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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, spring snow. nearly a year ago, a late march stoüuáuu snow to our area. and this weekend, we could see a repeat. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with our weekend forecast. >> enjoy today. tomorrow and sunday feeling like winter, looking like winter over your weekend. temperature right now, though, 57 in philadelphia. millville, wilmington, q+en wildwood. 54 in allentown. 53, pottstown. today is shaping up to be a very nice day. this afternoon, we'll be topping out in the low 60s.
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little breezy by 2:00 pm. then by 9:00 tonight, if you have the friday night plans, 52. it will be colder. by tomorrow morning, startng off your saturday -- look at this cold air moving in. morning temperatures will be in the mid 30s. so, remember this before you step outside tomorrow. it will feel like winter. and then by sunday, it will look like winter. storm systems developing in the middle of the country. eventually, moving our way. and there you see it. sunday afternoon, we are tracking a winter storm. part of the area will start off with snow. and i think keep snow through a majority, if not the entire time that this thing is here. so, coming up, i'll show you a closer look of the timing of it. area and also our snow totals. that's coming up. >> thank you, sheena. sky force 10 has been busy this evening in chester, delawre county, a man was shot and killed. this haxpened about 8:45 this morning. officers found the victim dead
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on the sidewalk in front of a home on mcdowell avenue. we're working to gather more details. before that, sky force 10 was over the scene of an accident in cherry hill, camden county, involving a dump truck that knocked over several poles. the accident happened 7:30 in chapel avenue and did knock out power in the area. time now for first alert trañfic reporter jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> we are seeing a bette of for the most part, we're doing okay. around the vine street expressway. most of that delay is headed westbound right now. no huge delays heading into center city at this moment. just heading away from it. we'll head on over to that overturned dump truck in cherry hill. that accident scene was on east chapel avenue and it was closed between 295 and old cuthbert road. you do want to avoid residual delays and watch for police outages in the area.
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construction on route 70 westbound between 298 scheduled until march 27th. construction on the platt bridge westbound between 26th strqqá and midspan bridge with the right lane closed. seeing some volume there. the rest of the area, for the most part, rj doing okay. earlier opening at 10:40. about 20 minutes ago on the burlington brittle that may be causing problems still but no problems on the ben. a woman is in the hospital after a two-car accident in philadelphia's olney section around 4:00 this morning. there's no word yet on the 28-year-old victor what led to the crash. in port richmond, a police officer shot a dog that was charging at him, while serving a warrant at a home. this happened around 5:45 this morning on waco street. authorities tell us several officers were delivering a warrant for drug possession to the man at the home.
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the backyard into an alley, leaving the backdoor open. several pitbulls charged right at t$e officers and officer shot one dog. the animal is still alive right now. police are searching still for that man. it is tournament time. later today, three philadelphia teams will tip off in college basketball's big dance. cherry crusade, spirit squad from temple just boarded buss to head to that game. nbc 10's matt delucia has a preview. >> three teams all playing today. temple, st. joe's and villanova are all in the tournament. owls play iowa this afternoon. villanova plays unc asheville a little over an hour from now. both of those games will be held in brooklyn. st. joe's plays later tonyght in
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spokane, washington. if both temple and villanova win today, then they play each other on sunday. >> we've had our ups and downs but we were down, resr&ient and always have come back. anything is possible in the dance. >> sunday is a big five then i'll probably come back. >> nova fan right there. wildcats have had tough goings in the tournament in recent years. this time around. >> we don't like being a team with an qp)ly exit. we definitely want to get past the first week of play, asheville. >> their drive to win a championship is so much stronger than a drive to get past two games. >> and st. joe's hawks, meantime, they are hoping to keep the momentum going after their big win in the atlantic 10 tournament. all the teams are playing on the road while we here in phi&ly are watching. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the highlights of tournament time. john clark will break down the local teams and dish out bracket by bracket coverage. happening now, three former religious leaders are charged with child endangerment and have just turned themselves into police. we just got this video of the friars arriving at a courthouse in hollidaysburg outside of altoona. they were part of the franciscan friars. prosecutors say they allowed steven breaker to hold jobs where he molested over 100 children. baker took his life in 2013. walking silently through the streets of phr&adelphia to protest social injustice. monique braxton followed their march. what do the students hope to accomplish, monique? >> reporter: i talked to them a few moments ago.
