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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  March 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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freezing mark. a little bit of sunshine. increasing clouds. 35 right now in philadelphia. still at the freezing mark in allentown, pottstown, reading, lancaster. 24 degrees in mount pocono, 23 in mount holdly. factor in northwesterly breeze. feeling like 27 in philadelphia. wind chill ten degrees. feels like 27 in dover, delaware. so as go throughout the day we'll see these clouds increasing. temperatures not going very far. so by 11:00 still in the 30s at 3:00 p.m., mostly cloudy skies, 43 and then back down to the 30s by 6:00. now we're tracking a clipper system, a little system that will come through tonight bringing chance of rain and snow showers for your sunday morning we'll talk more that and then of course talk about spring coming next week in a few minutes. >> this morning philadelphia police have two suspects in custody and even for more after gunmen fired shots at an
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unmarked police car. drew smith is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more. >> reporter: we've been calling detectives to check on their progress of that manhunt but so farther not reporting any additional arrests. we know they are looking for one man, maybe two who are involved in a shoot out and at one point pointed their fire at police officers. we want to show you some video from night from sky force 10. teams were searching with dwuns drawn in frankfurt a residential neighborhood there. here's how investigators are explaining this. it began at 7:00 on hedge street. an undercover narcotics team was there for a separate investigation. they heard gunfire. one of their unmarked headed that way. a group of men started firing at it. 15 shots in total as part of that earlier shoot out and then at the police. one of the shots went through the front bumper just feet from the officer.
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>> very brazen. it's very stupid to be firing a gun at anyone especially a police officer that's out here to protect everyone. >> reporter: he was not injured this. he managed to get out of the police car and chase after one of these guys and he arrested them and the rest of his police officers got there soon after and caught another guy. but, again the manhunt for maybe two others continue this morning. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. today marks a somber anniversary for family and colleagues of philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii. on this day one year ago gunmen shot and killed sergeant wilson during a robbery. later today his fellow officers at the 22 in district will release balloons in the sergeant's honor at the exact time of day that they lost him. it was march 5th of last year when sergeant wilson and his partner doing security checks in a shopping center in north
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philadelphia. wilson ran into the game stop to grab a gift for his son. two armed men came into the store and announced a robbery. the police department's forensic graphic artist created this digital painting of sergeant wilson. wilson received numerous hons his actions including a medal of valor and police hero plaque and also promoted from officer to sergeant. 9:03, new from overnight. firefighters quickly knocked down flames at a go story house in north philadelphia. nbc 10 on the scene. fire broke out around 12:30 this crews had it under control. that home was abandoned. people are reacting with outrage to this picture. it shows upper darby high school students dressed up as members of the ku klux klan. the costumes were part of a class assign onto history of the 1920s.
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school district leaders apologized saying the assignment was inappropriate. the upper darby district issued an apology to parents, students and community members officials say the skit in which students dressed as klan members was not meant to hurt anyone. >> with all the diversity in mind and everybody feels included and not marginalized and not doing anything that will offend any particular group of students. >> now the class assignment last school year. school officials told us they know about the photo until thursday night. administrators, teachers and staff were already undergoing diversity training across the district. upper darby high school plans to start working with students about the issue on monday. in chester county, three high school football players are facing charges, criminal charges in the alleged hazing of a teammate. the district attorney says his investigation uncovered a hazing culture at the high school in
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berwyn and he says it goes back four years. students nicknamed hazing days as no gay thursdays. authorities say on a thursday last october three seniors on the football team held down a fraeshman teammate and violated him with a broom stick. five minutes after nine. decision 2016 and more presidential delegates will be up for grabs today. there are primary elections or caucuses in five states, nebraska, kentucky, maine, kansas and louisiana. now to the candidates. protests and scuffles disrupted a donald trump rally in new orleans last night. take a look. largest protest came from activists for black lives matter. took security officers about 15 minutes to escort them out. some people at the ral got pushpush -- rally got push and knocked
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over. trump continued his attacks against ted cruz, marco rubio and mitt romney. ben carson formally ended his bid for the white house. at cpac the conservative political action conference in maryland. carson surged in the polls during fall but lost momentum after questions popped up about his policy expertise. carson joked, a lot of people love me they just won't vote for me. in a democratic race hillary clinton will keep campaigning in michigan today. yesterday she toured an auto parts plant in detroit. clinton said the nation needs a new bargain to create better paying jobs clinton and bernie sanders will debate sunday night in flint, michigan just two days before that state's primary. and senator sanders plans to campaign ohio today. that state holds its primary on march 15th. yesterday sanders blasted clinton the front-runner for her positions on free trade at a rally in michigan.
