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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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so many delegates up. lauren mayk has been following decision 2016 and the latest on all of the candidates. >> in less than an hour the first polls will close, but the exit polls, they are already coming in. one showing 22% of republicans deciding in the last couple days who to cast their vote for. this could be a very big night for gop front-runner donald trump. he isn't even in a super tuesday state. he campaigned in ohio which is a winner take all primary in two weeks. trying to get a boost from governor chris christie who campaigned with him in columbus. >> we need a leader once again who will mean what he says and say what he means. and we know who that person is. donald j. trump. >> senator marco rubio, he has not won any state yet but he said at a rally today in minnesota that he thinks he will finish ahead of ted cruz
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tonight. the two republicans are in a fierce battle for second place nationally. >> tonight was supposed to be ted cruz's big night. his campaign built on a super tuesday strategy. his campaign said that tonight he would wrap up the nomination. he may only win one state tonight his home state. >> that's texas of course. the big question on the democratic side, will hillary clinton pull away from bernie sanders. both democratic candidates campaigned in minnesota. we're watching that state. earlier sanders voted in his home state of vermont. again, the first polls close at 7:00. we'll be watching the results tonight, delegates bragging rights and momentum all up for grabs. >> a big night. thank you. super tuesday a critical time for the 2016 presidential election. make sure you have the nbc 10 app. it is so important this evening. you'll get real time election results, and you'll also get information on all of the states involved and access it right on your phone.
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"nbc nightly news" will have an hour long edition at 6:30 as the polls close, you can watch a special one-hour nbc news tonight at 10:00. also this earning, a suspected cock fighting ring is broken up. sky force in the sky as at least 30 birds forced to fight were removed from this house. officials with the spca say a fighting ring was discovered in the basement of the house. >> bill cosby's criminal case on hold. late this afternoon a pennsylvania appeals court delayed cosby's hearing that was supposed to happen next week. the pennsylvania superior court is weighing cosby's effort to have his sexual assault case thrown out. he is accused of drugging and molesting a woman in his home back in 2004. he has maintained his innocence. three men are shot standing outside a store in west philadelphia this afternoon and it happens right near a high
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school. today nbc 10 tracked down surveillance video that shows the shooting. denise is here with more. >> the men were outside 55th and pemberton. an suv pulls up outside, two men get out of the vehicle and started firing. both of them. police tell us the victims just bought soda and candy inside the store and walked out when they were shot. it was not a random attack. the victims were targeted. >> people driving down the street firing at people, it was -- they don't chrdiscrimina. they have to stop where people are randomly firing on public streets. >> all three victims are expected to be okay. tonight a search is under way for a man who brutally attacked a woman inside an elevator at a septa stop. police released this video here, of the crime with hopes that someone recognizes this suspect.
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the image of him is very clear. the woman got on to the elevator at the septa huntington station in kensington early saturday morning. the man wait forward the doors to close, then stabbed that victim repeatedly demanding money in a brazen and aggressive robbery. she survived fortunately, he got away. he is still out there on the loose. if you recognize this face, call police. we're tracking heavy rain headed our way. it could impact your commute in the morning. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with her first alert forecast. quite a change from a beautiful day. >> is beautiful today, temperatures in the mid-60s in philadelphia today. elsewhere around 60 and now we're seeing big changes. look at the clouds that are moving in. these are moving in very quickly. it's all ahead of the rain so all of the sunshine and clear skies we had today, that's going to go away as we go through the overnight hours. the rain is going to move in, right now it's moving in western
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pennsylvania and behind this big changes tomorrow afternoon. windy and it will get colder. right now we're still in the 50s, mid-50s in philadelphia even in allentown but look at what's going to happen tonight. not until after 10:00 p.m. we see rain. 1:00 in the morning, many of you sleeping as it moves in. look at the temperatures, in the 50s still by 1:00 a.m. coming up i'll show you the timing how cold it will get as we go through tomorrow and the one system that will be bringing us snow before the week's over coming up. >> it is just the boost that atlantic city needs, a revel revival. a light on top of the closed resort casino created quite the buzz. today we found out revel will reopen in a few months. the target date, right in the middle of summer june 15. it will create hundreds of jobs.
