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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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ble can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. nbc 10 news breaking news. smoke and completely destroyed, sprinklers spraying and so on. just some people laying down. >> that breaking news, terror in brusse brussels. twin suicide bombings ripped through the belgium airport and another blast tears through a subway station. it is a chaotic scene with deadly consequences. security has been tightened throughout europe, and the effects are being felt here in our area. the explosions rocked two different parts of brussels. the city belgium's capital and the home of the headquarters of the european union. in all belgian officials say the attacks killed 31 people, two blasts went off at the brussels airport claiming 11 lives there. about an hour later another bomb
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exploded on a subway train leaving 20 dead. dozens were wounded at both locations. among them three americans. mormon church officials say three missionaries from utah were seriously injured in the brussels airport terrorist attack. this is a live look at the brussels airport which has been shut down. more than 200 flights to brussels have been diverted or canceled as a result of the attacks. and cell phone video taken minutes after the explosion show the scary scene immediately after the airport attacks. you can see a haze of smoke still hanging in the air. you can hear the whistles and alarms sounding. a few people scurry around. earlier this morning the "today" show spoke to an american near the explosions when they happened. he was trying to help his girlfriend get to our area. >> first explosion hit and i felt the shock wave kind of hit me. and then basically you kind of turn. and a lot of debris just comes flying at you. so i turned to her, and the
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entire checking few as well as everyone behind the check in counter was frozen in place and everybody was looking around. at that point i started to move towards her and that's when the second one went off. >> that's the voice of jeff hoffman, an american working for nato in brussels. he was at the airport because his girlfriend was supposed to be on a morning flight to philadelphia. the brussels attacks were on the minds of travelers this morning at philadelphia international airport. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us at the airport this morning. katy, are you seeing any signs of stepped up security there? >> reporter: we are. here at philadelphia international they've added police presence, and that continues today until we don't know when for the foreseeable future. but, vai, we've learned what happened in brussels at least one of the explosions happened in an unsecure area of the airport, a spot where passengers walk in like i'm doing simply off the street from curbside to get their tickets and check their baggage. but that also means anyone can
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walk in off the street into this potentially crowded spot. it's what happened in brussels this morning. and it's giving some passengers pause. i spoke with some who have already flown today around the same time the airport explosions happened overseas. >> i believe it has made people vigilant. and they are becoming very careful. i hope everybody is taking enough care. >> it's the type of thing that certainly raise your eyebrows a bit. you know, maybe give you a little bit of pause. but at the end of the day, you know, if we stop doing what we're doing then the terrorists win. >> reporter: coming up at 11:30 we're hearing from the major carriers at this airport about their staff in brussels, whether or not they're safe. also a reminder, no flights are going into or coming out of brussels at least for today. reporting live at philadelphia international, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. we're checking rail security in the aftermath of the attacks. this is a live look at 30th
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street station and university city. amtrak says extra officers are being used to keep an eye on stations. and amtrak has reminded employees to watch for anything suspicious. our nbc 10 cameras saw police canine units on patrol inside 30th street station earlier this morning. amtrak issued a statement saying it maintains a strong security posture to keep our passengers, employees and the railroads safe. partnering with local, state and federal law enforcement, robust security measures are in place at stations, on trains and along the tracks, close quote. and we're watching new developments out of brussels and we'll bring you updates all throughout the day. you can also head to the nbc 10 app for anything breaking on this situation. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a cold day but it's 46 degrees and starting to warm up outside as we take a live look at center city philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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sheena parveen is here now with our tuesday forecast. hi, sheena. >> hey, vai, good morning. we're still looking at cold temperatures across the area, but this afternoon not as cold as it was yesterday. and definitely not as windy yesterday it was very gusty outside, today not so much. 47 in philadelphia. 45 allentown. in reading, much of delaware now in the mid to upper 40s. 45 in wilmington. philly rebounded from the freezing temperatures this morning. much of the area especially north and west early this morning was in the 20s. so it feels much nicer outside right now. as we go through the afternoon the warmup will begin. temperatures in the mid-50s as we go through the day today, staying nice and dry. and then tomorrow and thursday we keep warming up. we have 70 degree temperatures in the forecast, today we're going to top out around the mid-50s and that keeps going as we go into the rest of your week. but some rain before the week is over and easter sunday forecast that's all coming up. sheena, thank you. new surveillance video shows how
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a pair of suspects stole more than $900 worth of clothes from a local department store. the couple are seen going to a corner of kohl's on henry avenue in andora. that's where they hid the items by putting them on under coats and then left without paying for them. if you happen to recognize these two people, you're asked to call police. more than a half dozen women who are suing comedian bill cosby scored a legal victory. a federal judge in philadelphia ruled in their favor about letting them see legal documents from a previous cosby case. that case involved andrea constand, the temple university employee who accused cosby of sexual assault in 2005. former montgomery county d.a. bruce caster eor declined to f charges then. constand settled in the case. the seven women are suing cosby for defamation. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing midday?
