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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," presenting the plan. jim kenney will outline his plan. why they want to put bill clinton behind bars whatever he did at a polling place. here's a look at our radar. right now cold and clear. but look at the snow in the midwest. that's what we'll see late tonight into tomorrow morning. 5:30. it's cold out. you'll feel it when you go out. fo good moving. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we check in on the weather with bill henley. >> if you like the cold weather, enjoy it. it kpen extends to the show.
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thomas rush eric m toms river. we will see it climb into the 40s this afternoon. so we will see nice bright sunshine to start with. we'll see bright sunshine but it will increase. 35 degrees at 10:00 and then into the low 40s this afternoon and that's a good thing because we've got some snow on the way for tonight. i'll take you through the futurecast hour by hour to show you what to expect. first jessica boyington watching your morning traffic. jessie. >> we had a big accident and now we have another one more like a vehicle fire. we have police activity on the scene. it is on the northbound side of 95 coming on the off ramp. so a little bit of delay
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starting to gather. the but you can see where the vehicle is on fire in this direction. traffic squeezing by. no word yet if the exit ramp is blocked or closed. we will have updates for you to come on that scene, but watch out in allentown. south state strees is closed. vai and tracy. 5:32. happening today for the first time philadelphia mayor jim kelke kenney will present his budget to city hall. tell us more. >> reporter: city council will be meeting this morning at 9:30 to talk about that budget especially because mayor jim kenney will be presenting that later on this morning. pre-k, community schools rj, and
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also there will be talk about investments in parksnd a rec centers. now another topic, body cameras for police officers. that would be paid for with city money every year. altogether it would be $4 million. first you're going the hear from the mayor and his reasoning behind it and then we ask the fop what they think about this. it protects the officer, the citizen, the process and we're in a technological age and we should have the ability to monitor these kinds of actions zploo hooking forward to talking with the administration on the implications and when and how many. they could be a positive but detrimental to the officers out
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there. >> the city has been using the pilot for the body cameras. they say the relations between the police and public need to be prepared and this is one way of doing that matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, thank you. a former head schoolmaster could be released from prison theechbl police found thousands of child pornography pictures on his computer. wheeler was never charged with abuse but convicted and sentenced to 50 years in jail for dealing with child pornography. they say the search warrant police used violated the amendment. >> they want to look at any portable device. >> wheeler will likely be released in the coming weeks. his attorney released a statement saying police were
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given carte blanche to search anywhere. wheeler steps down as headmaster after the allegations first surfaced. >> it's 5:25. a federal just mass dismissed a lawsuit against penn statement jay pa ter any says they were unlaulfully let go. they say they were returned before it was released. this morning they may have reason to worry about their personal information. someone targetted the bryn mawr main line health center. there was a case of spearfishing. in this case an employer
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responded to the e-mail and provided information of all other maybeline employees. they say it did not compromise anyone. a lawyer for a man claiming to be a high school student says he will plead guilty. sa mara's attorney's believe he had no ill intentions. >> the reason you see some of that groundswell for support or some of that empathy for him is a response on the part of the people who knew him. >> he's charged with identity theft and tampering with sexual ee sult. he came to the u.s. on a work shiva. hillary clinton is facing a
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new controversy. thousands have signed a petition saying bill clinton broke campaign laws by meets votering inside a polling place on tuesday. >> the law says people cannot campaign or influence voting locations within seconds. he said his actions with legal. and just a reminder on the nbc 10 app, we v everything you need to know about about the presidential debate. you can read much more about dae sigs 2016. protesters came up one of the most important abortion cases in nearly a quarter of a century. they rallied outside the supreme court yesterday. the justices are considering a
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texas law that ims restricts. the clinics say the real purpose is to retuesday access to aborti abortion. >> today we call them the supreme court to step and hello us stand up to those body ys. who are trying. >> texas cares about its women. that's what this is all about. >> the high court expects to make a decision in this case in early june. it's 5:38. opponents made their feelings known as a make shift site last night. al con officials say their transportation and officials are safe but it's too close to the main source of drinking water.
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>> so when this gets spilled it will go into the ground water and impossible to clean up. >> people fear contaminated gases can follow the air they breathe. 21 minutes before 6:00. that's part of why it's so cold this morning, so much colder compared to yesterday. it's 26 degrees colder. 27 degrees in philadelphia. a few snow showers to the north. that's not happening for pos, but you can see the snow on the way yochl u can see it moving in from the west. we could see a mix of both in our area, but not today. this is 1:00 this afternoon. futurecast shows light snow
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developing by 9:00 and then it moves in late this even. we will see lielt. by afternoon look how it pushing out to sea. thal's tomorrow morning. we'll start with sunshine and clouds take over this afternoon. 'll see a warmup for fleetswood, pennsburg. at the shore, the clouds will come in. very low 40s today and into the 40s for.
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we'll go through the futurecast and take a look at how much snow you can expect when i'm back in tin minded. let's get a look at traffic. >> jessica, what are you seeing? >> we'll still watches this car fire. that exist is where the vehicle fire is in place. with the police activity we'll keep you updated for sure. here's the b.a. turnpike. no problems. we're in the green westbound and eastbound. we'll come back and check in with 95 on how it's doing. thank you, jessica. a nashville shout-out to the cherry and white. >> my dad set up a scholarship. >> hear why up ter darby native
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ju sli man. we have an update on the 9-year-old girl. learn how a local church is getting involved.
