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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news this morning. septa bus abduction. a man takes a woman off the bus and now police are searching for both of them. we're live with details. seems whoever is handling this is just incompetent. >> talk about a commuter nightmare, hundreds stranded after power problems on the rails. we'll tell you what it means for the morning rush. first of all, i think i'll have the delegates. i think. let's see what happens. the gop presidential candidates square off for a 12th time but this round no insults, putdowns or taunts. we'll have the highlights. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors let's get right to meteorologist sheena
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parveen and the first alert forecast. a few showers out there. >> yes, a few light showers, rosemary. very light. they're mostly in new jersey now. even in the philadelphia area, a few sprinkles. this is all part of a cold front moving through. cooler temperatures this afternoon. showers in parts of gloucester and camden counties. mostly very light rain. this extends into burlington county this morning. most of it will be gone for the morning commute, clearing through the afternoon. temperatures in the 50s north and west through the lehigh valley, 57 allentown, mid-60s philadelphia, comfortable, mid-to-low 60s south jersey and delaware. as we go through the morning, cooler, 57 by 8:00, by noon only in the low 60s. we'll see a much cooler day than we had yesterday. yesterday we hit another record high of 82. not today, though, that's yot coming back for quite a while. we'll take a look at your
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forecast and your weekend. >> things are looking good on the majors. behind me, 76 at montgomery drive. this is the eastbound lane as you head into center city philadelphia. your drive time is really great, about 13 minutes as you make your way between the blue route and the vine. turning to 95, southbound between woodhaven and the vine, 13 minutes, northbound, the same, 12 minutes in that direction. there is overnight construction around girard avenue and allegheny but it doesn't seem to be tieing anything up. moving into new jersey, a live look at the roads in haddon heights, route 30 at 295, very light volume on the roads. i am going to be watching the paoli thorndale line. philadelphia police say a man forced a woman off of a septa bus and took off with her. investigators are looking for both of them.
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matt delucia live in olney. tell us what you learned. >> we're here at the corner of the intersection of roosevelt boulevard and garland street. the septa bus was here a few minutes ago. they just took it away to the depot to get it processed. i spoke with scott small from philadelphia police. he tells me this happened around 2:00 this morning. there was a bus that was coming off the roosevelt boulevard, a vehicle comes up alongside of it. at one of the stops, the man gets out, punches the glass of the septa bus yelling at a womanen side. the bus continues on, makes another stop. the woman tries to get off. the man gets on to that bus and pulls her physically off that bus and then gets away in a pontiac grand prix or pontiac grand am. the police are trying to narrow down the description of that car. they're saying that vehicle did speed off in an unknown direction here. they believe the man and woman know each other, this could be a
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domestic kidnapping. they tried to run the tags on that car. so far it has turned up nothing. this investigation still very much underç way. police do not know who the victim is or who the abductor is at this point. they're trying to get all of that video and process that as quickly as possible. we spoke with chief inspector scott small. we're trying to get audio of that, coming up in the next 30 minutes. this morning we are in touch with septa to find out if service will resume on one of the busiest rail tlins. a major disruption on the paoli thorndale line led to a nightmare commute for hundreds of riders. >> we apologize for the delay. >> power problemses on tracks operated by amtrak sent outbound septa trains back into the city during rush hour last night. that lefts hundreds of passengers on the paoli/thorndale line stranded.
