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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight t entire region mourns his death. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. investigators are trying to figure out what happened and why a driver crashed into a state trooper. the driver has not been charged. we brought you the crash on interstate 295 as breaking news last night at 11:00. >> we begin our live coverage with south jersey bureau reporter cydney long outside the police barracks in belmont. >> you talk to some of the trooper's friends. >> reporter: i did. they tell me that sean cullen lit up any and every room he was in, always finding the positive and they likened him to comedian jim carrey, meantime on the professional side, major donland said that the two loves of sean's life were his family and his career. >> it's hard because -- the guys that have family.
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and we know he just became a father not long ago. i think we take it a little harder. >> reporter: cullen was engaged to be married, a feert 9-month-old shamus and his fiancee is pregnant. major was with his parents and fiance at cooper medical center. >> last night at the hospital his father spoke about the two loves of his life which were his family and his career in law enforcement and how he always dreamed of being a law enforcement officer. >> reporter: the mayor consoled police and reminds the public. >> when you dial 911, they are what stands between you and whatever is putting you in harm's way and last night trooper cullen, he was doing what he didbest. >> reporter: his best friend wrote this letter on facebook saying quote, you never back down from a tense situation, i knew without a doubt you would always have my back. i love you, sean, we all love
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you. trooper cullen was two hours into his 6:00 overnight shift last night when he got into his troop car and left the station, his friend went on to say don't worry, sean, we're going to look after shamus, we're going to tell him how crazy his dad was and the goofy stuff you did. rest easy, brother, we've got the watch from here. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> we have both of our reporters covering this. >> let's go to ted greenberg near the crash scene. >> reporter: i checked with new jersey state police a short time ago. they tell me it's unlikely they will release additional details on the investigation today. but police radio transmissions we obtained do shed light on what became a tragic chain of events. the emergency situation unfolding along i-295 in west
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deptford reached a new level of panic when new jersey trooper sean cullen was struck by a car less than 10 minutes after he responded to an accident and car fire on the highway. cullen is heard on dispatch recordings arriving at the scene around 8:15 last night. >> reporter: cullen was hit by a passing car while walking near the crash scene where several fire and police vehicles had their emergency lights on a. 22-year-old north jersey woman was behind the wheel. >> it's very difficult day. this is the worst tragedy that can befall a police organization. >> reporter: the state police fatal accident unit is trying to piece together how the collision happened. >> i don't think there is a single variable that's not looked at. >> reporter: sources tell me there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were factors, state police say the driver who hit cullen stopped immediately and cooperated with
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investigators. no charges have been filed. we don't know how fast she was driving. >> how long could an investigation like this take? >> well, it's timely but it all depends on the nature of what has to be done in that investigation in terms of measurements, examination of vehicles, forensics, from the scene. you have to be patient and do a good thorough although timely a good thorough investigation. >> reporter: the accident it's brings heartache to new jersey state police which has now lost three members in the line of duty in just the past 10 months. live tonight in west deptford, ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> tributes are pouring in across the state today. new jersey governor chris christie extended his condolences. the governor says quote every day the men and women of the new jersey state police put their lives on the line to protect our citizens. the sudden and tragic loss of
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new jersey state trooper sean cullen reminds us how fragile life truly is and the dangers police officers face daily on the job. once again the trooper leaves behind a pregnant fiance and their 9-month-old son. he was an all-american wrestling star who graduated in burlington county. he went on to wrestle at college and we're waiting for funeral arrangements for trooper cullen. we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. breaking news in southwest philadelphia, the scene of a deadly stabbing spree. >> one man is dead, two injured and a suspect in custody, police say that suspect stabbed a customer who was paying at the counter of the cricket store near 55th street. then he walked out and stabbed another man in a car. after that he stabbed a man on the street. that man later died. police tell us all three stabbings were unprovoked. a morrisville police officer is in the hospital now after he
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was shocked on septa train tracks. investigators say they were investigating a drug suspect who then threw something on top of the train. the officer was seriously burned but is expected to survive. the suspect was arrested. the threat of getting the zika virus through sex is much greater than experts first thought. u.s. health experts investigating more than a dozen possible cases. meanwhile, today we learned a 55-year-old woman in montgomery county tested positive for the virus, she travelled to a region where the zika virus is found. there are now sirks confirmed cases in pennsylvania, new jersey has two, and there is one in delaware. now to decision 2016. polls are closing soon in some states, primaries in michigan, mississippi and idaho. and republican voters are caucusing in hawaii. the new nbc news/"wall street
