with temperatures falling. we dropped from the 40s into the 30s in philadelphia since we went on the air. we have a super tuesday of our own on the way. it won't be voting but beautiful sunshine and a quick warmup, too. betteren joy tuesday. wednesday is going to be rainy and windy and chilly. i'm tracking rain that should be here first thing tomorrow morning. 28 degrees in the pocono mountains. skies are nice and sunny, 40 in northeast philadelphia.
6:39 am
atlantic city dropped to 36 degrees. it will be chillier at the shore. the mountains, a few, thin clouds. this is blue mountain. the winds have really died down, just a five mile-an-hour wind in the pocono mountains. calm for pottstown, reading and millville. with the calmer temperatures and very dry air and clear skies, when that combines, that's when you get your colder mornings. the satellite is clear. we'll get plenty of sunshine today. the few scattered clouds that we spotted in the pocono mountains, those will thin out and sunshine to warm things up in the mountains. 49 degrees in camel back. fleetwood and bethlehem, pennsburg, all into the 50s today. a gentle breeze blowing this morning, souderton, abington, 52 degrees. cooler with an easterly breeze for avalon and ventnor city but millville up to 54. a bit warmer in delaware at smyrna. nothing but sunshine for philadelphia. 5 degrees this çafternoon. upper 50s in malvern and
6:40 am
woodstown. it won't be this warm at the end the week. with colder air around, there's a possibility we'll see wintry conditions, some snow. en have the had to say that lately. that's on the seven-day forecast. i have that for you when i'm back in ten minutes. >> wow. okay. yesterday i got to roll my windows down. i suspect, not now but later today, you'll be able to roll your windows down. >> let's check in with jessica boyington and the schuylkill. >> the schuylkill expressway, starting to see the normal delays. headed towards the center city area, this is around the conshohocken curve. you can see we do have more of a delay headed eastbound in here towards the center city area, the westbound lanes doing better. we still have basically slow in both directions. mass transit, an update for new jersey transit. we're at an hour delay on the northeast corridor because of a trespasser fatality near a
6:41 am
jersey avenue station. that's one-hour delay between trenton and metro park and train 3815 is canceled because of this. the on ramp to 295 southbound is also closed in delaware. updates on all of this when i come back in ten. the zika virus reaches philadelphia. >> what we're learning about the victim and where she may have gotten the virus. pothole season is here. just ahead, we'll tell you how you cowl be the solution to the delaware valley's pothole problem. slow, building african-style m
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the only monkeying around today at the philadelphia zoo will be done by the employees. the zoo is closed to the public so the staff can get ready for spring. workers will be planting gardens, mulching flower beds
6:45 am
and cleaning the exhibits. the zoo will re-open to the public tomorrow. local prosecutors are fighting bill cosby's attempts to delay his preliminary hearing on sex assault charges. montgomery county's district attorney filed paperwork yesterday asking a judge to deny cosby's appeal. the comedian's lawyers want a probable cause hearing delayed while they try to have the case thrown out. the d.a. says the appeal is not urgent. the hearing is scheduled for march 8thç. the zika virus officially arrived in philadelphia. the health department officially confirmed the first case on monday. a 60-year-old woman contracted the virus during a recent trip to the caribbean. we're told the woman was never hospitalized and is already recovering. pennsylvania has seen five confirmed cases of the zika virus. new jersey has two cases and officials confirmed one case in the state of delaware. a new jersey state trooper is claiming that officers boosted diversity at the police academy by ignoring background checks. an acting sergeant filed a
6:46 am
whistle-blower lawsuit. she claims that state police re-assigned her and would not pro-meet her after she flagged police applicants with criminal records. a state police spokesman told nbc 10 he can't comment on the lawsuit. he did tell us that state police are putting more effort into recruiting qualified and diverse applicants. play ball. phillies start their official preseason this afternoon when they host the blue jays in clear water. the phanatic and friends helped greet fans aive aring e -- arri in tampa yesterday. nbc 10 is your home for the phillies home opener and we have you covered on monday, april 11th with our welcome home phillies special. first pitch at 3:00 p.m. it's all right hô@ldx on nbc 10. meanwhile, parts of lancaster county continue to rebuild following storms and a tornado last week. >> the wild weather caused millions of dollars in damage.