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he also blamed her for the decline in manufacturing jobs. stay up to date on all the developments in decision 2016 with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download for your smartphone or tablet. we are less than two hours away from the official opening of the philadelphia flower show. we have been taking a look at the displays on the pennsylvania convention center. the doors open to the public at 11:00 a.m. this year's theme is explore america 100 years of the national park service. >> we take people to california, to yellow stone, yosemite and over to maine, but also here in this region we cover independence national historical park, the liberty bell, valley forge. >> the flower show runs through next sunday march 15th. and sep tap wants to help families get to the show. it's family independence pass
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costs $29 for up to five family members. that gets them on all septa trains being trolleys and buses. if you're headed there by yourself one day independence pass gives you the same access for just 12 bucks. it was once called the trial of the century. now there's a new twist in a case that first put o.j. simpson in the courtroom. the search for answers about a knife found on his old estate. vacation payday. usually spend money on vacation but see how this local judge actually came home millions richer.
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well welcome back. off to a cold start. temperatures below freezing in many spots. in the 20s to the north and west wind chills that are less than that. here's a live look outside. we do have clouds in the pocono mountains. good day to go skiing. feel wintry all weekend long
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before a big warm up. 34 degrees in northeast philadelphia, 29 in kenneth square. north and west temperatures in the teens. 19 shenandoah, 24 degrees in mount pocono. below freezing in doylestown. 31 in oxford. same story to the south and east low 30s right above freezing at the atlantic city airport, 33 in dover, 35 degrees in beach haven. as we go throughout the day we'll keep it dry. increase the cold. winter weather later on tonight. little clipper moves through bringing the chance for rain showers, snow showers between say 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. this is a snapshot right around. some light stuff moving through. if you're traveling onto roads tomorrow morning you may encounter a little bit of light snow and some sprinkles. today sun clouds. 42 to 45. tomorrow another cold one. we'll bring the sunshine back after that early snow clears out of here and thenning for a big time warm up. 50s then 60s and then 70s.
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your full forecast coming up. >> a discovery is bringing america back to the trial of the century. but, police warn that the latest investigation in the o.j. simpson case could turn out to be nothing. police are examining a knife reportedly found at the home where simpson was living when his wife nicole brown simpson and her fred were murdered. sources tell nbc news the knife appears to be too st. paul to be the murder weapon but not ruling anything out. authorities confirm a former lapd traffic cop recently turned the knife over to detectives. that officer claims he was working off duty near simpson's home 12 years ago when a construction worker gave him the knife. >> we need to first one determine is if this is evidence and if it's not evidence how do we prove one way or another it's not. >> the jury acquitted simpson of all charges in 1995. he's currently in prison for an unrelated conviction.
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under the constitution simpson can't be retried for the murders regardless whether the knife is connected to the case. the prosecutor in the o.j. simp murder trial is talk about the high-profile case. marcia clark sat down for a two hour "dateline" nbc special called the people versus o.j. simpson what the jury never heard. clark told nbc she never wanted simpson to try on those leather gloves that police said belonged to the killer and still blames herself for the verdict. >> felt bill. it was physically painful. you know, that was not justice. i thought of ron and nicole and i thought this is wrong. it's so wrong. >> clark says she believes there was no way her team could convince the jury that o.j. was guilty. don't miss two hour "dateline" special right here on nbc 10 it airs tomorrow night at 9:00 fold by nbc 10 news at 11:00. a famous hollywood face comes to delaware county. hundreds line up for a chance to
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meet robert deniro. we'll tell you why the actor was making a name for himself at a liquor store.
