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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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let's take a live look outside right now after such warm weather during the week, we're cooling off a little bit this weekend. here's a look at the center city skyline where we'll have sunshine to start off our saturday. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking a little bit of a chilly morning but, karen, the sun should help warm things up. >> absolutely. let's face it, we've been spoiled a little bit with record warmth this past week. really felt more like florida this time of year. incredible as temperatures climbed into the 80s. we're cooling off a little bit this weekend for sure. the good news is we are looking for sun. official sunrise at 6:16 this morning so we see sun off to the horizon as we look live to the city skyline. temperatures low to mid 40s across the region. colder to the north in the poconos as 25. 32 in mt. holly. we see 30s here.
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temperatures will be bumping fairly quickly as we move on through our saturday morning. 34 right now in atlantic city and 37 degrees in dover. so sunny skies. that's what we're looking for. clouds moving in coming up from the south to the north and we're looking for cooler and sunny skies but then cloudy later. overcast skies as we wrap up our saturday. high temperatures should bump into the 60s across the region with an easterly wind. that wind will switch to the southwest and breeze will pick up later on today. i mentioned rain in the forecast and that's still holding on. i'll be back with more details about that in just a bit. rosemary? a rally for presidential candidate donald trump turns to chaos in chicago. the business mogul never even took the stage after fights broke out between protesters and his supporters. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in the digital operation center with more on the violence and more reaction from new jersey governor chris christie who recently endorsed trump.
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monique? >> that's right. now those opposed to the presidential candidate were chanting victory cries while his supporters said it was unfair that the rally had to be take a look at the video we've gathered for you overnight from chicago. hundreds of jubilant protesters filing out of an auditorium where the republican presidential candidate abruptly canceled a campaign rally. protesters at the university of illinois were blocking most of the exits just as trump supporters began filing out. back yelling racists, go home. one demonstrator said she had very little sympathy is that trump supporters felt uncomfortable as they left. she said "if you're going to support a divisive candidate, you're opening yourself up to that kind of thing." a trump supporter said "i hear free speech crap but they want to shutdown free speech for us. it's unfair." protesters were talking about
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the way they were treated. police horses and barricades kept bulk of supporters across the street. trump opponents were protesting what they call divisive comments about muslims and mexicans. dozens of faculty and staff petitioned university administrators to cancel the rally citing concerns about creating a hostile and environment. five people were arrested according to chicago police. we reached out to governor christie, a trump supporter, about the protests in chicago. here's his response. >> i have been to a number of those rallies in the past two weeks and have not observed the things that people are talking about. i've seen enthusiastic people who are passionate about a passion in times i've been there in ways that were completely appropriate. >> we're going to continue to monitor the fallout in chicago and have more for you throughout the morning. in the digital operation center,
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monique braxton, nbc 10 news. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was also in illinois last night. during his campaign event, sanders talked about the violence at the trump valrally. take a listen. >> this campaign is bringing people together. not letting donald trump or anybody else divide us up. >> just hours ago, hillary clinton tweeted this. "violence has no place in our politics. we should use our words and deeds to bring americans together." trump's republican opponents also spoke out about the violence. senator ted cruz says responsibilities lies with the protesters but it's the candidate who "is responsible for the culture of the campaign." >> when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages
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violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord. >> in response to the chaos in chicago, marco rubio tweeted words have consequences. also in an interview with msnbc, rubio said that donald trump has used language that "appeals to anger." the rally came hours after a former republican rival endorsed trump for president. dr. ben carson said there are two donald trumps. he says one of them is the trump you see on stage. carson said the other trump considers things carefully. carson dropped out of the presidential race earlier this month. this all comes before tuesday's winner take all primary elections. voters will cast their ballots in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina.
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hundreds of delegates are at stake for the candidates on both sides of the aisle. tomorrow morning on "meet the press," john kasich and ted cruz will join chuck todd to talk about their campaigns ahead of tuesday's primaries. you can watch that here on nbc 10 tomorrow morning at 10:30. to news from our south jersey bureau, a family has to find a new place to stay after a fire forced them out of their house on camden county. you can see the heavy smoke and the flames rising from the building. it took firefighters about an hour to get the flames under control. one person went to the hospital after having a panic attack at the scene. wildfire in new jersey pinelands is now fully contained. it started in a remote section of woodland township burning 350 acres. no homes or businesses were threatened. fire officials tell us the record warmth we had this week
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and lack of rain created dry conditions and helped fuel the flames. they tell us they normally don't see these wildfires this large until april. tempers flared after a minivan crashed into a house in west philadelphia. last night sky force 10 was over the scene where police say the driver was intentionally trying to hit people. you can see bystanders were upset and tried to damage the van. police tell us at least one person sitting on the stoop off in the distance along with the driver were hurt. so far police have not made any arrests in this case. brazen home burglars are striking in the suburbs and families are sleeping inside. it's happened at least twice. police say the men were caught on home surveillance cameras. they are stealing credit cards and even food from the refrigerator refrigerators. residents are looking for ways to improve their security.
