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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. that is officially snow. nbc 10 in cherry hill just a short time satisfying as light snow was falling. weather may be to blame for this multicar crash on i-95 in philadelphia late last night. we'll update you on the traffic. plus, this -- >> moving on, the villanova wildcats advance to the next round of the ncaa tournament and they are the only local team still alive. 4:00 a.m., 36 degrees outside. monday morning, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get started with meteorologist sheena parveen with her first alert forecast. we were just showing some of the flakes moving through, big flakes overnight. >> we still have the big flakes
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through part of the area, too, the snow is still on the radar for the start of spring. it's here and mostly falling in new jersey and delaware. sussex county in delaware near milford and right along the beaches, that's where we have a heavier area of wet snow. also through georgetown, lewes. most of this is light yb especially in cape may. we're not seeing much of it, expressway, we're seeing more moderate snowfall there and that line of more moderate snow extends into burlington county near browns mills. we'll continue to see the light snow in the area through the next couple of hours. i think it's quickly going to be moving i don't offshore, clearing through the philadelphia area. temperatures, that's the main thing here. most of the snow is not sticking. a lot of it is melting. we do have wet roads.
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millville close to freezing, atlantic city close to freezing, mount holly is at freezing. that ill, the main thing as we go through this morning. we'll be watching for temperatures dropping below freezing while the snow is here. wall township, 31 degrees. any light snow in this air i don't could be sticking but it's not heavy enough in some of these spots to where we are seeing freezing temperatures. coming up, we'll take a look at when this will be moving out in new jersey and delaware and how the rest of your day will shape up. a nice warmup in your seven-day forecast. let's get a check of the roads with jessica boyington. >> we are starting things off in vineland, new jersey, we have an accident closing route 5 southbound around route 56. there was an accident around 2:30 this morning. an accident investigation is under way. we have speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike from the delaware memorial bridge to exit 8a in south brunswick township, down to 45 miles per hour due to
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the road conditions there. expect slippery spots. here's the vine street expressway. no problems getting to the schuylkill or 95. tracy? >> thanks. investigators are checking to see if slick roads played a part in this deadly accident on 95 in south philadelphia. five vehicles were involved around 11:00 last night at the broad street entrance to northbound 95. the road just re-opened in the last hour. one man was killed. four other people went to the hospital with injuries. an accident involving a salt truck has part of route 55 shut down in cumberland county. new jersey state police tell us that the car hit the back of a salt truck, just before 2:00 a.m. on route 55 in vineland. as jessica said, the southbound lanes of route 55 are closed at exit 35. nbc 10's katy zachry is on her way to the scene. we'll check with her live, coming up. now county by county for a look at the conditions around the area. this is camden county. we saw big flakes coming down
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overnight. montgomery county where you can see snow fluttering to the ground. nbc 10, this was just a short time ago. streets are just wet right now. to bucks county, snow on the cars at this dealership on street road in warminster. meteorologist sheena parveen returns with a closer look at the forecast in just minutes. remember to make sure you have the free nbc 10 app on your seimo smartphone or tablet so you can get updates anytime. north korea fired a missile into the waters off its east coast. that's according to south korea's largest news agency. the report says north korea also fired several other short-range projectiles into the sea. the launches come as south korea and the u.s. conduct an annual military drill. back here at home today, philadelphia city council will focus on the safety of the city's water supply. a hearing will focus on efforts to cut down lead -- cut out lead from drunking water in homes and schools. philadelphia's one of several cities in our area re-evaluating
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water safety because of the flint water crisis. earlier, the philadelphia water department detailed its testing methods in order to show the drinking water so safe. experts will testify about the best way to prevent lead exposure to aging pipes and infrastructure. new information on this house fire in chester, delaware county. it is now a fatal fire. a man pulled from the burning home by firefighters has died. they found the trapped on the third floor. they used a special bucket ladder to get him out. he died later at the hospital. this fire destroyed a row home in the brewery town neighborhood. as you can see, firefighters to deal with heavy spoke and flames. no one was hurt. investigators now looking into a cause.
