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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tragedy in wilmington. four people and a dog found dead in an apartment building filled with carbon monoxide. >> tonight, there is no official word on what killed the victims
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but they were in a home with high levels of the toxic gas. >> investigators are on the scene on homestead road in wilmington where nbc 10's george spencer joins us live with more on this. george? >> reporter: carbon monoxide poisoning seems to be the primary focus tonight and takes days for investigators to fully piece together and there are indications at least some of the victims may have been dead for a while. with one family member telling me his relatives suddenly stopped returning calls yesterday morning. even after night fall this evening, emergency crews still stood guard outside building g where they discovered four residents dead hours earlier. among the family members that rushed to the scene, we watched the pained embraces of unexpected loss. >> you guys knew something was wrong? >> yes. we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: eddie is the brother of a victim saying he
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stopped by three separate times after he couldn't reach his brother by phone. when police came for a welfare check around 5:00 tonight, they discovered the first three victims in one apartment plus a dead dog and began evacuations. >> called the police. kicked in the door and found him. three people. >> knocked on the door. police banging. evacuate immediately. >> reporter: told you to get snout. >> basically. >> reporter: police discovered a fourth victim dead in a separate apartment, as well. investigators say all four deaths are, quote, environmental in nature. and they tell us carbon monoxide levels were very high in the building. >> i can confirm. that they did notice high levels. >> reporter: it is an odorless, tasteless gas that tastes people as they sleep even. in addition to four dead, we know that seven other residents and three children in the hospital and yet this neighbor only one floor below the victims
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noticed nothing. >> did you have any physical symptoms? >> no. no, i'm good. good. >> reporter: didn't notice a thing? >> didn't notice a thing. >> reporter: those seven residents in the hospital tonight are all in stable condition. witnesses tell us at least one of them was taken from this scene unconscious. for now, that building g and the neighbors building f are still evacuated. and they will remain closed until authorities get to the bottom of what happened here. reporting live tonight in wilmington, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. victims can have flu-like symptoms. you can have an upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain and confusion. you can protect yourself with a detector in the home. tap the nbc 10 app for more information on the warning signs. breaking news. search for missing boaters off the jersey shore. the coast guard says three or four people are missing, about
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half a mile off the coast. the fishing group capsized. several people were hurt after a single car accident southbound. police say a carrolled around around 10:00. right now it is unclear how many people were injured. we're told that injuries are minor. mysterious hateful messages at colleges around the country. someone hacked the printers for anti-schmidtic fliers. >> it happened at several schools from massachusetts to california. nbc 10's reporter explains why it's so hard to figure out who's responsible. >> reporter: spokesperson said someone accessed the ip addresses on campus and sent the fliers wirelessly through the internet. it's a flier you have to see to believe. >> yeah. that's something that's like the
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first i've ever heard of any anti-semitism on campus. >> reporter: they started show up targeting jewish people, we have to blur the symbols and a link to a neo- nazi white supremacist comment. >> there's weird people out there and just -- i don't know. i'm not like shocked by it or anything. like, it seems like a prank or something. >> reporter: today, princeton issued a statement calling the incident a serious offense. and said the university deplores expressions of hatred directed at an individual or group. >> it's strange to find it at a place like princeton. i have never seen the messages. >> reporter: they're not alone. the same flier showed up on printers and fax ma sheenls at universities across the country, including depaul in chicago and the university of massachusetts amher amherst. >> it's a little bit strange
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they printed them out. >> it's a key question in the investigation. how did someone breach what was once thought to be a secure system? spokesperson for the university said tracking down where the flyerses come from is difficult and the i.t. department trying to block any further messages. reporting in princeton, nbc 10 news. the villanova wildcats are set for the elite eight matchup tomorrow. >> we'll check in on them later in kentucky later in the show at least. but some ncaa tournament action right now here at philadelphia. you are looking live at the wells fargo center and north carolina taking on indiana in their sweet 16 matchup. >> earlier tonight, notre dame beat wisconsin on the same court. new jersey governor chris christie spotted in the crowd and his daughter is a student manager for the notre dame basketball team. my wildcats against kansas
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tomorrow night and tonight talking to a nova fan whose name you might not recommends i should say and you certainly recognize that face. she's the one known on the internet as crying pick lo girl and she'll tell us about her hopes for this year coming up. meantime, new at 11:00, fares not going up for riders this year. the transportation authority's postponing a fare increase set to happen in july. debut of the electronic fare card is a reason for the delay. a motorcycle crashes into a woman walking down a road in philadelphia's ronhurst section tonight. around 8:30 tonight, the victim is in critical condition. and just ten minutes earlier, another pedestrian crash leaves the victim dead tonight in southwest philadelphia. sky force 10 along the crash.