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journal" poll for democrats was released this the afternoon. hillary clinton leads by 9 points, 53% to 44 among democrats nationally. michigan's delegate count will play a large role in the democratic race. analysts predict it could be one of bernie sanders' last chances to beat hillary clinton and the candidates are focusing on what's still ahead. tonight sand sers about to give a speech in miami, clinton will be in ohio. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump led in prevote polling in michigan and mississippi but today he is taking heat over a hand raising gesture he makes that some are comparing to a nazi salute. trump said he might stop asking supporters to raise their hands. he said if it's offensive he'll stop doing it. however, he defended the raised hands by saying that everyone was screaming for him to do it. also today, marco rubio has accused ted cruz of spreading false rumors. rubio points to an e-mail sent by the cruz campaign that told
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voters not to waste their vote because rubios advisers wanted him to drop out of the race. the campaign said a volunteer sent the message. and republican candidate john kasich told nbc this morning that he is feeling confident with how he'll do in today's voting and predicted a win in ohio next week. kasich has yet to win a primary. if you want to be the first to know the winners make sure you download the nbc 10 app. we can send you breaking news alerts including the primary winners and you can get more detailed information about the candidates and the race in our decision 2016 section. new at 6:00, a drug rehab center settled on a new location. the recovery centers of america bought a facility in mays landing. the center will now be renamed. people living near the two proposed sites, they didn't want the center in their neighborhood. new jersey transit rail workers say they are closer to a
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deal that would prevent a strike. the meeting ended without heated exchanges. union workers have been without a contract for almost five years. sunday's strike deadline would affect tens of thousands in the area. it is such a perfect time to head to the shore and enjoy this gorgeous weather. we're close to smashing records this week. blasting them. can you say 80s. and for this a familiar face is joining us. glenn is out sick, doug kammerer you remember is here filling in. >> and what? >> just need to stop. you said 80s. there is no s, it's 80. i don't want -- i don't want to get too excited. and talk about the beginning of march. amazing we're going to be this warm in march. talking not breaking records but shattering records. they haven't stood that long. 2000 was the record for tomorrow. couple years ago. looking to society hill, a beautiful picture out there now.
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sunset tonight was just a couple of minutes ago by this time on sunday the sun goes down later around 7:15 so sunday night looking good. look at the high temperatures today. officially we did hit 75 in the city. so it says 74 but we hit 75. 73 wilmington. millville 73 degrees, atlantic city at the airport coming in around 72 so sto a great day around. and it gets better. the record high temperatures tomorrow look at what we're predicting. the record is 73 in d.c. or in philly, i knew i was going to do that at least once. 78 is the record. 5 degrees above the record. you don't see that very often when you talk about record breaking temperatures. we're going to do that the next few days. allentown, 70. 75 degrees so. once again warm air coming in. this is not the warmest. we'll talk about that and the chance for rain this weekend coming up. >> see you in a bit. the wife of a local fire chief is under arrest this evening accused of sexting a wrun 7-year-old. she allegedly sent nude photos
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to a junior firefighter last month. she is accused of storing naked pictures of the minor on her phone. givens works as an emt and is married to the chief of the norwood fire department. >> a judge has rejected the latest appeal for one of the men in the ft. dix plot. mohammed argued he received ineffective council. the judge disagreed. he and four others were convicted of plotting to kill soldiers. three of the men are awaiting a ruling on arguments their attorneys were ineffective. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, a local man's lucky find. he sees $15,000 in cash on the ground. what he did that got him honored today. and expensive puppy swiped from a pet store. how social media helped catch the accused dog napper.
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they can be expensive. $1200 puppy stolen from a pet store. >> police see a huge social media following helped get the
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dog back. deanna durante has more on the woman's arrest in plymouth meeting. >> reporter: the video is clear, a woman quickly scoops up a small puppy. a bichon poodle and hides it in her purse. she stopped to talk to a clerk, never paying for the $1200 puppy. that was two weeks ago. this morning nbc 10 was there as the puppy was returned to its cage and police tell us this video brought in a number of tips that led them to the woman. 20-year-old kayla of norristown. police arrested her. she was arraigned before 4 and released without posting bail. the tips that came in on this video brought in more tips than other cases including one about a bank robbery. they hope that people go back to the facebook page and look at other videos to help them solve more unsolved crimes. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." imagine finding a bag of money on the side of the road. >> we are not talking about a few hundred dollars inside.
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bob tracy works for septa, he was heading home when he spotted a woman's purse. he turned around, picked it up. inside you know what he found, $15,000. >> i was $15,000 richer for about a half hour. that made me feel pretty good. >> we deal with dirt bags day in day out. we lock people up for stealing and robbing and pillaging. a gentleman comes in, finds 15 grand and turns it right over. >> no, he is not a dirt bag. no one reported missing money and no reports of robberies. so for now, big mystery. >> it is. >> hang on to that 15 grand. keep it safe. >> the weather is so great you don't want to spend that to head out of town at all. turning to our weather, glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the flu, under the weather. >> we hope he is better soon. doug is filling in to help us out. you brought the nice weather.
