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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," it's tournament time. the owls, wildcats and the hawks are on the court today for the ncaa basketball tournament. we are breaking it down for you team by team. that's the rally cry for protesters, trying to save several schools from closing. why they think the current plan is wrong. winter's last punch. i think it is a punch is all calm now. take a look outside at boathouse row. that will not be the case. snow unfortunately is heading our way. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it's 5:31 on your friday. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> i know there's snow in the forecast. i know it's friday. it will be a nice day today. >> you're taking this in stride. let's get to meteorologist
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sheena parveen who has the first alert forecast. >> maybe you can look forward to laying around on sunday and watch the snow if you are north and west of philadelphia. i'll show you that in just a second. yes, we still do have snow on the way for sunday. that has not really changed, if anything, we're getting a clearer picture on it, too. philadelphia, 51 degrees, 47 northeast philly and trenton, 47 in chester springs. some spots are still in the 30s, allentown, 36 degrees. 41 in pottstown, 44 in reading, 45 doylestown. 46 woodbine, 48 degrees in dover. bus stop forecast looking chilly this morning, especially if you're in the lehigh valley. by 7:00 a.m., we should still be in theç upper 30s. clear skies this morning. philadelphia area, 48 degrees. by 7:00 a.m. new jersey and delaware, mostly mid to upper 40s. by the afternoon, it will be a nice friday. around 60 degrees, highs topping out in the low 60s and then we are a lot colder as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning.
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and your entire weekend will look and feel like winter. take a look at future weather. here is a quick overview of what's going to happen this weekend, going into sunday. look at that. we have a winter storm moving in. rain and snow, a wintry mix across part of the area, too. yes, we'll be tracking this as we get closer to subpoenaed. as of now, more details. coming up, i'll show you how cold your weekend will be. we look at the timing and how much you should be able to expect. we check the roads with jessica boyington. >> we're watching northeast philadelphia still for this accident scene on the boulevard. southbound around c street where we have the outer lanes still being blocked for that accident cleanup. here's morristown, new jersey. no problems or backups in the area. we have construction in new jersey to watch out for. this is ongoing. it does seem to cause quite a problem in the morning commute. if you head through route 07 between 295 and west gate drive, stuck in that later.
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we do have lanes off for that construction, scheduled until march 27th. only a few more days of that. we'll keep you updated there. vai. a packed schedule for college basketball fans or even alums of villanova, temple and st. joe's, all three schools are playing today in the ncaa men's basketball tournament. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in center city. matt is an alum of la salle who has a big basketball history but alas is not in the tournament. had to throw that dig in, sorry, matt. >> how's byu doing, vai? i guess not. on a lighter note, someone tweeted me asking because i'm wearing a blue tie, i'm supporting villanova? no, that's not the case. i'm supporting all teams. this is for la salle, hopefully they'll do better next year. the owls play iowa this afternoon. villanova plays unc asheville.
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both of those games are happening in brooklyn. and st. joe's plays cincinnati tonight in spokane, washington. here's something to think about, folks. in both temple and villanova win their games today they play each other on sunday. >> we've always had our ups and downs. when we're down, we're resilient. anything is possible in the dance. >> sunday is a big five clash, i'll probably come back. >> nova fan right there. the wildcats have had some tough goings in the tournament in recent years. they're looking to change that this time around.ç >> we don't like being a team known for an early exit. we want to get past the first weekend. that starts with unc asheville. >> i think their drive to win a national championship is so much stronger than a drive to get past two games. >> and st. joe's meantime came up winning the atlantic ten
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tournament. they're hoping to keep that winning streak going. within the past hour i posted an informal poll onmy twitter page @matt delucia, which local team do you think is going to go the furthest in the tournament? vote and i'll have the results coming up at 6:30. villanova seems to be winning at least with this little poll at 5:30 in the morning. >> could be st. joe's, matt. byu got through the first round of the nit. thank you very much. >> yes, yes. switching gears, a teacher's strike in the lehigh valley is averted for now. teachers in nazareth, northampton county will be in the classrooms this morning. they threatened to walk off after battling over money and health care. district officials said a strike would be illegal. there's still no contract. negotiations will resume next week. save our schools. >> in philadelphia, parents, teachers and the naacp are fighting to save three public schools. they demonstrated outside the
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school district headquarters in spring garden yesterday. the group oppose plans to convert wister cook and huey elementary schools. they said the plans go against the wishes of the community. >> they have turned a deaf ear to the demands of the educators as well as the parents in the community. >> the school district toll us it's focused on having the best schools for students and charter schools are part of that. the district currently has about 80 charter schools. >> well, today three fry yariar expected to turn themselves in in connection with a sex abuse case. monique braxton is with us. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane announced the grand jury's findings on tuesday. this is the next step. take a look at the three suspects here.