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the driver stayed on the scene. turning now to the latest on the terror crackdown, following the attacks in brussels, a total of nine people have been arrested in a series of police raids in just the last 24 hours. cell phone video captured a police operation at a tram stop in brussels and a suspect took a woman his taj. police shot him in the leg. france's president said even though the isis network that carried out the attacks were being, quote, wiped out, there's still a threat looming. ♪ tonight is good friday. the most somber day on the christian calendar. some catholics attended this celebration in center city. pastors from congregations around philadelphia joined together for a special service in nicetown. the coalition of churches worshipping together every night
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this week in observance of holy week. today hay got together at a baptist church. together seven pastors preached the seven last words of jesus, believed to be the last phrases jesus uttered on the cross. in decision 2016, trash talk on the campaign trail as the feud between republicans donald trump and ted cruz reached a boiling point. the texas senator lashed out at trump today calling him sleazy. cruz is accusing the republican front-runner of planting a story in the national enquirer claiming cruz had five affairs. a trump ally was the only on the record source in the story. >> let me be clear. this story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> trump says he has nothing to do with the story.
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and this comes after he targeted cruz's wife on twitter. now to the democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will compete for more than 100 delegates tomorrow. when voters in alaska, hawaii and washington state caucus. republicans do not have any contests tomorrow. sanders is upstaged by an unexpected visitor at a rally in portland, today. the vermont senator pointed out a bird near him but before he could finish the thought, the bird flew over to his podium, perching right there. sanders laughed as the crowd cheered. he said it was a symbol of world peace. i was flabbergasted. a little shocked. >> what fell from the sky and smashed through a car windshield in pennsylvania. plus, the story you saw only on nbc 10 news at 11:00 first here. a massive fire raging in delaware county. now we have learned about something investigators found
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inside that burning warehouse that has them newly concerned. and a netflix secret slowdown. why the company's intentionally slowing down the data while you watch your movies. now don't get used to the warm temperatures we have had. we're cooling down and i'm tracking rain on the way. i'll tell you if it impacts your easter plans. ♪
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for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. nbc 10 investigators uncovered new information about this mysterious fire at a warehouse in delaware county. >> the dea is now investigating if this was a drug lab. this after 55 gallon drums filled with drug making chemicals were found at the scene of the fire earlier this month. those who live nearby are concerned. >> oh my god. down there? are you kidding me? >> we need to be safe and the kids need to be safe around here, too. >> the nbc 10 investigators
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found the borough has no inspections. the calls have not been returned. new at 11:00, a chunk of ice fell from the sky and smashed into a windshield at a car lot today. >> imagine this happening. check it out. customers at a cumberland county dealership checking out cars and a football-sized chunk of ice fell straight through the windshield of a brand new k ia sol. >> what? >> looked like a bird flying towards the car. >> police are invest gatding but they think a plane in harrisburg international airport may have dropped the ice. also new at 11:00, netflix is purposely slowing down your internet speeds. >> the streaming service tells "wall street journal" it's been slowing down the at&t and
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verizon for five years and the point is to protect you from using up your wireless data. now, netflix plans to introduce a data saver feature to control how much data you use. a celebration of all things whiskey. nbc 10 and citizens bank park hosting the american whis i can convention tonight, attendee learned about local distilleries. pennsylvania, of course, the birthplace of american whiskey. nova nation, get ready. time for me to talk about villanova. >> oh! i've been waiting. >> wildcats could be wrapping up a victory. here's the countdown clock. just about 21 hours 33 minutes and 18, 17, 16 seconds until the game tips off in louisville. >> will you be able to sleep tonight? >> no way. forget about it. >> you may be the biggest fan in the area and tonight we're
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catching up with another fan, a former member of the pep band and the tears as you recall went viral last season. we have the story from louisville. >> reporter: villanova's pep band glad the season isn't over and remember roxanne got the world's attention when the season ended sadder and earlier in the season. she managed to play the picollo. >> it was my senior year at that time. i thought it would be the last time i wear that jersey and play the p iccolo. >> two tickets to the world tour. >> the teary moment got her on "the tonight show." >> i didn't want him to see me crying but then it turned into like everyone saw me crying. >> the internet blew up with all kinds of meme and creepy and cute and a crying piccolo girl
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bobblehead. >> i don't play unless people really want me to. >> she's in grad school and she does still support the wildcats now in the elite eight in louisville. >> i am closely watching it. i watched the game last night with some villanova friends. >> if by chance the season ends here saturday night or one of the games in houston, roxanne showed all fans it's okay to cry. let it out there. here's to hoping the season ends a week from monday with a win and a national title. in louisville, kentucky, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> she handles it with the grace. she is great. >> she does. if she cries tomorrow, i'm sure it's only happy tears. villanova will win. >> that's great. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, you think the chances are good, right? >> it's going to be a classic. now, this is a classic shot of
