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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> terror in brussels. >> everyone in panic. have to run. >> a terrorist attack hits the airport and train station. >> the whole city is crazy. >> we know of three suspects as isis claims responsibility. >> we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. a terrorist attack hits the airport and train station. tonight we know of three suspects as isis claims responsibility. good evening. in the last 20 minutes we learned american airlines first flight to brussels from philadelphia international airport will be friday. united airlines is canceling flights to the belgian capital through tomorrow. this is new video in the last 30 minutes of belgian police conducting raids as they search for a third suspect from the airport bombing that killed more than 30 people and injured at least 200.
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one of those raids at a house led to the discovery of an explosive device filled with nails. plus, chemical products and islamic state flag. nbc 10's george spencer has been following the developments from our digital operations center and joins us with the latest. >> belgian leaders were anticipating an attack of some kind after last week's arrest in brussels of a suspect connected to november's terror attacks in paris. but despite stepped up security two explosions rocked brussels as airport passengers were checking in this morning. late this evening in brussels hundreds of people showed up at a town square in honor of the victims of today's terror attacks. the calm after this morning's chaos. the attacks started this morning at the brussels airport, first one explosion, then another. >> everyone was in panic.
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you had to run just because the situation was such -- everyone was scared so everyone run. >> reporter: we learned some american college students were at the airport. >> before we could even process it the second one went off right in front of us. it was huge, it was like a fire explosion. it shook the floor. the ceiling started falling. at that point everyone just started running and screaming. >> around the same time there was another explosion in a metro station. people who were on board trains had to climb down and walk through the dark tunnel to get out safely. just hours after the attacks police knew who they were looking for, they released this photo of the suspects, the person on the right is believed to be alive. meantime action president obama was in cuba and promised to do whatever necessary to help the
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belgian authorities. >> we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. >> reporter: right now it is just past 11:00 in belgium. this is a live look at mourners who have gathered to pay their respects at a popular plaza in brussels. you can see the flowers and a pool of candles in memory of the victims. here in the united states president obama ordered that all flags be flown at half-staff, pledging american support to the belgian people. george spencer, "nbc 10 news." former sixers center and nba player was at the airport in brussels. his foundation says he was not injured. mutombo posted, thank you everyone i am safe here. god is good. flights to philadelphia from
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brussels have been canceled and travelers can expect to see an increased presence of officers in and around philadelphia international airport. today there was a noticeable increase of law enforcement including homeland security details and philadelphia police patrols. former canadian counter terrorism offer dr. scott white showed our cydney long what police look for. areas like the tsa check point is where passengers must be alert. >> this is a potential threat. and we just saw a police officer walk out the door. >> it is scary. you know, but we think we'll have to fly. just be vigilant. >> passengers we spoke to say they feel safe and comforted by the level of security at philadelphia international. there are no threats at train stations in the u.s. you will notice stepped up security at 30th street station. you'll see signs, see something, say something, a message if you see a bag left behind.
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>> no bag is beyond suspicion, you know, i know that folks are reluctant to call 911 because they think that they are burdening the police or bothering the police. bother us. call 911. >> nbc 10 tracked down people from the area now in belgium. they told their story to reporter ted greenberg. he joins us live from our bureau in atlantic city. ted. >> reporter: jackie, i was able to track down two people originally from our area now living in brussels and both on edge. >> i was actually cycling to work when the bombs went off at the airport. >> reporter: later armen was at the gym a mile from the brussels subway station when it was attacked. >> a little bit of shock. and concern for the victims. >> reporter: he has lived in belgium for 14 years, he is an emergency room physician with the medical organization doctors without borders, the haverford
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township native previously worked at cape reed medical center and spent several summers as a life guard in cape may. he, his wife and three children live on the outskirts of brussels. >> my concern is not so much about being victimized directly but more that this is not a great atmosphere for the kids to grow up in. i know that they will have lots of questions and be scared. >> it's just crazy. >> reporter: the attack left marilyn stuck in london after the train she was supposed to take 200 miles back to belgium was canceled. she and her husband natives of south philadelphia and center city lived and work in brussels three years. >> when some of the metro blasts went off he was able to see people on the street running away. >> reporter: she and her husband have a 5-year-old daughter and often travel through the area