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cydney long joins us. this is long-awaited. >> reporter: and jackie, i have to tell you that hundreds is the key word now. in a town that is desperate to fill thousands of lost casino jobs, so revel's comeback may be slow to start but many say if it has permanent sticking power they will take it. atlantic city residents and visitors breathing a slight sigh of relief. >> we used to go to the revel quite often. >> reporter: with news the revel will reopen in part for summer. when the sphere atop lit up last night so too did the excitement for jobs. >> social media lit up everybody like going to apply for a job. well, hope they got jobs around here. >> especially all the money that they put into it, it was really, really sad when it closed. it closed too fast. >> reporter: the owner confirms to nbc 10 revel is on the fast track to revitalization with a target date to open 500 hotel rooms and a dozen restaurants by june 15, it will get a new name,
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and may not have casino floor permits right away. sharon henderson says it's about time. >> i think they turned their backs on us. they really did turn their back on us. and i'm glad to hear that and i hope many people will be able to get jobs in atlantic city. >> roger gross of global gaming magazine suggestings that it will be slow to come, he estimates 500 could be hired depending on the number of restaurants, revel employed 4,000 employees, 2800 full time. >> they have to bring in more entertainment and make it more diverse instead of catering to the older crowd. >> my hope for the entire city that we will rebound from all of this. >> reporter: he says the reason the ball was lit up last night they were doing tests to make sure the salt air didn't affect the computer system that runs the property's lighting. the mayor's office tells me they
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will not confirm revel's revitalization, until it receives official paperwork from straub or his company. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." small casinos could also help boost atlantic city's bottom line. they advanced a bill that would eliminate a requirement that a casino would have to be built from scratch. the owner of the chelsea hotel is interested in adding gambling. drivers along i-95 will see more delays tomorrow, workers out again fixing pot holes that are out there, lane restriction on interstate 95 south will happen from 9:00 to 3:00, between the philadelphia line and the delaware state line in delaware county. crews are patching the interstate from all of those pot holes. >> a new grand jury report is shedding light on another alleged sexual abuse cover-up involving roman catholic
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bishops, this one in western pennsylvania. the report on sexual abuse in the altoona johnstown diocese says they covered up abuse of hundreds of children by over 50 priests, allegations of catholic priests lying about the gospel, getting children drunk, and even hypnotizing them to sexually abuse them. the state attorney general's office says the abuse ranged from kissing to fondling to rape. >> the grand jury found that the actions of those involved, those in the leadership, those who were meant to protect children, those meant to supervise the priests in their charge failed to protect the children that they were entrusted with their care and guidance. today's the day we tell you that this started 40 years ago, this abuse lasted for four decades. >> no criminal charges are being filed in the case because some abusers have died or the statute of limitations has expired and
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according to kathleen kane in some cases victims are just too traumatized to testify. new developments in the death of a delaware woman found in a parking lot. this morning police arrested dustin brown accused of crashing into kimberly quaid back in october. brown then carried quaid's body and left her in the parking lot of the farmers market. tonight brown is charged with manslaughter. >> a big economic victory for a company. philadelphia-based impact dimensions will be responsible for management and sales of all merchandise for the democratic national convention. the company looks forward to working with many diverse vendors. the democratic national convention starts july 25 here in philadelphia. a new shopping center in north philadelphia is a step closer to a reality. nbc 10 at the ground breaking for plaza allegheny in the fairhill neighborhood. the land that will soon be under
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construction was once the home to several junk yards and vacant lots. the 85,000 square foot shopping center will not only bring retail stores to the area, but help a local economy. the project is expected to cost $16 million. actress sherri shepherd lost her appeal in a court over a surrogacy case. the court ruled it will not hear her case. the court found her responsible for a child born to a surrogate before she was divorced from her husband. the former co-host of the view pays about $4,000 a month in child support to her ex-husband. >> next, on "nbc 10 news" at 6, eagles quarterback sam bradford is staying in philly. john clark has all of the details and reaction in sports. >> also ahead, a police chase brought traffic on the schuylkill expressway to just a standstill this afternoon. next new information about what started it. >> a homeless camp battle behind
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an historic church. tonight the feud. >> and the rain moving in tonight will give us cold windy changes tomorrow, plus we're looking at a chance of snow before the week's over. that's up next.
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four suspects are in custody after leading police on a chase spanning two counties. one of the suspects is connected to the felony lane gang. police say the suspects were trying to steal license plates when the chase began. one of the suspects even jumped into the schuylkill river to get away. but was later apprehended. the chase and arrest caused a massive backup on 76 eastbound, you can see it stretching for miles from sky force 10. the case is being sent back to chester county where police are investigating. new at 6, a judge will consider changing the jail sentence handed down to a woman in a center city gay bashing attack. a resentencing hearing for catherine knot has been scheduled. the 25-year-old is serving a 5 to 10-month sentence but her attorney called it excessive and
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thinks she should get probation. knott was convicted on four accounts on the attack on a gay couple in center city. >> a neighborhood battle, at a delaware church, not everyone is happy that the homeless are taking up camp behind that church. tim furlong reports on the feud just past i-95 in newark. >> reporter: you have to go pretty deep in the woods to find the campsite a few homeless people set up. the pastor at this church says he knows they are on his property and he is fine with it. some people in the condo complex across the road apparently not so fine with it. >> they don't want them there. they just don't like seeing them. i guess they don't want to think about homeless people. all i can figure. >> she has no problem with the homeless. she never sees them but showed me a letter residents were encouraged to send to the mayor calling the homeless vagrants and a blight who trespass, sleep
