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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  March 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tragedy in wilmington after four people and dog are found dead inside an apartment building. this morning are looking into carbon monoxide as a possible cause. and a one-two match-up in the ncaa tournament has red hot villanova read to take on top seeded kansas. we'll have a preview of the elite excitement. and taking a live look outside this the boat house row. we're looking at a mild weekend despite chilly start if you've
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already been out this morning. there's a chill in the air that's surng. we're keeping our eye on the easter forecast. good morning welcome to nbc 10 this morning, i'm katy zachary. let's get a check on your weekend weather with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. >> i had to put on the winter coat this morning. if you're doing so, maybe you'll get that jog in this morning, bundle up. maybe an extra layer. we've been spoiled the last couple of days with really warm air as we look live right now at the city skyline. cool and crisp outside. mainly clear skies at this hour. 39 degrees in philadelphia. that temperature just dropped off a few ticks. 37 in the northeast. 35 degrees in trenton. yes, 27 up there in the poconos. little milder closer to the shore line. 45 at wildwood. 45 degrees in georgetown. we got a northerly wind. so we got winds out of the north at about 17 miles per hour for
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philadelphia and so 16 miles per hour for wilmington. we factor in that wind we have a bit of a wind chill. feels like 29 in wilmington, 28 in mount holly and 29 in trenton. little cooler out there than what we've experienced in the last couple of days but we'll be warming up. high temperatures across the region 58 to 61 degrees. most sunny skies. we expect clouds to be thickening later on this afternoon but we'll stay dry. just a little cooler feel as we get ready for our big easter sun tomorrow. i'll be back with a look at that forecast in just a bit. >> karen, we'll see you then. we are following a developing story this morning. the coast guard is searching for some missing boaters off the shore in atlantic county. officials say three or four people are missing. their fishing boat capsized yesterday late afternoon about half mile off the coast. coast guard crews from new jersey, virginia and north carolina are all helping in the
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search. new from overnight police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene of 19th street and jefferson. homicide detectives say someone shot and killed a man around 12:45 this morning. so far no arrests have been made. from our delaware bureau now this morning police are piecing together a tragedy after four people and a dog were found dead inside an apartment building and there is evidence pointing to carbon monoxide poisoning. nbc 10 drew smith is live in wilmington. drew, the symptoms of this were building wide? >> reporter: it wasn't just in a couple of units were the people unfortunately were found dead. police will plan to return here later on today to figure out how that carbon monoxide built up in several units inside this apartment complex. we are waiting to see if they rule the official causes of the four deaths here as poisoning from that toxic gas. many people were inside their homes when an urgent knock came
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on the door from police around 5:00. they began evacuations after kicking in a door during a welfare check. that's when they saw the first three bodies. during the course of the evacuation another person was found dead in another unit. our cameras captured first responders checking people for the symptoms of carbon monoxide. >> i was just watching tv get a bang on the door from the police. evacuate the building immediately because carbon monoxide scare or whatever. >> reporter: that man you just heard from ended up going on to the hospital just to be checked out to be safe. his unit is directly below the unit where they found those three bodies plus a dog. he's just happy to be okay tonight. but he was having to stay somewhere else long with other residents in two of the buildings. the represented cross is here to assist. live in wilmington, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. now several people were injured in this accident in bensalem, bucks county but we're
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told they are expected to be kay this morning. sky force 10 was offer woodhaven road entrance to southbound 95. that's where a car crashed and rolled over. we're working to find out how many people were in that car, inand why it lost control. the villanova wildcats are set for their elite match-up with kansas tonight. tipoff for the south regional in louisville is set for tonight. now nova is coming off an easy win over miami in the sweet 16. tonight's match-up with top seeded kansas will be the wildcats toughest game so far. but if nova can stay hot from long range they will get their chance to pull the upset. >> roll with it. i just keep telling them you're great shooters. you look great to me. i've never seen anybody shoot so well. you'll keep doing it. >> villanova is looking to make the national semi-finals for the first time since 2009. take a look at this.