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>> vai, we are watching the schuylkill because we have construction crews out rolling around on the eastbound side. so we're seeing small delays there. you can see that in cameras around montgomery drive, the eastbound traffic getting off the ramp unrelated to the construction. eastbound route blue to the expressway doubling our speed and white horse pike in new jersey around 295 no problems really in either direction. lanes all moving nicely. watch for heightened security at the philadelphia airport of course and all departing and arriving flights from brussels were canceled and one earlier this morning flight 751 that was canceled from american airlines. watch for an accident on the garden state parkway. cleared out of the way right now northbound at 623 and ocean city, the left lane is blocked, vai. jessica, thank you. we continue our live coverage of the terror attacks in brussels. ahead, we'll talk live with a local terrorism expert about the impact being felt throughout the world and how some presidential candidates are already responding to what's happened overseas. sheena. and today warmer than
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yesterday a little bit. and then tomorrow much warmer. i'll show you that nice warmup in the forecast plus our next chance of rain and your easter sunday forecast straight ahead. ♪
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now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. this is nbc 10 breaking news. and back now on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. as we continue to follow the breaking news out of belgium, a series of terror attacks has claimed more than 30
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lives. two bombs went off at the brussels airport and another at the metro station near the headquarters of the european union. in all belgian health officials say the attacks killed 31 people, two blasts went off at the airport claiming 11 lives there. about an hour later another bomb exploded on a rush hour subway train leaving 20 dead. belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level and diverted planes and trains and ordered people to stay where they are. meanwhile, president obama received briefings on the attacks during his visit to cuba. he began a scheduled address to the cuban people this morning by speaking about the terror in brussels. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray is in cuba covering the president's trip. he joins us live now from havana. jay, set the scene for us. >> reporter: hey there. yeah, you know, the horror in brussels, vai, really overshadowing what is an historic trip for president obama here in cuba. he did start what was once an unthought of live address to the
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cuban people on state-run tv here, mentioning the attacks in brussels saying that the u.s. will do whatever it can to help in tracking down those responsible. he spoke for just a few minutes before turning his attention to this trip and to the situation here in cuba telling the cuban people, and i'm quoting here, i've come here to bury the last remnants of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. again, that broadcast live on cuban television, state-run television. here the president speaking for just over 30 minutes saying there's no denying differences in the form of governments between the two nations, but that it was time for the harsh relationship between these countries to end. and he said that was contingent on the people, not the politics. that it is up to the people of cuba, the people of the united states to bring about this change. he did touch briefly on accusations of human rights
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violations here saying that it's time for people to have the freedom to speak out against their government, to have the freedom to choose their form of government. the wildest applause of the speech though of the address came when he called on congress to drop the embargo, the trade embargo on cuba, something that he has pushed for since the beginning of his presidency. something that likely won't happen as he winds up his presidency. vai, it's been an interest iing here, we have the joy of the cuban people, the joy of the president getting a chance to visit here, but very subdued this morning with news of the attacks in brussels. >> jay gray, we thank you reporting to us from havana, cuba. meanwhile, michael boyle is an assistant professor at lasall lasalle university and expert in terrorism violence. thank you for joining us.