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where the subway was bombed. >> short of having metal detectors on every block and frisking everyone, i don't know what can really be done. >> it's a part of the city that has a lot of international presence in it, so i'm sure it's no accident that the station was chosen. >> reporter: he tells me his children were already nervous following the paris attacks which prompted a lockdown in brussels. he and his wife were finally able to calm their fears but now they worry the bombings will bring new anxiety. i'm ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." for loved ones here in the philadelphia area, some scary and frustrating moments trying to get in touch with friends and family. nbc 10 spoke to the owner of eulogy tavern. he still has family there. as soon as he found out he started reaching out. >> just brewers and so forth to
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make sure no one was hurt. everyone was doing well. thank god for social media. >> some friends posted stories one saying they got to the airport just five minutes after the blasts. the terror attacks in brussels are still unfolding at this hour. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will broadcast an hour long edition starting at 6:30 right after this newscast. back at home now, a former student at the center of a sexting scandal at a high school pleaded guilty. brandon berlin will get two years probation. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor crime under pennsylvania's sexting law. he posted new pictures on a file sharing website. he had more than 30. in atlantic city, we told you last night at 6:00 how city hall may have to shut down in a
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few weeks because there is no money to pay workers. tonight governor christie gave atlantic city's mayor a warning. >> two choices. he can either work with us to fix the problem through the state takeover bill and the pilot bill, or, he will face on april 8 having no money to pay his municipal employees, then he leads to may when he gets the property tax payments, well, he still is going to run out of money then. you have life guards who get pensions in atlantic city. life guards. get pensions in atlantic city. can we please? this is ridiculous. >> christie also said the state won't loan the city money. city workers in atlantic city will be paid this friday but the money runs out after that. city hall may shut down april 8 and last at least three weeks. and could reopen may 2. nbc 10's bureau will continue to monitor the crisis in atlantic
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city. pink slips are coming for dozens at a food company in south jersey. those jobs are headed to mexico. our partners in the business journal say royal ingredients plans to let 80 people go in may. the facility is focusing on its other facilities. now to decision 2016. voters in several states have a few more hours before polls close. primaries in arizona, utah, and democrats hold a caucus in idaho. it did not take long for candidates to respond to the terror attacks. hillary clinton wrapped up a rally in washington state. clinton said terrorists seek to undermine the democratic values that are the foundation of our way of life. they will never succeed. bernie sanders is setting up shop in pennsylvania aheads of next month's primary opening a campaign headquarters in
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scranton. it's his first office here in pennsylvania. sanders weighed in on the terror attacks. >> you need to forge a coalition of the muslim countries in the region, including some that have not been attacked, as they should be, with the support of the united states and other major powers to finally destroy this barbaric organization. >> as for the republicans donald trump had plenty to say about the attacks. he tweeted, prayers go out to the victims, this madness must be stopped and he will stop it. both ted cruz and john kasich criticized president obama. >> i would have flown home. i would have conducted calls jointly with heads of state. >> in the wake of brussels, we don't need another lecture from president obama on islamaphobia. we need a commander in chief who does everything necessary to defeat the enemy. >> when the first results come
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back in tonight's primary be the first to know with the nbc 10 app. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, stop and frisk. new details revealed about philadelphia's police department policy and racial bias. spring is coming, yeah, that's right. spring. 70 degrees tomorrow. how long this warm weather's going to last in my first alert forecast. and as we go to break some of the heartbreaking images of the terrorist attacks today in brussels.
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sky force 10 above breaking news. you can see part of this building collapsed. it happened on earl street at a building under construction. again in fishtown. a partial building collapse. what we know is that no one was hurt. also nbc 10 with developments on the terror in brussels. in the last 20 minutes, nbc news learned that u.s. military officials are issuing travel
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restrictions for all military personnel. american service member and his family were injured in the attacks. also u.s. officials in brussels are asking all government officials to delay any non-essential travel for a week. and for americans already in brussels, the u.s. embassy says they should stay where they are and avoid public transportation. aclu says it's prepared to take sanctions against the city if philadelphia police do not drop their stop and frisk practices. those practices they say unfairly target minorities, and the latest numbers prove it. nbc 10's pamela osborne has more on what came out of the meeting between city leaders and the aclu. >> reporter: 33% of the time that's how often the aclu says philadelphia police stopped and then frisked people without the required reasonable cause. >> totally embarrassing.