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you're looking live at the wells fargo center. notre dame will take on north carolina the tar heels. tomorrow night in the sweet 16. at the center last night the fighting irish beat wisconsin while the tar heels downed indiana. hateful messages are appearing on college campuses across the country after someone or a group has hacked campus printers to produce anti-semitic flyers. now it happened locally at princeton university in mercer county and at several other schools from massachusetts to california. a princeton university spokesperson says beginning on thursday someone remotely accessed the ip addresses of variousers on campus and sent the flyers wirelessly through the internet. we blurred the anti-semisymbols. the flyer provides a link to a well-known white supremacist organization but it's not certain the group is involved in the hack. >> that's something that's the first i've ever heard any anti-semitism on campus.
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>> princeton issued a statement calling the incident a serious offense. it launched an investigation to track down whoever did this. the school's ip department is work to block any further messages. democratic delegates are up for grabs today. coming up we'll break down the test for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, plus donald trump and ted cruz feud, their feud between the two gets even nastier. >> with this pattern he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> outrage rumors of affairs. why cruz blames trump for "national enquirer" story which he calls quote complete garbage. ♪ and stones rock cuba. coming up highlights of the historic concert in havana.
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good saturday morning.
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i'm meteorologist karen thomas. you'll need a jacket if you're heading out early this morning and a lot of folks want to get out and about getting ready for the easter holiday tomorrow. 27 degrees in the poconos. 39 in philadelphia. little warmer towards the shore. we get that onshore flow. 45 degrees in wildwood and 45 degrees in georgetown. we got a northerly wind pushing in from the north so cooler air dropping down. right now winds out of the north in philadelphia at 17 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour in wilmington, delaware. so we got a bit of a temperature change. at that. 27 degrees colder this morning waking up than this time yesterday morning up there in the poconos. look at this, 30 degrees cooler in pottstown, 24 degrees colder in philadelphia, 26 in wilmington. so as i said a light jacket, we'll stay with that scenario for most of the day today. mostly sun skies. we'll stay dry.
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there's the good. not as warm as what we've had the last couple of days. 58-61 degrees for high temperatures across the region. we'll stay with north-northeasterly wind for a good portion of the day. we expect clouds to thicken later on today. we'll stay dry. as we set up for easter sunday things are looking pretty good for tomorrow as well. i'll be back with your easter forecast and a look at the seven day. >> we look forward to that. coming up next bernie sanders meet birdie sanders. how the presidential candidate handled a surprise guest who perched on i had podium. also the need for speed. pennsylvania is bumping up the speed limit on the turnpike. we'll tell you how fast you'll soon be to drive.
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welcome back. turning now to decision 2016, the democrats will hold three nominating caucuses today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are competing for more than 100 delegates in alaska, hawaii and washington state. it was in seattle last night where bernie sanders spoke to his largest crowd yet. an estimated 15,000 people attended the rally at the mariner's baseball stadium. sanders will cut into hillary clinton's delegate lead if he does well with voters this weekend. and senator sanders dot erers g surprise visitor. he pointed to a nearby bird as he was speaking. before he could finish his thought the bird flu over to his podium and perched there. sanders laughed as the crowd cheered. he said the bird was a symbol of world peace. the republicans have no
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contest until friday but the two leading candidates have their game on when it comes to trash talking. ted cruz lashed out at donald trump yesterday calling him sleazy. the texas senator accused the gop front-runner of planting a story in the national enquirer claiming cruz had a string of extramarital affairs. one of trump's allies was the only source in the story who went on the record. this was cruz's reaction. >> let me be clear. this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is and you wanter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> reporter: trump denied that allege. the republicans next contest is this friday in north dakota. tensions remain high in europe as security forces conduct a terror crackdown following tuesday'sly attacks in brussels. those forces carried out raids yesterday in the same part of brussels where bomb making
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supplies were found in an apartment earlier this week. police have arrested nine people since thursday. cell phone video captured this police operation at a tram stop where a suspect took a woman hostage. police shot him in the leg. isis took credit for that tuesday attack that killed 34 people including two americans. the top money man for isis is dead. the pentagon announced yesterday that u.s. special forces killed haji iman, u.s. intelligence considered him second-in-command of isis. counterterrorism sources told nbc news american force in helicopters landed in syria on thursday. they waited for iman's car -- they wanted to take him alive but ended up in a fire fight killing iman and three others in that vehicle. >> systematically eliminating isis' cabinet. indeed the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorist this week we believe haji iman.