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it was so close. st. joe's quest for the sweet 16 is over. the hawks stayed with top seeded oregon all game long. a late turnover put the ducks ahead, winning 69-64. here's st. joe's reaction to the heart breaking loss. >> i blame this loss on me. even though coach don't want me to say that. i can't turn the ball over at the end of the game like that. >> everyone made mistakes during the game. that last one is not their fault. >> they came into this bulling as champions. they're going to leave as champions. >> st. joe's fans also dealing with disappointment. nbc 10 was at this off-campus pub where you can see the reality sinking in. on a brighter note, i much different set of emotions for villanova wildcat fans. the team is moving on in the tournament. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on campus. >> good morning, tracy. the wildcats have four more wins to go. it sounds easy enough, right?
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folks here at villanova university are still sleeping but celebrating that win last night, the team has already escaped the funk they'veç beenn for the past few years. the cat have not made it through the second round since 2009. there's a lot of reason to celebrate. >> go, cats! >> reporter: nova nation is enjoying this trip to the sweet 16. nbc 10 was on the campus yesterday at villanova university fans exploding with joy after watching the wildcats rout iowa by 19 points and the nova squad was pretty happy, too. >> yeah! whoo! >> i wasn't really celebrating but big sigh of relief. >> it means a lot to get that monkey off our back in our senior year. for the seniors that were here before, this one's for them.
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>> reporter: villanova will play miami thursday night at 7:10 in louisville. some of the die-hard fans are already planning their trip to kentucky. hopefully will bring some of that good luck charm with them. live at villanova university, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. we do have snow falling this morning. it's not for everybody, just new jersey and dell at taware at th moment. it's really coming to an end. starting in delaware near georgetown, lewes, rehoboth beach. one band around georgetown which could be more moderate. i think a lot of that this is melting. through cape may county, one more moderate band of snow that's about to move in. maurice river about to see this, too. that extends up into parts of atlantic county. across the ac expressway, we
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have snow falling. egg harbor township starting to see that, galloway township seeing light snow here. that extends to burlington county. also parts of gloucester and camden county as well. this is, again, mostly light know. nothing heavy this morning. across the major interstates, philadelphia to trenton, snowfla snowflakes. this storm system stretches all the way into new england. the heavier snow for boston but for us it will quickly be moving out this morning. by the time many of you get on the roadways, a lot of this will be out of here. temperatures are important while the snow is falling. we're still a degree or two above freezing. areas may be seeing slippery spots. take your time if you're driving in new jersey or delaware. 32 in mount holly. this is one area we cowl be seeing some of this stick. in order for it to stick well, it would haveç to come down
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heavier. regardless be cautious because we are seeing it falling in those areas. future weather quickly takes the snow and moves it out by 6:00, 7:00 a.m. temperatures in the mid-40s by lunch time. windy today, too. topping out in the upper 40s later today with the wind. a windy, chilly day after the morning snow. for today, the clearing will be taking place around the early morning commute and more clearing with the clouds later on today. temperatures anywhere from 46 to 49 degrees. winds gusting near 35 miles an hour. a nice warmup coming in the seven-day forecast. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> looking forward to that, sheena, thanks. the snow is moving out. the roads are wet. let's get to conditions on the garden state parkway. jessica boyington has that. >> we are watching a little bit of snowfall here on the garden state parkway. you can see it's not really accumulating on the roads right here at this point. this is in summer's point, actually. tolls, no backups there. wet road conditions, possible slippier spots getting on and
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off the ramps and maybe heading through the toll plaza as well. over in vineland, new jersey, there is still that accident on route 55, southbound around route 56. all lanes are closed on the southbound side right now for that accident investigation. if you're heading out into the philadelphia area, no problems so far here at the schuylkill expressway. looks okay eastbound from the blue route to the vine. 13 minutes. no problems on 95 headed southbound. the blue route is doing okay as well. headed southbound from the schuylkill to 95. more updates on your morning drive. we'll find some of the slippery spots in the next ten minutes. murder on the pennsylvania turnpike. it began as a robbery attempt. when the dust settled, three people were dead. next, hear who police say was behind violence. touching down in cuba, president obama will make history today when he meets with raul castro. next we'll take a closer look at what the two presidents are expected to discuss.