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several european leaders have spoken this morning they're banning together and calling attacks a war not just on belgium but against europe. your thoughts on their response. >> well, i think this is overdue. to be honest the islamic state has declared war on european countries. they've declared war on france and belgium. they consider themselves at war already with these countries. what we've seen is kind of a fragmented european response where the french security services don't always work well with the belgian security services and so on. >> michael, this of course comes in the midst of a presidential campaign here in the states. we've already heard from donald trump and hillary clinton this morning on the "today" show. will this prove to be a test in how quickly the candidates can pivot and make political hay out of this situation? there's so many touch points, national security, war on immigration, war on terror, airport security? >> i would say it's dangerous for the candidates to jump ahead of this issue before we find out information. one thing we know when these attacks happen information is
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often scarce and second i think it's important to focus on what the europeans can do because it is a threat to the united states if you have european citizens for example who fought in syria or walk e worked in syria, they can get to the united states easily. it is a national security threat to the united states, but not only important to focus on the problem in europe rather than make it about politics in the american election. >> we've learned at least one and possibly several rifles were found in the departure lounge of the airport following the attacks. what do you make of that discovery? >> that fits with what the islamic state has been saying that they're trying to do. what they want to try and do is hit soft targets, areas like departure lounges in airport, shopping malls, what they did in paris for example with the concert. and what they're doing is coordinated attacks both explosives and semiautomatic weapons. the idea is to inflict maximum casualties but also overwhelm the emergency services and security services. so if you have multiple simultaneous attacks it's harder for the government to respond and maximize the number of casualties you have. that's unfortunately what they're doing.
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so it doesn't surprise me at all they found secondary weapons that they perhaps hoped to use in the attack laying around in the airport. >> michael boyle, professor from lasalle university and expert on international terrorism. we appreciate so much you're spending time with us this morning giving us some insight. >> thank you for having me. and we're watching new developments out of brussels. and we'll bring you updates all throughout the day. you can also head to the nbc 10 app for any new breaking information. meanwhile, voters in three western states will make their voices heard today. decision 2016 there's a primary in arizona and a caucus in utah for both parties. democrats will caucus in idaho. there's also republican caucus in american samoa. here's a look at where the races stand nationally heading into today's contest on the democratic side former secretary of state hillary clinton leads vermont senator bernie sanders 53% to 41% among registered democrats. and voters who lean democratic. that's according to the latest
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nbc news survey monkey weekly election tracking poll. the numbers are virtually unchanged since last week. on the republican side that same tracking poll shows businessman donald trump leads the pack with 45%, texas senator ted cruz is a distant second with 24%, ohio governor john kasich had the best week gaining four points nationally to rise to 16%. nbc national correspondent tr e tracie potts has a preview of today's contest. >> reporter: today's contest idaho for the democrats and arizona and utah for both parties. arizona's the big prize, winner take all. bernie sanders rallied there last night. >> i think we have a road -- a narrow road, but a road to victory. >> reporter: donald trump's leading arizona and trying to bring the party together after a private meeting with republicans in washington. but trump's back and forth positions on israel are drawing criticism from both sides. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral
11:18 am
on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable. >> i would love to be neutral if it's possible, it's probably not possible because there's so much hatred. there's nobody more pro-israel than i am. >> he can say totally different policy positions in the course of a day from one end to the other. >> reporter: john kasich doubts peace with the palestinians could ever happen. >> why are we living in a dream world? until they recognize israel's right to exist, how could you ever have a two-state solution? >> reporter: foreign policy dominating on the day more americans decide. as for arizona they do have the most delegates to award today, but it's only winner take all if the candidate reaches 50%. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> and a reminder pennsylvania and delaware hold their presidential primaries on april 26th, and new jersey holds its primary on june 7th. for coverage including the latest delegate counts and