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they told us their message is black lives matter and we matter. right now, they're here inside the arch street united methodist church, meeting with the district attorney and members of the children from kindergartners through high school students, began their silent march about half an hour ago. they held posñers, proclaiming justice, messages for police, like protect and serve. not shoot to kill. they also have posters saying black lives matter. a few of them shared while they're participating in the silent march. >> the thing that scares me is for me to get locked up for just walking down the street. when the cops come i gwalk away >> it's not great seeing my people get gunned down on the streets fochlt r s streets. >> reporter: our camera was rolling when students arrived here at the church. the silent march was inspired by
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the 1917 silent protest, led by w.e.b. dubois against lynching and anti-black violence. this local movement began in 2014 and '15 during a history class at jubr&ee's school, with a discussion about the riots in baltimore. moechlt moments ago i talked to the district attorney outside and possible to ensure them that they are important to police and the community. live now in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. teacher áu)ike in lehigh valley is averted, at least for now. teachers in nazareth are in their classrooms this morning. they threatened to walk off the job after battling with the school district over money and health care. district officials said a strike would be illegal. there's still no contract and negotiations will resume next week. school hazing investigation in chester county.
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head football coach has resigned. also, the school has relieved the entire staff of the varsity and jv football teams of their coaching responsibilities next year, less than two weeks after the district attorney filed charges against three players, accused of sexually assaulting a freshman with a broomstick in the locker room. lawmaker will visit the montgomery county company working on a vaccine for the zika viruáy representative brendan boyle will discuss the outbreak. they've $ad success with their vaccine in animal testing. the company plans to do human testing by the end of the year. new information about a violent campus rampage. what inspired a man to allegedly start stabbing students at a california university. this morning, the fbi may have0c an answer. we'll show you what they found. tower tragedy. we're learning more about what led to a deadly scene at wht
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will soon be one of the tallest buildings on the west coast. sheena? vai, we have a nice day for the last day of this week until we get to this weekend. it will feel like winter. enjoy today. first look at some expected snow totals for this weekend and the timing of the winter storm. that's next.
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we have new information this morning about a man who stabbed
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four students at a california university last fall. 18-year-old faisañmohammed acted alone. authorities believe he planned the attack at least a week before he carried it out. lawmakers in california will hold a hearing to see what lessons can be learned to the way first responders reacted to the terror attack in san bernardino. emergency room doctors are among those expected to testify. a couple inspired by muslim extremists opened fire on a luncheon, killing 14 people. new information on a deadly fall in los angeles. police say they believe a workplace accident caused a construction worker to plunge 53 stories to his death yesterday. the man was an electrician work ing on a new hotel. the woman driving t$e car was hurt. she is listed in stable condition. closing arguments have begun
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in a civil trial between former pro wrestler hulk hogan and gawker media. this is a live look at the courtroom in st. petersburg, florida. hogan claims it was a violation of his privacy. supreme court nominee merrick garland is making the rounds on capitol hill. 63-year-old visited democratic leaders as gop refuses to give garland a hearing. craig green worked with garland and said he's more than qualified for the job. >> in the time that i knew him and during the time since, he has more experience than any judge. meticulous, detail-oriented, absolutely struggling to get
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every aspect of the case right. >> professor green worked for judge garland at the u.s. court of appeals in d.c. in 1999 to 2000. we'll share more insight into president obama's supreme court nominee this weekend on @issue following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. enjoy today. temperatures will be around low 60s. tomorrow into the weekend, it will feel like winter again. beautiful look outside. center city, mostly clear skies. plenty of sunshine. storm moving in for the first day of spring. that would be sunday. not unusual this time of year. we've been warm lately so it comes as a surprise. it will get colder this weekend. that cold air will support any snowfall. i'll show you that ñorecast in a second. 53, pottstown, 57 wiñmington.