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welcome back on your saturday morning. 9:15 as we take a live look at the engineer shore. this is cape may. snow is left from yesterday's wintry weather. another cold day. temperatures in the 40s today. but michelle is talking about a major warm up for mid-week. she will be back with her full
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forecast in just a few minutes. check this out, posing for pictures with actor robert deniro delaware county. that's what some folks got to do yesterday during a ribbon cutting at a store in glenn mills. dozen people won golden tickets to meet deniro. he's promote agnew brand of vodka. >> such amazing actor. very kind. very polite. very calming. >> the liquor outlet told us this was the first time deniro ever participated in a store opening. ♪ the philly pops put their own spin on the music of billy joel. the orchestra is performing the music of the gendalegendary pia man. local i had schools are also performing before each show.
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♪ at a party in wilmington celebrates the latino presence in american art. the delaware art museum is hosting a traveling exhibition that features the contributions of latino artists in the u.s. since the mid-20th century. the exhibit runs until may 29th. you'll need layers this weekend, we're feeling like winter. temperatures in the 30s. took us a long time to get to the 30s. we were stuck in the 20s for a time. wind chills in the teens. some wind chills in the 20s in some spots. weather headlines this morning feels like winter all weekend long. 40s today. 40s on sunday. could even see a little and snow tonight into the early part of sunday before it clears out of here. then all about the warmth. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. 35 in philadelphia. winds out of the north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. little breezy, cold breeze out
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of the northwest. temperatures mainly in the 30s, 32 at the freezing mark. 35 in philadelphia. slow climb to 35 degree mark. 33 in atlantic city. 33 in dover. and 33 in glassboro. factor in that northwesterly breeze it feels like 20. 27 the wind chill in philadelphia. feels like 26 in allentown. feeling like 10 mount pocono. you definitely need the layers this morning. we have sunshine to start out with. you need the sunglasses. as we go through the day we'll see clouds on the increase ahead system that bring us the chance for snow showers and rain showers. here it is in ohio valley entering western pennsylvania. it will move off to the east. you're out late tonight you may see snow and rain and then tomorrow morning before it's out of here by 9:00 tomorrow morning. we're told today, clouds on the. th -- on the increase.
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especially tomorrow morning, it's out of here, though quickly, sunday afternoon we're left over with sunshine and temperatures near 47. any snow that fell will melt quickly and then we're warming up big time as we go throughout the work week. this is what it looks like. cold today. cold on sunday. by moan temperatures near 60 degrees. tuesday into the 60s. if not 70. wednesdays low 70s before we dip back down into the 60s. today cloud and sun cold 42 to 45. 44 is normal for this time of the year. 44 is the actual forecast for today. winds out of the northwest at five to ten miles per hour. tonight a cold one. it will set the stage for any snow that falls. 26 north and west. not quite as cold as last night. clouds in place. that clipper system moves through. exits on sunday morning. 47 the afternoon. by monday we're looking at 59 degrees, beautiful day. be breezy. tuesday mostly sunny and look at
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tuesday low 70s. thursday things begin to change. more cloud cover, chance for showers. temperatures in the mid-60s and then by friday partly sunny skies 61. >> this week's wednesday child is looking for a forever family to support and encourage him throughout his life. vai sikahema introduces us to john. >> whoa! >> reporter: john is an affectionate and active 10-year-old who loves to dance and listen to music. he likes finding new things. so we headed to just the place, sky zone in glenn mills, p. a. he really got his jump on and could not get enough. the third grader loves his school and does well in his special education classes. >> he's a 10-year-old boy.
