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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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chaos in chester tonight. police start pepperspraying a
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crowd angry after an officer-involved shooting. the officer is in the hospital. two are shot, one is dead. and family members say police got the wrong guy. good evening. i'm denise nakano. authorities say the chester police captain is in stable condition after he was shot in the arm and chest. randy gyllenhaal is live with information. randy? >> reporter: denise, his name is alan davis, a 26-year veteran of force. hes with shot in the arm. he's in stable condition here at the hospital, but back at the crime scene tonight, emotions were running very high. a tense night in the city of  chester, a community demanding answers while investigators piece together a traffic stop that turned into a deadly gun battle. it started when police pulled ore a suspected stolen car.
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>> passengers in the vehicle were not cooperative. >> reporter: police say they approached this white sedan when somebody inside shot an officer, leading to an exchange of gunfire. >> it's our understanding someone in the car began shooting at the police and the police returned fire. >> reporter: captain alan davis was shot in the arm. two suspects were shot. a large crowd at the crime scene became unruly pushing against the police barricade and police responded with pepper spray, dispersing the crowd, and detaining two people in the scuffle. >> started spraying everybody. nobody touched nobody. he snapped. >> reporter: police say an investigation into the shooting is under way but the crowd is concerned aboutsbíe transparenc. another man was shot in the city by police last month stoking
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issues of mistrust. >> who is at fault? are growing to tell the truth? we as the people of the city of chess terk we want the truth this time. >> reporter: now, that second suspect who was also shot and wounded remains here at the hospital. he's in stable condition. members of his family did tell nbc 10 they believe police were chasing the wrong car. meantime the police do tell me a third person in that car was also arrested but was not shot or injured. live, randy gyllenhaal, nbc news. tonight an airline pilot's gun sits in an evidence room. i went missing in a men's bathroom at the philadelphia airport. police found it and are making case against an airport janitor accused of stealing it. nbc 10's drew smith explains. >> reporter: american airlines passenger shared these photos with nbc 10 showing an officer sweeping her plane stuck at the
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phl gate long past departure as the philly police were looking for a missing gun. the airport is the place where they constantly remind you not to leave behind belongings but today a republic pilot gort his bag in a bathroom with a gun inside and then it vanished. >> he was looking everyone in the face. i'm giving him eye contact. it went from behind me to the front of the plane. >> reporter: video surveillance helped surveillance find the janitor. inside his locker was the gun. >> there was an intent to permanently deprive the pilot of his property. >> it's scary. it's alarming that he would forget. >> reporter: the pilot is part of a federal program that gave him permission to carry a gun. still passengers are
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uncomfortable. >> they need to tighten up the program. i'm sure there are standards they have in that program that weren't met. >> reporter: drew smith, "nbc 10 news." turning now to our weather. it could get rainy sunday night. nbc 10's vie le ta yas is looking at it. >> we keep things dry as we head into tonight. we're seeing a lot of moisture. you can see a lot of this pulling more toward the north than it is to the east. this is very slow moving so this is actually going to take its time in pushing across the area. again, we do keep things quiet as we head into tonight. after reaching the 60s, currently in the lower 50s in philadelphia, upper 40s toward wilmington. so overall for tonight temperatures will once again be
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dry. as we head in to the amp tomorrow we'll start to see it from the south and west and we could start to see moisture. perhaps of delaware, back into parts of delaware county before this slowly starts to lift to the north. so better, the shower chance extending northward is going to be later in the day. now, you can see the temperatures actually once again start to push into the around the 60-degree mark. it will be cooler to the south and east. if you're headed to the st. patrick's day parade, you'll need your rain gear. we'll see what we can expect as we head into your monday. denise? >> thank you, violeta. members of a wilmington school community came together this afternoon to remember a student. a student died after a tractor trailer hit the truck he was riding in. it happened at 11:30 near 301 and strawberry lane in
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middletown. two other teens in the truck were hurt. we teerld he was a bright student and athlete. he was a passenger in a pickup truck driven by john kirsch who survived the crash. another student is in critical condition. tonight students tell us they're still in shock. >> horrible. i don't -- i don't know how this happened so fast. >> the driver and passenger were also seriously hurt in the crash. get him out of here, get him out. i think they're bernie supporters. >> donald trump said he'll start pressing charges against protesters after more disruptions at his rally in kansas city. wheel take you there. it might also be sprink but there's pumpkin news to celebrate in delaware tonight. we'll explain that coming up next. celebrate in delaware toni.
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we'll explain that coming up next. news to celebrate in delaw tonight. we'll explain that coming up next. pumpkin news to celebrate delaware tonight. we'll explain that coming up next. there's pumpkin news to celebrate in delaware tonight. we'll explain that coming up next. ♪
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new information about a deadly tug boat crash in new york. tonight we learn a crewman killed in the accident, paul le mans of bay ville. two went missing after a tugboat slammed into a giant barge and sank into the hudson rush wchl're told about 5,000 gallons of fuel spilled into the water. an environmental crew so s on its way. ties to terrorism, that's what trump is saying about the person who rushed him on stage today. wheel take you to the latest on the protesters and his campaign tonight.
