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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> new leads in unsolved case. the unit leaving with evidence that may lead to maglio's killer. the evidence will be sent to a crime lab for testing. motive behind the murder appears to be robbery, police are asking anyone with information to come forward. denise nakano. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to the weather. as you can see, wind is story this wednesday. nbc 10 in olney flags were taking a beating. cape may, the wind helping things feel chilier outside. breeze it is starting to calm down. looking ahead to a cold night and then snow. >> it's a big change. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has it all in his first look at the evening forecast. >> right. winter is back. we warned you about this quite a while ago.
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it's not going to last for a long, long time but it is cold and it is windy out there. despite all of the sunshine. temperatures only 43. never got out of the 30s north and west. we've had winds all day. gusts up to 40 miles an hour. now merely down to 30, 32 miles an hour. that is pretty cold. wind diminish quite a bit. temperatures into the 20s. it's cold enough for snow. this is the next system, middle of the country. and it is going to be moving eastward over the next couple of days, picking up more moisture along the coast. it's going to track far to the south. we'll be on the northern edge. it does look like we're seeing hours of snow. more on timing and what area's going to get most with the seven day in a few minutes. now to decision 2016, new
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jersey's governor chris christie overshadowing donald trump's super tuesday win. social media swirling with comments about christie's appearance as he stood behind trump during this speech. some say he looked like he was shell-shocked behind the outspoken businessman. others say he looked like a hostage. the criticism comes as new jersey newspapers call for the governor to resign after his failed presidential run and subsequent endorsement of trump. cydney long live in camden with reaction. i'm sure they havemenhavemen pl say. >> reporter: voters are not mincing words how they feel about governor christie's recent comments, behavior and ex-pregnants. but most upset, his absentee record. >> our nation is in serious trouble. >> reporter: so apparently is governor chris christie. voters say it appears christie
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is letting all of the air out of his political future. >> he came to realize he made a mistake endorsing trump. >> reporter: christie's approval rating in new jersey went down since he endorsed trump. then six new jersey newspapers banded together super tuesday, hours ahead of long face, publishing a no confidence editorial calling on christie to resign. voters didn't miss it. >> i saw the headline. >> reporter: if anyone acted the way christie has on the job, for example, monday, telling reporters, quote, he didn't feel like answering questions, they would be let go. >> i wish he could get fired because if you're not doing your job, you're not on your job, what's going to happen to you? >> tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the republican party together. >> reporter: but it's christie voters who is falling apart. they say his express and body language that lit up social media speak volumes.
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>> he looks lost and he looks like a puppy. i -- he's like what's going on? >> i see puzzlement. he made his shot, it didn't work. he should be coming back home and dealing with new jersey issues now. >> reporter: now we've tried here in camden and we count find anyone in christie's corner. one of his supporters. we're about to speak to a political expert who says a trump/christie team representing new york and new jersey, it will never last for the long haul. that later today. cydney long, nbc 10 news. future of ben carson's campaign in question after he told his supporters today that he does not see a political path forward. carson said he will not participate in the fox news gop debate tomorrow night in his hometown of detroit. he plans to discuss his campaign friday in washington, d.c.
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carson hasn't won any of the state so far this primary season. and he's fifth among the republican candidates for delegates. here's a look at republican results from super tuesday. donald trump won seven states. arkansas, tennessee, alabama, georgia, virginia, vermont, massachusetts while ted cruz picked up wins in texas as well as oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio grabbed his first win in minnesota. the strong showing for trump last night has some republicans concerned about the future of their party. the so-called washington establishment is running their own campaign of sorts to try to stop trump before the big winner take all contest in ohio florida march 15th. on capitol hill, harry reid referred to a "the washington post" op-ed that called the gop frankenstein monster. >> supporting a man who refused to denounce the kkk, a man who contin
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continues -- donald trumps a standard bearer for the republican party. >> talk about the democrats now. hillary clinton widened the gap on her lead over bernie sanders. she picked up a large number of delegates from texas, arkansas, alabama, georgia, tennessee, virginia, massachusetts. sanders grabbed wins in colorado, minnesota, oklahoma, home state of vermont. top advisers to sanders say his campaign is far from finished, partly because of upcoming contests could be more difficult for clinton. they point to nebraska, kansas, maine as key opportunities for sanders. here's a look at current delegate count for both parties. on the democratic side, clinton is ahead now with 1,017. sanders has 424. 2,383 needed to win the democratic nomination. for the republicans, trump is leading with 325. followed by ted cruz, 237. and marco rubio with 117. 1237 delegates needed to win the
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gop nomination. new information now, a preliminary hearing has been set for a group of robbery suspects who led police on a chase through two counties yesterday. seven men and women, right here, arraigned this morning on several charges including aggravated assault of a police officer, receiven stolen property and i.d. theft. the thefts are linked to the felony language gang. police say that gang is responsible for a series of robberies up and undo the east coast. dash cam started in chester, ended in montgomery county. suspects dart away from the suv as it stops. this started where two car loads of people were seen switching license plate on cars at wendy's one of the vehicle struck a cruiser.