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>> iman had a $7 million price on his head. experts say it's not clear if his death will stop isis waging for terror attacks especially for revenge. it is official, 70 miles per hour speed limits will be coming to the pennsylvania turnpike and interstate highway this may. the speed limit is going up from 65 miles per hour to 70. urban areas currently posted at 55 miles per hour, though, will not change. turnpike tested the faster speed on 100 mile stretch of the road for the last two years and say they found no changes in the number of accidents. it as if pennsylvania lawmakers will delay a bill to legalize medical marijuana in this state. some key senators said they are concerned about the measure passed by the house last week. bill would allow patients to take marijuana in pills, oil or liquid form but not smoke it. the senate passed the initial bill last year, but now some of them may be pushing for change.
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist thomas. we'll go ahead and a look at our weather headlines. sun and clouds today as we make our final easter preparations for the big day tomorrow. mild weekend on. all in all just give it a mild description. rainy monday. could become stormy monday. keep a close eye on that. we drop down just a tick in the last hour or so in terms of temperature readings. 39 degrees in philadelphia right now. that's 24 degrees colder than what we felt this time yesterday. that's thanks to a push in the jet stream and the northerly wind we have this morning. 27 degrees in the poconos. 31 degrees in allentown right now. 33 in pottstown if you're heading out early this morning you get the picture. put a jacket on for sure. if you're like me maybe a pair of gloves. 40 degrees in atlantic city. 42 millville. and it is 40 degrees in dover,
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delaware. temperatures will be bumping up as we get to sunshine. we're awaiting sunrise at 6:56. i want to go ahead and show you that temperature readings well above-normal over the last couple of days and we're looking for not necessarily warmth this weekend but we are calling it mild. not too bad with temperatures in the 60s. we are dry for now. but we're watching two areas that a low pressure developing out in the midwest and we do have a low pressure system down here in the and those two systems will be bringing some moisture with that. we're watching a cold front that will be associated with that low out in the midwest. that will be making its way for monday into our area. so we're dry for now. clear which is really good. we'll look the sunshine today but clouds thicken later on today. as we move through our easter sunday sun and clouds and then heavier cloud cover later on in the day. as we get into sun night tomorrow night that's when we
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look for the showers to move into the area, the front gets closer to us. look at this, all the green indicating precipitation and then some heavier rain out here to the west. that will be moving in for monday. so have the umbrellas handy for moan. today we're dry. mostly sunny little cooler. 58-61 for high temperatures across the region and happy easter for tomorrow. here's a break swroun for your morning service, church service mass hat you're going to. fog in the morning. low level cloud. 42 degrees. warming up to about 51 by 11:00 a.m. the key here is we should stay nice and dry for a good portion of our easter holiday. 60 degrees for a high temperature today we'll look for 63 tomorrow. we stay in the offenses for monday as that cold front moves through and then we dry out for wednesday. warming up towards the end of the week. thank you. villanova will have a lot of fans rooting them on during tonight's game against kansas including one who became known
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for her tearful devotion to the wildcats. take a look. >> i don't play the piccolo any more unless people want notice. >> we catch up with the sad piccolo girl. what she has to say about last year's heartbreaker. >> scary moment there's. danger from. a chunk of ice dropped from the sky and through a wine shield on a brand car. what investigators are saying where they think it came from.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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good stuff there. mick jagger strutted as the rolling stones rocked cuba. the legendary band performed a free concert for tens of thousands of fans its sports complex in havana last night. cuba banned rock music for decades. people are looking forward nor concerts as the island emerges from decades of isolation. the villanova wildcats are getting ready for their ncaa tournament match-up tonight against the kansas jayhawks. so are their fans.