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many decided to wait for hours for accept to buses to pick them up at 30th street station. >> as to what the heck is going through these two organizations' minds of septa or amtrak, i have not the foggiest idea. i'm not happy. >> very angry at septa, only because they just don't give us information. when this happened. >> septa tells us their crews did work late into the evening to get people home. the first train it morning is scheduled for 5:00 a.m. we'll let you know as soon as possible if the trains are up and running again. the clock is ticking for tens of thousands of rail riders in new jersey. we are less than two days away from a possible new jersey transit rail strike. there's word that the transit agency may begin to take steps to shut down the rails sometime today in advance of that possible strike. officials say it would not immediately affect service. new jersey transit will resume negotiations with the rail unions this morning. yesterday's talks ended without a deal. a strike could affect commuters
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in our area who use the trenton and hamilton stations and the atlantic city rail line. more than 4,000 workers have authorized the strike for 12:01 sunday morning. ñwithout a contract for nearly five years. now to decision 2016 and last night's republican debate. making headlines is morning is what we did not hear, no interruptions, no personal attacks. take a listen. >> please wait until you are called upon and please do not talk over one another. >> they discussed the issues during the debate. they didn't talk over one another. the debate happened just outside of miami from free trade to immigration, education and social security, they covered everything. the candidates showed restraint and even some respect. >> i will let donald speak for himself. >> we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solutions, find the answers to things and so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here.
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>> the candidates didn't always agree, of course, but the name calling seemed to be gone. the question now is will the more civil tone continue on the campaign trail with just five days left until the next round of primaries in florida and four other states. just one week after announcing that he was suspending his own presidential campaign, ben carson will endorse donald trump for the gop nomination for president. nbc news confirms that carson will make it official today at trump's private club in palm beach, florida. a source close to carson says the retired neurosurgeon sees trump as an outsider and authentic. today, congressman chaka fattah has a hearing in the corruption case against him scheduled to go to trial in may. a federal judge in philadelphia will consider motions to dismiss counts against fattah. there's word that his new lawyers will ask the judge to throw all the case altogether. prosecutors accuse fattah of
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using bribes and charitable campaign funds to help out family and friends. a judge will try to work out disputes over discovery and information they have to exchange before trial.@r(t&háhc the civil lawsuit pits paterno's estate, his son and bill kenny against college sports governing body. the nonprofit founded by jerry sandusky is going out of business. david woodall testified that since sandusky's 2012 conviction, fund for the nonprofit has completely dried up. only on 10, a man who says he fought off an attacker with a baseball bat describes his life or death struggle. police say last night an intruder forced his way into a house near 6th and cambria
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streets in north philadelphia and assaulted a woman inside. we spoke with a man who tells us he was in the basement of the house and heard the woman yelling. >> i got the baseball bat and i hit him with the baseball bat. then he took it away from me again. then i got on top of him, and kept him there until the police come. >> that suspect is no you in police custody. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have showers around to start the morning. we are going to be cooler today, too, because of it. for the morning hours, though, very light showers. i think a lot of this will be gone by the main part of the morning commute. cooler temperatures will move in this afternoon and that will stick around for the weekend. the record high we saw yesterday in the low 80s again, that's not coming back anytime soon. over the weekend, part of your weekend at least we have a rain chance in the forecast. i'll show you that in just a minute. pottstown, 66 in philadelphia.
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very comfortable, temperatures across the area. mostly the low 60s through south jersey and delaware. by this afternoon, big difference from what we saw yesterday. yesterday we hit 82 agrees, another record high. today we'll be in the mid-60s, over the weekend mid-to-low 60s. normal highs 51. we'll be above normal for this time of the year.ç compared to the last couple days, you'll notice a cooldown moving in. the cold front is responsible for the rain right now and that will cool us down as it moves through later on this afternoon. locally we have the clouds around, not a lot in the way of rain. light showers in parts of new jersey, burlington, atlantic county, gloucester, camden counties. winslow township, mullica, buena vista. none of the rain should be causing problems on the roadways. another area we're watching around williamsport, this one should be moving in as we go into the next hour or so. we'll keep our eye on that one.
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here is what future weather is showing. as we get closer to 6:00 a.m., showers in parts of south jersey, maybe delaware. they quickly clear out for the main part of the morning commute. by 8:00, if that's when you leave, any rain should be out of the area. temperatures cooler, right around 60, low 50s north and west. wind direction starts to move in from the north and west. that will keep us cool through the afternoon. friday afternoon, temperatures only around 63 grows. today, though, mix of clouds and sun. we'll see more sun this afternoon. cooler temperatures, breezy, mid-60s. a look at that weekend forecast coming up. >> 11 minutes after 4:00 on this friday. katy zachry starts us off on 95. i'm sure it's looking pretty good out there, katy, all things considered, a little early for folks heading into work. >> things are looking good on 95. i just wanted to highlight one of the trouble spots as we get to later in the morning, 95 at girard avenue.