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upcoming primaries and caucuses just tap the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, after the cold start this morning we're going to get into the 50s this afternoon. so a little bit warmer than yesterday. and then we see those 70 degree temperatures in the forecast, not until tomorrow and thursday though. but it's going to be nice the next couple days. then we go into friday rain returns by the end of the week, and that leads us into your easter weekend. so i have that forecast coming up in just a minute. lots of sunshine outside. just about mostly sunny for most of the area. 47 degrees in philadelphia, not nearly as windy as it was yesterday. 49 in allentown, 46 pottstown, 48 in wilmington. also ben salem coming up in the upper 40s. much of south jersey and delaware mostly mid to upper 40s right now and we'll be right around the mid-50s this afternoon. you may have noticed the pollen levels are going up today we're about medium to high. thursday though that's when we get to our highest, so that day
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may you be noticing your allergies bothering you. and into the weekend medium to high pollen levels. a lot of plants blooming out there too, a lot of flowers blooming. satellite and radar we're nice and dry even off farther to our west no immediate rain heading our way not even until friday do we expect to see that. this morning we had the freezing temperatures. we're going to say good-bye to those as we go through the rest of the week because we keep warming up. into thursday we're going to be in the 70s. then we go into friday there you see the rain, still kind of warm and then we go into the weekend and it looks pretty good. we get mild again as we go into your easter sunday looking dry for the egg hunts in the morning. today mix of sun and clouds not as cold as yesterday. not nearly as gusty with the winds. tomorrow around 70 in the afternoon, morning temperatures in the 40s. not as cold as this morning either. really nice on thursday 73 degrees, warm, sunny. then we see the rain on friday. over the weekend a little bit cooler saturday, but nice and dry. and there's your easter sunday 67 degrees, warmer and a nice
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easter morning. >> sheena, thank you. we continue to follow new details in the terror attacks in brussels. an update on the response to today's terror attack and steps being taken around the world to maintain safety in height of security measures in place. and the american red cross is there in times of crisis. they need your help in fulfilling their life saving mission throughout the world. again, how you can give your time to an organization that's given so much to so many.
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the "today" show on nbc 10 is locally sponsored by marble and granite.
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the red cross is committed to saving lives and being there for the most who need it throughout the world. the organization can't do it without the help of volunteers. judge renee hughes, so great to have you here with us again. before we get to work with volunteers and how important it is to the american red cross, the american red cross and the red cross is a global organization. just your thoughts on what's happened in brussels. i'm sure you've heard of it and how the red cross will respond to the situation. >> the red cross is an international organization. and we have a red cross or red crescent society in each of the countries. we will go to provide support to the first responders. we'll provide emotional care, spiritual care, mental health and first aid. so red cross responders go to the scene immediately whether the american red cross gets involved is a function of the scope of the event. right now the red cross in
11:25 am
brussels will take the first response. and then they'll assess whether they need support from other countries. >> all right. let's talk about why you're here. volunteers are needed. volunteers are the life blood really of the american red cross. >> that's such a true statement. you talk about brussels, what's a natural segue, if we were needed we would be sending volunteers to brussels, or to anywhere else around the world. 90% of our work force are volunteers. so the people who responded to the seven fires that took place in our region last night were all volunteers. when you go to give blood, those are volunteers. in fact, we have a particular need right now. once you give blood, we have to get that blood quickly to labs for testing and from those labs to hospitals for use. so we have a position called transportation specialist, literally means people who like to drive, we really need those volunteers to come out and support us. >> judge, we appreciate you so
11:26 am
much and we appreciate what the american red cross does. for more information about becoming a red cross volunteer head to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. judge hughes, thank you very much for coming in. always a pleasure to see you. one of my favorite guests. >> thank you. so good to see you. trio of blasts leads to heightened security around the world, the precautions being taken in our area and what philadelphia police are saying this morning about our own security and staying vigilant in the aftermath of the attacks.
