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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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n at 1-866-999-0218 or visit nbc 10 news starts now. terror arrest. new this morning, six people are in custody after raids related to the terror attacks in brussels. as john kerry arrived overseas to start counterterrorism talks this morning. >> let's go nova! let's go nova! >> elite excitement as the villanova wildcats at vance in the ncaa tournament. 9 is acking showers, $ starting to move into our area ahead of a warm and windy saturday. it's 4:00 a.m. welcome to friday. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert
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forecast and find out more about the timing of the rain. >> we're showing showers in lancaster county, it will be a while but we'll see scattered light showers. we're getting the warm weather. we're in the 60s right now. 64 degrees in philadelphia. and we will warm into the 70s. the showers moving through this morning. i'll go through the forecast. there you can see the wind that's blowing. that's a live view this morning. the winds have been gusting to more than 30 miles an hour. starting off in the middle 60s, heading for the 70s and don't forget your umbrellas. these plants will get much-needed rainfall happening this morning and this afternoon. i'll be back in ten minute. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now. pretty much empty, no major delays here around spring garden street. as you can see east or westbound. we have that 95 in delaware, in
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problems here. green drive times. 11 minutes at the most from 295 to 495. once you're over in delaware and new castle, that on ramp is close closed. 4:02. "v" is for villanova and victory. the wildcats are moving on after a big win last night. matt delucia is live at the wells fargo center. they don't have much time to savor this win. >> no. the next game will be tomorrow night, tracy. villanova players and fans are celebrating aing about win this morning as the teams who travel here to philadelphia get ready for their sweet 16 games later on tonight. take a look, though, it's really all about the wildcats right now after their game last niçght. this is what is looked like before the game as the fans that travelled to louisville greeted the team. it was a dominating win over the miami hurricanes, 92-69, the final score. >> it's like overwhelming right
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now. i feel like the love is crazy, mind blowing. >> i think they're the hottest team in the country. they've been playing well. i think this is their year. >> reporter: we'll see. villanova takes on kansas, the number one seed in the country. that's coming up tomorrow evening. we'll hear from some of the players coming up at 4:30. as for the games that will be here at the wells fargo center later on tonight, first game, notre dame at wisconsin. that tip-off is scheduled just before 7:30. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:03 and 64 degrees outside. verizon says it has fixed the data breach after hackers stole contact information from the company's business customers. the customers all use verizon's enterprise solutions unit. the hackers put contact information for 1.5 million business clients up for sale. verizon says no consumer
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customers were involved in the data breach. new this morning, u.s. secretary of state john kerry has just arrived in brussels for counterterrorism talks with the european union. plus, overnight arrests in both belgium and france. last night, belgian prosecutors detained six people in raids around brussels linked to this week's deadly attack at the city's airport and subway system. we're learning more about the prime suspect. the taxi driver who drove these three men to the airport told investigators the man in the hat still wanted by police, launched into a anti-american tirade in the taxi on his way to the airport. >> which was someone external, was very aggressive against america and american citizens. >> that çcounterterrorism expe also tells nbc the two brothers who were suicide bombers in the brussels attack may have been trying to get their hands on
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radioactive medical waste to make a dirty bomb. french officials say they arrested a man last night and foiled a terror plot not linked to the brussels terror attack. the airport is storing 5,000 to 6,000 pieces of luggage in a hangar in the cargo area. not sure how much luggage remains inside the terminal. officials say passengers should check online to see if their luggage is available to be picked up. european vacations canceled. ahead in the next half hour, new jersey high school students who are being forced to spend spring break at home because of the terror in brussels. seven iranians are facing charges. the fbi says the hack prevent the hundreds of thousands of bank customers from accessing their accounts. officials the alleged hackers targeted it when it was offline.