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>> so happy to be here filling in for my good buddy. my mentor. taught me so much when i was here. happy to be here for sure. and bringing the great weather. >> the bow tie though. >> you know i tried it on. it did not work. take a look outside now. this is what we're dealing with. a beautiful shot, a look up the schuylkill. i don't miss this the schuylkill expressway is backed up. yeah. i wasn't sure if it would be there it is right therement we look outside now, temperatures have been on the mild side all day and still at this hour we're at 69 degrees. so a very nice afternoon and it's going to be a nice evening if you want to get out there for an extended walk, walking the dog, winds at 8 miles per hour. maybe even dinner outdoors, that's something we have not been able to do. we'll be able to do that the next couple of days. 68 in reading, 63 quakertown. mount holly 66 and dover now at 61. we're still nice and mild. man are we going to be warm. look to the south d.c. was 79
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degrees, it was near 80 in charlottesville. that's the kind of air we have moving our way. much warmer air thanks to the jet stream. normally i don't go out much wider than where we are now. but i'm going all the way back to the west. the reason is it's this big storm here, which did bring a tornado toward parts of texas. this is the storm system that has brought the jet stream all the way to mexico, and what that does for us it brings that very warm air all the way up the east coast. talking about possible record high temperatures, d.c., philadelphia, new york, maybe all the way up toward boston. it's going to last on through at least most of the week. i think by friday we'll see some cooler weather. but record warmth making its way our way. temperatures 30 degrees above average. very tough to get 30 degrees above average. average temperatures around 50 so we're talking 80. tonight 53, a mild evening, some clouds, 48 to the north and west. sun rise tomorrow at 6:21, tomorrow afternoon temperatures
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will sky rocket. again a great day to get outside, have lunch outdoors, warmer and yes, smashing the records, 73 to 79. winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the record high temperature tomorrow is 73. so if we hit 78, we're smashing that by about 5 degrees. talk about this, what day is it. may 17, that's the afternoon high of 75. on wednesday we're going for a high of 78. that's the average of 30 or rather may 30. on june fourth we get to 80, we'll be there on thursday so. thursday's weather is going to be like it is down around june 4th after memorial day, down toward wildwood. you know what i'm talking about. 71 wilmington tomorrow. 76 dober, swedesboro around 77 and toward medford around 79 so everybody is going to be on the warm side and again this lasts through the next couple days. 80 on thursday. cooler friday, we'll see a cold front move through. that cold front will allow for cooler numbers, still above
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average but a high of 64 on saturday and on sunday. there will be a slight chance of showers, this is something to watch this weekend. not expecting a lot. may be a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. saturday night spring forward, set that clock ahead one hour. we lose an hour of sleep sunday morning but -- sun goes down at 7:15. i'm just so happy to be here. >> we're glad to see you. >> going out to one of your favorite places? >> i've got reservations at three places. i can't wait. i don't know which to go to. >> you're going to be stuffed come 11:00. >> do i have to come back? >> yes. >> still under the weather. danny with sports. >> we're hear from the newest eagle and major injury news for the phillies into spring training. all the details coming up.
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the eagles didn't waste time making another move today. signing cornerback leodis mckelvin. he didn't have to wait until free agency opened at 4:00 wednesday to sign. here he is intercepting sam bradford this past season. he played under jim schwartz in buffalo in 2014 where he recorded a career best four inp's and is glad to be an eagle. >> to contribute and compete. to come in and help this team the best way i can. try to get more wins. >> for the two deals yesterday, demarco murray heading to the
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titans, we're awaiting word on the compensation the birds get back. likely the key part is the titans taking on murray's contract and byron maxwell and kiko alanzo head to miami. waiting on the news of compensation in that. but miami taking on maxwell, the largest ever given to a corner is a key part of the deal. phillies outfielder aaron alher to will miss four to 6 months. the front-runner to be the starting right-fielder. phillies hosting the pirates today. first inning darren rough at the dish. and if it ain't rough ain't right. two-run shot. 2-0 phillies. the second, hernandez spafrpgs one to center. he slides in for a triple. two runs score on the three-bagger. phillies beat the pirates 4-2. >> return to hoops, villanova their tournament play thursday taking on the winner of depaul
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and georgetown at madison square garden. here they are leaving for new york city this afternoon. they head to msg looking to defend their big east tournament title. this never gets tiring. it never gets boring. it's manhattan, it's madison square garden, the mecca. we love it. all of our alumni are there. nothing like a big east tournament. >> jahlil okafor will be out again tomorrow dealing with a shin and knee injury. we'll be right back.
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pursue your happiness. that's the slogan for the state of pennsylvania t line comes from the declaration of independence, life, liberty and of course the pursuit of happiness. if you are wonder the old slogan was state of independence. and a gorgeous night for a little outdoor dining at one of your favorite restaurants. >> it's time to take out the
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chairs. put the tables in the chairs, look at that tomorrow, 76 to 79 degrees. tonight, critical night as more americans cast their votes. we have brand new polls. is donald trump losing momentum, and is this a make-or-break moment for bernie sanders? violent storm, a massive system unleashing flash floods, trapping chilen in their school bus and spotting at least one tornado. 26 million at risk as the threat continues for days. mystery bullet. who fired the shots heard in dramatic new video of an oregon occupier's final moments? why fbi agents are under investigation in the case. carbs and cancer. could some of your favorite foods increase your risk of lung cancer even if you don't smoke. and what a save. a dad hailed as a hero


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