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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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teachers wanted. the philadelphia school district plans to hire hundreds of new teachers, and the clock is now ticking for applicants. toll booth crash. several people were hurt in a chain reaction crash at this i-95 interchange in delaware. we'll explain. and a foggy start to your thursday morning. a live look from our center city camera right now. areas are shrouded in fog. in fact, visibility is down to zero in some place this morning. good morning. i'm katy zachry. it's 4 a.m. let's get more details on the fog with sheena parveen.
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hi, sheena. >> hi, good morning. take a look now. quakertown seeing zero mile visibility, blue bell, reading, 1 3/4-mile visibility. and bucks county. it looks north and west of philadelphia. wilmington is now down to a quarter mile of visibility. millville, atlantic city. this is patchy dense fog, and this is going to stay in your forecast for the morning commute today. temperatures in the upper 40s. 41, millville, 42 now, wi wilmingt wilmington. through the afternoon you're going to see conditions warming up like yesterday. it will get windy this afternoon. so if you have the st. patrick's day plans, it's going to get windy. a chance for a couple of showers in the forecast. i'll show you the rest of your week's forecast.
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we're going to get cold sbeer the weekend and we're looking at the potential of snow as go into the first day of spring. i'll show that to you straight ahead. hey, jessica boyington. >> this is rubbing right through girard avenue. here's the girard avenue off grant here. no problem here. at 13 minutes, speeds into the 60s. no restrictions right in there. the p.a. turnpike, a lot of the work there now. watch for crew members out on the scene. other times the drive times are okay. you can take mass transit. we're still running on time or close to schedule except for paco, d.a.r.t., and transit. >> thank you. teachers wanted, 800 of them to be exact. philadelphia says tla want to highest the best and the brightest for next year. matt delucia is at the district
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headquarters this morning. we know they've laid off teachers and social workers in recent years but now a change. >> reporter: that's right, katy. it says it's reached more of a financial betterment if you will from the $2 per pack cigarette tax that went into effect a little over a year ago and the school district told us last night it expects to hire at least 800 teachers for the next school year along with 50 school nurses and counselors. hundreds have been laid off in the past few years, particularly counselors and nurses. they had made plans to hire 400 staff members. this will be an improvement by double the amount. of course, we're going to ask the school today how they plan to fund it. now with mayor kenney's soda tax, they can fund it. that's the proposal, at least.
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that's not, however, in place and there's no idea if it will happen. they plan to fully staff all schools by the end of the june for the next coming year. not much time to apply. there will be an information center if you're interested. it will be right here at school headquarters. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, thank you. new from overnight, a man driving down the road was shot in the head. it happened along meridian street last night. police say a 17-year-old is responsible. right now the police are looking for the teenager. the victim is in critical condition. parents attending a meeting last night at george washington kaver high school in north philadelphia learned how bacterial meningitis can spread. they don't know where freshman
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jonathan briggs contracted the key cease when he suddenly became ill on monday and died the next day. the school told parents it does not survive on surfaces and is only spread through bodily secretions. health officials recommend students be up to date on routine vax defamation include a shot coverings four of the five strains of meningitis. . if you have more questions, tap the nbc app. we've posted information from the centers for disease control. happening today, adolf hitler's own personal copy of his personal manifesto "mine kopf" will go up. they found the book days before he killed himself in 1945.
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it's expected to sell for about $15,000. northampton county says they'll go on strike tomorrow after the district rejected their latest offer. the district says the con flakt be illegal. now the school district says it is considering its legal options. well, today will mark st. patrick's day with a celebration of irish heritage at penn's landing. city officials will place a wreath at chestnut and front streets. this is a video from the previous year's celebration. it will honor the irish immigrants and the role they play in the city's history. an award was presented to an 11-year-old son of a fallen law enforcement officer. it was sponsored by asus
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international. he accepted the courage award on behalf of his father sergeant robert wilson. >> over the year i've been playing things in my mind crying like a baby. every time i see his family, they have the exact same smile and it sees me son. >> he was in the game store buying a game for his son when he was shot and killed in a robbery. his partner was inside the store at the time and watched his son receive the award last night. well, take a look at this video. only nbc 10 was there when firefighters and police in the city teemed up to rescue a woman from a burning building in north philadelphia. this was along franklin at 3:00. crews used the construction ladder. the woman is fine.
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it's not clear yet what caused the fire. and delaware police are questioning a driver they say triggered a chain reaction crash into a toll booth. four people were hurt in that chain reaction crash. investigators say the driver rear-ended another driver when it stopped to pay the toll. authorities are trying to determine if that person was impaired. >> this morning we have some fog around. otherwise kind of dense for your st. patrick's day. then we get colder into the weekend and snow on the first day of spring. areas north and west, mostly bucks and lower montgomery county, a quarter mile.79o4(t&h% philadelphia, quarter mile. even millville and atlantic city.