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nbc 10 breaking news. not this it was like, blood and -- >> the breaking news that we continue to follow this morning, terror in brussels. suicide bombs tear through the airport in brussels and a subway
11:30 am
station and leave the heightened security around the world. and isis has just claimed responsibility for the attacks as the number of dead keeps growing. we are learning more about americans caught in the attacks. the explosions rocked two different parts of brussels, the city is belgium's capital and home of the headquarters of the european union. in all belgian health officials say the attacks have killed 31 people. two blasts went off at the brussels airport claiming 11 lives there. about an hour later another bomb exploded on a rush hour subway train leaving 20 dead. dozens were wounded at both locations. among them three americans. after the attacks france's prime minister said, quote, we are at war." here's a live look at the brussels airport which has been shut down. more than 200 flights to brussels have been diverted or canceled as a result of these attacks. the immediate aftermath of the explosion at the airport terminal that brussels airport was caught on camera, a haze of
11:31 am
smoke can be seen filling the air as people sought cover behind luggage and counters. a european security official says at least one and possibly two kalashnikov rifles were found at the airport. the street above where the bomb exploded at a metro station, police cordoned off parts of that street. president obama began a scheduled address to the cuban people this morning by speaking about the terror in brussels. >> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> the president went onto say the world needs to unite against terror. and this is all happening as a
11:32 am
new manhunt is underway for a suspect who may be linked to the paris terror attacks. investigators say they found dna belonging to najeem during the recent raids of locations housing explosives. he's a possible accomplice of salah abdelsalam who was captured friday after four months on the run. >> in my mind this does strike me as an intelligence failure. this man's been able to hideout for roughly four months in the middle of belgium. >> salah abdelsalam apparently told investigators he was preparing more attacks. and septa updating us on the security plan regarding the brussels attacks. let's listen in. >> talk about specific numbers, i can tell you that we will be more visible. and we are asking the public to be more aware. and it's time for folks to see something and say something. if you see something suspicious
11:33 am
and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, we want to know. call 911 immediately. questions? yes, ma'am. [ inaudible question ] nope. it's pointless for me to tell you numbers. that would completely defy our security stance. i can tell you that we are doing everything we believe is necessary to keep the public safe. [ inaudible question ] i can tell you about septa properties and septa's mass transit. i know that we've been in touch with philadelphia. we've been in touch with amtrak. i was just on a conference call with more than 50 law enforcement executives from around the country. everybody is keyed in on what has happened and everybody is acting accordingly.
11:34 am
yes, ma'am. >> you're listening to a briefing of chief of septa telling everyone if they see something, say something and dial 911 if they do. in just the past hour belgium has alerted people that they can start going about their normal business again. the government has had asked everyone to stay in place for hours following the deadly attacks, however the airport however is still shut down. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at philadelphia international airport with more on the impact and reaction to the bombings. good morning, katy. >> reporter: good morning, vai. earlier this morning i talked with the airport spokesperson soon after they had made the decision to increase security presence here beginning today. so she wants passengers to know when you come here expect to see extra uniformed law enforcement officers both inside and all around the airport. now, a reminder all flights into and out of brussels have been canceled for today. a delta flight from atlanta to
11:35 am
brussels landed this morning and parked in a remote area of the brussels airport so passengers could safely deplane. now, we also know an american airlines flight from philadelphia to brussels landed safely about an hour before the airport attack there this morning. at least one of the explosions happened in an unsecure area of the airport, much like what you're looking at here where the ticketing counters are where anyone can walk off the street. >> it makes you think if, you know, there's obviously plenty of security to get into the terminal once you have your ticket and everything, but before that there's really not much doing. >> reporter: and a spokesperson for american airlines tells me that all of their employees have been accounted for. they are safe. i'm still waiting to get that information back from delta. reporting live at philadelphia international, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. meanwhile, police in brussels say the threat of more attacks is still real. the philadelphia police department is taking the threat