9:21 am
he has a genetic disorder. he has tumors on different organs throughout his body. he has developmental delays and autistic features. >> reporter: ideal family would be patient, provide him with tons of love and time and act as an advocate. >> a great family for john is invested in learning about his diagnosis and the attention that that takes and really working with him, advocating for the best for him and any service he may need. >> reporter: john has a big heart that he's ready to share with his forever family. >> john brings so much to the family. he is a joy to be around. he's funny. loves to life. i think if a family got to know him and took time in building a relationship with him, you get so much back. he's a very kind little. >> reporter: john is this week's
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wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make john's dream come true tore dream of any wednesday's child please go to and search wednesday's child. can you also call the national adoption center at 1-866 do-adopt. testing their skills. students in our area are sitting down today to take a brand new s.a.t. coming up the changes they will see in the college entrance exams.
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more americans are working and apple's battle with the fbi moves east. cnbc michelle caruso-cabrera takes a look at the past week in the world of business. >> reporter: good news, nearly a quarter million more americans got jobs in february. bad news, wages and hours worked fell. overall jobs picture improved enough for some analysts to raise their economic growth forecast for the first quarter. a new york judge says apple can't be forced to help the fbi unlock an iphone.
9:25 am
it's in contrast to a california judge who ordered apple to crack the iphone. the debate continued on capitol hill on tuesday where apple and fbi representatives testified for five and a half hours. one of the key oil and natural gasmen who helped develop fracking in the united states is dead. aubrey mcclendon fatally injured in a fiery car crash after his suv slammed into an overpass. the accident happened a day after aubrey mcclendon was indicted. he denied the charges and planned to vigorously defend himself. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. get all your business on cnbc. 9:25 on our saturday morning. novelist pat connery has tied. his best selling works include" the prince of tides" and "the great santini."
9:26 am
he announced last month he was battling pan secrcreatic cancer. >> nine wildcats found abused in new mexico are heading to south carolina. they were put on a jet yesterday. the an were rescued from a privately owned home where they were kept in case. now they will live in a wildlife sanctuary in denver. still ahead, police officer under fire. drew smith is live for the search of the gunman who shot at a car. >> reporter: those bullets were flying in a philadelphia neighborhood last night but not came from police. we'll tell you the full story but reaction from witnesses. >> off to a cold start. temperatures in the 30s. some spots still below freezing. cold one today. temperatures staying put in the
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40s as well as tomorrow. sunshine to start before we see clouds building in and that's ahead of a system that will bring us rain and snow. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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philadelphia police want to talk with this guy. they say he was in the kitchen of a local restaurant when a cook was killed. primaries and caucuses, today the race for the white house runs through five states. we'll break down the contests and the delegates up for grabs. it a chilly saturday morning as we take live look at the center city skyline and could see more snow or rain tonight. but there is a big warm up on the way. good morning, everyone, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. 9:30 on this morning. thank you very much for being with us. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is in the weather center. michelle looking forward to that big warm up but not time to get out the and t-shirts just yet. >> not yet. today is cold. seeing temperatures in the 40s right now. around the freezing mark. we'll see 60s anticipates in our forecast but not this weekend. let's take a look outdoors because we're starting out with sunshine and that will change as we go throughout the day. we're looking at the battleship
9:31 am
new jersey and temperatures at 35 degrees in philadelphia. right at the freezing mark in allentown, reading, pottstown, lancaster. 24 degrees in mount pocono, 33 in atlantic city and 33 in millville. you factor in the breeze from the northwest and it feels colder than it. feels like the 20s in a lot of spots. feeling like 27 in philadelphia. so these are the temperatures you want to dress for as you head out on your saturday morning. 26 is it feels like in allentown. feeling like 10 in mount pocono for all the skiers today. as we go throughout the afternoon we'll see temperatures rising very slowly and not getting very far. by 11:00 still in the 30s. tonight we're tracking a system that could bring us some rain and snow showers overnight through your sunday morning and then we're tracking a really big warm up. we mentioned 60s ands. coming up now on 9:32 a developing story from philadelphia's point freeze neighborhood. crews are on the scene of an