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4:14 and 36 degrees outside. here's a live look at the wet roads on beach avenue in cape may. light snow continues in parts of south jersey and delaware. pennsylvania turnpike officials say security will be a top priority after a deadly robbery attempt involving a retired state trooper. it all went down at the ft. little elittleton change ye morning. retired state trooper clarence briggs forced two toll collectors at gun point into an office building and tried to tie them up. they broke free, just then a van coming to collect money from the office arrive. a security guard inside the van joined one of the collectors to confront briggs. he shot and killed them both.
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the driver of the van ran away. briggs jumped inside. responding troopers shot and killed briggs as he was trying to dump the stolen cash from the van into his car. >> we'll expend whatever resources we need to make sure that we find out what's happened to make sure our system is secure and that our employees are protected. while that's going on, we'll make sure that we have counseling available for our employees. >> clarence briggs retired four years ago with an honorable discharge after 26 years on the force. he was part of the unit that patrols the turnpike. tm morning for the first time in nearly a century, a u.s. president will be waking up in cuba. president obama and the first family arrived in havana yesterday for a visit that could transform both nations. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live in our digital operations center. vai, this restart of relations between the two countries began in 2014. walk us through this. >> reporter: yes, it did. good morning, tracy.
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some would say it's too soon for the president to visit but the obama administration says the president wants to push aside decades of bad feelings and forge new ties between the u.s. and cuba. air force one touching down on a rainy afternoon in havana. top officials greeted president obama on the tarmac but not president raul castro who will do so today. then the first family toured havana on footholding umbrellas. the obamas had dinner at a privately owned restaurant in a working-class neighborhood. >> translator: it's been 50 years without relations with the northern american government. it looks like within the past year more things will change than in the last 50 years. >> today, president obama gets down to business by meeting cuban business leaders and tomorrow he plans to deliver a speech to the cuban people and take in a baseball game. now, here's a follow-up to our story about a presidential pen pal in cuba.
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iliana yarza has written several letters to president obama over the years. she finally got one back, hand delivered no less. in an official white house photo showed the president signing the letter himself. he wrote, i hope this note, which will reach you by the way of the first direct mail flight between the united states and cuba in over 50 years serves as a reminder of a new chapter in the relations between our two nations. >> this reminder, lester holt will anchor "nbc news nightly news," live from havana tonight, airing here on nbc 10 at 6:30. live from the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema. now to decision 2016. reports say republican presidential front-runner donald trump will meet with gop leaders
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in the fashion's capital today. trump is expected to speak to apac, the american israeli policy group. sources tell nbc news mary yan trump berry received a death threat in the mail. she's a federal judge in philadelphia. she got the letter the day after eric trump received an envelope with white powder which turned out to be harmless. the threats follow a wave of donald trump's rallies. this video shows tense moments at a trump rally in tucson, arizona, saturday night. an audience member appears to punch a protester and kick him while he's on the floor. the alleged attacker is facing charges. for complete decision 2016 coverage, including the latest delegate count, upcoming primaries and caucuses, top the nbc 10 app. look for a cheaper, smaller 4 inch version of the success phones. it may be called the iphone se,
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tech experts say don't expect a new apple watch but we could see accessories in bands and an updated ipad air. >> you don't need to upgrade your tablet every year, every other year like you may feel like you need to do with the phone because you're not using it the same way. >> many analysts see today's apple events as a prelude to september when there will be announcement of a largely redesigned iphone 7. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. we are dealing with snow this morning. not everybody but mostly in new jersey and delaware. it's mostly melting on roads but here is a look at sussex county. you can see the snow band a little bit heavier, shown by the darker shades in purple, right near georgetown, headed towards lewes and frankford. you will be seeing it falling. cape may county getting a little
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bit more moderate snowfall trying to move into here, right around dennis. temperatures above freezing in these areas. we are seeing most of it melt. we're expecting wet roadways to continue in these spots, north wildwood will start to see this soon as well. that extends up into parts of atlantic county. egg harbor township up to galloway township, this is all falling at a pretty good pa is to where you'll be able to see it falling. you'll definitely need the wipers in these areas. take your time. slow on the roads. i do expect at least some slick spots out there. burlington county, this is continuing up through parts of mercer county. this will be moving out quickly. it's mostly in new jersey heading to the shore and the delaware beaches in sussex county and areas north and west and even through philadelphia. this is ending for you. we're not expecting much more. after this, it will clear out and we'll keep clearing as we go through the day today.