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they were the part of the franciscan friars based near holidaysburg, outside of altoona. they're accused of allowing brother steven baker to molest more than 100 children while working at bishop mccort high school. baker took his own life in 2013. tleet have been removed from their assignments in florida and minnesota. center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good friday morning. we are looking at nice, dry conditions across the area. here's a live look at center city. no rain on the radar, though, that's nice this morning. no fog around either. we are nice and dry. we'll stay that way through the afternoon. we're still watching a winter
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storm as we go into the weekend. it will originate across the southeast. you see the moisture here. it hasn't exactly formed yet but it's going to as we go through the next couple days. it will move up into our area. the computer models are getting a better handle on this now. it's seen more of the dynamics of the system come together. i'll show you that in just a little bit. 41 in pottstown, your friday will be nice and dry to end the week. 36 in allentown, 47 northeast philly and trenton. 39 degrees millville. 52 in wildwood. chilly to start your morning, especially for those spots in the 30s. by 8:00, we should be at about the upper 40s. 10:00, mid-50s, breezy today, too. but a nice end to your week. by noon near 60 degrees on this friday. here's a look at future weather. kind of an overview of what's going to happen there. you see the moisture in the southeast. eventually it will all come together and move into our area. we're looking at the second half of your weekend. saturday looks good. it will be colder but then we go
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into sunday and we're calling it a winter storm because we will be seeing snow. even though technically sunday is the first day of spring. but accumulating snow expected, especially north and west of philadelphia. this storm system is going to run into the afternoon and into sunday night. so coming up, i'll show you a closer look at the timing on this, how cold your weekend will be and what you may be able to expect in terms of snowfall. that's straight ahead. thank you, sheena. 52 degrees and it's about 20 minutes of 6:00 and we have video now that we just got in. we have a crew at the scene of that crash on the boulevard. >> yes, jessica's been talking about it since i think 4:00 this morning. >> right before 4:00 this morning, about 20 minutes before 4:00 or so this accident was reported into our system here in northeast philadelphia. you can clearly see a police presence, ambulance on the scene as well. it's on the roosevelt boulevard southbound where we have the outer lanes closed around c street. so clearly a vehicle into a tree, another vehicle involved there as well.
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both seem to be suvs. one person i'm told is transported to the hospital as well. there may be an accident investigation there under way also because the outer lanes still are closed around c street. we're seeing a delay because of that. follow the detours they have posted around the area. watch for construction on theç grp pr garden state parkway. parkway closed northbound at route 322. here's 59 throughout delaware, no problems either direction. 11 minutes at the most northbound from 295 to 495. vai? >> thank you, jessica. 52 degrees at 5:41 this friday morning. more fallout. find out what's happening at a chester county high school football program after three students were charged with hazing another player. watch this. ♪ sipping on a regular coke
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>> the place to be, atlantic city just struck a deal to bring some major events to the area during the summer. we'll tell you all about it.
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philadelphia police are looking for a teenage father and his young daughter after they say he ran off with his child.
