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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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this is nbc 10 news. right now, on nbc 10 news today, trooper hit. a new jersey state trooper helping out during an emergency is rushed to the hospital after he was struck by a car. on the move. the eagles are shedding more big name players off their roster. hear about their latest moves and what fans have to say about them. it's going to feel like spring. take a live look at i-95 near the girard point bridge this morning. a mild commute with temperatures near the 50s. on your way back from work, we'll be close to 70. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> did you see close to 70? i'm vai sikahema. >> i did. let's bring in meteorologist
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sheena parveen and the first alert forecast. >> this morning, maybe a light jacket but this afternoon, around 70 degrees. what we really like is when we have temperatures like this and it stays dry. so typically this time of the year with the rain and everything, we stay warmer with rain. but this we're we're saying record warmth with no rain, not until the weekend. right now in the 40s. 47 philadelphia, 47 in wilmington, northeast philly, low 40s in allentown. wildwood is coming in at 48. we have a few light showers moving through parts of lancaster and berks counties. maybe a few sprinkles elsewhere. not a big deal, though. we're not going to see this through the afternoon. we'll be dry this afternoon. the temperatures jump up quickly. by 8:00, 46 degrees, 10:00 a.m. we're already near 60 and look at where we top out this afternoon around 2:00, 3:00, we should be around 70 degrees. it's no the just today that we'll be warmer, tomorrow and
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thursday we're looking at near record high temperatures in the forecast. next rain chance does get here just in time for the weekend. i'll show you how warm we're get over the next few day and that weekend rain chance. let's get a check on the roadways with jessica boyington. >> good morning. if you're heading out the door, come over here and pay attention. we have an accident on bordentown, around 130. no reports of heavy police activity there at that scene. something to pay attention to. voorhees, route 73 around cooper road, no problems or backups at the intersection right now. if you take mass transit, watch out for septa's frankfurt line. they are having passengers on the eastbound side near 40th street and 42nd street stations. a new jersey state trooper is in the hospital after being hit by a car on the highway while responding to a call.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside cooper university hospital this morning. matt, walk us through what happened. >> reporter: well vai, throughout the morning i can tell you we have seen state troopers coming to the hospital here, trying to get an update on one of their colleagues. take a look at this video from skyforce 10. this is the scene in the southbound lanes of 295 near west deptford. around 8:20 last night, a trooper was responding to a two-car crash and fire. the trooper was standing in the road when another car came by and hit him. now, the trooper's injuries are serious, they include head injuries. officials with the police at this point are not saying how serious the situation is or if that trooper will survive. he was air lifted to the hospital here last night. throughout the night, and the past several hours we've seen several police cars, state police cruisers, troopers, going
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in and out of the hospital, waiting for those updates. now, that area of 295 in west deptford, southbound lanes, have since re-opened. state police also tell us that there were two other people injured in the original crash, that that trooper was responding to. no word on their conditions at this time. of course we are still working on new updates throughout the morning trying to get an update on how that trooper is doing this morning. for now, though, he is here at cooper university hospital with very serious injuries, at least that's according to the last update we received from state police. now i'm live in camden, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. a woman and two young children are recovering after being hit by a tow truck while crossing a philadelphia street. surveillance video shows last night's accident in kensington. police say the woman tried to cross the street with an infant in a stroller and 4-year-old
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beside her. they stopped in the intersection and were stopped by a tow truck. a good samaritan describes what happened next. >> i was on the phone to 911 but they couldn't understand me because i was screaming. i grabbed the baby and the gentleman jumped in the back with the little boy. he stayed at the hospital. >> police say the tow truck driver did have the right of way. 294-year-old woman and two young girls suffered head and neck injuries and are listed in stable condition. no arrestsyette in the murder of a woman yet in north philadelphia. police say they do know who did it. investigators now say it appears the victim's boyfriend beat her to death with a hammer during an argument. police found gateward's goad in an apartment near north 17th and cumberland sunday. 5:35. a former main line swim coach and guidance counselor ho tried to seduce a student will have to register as a sex offender. emily feeney worked at malvern prep in chester county until she was fired last may. yesterday a judge sentence her to five years probation after