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>> i went around to all of thew doors and bought new locks and new bolts. i have a can of pepper spray. >> police tell us the suspects also got away with a green 2010 hyundai with pennsylvania plates hdy 8376. in you see it, notify police. police get involved in a call to stop a takeover of atlantic city's finances. we'll see what some police chiefs are urging state lawmakers not to do. plus, ready for walking. crews made better than expected progress rebuilding the boardwalk at the jersey shore. we'll have the update next.
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my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. good saturday morning. hopefully you have plans outdoors today. we'll be a little cooler this morning starting off but we do expect plenty of sunshine in and around the area as we move
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through our saturday. there's the good news. look at this beautiful live shot down in cape may. temperature reading not doing too badly. almost 40 degrees along the shoreline. the sun coming up officially at 6:16 this morning and it's always a beautiful shot down there in cape may. 40 degrees in wilmington right now. 44 in philadelphia. 43 degrees in wildwood. you get the picture here. temperatures in the 30s and so temperatures will be bumping up but on the cooler side for sure. we're about 17 degrees right now cooler than where we were this time yesterday morning. so just a little bit cooler. clouds moving in later on today but we'll enjoy sunshine until then. your wake-up weather has us at 44 degrees. 48 at 8:00 a.m. a light breeze and then up to about 52 mid morning. mostly sunny skies. we do have rain in the forecast. i'll be back with those details in just a bit. >> thanks for that, karen. today there will be help for homeowners still struggling to recover from hurricane sandy. problems continue to crop up for
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residents including disputes with contractors and fraud issues. the ocean county long-term recovery group will hold a free hurricane sandy recovery workshop from 11:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon at st. andr andrew's church on baltic avenue in atlantic city. just in time for the great weather we've been having lately, the newly rebuilt boardwalk in ocean city is now open. this is what it looked like during construction. workers completed the job six weeks early. city officials say the new decking is twice as thick as the traditional planks. crews will do more work again in the fall including construction of new pavilions. all philly area teams in action last night were winners. plus, the collision that had medics taking sixers robert covington off the court on a stretcher. that's coming up next in sports.
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the world of rock 'n' roll is mourning the loss of a legend. keith emerson is dead at the age of 71. police are investigating his death at his california home as a suicide. the rock band he founded recorded six platinum selling albums and was famous for his work on the keyboard. this weekend french air accident investigators will release their final report on the german wings crash that killed 150 people including a mother and daughter from our area. they were both killed in that crash. emily graduated from drexel in 2013 and yvonne went to springfield high school in delaware county. initial reports suggest that the first officer may have deliberately crashed the plane into a french mountainside. the final report comes out tomorrow. from our jersey shore bureau, a group of police chiefs
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is urging lawmakers to stop a state takeover of the atlantic city police department. they say they don't want what happened in camden to happen in ac. >> you would have a high turnover rate and see new faces in the police department every five to six months and you won't have those same bonds and connection with the community. >> proposed legislation would allow the state to take control of atlantic city's finances including the police budget. police fear a takeover would force layoffs and threaten the safety of residents. earlier this week atlantic city's mayor and a bus full of residents took their opposition to a state takeover directly to the state house in trenton. they testified before a senate budget committee that a rescue plan should not strip the resort town of its local governing power. taking a look at the forecast, our weather picture is not looking too badly as we start out our weekend this morning. mostly sunny skies for a good portion of our saturday.
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cooler temperatures. we'll have a bit of a cooler feel for sure as we head into this weekend and move on through our sunday. we're tracking rain for tomorrow. we should stay dry today. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're about 17 degrees colder than we were this time yesterday morning. temperatures falling off just a little bit. 32 degrees right now in allentown. 39 in the northeast. 34 degre%é4z in atlantic city. temperatures across the region on the chilly side. if you head out early this morning, you'll need a coat. if you're up in the poconos, maybe even gloves. 25 degrees there. 32 in allentown. 34 degrees in atlantic city. remember 82 on thursday? we set a record. that was unbelievable. 68 degrees yesterday for a high temperature. 67 is what we're shooting for today. 63 tomorrow. so just a little bit of a decline there in our temperature department. cold right now. sunshine is what we can expect
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for a good portion of our saturday but then a cloud edge comes moving in from the south and that will bring us overcast skies for the latter part of our afternoon into our saturday night. we should stay dry with the exception of maybe a passing shower extreme south delaware, southern delaware i should say. blips of sun tomorrow north of philadelphia but rain expected to move in. heaviest rain sunday night into early monday morning. that's looking like that will stay on track. have the umbrellas for monday morning. dry today. cooler, sunny, cloudy later on. 64 to 67 degrees. as i mentioned, the possibility of a stray shower extreme south cape may county and then southern dover looking like a slight chance there. mostly cloudy everywhere else. 46 degrees for the overnight low in philadelphia. 44 north and west. okay. don't forget about losing that hour, right? we have to turn our clocks ahead. that would be at 2:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. so before you go to bed tonight, waking up tomorrow morning so you have the correct time. we'll spring ahead one hour the way i see it we lose an hour of sleep. that's okay. you can make up somewhere down the line. have the umbrellas handy this week as we go ahead and look at this seven day. temperatures not doing too badly. we do have consecutive low pressure systems moving in sunday, monday, tuesday we dry out but a cold front coming in on thursday. so again, temperature readings still above average but we do have showers throughout the week to contend with. it was a serious situation last night here at the wells fargo center. sixer robert covington was taken to jefferson hospital and evaluated for a possible neck injury. this is how it happened in the third quarter. he gets kicked in the face by his teammate jeremy grant who is twisted upside down there.