11:36 am
seriously as well. nbc 10's pamela osborn spoke with richard ross moments ago. >> reporter: vai, good morning. we spoke to the police commissioner on his way out to federal court this morning. we of course wanted to know what the city is doing in response to those attacks in brussels. here's what i can tell you. commissioner ross citing federal authority says there are no known threats to our region or our city, even still commissioner ross says we should expect to see an increased police presence. >> we are obviously having an increased presence in and around transportation hubs, the airports in particular, particularly around nonsecure areas down there. but also working in conjunction with septa and other transportation authorities in the region. >> reporter: philadelphia police also working very closely with federal officials. they say they are doing everything they can to remain vigilant and keep the city and its residents safe. in philadelphia, pamela osborne
11:37 am
for nbc 10 news. >> and pennsylvania governor tom wolf released this statement about this morning's attacks. he said, quote, my top priority is the safety of the people of pennsylvania. and we will continue to work with federal and local partners to ensure the commonwealth is safe and prepared, closed quote. washington, d.c.'s transit police are conducting extra canine sweeps. and patrols in the wake of the belgian attacks officials say there's no known specific or credible threat against the d.c. metro at this time. and once again we just learned that isis has claimed responsibility for this morning's attacks. we're watching new developments out of brussels and we'll bring you updates throughout the day. you can also head to the nbc 10 app for any breaking information. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a cool start to your tuesday morning, but not as windy as it was yesterday as temperatures are slowly starting to creep up a little bit. we take a live look at the
11:38 am
jersey shore from our camera at cape may. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now with our tuesday forecast. hi, sheena. >> hey, vai. yeah, nice day setting up today for us. sunshine out there and we'll be warmer than yesterday. looking at the comcast center, plenty of clear skies today. and later on today mix of sun and clouds, but overall the temperatures are starting to warm up a bit. 47 degrees now, philadelphia, 48 northeast philly, 48 in wilmington. and areas mostly in the 20s this morning through the lehigh valley now rebounding into the mid-40s. finally it's starting to warm up a bit. by noon today 50 degrees, by 2:00 p.m. 54 degrees and we should top out around 56 degrees. today expect to stay in the mid-50s for an afternoon high. tomorrow we have a nice warmup in the forecast. the average high this time of year that's actually 54 degrees now, so today will be a seasonable day. tomorrow we'll start getting well above normal.
11:39 am
and by thursday we could be around 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. so coming up i'll show you the warmup in the forecast, we'll look at some rain before the week is over and also your easter sunday. i have that forecast straight ahead. sheena, thank you. we're following more breaking news out of canada. former toronto mayor rob ford has died today after battling cancer. his tenure as mayor was marred by revelations about his drinking problems and illegal drug use. he was repeatedly videotaped and photographed while intoxicated in public. ford was 46 years old. and the fbi says it may not need apple's help unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. a court hearing scheduled for today over the fbi's demand that apple unlock the iphone has been postponed. federal prosecutors are getting help from an outside party to unlock the phone used by syed farook. if this works the government would no longer need apple's help. and a second case of
11:40 am
bacterial meningitis right here in our area, the student taends new brunswick campus. rutgers health officials say they're not notifying anyone who has had close contact with the student so they can get started on antibiotics. they urge any students or staff who feel symptoms like a stiff neck or a rash or perhaps vomiting to see a doctor right away. and you may recall a philadelphia high school student died of bacterial meningitis last week. 15-year-old jonathan brigs was a freshman at george washington carver high school of engineering and science. it's the city's first meningitis death this year. and from our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city the brink of bankruptcy plans to shut down city hall from april 8th to early may. closing city government would mean no pay for employees. city services like trash pickup would also grind to a halt. the mayor says vital operations such as police and fire it will continue, but those personnel would be working for no pay. we spoke to a volunteer at city
11:41 am
