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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the current and former montgomery district attorneys are fighting over the ability to issue a subpoena and it involves the sexual assault case against bill cosby. 5:0 on this friday. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. 61 degrees right now. we've been spoiled over the last couple of days with 80 degree weather. let's get to meteorologist sheena parveen with the first alert forecast. time to come back to reality t. is time, vai. you'll see the 80s as we go across the weekend. we'll be in the mid-to-lay 6ow . we're looking at a few light showers across the area. not everyone. it's not heavy, though. it's not that big of a deal. right across 78 in parts of berks county, heading toward reading, kutztown seeing sprinkles right now. this is all part of the cold front moving through. by 9:00 a.m., the rain will be cleared out. temperatures around 50 degrees. it will be breezy, too. through the afternoon into lunch
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time and 1:00 p.m. only in the ç mid-60s yesterday at that time. we were already in about the mid-to-low 70s. yesterday we hit the record high of 82 degrees. not today. today we're down into the mid-60s. very different. big change today. normal high, 51 degrees. we're still about 15 degrees above normal. when you compare it to the last couple days, it is going to feel noticeably cooler. coming up, i'll show you that weekend forecast, our next chance of rain. that's straight ahead. let's check on the roadways with katy zachry. we do have good news we've been following a mass transit issue throughout the morning. septa's paoli-thorndale line service was suspended. in just the last few minute has has resumed. i have it in the yellow. you can expect residual delays. the first train to start on that line or resume on that line is the train leaving malvern at 5:44. here's an alternate and what you can expect in the next little bit. if you want to get to center
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city philadelphia or wherever you're going in a teamly manner. take the norristown high speed line to 69th street, exit there and get on the market-frankford line. that will take you into center city philadelphia and drop you off at any of the major hubs there. we'll take a look at the roads throughout the area. back to that breaking news out of philadelphia. a man charged on to a septa bus and kidnapped a passenger, police say. matt delucia is live at the bus depot. the search is on for that man and woman. >> we moved closer to where this investigation sun folding. i'll step out of the way. that is the bus where investigators have been going on and off looking at surveillance video that was recorded earlier this morning. take a closer look at individual yes here of that septa bus. police tell me it was a little before 2:00 this morning, a septa driver said a man was driving very close to his bus. when the bus stopped, the man got out of his car, started
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yelling at a woman and punched the outer glass, cracking it. you probablyç saw that video a moment ago of that broken glass. the bus driver was able to go a few more blocks but was cut off by that same man. the bus wasn't able to move anywhere at that point. that's when the woman tried to get off the bus. the man physically gets on there, grabs her, punches her and grabs her into his car. >> right now we'll handle it as a kidnapping. it appears to be a domestic kidnapping. from all accounts it appears that they did know each other. >> police are looking for a dark gray or silver pontiac grand prix or grand am. last seen going south on roosevelt boulevard. the car had delaware tags. the police ran those tags but came up with no records. the police want to find her. she's in her 20s, 5'7", straight dark hair in all dark clothing. we look at that septa bus where
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this all unfolded earlier this morning. on that bus there were 20 people on there at the time this abduction/kidnapping took place, this attack. very frightening morning and moments for those people on that bus. again, police aren't really sure what was going on here. what the fight was all about and the connection between this man and woman. but right now they're trying to find her, him and anything else that can point to what was going on on that bus earlier this morning. live in frankford, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest in california. she died this past sunday of congestive heart failure at the age of 94. first lady michelle obama will attend today's services along with former president george w. bush and laura bush. the love story with her
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husband. i respect that so much. they were one. they were one. >> nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, stay with nbc 10 for live coverage of nancy reagan's funeral later on today. it begins at 2:00 this afternoon followed by nbc 10 news at 4:00. president obama will not attend nancy reagan's funeral today. instead he will deliver the keynote speech at the south by southwest music and tech festival in austin, texas. officials say he'll talk about civic engagement in the 21st century. first lady michelle obama is also scheduled to speak at the festival next wednesday. before the president's trip to texas, it was a night of pomp and circumstance at the white house. last night, president obama hosted an official state dinner for visiting canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the two leaders and their first ladies posed for an official photo before heading into the east room for the dinner with 200 invited guests.