9:32 am
underground fire in the area of the 1400 block of point breeze avenue. it started as a transformer fire. crews are on the scene along with firefighters. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. o a manhunt is under way in philadelphia after a group opened fire on an unmarked police car in the city's frankfurt neighborhood. this morning two men are in custody and two are still on the run. nbc 10's drew smith is live at police headquarters. drew, what your finding out? >> reporter: police are taking this very seriously out in force last night going from yard to yard going down the streets of the frankfurt section of the city. they have come up empty finding the other people but they did take two people into custody fairly quickly. let's show you the video of 5300 block of hedge street. this started as a drug investigation. undercover officers were out there on a separate investigation when they heard shots fired. so they went to investigate and
9:33 am
then one of their unmarked cars became a target. one of the bullets going through the front of that car, feet from the officer. >> it was pop, pop, pop. like that. wow. i was three blocks away and i could hear how loud it was. >> a whole bunch of gunfire. it sounded crazy. >> reporter: the police officer in that car came away unhurt. he managed to chase and arrest a man. police were praising him on scene for remaining calm through all of this. he didn't even end up using his gun. fact, no police gun shots were fired in all of this but they did recover about 15 shell casings in that area from the earlier gunfight. that search for two other people still continues in the frankfurt section. police looking for help. if anybody knows who is connected. it's unclear if the people involved in this even knew they were shooting at police officers. live in philadelphia
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headquarters i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. police are looking for person of interest. they say he was the last to see a cook alive before her murder a south philadelphia restaurant. investigators say he by the name of noel. he worked with the victim. police say both were preparing food at lee's cafe and bistro thursday night. when the owner went to check on a food that never came out he found the cook dead and noel gone. a new effort by pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane to get the criminal charges against her thrown out. her lawyers filed papers claiming she's being singed out for prosecution. her lawyers want all the judges in montgomery county removed from her case. she's accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it under oath and scheduled to go on trial in august. 9:34 now. decision 2016 and more presidential delegates will be at stake today. there are primary elections or
9:35 am
caucuses in five states. nebraska, kentucky, maine, kansas and louisiana. republican front-runner donald trump will skip the conservative political action conference or cpac in maryland. trump said he cancelled his scheduled appearance today because of campaign events in kansas and florida. yesterday protesters disruptled his rally in new orleans. tomorrow mitt romney will join chucked to on "meet the press." it comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. after that "nbc 10 @issue" we go one on one with mayor jim kenney. he announced his budget and it includes a proposed soda tax that he says will bring in money that will stay in the city. >> my view is that if we tax a sugar sweetened beverage additional money raised by that tax won't go to distributors or bottlers, stay in the
9:36 am
neighborhood to improve schools, park and recreation center and library in the city. >> we'll hear morning at 11:30. new jersey tran officials and rail worker unions are set to meet on monday to try to avoid a mass transit strike. the two sides met the national mediation board in washington yesterday. but they did not reach a deal. they are negotiating over health insurance premiums and wage increases. the unions have authorized a strike next weekend if they cannot reach an agreement. today a new s.a.t. test rolls out across the country and students in our area will be among the first to try their hand at the newly redesigned exam. the most notable changes they will see the test has fewer questions. the essay portion is no longer mandatory and a perfect score will be 1600 instead of 2400. farewell performance, why the curtain will come down for the last time on a piece of
9:37 am
theater history in philadelphia. and a clean start, the new way to fight germs on airplanes by shedding a little light on the problem. 0
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only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. . all right. welcome back on this saturday morning, it's still cold. we're still seeing temperatures in the 30s. been a slow climb to get there. here's a live look outside. perfect day to go skiing. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s in the poconos.