6:47 am
skyforce 10 flew over salisbury township yesterday. you could see more than a dozen workers framing a house an what's left of a hen house. county officials said the wild weather damaged -- >> winds of up to 125 miles an hour was responsible. no one was killed or seriously injured. police are cleaning up in northampton county. crews worked to steady this bulling in easton yesterday. storms last week caused heavy damage. officials said it could take a week to demolish the building. they said surrounding businesses would not be affected. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> got some sunshine to start things off today. look how clear it is. that's a live view from the comcast center in center city. but with clear skies, the 1st of march is running chillier, down by ten compared to yesterday. 6:47 now. we are enjoying plenty of
6:48 am
sunshine in philadelphia. look at the reflection off the buildings. and the river barely moving. the water is calm. the winds have died down overnight. just a 6 mile-an-hourç breeze philadelphia international. 39 now. we'll be closer to 60 degrees this afternoon. warming up about 20 degrees this afternoon. look at this beautiful view from the marina. cape may, a little bit of sunshine there and the wind is very calm there. winds start to increase this afternoon but that will actually help boost our temperatures. low 30s pottstown, now 33 degrees, coatesville at 37 along with wilmington. northeast philadelphia at 40 degrees and at the shore, that's a bill bit warmer for north cape may at 44. cape may at 40 degrees. inland, you can see cape may courthouse, woodbine in the 30s for ocean view while sea isle city is 44 degrees. there are chilly pockets but no clouds, no sign of wet weather. with sunshine, we'll see a quick warmup today. but tomorrow is a completely different animal.
6:49 am
tomorrow, wet weather, that's snow and rain moving into the midwest. that storm system will give us rain. it starts early tomorrow morning. look at the rain coming down allentown, reading, lancaster. that's at 1:00 in the morning tomorrow. it will be fast moving, it sweeps through philadelphia. about a quarter inch or more on the ground by then. by 7:00, that rain is at the shore and it will quickly move offshore for tomorrow afternoon. then we're watching a storm system that will be coming together in the midwest once again. another round of rain and snow but with colder air in place after tomorrow's rain, there's a possibility we'll see snow falling, late thursday night and into friday morning. this is thursday afternoon at 4:00. it's all way to the west. the clouds will be increasing and by thursday night, we could see light snow starting to fall in the area. that's 10:00 thursday and that would continue into friday morning. possibility. we'll be watching friday closely and thursday night, too. enjoying today.
6:50 am
sunny skies. a light breeze. temperatures in the middle to upper 50s this afternoon. tomorrow, a cold wind blowing. 40s in the morning, 40s in the afternoon. in fact it gets colder during the day. the rain quickly moves out. we'll be drying out in the afternoon and cooler with sunny skies on thursday. with that colder air for thursday, that will set the stage for a possibility of light snow on friday. that mavs out for saturday. then a chance of a quick-moving shower on sunday and warmup for monday back into the 50s. thank you, bill. new information about a story we told you about last week. about children raising money for play ground repairs in chestnut hill. here's proof that every penny can count. the children raised more than $4,000 to save their playground at john story jenks school. td bank kicked in $2,000. >> they took it to the td bank'ç penny arcade and dumped in all their change and were able to raise that much money.
6:51 am
>> reminds me of that "seinfeld" episode with kramer goes to the store with bags of change. just to check and see how traffic is moving and flowing into philadelphia from new jersey to philadelphia. this is the base of the bridge heading into philly, before you approach the vine street expressway, you can start to see a little bit of that slowdown gather at the bottom. you'll be stuck at the light for five minutes or so. that's typically what happens before you get to the vine street expressway. you can see it starts to slow down just at the end or at least midspan of the bridge heading from new jersey into philadelphia, being worse, heading from philadelphia into new jersey. 95, you do have to travel on 95. we're doing okay. this is a normal commute. at cottman avenue, southbound drive time right here, woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, we're in the ayello, a 23-minute trip.