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even dover. 53 in atlantic city. we go into the weekend it's looking like sunday that the point. some models have sped up a little bit, trying to put a little bit of precip in here late saturday night. snow by sunday morning. that's the updated timing. rain and mix most likely in new jersey and delaware. that's the area we'll see that rain/snow line mostly near philadelphia. ac(usu&ating north and west at the most. snow should be melting at the start. otherwise, as it gets colder with the snow moving in -- once the snow falls, temperatures drop. it will be sticking to the roadways. ut expect slippery roadways north and west of philadelphia. icy spots expected. temperatures below freezing. snow will be on the roads most likely still monday morning. future weather, todav around 60 degrees for the high. nice and dry. tomorrow morning, look at the morning lows, around 30. then by saturday afternoon,
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we're cold, mid to upper 40s. then you see that storm system moving in. snow, north and west of philadelphia, especially by sunday morning. rain farther south. that rain/snow line hangs around the 95 corridor through the afternoon. snow still falling through the lehigh valley and poconos. on the back end of this, we'll get colder. we'll see almost everyone seeing that snowfall. less than an inch for new jersey and delaware. rain, mainly at the start. then to a mix and snow across the area. philadelphia area, one to three inches possibly, snow to wintry mix at times, changing back to snow sunday. two to five inches possibly with this, mostly just being snow. for today, though, windy, warm. low 60s. staying nice and dry. 30s for morning lows as we go into your weeken". there it is, sunday. you see the winter storm moving in. by next week, finally we warm up to 70 by thursday. jane seymour may be best known for her role as "dr. quinn
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medicine woman" or james bond actress. she joins us live in our studio to tell us more about her >> thank you. >> tell us about your foundation and its mission. >> the whole open hearts theme happened because my mother went through terrible things in world war ii and a lot of challenges in life. she always told me that in life when you have a challenge, which to close-up your heart and not let anyone know. if you could accept what's happened, however hard it was, open your heart and reach out in some way to help someone else, you would have purpose. once you had purpose, you would be happy and once you $ad be happy and oncou would attrac love in your life. it's a universal symbol of giving and receiving love. we have organizations that help
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someone who has had challenges and rather than keeping it to themselves, they use it to help other people. >> you recognize a local nonprofit organization, south jersey. >> caitlyn darrow. she was 12 years old when she started it. two sisters and her mother were victims of domestic violence. they had to run away from their own home with nothing but the clothes on their back. they couldn't take anything. they lived in shelters. they uq taken care of by people. eventually, they managed to get their own home together and then they had a fire. so, they lost twice. >> wow! >> and because of this, and because they realized how awful it was to have nothing and to be in that situation, they started this ainngels of god clothing place. you get refer there had by organizations, shelters and people that know there are specific people that need this help. they can go there and shop the
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closet absolutely free of charge. they get to try on the clothes. >> we're seeing caitlyn now in her closet. >> it's really important to empower people. they get to choose their look, their size. they can see how they look. it's absolutely fantastic. they also provide, in some case s, food and, obviously, toiletries and things like that. >> caitly' is a finalist in your foundatijjrj contest. >> yes. >> what would she win if she does win? >> they received $5,000 today. we're going to go there, film it, put the whole package winners. she will receive $10,000 if she's the one that wins. the voting starts april 7th until april 23rd. you're allowed to vote once a day. you can vote every day if you want to. if you vote you have a chance of winning an open heart necklace. it's not so bad. they will win and then, of course, the worl" will know about them. >> sure. >> really what we --
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>> social media the way it is today, everybody will find out about it. >> absolutely. >> in addition to your work in the foundation, you're still very much busy with your career. one of your recent films deals with themes similar to what caitlyn has lived through. >> it's called about scout, two young sisters living in a very abusive and terrible domestic circumstances. and it really shows us that side of the world and how dreadful it is. they're very optimistic. they make the most out of nothing. scout is 12. she goes and steals leftover food and puts it in bags and tries to make her little sister feel like they have a life. it's a wonderful movie. it's available on itunes now. i'm in it as well, of course. then i have another movie, wonderful dance movie called week or so in theaters. t in a >> jane seymour, an honor to have you with us here in our studio. >> thank you. >> thank you for telling us more about your foundation. hearts foundation contest look for a link on our nbc 10 mobile
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app. what causes some people to keep eating even after they're full? this morning, what researchers are discovering about appetite that could &ead to new strategies for fighting obesity. "t> medical marijuana is one step closer to reality in pennsylvania. how soon it could become law and how soon it could reach patients' hand9ñ
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scientists have new information on your brain. studies suggest removing the gene removed the ability for the mice to sense when they're full. scientists hope the knowledge will help new strategies in reducing obesity. medical marijuana could be legal in pennsylvania by next week. house approved the bill on wednesday. it will now be sent to the senate for approval. governor tom wolf is expected to sign it. lawmakers said they were swayed by science and by personal stories. one of those stories comes from a marine vqáeran who told us he turned to medical cannabis after pills prescribed for post traumatic stress left him numb. >> i laughed for the first time in a really long time and have not turned back sense. >> this transcends liberal,
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sick. >> a year to 18 months before pennsylvania starts running marijuana dispensaries. the republican party -- is the republican party heading for a showdown this summer? reports say conservative leaders are plotting the next step in their movement to stop donald trump. what are their options? the latest on the race coming up. plus a project getting people to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. we'll talk to the man behind it all coming up.