hall who told us workers are afraid of missing a paycheck. >> i think three weeks we can take it, but after that i think it's really bad. i'm worried about people that have mortgages. people who pay rent and have children. >> all employees would get back pay once a new tax revenue comes in. state lawmakers are offering atlantic city a financial bailout but only if the city agrees to a state takeover. and we continue to follow the latest developments on the terror attacks in brussels. isis has just claimed responsibility for those attacks. our live coverage continues just ahead. and coming up, we have some warmer temperatures in the forecast as we go into tomorrow and even on thursday. and also some rain before the weekend. i'll show you the timing on that coming up. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. this is nbc 10 breaking news. an update now on the breaking news out of belgium. isis has just claimed responsibility for this morning's terror attacks in brussels. a pair of explosions went off at the airport there, another happened at the metro station near the headquarters of the european union. all flights into and out of brussels have been canceled or diverted. right now belgian health officials say the death toll from both attacks stands at 31. nearly 200 people wounded, among them three americans. mormon church officials say three missionaries from utah were seriously injured in the brussels airport terrorist
11:45 am
attacks. and happening today, a private company plans to launch an unmanned rocket carrying supplies for the international space station. one local teacher will be there to watch the liftoff. nasa invited local area schoolteacher dan leaphold to attend the event. hundreds of people hit the streets of philadelphia later next week to help patients with blood cancers receive life saving bone marrow transplants. the be the match walk and run is on a mission to raise money and to find more people willing to make life saving donations. here this morning is beth weiss, a transplant recipient, as well as alex carter, a donor who joined the registry five years ago. and megan stokely, transport coordinator at hoffman hospital and volunteer for be the match. thank you very much for coming here. you had already undergone cancer treatment years ago, but a few years ago you weren't feeling that well so you went to the
11:46 am
doctor. walk us through what happened. >> i was originally diagnosed with multiple myloma in 1999. i had two transplants at that time. in 2014 i wasn't feeling well, went to my oncologist and i was. at that time they said the best thing for me would be to go through chemotherapy and receive a bone marrow transplant. immediately they started to look for my bone marrow donor. and he was a -- i found out he's a 39-year-old male who lived in germany. >> wow. >> which was very awesome, but pretty scary at the same time because there was no one in the united states that was my perfect match. >> yeah. let's talk further about that about donating. alex, you are a donor. tell us about your decision to do that. >> well, in 2011 i was just
11:47 am
finishing school in virginia and i thought about what i could do to make some sort of impact. and i just goog ld bone marrow. i don't know why. and i joined. they sent me a cheek swab and within a year i had matched with 56-year-old gentleman who had leukemia. i donated in october of 2012 at georgetown university hospital. and it was really to this day the best thing i've ever done. >> and, megan, these stories of course are so inspiring. tell us what it requires to become a donor. >> so in order to be a donor you need to sign up either at a drive or you can go to bet there's two ways to donate. most donors are simple donations where they hook you up to a machine and it's a process similar to donating plasma or platelets. and it's an outpatient procedure. doesn't really require a stay in the hospital. or you can donate your marrow, which is a surgical procedure, but it always happens in a hospital and you're always given
11:48 am
anesthesia so you don't feel anything during the procedure. >> before we go, i want to get back to beth. your donor is a 39-year-old male living overseas in jueurope in germany. tell us how you feel these days. >> i'm doing well. i write my donor. i really hope i get to meet him one day and just tell him how much i appreciate everything he's done for me. he saved my life. >> and when you do we want you to come back and tell us more about it. be the match walk and run is happening saturday april 2nd at the navy yard in south philadelphia. the event village opens at 8:30 in the morning. there will be a 5k, a 1k and a tot trot. sounds like they got the whole family involved. get all the details on our website at or check out the app. thank you so much for coming and sharing and offering your insight to us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, nice conditions today
11:49 am
after a really cold morning, but you see all the sunshine here looking outside. the 70s are going to return not today but tomorrow and thursday we have a nice warmup to look forward to. today will be a little warmer than yesterday too and not as windy. then we go into the end of the week. we have rain as we go into friday and then that leads us into your easter weekend. i'll show you that forecast in a second. right now 45 in allentown and reading. 46 in pottstown. and those areas were in the 20s this morning. we've rebounded nicely. 47 in glasboro. numbers are going to keep ongoing up. so for today we're going to be in the mid-50s this afternoon. tomorrow that's when we hit 70. and then on thursday 73 ke e degrees, nice warmup in the forecast. normal highs is actually in the mid 50s. by friday that's when we have the rain i just mentioned around 63 is the temperature friday. we'll still be kind of mild as rain moves in. locally nice and dry. even farther off to our west we don't have any immediate rain
