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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 27, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a carbon monoxide scare forces people at an old city philadelphia restaurant onto the street. also this -- >> final four! final four! >> that's right. wildcat nation closer to playing on the biggest national stagidge college basketball. happy easter sunday. a live look outside. we are monitoring things at the
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basilica. sunrise services begin. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news. i'm katy zachry. it's 5:30 on easter sunday morning. let's get a check of the weather. started out cool and karen thomas assured us it would warm up and it did. >> today is easter sunday. hopefully everybody will be enjoying the holidays this afternoon. whatever your plans are, the weather will cooperate for the most part. we do have clouds around but the temperature increase is pretty noticeable. we're mild. 45 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're actually in the 30s in the poconos. this time yesterday we were in the 20s up there. 42 trenton take you along the shoreline not badly there either, 45 atlantic city 46. here is 48 hour temperature change. instead of all those negative signs we saw yesterday morning we're actually above where we were yesterday morning. this is encouraging news in
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terms of the temperature. happy easter everyone as you're waking up early this morning. we have official sunrise at 6: 52 a.m. at about that time we expect the ticker to go down 1 degrees. 47 by 9:00 a.m. peaks of sunshine. mainly overcast skies, 52 by 11:00 a.m. i'll be back to talk more about the rain we're tracking and a closer look at the seven-day. katy. >> thanks so much. utility crews and investigators checking out carbon monoxide at a philadelphia restaurant. 2nd and chestnut in old city, firefighters called to the restaurant around midnight and found a high level of carbon monoxide on the building. they evacuated the building with apartments above the restaurant. fortunately no one was hurt. what a win for nova nation. the team fought hard all night and edged out a win against top
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ranked kansas to advance in the ncaa tournament. nbc 10's drew smith outside wells fargo center with reaction to that nail biting victory. dry, i venture to say you didn't see the whole game. >> i was asleep. i was catching up, villanova heading back to the final four since 2009. a lot of the fans it's a big deal westbound in the final four. but hey, they want more. they want nil november to bring a national championship back to the philadelphia area. nbc 10 at the watch party while fans watched number two seed wildcats hold off comeback attempt by number one ranked kansas. villanova won final by six points. this the university's fifth time making it to the final four in the entire history of the
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school. we had jim furlong outside the center last night where he found nova fans lucky enough to be there in person for kentucky for the big game. listen to one fan who turned a trip to his in-laws into one he could remember. >> this is awesome. we came in for easter and got tickets. i couldn't ask for a better weekend to see the team play. >> everybody is hoping for more. villanova will play oklahoma and houston this coming saturday. fans will also be paying attention to what's happening here at the wells fargo center tonight. more basketball action coming your way later on. that will be both notre dame and north carolina fighting it out. maybe one of those teams could be a contender if villanova makes it to the championship which is a week from tomorrow. live in philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. drew, thank you. ahead in just minutes, villanova
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coverage continues with comcast sports net john clark who will have player reaction. you won't want to miss that. 5:34. today is easter sunday when christians mark the resurrection of jesus christ. we're going to take a live look at eno one tabernacle church. the church has two easter services this morning. one begins in less than half an hour from now and the other is later at 10:00 a.m. there will be several easter services at the basilica of st. peter and paul in center city. you're looking live at the basilica where they are preparing for the first service which begins at 8:00 a.m. a pennsylvania pilot accused of being drunk before a flight in philadelphia. the flight was canceled and left people scram ling, supposed to go from detroit to philadelphia international.
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a report on a problem that turned out a hassle for flyers. >> reporter: many passengers traveling for easter, some heading on vacation for spring break, but all of them forced to scramble after their pilot was arrested on the tarmac. they were posed to arrive here in philly just before 9:00 a.m. but american airlines flight 736 never even got off the ground in detroit. at first passengers were told it would be a brief delay. >> 15, 20-minute delay. it's a seat problem. >> mitchell and his mom were hoping to fly to the dominican. when they looked out their window, they saw police cars. >> they had him handcuffed and they were putting him into the vehicle. >> their own pilot arrested on the tarmac. officials said he was acting drunk and failed two tests. he was acting strange before he got in the pilot.
