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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 today, super split in super saturday voting. four presidential candidates are celebrating wins in different states, including two upset victories on ted cruz over donald trump. we take a live look outside this morning, it still feels like winter right now. 36 degrees in philadelphia. there are some isolated snow showers and flurries moving through the region but hang on for a spring like change coming soon. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news. i'm ted greenberg. it is 5:30 on sunday morning. let's get our first check on sun
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weather, she's tracking the snow through the area. >> mainly seeing it through the poconos and parts of delaware. we're not expecting much accumulation. if you're in those areas i'll show you on radar in a few minutes. be careful, a live look outside. we are waking up to clouds, to some snow, to north in the poconos, heaviest in monroe county. about to happen in northern delaware. we're going to continue to track this for you. light stuff, not worried about much accumulation. otherwise another cold start, not nearly as cold as saturday mar morning, still cold, 33 in reading, 36 in philadelphia. it's 28 degrees in dover and cold in wildwood, just 27 degrees. factor the wind it feels a little colder than it is. throughout the day, another cold day. yesterday right around 42. today closer to 47. 49 is normal this time of year. so it will be a cold wolg but
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1k -- one by 9:00. layers this week but you can lose those layers. we're talking about a big, big warm-up. we'll talk about those numbers coming up. a driver faces dui charges after this car struck an uber car in philadelphia. nbc was on the scene on the ramp from woodhaven to 9th road. police say the suspect vehicle hit the uber car while going around the tractor-trailer just before 4:00 this morning. medics took the spent and another person to the hop with minor injuries. decision 2016, four presidential candidates split the super saturday primaries and caucuses. nbc 10 national correspondent chris pollone has the breakdown for us. >> reporter: on super saturday texas senator ted cruz visited the winners circle first picking
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up 17 delegates winning the kansas and maine. >> super tuesday election results, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sight. >> picking up c-pack, gathering of conservatives in washington. usually a stop for republicans winning nomination but donald trump playing by his own rules. fresh off his win, he skipped the conference to be in florida where the coming days. >> i've taken more questions from reporters than anyone that ever lived. >> reporter: tied by the republican field. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. personally i'd call for him to drop out of the race. i think it's time for him. >> reporter: marco rubio brushed
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off that suggestion. bernie sanders hoping to win some momentum, won nebraska caucus but clinton countered with resounding win in indiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election. we all know the stakes keep getting higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. >> nbc news, new york. today another race for the white house, maine holds its democratic caucus. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate in clint, michigan. clinton attended a predebate party in detroit in a speech to the crowd congratulated sanders on winning caucuses in nebraska. emphasized democrats need to hold onto the white house and make gains in congress. marc is hoping to win today's republican primary in puerto
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rico. the florida senator and at a campaign stop last night. rubio told reporters the contest winning just a map so far. both parties have primaries in michigan and mississippi. republicans will caucus in idaho and hawaii. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney who had had quite a bit to say about front-runner donald trump will talk to chuck todd on "meet the press." it comes your way at 10:30 on nbc 10. strong words from donald trump from members of black lives matters movement in delaware. they were reacting after protesters got kicked out of a rally in new orleans on friday. >> trump is a racist. he don't really care about black lives. he had two sisters out there campaigning with him who are really making a mockery of the black lives matter movement. >> activist made those comments during a rally in wilmington
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that called for an end to delaware's death penalty. civil rights activist joined family members of death row inmates at the wilmington library. the last execution in the state was in 2012. police looking for the person who murdered a man in west philadelphia. the deadly shooting happened after 10:00 at 52nd and arch. the victim died at the hospital after being shot three times. no weapon was found. there are no suspects at this point. a new battle fought in gettysburg. the lines are drawn on either side of the confederate flag. plus getting a jump on spring. what some of the day one visitors have to say about this year's philadelphia flower show.
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here is a live picture of crews at 52nd and chestnut in
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west philadelphia. police say an suv hit a police wagon. that police wagon bumped into a parked cruiser. two officers went to get checked out at a local hospital for injuries. the driver of the suv also went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> announcer: now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. and we're tracking a little snow this morning, especially to the north and south and parts of delaware, parts of the poconos as well. let's take a look outdoors. in philadelphia we're dry. there's this snow falling. doesn't it look pretty in the poconos mountain. we're not going to see much snow falling but still waking up to snow flurries. if you're traveling in those areas, poconos, northern delaware, may encounter slippery roads attachment it slower this morning. here is a look at what it looks like on radar, white to the north, also the south. this clipper system moving to the south of us.