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washington township, 31 degrees. we'll have to watch that closely. the snow is moving out if you're north and west, you are right around freezing. the snow is already gone for you. areas that we are watching with those temperatures, that would be new jersey and delaware at the moment where the snow is falling. we're about aç degree or so abe freezing, atlantic city airport, 33. woodbine 33 degrees and dover sitting at 34. again, slick spots possible but the snow will move out by about 6:00 a.m. by 9:00 we'll see even more clearing. if you're in new jersey and delaware by 7:00 a.m., you'll start to get rid of that, snow temperatures around 33 degrees. by 9:00, around 38 degrees. we'll be seeing temperatures slowly rising but the good news is, as we go through the morning today, a lot of this will be moving out in time for the main part of the morning commute. i think that's the real concern here, what's going to happen between about 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. a lot of this will already come to an end. >> it's starting to warm up. it won't stick on anything. >> in spots in new jersey and delaware, we have to watch for
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that. temperatures are hovering a degree above freezing. mostly wet roads but i would not rule out slick spots. >> sheena, thanks. let's check the conditions of the roads including 295. jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching flakes falling right here out on 295. at route 38. you can see not a lot accumulating clearly in this camera. at least at this point. all traffic moving along, doesn't look like the roads are too bad right here. southbound from 38 to the block horse pike. still a 13-minute trip. clearly we do see the flakes falling. just be careful and mindful of some of those spots potentially being slippery and just a step above being wet. on and off ramp is where you want to be careful. when you're coming on and off the highways, of course. over into the center medians you can see some of that is accumulating into the center on the grassy areas. in vineland, still on route 55 southbound on route 56 all lanes
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are closed. you can take delsea drive to get by. gas prices have jumped more than a quarter in the last few weeks next, we take a look at the reason why plus prices across the tri-state area. new addition, we'll take a closer look at this washington, d.c.'s eagle nest and the brand new fuzzy baby birds.
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25 minutes past 4:00. you're probably digging a little deeper to fill up your gas tank. gas prices are up 27 cents since last month, according to aaa. the hike is due to growing demand and higher crude oil prices. here's what you can expect to pay locally.
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it's it's 1.88 in delaware, jersey drivers paying 1.69. heroin and other opioids has become a crisis over the recent year. doctors say it often starts with pain killers. a person gets a prescription for oxycontin and eventually become looked. >> i was in a really bad car accident which started the progression of this and it really didn't take long for me to become a full-blown addict. the heroin came later. you know, i did the pain killer thing for a little bit and it just got to the point where that didn't, you know, that didn't work. i needed something a little stronger. >> doctorsç say this situation isn't unusual. some blame the rise in heroin addiction on the
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overprescription of pain killers. the centers for disease control and prevention release new guidelines for providing opiates are in response to the rise in addiction. bo's among nearly 80 people that we met as part of our in-depth look at the opioid epidemic. join vince lattanzio, denise nakano and another reporter as they take you into the world of addiction. it's been said that politics makes strange bed foe lows. donald trump and ben carson get a special serenade.
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nbc 10 breaking news. right now, new jersey state police are on the scene of a deadly accident between a salt truck and a car along route 55 in vineland. do be on the lookout for slick spots on the roads today. temperatures are near freezing, roads all over the area are wet like here along i-95 in south philadelphia. light snow continues to fall in parts of our area. nbc 10 found a few cars here in gloucester county that had a dusting of flakes on them. take a look at the nbc 10 first alert radar. storm system is moving out. parts of new jersey and delaware are still see something of that light snow. 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated on that snow with meteorologist sheena parveen with her first alert forecast. sheena? >> we have already found a couple spots in new jersey that are at or below freezing, not by much but we're see something areas where the snow could be sticking right now.


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