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some of you with real good memories probably remember this. last year we had a winter storm
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bring that again. several truck s brining the roads. crews will be doing this all day. sheen a parveen has our forecas. snow is coming because of how warm today is. wilmington, millville, wildwood. mid 50s through lehigh valley. as we g through the rest of this afternoon, beautiful conditions for your friday highs topping out in the low 60s. enjoy today. tonight will get a lot colder. tomorrow morning we'll be waking up to temperatures in ÷he 40s to start your weekend. take a look at future weather. what we're tracking is a winter storm for sunday. ljjr(u all this moving in as we "tájju through part of the area. some parts you'll see it as rain at the beginning and it will be
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accumulating for many of you. coming up, we'll take a look at that snow forecast. this is not rare but in some cases hard to accumulate. >> check out our nbc 10 headlines. the dump truck accident did knock out power for those in the area. strunt students walked sil this morning in a protest to develop a more trusting relationship between minority communities and the police. and today it is tournament time. st. joe's, temple and villanova play their ncaa openers. count on nbc 10 to bring you the highlights. keith jones and comcast sportsnet john clark will break down the local teams and dish
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out bracket-by-bracket coverage. just within the last two hours, philadelphia police department promoted dozens of officers. nbc 10 was at the ceremony. mayor kenney and richard ross joined other dignitaries in congratulating the officers in their new ranks. the republican presidential race is being dominated by the so-called stop trump movement. nbc's hallie jackson has more on tha that. >> now claiming credit for hacking donald trump, the group anonymous, calling him a would-be dictator. >> we are very serious about stopping any proposed forthright by the fascist donald trump. >> hackers claim they posted his cell phone and social security numbers but those have been floating around online for months, trump's campaign telling
11:33 am
nbc law enforcement is investigating those who tried to illegally hack the candidate's account, anonymous probably trying to get attention for their so-called war on trump. in washington a very different battle to try to stop him. less public, too, after a secret huddle of frustrated conservatives, reassessing how to slow trump down with attack ads like this new one, haven't seemed to do much. >> he wants more government health care. >> their plan? first, calls for a unity ticket. if that doesn't work, plot out strategy for a contested convention. house speaker paul ryan acknowledging that scenario looks more likely. >> this could very well become a reality. >> now, taking aim at trump for warning what could happen at a convention if he leads in delegates but doesn't get the nomination. >> i think you would have riots. i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion. to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable.
11:34 am
>> while the stop trump movement wants unity, they're not saying who conservatives should unify behind. talk of ted cruz and marco rubio teaming up, shot down. >> no, i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. >> rubio praising cruz as the texas senator faces more attacks from donald trump. this new poster of "liar liar" puts cruz's head on jim carrey's body but he may get the last laugh, backed by a former foe, lindsey graham raising money for cruz. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. [ laughter ] >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. for the first time in decades, there's direct mail service from the u.s. to cuba. a flight carrying the first batch of u.s. mail to cuba in more than 50 years took off this
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week. both countries restored direct postal service as part of their agreement to normalize relations in 2014. a woman in cuba who wrote president obama is getting a letter in return. the president's reply is expected to arrive just before he does on sunday for an historic visit to havana. lester holt will report and anchor "nbc nightly news" from havana, cuba, on sunday and monday right here on nbc 10. mayor of one town is clarifying controversial comments he made about orthodox jews. he used the phrase "it's like an invasion" in a recent news article to describe real estate agents who have been helping jewish clients find homes in his community. he insists he was referencing comments from a council meeting last month. toms river lawmakers barred thes from going door to door, soliciting. >> jews are welcome here.