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this morning we're catching up with this famous fan. you remember her, her tears and all. former member of the band who became known as the sad pi ccco girl. tim furlong has her story. ♪ >> reporter: villanova's bland glad their basketball season isn't over but you may remember this girl got the world's attention when villanova's season ended sadder and early. tears streaming she still managed to play her piccolo. >> i was emotional because it was my senior. i thought it would be the last time i would wear that jersey and play the pi clo. >> she's giving two tickets to her world tour. >> her teary moment got her on the "tonight show". jimmy fallon got taylor swift to give her concert tickets. >> i didn't want him to see me
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crying. >> the internet made all kind of names. she got her own crying piccolo girl bobble head. a year later she's in grad school. she doesn't play her piccolo. she does support her wildcats in the elite eight in louisville. >> i'm closely watching it. i watched it last night. >> if villanova sees her saturday night or at one of the games in houston, she said villanova fans it's okay to cry but let's hope villanova's season end as week from monday with a win and a national title. it's 6:26. from our delaware bureau four people and a dog are dead after a tragedy at a wilmington apartment building nbc 10 drew smith is following the developments.
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we'll hear from drew in just a. jackets that's the call for your weather this morning. sunshine as we await the official sunrise at 6:56 this morning. what a beautiful shot in cape may, new jersey. also a good accuse to get out there and walk the beach or promenade. cool temperatures out there so you want to put on a jacket for sure. we got sun and clouds later today and easter forecast. i'll be back with that after the break. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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this morning four people are dead after a tragedy in wilmington apartment building. investigators believe carbon monoxide could be the cause. we are live on the scene with the latest developments. and taking on the top seed. villanova wildcats are on a tear but kansas came into the tournament as the overall favorite. we'll preview tonight's
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match-up. and taking a live look outside, this is a great shot center city, philadelphia. be warned it is a chilly start to your saturday. sunrise is just a few minutes way. we'll tell you how much sunrise you can expect to see today and we'll take a look at your easter sunday forecast. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm katy zachary. it's just 6:00 on your saturday. let's get to your holiday forecast with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. >> have you colored east eed ea yet? >> that's today. >> nice weather backdrop for that as well. heading out, getting loose ends tied up, running some errands, picking up that easter egg dye. nice day on tap. cool and crisp this morning. mainly clear skies as you await for the official sunrise. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 38 in wilmington. 36 degrees in mount holly.
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chilly start for sure. 43 in wildwood. 40 in atlantic city. 45 in georgetown. we have a northerly wind right now. and so that is helping to bring down some cooler air for us than what we experienced the last couple of days. we really were spoiled with that warmth, that spring warm up we had. 17 miles per hour, our within count out of the north so look at this this 24 hour temperature change. waking up yesterday morning we were 24 degrees warmer. we're down 28 in trenton, 27 in the northeast and 26 in wilmington. so a little cooler start but mostly sunny skies. there's the good news. we'll warm up 58-61. i'll be back with a look at easter and your seven day in just a bit. we continue to follow a developing story this morning. the coast guard is searching for some missing boaters off the shore in atlantic county. officials say three or four people are missing. their fishing boat capsized yesterday late afternoon.
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about half mile off the coast. coast guard crews from new jersey, virginia and north carolina are all helping in the search. new from overnight a man shot in southwest philadelphia is in stable condition. police say around midnight an officer witnessed someone firing shots from a car. the car sped away. the officer tried to stop it. the car crashed into soming parked cars. several men took off running. police were able to catch one of them. they found a shotgun inside that car. from overnight police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene of 19th and jefferson streets. homicide detectives said someone shot and killed a man around 12:45 this morning. little information and no arrests have been made. from our delaware bureau four people and a dog are dead after a tragedy in wilmington. drew smith is live on the scene where investigators are looking
6:33 am
into a possible case of carbon monoxide poisoning and drew the victims range in age here from kids to adults, right? >> reporter: we know carbon monoxide does not discriminate. anybody who was in two buildings which remain closed off that suffered some of these symptoms. all had to be checked out. there were those deaths as well. investigators plan to return here today to check into the cause of what they are calling an environmental problem inside. they want to out where it came from and prevent it from happening again. we do know this investigation has focused on high levels of carbon monoxide in these homes. yesterday family members got worried after they western able to reach their loved ones for more than a day and during a check officers found the first three bodies and that dog in one apartment during the immediate evacuation that followed they found a fourth body inside another apartment unit. relatives were here on scene. they an emotional reaction when they found out what happened.