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3-year-old nevaeh brooks was playing in front of her grandmother's house in olney when her father grabbed her and ran away. the grandmother called police. according to investigators, 17-year-old alejandro martinez does not have custody of the child. martinez's mother has custody. police say he is a known drug user. it is 5:45. new video that shows police evacuating a crowded septa bus as they closed in on a wanted man. the man sleeping in the back of the bus, you see him slumped over is wanting for shooting a teenage employee at at fast food restaurant. police just released this video to us yesterday to highlight how important body cameras can be. in this case, all the riders got off the route 23 septa bus without question last week as police approached the suspect, ronald graham. >> an officer makes a decision, he's approaching an attempt murder suspect who may very well be armed and willing to shoot it out. that officer is quickly and
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quietly telling people get off in a way that you saw nobody stopped to say, is it going to be running in five minutes? everybody got off that bus right away. >> police say graham shot the teenager on march 6th after an argument about cleaning tables inside a church's chicken on broad street. he now faces charges, including attempted murder. we have an update on a school hazing investigation into chester county. the head coach of conestoga high school resigned. also, the school has relieved the entire staff of the varsity and jv football teams of their coaching responsibilities through next year. this comes less than two weeks after the district attorney filed charges against three players. they're accused of sexually assaulting a freshman with a broom stick in the locker room. a mayor of one jersey shore town is clarifying controversial comments he made about orthodox jews. mayor tom kelliher used the
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phrase "it's like an invasion" to describe real estate agents who have been helping a growing number of jewish clients find homes in the community. he was referencing comments from a council meeting last month, he said. following numerous complaints about aggressiveç tactics by rl estate agents, they were barred from door-to-door soliciting. >> they're not welcome to come and buy property in the manner in which they're doing. >> we're not here knocking on doors, we're not invading. it's people that are moving in. like every other town and city in the united states of america. >> earlier this week, the mayor of neighboring lakewood says he was appalled by the invasion quote and called on the mayor to apologize. he says an apology implies that you made a mistake and he does not feel that he made one. in colorado people are welcoming some late winter snow there. this year they haven't seen as much snow as usual. at the loveland ski area in
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northern colorado. this snow brought out the locals and spring break vacationers to enjoy the slopes. guess who else is getting snow? >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> you are, vai, you're getting snow on sunday. we do have part of the area that will be getting snow on sunday with a winter storm approaching. so needless to say, it's going to be cold as we go into the weekend. enjoy today. today will be very nice to end out the week. then we start dropping below freezing. winter storm approaching for the first day of spring, yes, sunday officially is the first day of spring. but we have a spring snow in the forecast. accumulating through parts of the area, too. this is not unusual for this time of year. i think we think it is because we've been so warm lately. current conditions, 41 degrees in pottstown, 46 wilmington, 49 atlantic city with clear skies. as we go through the day today, it will be nice, near 60 degrees as we go through the afternoon. but then quickly tonight we get colder and dropping below freezing through part of the
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area. now as we go into sunday, that is the day we're expecting snow. the timing, snow by noon. i think we will see some in the morning, some models, computer models are bringing it in early. until we get to send, the timing could likely change. we'll keep an eye on that. rain and mix likely new jersey and delaware. snow totals will be much smaller there. accumulation will be more likely later sunday once those temperatures get even colder. but as we know, once the snow starts falling, temperatures do quickly drop because of it. as far as the accumulation is concerned, melting at the start, once it initially moves in. once those temperatures drop, we expect it to stick to roads. again, it is going to be pretty cold this weekend. for the monday morning commute because that's going to be a concern, too. icy spots on the roadways. snow still on the roadways for some of you. here's a look at future weather. as we go through today, nice quiet friday. breezy, temperatures near 60 degrees. then overnight into saturday morning, now look at the morning lows. tomorrow morning at this time, we will be in the 30s.