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be careful. 39 in atlantic city and 47 in dover. we'll be getting into 60s on your st. patrick's day. you don't have to worry about that. it is the fog that will be a concern through the next several hours. through the afternoon, though, we're going to see the clouds hanging around. it will get breezy and a couple of showers around at 5:00 p.m. not heavy rain. not very widespread but we can't rule out a couple of scattered showers in the forecast. then we go into your friday. we're going to see another round of afternoon shows for friday. take a look at the cold air that will move down friday into the weekend and then we'll be tracking our next storm system. this will be moving sunday into monday and look at what the models are doing now with it. moisture moving in. our temperatures would be cold enough to support snow. we're going to be in the 30s.
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areas north and west in the 20s. we could see snow. the best chance of any accumulating snow wouldn't be until late sunday night. that's when temperatures would be cold enough to support that. melts would be more likely on roadways. today, morning fog, windy, afternoon showers, highs right around the mid-60s. we'll take a closer look at your forecast coming up. >> thank you. i can't believe we're talking about snow. all right, let's get a check of the snow. jessica boyington joins us. hey, jess. >> 442 around trooper road right now, having no problems so far. you can see we have a drive time of eight minutes here. no problems westbound in here or getting off of the off ramp. all lanes cleared. we have some construction
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between north radner, chester road and matsonford road. watch for closures there. here's route 202. we're doing well. 11 minutes from northbound. no problems or delays right now for mass transit. bile back in the next ten with another look at your morning drive. katy. >> jess, thank you. when private business goes public. that's exactly what's happening. coming up we'll show you how a person is using social media to stop defacing her property. up next -- we know that voice. we'll remember frank sinatra jr. who died last night at 72 years old.
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welcome back. it's 4:14. from our delaware bureau now, a woman is trying to stop a chronic problem outside of her business. her insurance agentlecy is noekt a liquor store. every damon walk into her alley and relieve themselves. she tells them they'll be caught on surveillance camera and will be getting public shaming on social media. >> i want to tell them what they're doing is not private. it's going to be publicized. >> doris says some of the bosses and family members recognize the offenders from the posts onlined. merrick garland heads to
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capitol hill. vai sikahema has more. it appears he'll have a tough time getting through the senate, is that right? >> that's right. most are refusing to meet with the nominee. this was the scene outside the white house when president obama vowed to nominate the next supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia. the 63-year-old was considered a moderate and a former prosecutor. garland spoke about what this nomination means to hill. >> it's been a cornerstone of my professional life and it's the hall mark of the kind of judge i have tried to be. >> nearly two decades ago the senate confirmed garland's appointment to the federal appeals court. now majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will
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not consider garland's nomination. they say president obama should not replace a supreme court justice during an election year. >> it seems clear president obama made this nomination not, not with the intention of seeing the nominee confirmed but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. >> when he was first confirmed, they say they won't vote for him now. only a handful say they'll meet with garland in the coming weeks. they include charles grassley. katy? >> vai, thank you. in virginia a prisoner had a short taste of freedom after he was mistakenly released from jail. he told them they were mistaken. they released him this week. they did not realize that lee lost good behave time because of
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a fight. they got in touch with him and he immediately returned. according to reports, this has happened before at that jail. >> they told him that they had made a mistake and he would have to come in and finish out his sentence, and i was just like, wow, this is happening again? >> lee is finishing up a two-year sentence on a gun charge. medical marijuana is one step closer to becoming legal in pennsylvania. yesterday they passed a measure where patients would be able to take it in a pill or liquid form. they would not be able to smoke it. and governor tom wilson's urged lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana. it's already legal in new jersey and delaware. it's 4:17. this morning the entertainment world is mourning the death of frank sinatra jr. ♪
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sinatra jr. carried out his father's legacy with his own kind of music. he suffered a heart attack in florida where he was due to give a concert there. he was 72 years old. frank sr. died in 1998 when he was 82. well, we've all seen the video flooding near the texas/louisiana state line. officials say interstate 10 could be closed into next week. the water is expected to crest either today or tomorrow. it could take drivers up to six hours out of their way. well, good thursday morning. if you have st. patrick's day planned, it will warm into the 60s, but we'll have showers