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new at 11:00, police are investigating a pair of double shootings just blocks away from each other. the first happened at 7:30 on north newdoll street. the other on pine. all are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. community members got together for operation blue ribbon. they made and sold the ribbons at the shop rite in cinnamonton today. they're in honor of trooper sean
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kunl. he was responding to a car fire. a driver hit him as he stood on the road. he left behind a fiance, baby boy, and another child on the way. money raised today will go to support his family. you know, it's really aplacing. when you think about it, disrupters, so bad for our country. >> protesters made their mark at nool another trump rally tonight, this time in kansas city. the republican front runner repeatedly ridiculed them at times saying, go home to mommy. he also said he would start pressing charges against then. authorities charged a man who rushed a stage at the campaign in ohio earlier today. secret service agents rushed the stage as trump was speaking at rally outside an airport after a
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protesters tried to rush the stage. he had ties to isis. investigators have not confirmed that. now, this all comes on the heels of last night's chaos where violence erupted at a rally. today trump said the clashes were part of a planned attack. this coming tuesday mark as critical day for the candidates. florida, illinois. missouri, and north carolina will all hold their primaries. they're winner take all for the republicans. new at 11:00 from our delaware bureau they'll fly again. the pumpkin chunken world championship is returning to
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sussex county in november. it hasn't been held in two years because of insurance and liability issues. well, we still have about a week for the first official day of spring, but i did want to remind you we do spring forward as we head into tonight. don't forget to spring foofrmtd we gain an hour of daylight as we head into tomorrow. tracking showers throughout the course of tomorrow. but it's sunday into monday that the rain can become heavy and it looks like monday might be messy. temperatures have been very, very warm. record temperatures wednesday and thursday to wrap up the workweek. about 69 degrees. we did see a cooldown there. temperatures have been above normal the entire week. so although it did feel cooler, it has been mild over the entire week. currently in allentown, current temperatures, low 50s.
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we also have a little bit more cloud cover here along the 95 extending south and east ward into new jersey. this is what we coopering an eye on. you can see a lot of moisture gathering down here. parts of the deep south as well. this is going to take its time making a push into the area. actually a good portion of tomorrow looking dry as well. here's tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. it's through the course of the afternoon that we'll start to see the showers increase. by 4:00 perhaps reaching the lehigh valley. so the first chance would be early, areas south and west. again, the shouldry weather will continue through the afternoon. anything that does make it into the area generally looks light and alps spotty. it's overnight into monday that that rain becomes not only more wide spread but heavy overnight into monday. again, that will continue to move through. pockets of heavier rainfall here
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along the i-95. then as we head into the afternoon, the heavier rain starts to shift into new jersey and eventually we'll start to see this as we head into the evening hours. so generally unsettle. the heaviest i'm thinking it could cause minor and localized flooding. the good news is it looks like it will be tapering off as we head into the evening rush. conditions will likely improve toward the second part of the day. cloudy for tonight. chilly. low in philadelphia, 43. arias north and west as we head into tomorrow. developing through the course of the afternoon. perhaps reaching the lower 60s. so it will actually be a little bit cooler toward tomorrow. rain moving in. monday you will definitely need that umbrella. temperatures will be cooler as well although well above normal and you dry things out for your
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tuesday, once again reaching the lower 60s. now to breaking news in north philadelphia. that's where a car crashed into a 7-eleven within the past half hour. you're looking at a picture. we're told the car traveled far enough to hit the front counter. we just checked. police tell us they rushed one person to the hospital but it's not clear if the person was the driver. it ee located right across the street from the temple campus. we'll stay on top of the story and bridge you more information as we get it. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. villanova is heading on.
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what a disappointing note. jay wright gets a little too close to the action. he picked himself up off the floor. meanwhile, a little drama. we're tied at 64-64. chris jenkins drains it. wildcats up with two. the wide side, the bang, the friendly bounce. the free-throw gives the pirates a lead. last chance for villanova. they can't get up a good shot. it fellfalls way short as nova takes ittown chin. martelli's grandson at st. joe's takes them on. he gets the cute award but can st. joe step into the championships? st. joe holds off dayton. they'll face acu for the automatic big. let's hit the ice.
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the flyers are trying to hit the game. they're down 4-3 in the third but we have a ghost sighting. look at him. beats roberto luongo. not sure how that got past him. luongo just almost missed his glove on it. the orange and black fall, 5-4. they get a point but are two back for the wild card spot. to basketball now. robert covington was released from the hospital following a collision with his teammate jeremy grant. both are out of action as they go through con kuks protocol. >> i blacked out for a second. other than that, i remember everything that happened from the impact and going to the homtd. there was a period where it was scary but as time went on, i started getting feeling back in my fingers and that's when i realized everything started coming back at manufacture e that took a lot of pressure off of me.
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>> so no grant or covington in this one. . one the greatest passed away. they fall 125-111. that's a look at your sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. we'll be right back.
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. so we lose an hour of sleep and it's raining. what's going on. >> make sure you set your clocks. tomorrow, it will not be a washout. again, if you're going to head out and enjoy the st. patrick's day parade, you'll want the rain gear. >> all right. that's nbc 10 news for now. an all-new "saturday night live" is next with arianna grand day.
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