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further investigation uncovered documents not belonging to the suspects. a rude awakening for a wilmington man when a row house collapsed. the noise caused him to jump out of his bed and bafall but expecd to be okay. a contractor working to demolish the vacant building when the rest fell onnite own. a mangled mess of cars that tied up the intersection in germantown. car and utility truck collided. baby in the backseat of one of the cars but should be okay. another man recovering at einstein hospital. >> a man who police say assaulted an officer is on the run. investigators responded to a domestic abuse call and report of a man with a gun in olney this morning. police say the man did not cooperate and punched and kicked officers, leaving one bruised and banged up. the officer is expected to be okay. >> a woman's in the hospital after being rescued from a
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burning apartment in philadelphia's logan section. crews pulled her out along north lambert street around 4:00 this morning. she was badly hurt. investigators believe a cigarette started the fire. >> now to new information from cumberland county. this brushfire is contained. before it destroyed four trailers 75 acres. it started burning along route 49 in millville. investigators believe it started one of the trailers. nighttime walk turned into a scare q. cconfrontation. the man shot the attackers in self-defense. we sent rosemary connors to ask police how much force you are allowed to use if you're attacked. live in queen village with answers for us. >> reporter: jim, talk about the case here for a moment. the two men in their 20s who were shot, they are in stable condition at jefferson hospital. the 65-year-old men whom they
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allegedly beat up, he suffered facial wounds, wounds to his eyes but philadelphia police tell us that he's recovering today. big question now is what charges will be filed in this case. it was a fight ending in a double shooting that brought police to second street after 8:30 last night. according to investigators, a 65-year-old man and his wife were walking home when they encountered two men in their 20s. two men exchanged words asking what you looking at and they allegedly began to beat up the 65-year-old, punching and kicking him on the ground. that's when the 65-year-old pulled out a begun, and shot both men. >> the neighborhood is a solid neighborhood. we really like it here. it unusual for something like this to happen. >> reporter: police are calling the shooting self-defense, concerned neighbors reflect on what happened. >> it can work the other way around as well. somebody can get panicked and do something to take out his begun when he doesn't need to and you
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have a tragedy going the other way. >> it's shocking to hear these things i've been here ten years. >> reporter: this man owns gilly jeans where neighbors say the couple also owns a store. >> good for him he knew how to protect himself, it can go any other way, go the other side and he get hurt or his wife. >> reporter: what kind of force is appropriate? >> any time a situation like that occurs the only appropriate amount of force would be stop the aggressors. you can't become the aggressor. >> reporter: the 65-year-old man hasserhood a valid permit to carry. >> lucky he was able to defend himself and his wife. we don't know. we don't know if he didn't have a firearm, we don't know what we'd be talking about at this point in time. >> reporter: in addition to police, i reached out to the district attorney's office. they tell me they are reviewing this case. they have not made a determination on charges. nobody is charged in this double shooting and in this fight here in queen village.
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rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> 800 more body cameras could be on the way for philadelphia police officers. mayor jim kenney will ask city council to approve it tomorrow. a group of 20 officers from the 22nd police district testing body cameras on patrol. cameras are an important step forward in improving relations between police and residents. in washington, the supreme court is taking up its biggest abortion case in a quarter of a century. this crowd of abortion right supporters rallying outside the supreme court this morning. inside the justices are considering a texas law that imposes strict require minute on abortion clinics. those requirements are meant to protect women's health but the clinics say to reduce access to
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abortion. >> we call on the supreme court to step in and help us stand up to those bullies who are trying to control our bodies and our lives. >> texas cares about our women. that is what this is all about. women's health and quality of care for whatever kind of decision they choose to make. >> the case has potential to revise constitutional standards and affect millions of women. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas back in new jersey after a second straight cruise had to be cut short. it was scheduled to return from the caribbean next monday but came back today to avoid bad weather. several people on board were treated for what's believed to be norovirus. the anthem of the seas returned to port last month after damaged by a storm. university city is about to get a face-lift. directional university unveiled plans for a new 14-acre, 3.5 billion construction project.