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>> we knew something was wrong. had to call the police. they kicked in the door and found three people dead. >> knocked onto door, police were banging and like evacuate immediately. >> reporter: investigators will only confirm that this is an environmental in nature case and of course this investigation will continue. we're told it could last up to several days. we do know a total of seven people ended up being checked into hospitals. they wanted to make sure they were okay. we heard from one witness who said one of those people was taken out of their home unconscious. we're live in wilmington. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. it is a huge night for villanova men's basketball. the wildcats are ready for they're elite hatchup with top seeded kansas in the south regional final of the ncaa tournament. nova nation is count be down as so many in our area to tonight's big game in louisville, kentucky. as you can see from our clock we're over 14 hours away from
6:35 am
tipoff between the cats and jayhawks. nova beat miami pretty handedly in the sweet 16 thursday night match-up. the match-up with kansass however, will be by far the wildcats toughest game of the season. you'll flare the players and coaches coming up in sports. sky force 10 was over two serious crashes philadelphia last night. a motorcycle hit a man who was crossing busy roosevelt boulevard. it happened arobertson 8:30 last night. the man is in the hospital this morning listed in critical condition. just ten minutes before that crash, in crash a man died after being hit by a car in southwest philadelphia. ski force 10 was that scene along lindbergh boulevard. the driver did stay scene. take a look that. police are trying to track down how a chunk of ice a huge chunk ever ice fell from the sky and smashed car windshield near
6:36 am
harrisburg. customers at a kia dealership were looking at cars and that's when a football size chunk of ice crashed through the windshield of a brand new car. >> what? >> all we saw looked like a bird flying towards our car. >> no one was hurt physically. investigators think the ice may have come from a plane flying into nearby harrisburg jirnl airport. the nbc investigators have uncovered new information about this serious fire and mysterious fire i should say at a warehouse in delaware county. dea is investigating if this was a drug lab. earlier this month you'll remember the fire destroyed an auto repair and detailing business. fire crews found 55 gallon drums at the scene which were filled with drug makie making chemical. >> oh, my god. down there? are you kidding me? >> we need to be safe. kids need to be safe around here
6:37 am
too. >> nbc 10 investigators found that the bureau has no inspection records for the warehouse. we reached out the warehouse owner and employer well as the fire marshal. our calls and emails have not been returned. it's 6:37. coming up next a run for charity. thousands of athletes are getting ready for a 5k that begins and ends here at citizens park. we'll have a preview of the run today. plus when it comes to the holiday candy battle, easter is king it turns out. we'll break down how it managed to beat out halloween.
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good saturday morning
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meteorologist meteorologii'm meteorologist karen thomas. . 39 degrees in philadelphia. warmer here along the shore line. not much. 40 in atlantic city. 42 degrees in millville. we have a northerly wind that is just pushing down through the area right now. 17 miles per hour out of the north in philadelphia, in mount holly, 16 miles per hour for our wind count in wilmington, delaware. so that's factored into the temperature this is what it really feels like outside. strange to be talking about a wind chill in spring right before easter. easter weekend. but here it is. feels like 29 in wilmington and feels more like 28 degrees in mount holly. if you're heading out this morning as i mentioned just a jacket. we're looking for plenty ever sunshine today. we'll stay dry. just cooler than what we were sort of spoiled with the last couple of days with temperatures in the 70s. you won't quite get there but not doing too badly. 58-61 degrees for high temperatures across the region,
6:41 am
northerly wind, expect that wind to shift out of the northeast five to ten miles per hour. i'll be back with your easter holiday forecast and a look at the seven day. thinking of easter, speaking of easter, you might think halloween is the biggest holiday for candy sales. easter is the winner of the candy battle. now according to nielsen data it's the most lucrative week of the year for candy retailers. in the week before easter last year americans bought $823 million worth of cream filled eggs, chocolate rabbits and peeps. that equals 146 million pounds of candy. just in time for easter, k-mart has teamed up with the maker of peeps to create my peeps tool. facebook users can create their own virtual peeps box adding their faces to the boxes. peeps are made here in our headquarter. they are headquartered up in the
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lehigh valley. coming up next a hot topic in college sports opinion should student athletes get paid. that's one of the issues up for debate at drexel. plus new york's finest versus philly's finest onto gridiron. police officers and firefighters defend their cities in a friendly game here in the northeast. >> roll with it. i just keep telling them you're great shooters. you look great to me. i've never seen anybody shoot so well. >> villanova coach and hears hope to keep it rolling tonight against kansas. hear what they have to say about their tournament run so far.