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today wednesday congressman chaka fattah has a hearing in the corruption case against him. that's scheduled to go on trial in may. a federal judge will consider moogs to dismiss counts against fattah. now there's word his new lawyers will ask the judge to throw out the case. prosecutors accuse fattah of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds and charitable grants to help his family and friends. fattah denies the charges. a battle is brewing between the current and former district attorneys in montgomery county and it all has to do with a pending sex assault case against bill cosby. bruce castor declined to charge cosby back in 2005. castor is now being sued for defamation by cosby's accuser, andrea constand. the current montgomery county district attorney kevin steele is fighting castor's subpoena for documents.
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the idea of turnaround schools with low academic performance. there are 15 schools in the program.ç part of the plan involves moving teachers around. teachers will have to re-apply for their positions. half will be sent to other schools and many of them are not happy about it. superintendent hite outlined some of the new investments. >> they include adding nurses and counselors back into the schools. there are several schools operating without a full huff time school nurse. nurses travel to different schools throughout the day. they rotate. dr. hite said re-introducing counselors and nurses is contingent upon state funding. allentown's pothole hot line is up and running. the snow and cold weather left behind plenty of work for road
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crews. the city wants residents to report potholes that need repair. phone in or e-mail requests. find more information at or on the nbc 10 app. the clock is ticking for tens of thousands of rail riders in new jersey. we are less than two days away from a possible new jersey transit rail strike. there's word that the transit agency may begin to take steps to shut down the rail sometime today in advance of that pos possible strike. officials say it would not immediately affect service. njt will resume negotiations with the rail unions a little bit later on today. yesterday's talks ended without a deal. a strike would affect commuters who use the trenton and hamilton stations and the atlantic city rail line. more than 4,000 workers have authorized a strike for 12:01 sunday morning. they have been working without a contract for nearly five years. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good friday morning.
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it is a little breezy outside. we have a few showers around. by this afternoon, big changes compared to the last couple of days. right now we're looking at satellite and radar. the clouds in place. only parts of the area seeing a few light showers. berks conte into the lehigh valley, very light rain around reading, maidencreek across 78 here. it's not çmuch. we don't expect to see much as we go through this morning. a lot of that will be gone just in time for the main part of the morning commute. mostly after 8:00 a.m., we'll see clearing. with the clearing, temperatures will cool down, too. we'll see more sunshine later today. in the meantime, 56 in allentown, 56 reading, 61 degrees right now philadelphia. 62 in millville and wilmington. still very comfortable this morning. but then we'll be cooler through the afternoon. you are going to notice that. by 10:00 a.m., 57 degrees. by noon today, only in the low 60s. it's going to be cool and breezy and we'll see developing sunshine in the forecast. for today, clouds around this morning. that will move over to more
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sunshine. a cooler and breezy day today. temperatures topping out anywhere from 64 to 67 degrees. yesterday we hit a record high of 82. today noticeably cooler. that will last into the weekend. the normal high is 51 degrees now. we'll be about 15 degrees above that as we go into the weekend. so relatively speaking it will be fairly mild. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast, see how cool it will be. plus the next chance of rain over the weekend. that's coming up. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. when we tell you we'll bring you up to the minute information that's exactly what we mean. katy got in position the last time she got a report, information came to the phone, despite the fact the graphics said otherwise, she told you what was happening right then. >> timing couldn't have been more perfect. >> not from a graphics standpoint but from a septa
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spokesperson, yes. the paoli-thorndale line was suspended last evening through this morning. but it has been restored. i have it in the yellow because you can expect residual delays. the first train left just about ten minutes ago from tell em. the first train to leave malvern headed to center city philadelphia leaves in about four minutes. the trains are slowly becoming leeç stored now. you may expect residual delays. because of that, we still have the alternate up. go to your closest norristown high speed line station. take that to 69th street and transfer to the market-frankford line. that will get you into center city philadelphia. good news all around there for those who are on septa this morning. taking a live look on the roads. i feel like we've neglected the roads. >> a live look at 76. we're seeing traffic pick up, light volume to moderate volume, very normal for this time of
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day. also moving into new jersey now, a live look at the 42 freeway. right at route 41. if you're headed to the walt whitman bridge, it will take you about four minutes, a quick drive from route 55. vai? >> thank you, katy. 61 degrees through most of philadelphia at 5:42 this friday morning, honoring state trooper sean cullen. hear from trooper cullen's family as they celebrate his life days after the tragic accident. plus, thousands forced to leave their homes after record flooding. we'll have an update from louisiana.