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the project called schuylkill yards will transform the area between the campus and 30th street station. twice the size of ridden house square. the project includes eight new high-rises as well as dozens 0 of parks and public heareas. >> we are on the 50-yard line of the east coast. in a major transportation hub directly opposite the nation's third busiest train station and connected into philadelphia's business center. >> construction is expected to begin later this year. the project calls for 10,000 construction jobs and 15,000 permanent jobs upon completion. delaware's getting star power this summer that's sure to draw in crowds of country fans. ♪ real life in real world♪ >> that's jake owen and he's coming to the delaware state fair. organizers say owns will
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headline the concert july 20th. this will be the 97th installment of the delaware state fair. video from lastier. want to go on the ride? it attracteder more than 300,0 people. jeff dunham. >> atlantic city trying to bring new energy to the night life with a new nightclub. tropicana resort launching the kiss kiss a go go show featuring ivan kane. the show inspired by pop culture and celebrity enntertainment. >> progress is being made on a $1 million face-lift to the show grounds. this is video from lastier's show. the work done includes two-story building which become the
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centerpiece. we've been showing you how winter's taking awe toll on delaware baecheaches now a call more cash. senator chris coons on capitol hill to push for more funding to restore parts of delaware coastline. rent storms pummeled portion of the shore. crews used heavy machine to repair flattened dunes. federal help is needed to protect homes and businesses. >> we had a significant storm recently that imposed hard damage. we were grateful for previous investment in breaeach nourishm but most of what was provided was torn away and that's left coastal communities and infrastructure exposed. >> jack mar kel asked for $2 pa$2.5 million to make repairs on the
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coastline. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> there are going to be nasty onshore winds in delaware, friday and friday night, it not going to last that long. we do have a winter chill here, no doubt about it. a whole lot colder than yesterday. still tracking snow. talking about it for a week now. it does look like it's coming in on schedule. we've got temperatures going into the 70s next week. waitful you see the forecast. flag blowing hard. not as much as this morning gusting over 40 but gusts of 31 with a 43 degree temperature after being in the mid-60s three days in a row, that's a shock to the system. bodies think it's spring. but it isn't. we've got temperatures in the upper 30s north and west. never did get to 40 in redding or allentown or pottstown or west chester. it still in the 30s in wilmington and glassboro and
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warm spots, 43 in atlantic city and philadelphia. look at the temperature change interest yesterday. 23 degrees colder in redding. right now than it was this time yesterday. that's before you add in wind. so feels like it more than 30 degrees colder. feels like temperature in 20s, lancaster, red, pottstown and it going to keep going down tonight. we continue to see some wind and the temperature goes down. so as we head toward the morning, we've got temperatures in the 20s, windchills going down into the teens. so, we're dry right now, we're going to stay dry tonight. watching to the west, next area of moisture again not very impressive. but by the time it gets to the coast it will be as all-see here. go through the night tonight you see the temperatures in the 20s, across most of the area, some places could get into the teens. sunshine during the day
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tomorrow. clouds come in later in the day. look how cold. even with sunshine. that's a cold air mass. cold enough to support snow. when it starts, thursday evening, even in delaware and south jersey, it's likely to start as snow. temperatures are marginal, right around the freezing point and then after 6:30 friday morning, march sun starting to come up and that's powerful sun. so, that trooies to melt the sn. snow better get heavy or melting on the rod. there it is, darker blue indicating heavier snow. we do have the potential for some slushy mess for the friday morning rush, a portion of it. and then it lasts for quite a while. as far as the amount, computer models suggesting we get some measurable snow out of this and look at that. less to the north. more to the south.
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and in southern delaware, potential for more than 4 inches if it all snow. clear and cold tonight. wind dim minuinisdiminishing. 18 north and west tomorrow. another cold day but not windy. temperature may not get out of the 30s. seven-day forecast, slushy mess for friday, especial ply in the morning. saturday and sunday, kind of cold for the time of the year. more than kind of warm next week. by wednesday, 72 degrees. >> more ups and downs. a delaware mother asking for help after the father of her children killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> having a hard time picturing the rest of my life without him. >> still ahead, the family speaks out about their tragic loss and search for this father's killer. understanding owe vavarian
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cancer. surprising gaps researching the disease. why the cancer is more complex than first thought. watch this toddler take a tumble out of the back of a car. scary to see. this little boy runs after the van. talk about fashion police, what one woman tried to run an airplane that got her in big trouble. today's closing numbers from wall street.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> look at this, watch the back of that white minivan right there. that hatch opened and out fell a 2-year-old boy. look at him. he's okay.