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the moon. not quite clear. we have some fuzzy conditions here close to earth. high clouds up there. you can see the moon through the high clouds and clearing out. the rain is certainly gone. and we'll likely be clear by morning. we have mild weekend and not a warm weekend. we've been warm through days in a row. not going to happen for a fourth. and the rain looks like it's going to hold off until monday. we are dry. we have great visibility. the clouds are very high up in the atmosphere. not that cold. it's 55 degrees. that's the average high for the time of the year and winds northwest at 12 miles per hour. now we're down into the 40s. north and west and not all that cold for this time of the night and the year. mt. pocono 33. that's the colder air up in northern pennsylvania. coming down our way. and temperatures as you can see in the low to mid-50s across much of the rest of the area. again, still fairly mild and taking a little while for cooler
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air to come in. see over three days temperatures way above the average high of 55. even tomorrow it's 60 and then sunday at 63 it's still well above average and march ends up as one of the warmest marches ever recorded in philadelphia. now the pollen, one of the consequences of this time of the year, was down during the day today because of the showers. will go up over the weekend and then drop down somewhat on monday because of those showers, too. an allergy suffer, rooting for rain this time of the year. these are the high clouds kind of enhanced here and there's no rain anywhere nearby. the clouds will be moving out and then wait for the next system to come in from the west and that's a long way away. way west of chicago. so that's not getting here by the end of the weekend. the easter forecast, though, sun rise service at 6:52. could be some fog and low clouds and expect it to be dry and mostly cloudy in the day easter
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but not all that cold. clearing and colder tonight. 40 for the low in philadelphia. 35 north and west. during the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. cooler but there's not much wind. and so it will be pretty comfortable. i think a lot of you going to enjoy the day tomorrow. now, on sunday, going to be more clouds, especially in the morning and some fog. but relatively mild in the afternoon and then some showers coming on monday. cooler weather tuesday and then we warm up again and by the end of the week we're back up into the 70s with showers. spring is right around the corner. hi, i'm amy from comecast sportsnet. next up, the phillies showing confidence in the manager and we'll head to louisville where john clark with the villanova news on the eve of the tournament game for the cats.
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hi, i'm amy fadool. tomorrow night find out if villanova earned a spot in the final four. a big obstacle in the way of kansas but the wild cats are full of confidence after a win on thursday. john clark has more from louisville. >> reporter: that was villanova after the sweet 16 win. they are not satisfied. they want to realize their dream of playing in the final four. >> if you told me that a while back i would say sign me up. however i can get there to do it or however i can do it to get there, i'll do whatever. >> coming to villanova i expect us to compete for a final four birth every year. this year we're finally here and
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something we've expected. >> reporter: the cats playing the best basketball of their careers. they've won the first three games by 71 points. shooting percentage close to 60%. >> we'll roll with it, man. i keep telling them. you're great shooters. you're going to keep doing it and let's ride it. >> they're probably playing as well as anybody we have gone against in recent memory that i recall. the volume of 3s they're shooting is more impressive and doing it and everybody's making them. not just like you key on one guy. >> reporter: kansas is overall number 1 seed in the tournament and the last four years the overall number 1 seed they all made it to the final four. in louisville, kentucky, i'm john clark for comecast sportsnet. tournament game here notre dame tonight defeated wisconsin, 61-56. playing the winner of indiana and north carolina currently going on. checking in on baseball now, the
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phillies gave the manager a new contract which will keep him here through the 2017 season and a club option for 2018. >> at this point in my career, i'm just thrilled that i'm doing it an i'm thrilled i'm doing it for the philadelphia phillies. i spent a long time here as a player, a coach and now as a manager and it's very gratifying to be the manager of the philadelphia phillies. >> he and the phils taking on the blue jays. grapefruit league action under the night lights. al franco, an eighth home run of the spring. phils settle for a tie. flyers with coyotes in arizona on saturday night and tied with the red wings for the final playoff spot, both of the teams have 85 points but the flyers are also looking at teams in front of them. in the standings. one of those, flyers two points back of the islanders for the first wild card spot.
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islanders. lightning scored twice in 23 seconds and broke up the tie and tampa bay wins, 7-4. we're right back after this. hey how's it going, hotcakes?
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headed into easter weekend, everyone wants great weather. >> not going to be 70 degrees. >> okay. >> either one of the days i think it's going to be sunnier on saturday than sunday. you can see the future cast of the clouds there on sunday but the showers don't really come until sunday night as you can see. and into monday morning. that's when we have the best chance of seeing some of that and as we go through the seven days, yeah, temperatures still above average over the weekend. cool down by tuesday and by the end of next week, we're back up into the 70s. >> amazing. >> yeah. but there are indications that after that, as we start april,
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it's going to be a cold shot. >> again? >> not finished with it? >> i want to be done with it. >> me, too. >> for all of us here at nbc 10, thank you so much for watching. find fantasy shows.
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy adams, timothy olyphant, musical guest, brett eldredge.


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