9:40 am
feels like 10 degrees. we have clouds. increasing clouds throughout the day with a system coming through with rain and showers. 35 in philadelphia. 32 in chester springs. 33 in washington township. good idea to layer up. right at the freezing mark in quakertown, pottstown, blew bell below freezing. 31 degrees in doylestown. 30s too along the coast. 38 degrees in wood bind and 33 at atlantic city airport and 33 in millville. as we go throughout the day we'll see clouds increasing. cold one temperatures in the 40s. a clipper system comes through bringing chance for rain and snow showers to the early part of. we'll time that out for you and then talk about a big warm up 60s and 70s. we'll do that straight ahead. >> 20 minutes before 10:00 now. happening today more than a dozen people will shave their heads to raise money for kids with cancer. they hope to raise $30,000 at
9:41 am
the second street irish society in south philadelphia this afternoon. they will hold two more fundraisers later this month. today society hill playhouse will take its final bow. the last shows liberty city radio theater is set for this evening at 8:00. the playhouse opened in 1959. it has featured hundreds of performances and come tempntemp and community theater. it is to be torn down to be replaced with luxury apartments. 9:41. a mystery under the sea. a ghostly discovery has scientists excited. the reason this is no ordinary octopus. up next what makes it so unusual.
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take a look at this little guy. scientists believes it's a new species of octopus. they discovered it near hawaii. it's being nicknamed a ghost octopus because of its light colored appearance. the creature was found at a depth of a 2.5 miles sway record for an octopus without fins. >> do you hate those bathrooms on planes? boeing is saying good-bye to germs. the company has come up with a self-sterilizing bathroom for
9:45 am
planes that gets rid of bacteria by using ultraviolet light. the system will disinfect all surfaces including the toilet seat and sink in three seconds. boeing has to study the idea further. before offering it to airlines. >> rupert murdoch and gerry hall had their marriage blessed yesterday. they a second ceremony at saint bride's church today. they posed for photos after the ceremony. this is murdoch's fourth marriage and first for hall. o a rare collection of baseball cards goes up for auction this weekend and many of the cards are over a century old. the collection was part of the estate of a man from lancaster, ty cobb is considered the most valuable. that card is expected to fetch as much as $30,000. but that's not the only item bidders are excited about.
9:46 am
>> to find a factory 42 is a rarity in and of itself. to find a factory 42 of these hall of fame baseball players in this kind of conis an amazing discovery. >> other baseball cards up fors feature walter johnson and christie mathison. >> a judge from the lehigh is the winter of a powerball jackpot. james stocklas was headed home from his occasion in the florida keys tuesday when he bought the winning ticket. the judge got home and didn't check his ticket until yesterday morning while eating at a diner. well when he realized he won he bought breakfast for everyone. stocklas chose the one time lump sum payment of more than $191 million. happening today fishermen will be looking to make a big catch at two ponds in delaware. it's the opening day of trout season at tidbury pond and
9:47 am
newton pond. both ponds were stock with trout this week. though it should make for a good day of fish, if you can handle the cold. and if you're going to be out there, michelle, i think a lot of layers are a must. long underwear as well. >> especially if you're on the pond. we'll see temperatures in the 40s, low 40s in some spots. below normal for this time of year. at least trout season opening means hope for spring. we'll feel like spring as we go throughout the work week. it feels like winter. looks like winter in some spots. will look like winter tonight, tracking rain and snow tonight. then spring fling. temperatures rising during the work week. 60s and 70s. the looks nice middle of the work week. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. cold breeze in place as well that's bringing us a wind chill in the teens in some spots. 32 in allentown, 32 in reading right at the freezing mark in westchester.
9:48 am
35 in philadelphia. south and east mainly low 30s. very slow climb to the freezing mark in the 20s all morning long. 33 degrees in millville. factor in that northwest breeze we're looking at wind chills in the 20s, some in the teens. feels like ten degrees in mount pocono, feels like 26 in allentown, feeling like 26 in millville and feels like 26 in atlantic city. ing a look outdoors, seeing clouds increase throughout the day. sunshine. you need the glasses. afternoon clouds are on the increase ahead of that system. that system right now in the ohio valley, now making its way into western pennsylvania and as we go through night it will move to our area. so if you're out tonight early part of sunday night you'll see that. increasing clouds. if you're on the roads tomorrow morning, you might want to be careful, there might be slipperiness. snow will fall on the grassy
9:49 am
surfaces between 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. then out of here. clearing skies throughout the afternoon. sunshine later on sunday. snow fell. we'll see it melting. as we go throughout the night we'll see temperatures dropping below freezing. that's not going to help matters. today clouds sun cold 44 degrees, tonight 31 in philadelphia. 26 north and west. a chance for rain and showers. then later sunday it's sunshine. monday warm it up to near 59 degrees. it will feel chillier than it is. tuesday 70 degrees, really nice day. wednesday looking fantastic as well, 72. thursday mostly cloudy skies. chance for showers. 61 and then another chance showers on friday, 61. hi, i'm amy fadool. shorthanded doesn't even begin to describe the sixers. they were missing four against the heat.