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welcome back. police in wilmington are looking into a tragedy. four people and a dog were found dead in an apartment building filled with carbon monoxide. seven others were taken to the hospital and are now listed in stable condition. and we continue to follow a developing story this morning. the coast guard is searching for several missing boaters off the coast of atlantic county. their fishing boat capsize yesterday afternoon about half mile off shore. and tonight is the night that villanova can punch its ticket to the national semi-finals. the wildcats face top seeded kansas in the ncaa south regional final. tipoff tonight in louisville is 8:49. today a conference focusing on the rights of student athletes wraps up at drexel university. now yesterday one expert predicted what college players will do in a few years if schools do not start paying them for their talents.
6:46 am
>> it's not just the final four. the on time that will change their mind, it will change their mind because billions of dollars. >> today's discussion that drexel university begins at 8:00 this morning. the event is free for college and high school athletes. call it a rivalry renewed. philadelphia police officers and a few firefighters took their new york counterparts in a football game yesterday in northeast philadelphia. the gridiron meeting happened twice a year. phillies team name is the blue flames. new york goes by the name finest football. >> through the years we have officers from philadelphia, new york. we play everyone. it's a good time. >> unfortunately new york got the better of philly this trip winning 38-6.
6:47 am
ouch. it's feeling a little bit like football forecast out there with our chilly temperatures this morning. we are looking for sun and clouds today. we should stay dry. mild weekend. we won't call it a warm weekend. but mild weekend overall and tracking some rain come moan. so you need the umbrellas for the start of the next work week. 39 degrees. pretty much the temperature call across the region. temperatures in the upper 30s right now. we got a northerly wind at 17 miles per hour. you can see here the 24 degree temperature change. we were 24 degrees warmer this time yesterday so kind of interesting there. we're actually in the 20s in the poconos. 27 degrees. 35 in trenton. 39 in philadelphia. 42 degrees right now in millville. not much warmer closer we get to the shore line. but we were enjoying warmth the past couple of days. wednesday we made it up 69 on thursday. 73 on friday and so that's why
6:48 am
we say not really warm for our saturday, sun our easter holiday but mild we're looking for sunshine today. all in all not a bad forecast or our easter holiday weekend. watching an area of low pressure here developing just out of the midwest, i should say and then down here, down near the gulf pulling moisture from the gulf as another low pressure system and those systems will be developing over the next 24 hours. we should stay dry and mainly clear but future weather showing the clouds do roll in later this afternoon through the overnight. so for your early easter mass tomorrow morning or church service you may be heading to you may cee lo level clouds starting out early in the morning and then sunshine and then clouds come back into the forecast later. but then the rain moves in tomorrow evening, sunday evening into overnight, early monday morning. future has us sundmonday mornin
6:49 am
commute could be soggy. rain could be heavy at times on monday. mostly sunny. 58-61 degrees. we say happy easter tomorrow. not looking too badly. we'll talk you through the morning hours and what you can expect again for your chump service or mass early tomorrow morning. 42 at 7:00 a.m., 51 there at 9:00 a.m. and close to 60 degrees by lunch time. so the easter bunny will be hopping for sure. we're looking for temperaturesly in the 60s. even into monday. we don't really see a warm up until the end of the week and boy temperatures really are expected to take off but, again, sort of be on and off with the shower activity wednesday looks like the dry day. all right, karen looks good. now just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. we get a look at what they are covering this morning. good morning to you two. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today" we're live in brussels with the latest on the
6:50 am