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>> reporter: that's not news 2 barbers who say it happens all the time. just yesterday for sally. >> they stopped me. they said they were mistaken about identity or something. >> reporter: according to the aclu data that happens more often than not with african-americans accounting for 69% of all stops. this is a lot of very intrusive contact with people for not a lot of results. they are not finding drugs, they are not finding guns, they are not finding weapons, but they are stopping 200,000 people a year on the street. >> philadelphia isn't the only city dealing with so called stop and frisks. new york city used to stop 700,000 people a year. a number that's been reduced to 35,000 which in case you wonder is only 5% what if it once was. >> without an effect on crime. >> mary kathryn wants to see
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similar results here. >> they started policing better instead of policing more. that is what we'd like to see. >> what is the imperative is that you do it constitutionally. it has to be done fairly in an unbiased way. >> the commissioner says the department is working on that, there will be more audits and more accountability in the form of captains looking at daily stops than quarterly stops. if done fairly and correctly, it's a practice they can get behind. in center city, philadelphia, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. we had a winter chill for a couple of days but things are changing big time. got a big warm-up the next two days. not going to be needing any coats tomorrow afternoon. we're tracking some showers by the end of the week. and it's going to be kind of warm for easter sunday itself.
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a little bit cooler on saturday. the wind is still blowingment warmer air is moving in. with that out of the southwest at 20 miles an hour. it's 58 degrees right now and it's in the mid to upper 50s, across much of the area. just a couple days ago. it was snowing at this time. and now we're getting closer to 60, tomorrow we'll be closer to 70 degrees. and during the night it's not going to cool off a lot as you can see. by midnight. 47 degrees, then levels off or goes up a little bit. speaking of going up there was sunday, the high of 43. today's high 58. then 70 tomorrow, 73 on thursday. and the reason that we're sure it's going to warm up so much look how warm it is back to the west. 77 degrees in wichita, kansas. 74 in st. louis. that west wind, it can't do anything but bring in warm air. it's also going to bring in some
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clouds. at least some high clouds out there. not a whole lot of rain as you can see. so we don't have much of a threat until we get to friday. so, as we go through the night tonight, tomorrow morning, it's not going to be near as cold as it was this morning. that sets us up for an afternoon getting up near 70. but not quite as the beaches with the wind coming in off of that cooler ocean. tonight partly cloudy, not as cold as last night. not even close, 47 degrees for the low in philadelphia, 39 north and west. 33 this morning in the city, and 20s in some of the suburbs. tomorrow sunshine, much warmer than today. high temperatures near 70 degrees. then near 73 on thursday. that's not far from record levels. then showers thursday night into friday morning. we cool down a little bit for saturday. but still above average for the temperature. then we warm up again easter sunday. so it's looking really nice for most of the day. especially in the morning and early afternoon.
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could get some showers sunday night into monday. >> i'm danny pommells. the madness continues, we'll hear from villanova as they embark for their sweet 16 game. howie roseman, hear from the birds owner. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
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basketball for the second straight week the wildcats received a send-off from the fans. they headed to louisville for the sweet 16 game against miami after struggling to get past the
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first weekend of the tournament. the head coach was asked if the his players understand what it means to make it this far. >> they realize each step of the way how much bigger it gets, i think they do. then our job is when we get to practice make it the same, but they definitely feel this energy, i think they feel the city of philadelphia behind them. that's a great experience for them. i'm glad they get to enjoy it. >> let's turn to jeffrey lurie spoke at the nfl owners meeting. the topic howie roseman regaining the personnel power and how he used it. he called his performance outstanding but he was asked if roseman would be held accountable if things don't work out. >> without question and he will be accountable for how well the player personnel department does in the future, because that's an important hire going forward. so it's not just one person, it's a department. but he'll be responsible for the quality of that department. >> roseman regained power when the eagles fired chip kelly.
6:26 pm
kelly had taken personnel decisions from roseman. lurie said the kelly experiment was worth trying even if the it didn't work out. >> i think it was a necessary way to go to find out if chip was the right guy. let him be responsible for all of the decisions that he wanted to inject and make, and no matter -- no question i have it was the right way to dissect whether chip was going to be the right guy going forward or not. >> mason will be in net for the flyers tonight when they face the blue jackets, the orange and black enter one point out of a playoff spot. then a look at sports. we'll be right back.
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so how old is the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania? i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! 48 hours ago it was snowing. tomorrow it's 70. then on thursday, 73. you can see the warm air all the way through the easter holiday. showers thursday night, friday morning. >> i'll take the 70s.
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for all of us here, the news continues now with a special one-hour edition of "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl somewhere advertise pall breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode at the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed. hundreds injured, including americans. nails in the bombs and the bodies and the victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing. and the suspected bombers caugh on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped. urgent raids yielding more shocking discoveries. tonight a chilling moment-by-moment account as an american who witnessed it all speaks to nbc news and as isis says it was behind the attack. authorities step up security in cities and airports here at home. the world tonight standing in solidarity with


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