4:25 pm
but he gets up and starts running toward the van. another driver captured the scene last week in china. the boy with his grandparents. took them a while to realize the boy had fallen out. they did realize it. there's grand dad. they came back to grab the boy from somebody who already scooped him up. scary to watch. >> so many questions, why was that baby in the back there able to fall out? >> not in a child seat. >> awful. >> well, here's something else to show you. fashion doesn't trump safety when it comes to airport security. >> ask a woman flying out of baltimore last weekend. take a look at the shoes she had to leave behind. gun-shaped high heels. big bullets around the sides. she also has matching bullet-lined bracelets. it's against the law to bring replica guns through security. >> do those look comfortable?
4:26 pm
>> not to me. students are trying keep the "r" word out of the school. thee the effort to keep offensive language out of the comfort. >> yesterday's spring-like weather long gone. tracking snow on the way. that's ahead in my first alert forecast. coming up at 5:00 -- it may have been the perfect murder. a boy beaten to death, shoved in a box. the case, 59 years old. >> i think i did. >> new lead and forensic analysis. >> upper portion of the ear. >> working to give a name to america's unknown child. new at 5:00. nbc investigators get an exclusive look into the boy in the box case.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> 4:0. break news there four masked men burst no a barber shop as customers were getting their hair cut inside. deanna durante live on the scene. what can you tell us? investigators are taking a look at similar robbery in the area at a barber shop a couple week ago. the scene just cleared. we are told four men, came in while customers were inside, razor cuts here on m street in philadelphia. about 2:30 this afternoon, they robbed people who worked here, robbed the customers before they left they told everybody to get into the bathroom before they made their escape. now police tonight tell us they have a vague description of the men. they possibly could be hispanic, have some accent that they are speaking with but all dressed in black. faces covered and wearing
4:31 pm
gloves. again, this isn't the first robbery like this in this area. targeting a barber shop. investigators are looking at both cases trying to figure out who is responsible. good news here, no one injured, despite the fact four armed men came in, no shots fired, no one hurt. deanna durante nbc 10 news. to this, family torn apart by tragedy as a delaware woman deals with pain of planning a funeral for her children's father. she's trying to find the hit-and-run driver who ended his life. the man was killed as he crossed the road zblund his family is bigging the public for any information at all. tim furlong live with the story. >> reporter: that's right. if you ever drive this section in hockessin, you see people flying by. the northbound lane, a driver hit and killed a man.
4:32 pm
but he kept on going. >> how am i going to do this? >> reporter: angel king arranging photos for jerry's funeral. no longer a couple. still best friends happily raising their two children. sunday jerry was helping his brother out. he ran across route 41 to vf. and. crossing back, slammed by a car and thrown over 100 feet. angel first saw the police report on facebook. she knew he was the victim and he was gone. >> having a really hard time picturing the rest of my life without him and the rest of the kids' lives without him. it just -- it just seems impossible. >> i am pleading for anyone who knows anything about this accident to please come forward. i will forgive jarry's family
4:33 pm
wants to know who killed him, why they didn't stop. there wasn't enough debris to determine what kind of car hit jerry. they want people to check surveillance cameras. if you know someone in the area sunday and has front end damage to their car, call police. >> come forward, admit it. ease some of our suffering. >> reporter: as you come back live here, vfw here, near wellington drive. the family wants the driver to turn themselves in. the other option, someone else turns them in. maybe you were in this area sunday, maybe you saw something, a car up the road with front end damage, call crime stoppers or police. use police crime app. i have it on my phone. submit information and remain anonymous. if you have the information, make that call.
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tim furlong, nbc 10 news. first alert weather. >> nbc 10 along kings highway, camden, county. chilly day for a run. needed gloves. winds helping to fuel the chilly feel as well. inside lincoln financial field gusts spinning the wind turbines on top of the link. a much chillier night and some wintry changes. >> definitely. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the first look at our forecast. >> early this morning, it was still warm. it was in the 50s, and now it's feeling like it's in the 30s for 20s. wind is blowing out there. not quite as strong as it was earlier in the day. still enough to make these temperatures in the 30s feel like it's a lot colder than that. the wind still gusting up, near 30 miles an hour, across many parts of our area. gusting to 40 or 40 plus earlier this morning.