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they're welcome to come and buy property in the manner in which they're doing. >> we're not knocking on doors. we're not invading. people are moving in. we're getting calls like every other town, every other city in the united states of america. >> earlier this week, the mayor of neighboring lakewood said he was appalled by the "invasion" quote and called on the mayor to apologize. the mayor says an apology implies you made a mistake and he doesn't feel like he made one. do you have a deep, dark secret that you're just dying to tell someone? this is much more than just getting something off your chest. there's a secret sharing phenomenon under way across the world. frank warren started secret as a community art project where he invited total strangers to anonymously mail in their secrets and has received over 1 million secrets in his mailbox since. frank's new live show post secret the show is happeni$? íh tonight in philadelphia.
11:37 am
frank is here with us. we appreciate you coming in, frank. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> how did you start this movement? just nosey or -- >> i had a job. it all started with that. i asked them to write down something they never told anyone else before and do it anonymously. i received over 1 million anonymous postcards from all over the world. >> that's interesting. you shared with me one of these. why don't you read a couple you have there? >> i have a couple. this has the picture of an elevator on the front. i feel guilty when i take elevators for one floor so i limp when i get out. >> i've got news for you, we've got two floors in this building and i take one floor and sprint out. >> we all have our secrets. believe me. this is another one. romantic picture the face of it. i didn't enlist to escape you. i enlisted to pay for our wedding. will you marry me?
11:38 am
>> okay. what are the more common things that people share with you? >> one of my favorite postcardsed on a starbucks cup. the person wrote this secret on the postcard mounted to the cup. i serve decaf to customers who are rude to me. they can be funny, painful, romantic, hopeful. what we're trying to do is to bring to life not just the secret but the stories behind them. >> there's a serious cause behind your solicitation. tell us more about your work in mental health and suicide prevention. >> before i started post secret i was a volunteer on a suicide prevention hotline, listening to people's deepest secrets at 2:00 am, 3:00 am. the first scene in the show is the dramatization of the most unbelievable, unforgettable call i ever took on that line. >> that's pretty amazing. what can people, quickly, expect to see from your show? >> the show tonight is experimental. it's a lot of fun. audience members have a chance to write down a secret on a postcard, have it read back to
11:39 am
them from the stage. my biggest hope is that the best part of the show creates wonderful, interesting conversations afterwards. >> that's great. frank warren, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> post secret, the show at the kimmel center's perelman theater tonight at 8:00. tomorrow at 2:00 and 8:00 pm. for more information or to purchase ticket goes to or check out the nbc 10 app. thank you, frank. when you look up at center city, you may be noticing something different. the city could be losing a recognizable symbol. we'll tell you why, coming up. snow on the way for this weekend. yeah. it will feel like winter. it's going to like winter. it's going to be really cold this weekend, too. i'll show you that forecast and the timing on the snow. plus, if you can expect anything to accumulate, coming up.