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today marks 25 years since los angeles police officers beat rodney king on the side of the road. it was all caught on camera. four officers were charged but were acquitted. that touched off riots across l.a. king made a plea for the violence to end. >> can we all get along? can we get along? >> the riots lasted three days, more than 50 people died. king settled a lawsuit for more than $3 million. he died? june at the age of 27. crime fellmore by more than 7%. second year in a row. they credit good police work and community cooperation. >> to once again decrease crime to a record low is a historic
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and proud moment for the major. >> they plan to use an upgraded communications system, sum porting body cameras. it's 5:46. the new owner says he's not going to pump a lot of money if the state approved two. they say in-state competition will devastate atlantic city. it's expected to pass the state lemg lay tur later this month. icahn had planned to invest $100 million into the taj. today new jersey transportation officials will lay out their plans. this comes one day from when they're scheduled to meade with the national mediate board.
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if an agreement isn't reached, they'll have alternative routes for e traveler. there was a suspension after the league accused him of tampering with the football. tomorrow the panel will hear the argument along with a response from bray praidy's torn. phil yo got a shout-out. >> yes, they did. the delaware county native says the journalism scholarship is inspired. he was a military veteran. in her new moerch "whiskey tango fox trot" she plays. >> my family set up a
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scholarship in my dad's name because he was a vet for -- returning vets who want to study journalism. she thanks fallon. panama city is trying to shed its break. removed panama beach as one of the trashiest. the site says the beach is changing. to get a handle on partying they banned drinking and issued earlier closing times for bars. >> what we're doing is market toward family and let them know. it will be a lot saver.
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we're going to get a big spring break next week. the temperatures are going to be soaring. today they've gone in another direction. with very dry air, we now have temperatures in the 20s. 25 trees colder than yesterday. we were in the 50s at this time yesterday. look at the beautiful sky over the cape may arena. bright sunshine this morning. will warm. not as much as yesterday. the windchill is zero in the mountains this morning. teens, mount holly, will moingtomoinsee the shaded area? that's a winter weather advisory. it's going to come in late tonight and tomorrow morning and
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there it is. scattered light snow and rain and we could see both in our area. futurecast snow showing at 11:00 -- 10:00, scattered. >> shower. with minimal accumulation at that hour by tomorrow morning we'll see an inch on the ground. at lunchtime it's already done. up to 2 inches in dover. it depends how much it comes to the area. with the rain, it looks like little to no accumulation. just an inch possible in atlantic city. . it will be here tomorrow morning. today, sunshine.
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in fact, bright sunshine this morning. the clouds will slowly increase. accumulation may be limited to grass and hard surfaces like cars that sit out overnight. 39 in the afternoon. the clouds will increase saturday afternoon and saturday night and there's a chance of a brief shower, light shower moving through early on sunday. but look at this warmup. here's your spring break, 65 on monday, 66 on tuesday and in the 70s on wednesday. >> look at how much it fluctuates. awe. >> thanks, bill.
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let's get a check on traffic? >> few you're heading to the air bonlt. right around bartram avenue we have a lot of accidents around this skreechb. it seems to be that five is extinguished but we have pleat teeing things up. everyone moving along nicely and the paem are headed south. more updates in the next half hour. eight minutes before. putting an end to the "r" word. next we'll talk about more than 100 schools in our area. local news finds out it's waters
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with down tamed dur lie what they're doing and demanding now.
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. five minutes to. students in delaware are trying to get students to not say the "r" word. they joined with special olympics delaware to sign this banner. the banner is part of a campaign to end the derogatory word sometimes associated with students with special needs. >> our school embraces this. this is a credit to our students to remind them to be respectful and acceptable and they're already doing it. >> students across the country. >> host:ed similar events yesterday. tomorrow, south jersey burro, people in morristown say they want answers after they found bacteria in their drinking water. that problem happened in february of last year. it's been cleared up and the
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public was never in any danger. it has been con tam tated before. now the town is outsourcing its water supply. >> three children and i want to know what i'm bathing them in and cooking their food with. it's upsetting. morristown officials did notify the didn't of environmental protection. also in south jersey, a little girl just got a big boost in her efforts to help the people of flint, michigan. >> thanks to a church donation, hundreds of cases of fresh water is headed to flinton -- are headed to flichblt last night we told you about nickie. she's been collecting water. her mom told us a pennsauken church donated 600 cases of water hefrm dad is driving the
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shipment in two weeks. >> hiccups put a popular radio host in the hospital. we'll have that story with for you at 6:00. plus a wild night in new york city. >> i thought an officer's down because next authentic you know you heard sirens everywhere. it turns out police were chasing one of their own. all new next at 6:00. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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route 222 is closed after this mangled mess that killed five people. it closed for hours. philadelphia mayor jim kenney will lay out his plan for the budget. we'll break down the plan for the city and how it can cost you. new jersey native scott kelly is back with his family this morning. it's 6:00 a.m. good


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