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in the meantime it will drop snow, heaviest snow in parts of the poconos. you can see from that shot still pretty much on the light side. we are waking up warmer compared to this time yesterday, 10 in pottstown. we were frigid yesterday. 6 warmer in allintown and 5 warmer in wilmington. that is mainly putting us in the 30s compared to low 20s yesterday. 36 in philadelphia. so we're 4 degrees above freezing there. 31 in trenton, below freezing in wrightstown, north and west. looking at temperatures near freezing. a pretty cold finish as well, then warm it up during the workweek. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks so much. another chilly morning but feels like spring for thousands of flower enthusiasts. philadelphia flower show continues in center city. convention center packed for the first show yesterday. this year's theme, explore
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america, 100 years of the national park service. colorful floral displays pay tribute to america's native flowers. plants and trees you can check out interactive exhibits including butterfly garden and dozens of hands on workshops. >> it's a great day to come out and just feel the flowers and get some ideas. >> i like the tulips. i like the daisies. >> ferns and different kinds of flowers i can use in my shaded courtyard. >> the flower show is open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today. it runs through next sunday march 13th. also today, first ever st. patrick's day in gloucester city at king and monmouth street. bands, bagpipers an dancers will perform along monmouth street. the grand marshal of the parade
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will celebrate 100 years of irish independence. a montgomery county family opens up about the loss of their son who died trying to rescue his father in a fire. still ahead, why they are still searching for answers a month after that tragedy.
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and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. police had to separate a fair of confederate flag rallies at gatsberg miller park. yesterday demonstrators supporting confederate flag clashed with protesters who said it symbolizes racism. the two sides traded insults but police intervened before the disagreement could turn physical. 5:44, new from overnight, crews quickly put out a fire at a house in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood. it started after 11:30 on 6th street. the flames started in the basement. luckily no one was hurt. police are searching for a man
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and woman who robbed a home owner at gunpoint in south philadelphia. investigators say the victim met the couple online. they say after the pair showed up at the house on juniper street, they pulled a gun and took $4,000 from the victim. police say the couple sped off in a black sedan. a former philadelphia eagle is the victim of an alleged kidnapping. earl wolf was reportedly with friends in north carolina last month when he was forced into his range rover. he was held for a short time before freed unharmed. one man charged in the case. his new team jacksonville jaguars released a state saying he's doing well mentally and physically but wants his privacy. he was drafted by eagles in 2013 and played for them for two seasons. from our delaware bureau this morning a rehoboth beach man charged with stealing a donation box filled with money for children. police say craig beckett
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confessed to stealing the box from a counter last month. it contained donations from west rehoboth children and youth program. people gathered to remember boy from norristown. the family's home destroyed in a fire. just a month ago when sanford ran back into the burning house to save his father, not knowing his dad had already jumped out of a window to safety. sanford's mother told us she still doesn't know what caused the fire and still doesn't have a death certificate for her son. >> i don't see his face. it's a void in my heart. it's going to be a void in my heart the rest of my life. >> the family with a go fund me page to pay funeral expenses. >> announcer: now, nbc 10 first alert weather. we talk about the clipper
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system that will move through, it is here. we're seeing some isolated snow showers north, parts of delaware, pocono mountains. we're not expecting much accumulation but could slow you down on the roadways if you're out and about early this morning. weather headlines, early snow showers, could be out of here pretty quickly. then another cold day. yesterday we're right at 42 degrees, today closer to 47. 49 is normal for this time of year. closer than yesterday but till cold. then it's all about the big, big warm-up. that's going to be big news. we're looking at temperatures into the 60s and eventually the 70s during this work weekend. looks like most temperatures not until 50s next week. 36 in philadelphia, winds are calm. winds light and variable throughout the day. this is what it looks like on radar. you can see snow showers to the north and parts of the pocono mountains. that's where we're seeing heaviest snow. parts of northern delaware and eventually through southern new jersey again. not amounting to much but still
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show you what's happening this morning. in philadelphia it is cloudy. see clouds to start out with. then we'll eventually see clearing skies to partly sunny. it's doing to take a little while to get there. for the most part mostly cloudy through the day. peeks of sunshine here and there but a little more cloud cover. clouds seem more dominant. 36 in philadelphia, right at the freezing mark in allentown, 33 reading, lancaster, cold in new jersey, 26 atlantic city, 28 in dover and 27 in wildwood. future weather as we go throughout time, starting out with clouds, snow showers across the area. again, the snow will be out of here quickly, then start to see clearing skies from north to south. by 3:00 we'll see some sunshine in parts of the lehigh valley, burks, poconos and trend will be clearing skies for everyone. overnight we're going to drop temperatures once again and monday looks to be a nice day. mostly sunny skies, breezy with winds up near 20 miles per hour, gusting a little higher than that at times. temperatures near 60 degrees.