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>> i'm glad they caught him. i heard them talking about it. they were stunned when they figured out what it was. >> told nbc 10 this is a serious matter and assisting local law enforcement and faa. we apologize to customers for their disruption to travel plans. the pilot, who officials say lives in pennsylvania, could face charges. it's against faa rules to drink eight hours before a flight or have a blood alcohol level above 0.04. passengers bumped from their flights are furious. >> compensate us for our trouble. >> we have reached out to get more details but so far american airlines has failed to identify the pilot. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. manager of wilmington apartment complex said a faulty boiler pipe is blamed for the
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death of four people after a carbon monoxide leak friday. they evacuated more people at the river heights complex yesterday. red unsafe for occupancy signs. eight people remain in the hospital this morning. from a jersey shore bureau, the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for missing boaters about a half mile off the coast of brigantine, just north of atlantic city. it started friday night when someone reported seeing three or four people on top of when looked like an overturned fishing boat. they searched yesterday but didn't turn up any sign of a boat or distressed voters. officials say no boaters reported overdue. turning to decision 2016 and voters are feeling the bern this weekend. >> that is what it's about.
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>> next bernie sanders picks up wins in three caucuses. testing front-runner hillary clinton. also ahead, aerial assist. we will take you to cherry hill where the easter bunny got some help from above at this easter egg hunt.
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good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas and happy easter to everyone. if you're waking up early this morning, you know, just want to relax this morning maybe as we glide to cape may, the sun is officially up at 6:52 this morning. philadelphia feeling fairly mild out there. 42 trenton, 44 in the northeast, 45 in wilmington. down along the shoreline we do have that on-shore flow so not feeling too badly. a little chilly in the 40s.
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one spot in delaware. we're up, see the 24-hour temperature change. these temperatures are 7 to 4 to 6 degrees from where we were yesterday. happy easter, whatever your easter sunday plans, here is the planner through tomorrow. we'll stay dry. we do have clouds. it will be chilly. along with easter bonnet, want to put on easter jacket. we're tracking rain later on into the evening and overnight hours, 56 to 60 degrees for high temperatures today. southern delaware with south jeers y, strong eastly wind that already kicked in. a little cooler because of of that cold ocean breeze. that easterly wind kept temperatures down below 56 along the shoreline. i'll be back with the seven day in just a bit. >> we'll see you then.
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decision 2016 bernie sanders sweeped alaska, hawaii. chris pollone reports for us. >> reporter: bernie sanders celebrating projected wins in caucuses. the victory is exactly what he needed after losing to hillary clinton in five states just 11 days ago. sanders picked up delegates endemocrats proportional contest. sanders in wisconsin says that's all changed. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead. we have a past toward victory. >> sanders tends to do well in states with caucuses and smaller percentages of minority voters. 58% of delegates with democratic nominee. not impossible but improbable
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given clinton's faith of loyal supporters. >> this is the woman i see as president. >> wisconsin, three remaining candidates there in anticipation of who, if anyone governor scott walker will endorse. ted cruz picks up david dewhurst, beat him in the race for senate. >> that was then, this is now. we're two different people. we're both almost identical in our views and we're both conservatives. >> cruz best point to bring together after a fight that gets uglier by the day. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are each hoping to win the presidential nomination by the start of the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. as you can see 120 days away
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from dnc. even though sanders had a good day yesterday, he still faces an uphill battle in the delegate count. clinton leads with 1672 delegates, sanders has 994. whoever gets 2383 wins the democratic nomination. now to the republican side of things. donnell trump is on top with 752 delegates. ted cruz in second with 470 and john kasich rounds out the field with 143. the republicans who get 1237 delegates wins his party's nomination. and for complete coverage of 2016, you can -- we'll give you information about the primaries in our area and update delegate counts. be sure top tap the nbc 10 app, it's a free one. bernard's sanders and john kasich join moderator chuck todd on "meet the press." it comes your way at 10:30 right
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here on nbc 10. you sign it every time you see your doctor. it's a hipaa form. it's designed to protect your medical information. one privacy advocate is not buying it. we'll discuss why she says signing the form is a big mistake. >> hipaa form is really a deception. what hipaa is or what the public believes about hipaa is it protects their privacy. actually it does exactly the opposite. coming up at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. also next the sad update about the american couple missing since the terror attacks in brussels. and we are learning new details in the investigation and who was behind it. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. in brussels. it's now confirmed two more americans died in the attack