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in the mail room and dig through the trash cans. the pastor says he did once hear the three homeless went in the mail room to wait for a bus but they are nice people who haven't broken laws. police agree. so does marguerite. >> i don't understand it. i don't understand you be a christian person and be against it. they are homeless, they aren't doing anything to bother. >> an employee says they are not anti-homeless, looking out for the am cofort and safety of residents, the pastor of the church tells me he has learned that the homeless people on the property have decided it's about time to pack up and move on. in newark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. well, it was beautiful today, it was beautiful yesterday. and now we're going to see big changes. tonight we have rain moving in action then it will start to get windy, that wind is going to be bringing in colder air tomorrow
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so 20-degree temperatures return late tomorrow night. during the day tomorrow temperatures will be dropping, you will want the jacket, the heavier jacket as we go through the day starting with the morning through the afternoon. and we have another snow chance bleeb it or not before the week is over. a small clipper system. clouds are increasing, mostly cloudy in philadelphia, so this is ahead of the rain tonight. but we are mild. still 54 degrees. today we got to 64, yesterday as well. and now we're going to be dropping. wednesday, 40, thursday 39, the average high is 48. so keep this in mind before you step outside tomorrow. it is going to be very different than today was. we're going to stay colder as we go through the rest of the week. rain is off to the west. locally we're dry, we just have the clouds around. this is part of a cold front so once it moves through, overnight, tomorrow that wind is going to move in and the colder air is going to get here. a look at future weather, tonight temperatures stay in the 50s, so the rain moves in, this
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is 1:00 in the morning, this is late rain, it will be here and gone before many uf wake up. 55 in allentown, so no snow across the area. then we get closer to 4:00 in the morning, still some rain, temperatures still in the 50s. then by 7:00 a.m., look at the numbers, 40 philadelphia in the 30s for allentown and wilmington and that wind will be here, too, gusting near 40 miles an hour. that's going to be the case through the afternoon. now we're looking at wednesday, 5:00 in the afternoon. we stay dry through the afternoon but temperatures are a lot colder, and that wind is still going to be up there so it's going to stay windy through the day. then we go into thursday morning, the 20s i told you about so these are coming back in the forecast too. as we end out the week. then we have the chance of snow, there you see it thursday night into friday morning, this is a smaller clipper system. we could see a couple inches out of this north and west of philadelphia, mainly and maybe around the philadelphia area, that's 7:00 friday morning. again it's not a big system but
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either way we do expect it to cause some travel problems for the friday morning commute. so of course we'll be giving you more updates and as we go into tomorrow and also for thursday. for tonight, rain moves in mainly after 10:00 p.m. until then we stay dry. low temperatures about the mid to upper 40s, tomorrow temperatures drop through the day to 40 degrees, early rain will be clearing out then windy and getting colder. 20s, thursday morning friday morning, saturday morning, we warm up next week but updating you on the snow for friday as we go through tonight as well. john. thanks, the eagles reach a deal with sam bradford. we have details, phillies with their first exhibition of the spring and a temple basketball player will miss the rest of the season.
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. sam bradford your eagles quarterback for at least the next season and probably two. the birds signed him to a two-year deal. reported $36 million, 26 guaranteed. it's good for the team and sam and they can also draft a young quarterback. sam got better the second half of last season. remember he was coming off two torn acls and the last seven games he completed 68% of passes, 10 touchdowns action only four interceptions and set an eagles franchise wrord a 65% completion percentage. he got more comfortable as a leader. his teammates wanted him back. >> has to be the guy. point blank period. >> the fact he himself put
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himself in a leadership role toward the end of the season proves to me that he can handle going forward this role and the opportunity to start. >> when he came back he decided to take the team by the horns, basically, and he started to be a lot more vocal, started to break down the huddle, speak to the team before every game. when he did that he gained the trust of the team and started playing better. >> we'll hear from eagle fans at 11:00. the owls lost one of their freshmen probably for the season. trey low is hospitalized after being in a car accident. the coach says he hopes that trey will make a full recovery. the phillies first exhibition of the spring starting great play. take a look before the game=d%m batting practice. a monster home run out of the stadium breaking the window of his teammate's car. carlos ruiz, knocks hin two
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runs. ties the game up. fourth inning, down 4-2. the third catcher, j.p. goes deep to center, gone. 4-3, phillies. how about defense now. in the fifth inning a liner to right now watch aaron coming up firing. the run will score. guns the second runner out at the plate. the phillies lose to toronto, 5-3. mets camp, some real expensive cars lately with a lot of horse power. today he' rivs on a horse. having too much fun. john clark. we're right back.
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>> we have rain overnight tonight and tomorrow we get windy and colder so look at the temperatures for the rest of the week. we're tracking snow for late thursday into early friday. small system but we'll have more updates tonight at 11:00. >> for all of us here, is the
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hotel to blame for giving erin andrews stalker access? breaking news tonight. we're minutes from the first poll closures as voters in a dozen states have their say. a dramatic night in the race for president as donald trump and hillary clinton try to pull away from the pack. also tonight, high-stakes showdune as the fight between apple and the fbi moves from the courtroom to congress. new twists in a battle that has major implications on your privacy and national security. living a nightmare. an emotional erin andrews back on the stand describing the daily horror she endures after being secretly taped. what she does when she enters a hotel room now. a wild chase. a kidnapping suspect at large after a police pursuit, kids in the car. tonight the manhunt to find him. "nightly news" begins right now.


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