6:52 am
we are still dealing with one-hour delays in the northeast corridor because of a fatality near jersey avenue station causing those delays between trenton and metro park and northeast corridor train 3815 is also canceled. >> thank you, jessica. recent weather conditions are causing potholes to form on local roads. officials say drivers should use extra caution. the fluctuation in temperatures combined with melting snow and ice are the perfect recipe for potholes. penndot is asking you to report problem spots by calling 1-800-fix-road. that way they can get cruise out to fix the problems before they get any worse or damage more cars. you're going to need specifics about the location of the potho potholes. you'll need to know the state route and segment number. know the city, town and county where potholes are located and try and list landmarks that will help crews find the troubled spots.
6:53 am
find the number for penndot's pothole line on nbc 10's app. erin andrews takes the stand. the private moment that became public and still haunts her. republican and democratic candidates gear up for super tuesday. we'll take a closer look at what's at stake. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.
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it is just about 7:00 this tuesday morning and 38 degrees in philadelphia. time to get a check of the stories you need to know about as you begin your morning. >> we begin with super tuesday and nbc 10's matt delucia. >> tracy and vai, super tuesday, it is the day with the biggest
6:57 am
delegate count that can really help with the elections here. more than 500 for the gop, more than 1,000 up for the democrats. more than a dozen states hold primaries or caucuses today. here are a few things to watch today, hillary clinton and donald trump have opportunities to run up the delegate score. marco rubio, republican, looking for his first win and republican ted cruz is trying to improve on his third place finishes in south carolina and nevada. we'll be keeping an eye on all the developments throughout the day this super tuesday. live at the national constitution center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thank you. today, local pastors will meet to find ways to curb gun violence. a weekend drive-by shooting in south philadelphia wounded two teens. sports reporter aurn andrews is expected to testify again today in the $75 million lawsuit. she's suing her stalker and hotel for damages after that
6:58 am
stalker requested a room next to her, altered a peephole, secretly recorded here naked and posted it online. digital privacy versus national security. apples lawyer testify this afternoon at a congressional hearing and so will be the fbi director. the government has been battling with ale over hacking iphones in criminal cases. plus, this -- >> community schools could soon become a real thing in philadelphia. that's where traditional schools are transformed outside partners like hospitals or universities are brought in to run clinics or social service centers for students, their parents and the surrounding neighborhood. mayor jim kenney wants to create 25 community schools by the end of his first term. he recent hired someone to spear head the process and she tells us communities will be largely involved in deciding which of those traditional schools are transformed. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today, astronaut
6:59 am
scott kelly is getting ready to return to earth after almost a year in space. kelly handed over command of the international space station yesterday to a fellowç america astronaut. kelly's 340-day mission will come to an end tomorrow. his record-setting trip has lasted 125 days longer than any previous nasa mission. we're coming to a halt this morning on the schuylkill expressway. good morning, everybody, jessica boyington, checking in with the sexual kill around city avenue westbound, a 20-minute drive time from the vine to the blue route. check for delays for new jersey transit, if you normally take that, an hour delay still this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a chilly start this morning but we'll see these numbers turn around in a hurry. 30s for pottstown and atlantic city, 41 degrees. it already started to warm up in philadelphia. sunshine we've seen since 6:30 when it came up, starting to warm temperatures up, into the
7:00 am
upper 50s this afternoon. >> be sure to download the nbc 10 app for the information you need, weather and traffic. "today" show is next. thanks for watching. good morning. march madness. voters in 12 states head to the polls on this super tuesday. the most crucial day of the election so far. crump and clinton way out in front. will they deliver knockout blows or can rubio, cruz and sanders hang on? our decision 2016 team has it covered from every angle. the director of the fbi and one of apple's top executives facing off in congress today in their battle over unlocking iphones, as a judge deals the government a big blow in court. tearful testimony. erin andrews breaks down over the video of her most private moments she says left her humiliated and ashamed. >> everybody said i was


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