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overnight construction you might encounter in this area. it's not tieing anything up because we don't have the volume. woodhaven to the vine street expressway and center city philadelphia, 13 minutes. there is construction, off of 95 to draw your attention to, northbound delaware avenue is closed to northbound aramingo avenue until september, for the next six months because of aç long-term construction project there. plenty of detour signs in place. because that is a pretty business did i stretch. be aware of that. bridge closure in east falls, the falls bridge is closed for some repair work. that re-opens in april. take the city avenue bridge around that. it gets busy that time of the morning. 76 at market street in camden. very light traffic. no issues to report. when i see you in ten minutes, we'll take a look at delaware roads. a community comes together, united in grief, following the death of a state trooper. ♪
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next, how hundreds of people remembered the fallen new jersey trooper who was killed in the line of duty this week. plus, a final farewell to a first lady. how the nation will say good-bye today to nancy reagan.
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valley, california. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband there. last sunday she died of conge congestive heart failure at the age of 94. nbc 10 will brif you ling you l coverage of the funeral beginning at 2:00. president obama will not attend nancy reagan's funeral today. instead, he'll deliver the keynote speech at the south by southwest fusic festival in texas. he'll talk about civic engagement in the 21st century. first ladyç michelle obama is scheduled to speak at the festival next wednesday. it was a night of pomp and circumstance at the white house. last night, president obama hosted an official state dinner for visiting canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the two leaders an their first ladies posed for an official photo before heading into the east room before the dinner with 200 invited guests. today in our area, will mark a new honor for a pennsylvania
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state trooper killed in the line of duty. a scholarship is being named after trooper david kedra at his alma mater. kedra was killed in september of 2014 during a firearms training class in conshohocken. during the class be with the instructor's weapon went off and hid kedra. the instructor was sentenced to two weeks in county jail followed by house arrest and four years probation. he pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment. hundreds of people, including many first responders gathered in burlington county last night to honor the life of new jersey state trooper sean cullen. the candle lit vigil was help at the fallen officer's memorial in west hampton. he was killed on monday as he was responding to a car fire on interstate 295. a passing driver struck him as he was standing in the highway. his family remembered him last night as a brave and ambitious
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young man. >> we know that now he's watching over us and he gained superhero strength. thank you, all of you for coming out. it means a lot to my family. >> trooper cullen leaves behind a young son and his fiance who is currently expecting. there will be a life celebration and viewing for trooper cullen on sunday from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and then on monday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. this is all happening at st. çcharles barameo church in cinnaminson. more details at a memorial to the victims of the ft. hood terrorist shootings will be dedicated. the memorial will honor the 13 killed and the more than 30 others wounded in the 2009 shooting. major nadal hassan opened fire
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at ft. hood. right now he's on death row. overseas, japan is marking the fifth anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that swamped much of the country's northeast coast. the disaster on march 11th, 2011 left nearly 16,000 dead. some 2,500 have never been found. much of the coastline devastated by the tsunami remains empty, except for mounds of dirt that are being piled to raise land in an effort to prevent another disaster. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. well, it's going to be cooler today. if you liked the 80s yesterday, you can say good-bye to that. hopefully you were able to enjoy it. this morning, we have light showers around. not for everybody. i don't think they'll be causing problems during the morning commute. they should be out of here by then. they're quick movers and, again, very light. that's good news. it is part of a cold front. one that swings through, we're
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looking at cooler temperatures. today and through the weekend and for part of your weekend, we have rain that will start to try to move in. right now we're at 57 in allentown, reading, 64 west chester, 66 philadelphia. low 60s south jersey and delaware. once the cold front moves through, you'll notice it getting a little breezier and temperatures staying cooler. look at the temperature trend as we go through today. by 10:00 a.m., 59 degrees. through the afternoon, only about the mid-60s. very different than what we saw yesterday. and the day before. so our weather pattern really is going to start to change as we go into the weekend. locally we have the clouds around. we haveç very light showers, mostly in new jersey, atlantic county moving into parts of cape may county, corbin city, and across the ace expressway. the green color indicates very light rain. i don't think it's causing problems on the roadways but there's another band we'll watch moving in, too. this one is approaching the