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the hacking took place between 2011 and 2013. a philadelphia security expert says this type of attack is terrorism's new frontier. >> the future for warfare and the future of terrorism may very well be from the cyber world. we have to be absolutely prepared for that. >> that security expert also said the united states government is behind the curve and needs to invest more to strengthen our online defenses. 4:06. police are asking for your help to find a pair of shoplifters. the duo stole more than $5,600 worth of merchandise from the target steve on route 73, evesham township earlier this month. they drove away in a gray mercedes. the candidates debated in center city last night. four challengers wantç to unse indicted incompetent chaka
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fattah. the primary election is six days before his fraud and racketeering trial. fattah faces competent television from dwight evans, brian gordon and republican james jones. >> i've said i am completely innocent. this is an election about the future. >> the reason i want to run for congress is to raise that consciousness. >> it is my belief that each of those problems can be solved. >> i know how it works and i know how to get things done. >> we've seen the same old song and dance for the last 20, 25 years. >> congressman fattah is vulnerable. >> voters in the pennsylvania primary go to the polls on april 26th. 4:07. today, christians here in philadelphia and around the world will mark good friday. on this most somber day on the christian calendar, the faithful
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commemorate jesus christ's crucifixion. the cathedral last night. celebrating holy thursday. the archbishop re-enacted following christ's example. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. don't forget your umbrella. rain on the way this morning. not here yet. not in philadelphia. that's a live view of the museum of art from center city where clouds are moving in. showers are already in parts of pennsylvania, however. light rain to start with this morning. we'll track those showers this morning and into this afternoon. then they're going to quickly move out. we have a windy and warmç day
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shaping up. the wind is already here. it's actually already warmer in the 60s right now. we'll warm into the 70s again this afternoon. weekend, that will feature sunshine and a lot of it. temperatures won't be as warm as what we've seen lately. rain falling in reading, 50 degrees. clouds over philadelphia, and cape may is at 55 degrees right now. there's that live picture again. waiting for the rain in center city. that's a line of showers that is heading toward us this morning. only rain. too warm for anything else. see a large area of rain falling from the pocono mountains into allentown, lancaster, berks county and portions of upper montgomery and bucks county. along with warm temperatures. the future cast shows those temperatures will stay mild all day long. at noontime, most of of the showers clearing pennsylvania. there's still showers in delaware and south jersey.
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and the possibility of some thunderstorm activity. they'll move out today. then we're in store for sunshine this weekend. look at the weekend forecast, tracy, when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. let's take a look at your ride to work on this tgif friday. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're watching the vine street expressway right now, right through center city. no problems so far. we're pretty quiet. fridays typically are one of our lighter traffic days. you can see not a lot of volume headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway. we have no problems also headed eastbound. those were our cameras around 24th street. on the pa turnpike, we have a problem from an earlier accident. a tractor-trailer fire that's blocking the pa turnpike eastbound between downingtown and valley forge. no problems with the drive times yet. follow detours. not a lot of traffic, again, moving around. here's 295 at sloan avenue in hamilton township, new jersey.
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no problems either direction here. if you're heading to the new jersey transitç train station you'll be just fine. the rest of mass transit, no problems or delays. everything is running on or close to schedule. >> 11 minutes past 4:00 right now. if you get caught speeding, expect to get a traffic ticket. what happens if you get a citation but you didn't break the law? next, hear about a high-tech traffic ticket scheme in the suburbs. also, crowded skies. learn new information about just how many drones the faa expects they'll be flying over the next few years. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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police in chester county are warning drivers about a speeding ticket scheme. police in tredyffrin township say someone is e-mailing phony citations to people. investigators tell us the e-mails appear to use accurate information that the scammers hacked from traffic and gps apps. the difference is the message also claims to have snapshots of license plates plus the fines they say drivers have to pay. >> it comes as such an afterthought. i download apps all the time. >> i think it's terrible. i would be inclined to send money. >> tredyffrin township police tell us drivers would never receive a citation by e-mail. other police departments say the same is true for warrants and other official business involving law enforcement. friends and family will gather for a memorial service today for a maryland police officer and delaware county native who died during an unprovoked attack on law enforcement. people stood in line in beltsville, maryland, yesterday to get into a viewing for prince
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george's county officer jacai colson. following services today in maryland, the funeral is scheduled for monday. he'll be buried in delaware county. he graduated from chichester high schoolç in 2005, was a member of student council and an athlete. he was killed in a gun battle after a suspect started firing outside his police station. that suspect, michael ford and his two brothers face a number of charges. one brother drove to the police station while the other recorded a video in which ford mapped out the ambush shooting. the convicted killer who shot former congresswoman gabrielle giffords during a deadly mass shooting is not suing. it tornadoes out word of that suit was all a hoax that started in philadelphia. officials say a mentally disturbed prisoner pretend to be jared lochner.