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she pleaded guilty to criminal charges. fanny sent hundreds of messages and a topless selfie to the 16-year-old boy. she promised him admission to harvard university in exchange for an intimate relationship. the boy repeatedly rejected feeney's advances. happening today, lawmakers will vote on whether to close a local jail. the board of mercer county free holders will vote tonight on a plan to close the mercer county jail. the closure would put almost 300 corrections officers out of work. also 700 inmates would have to be moved to hudson county. decision 2016. voters in four states will cast ballots today in the presidential races. michigan and mississippi are holding primaries for both parties. there is also a republican primary in the state of idaho and a gop caucus in hawaii. meanwhi meanwhile, donald trump remain the candidate to beat for the rains. >> he stands to win even more
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delegates in today's contests. yesterday, trump held a rally near charlotte. he asked supporters to take a pledge to back him in next week's primary in north carolina. things got heated within a protester interrupted trump's speech. >> go home to mommy. bye. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. >> trump also had words for his republican opponents saying they are controlled by lobbyists and special interests. now in the democratic race, bernie sanders campaigned in ann arbor, michigan, last night, telling supporters that a high voter turnout in today's primary could help transform the nation. senator sanders won caulks over the weekend in maine, nebraska and kansas. but he is still trailing hillary clinton in the race for delegates. the democratic front-runner put in a final round of campaigning in detroit last night. that's where clinton held a get out the vote rally and asked supporters to make her the nominee so she can begin focusing on the republicans.
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she then targeted donald trump, calling him an equal opportunity attacker. and we'll be with you every step of the way for decision 2016. just download the nbc 10 app to keep track of the candidates and that delegate count. >> gone to the tennessee titans, reports say that's where the eagles are sending running back demarco murray. the birds are saying good-bye to two other players from the chip kelly regime as part of an offseason shake-up. things didn't exactly work out for him. murray's rushing totals dwindled from the season before when he led the league as a cowboy. he was unhappy with his playing time here as well. confirmed the birds will ship mark well and kiko alonso to the miami dolphins. the eagles are expected to get draft pick compensation for alonso and maxwell, if not murray. we caught up with some of the
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fans on these changes, especially demarco murray's exit. >> how do i feel about that? >> yes. >> not too good at all. that's the best player we got. >> was looking forward to see what he could do under new leadership, looking forward to see what he could do in a new offensive scheme. >> definitely moves i wasn't expecting. some i'm happy for, not only the murray but maxwell and alonso were great moves to get them out of here. >> the philadelphia daily news reads "chipping away" with the eagles clearing their roster of star players acquired by former coach chip kelly. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, it's mild this morning. you're probably not going to want the heavy jacket but maybe a light jack net afternoon or this morning i should say. not so much this afternoon. philadelphia, 47 degrees, northeast philly 47. wilmington 47 and kennett square now in the low 50s. so it is very warm relatively
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speaking. 41 degrees in allentown, also quakertown, 46 degrees right now in pottstown. for south jersey and delaware, we are mostly in the mid to upper 40s. dover coming in, 51 degrees this morning. this afternoon. i think you're really going to like the weather, especially if you liked it yesterday afternoon. few showers trying to move in but they're really breaking up. berks county, a few light showers around reading, maybe sprinkles in parts of chester county, sprinkles south of the philadelphia area. but we stay dry this afternoon. high pressure will keep us dry to our south. that warm air moves in from the southwest. we are going to see a warmer day today than what we had yesterday, about ten degrees warmer across the area and aside from that, we keep on warming up over wednesday and thursday. 8:00 this morning, around 50 degrees. noon, 64 and by 4:00 p.m. today, we'll be around 70 degrees. mix of sun and clouds, nice and dry and with those record temperatures over the next couple days, we're also going to be dry. we'll take a look at how warm it will get, plus a rain chance for
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the weekend. that's straight ahead. all right. 5:40 this morning. thanks, sheena. we'll keep an eye on traffic this morning on 95. >> jessica boyington has got her eyes on those cameras there. what are you seeing? >> 59 around girard avenue. of course 95 is one of the bigger roadways we start to really see more of the delay on first. not yet, though. we are seeing more traffic headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, still at a 12-minute trip, average speeds into the 60s. over in montgomery county, an accident in cheltenham. also, an accident scene on 295 in bordentown around route 130. in our cameras around that scene, of course it's right behind our graphic. you can see up at the top, flashing lights. that's where this accident scene is. no delay in either direction. it is on the southbound side of 295. a few lanes taken out right there. flashing lights and no delay
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approaching it on either side. vai and lauren. >> thank you, jessica. 46 degrees through most of philadelphia at 5:41. millions of dollars, that's what delaware-based due upon the is getting through the state. what that money will go to. and jobs that pay, find out about govern tom wolf's call to raise the minimum wage for everyone in the state.
