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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  March 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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they are elated. march on villanova. wildcats knock off top seeded kansas and nova nation is celebrating this morning. >> that is what it's about. >> plus a clean sweep for bernie sanders. sanders notches wins in three states over hillary clinton. is it enough to put a dent in
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the front-runner's lead. we'll break down the delegate count for you. plus happy easter. many getting ready to go to easter services. weaver-of- we're taking a live look at one of those and we'll check in with other easter services throughout the morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." 7:01 on easter sunday. i'm katy zachry, thanks for joining us. let's get to first alert karen thomas with easter forecast. starting cool, ending wet, news in the middle. >> a little of everything like an easter basket. happy easter and good sunday morning for sure. a little cloud cover outside and sunshine, peeks of sun. the sun is officially up after 6:52 sunrise. a lot of folks getting up early because of the easter holiday. as you're heading out this morning, 45 in philadelphia,
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cooler in mount holly, 45 in minimumton. at the shoreline easterly flow. temperatures mainly in the mid-40s down along the shore and southern delaware. philly the warm spot. winds will be increasing again especially alongshore line east northeast as we move on through our day. 7 miles per hour in philadelphia. what you can expect over the next hour or so, temperature reading in philadelphia 45. 43 in other areas. 47 at 9:00 a.m. we're looking for a high temperature today later this afternoon of about 59 degrees, limited sunshine this afternoon. but we should stay dry, have the umbrellas handy for tonight. i'll be back with more details on the rain and a warmer temperature reading towards the end of the week. >> we like that, karen. an investigator check out carbon
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monoxide scare at philadelphia restaurant. nbc 10 was at the scene at borrows restaurant and lounge at second and chestnut in old town city. firefighters called to the restaurant found a high of carbon monoxide in the place. police helped evacuate the building which has apartments above. no one was hurt. nova nation comes up big in the big dance. the wildcats topple top seeded kansas and now they are moving deeper into the ncaa tournament. nbc 10's drew smith live outside wells fargo south philadelphia with reaction. drew. >> indicakaty, this is just wha wanted. after a couple of appearances end early in disappointment, this year shaping up differently. nova nation fans waking up in our area headed to final four for the first time since 2009. nbc 10 was outside the young center in louisville kentucky kailua-kona last night right after the buzzer. this group of women from our area traveled to see the team.
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you can see them holding signs and cheering on their favorite. a lot of people got together and watched on tv. we have video from a watch party in king of prussia. nbc 10 and many fans want to see a national champion brought back here to the philadelphia area. >> way overdue and i'm psyched they are going to win this year. go nova! >> what they have done this year makes it that much more special, bringing so much pride to the villanova nation. >> reporter: we are keeping an eye on the team's travel plans. we expect to see them arrive back home today and saturday onto houston to take on oklahoma. but you're looking at the wells fargo center because more basketball is happening here tonight in philadelphia. top ranked north carolina team will take on notre dame. that is a late night game tonight. live in south philadelphia i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew, thank you. today christians across the world and here in our area are
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celebrating easter. we're going to take a live look right now sunrise easter service inside the eno one tabernacle baptist church in philadelphia's section. a lot going on there. churchgoers marking resurrection of jesus christ. the church will hold a second service beginning at 10:00 a.m. now another live look at cathedral basilica at st. peter and paul in philadelphia. there will be several easter sunday services today there. the the first begins in less than an hour right at 8:00 a.m. just a short time ago pope francis presided over easter mass. tens of thousands of faithful went to tight security to attend the service. police checked handbags and backpacks following terror attacks in brussels this last week of the pope and solemn as he gave his easter blessing and speech on world affairs. last night the faux pas presided
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over fourth at st. peter's at the vatican, blessing of the papal fire and candle as a symbol of christ, the lie of the world in the catholic faith. accused of being drunk before a flight to philadelphia, under arrest, cancel the flight leaving passengers scrambling for transportation. supposed to bring travelers from detroit metropolitan airport to philly interpret but the flight never got off the ground. first passengers told a brief del delay, then they saw outside the window handcuffing the pilot. officials say he failed two breathalyzer tests. mitchell and his mom were hoping to fly to the dominican
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republic. >> i'm glad we're safe and they got him. i heard them talking, they were stunned when they figured out what it was. >> i'll say. proprietary surprising. officials say the pilot who lives in pa could face criminal charges. they have not identified him. some passengers bumped from the flight said they will file a complaint and ask to be compensated for their trouble. hundreds of people attended memorial service for retired police officer shot and killed in a robbery attempt on the pennsylvania turnpike. they said final good-byes to retired york police officer. he and a toll collector were killed at fort littleton toll plaza about 60 miles west of harrisburg. the suspected shooter was then killed by troopers. a dangerous night for police down south. officers in two states were both we're tell you how both of them managed to survive. plus carbon monoxide investigation.