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moving in. don't be surprised about that. then we go into tomorrow and the weekend and it gets colder. it will feel like winter. that will bring us our next storm system. we're tracking snow as we go into the end of the week. i'll show you that in just a second. fog is dense. otherwise lower montgomery, potts county seeing a quarter mile of visibility. atlantic city, a half a mile. dense patchy fog. just be aware of that. take your time on the roads this morning. 45 in pottsville, 40 in wilmington, mid-40s in millville. 47 in dover. otherwise through the afternoon temperatures will go into the 60s again. this is future weather for your afternoon. about the mid-60s. some showers will start to move through the area. again, we have another round of afternoon showers. that's going to be a cold front. as we go into tomorrow and the weekend, we get colder. winds will switch in from the
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north. then we see going into the afternoon the approach of rain and snow from our next storm system sunday night into monday morning. that's going to be the bestaccu. just because temperatures at that time would be cold enough to support it. but, of course, we'll continue tracking this as we get close e. for today, the a.m. fog, windy in the afternoon. temperatures reaching the mid-60s in the afternoon. colder for your friday. and then over the weekend, we ooh going to be in the 40s. we're looking at temperatures potentially near 40 on sunday as that storm approaches. so, yes, this is a shot of cold air with the storm moving in at the same time. go figure sunday's the first day of spring. this time of year we can't rule out stuff like this anyway. but at this point it looks like the best chance of any accumulating snow would be late sunday when temperatures drop down. cold enough to be able to
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support it. >> such a bummer when we've been supported by spring, right? >> when we have a couple of warm days, we forget things like this can happen. it's only been spring. >> thank you, sheena, so much. all right. with a check of the roads now, let's bring in jessica boyington who's going to give us a view. >> hey, katy. the boulevard is looking fine right behind me. everything is looking clear. no problems if you're headed northbound or southbound. we'll head over to new jersey and show you what the new jersey roads are looking like. they're looking pretty much the same. around route 130 over in west depford, no problems right now. heading into delaware, you'll have no problems there. and the 23-minute trip in the 60s. it usually doesn't go into place until about 9:00 or so. the walt whitman bridge is
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clear. no scheduled opening right now. 'll keep you posted. katy. >> well, spinning your wheels we all spend way too much time stuck in traffic. if you think the schuylkill expressway is bad, wait till you hear who has the most congested roads in the country. also ahead in the next half hour, hidden danger, we'll show you the work under way in the back bays of new jersey to make the waters safer for boaters this summer.
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well, you want to remember this as you get ready the hit the road this morning. philadelphia did not make the top ten in a stu study that reveals how much time we spend in traffic, despite what you
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probably think. they find that southern california has the worst congestion. drivers around l.a. spend an average of 81 hours stuck in gridlock. washington, d.c. came in second followed by san francisco, houston, and new york. the study says overall drivers across the country spend more than 8 million hours stuck in traffic last year. in just hours the field of 64 tips off in the ncaa tournament, and three philadelphia teams are hoping to make their way through the traffic. it was a similar scene for the temple owls as they hopped on a brooklyn-bound bus. they could both end up in the tournament if they both win their games tomorrow. >> it never gets old.
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>> the juices are flowing every single day. the practices have been pretty good. not flawless but pretty good. we know what the job in front of us is. >> tempo plays tomorrow along with villanova. yesterday fans came out. they're taking on cincinnati in the west bracket. >> you're in this. you're in it to win. you're not in it to say, man, this is really great. this is a long trip and an awful lot of support to play 40 minutes. >> st. joseph's game is tomorrow. they tip off tomorrow night. you can counseled on nbc 10 to bring you the highlights and the tournament. our sports team will dish out bracket-by bracket coverage. could be a tough time for those
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with gambling problems. while some throw a few bucks in the pool, others get too deep. officials say if you throw too much money in the pool, lie to your family members or just cannot stop, then it's time for you to get help. and here's a live look out at cape may this morning. not bad at all in cape may. some areas are dealing with dense fog this morning that. will be the case again this morning. coming up, we'll look at your st. patrick's day forecast and chance for snow over the weekend. right now we're watching route 309 around the p.a. turnpike. you can see no problems in either direction. we'll have more updates for you when i come back at 4:30. next, marking history, the debate officially begins about honoring the one-time home of a philadelphia mobster. that's next.
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ing. >> well, call it a lesson in hiring 101. despite cutbacks and layoffs, the philadelphia school district is now looking for 800 new teachers. and this is the south philadelphia spot where an ex-mob boss once lived, and today it could become more of a piece of the city's recognizable city. you're going to wand to take it slow out there. these are live conditions along i-95 and south philadelphia. visibility is down to a quarter mile in some parts of our region right now. good morning. this is


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