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ruin ral arrangements are in place for the late nancy reagan. the former first lady will lie in repose at the presidential library in california. flags are at half-staff outside the reagan library in summy valley and other government buildings around the nation. she was 94. president obama spoke about her passing. >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. i'm sure he'd be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband at the reagan library in california. new this morning, come take a look at this. this is a commuter train car submerged in a northern california creek.
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14 people were hurt when the train derailed last night. police say a tree fell on tracks during the heavy rain. the train derailed and the front car fell into the creek. the sheriff calls it a murk that'll no one was killed. surveillance video shows life-saving technology in action. look at this. that's a plane landing safely by parachute. the single engine aircraft lost power over long island on saturday. but fortunately all cirr ux s models have parachutes in case of emergency in situations like this. woman with the nation's first successful uterus transplant is thanking her donor and her surgeons. she is also giving new hope to thousands of women unable to have children on their own. the 26-year-old patient spent nine hours in surgery at the cleveland clinic last month. doctors will now keep a close eye on her for the next year or so to make sure her body doesn't reject this new organ. experts hope she will eventually get pregnant through in vitro
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fertilization. lency who has not reveal her last name, says she pray for years, hoping to within day give birth to a child. >> i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> the uterus from a deceased donor was implanted into lindsay's pelvis during a nine-hour procedure. sh will be removed after she bears children so she can stop the anti-rejection drugs. lawyers filed the first class-action lawsuit in the flint, michigan water crisis. the suit argues government officials failed to take action over dangerous lead levels in drinking water. it also says the officials downplayed the contamination. the water problems began after switching from flint's water system in 2014. the new water source came through corroded pipes, causing lead to leak into the water. >> what we're trying to do here
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is get action and get action quick for these families. the proper attention by the epa, by the state regulatory agencies has not come. >> attorneys for the seven plaintiffs believe the lawsuit could eventually include thousands of flint residents affected by the water crisis. due upon the will get nearly $10 million from the state of delaware just weeks after the company announced its merger with dow chemical. yesterday, a state financial panel granted dupont the money over the next five years. delaware actually offered the money to dupont so it could keep it in-state following this merger. nearly $4 million of the money will support job creation. a drug investigation leads to a police chase and ends in a crash in west philadelphia. four people are in the hospital this morning in critical condition. police tell us it all started when they spotted a possible drug buy in darby borough, delaware county. two suspects took off in a
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rental car in west philadelphia. they crashed into several cars and then took off on foot. >> the next thing i know, this guy is coming around me, hit the side of my left front bumper. >> we came outside, we seen the one person running down the street. we thought he got away. >> police arrested one suspect right away. they say the other ran into a laundromat, changed clothes and then hopped on a septa bus. officers eventually caught up to him. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice mild start to the day. if you really liked yesterday, i think you're really going to like today. we'll be 10 degrees warmer. this week, we will be in the 70s. today around 70, warmer wednesday and thursday. so we have some record highs in the forecast. going into the weekend, though, that's going to be our next rain chance. at least with the warm temperatures we're going to stay dry. timing of the rain not very good. i'll show you that forecast in a second. 46 in pottstown, west chester
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this morning. 47 in you're good to walk outside in philadelphia. 51 in dover. millville at 43. 48 degrees in atlantic city. so as we go through today, we'll hit around 70 degrees. yesterday we were at 61. normal highs, 50s. we are way above normal for this time of the year. tomorrow, 76 degrees, by thursday, 78. those are record high temperatures. over 25 degrees above normal. so it is going to be unseasonably warm but feeling very nice, i'm sure. nice change. right now on satellite and radar, most of the area is dry. few sprinkles possible around the philadelphia area, even through parts of berks county, like around reading. you could be seeing light rain there. that will all clear out as we go through the rest of the morning. temperatures will be rising very quickly. in philadelphia, around 70 today. these are today's high temperatures. most of the area is going to be right around 70 degrees, aylan the shore, more like the mid-60s. the warmup continues tomorrow and thursday. rain stays up to our north. 70s with record temperatureses