investigation to find all the people responsible for this week's terror attacks. and we'll talk to a top counterterrorism expert about how big of a threat we're facing here in the u.s. these days. >> also ahead this morning one couple's fight to get their foster daughter back in their home after she was removed because she's 1/64th native american. >> a rock concert like no other. we have all the highlights from the rolling stones concert last night in havana. >> wait until you see this moment the dog and his owner are reunited. they were both wounded wild serving in afghanistan. those stories and more as we get started right here on "today". >> lost to talk about this morning. thanks to you both. >> see you both. hi i'm from comcast sports net. tonight we'll find out if villanova earned a spot in the final four. a big obstacle stands in their
6:51 am
way. top seed kansas. the wildcats full of confidence after a big win on thursday. john clark has more from louisville. >> reporter: that was villanova after their sweet 16 win. they are not satisfied. they want to realize their dream of playing in the final four. >> if you told me that a while back i would say sign me up. however i can get there to do it or however i can do it to get there i'll do whatever. >> coming to villanova i wasn't expecting this to be a mediocre team. i expected us to compete for a final four berth every year. this year is something we expected. >> reporter: they are playing the best basketball of their careers. they won their first three games by 72 points. their shooting percentage is close to 60%. >> we're rolling with it. i keep telling them you're great shooters. you look great to me.
6:52 am
i've never seen anybody shoopt as well. let's keep riding it. >> they are playing as well as anybody that we've gone against in recent memory. the volume of threes they have been shooting makes it more impressive. and everybody is making them. not like you can key on one guy. >> reporter: kansas is the overall number one seed in the tournament and the last four years the overall number one seed they all made it to the final four. in louisville, kentucky, i'm john clark for comcast sports net. >> thank you. should be a good game on tap. to baseball, phillies gave the manager a new contract that will keep him here in philadelphia through the 2017 season and a club option for 2018. >> at this point in my career i'm just thrilled that i'm doing it and thrilled i'm doing it for the phillies. i spent a long time here as a player, coach and now as a manager. and it's very gratifying.
6:53 am
in grapefruit action, franco hit his eighth home run. that came in the third inning. and they settled for a 4-4 tie. flyers face the coyotes in arizona. they are tied with the red wings for the final playoff spot. both teams have 85 points. but the flyers were looking at teams in front of them in the standings. one of those teams two points back of the islanders. the flyers, for the first wild card spot, they were in tampa bay. third period. lightning scored twice in 23 second to break open the tie. do the flyers a favor. tampa bay wins. that will do it for sports.
6:54 am
katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn. welcome back. few minutes before 7:00 a.m. here's a live look outside at citizen bank park in south philadelphia. where thousands of runners will aipac the area a 5k race around the ballpark. the run begins at 9:00 a.m. and benefits phillies charities. the race is sold out but you're invited to come down and listen to live music and see our friend the philly phanatic. >> runners and walkers will
6:57 am
participate at a run at the philadelphia zoo. with it ill benefit parkinson's disease. money raised from this 5k goes to parkinson's research. >> great weather. >> and for the easter. >> everybody is getting ready for the easter bunny and looking nice as we look at boat house row. little chilly to start our saturday but all in all plenty of sunshine on tap and that's good news and right now it's looking like our easter forecast will be dry, sun and clouds. clouds will thicken later on during the day tomorrow. overall the weekend is looking like a mild one with temperatures mainly in the low to mid-60 range and having wet roads for moan. >> have a great rest of your morning. we'll be back in 25 minutes. ♪
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good morning. on high alert. belgium on edge this morning. a show of force in the streets as authorities search for other attackers who may have been involved in tuesday's deadly bombing. nine people arrested since the attacks. one in a dramatic takedown on camera. we're live in brussels. firing back. a furious ted cruz over a national enquirer report that he has multiple affairs. >> it is a tabloid smear. >> cruz blames donald trump for getting it published. emergency landing scare. a frightening experience for


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