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a new study suggests meditation could provide relief for people who don't want to take opiod pain killers. many people rely on the drug to provide relief for chronic pain. earlier this week cdc issued new guidelines to doctors, telling them to avoid prescribing addictive opiate pain killers for chronic pain. addiction of opiate pain
11:43 am
killers and heroin are at the highest level in our community. but many people are having trouble finding treatment. rock bottom came for devon reeds when he woke up in presbyterian hospital. he was addicted to heroin and cocaine and nearly died of an overdose. in 2013 he opened brotherly love house, specifically designed to help college-age men get back on track after addiction. it doesn't get state money. the men pay their own way. there aren't many recovery programs like it in philadelphia. for young people that get addicteding support near home is key, he says. >> i knew there were young men in our community that needed a house like this. just like i needed this, right? so i wanted to make it for them, right? i had to go down all the way to florida when i was in something
11:44 am
like in my active addiction in pennsylvania. i think there's something about rehabilitating in your community. i wanted other people to have something i didn't have. and that's what we created here. >> he and the other men he has helped were among the people we met in connection with "generation addicted." it will take you into the story of opiate and heroin addiction appearing here on nbc 10. could this center city fixture have a new name in coming years? you're looking live at the aramark building, part of the philly skyline for three decades now. they're now considering moving its headquarters. the lease on the market street building expires in 2018. spokesman told the business
11:45 am
journal that options are being considered, the navy yard as well as camden. >> this weekend travel and adventure show returns to philadelphia. a preview of what you could expect to see at the philadelphia pennsylvania convention center. exhibiters will offer specials so you can head to a far-off destination. travel experts will be giving advice so you can get the most out of your trips. we talked to the best-selling author of "1,000 places to see before you die." >> kind of like one-stop shopping. there's a little bit of everything. if you're coming just for inspiration, there's inspiration galore or if you have something specific in mind, can you go straight there, get all of the answers. >> if you're feeling a little more on the adventurous side, camel or segue ride at the show. some of the area's best young athletes will come together in newark, new castle
11:46 am
county this weekend. it's an all-star game that benefits best buddies delaware. here to tell us more, program supervisor for best buddies supervisor along with weightlifter, jonathan and his best buddy, a newark delaware police officer. let's start with you. tell us about best buddies and its mission. >> we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find friendship opportunities. >> tell us how you became involved with best buddies and your friendship with jonathan. >> erin reached out to the police department and paired me up with john, a great, weight lifter. we've been best buddies since april. and we go out. we spend time together. we go to the bars. we drink. we go bowling. >> really? >> yeah. a good time. >> jonathan, you're a power lifter, right? >> yeah. >> we're looking at pictures of you and aaron. tell us how important
11:47 am
competitions have been to you. you enjoy it? you like it? >> i like it. it's fun. yeah. >> uh-huh. has aaron been a big help to you? wow, we're looking at you here lifting -- oh, my gosh! that's a lot weight. look at you, pounding your chest. >> yep. >> does it make you feel when you accomplish something like that? >> yes. >> it's really fun, isn't it? >> uh-huh. >> tell us more about the game this weekend. >> the game this week will be real exciting. top players from delaware will be playing, north against the south. we'll have a 1:30 game for all the girls. at 3:00 pm we'll have local street ballers play our sponsor teams and at 4:00 we'll have the boys play. it's going to be a family-friendly event. all kinds of exhibiters, face painting, kid zone. come out and meet our participants. see the face of best buddies and what we do. have fun day for the whole family. >> you guys may or may not know this. i've been involved with best buddies. it's been a few years since i've
11:48 am
been involved. such a great program and you meet young people like jonathan here and do the best for them. so much involvement with guys like you. and tons of people are involved. >> absolutely. >> in the delaware valley. right? >> it sure is. it's a great partnership we have. he is an inspiration with me. i enjoy spending time with him, talking to him on the phone, face timing and going out and being able to spend time with him. >> what a great program. the best thing i've gone to are the dances. they just love to dance. i bet you're a wild man on the dance floor, jonathan. >> yep. >> the blue/gold all-star game benefiting best buddies starts tomorrow at 1:30 tomorrow at the bob carpenter center. tim furlong will emcee for the day. well, you never would know
11:49 am
we have snow coming with the weather outside today. as we go into the weekend, things will really start to change. mostly sunny right now. winter storm is moving in for the first day of spring, believe it or not. we're tracking that same weather system we've been telling you about all weekend long. temperatures will be cold enough to support snowfall and cold enough for that snow to be sticking to roadways. we'll talk about that in a second, and accumulating snow. we expect that, too. in allentown -- or pottstown, i should say, partly cloudy skies. temperatures are mostly in the mid 50s through most of the area, reaching around 60 degrees later on today. it's going to be a really nice day as we go through the afternoon. right, we're seeing dry conditions across most of the area, temperatures nearing 60 today. then we'll be dry tonight. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, we'll be in the 30s. this is a really cold air mass moving in. it will hang around all weekend long. saturday afternoon, highs only in the upper 40s. then you start to notice at the bottom of the screen, that's our storm system for sunday.