4:35 pm
the wind will be diminishing gradually as we go through the night tonight. midnight, temperatures down to 32 philadelphia. 20s in some of the suburbs. this is the next area that we're watching for precipitation. now that it's cold enough to snow, it does look like as this storm moves toward the coast, intensifies, it is going to bring snow to parts of the area. the track far enough south. we're not going to get hit the hardest but it's going to affect friday morning rush. seven day in a few minuteses. >> students in delaware, trying to end the use of the r word. 120 schools joining forces now. nbc 10 at william penn high school in new castle. students joined with special olympics delaware. the banner part of a campaign aimed at ending the use of the r word associated with people with special needs. >> our school embraces this.
4:36 pm
this is something we do anyway. i feel like a credit to students to remind them to be respectful and accept people. we've done it forever it seems like. >> similar events took place in schools across the country. >> something else in your bedroom could be causing sleepless nights. >> what's the blame for keeping you awake? how to fix the problem. $100 million threat. new owner 0 of the trump taj mahal will take his money way if lawmakers do this one thing.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> smokers looking for that nicotine fix during flights will lose the option of e-cigarettes next month. the transportation department made that announcement today, beganing e-cigarettes on all flights in and out of the
4:40 pm
country, some individual airlines have already banned them. new studies reeling new information on radiation when it comes to ct scans. researchers used ct scans containing ultralow dose of radiation, found them to be as accurate in traditional scans in detecting joint fractures. health concerns persist about radiation exposure from the tests. >> a new report suggests ovarian cancer should not be categorized as a single disease. researchers found surprising gaps in scientific knowledge when it comes to cancer of the ovaries. report found if many cases the disease does not start in the ovaries themselves. possibly the fallopian tubes and other areas. researchers need a better understanding how each subtype of evariant cancer grows and progresses. having trouble sleeping at night? the same streetlights that provide safety and security at night may be disturbing your
4:41 pm
sleep. researchers studied outdoor light exposure of thousands of people interviewed about sleeping habits. people in well-lit areas more likely to sleep less, be unhappy with sleep quality and suffer from fatigue during the day. experts recommend sleep masks and darkening shades to give you better shut eye. astronaut scott kelly back on earth after a year in space. >> next, triumphant return and the surprising changes outer space can have on the human body. winter isn't over yet. cold air continues to move in. so is the threat of snow. tracking the changes ahead next.
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the court said search warrants obtained by police were unconstitutional. wheeler serving a 50-year sentence after convicted on 25 counts of child pornography last year. wheeler was head master at tower hill school in wilmington, founded by the dupont family. lindsey vonn is calling an early end to her season, due to injury she suffered if a crash saturday. she went on to race again sunday but tests reveal she has three fractures, vonn won the world cup title four times and leading in this season's standings. after close to a year in space, scott kelly returned to earth. how kelly's trip to the international space station is plan for a longer journey. >> reporter: scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. 340 days, 250 miles above the
4:46 pm
planet, and orbit longer than any american astronaut. >> fell like i've been up there my whole life, after about the first six months, which is like the normal increment. normal increment is six months and that's a long time. a year's really long. >> reporter: scott kelly spent his time on the international space station 49 weeks, locked in research and snapping a gallery of riveting photos posted on social media. nasa hopes to get a clear picture of the effects of an extended stay in space. comparing scott to his agagene c genetically identical twin mark on earth. both going through tests, providing data the space agency hopes will help them make the two or three-year trip to mars. >> by going to mars one day, it will make things better here on earth. i'm happy to be a part of that. >> so this point, one of the biggest parts almost a year in the making. jay gray, nbc news.
4:47 pm
>> at least he wasn't stuck on mars, right? >> true. >> now that his stint in space, mark kelly's work far from done. >> his body, as you can imagine, needs to reacclimate to being back on solid ground. space can be so tough on the body. bones lose density in that anti-gravity environment and weakens the muscles. no walking or load bearing leads to atrophy. fluid shifts towards the face and blood flows more in the upper body and less than the lower extremity. heart and shrink in space. can astronauts can get a bit taller in space, if you can believe than thanks to expanding discs in the final program. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
4:48 pm
>> get taller? i volunteer. always wanted to do that. it actually possible. okay. we've got a winter chill that has come into the area and we're certainly feeling it now. going to feel it tonight. cold enough so when the next precipitation comes in, it's snow across the area. next week, 70s in the seven-day forecast. a lot of sunshine out there now. great visibility unlike friday. 43 degrees, 18, gusting to 31. the temperatures are 17 to 23 degrees below where they were just 24 hours ago. plus wind on top of that. only 36 kenneth square. 38 chester springs and wilmington and doylestown, pottstown, redding at 37. oxford and coatesville, chester county, 36 degrees middletown, delaware, 40. 41 mill vail and mt. holly.