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covington hit the court. grant hit his head. jeremy grant left the game. he was checked for a concussion. robert covington laid on the court for nine minutes. he was stretchered off. the sixers did break the 13-game losing streak. robert's teammates are thinking about him. >> first and foremost, you just pray that everything is okay and they're all right that it's not as severe as it looked. >> we hope he's okay. sixers center is over. he'll have minor surgery. they are relieved it's not more serious. >> i want to be out there with my teammates. minor surgery right away and begin to heal. that's always a positive. i'll be able to be out in a few weeks. i'm excited about that and get ready for next year.
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>> flyers with a big win monday night at home against the lightning. four nights later trying to break the eight-game blulosing streak in tampa bay. flyers up 1-0 in the second. look at that shot. it is 2-0, flyers. then it is the wraparound. flyers win 3-1. a lot of flyer fans there in tampa bay. they've won six of seven. flyers are two points out of that final playoff spot. eagles vp has done it again. he dumped mark sanchez's salary. they trade sanchez to the broncos for a conditional seventh round pick and they save $4.5 million. eagles did introduce free agents yesterday. bradham knew the offensive coordinator and then there's 6'5", 340 pound brandon brooks
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for offensive line. he'll play right guard and he's liking philly. >> i know it's the city of the first, first stuff like that and i know from what i heard it's like a smaller, cleaner version of new york. >> we're definitely cleaner than new york. villanova going back to the big east final playing for their second straight title tonight in new york city. take a look. last night wolverine hugh jackman. check out the hustle flying into the crowd like superman and ends up in the third row. villanova wins 76-68. st. joe's down as many as 16 points in the quarterfinal. they come all of the way back against george washington. game high 21 for him. st. joe's one 86-80 playing date
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op in the semis today at 1:30. temple beat south florida 79-62 in the american conference quarterfinal. owls will play uconn in the semis today at 3:00. you want to see how uconn made it and won? this is crazy. take a look. >> rebound. johnson. oh! johnson hit two enormous threes. this is good if it goes. >> holy cow! >> are you kidding me? >> that forced a fourth overtime. uconn would go on to beat cincinnati so the owls are ready today for some tired huskies hopefully. philli phillies ryan howard is back. two-run double. phillies rough up kyle and phillies win 9-2.
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that's a lot of sports. all of the philly area teams won yesterday. hopefully they keep it going. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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today you can learn more about with the role of new jersey women in world war ii. author patty chapman is talking about her book at 11:00 this morning. it's called "new jersey women in world war ii" from serving as nurses to working in factories and selling war bonds and looks at the important new roles women had during the war. an event in dover marks harriet tubman today. they'll explore the lives of three people that escaped from slavery on the underground railroad. home of the flyers will transform into fantasy land for children tomorrow for a good cause.
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39th annual flyers wives carnival. they can play interactive games and raise money for charities like big brothers and big sisters and the police athletic league. former philly pete rose is finally getting the call to the hall but it's not what you think. baseball's all-time hits leader will be the first inductee into the national bobblehead hall of fame. in case you're wondering where there's located, it's in milwaukee, wisconsin. rose was selected during a year-long contest. the 74 year old was banned from major league baseball following a gambling scandal. 5:57 on this saturday. chaotic scene in chicago. donald trump calls off a rally last night amid fights between supporters and opponents. nbc 10's monique braxton is following the fallout. monique? >> after the break we'll take you to the chaos in chicago and show you the clashes. >> we're checking on the forecast. not a bad weather picture as we
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start our saturday morning. plenty of sunshine. a little cooler in the temperature department. look at this though. who will argue with a beautiful live shot from cape may, new jersey. temperature readings mainly upper 30s to lower 40s across the area but temperatures will be bumping up and i'm tracking rain in the forecast. stay tuned. your complete weather picture after the break.
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chaos in chicago. donald trump protesters and supporters clash at a rally last night. organizers canceled the event and now gop rivals are accusing trump of encouraging the violence. park predator. philadelphia police are looking for this man whom they say dragged a woman into the woods and assaulted her. now investigators want you to be on the lookout at a popular spot in the city. and strike averted after striking a deal. new jersey transit and the union come up with an agreement that keeps the rails running this weekend. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. the sun is just about to


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