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loughner is serving a life sentence for the 2011 shooting in tucson. a new federal study says drones will keep soaring in popularity for the near future. the faa report estimates the number of drone purchases will more than double from about 2 million to more than 4 million by 2020. commercial sales are expected to at least quadruple during the same time. the report said predictions on companies using small drones are difficult because the market is still evolving. california's in the middle of a drought as you know. the state's two largest reservoirs are releasing water to control flooding. recent rain and snow has raised reservoir levels. the army corps of engineers started this patter release to keep a lid on damaging that flooding could cause. people across the midwest are digging out from a spring blizzard. parts of minnesota saw a foot of
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snow. the blizzard has also buried sections of iowa, south dakota and wisconsin. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> that snowfall, that's the same store that's coming to us cf1 o we're already getting rain showers. haven't reached philadelphia yet. they're not far away. we'll see them this morning during the commute. 64 degrees right now in philadelphia. look at that, too warm for any snow. that's unusually warm. that number should be in the 30s. we're running 13 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the clouds over center city, that's a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. and the wind, too, is helping with the warmup, pushing the temperatures into the 50s and 60s this morning. 50 with rain falling in allentown and reading. pottstown in the 60s. 60s for most of delaware and south jersey this morning. the wind pushing that warm air into place. it's a 16 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. the 21 mile-an-hour wind in
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dover is gusting to 30 miles an hour there. and add in some rain, just a little bit of rain, scattered light showers in chester, montgomery and bucks county, barely falling in the warrenton area. steadier for berks, lehigh, northampton, maidencreek getting rainfall right now as is pottstown, very light rainfall. we won't see any of that. that's where the cold air is. the snow has been pushed to the north as the warm air surges ahead of the rainfall. this rain will clear out. there's your weekend. look how nice and clear it is. that's the sunshine that will be here for saturday and sunday. futurecast shows how much rain to expect today. not a lot. 5:00 this morning, it's coming down barely noticeable by 7:00. some showers in the area but just 0.03 inch of rain in the wilmington area at that hour. steadier at 9:00. we could see moderate showers crossing the delaware into new jersey at that hour. it's a fast mover. by noontime, most of the rain is
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done in pennsylvania. while there's still showers in delaware and south jersey by early in the afternoon, 2:00, most of that rain is gone. we're from a quarter inch to half inch of rain in some areas. others will get less than that north and we have. the forecast is calling for clouds and rain, too. the temperatures will stay warm. noontime krtemperature of 68ç degrees. sunshine breaking through this afternoon. can't argue with that. 61 degrees saturday, easter sunday looking good at 64 degrees. >> easter sunday looks great, bill. thanks. 20 minutes past 4:00. let's check your ride to work, especially if it includes 422. jessica boyington has you covered. what are you seeing? >> we're watching that construction again today. this is around route 23 right now. as they're moving vehicles around now, we have one lane getting by right here. this is supposed to be out here until about 5:00 this morning. it typically was running behind schedule for most of the week. it would probably start to clean
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up about 5:30 or so. we'll clearly keep you updated here. most of the lanes blocked with one lane getting by right here, no gaper delay, at least coming from the other direction. the pa turnpike watching for that tractor-trailer fire just for cleanup. this was an earlier accident scene on the pa turnpike eastbound between downingtown and valley forge. no problems with drive times now. if you move over into allentown, construction on south 8th street closed between union street and lehigh street. >> the date is set for the grand opening of a new $14 million nightclub in atlantic city. premiere nightclub inside the borgata will open april 8th with a four huff day celebration. the borgata helps the club will rival the top clubs in new york, miami and las vegas. a disco ball will be a show piece right in the middle of the club. get a job. that's the message coming from philadelphia's city hall. a new program is bringing 100
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new positions to the city, just in time for the summer. ahead in the next half hour, there's a bidding war of sorts over chris christie. we'll show you how you can rather own a rather personal item that once belonged to the new jersey governor. john the conversation in the morning. we'd love to talk to you. we talk right from the set. we tweet all the time. follow us on twitter , our addresses are right there on the screen. read our posts, tweet us and we'll tweet you right back.ç
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4:23. 64 degrees outside. good morning, south philadelphia. breezy conditions as you can see from the turbines high atop lincoln financial field. rain is on the way this morning.