4:49 pm
you can see the feels like temperature down to 15, mt. pocono, 20s pottstown, redding lancaster. that's cold. and the low temperatures, once the wind dies down tonight going to be in the 20s in many areas, allentown down as low as 18. we have clear skies right now across much of the area. the next system that we're watching. not much to it now. but it's racing eastward and going to intensify once it hits the coast. through the night tonight. it into the 20s. only through the 30s tomorrow. even with sunshine, that's a cold air mass for early march. and that sets us up for clouds increasing tomorrow and snow developing in delaware and south jersey first. middle of the night. and by the friday morning rush, there's the snow. but the temperature's marginal. it's going to have tomorrow count harder pace to be sticking.
4:50 pm
and that may happen as we go through the morning rush, temperatures above freezing for the most part. but the visibility can get knocked down, get slushy. some darker blues indicating bands of heavier snow, less up to the north and west as we've been saying. so marginal temperatures and any lighter snow's going to melt. heavier snow's going to stick. and then it's slushy. slush can still be slippery and impacting morning rush and any heavy areas of snow are going to create low visibilities. and as far as amounts of snow, as we've been suggesting, more snow to the south, 2, 3 inch in philly, maybe more than four in parts of southern delaware if they get just about all snow. clear and cold, wind diminishing tonight, 26 low in philadelphia. 18 north and west. tomorrow, cold day but much less wind. clouds increase late in the day. the snow is with us for the friday morning rush.
4:51 pm
for many hours, 10 hours worth of snow. cold over the weekend but not brutally cold. then it really warms up next week. 72 next wednesday. >> encouraging kids to pick up a book instead of electronics, that could be atough sell. >> today, some local stars helping to make it easier. how the flyers and eagles are pitching in to push kids toward a better education. >> students thought she was dead but two colleagues brought a philadelphia teacher back to life. hear what prepared them for the life-save moment all new at 5:00.
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cooler weather making us
4:55 pm
want to curl up with a good book out there. >> read across america today. across our area, children celebrating the gift of reading. check out that hat. orange and black. flyers says, cat in the hat, reading to students in pine hill camden county, everyone got the dr. seuss spirit for the beloved author's birthday. listening intently. bo allen played the part for west oak lane charter school. collecting and donating 3,000 books for at-risk youth, even swoop read a dr. seuss classic to the kids. >> kids at chester brook academy elementary got revenge on teachers today. kids decorated the principal and teachers as ice cream sundsunda
4:56 pm
for reading more than 130,000 minutes during february. they ate that up. >> love taking advantage of the opportunity to mess up your teacher, right? >> it's a good cause. get them them to read a lot of books and get them to do that to teachers. new tonight at 5:00, serious story. boy in the box. >> a murder that has baffled investigators in philadelphia for nearly 6 o0 years. >> you think you've solved the case? >> i think i did. >> investigators look into a new theory about death and exclusive access as police try to solve the mystery of america's unknown child. we have colder temperatures moving in tonight, talking about the 20s. before the week's over, looking at another round of snow moving in. i'll show you the timing coming up. it's the question everyone's asking, what was chris christie thinking? how social media went wild over
4:57 pm
his bizarre news conference next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
he looks lost, and he looks like a puppy. i -- he's like, what's going on? >> right now at 5:00, what's going going with chris christie's face? social media had some thoughts. that's one of his political problems today. >> whipt winter's dropped.
5:00 pm
now tracking snow. nbc 10 at 5:00 starts now. first alert weather team. >> glenn looking to our next round of snow. but first, sheena parveen more on a colder and windy night. >> windy now but notably colder. look at 24-hour temperature change whoe feel 10, 15 degrees colder but mostly 15 to 20 colder across the area than we did yesterday. temperatures drastically dropped. look at all of this cold air moving in. wind coming from this direction, too. currently we are in the 30s. upper 30s through lehigh valley. 36 pottstown. 41 philadelphia. 38 in wilmington. numbers will be dropping more into the night. factor in wind, temperatures feeling about five to ten degrees colder. here's what it looks like through 7:00 tomorrow morning. dropping down into the 20s but that feels like temperature with the wind will be feeling like the low 20


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