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so we start that warming trend as early as tomorrow. today, though, cold one. early snow. that will be out of here pretty quickly. 46 to 49. i think we'll top out around 47, 48 degrees, so pretty close to normal for this time of year. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. seven-day forecast, 48 today by tomorrow. look at that big difference. a big jump, 60 degrees with mild breeze, mostly sunny skies. tuesday 70, a really nice day. we lose the wind at well. wednesday even watermelon than that. 74, mostly sunny. then by thursday we're tracking the chance of some showers, breezy, more clouds than sun, 68. cooler on friday. 60 but still way above normal, saturday a chance of showers once again. 61. >> michelle, thank you. who gives and who gets in philadelphia. that's what's being hashed out. now, that philadelphia mayor jim kenny has announced the first budget for the city. this morning on nbc 10 at issue sits down for one-on-one interview answering critics of his proposed soda tax. >> my view is that if we tax a
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sugar-sweetened beverage, the additional money risen by the tax will not go to distributors and bottlers stay in the neighborhood to improve pre-k and every library and recreation at building in the city. >> as we head to march madness, one team punched its ticket for the first time since jfk was president. and on the ice, a goal scoring bonanza for the flyers.
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new monument dedicated to baseball icon jackie robinson. unveiled at a recreation center on campus yesterday. robinson earned varsity letters at his alma mater in baseball, football, basketball and track. he went on to become the first african-american player in the modern major league.
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>> hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. before six-game homestand, orange and black needed 10 out of possible 12 points to make a playoff push. first five games of that they now have eight. brad stole the show last night, winds up from center ice. watch that rocket, beats curtis. the 91 footer off the post, what a way to end scoreless. second, gagne down the wing, 3-0 flyers. ten seconds later how about another. giroux. put an exclamation point on it. flyers win this. within three points of the final playoff spot. injuries news for phillies spring training. day to day after injuring his wrist in friday's win over the
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braves. ryan howard will be out a few days as he's dealing with a flu running through the clubhouse. facing blue jays, mavs with a pregame stretch. deep to left. that one is gone. later in the first, more trouble. michael saunders with two on, also gone, this one to deep right center. four runs aaron noda allowed. noelle, okafor and kendall marshall the heat. noelle right knee contusion, okafor has a shin contusion and marshall dealing with upper respiratory infection. they have lost 11 straight games. villanova closing off in georgetown in front of sellout crowd. arcidiacono off the field, pass,
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josh hart, nova up 21. time running down in the first. kris jenkins drains the three at the horn. no love 19 at the break. villanova goes on to win 84-71. they finish with a 27-4 record on the season. the big east tournament, play the winner of georgetown depaul next week. looking for 400th career win. second half, isaiah miles with layup. 2011 his team high 21, over 1,000 point mark in his career. just over a minute in. a minute to go. mason, 78-70. drexel lost to who is tra 80-57 and quarterfinals of the c affirm a tournament to finish the season in 6-25 record. harvard 74-66.
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yale fooinl finally dancing. they win the ivy league title, clinch first tournament berth since 1962. that is a 54-year drought. congratulations bulldogs. check out this crazy finish. semifinal in the pennsylvania state athletic conference tournament after iup took 89-88 lead. westchester's matt pinnacle coast-to-coast. that is the game winner. westchester wins 90-89. they advance to the final. that will do it for sports. i'm amy fadool, sports net. hosted a basketball tournament for a good cause. meeting dozens of teens and their dads hit the hardwood to raise money for several causes including lupus foundation of america. organizers told us the tournament a true learning experience. >> they come to school with all
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types of problems. not just about math or reading or science, it's about life. >> we're promoting wellness, healthyness as well as sports. >> the county's chapter of jack and jill of america sponsored the event. happening today, you can meet a forever friend of the four-legged variety in new hopes bucks county. fatdoingfoto holding the event on west bridge street. if you decide to take home a put you get a photo session with your dog at fatdoingfoto. something for almost everybody in super saturday presidential contest. donald trump and ted cruz each scored a victory, so did hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we'll rundown the results next. good morning. >> good morning, ted. some isolated snow showers this morning. otherwise a cold start once again. this is a live view from cape
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may. sun is rising. a cold day today. big-time warm-up. we'll do that straight ahead.
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this morning it's a mixed
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bag in the decision 2016 presidential contest. four candidates picked up victories and delegates on super saturday. we've got the results along with what's next on the calendar for the candidates. still need a winter coat on this chilly morning. 36 degrees here at nbc 10, but spring-like weather is getting ready to push old man winter out of here. we're following the change in the first alert forecast. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. thanks so much for being with us. it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. some parts of the area seeing a little snow. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. hi, michelle. >> just a reminder winter is still here. seeing snow, parts of northern delaware seeing snow. should be out of here quickly. could be tough going on the roads in some spots. a beautiful picture from cape may camera. look at that sun rising. we're seeing some clouds across


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