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hundreds of people, including many first responders gathered in burlington county to honor the life of new jersey state trooper sean cullen. a candle lit vigil was held in west hampton. trooper cullen was killed monday as he was responding to a car fire on interstate ç295. a passing driver struck him as he was standing on the highway. his family lremembered him as a brave and ab bishs young man. >> we know now he's watching over us. he gained superhero strength. thank you, all of you, for coming out. it really means a lot to my family. >> trooper cullen leaves behind a young son and his fiance who
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is expecting. there will be a life celebration and viewing for trooper cullen sunday 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and monday from 8:00 a.m. it will take place at st. charles borromeo church in cinnaminson. a police officer who survived an ambush in january came face-to-face with the man accused of shooting him. officer jesse hartnett testified during edward archer's preliminary hearing. hartnett told the court his left arm was shattered by gunfire. he used that left arm to cover his head as archer, the suspect in this case, allegedly shot into his police cruiser. hartnett also told the court that he later kicked the door of his cruiser open to return fire.
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after the hearing, a judge ordered archer held for trial an attempted murder and other charges. detectives say hicks sold the heroin that caused a man to die in evesham back in november. it's the same charge as murder. police are investigating the discovery of a body in a lehigh valley home. the person was fond shortly after 3:00 yesterday afternoon inside the house on hill crest lane in slatington. cause of death is not being released yet. 5:47 on this friday, just about 61 degrees outside. authorities now say tlá a baby, the death of a baby in berks county was a homicide. the coroner confirmed that 3 1/2-month-old anthony denozo snyder was poisoned and starved. he died inside a house in reading back in december. police continue to investigate his death. no word yet on any charges. the next legal battle related to the penn state sex
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abuse scandal will go before a judge today. >> lawyers for the ncaa and forethe family of former penn state football coach joe paterno are expected in court this morning. a judge will try to work out disputes over discovery and information on the two sides. the two sides have to exchange before trial. the civil lawsuit pits paterno's estate, his son jay paterno and former assistant coach bill kenny against college sports governing body. the nonprofit founded by jerry sandusky is going out of business. a pennsylvania judge approved the question from the second mile ceo to shut down. david woodall testified that funding has completely dried up since sandusky was convicted. record flooding is forcing thousands of people out of their homes. you can see crews evacuating them by boat. a statewide emergency is still in effect today. so far, the severe weather
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killed five people in louisiana, oklahoma and texas this week. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, you are definitely going to notice changes today for your friday. we're ending out the week on a cooler note. this morning, though, we have a couple light showers, not going to be a big deal. that's not going to carry into the afternoon. i'll show you that on the radar in just a second. cooler temperatures are moving in today. that will be the case over the weekend. we have a rain chance in the forecast. i'll show you that in a second, too. 56 in allentown, 61 philadelphia. upper 50s, glassboro 56 degrees, 61 in atlantic city,ç compared to yesterday where we hit another record high of 82 degrees, today will be significantly cooler, highs will only be in the mid-60s. low 60s saturday, mid-60s on saturday. keep in mind, the normal high, the average is still 51 degrees. today even though we'll be
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cooler, we'll still be 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. it will be a nice afternoon for the area. locally we have a lot of clouds around, showers off the atlantic city coastline there. you see them in berks county. they're moving quickly. now to the southern parts of berks county, showers near upper bucks county across 176 here. this is mostly light rain. lehigh valley seeing light showers around allentown, across 78 and 476 there. a lot of this will be gone by the main part of the morning commute. after about 8:00 we shouldn't really be seeing rain across the area. this is all because of a cold front moving through right now and later on this afternoon, it's going to bring in the cooler air for us. future weather showing this leaving by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. by 9:00 a.m., that wind direction for everyone will be in from the northwest. that will give us cooler temperatures. by 9:00, around 60 in philadelphia, mid-50s north and west this afternoon, 4:00 p.m.