9:50 am
that gave brand a chance to play. brand hits the short jumper here. eight points in 13 minutes for the 36-year-old. sixers led briefly in the third quarter but dwayne wade goes in and gets the bucket and foul. miami up five after that. heat goes on to win 112-102. as sixers 11th straight loss. brand was the 1999 first overall selection. davis the third overall pick that year now playing for the sixers d league team. a long three there. phillies hosted the braves in grapefruit league play yesterday after giving up four runs. conner playing the role of hero three run home run gives the phillies got a 12-11 victory. nfl draft prospect and south jersey native eli apple made news on the comcast network
9:51 am
breakfast on broad show. he talked about the kind of questions he was asked at the league's draft combine. >> the falcons coach one of the coaches do you like men? it was the first thing he asked me. it was weird. no. well if you're going to come to atlanta you got to know that. sometimes that's how it is out here. you got to get used to it. i guess he was joking. ask these questions to see how you react. >> comcast sports contacted the falcons and received a statement from the head coach. quote, i am really disappointed in the question that was asked by one of our coaches. i have spoken to the coach that interviewed eli apple and explained to him how unprofessional that was. i have reiterated this to the entire coaching staff and i want to apologize to eli for this even coming up. this is not what the atlanta falcons are about and is not how we're going to conduct ourselves, end quote.
9:52 am
i'm amy fadool from sportsnet comcast.
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nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shell taer -- shelters and find homes. it's time to meet barky and he likes michelle. >> yeah. >> i almost feel a little naked over here because i usually have the dogs. >> sparky is a 5-year-old beagle mix. has some nice coloring on him and some beautiful eyes. he came to us actually from a cruelty case in a different county, but has been with us just for a little while now and
9:55 am
we're trying to get him a forever home. >> i was mentioning his eyes. a sweet dog by looking at his eyes. >> he was licking your face a couple of minutes ago. good thing we're almost done. now you have a big event. sparky may be there tomorrow. >> we'll be at petco unleashed in northern liberty on girard avenue we'll have some adoptables. they have a super adoption weekend going on. sparky will be there unless he find as home today. >> if you want more information about sparky or any animal just call pennsylvania spca the number 215-426-6304. check out their website at and we have great news some dog we told you about last week. brick has a new forever family. he was adopted from the animal care and control shelter on sunday after his new owners saw him on our segment. brick had been at the shelter
9:56 am
longer than any of the other dogs. so congratulations to him and his new family. he was certainly deserving of that and a success story we like telling people about it. hopefully sparky will have a similar success story in the next half hour. >> we hope so. >> we're heading back to erie avenue after this. we always love hearing those stories about dogs getting a home and if they get adopted from any location. >> he's a friendly boy. all right. the dog days of summer we're not quite up to that yet but a big warm up is coming our way. >> we're looking good today. today a little chilly. temperatures today at the freezing mark. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day. tonight we're watching that little system that will bring us a chance for conspiracy theories, maybe a snow showers. it clears out pretty quickly. sunshine returns on sunday. melt that snow and it's 47
9:57 am
degrees. monday is where we start to warm it up. a mild breeze in place, 59. tuesday and wednesday 70s and still mild thursday and friday but we macon tend with showers on thursday and friday. >> sparky will enjoy taking some walks in that weather. thank you very much for being with us. i'm ted greenburg. we hope you have a great weekend.
9:58 am
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