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we'll get an update on the time with meteorologist bill henley in just a minute. philadelphia school officials are crunching the numbers to try to figure out how much money the district could get this year. pennsylvania's governor announced this week that he won't veto the current budget from republican lawmakers. he let it become law even though it's not the plan that he wants. that freeze up cash for the philadelphia school district has been waiting for. >> those moneys would allow us to continue through the rest of the year and pay back the short-term loans we took out that have really allowed us to go this far. >> the district had to borrow more than a half billion dollars, which will cost the district up to $8 million in interest. actors ice cube and deon cole visited the philadelphia school district education center yesterday. to donate a check for $5,000. the money will be used to get more books in school libraries.
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>> we're able to come to philadelphia but not just come but we can leave with a few dollars in your hands for the students who deserve it. >> ice cube and company are in town to promote the release of the latest installment in the barber shop series, called "barber shop: the next cut." if your son sore daughter needs a summer job, a new partnership will offer 100 new position. jp morgan chase is donating $150,000 to the philadelphia youth network to boost its summer jobs program. mayorç jim kenney said it's no just a money-making opportunity for the summer. >> whether it's in low skill work or whether it's in i.t. or banking or law or exposing our young people to every possible positive example they can have. >> jp morgan chase teamed up with philadelphia's democratic national convention host committee for the summer jobs grant.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 64 degrees right now. a warm start at 4:26. we're waiting for rain to start falling in philadelphia. it's already coming down in some of the suburbs. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic on a friday morning. jessie? >> that's right, bill. we're watching route 73 right now. just seeing if there's any backup approaching the tacony palmyra bridge and there's not. that's because there's no scheduled bridge opening at least for right now. we'll keep you updated on the area bridges. i'll check in with construction spots when i come back at 4:30. remembering kevin turner. next, we look back at the former philadelphia eagle who worked to shine a spotlight on the dangers of head injuries.
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nbc 10 starts now. right now, the road is dry here along i-95 in south philadelphia. we are tracking showers ahead for this morning. vacations canceled. the terror in brussels is directly impacting spring break plans for dozens of new jersey high school students. also -- >> let's go, nova! let's go, nova! >> what a nature for the villanova wildcats. they're advancing in the ncaa tournament as we have reaction from the team and their fans. it's 4:30, it's friday. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. they said we were tracking showers. meteorologist bill henley is tracking those showers for usç this morning. bill, where are they now? >> in pennsylvania. they're make something progress. it's not heavy rainfall. the light rain is falling in the pocono mountains into allentown and some portions of chester, montgomery and bucks counties.
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just areas north and west, has not reached philadelphia. not that far away right now is west chester seeing rainfall east whiteland as well towards the phoenixville area. this is very light rain, even in pottstown where it's looking steadier. the reading area seeing light rain to start with. we will see scattered showers this morning at 6:00. steadier at 9:00. look at the temperatures, 63 degrees. we're in the 60s right now. we'll be in the 70s this afternoon. the last few showers in pennsylvania at noontime and into delaware and south jersey. you'll see early afternoon showers, then they'll clear out and we'll actually see sunshine before the day is done. the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your friday commute. jessie? >> we're watching ongoing construction right here on 422, right around route 23. you can see we do have actually more lanes looking like they're getting by than normal or at least the last time we


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