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when we typically hit our high temperature we'll be in the mid-60s. a much cooler day today. for the afternoon, topping out anywhere from 64 to 67 degrees. clouds will move over to increasing sunshine. the afternoon will turn out to be very nice today. it will be breezy, though. we go into the weekend. sunny skies for most of saturday, 63. you see that cool trend happening here. for sun, mid-60s. rain chance moves in later in the day sunday. we spring the clock forward one hour sunday morning. now we have more afternoon daylight to enjoy. >> and one less hour of sleep. 5:51 on this friday. we've been updating you on septa and the paoli-thorndale line and some good news. >> there's a suspension, that takes a while for it to get recalibrated. with he back to normal yet, katy? >>ç technical i we're back to normal. service resumed and the first train started running about 20 minutes ago. i am seeing updates that things are running about 15 minutes late. you want to check ahead, go
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online, follow @septa or follow us @nbcphiladelphia. i'm retweeting everything that septa says and giving you our own information that we're finding. the paoli-thorndale line was suspended from last night that resumed into this morning. about a half hour ago, service was restored. the amtrak guys were working on the signal problems for hours. an alternate, take the norristown high-speed line to 69th street and then transfer on to the market-frankford line. that will get you into one of the many stations in center city philadelphia. back to you guys. ahead on "nbc 10 news today," the perfect example of better late than never. hear about this 93-year-old woman's academic accomplishment. my school reunion's coming fast.
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book now at it's just a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. on your friday. a quick check of drive times on
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76 is looking good from 476 to the vine street expressway. a short drive of 12 minutes. 95 and 476 average speeds in the lower to mid-60s right now. another big update, septa's paoli-thorndale line has been restored. i'll have details coming up after the break. this weekend, the philadelphia flower show wraps up its final days. people have filled the pennsylvania convention center since the show opened last saturday. this year's theme is explore america. 100 years of the national park service. >> runners and walkers will sternly be wearing green for the 31st annual leprechaun run at the art museum this weekend. the five-mile run starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. participants will raise money for the special olympics pennsylvania, philadelphia branch. new eagles head coach doug pederson is making it clear sam bradford is his starting quarterback and chase daniel is coming from kansas city to be
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his backup. the team introduced daniel yesterday at the novacare complex. bradford is still the number one guy on the depth chart. >> competition, iron sharpens iron. at every position, i feel like the quarterback position is not exempt from that. >> competition breeds excellence. i truly believe that. >> daniel has been in the league since 2009 and the eagles are his third team. i graduated from college late in my life. was 40 years old. you recently graduated with a law degree. there's proof it's never too late to graduate. >> definitely, right? this is a good one. an ohio woman finally got her high school diploma on her 93 railroad berth day. dorothy houston was expelled from school after revealing to her teacher that she was married. nearly 74 years later, houston finally got the chance to celebrate. she tossed her graduation cap in front of family and friends. in the meantime, she and her
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husbandç -- since she wasn't i high school, she and her husband are happy married and raised five children. >> good for her. tears of joy there. 6:00 and 61 degrees in the delaware valley. 40 minutes ago, the paoli-thorndale resumed service. >> here's a live look from the septa station in bryn mawr regional rail. somebody waiting for the train this morning. they're running just about 15 minutes behind schedule. we'll have a live report from nbc 10's monique braxton coming up in just a few minutes. more breaking news, this time on a septa bus. a woman ab ducked from that bus this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live with more on what happened and who police are looking for.
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