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it will be a cold start to your weekend. through saturday afternoon we stay dry, temperatures in the upper 40s. rain down to our south. thatgs)not going to move in until overnight into sunday morning. now look at sunday morning. we have snow north and west. rain possible for south jersey and delaware. just because the temperatures at that point. north and west at or below freezing would be causing accumulating snow. that could even last through the afternoon and then once this thing tapers off, we'll start to see light snow potentially as we go, maybe into monday morning. that timing could change. here's a chance of four plus inches sunday into sunday night, maybe higher through philadelphia but certainly the better chances will be north and west through parts of the lehigh valley. for today, though, we don't have to worry about that. windy this afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s. then we go into saturday, big changes into the weekend. 47 for saturday. then we go into sunday. there you see it. 37 degrees. it's going to be a cold one, morning lows, freezing or colder. and monday morning we'll have to watch that with so many people
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getting back on the roadways. for next week. temperatures will still be cold. either way at this point we are still watching that storm system for sunday. we are still watching the snow but as we know, computer models continue to update this afternoon we'll have more updates tonight and across the weekend. the timing is critical because the timing will determine, you know, the accumulations across the area and who sees what as far as temperatures at that time. >> in the greater philadelphia area, you're forecasting roughly 4 inches. >> we're saying a lower chance through the philadelphia area of seeing 4 inches because we could see mixing. at this point, we are saying at least a few, especially north and west. >> i was fixated on that 70 degrees on thursday. >> we can look ahead to that. >> skip the weekend, forget about it. >> there you go. >> thank you, sheena. let's go to first alert traffic with jessica boyington. >> jessica boyington will bring video in for us. we have a photographer at the
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scene of this crash. >> this accident scene popped up just before the 4:00 hour when we went on the air this morning. we did have injuries on the scene as well. some of that becomes an accident investigation. right now it's on the boulevard southbound out in northeast philly, right around c street. you can see we have an ambulance on the scene. a few police officers there as well. they had the outer lanes around c street closed. another vehicle involved. another one that seemed to have run into a tree as well. so a few vehicles involved there. some injuries, possible accident investigation under way. does seem like in this video that some lanes of traffic are getting by. earlier we had the outer lanes closed. i just checked in with our traffic system a few moments ago and it might be clearing out of the way. i will give you an update not next ten minutes or so on this scene out in the boulevard. again, another ten minutes we'll have an update. vai? >> thank you, jessica. coming up on "nbc 10 news today." it's that time of year again.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with a check of your first alert traffic. really quickly we want to update you in northeast philadelphia. we did have an accident scene with a few vehicles involved. heavy police presence. ambulances on the scene as well. on the boulevard southbound around c street. this happened a little bit before 4:00 a.m. the outer lanes are closed. i'm just seeing this accident scene is pretty much under control and clear. you will be good heading out the door in that area. no backups right now. more updates in the 6:00 hour for the rest of your drive. it's the time of the year wednesday the pennsylvania game commission heads into the woods to study the bear population, particularly the state's newest arrivals. they found a den in cambria county yesterday. the game commission officers tranquilized the mother bear before removing the cubs. they make sure the cubs are healthy and then tag the cubs so they can keep track of the animals. >> the numbers on these tags
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will stay with these bears. we can tell where this bear originated from. >> look how cute that little guy is. the tagging is a quick and painless procedure and the mother is reunited with her cubs. well, could this center city fixture have a new name in the coming years? you're looking live at the aramark building in center city philadelphia which has been part of the skyline for nearly three decades. but aramark is now considering moving its headquarters. the lease on the market street building expires in just about two years. a company spokesperson told the philadelphia business journal that several options are being considered including a move to the navy yard or across the river to camden. aramark is the fifth largest public company in the region. well, if you enjoy outdoor concerts who doesn't, right? then atlantic city has some in the works, especially after concerts at the beach. >> the city just locked down an
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agreement to have six concerts this summer. ♪ sitting at the bar sipping on a regular coke ♪ >> more than 100,000 people saw blake shelton on the beach in ac back in 2014. yesterday the casino redevelopment authority approved a three-year, $6 million agreement with live nation to put on the next concerts. no word yet on who will take the stage next. but we'll see. coming up at 6:00, a stabbing victim tries to escape his attacker, gets hit by a car and later dies. >> now, philadelphia police are looking for a hit and run driver and the person behind the stabbing. we'll have an update on the search for suspects. plus, targeting the trumps. hackers hit the gop's front-runner privacy while his son eric receives a suspicious lett"o cf1 o live in new york with developments in those threats.
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