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tuesday. nbc news reports justin shults and his wife stephanie died in the airport bombings. at the time the couple was saying good-bye to the couple's mother who was waving good-bye. the mother was not hurt. a brother and sister from new york also died. it killed at least 31 people and injured nearly 300. turning now to the investigation. yesterday belgian authorities charged three suspects in custody with terrorism. another man they arrested near brussels faces similar charges. nbc news confirmed the identity of one of the suspects of faycal cheffou. belgian media suggestion he's the man you see there in the hat walking into the brussels airport with the two men who blew themselves up. isis has taken credit for the deadly attack. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. and good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas with a look at your weather headlines this easter sunday morning. not doing too badly out there, although we do have cloud cover around. not a lot of sunshine but temperatures should cooperate and we should stay dry for a good forportion of our day. we are tracking rain into tonight and tomorrow. warm-up in the seven-day forecast we'll see temperatures jump back into the 70s by the end of the week. that's encouraging if you're waiting on warm weather. 45 in philadelphia, up 4 degrees from where we were yesterday. just a little milder there. 80% relative humidity. we do have winds out of the east northeast not too badly at 7 miles an hour. temperatures across the region feeling a bit milder as we head out for church services and masses and different things going on easter sunday morning. we will need a light jacket preferably. heading out later today with an easter bonnet, maybe a light
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jacket. we'll see how it goes. we are staying dry. that's the good news. show you moderate temperatures where we're headed. yesterday we did reach 60 degrees, projected high temperature. close to 60 today at 59. holding steady at 63 tomorrow with clouds and rain. look at the cool off there, temperatures begin to jump up midweek. we could go to the 70s by the end of the week. all right. watching two areas. low pressure systems, they are developing. this the one getting its act together, having snow situated with it west of st. louis. another strong low developing in the southeast pulling a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. those two systems will affect our area first in the way of cloud cover. we're expecting overcast skies for easter sunday because of a system down to the south. that will be rolling up the coast. we should stay dry. we'll see showers coming in south to north. overnight this future weather
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model showing us we do get some rain, some of it heavy at times, overnight early tomorrow. the monday afternoon on and off before the clearing comes for tuesday, high pressure moving in. for today, your easter sunday, mostly cloudy is the call. showers later on 56 to 60 for high temperatures across the region. you're heading out early this morning for church services. this is your planner. you can count on cloudy skies, some peeks of sunshine by 9:00 a.m. temperatures warming to about 52 degrees. we'll show you another one because we love peter cotton tail bringing easter candy to kids. mid-50s, bumping to 59 from there. take you all the way out. wednesday, tuesday, wednesday, we sort of dry out. rain coming back. look at the temperature bump we get thursday friday. katy. >> thank you. nova nation is all smiles this easter sunday. next in sports, comcast sports
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net john clark take you inside the locker room as players react to last night's nail biting win.
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the philadelphia community brings a new mural to life. the philadelphia credit union hosted a community paint day yesterday. it was a good day to do it. dozens got their hands dirty as they tackled different sections of this giant painting. features past and present residents and tells the story of the neighborhood's history. villanova is cutting down the net. the cats are going to the final four. nova nation is ecstatic. >> it's great. i love it now. i'm going to feel it in the morning. i can't wait. it's crazy. it's crazy.
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>> we're still not satisfied. we still want to win when we get to houston. >> it was great. it was something i wasn't expecting. i don't want to take any focus away from the team. i think it was a whole team effort. unbelievab unbelievable. >> they got me. they got me really bad in the locker room. remnants of the big east championship i should have anticipated. i wear it as a badge of honor. it's like being when you're a parent, you think your kids are the greatest and then when you see them live that out and become great, it's just makes your heart swell. >> daniel ochefu cutting down the net. villanova only shot 40% but their defense was unbelievable when they have given up less than 70 points this year, they are 28-1 and now going to the
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final four. in louisville, kentucky, i'm john clark, comcast sports net. the flyers could not enhance their playoff chances in phoenix last night. the coyotes scored two goals in the second period. sean couturier got one back in the final minute of the game but it wasn't enough. arizona won 2-1. flyers clinging to that final wild card spot in the east. they return home to play winnipeg last night. 76ers scored on the road. they were in portland. sixers trimmed a double digit lead but 108-105. thompson and covington scored 17 points. visit championship warriors tonight. back to top story, villanova wildcats won. drew smith live with reaction this morning. it was a nailbiter, drew. >> katy, sounded like john clark
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was a little excited, not unlike the fans. we'll hear from them in philadelphia and louisville, kentucky, from both of our crews. that's coming up next. so much excitement around villanova game for sure, not just john clark but we're excited about the weather as well. it's easter sunday morning and we have dry conditions. there's good news there. we do have cloud cover around. we're limited on sunshine, waking up this sunday morning. that isn't going to stop the easter bunny. we have a decent forecast on track. however, we are tracking rain. stay tuned after the break. i'll break that down for you and we'll take a closer look at the seven-day forecast in just a bit.
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>> final four! final four! final four! >> yeah, final four. that is the next stop to the villanova wild kads. the team advances in the ncaa tournament after a tension-filled victory last night. grounded. this american airlines pilot was arrested right on the tarmac for allegedly showing up for a flight to philadea


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