11:50 am
heading our way so our next rain chance isn't until the end of the week. now the warming trend will be in the forecast starting today through thursday. today mid 50s but then really jumping into the 70s tomorrow and thursday. then you see the rain moving in for friday. then we go into the weekend. we clear out. and that sets us up for a mild easter sunday. and in fact for the morning hours we do look nice and dry right now as of today for easter sunday. so it looks really good for the easter egg hunts if you have that planned. today mix of sun and clouds, not as cold. i think we'll see more in the way of clouds moving in later this afternoon but staying nice and dry. 53 to 56 degrees for a high temperature. then tomorrow morning -- this morning we were really cold in the 20s and 30s. tomorrow morning we will not be that cold right around 47 degrees. you might still want a jacket, but we're not going to be at freezing. then by the afternoon 70 degrees. by thursday around 73. so still a nice warmup. for friday the rain moves in in the morning and then we'll see temperatures mostly in the mid 60s. into the weekend we stay dry,
11:51 am
cool saturday around 60 degrees. then we go into sunday, easter sunday 67 degrees looking pretty good. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
11:53 am
it's cars may drive themselves but that's not
11:54 am
stopping google from looking for people who are good behind the wheel. they need people with good driving records to become vehicle safety specialists for self-driving cars. an ad says a driver would spend six to eight hours a day on the road, five days a week. but it doesn't say how much the job pays. also there are short-term contract jobs, so the safety specialist won't get all the benefits that other google employees receive. coming up later this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen with actor and comedian anthony anderson. and then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon a mother's warning to parents after her child died playing a social media challenge. we'll tell you about the game she says claimed the life of her son. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on the terror in brussels. within the last hour isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed at least 31 people. a posting on isis' news agency said members of the extremist group opened fire in the airport and several of them detonated suicide belts. a posting said another suicide
11:55 am
attack detonate a suicide bomb in a bus metro station. isis says it's in response to the raid against the coordination. they warn there is still a real and serious threat of more attacks. and we're watching new developments out of brussels and bring you updates throughout the day. you can also head to the nbc 10 app for any breaking information and join us for nbc 10 news starting at 4:00 this afternoon for the latest from brussels and response here at home. speaking of home, let's check in with sheena parveen for a look at our weather this afternoon. yeah, it was cold, this morning we had 20s across the area, 30s, felt like winter. you probably needed the coat. this afternoon it's going to be nice. >> good. >> not as windy as yesterday. it was gusty yesterday. real windy. not so much today. a little breeze, but mid 50s is a little bit warmer that be yesterd than yesterday.
11:56 am
and look at tomorrow and thursday fantastic temperatures around 70 degrees tomorrow, low 70s thursday and sunny. that's always nice to have both of those in the same forecast. then by friday morning we're going to see some showers move in to end the week. temperatures still in the 60s. over the weekend there you see it for saturday going into your easter weekend, 60 degrees and sunny. easter sunday we're going to be nice and dry, vai, so easter eggs sunday morning and by the afternoon topping out around 67 degrees. might see a late-night sunday shower going into monday, but overall it looks pretty good. >> very nice. and sheena's been a good teammate. she's been filling in the last two weeks in the mornings for bill. but you're back to your evening schedule. >> i'm back to the evenings tomorrow. bill will be back here tomorrow. so, yeah, a bit of a different sleeping pattern. i'm going to go home and sleep. >> there you go. put it right there. >> you too, vai. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for sheena parveen and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay safe.
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>> steve: unbelievable. >> rafe: yeah, that clinic was the last of their safe houses in the area. >> steve: so where the hell is john, huh? >> rafe: i don't know. all i know is, we're back right where we started. [cell phone beeps] >> steve: might be my guy from the isa. >> rafe: huh? >> steve: he's gonna give me some more intel on phantom alliance. what do we got? [sighs] >> rafe: what? what? >> steve: it's way worse than we thought. [dramatic music] ♪ >> yo ling: eat a hearty breakfast, john. my associates will be coming for you shortly. >> john: i don't want your damn breakfast. i want to know what you've done with my son. answer me! >> yo ling: you need to


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