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poconos. we'll be seeing rain within the next couple of hours. for the main part of the morning commute, i think a lot of this will already be gone. there's the cold front. it's currently trying to move through. it will be through as we go through the later morning hours. future weather. we go through the next couple hours. here's 6:00 a.m., rain around the area and quickly clearing by 8:00 a.m. temperatures only around 60 degrees, north and west about the low 50s. coming up, we'll take a look at how cool it will stay through the afternoon and also your weekend forecast. that's straight ahead. 4:21 on this friday. it's about 66 degrees outside of the nbc 10 studios. earlier in the newscast we mentioned that there were problems on septa during the evening rush last night. we've been checking in with septa. katy zachry picks up the story. you have an update. >> seconds ago i got an e-mail from the septa spokes per spers. unfortunate news. i'm hering that septa service on the paoli/thorndale remains suspended until further notice.
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they have tramtrak crews workin on the problem. the first indication we knew something was continuing to be wrong this morning is that the first train to leave malvern at 4:20, around now was canceled and then just a few minutes later we got word there is a press release coming out, confirmation from the spokesperson that septa service on the paoli/thorndale remains canceled. will there be shuttle buss? what kind of things will be in place for passengers to get them to work? as soon as we have that information, we'll pass it on to you. >> thanks for the update, katy.ç > . >> the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> political threats and actions. we'll explain what led to charges against this trump supporter. plus, atlantic city's financial future. when lawmakers could decide if
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the state will take over ac.
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4:25 on this friday. atlantic city's mayor and a group of residents were at the statehouse in trenton yesterday to fight a proposed state takeover of your town. they testified before a senate budget committee telling lawmakers that a financial rescue plan should not strip the resorttown of its local governing power. the state has offered two bills, one that would prevent casinos from suminking ac. another is an appeal that don
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guardian and others say violates their civil rights. >> we are not going to give a government more money just to spend it. >> we are at war with this legislation to take away our sovereignty and our right to vote. >> lawmakers could vote on the ac rescue legislation as early as next week. enough is enough. >> a group called stadium stumpers stump e stumpers, community members say it's a way to kick local residents out of the neighborhood. the $100 million stadium facility would be located on the northwest corner of the campus and take up about two city blocks.ç now your nbc 10 first alert weather. here's a live look outside
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the aramark building. breezy because we have a cold front moving through. cooler temperatures in the forecast today and into the weekend. a few showers on radar. i'll show you where those are coming up. let's check on the roadways with katy. we have a service update for septa's paoli/thorndale line. it was suspended because of signal problems. i'm hearing it continues to be suspended this morning. as we speak, i'm getting updates about what passengers can do to get around this problem. details coming up. and we are following breaking news after a man grabs a woman off of a septa bus and forces her into his car. we're live with an update on the search for both of them.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news this morning after an abduction on a septa bus. what philadelphia police say happened before a man grabbed a passenger, forced her into his car and then took off. >> we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solutions. >> did i hear that right? civilized politic. last night's republican debate had a different tone as the candidates weighed the issues without hurling the insults. plus, working on the railroad. we'll explain what's happening today to avoid a new jersey transit strike that could impact thousands of commuters. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 4:30 on this friday. meteorologist sheena parveen has the first alert forecast and is tracking a little bit of a cooldown, sheena. >> yes, rosemary, cooler today than yesterday. big difference. we'll still be above normal for this time of year. when you compare it to the 80s it will be


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