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is we go into wednesday and thursday. again, it is going to be very warm outside. today, though, much warmer, mix of sun and clouds. temperature around 70 degrees, much warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, we're warmer, mid-70s. by thursday, upper 70s and by friday, little bit cooler but relatively speaking, 68 degrees. still going to be pretty warm. over the weekend, mid-60s. there's the rain chance i was telling you about. there's the clock on the seven-day. we spring forward with weekend. yes, you lose an hour of sleep but at least the sunset will be one hour later. >> thank you, sheena. nine, ten minutes before 6:00. if you are on 295 last night in gloucester conte there was a problem because the state trooper was hit. it looks like we have a problem there this morning. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on that. >> that accident scene you're talking about cleared. that accident investigation cleared about 3:30 this morning. you're good in west deptford township. on 295 it's a different story, 295 southbound around route 130.
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that's where we are seeing the accident scene. we look into our cameras. up ahead, it is behind our graphic. but, again, on the southbound side we have two lanes blocked with an overturn vehicle there. no huge delay. you can see approaching that scene or coming the other direction because of that. but definitely something to watch out for with lanes lost there. there's another accident in cheltenham on ashborn road and 2nd street. no traffic or problems on route 22 at rou-- 202 at route 29. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive. 5 a 52, chasing the moon. at 6:00, hear about the u.s. airlines plan to catch the best view of today's total solar eclip eclipse. there you go. get it out. good-bye philly, the annual summit that features the
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. now we're looking live at 295 in bordentown around route 130. no traffic or delays. we did earlier see the tail end of that accident scene right behind our graphic that says 295 right there. you can see no more flashing lights. we did have an overturned vehicle taking out two lanes. all traffic moving in either direction. we'll have more updates for you on this scene and more when i come back in the 6:00 hour. thanks, jessica. the countdown continues to a possible new jersey transit rail strike. rail unions have authorized a strike for early sunday if there's no deal reached. a work stoppage would impact more than 100,000 riders, including a lot of them in our area who used the trenton and hamilton stations. a strike would affect the atlantic city line that goes between ac and philadelphia. >> it would definitely be very dramatic. it would be a culture shock for a lot of people. >> every day i take a train to
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and from work in cherry hill. without the train i can't get there. >> new jersey transit has put together a contingency plan, and that relies heavily on added bus service. today pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in our area to push lawmakers for a statewide increase in the minimum wage. he'll visit small businesses in bryn mawr and east mount arie later this morning. yesterday, signed an executive order boosting the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.15 an hour for some workers. t the. in a business summit that brings big names to philadelphia is not coming back this year. organizers of "forbes" 30 under 30 summit announced that the event will be held in boston this october. they told "the boston globe" that "forbes" hopes to keep the summit there indefinitely. philadelphia hosted the summit in 2014 and in 2015.
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another big name banned is scheduled to be in philly in just a couple of weeks. ac/dc. >> why the banned is postponing its tour. and look out below, a garbage truck goes flying off an interstate 95 ramp in miami, falling nearly 100 feet to the ground. what police say the driver was doing right before this crash.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> a new jersey trooper hit by a car while responding to a crash on 295. this morning he is recovering after being air lifted to the hospital. we'll try to get the latest on his condition. chipping away, the eagles new management is cleaning house and three big players are reportedly out. grab a light jacket and you're good to go leaving the house this morning. take a look at this, beautiful


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