11:50 am
you see it moving up sunday morning. the timing has really started to change a bit here. models are picking up on the fact that it could move in earlier. at that point, we could have areas at or below freezing. sunday morning that's the area where we would see the best chance of snowfall, especially through philadelphia, but farther south where temperatures are warmer, that's where we would see more rain. 2:00 sunday afternoon, snow falling through the lee valley and poconos. a mix through the phil did he have area and some suburbs, north and west. possibly still rain in delaware, new jersey by 9:00 pm. that's when temperatures start to get colder. we'll see the most of the area, i should say, snow. that would even possibly linger into early monday morning. so, as we go through your sunday, snow by morning. rain and a mix likely in new jersey and delaware. accumulating mostly north and west. we'll see our best accumulations. snow should be melting at the start and then colder. temperatures get colder later sunday we'll see it sticking to the road. as we go into monday, some of
11:51 am
that could linger. icy spots on the roadways and snow in some parts of the area, too. here is your forecast for south jersey and wear. less than an inch. mostly rain to a wintry mix and then snow later sunday night. one to three inches around the philadelphia area. suburbs north and west to northern parts of delaware, snow to wintry mix, changing back to snow at the end of the storm. for the lehigh valley and poconos, mainly snow, 2 to 5 possibly. windy, warm, temperatures in the low 60s then we go into your weekend. we'll be starting off with temperatures in the 30s. so, a cold start to the weekend. 47 saturday for the high, 37 sunday you see the snow moving in, accumulating for much of the area north and west of philadelph philadelphia. around the philadelphia area, too. we have to watch the timing also. we'll get more updates later today and throughout the weekend. the timing will dictate what type of precip falls because that will determine what our temperatures will be at that time. we'll be watching it closely.
11:52 am
>> for those traveling, have a flight sunday night, check with the airport. check their airlines. >> definitely. >> before they head down to the airport. >> definitely. early sunday morning into sunday night, this will be an all-day thing. not everyone will see the snow. they'll have to that rain/snow line closely. rain/snow line tends to fluctuate, it will affect snow totals as well. it's hard for accumulating snow. >> plus we're seeing the penndot trucks brining already. thank you, sheena.
11:53 am
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atlantic city just locked down an agreement to have six concerts this summer. ♪ more than 100,000 people saw blake shelton on a beach. yesterday, they approved a three-year $6 million agreement for live nation to put on the next six concerts. no word yet on who will take the stage. starting at 3:00, it's ellen, with a star-studded lineup including drew barrymore, martha stewart and sam smith. planning your summer vacations around the zika virus.
11:56 am
we're talking to travel experts about the growing threat and the changes they see to family steering clear of the virus this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. sheena is here with one last look at the weather. >> we go into the weekend and big changes. it's nice out. have you been outside? >> i have. >> i have not, not yet. >> you should get out more. >> i really should. i keep looking at the live pictures we have. it looks gorgeous because it is gorgeous. we'll be in the low 60s. nice and through the afternoon. partly cloudy, windy. into the weekend we'll be colder. morning lows in the 30s. break out the winter coat in the morning. by sunday, you'll need that winter coat. winter storm is moving in. snow will be here. parts of the area, wintry mix, rain to start. and then we'll be really watching that monday morning commute. some of this could linger. either way, we expect it to be sticking to roadways, especially north and west of philadelphia. so, be very careful out there. we'll be updating this later on today and across the weekend. >> you may not feel like you can get out because you have access
11:57 am
to a live picture out there. >> i already feel like i'm outside. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for sheena parveen and all of us here, thanks for watching.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> roman: you have a right to remain silent. >> kayla: roman, please! >> joey: mom, what's going on? >> roman: shut up, both of you! or you're out of here. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. >> joey: he posted bail! >> kayla: they revoked it. they're holding him in jail until the trial. >> joey: you can't do this! >> steve: joe, it's okay. >> joey: no, it's not okay! uncle roman, you don't understand-- >> steve: son. son! it's for the best. >> roman: you have a right to an attorney. if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. >> joey: no! [sighs] [cell phone beeps] >> jade: edge of the square, huh? pretty dope. >> henry: oh, must be nice to have a niece with a nightclub. >> jade: hey, you got your phone? >> theo: yeah, right here. >> jade: did you get the text? >> theo: no. >> jade: oh.


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