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what we now know about a tragedy in wilmington blamed for the death of four people and a pet. plus bernie sanders big day. the saturday caucuses and builds momentum in the battle with hillary clinton. what sanders has to say about the path leading towards victory.
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good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karin thompson. happy easter to you. we have a forecast on tap as we look at a live shot of philadelphia with the american flag blowing in the breeze. those winds are coming into us from the east northeast right now 7 miles per hour in philadelphia, a little strong are in wilmington. we expect those winds to increase just a bit especially down along the shoreline. temperature readings not doing too badly right now. 45 in philadelphia, mid-40s down along the shore. colder, of course, through the mountainous area, 41 in allentown, 34 in the poconos. but a temperature change nonetheless that has us on theup particular. we are degrees warmer this time than yesterday morning in the northeast and we're above 7 where we started out yesterday morning. there's a nice, mild increase with temperature bump. if you're heading out for easter plans, this is what you can
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expect. we should stay dry but limited on sunshine. back with talk on rain and seven-day. katy. >> karen, thank you. coming up next, car dealership heist. how a group of thieves drove away with vehicles right off the lot. roadside rescue. how the driver of this crashed car managed to walk away from the wreck. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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welcome back. 7:14. in kansas military helicopters helping battle largest wildfire in that state's history. two black hawk helicopters from the national guard equipped with 600 gallon buckets dumped water on the planes yesterday. the wildfire started last
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tuesday in oklahoma and spread north into kansas. the flames destroyed at least two homes but so far no serious injuries reported. now to an update on the carbon monoxide leak at an apartment complex in wilmington we first told you about friday night and followed up with yesterday morning. the management of the complex now says a faulty boiler exhaust pipe is to blame for the death of four people and a pet there. authorities evacuated more people from the evergreen at riverfront heights complex yesterday, red unsafe for occupancy signs posted on several buildings. maintenance crews try and replace the exhaust pipe for every boiler in the complex >> my biggest fear is it will happen again and we won't make it out. next time we may not make it out. next time may be us there. eight people remain in the hospital. the complex said the problem boiler had passed its most
7:16 am
recent inspection. turning now to decision 2016, democrat bernie sanders is celebrating a sweep. he won three customers yesterday onnarrow the gap with democrat hillary clinton. washington state, alaska and hawaii. sanders said he's picking up momentum. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead. we have a path towards victory. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton hoping to win the nomination by the start of the democratic national convention, which is here in philadelphia. as can you see from our clock, we're 120 days away from dnc. even though sanders had a good day yesterday he still faces uphill battle in the delegate count. clinton leads with 1672 delegates. sanders has 994. whoever gets 2383 delegates wins
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the no, ma'am. in the republican race for president voters won't get a chance to cast ballots until a week from tuesday in wisconsin. let's look at gop delegate count. donald trump leading with 752, ted cruz in second with 470 and john kasich rounds out the field with 143. a total of 1237 delegates clinches the nomination. the feud between gop front-runner donald trump and ted cruz is still boiling. yesterday trump again denied having anything to do with the tabloid story accusing cruz of extramarital affairs. cruz called the story trash. trump is also on the defense for sharing this unflattering photo of cruz's wife next to his own wife melonia. trump vented on twitter, the media is so after me on women. trump told an interviewer he believes in america first, saying he's unpredictable on purpose when it comes to foreign policy.
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>> for your complete coverage of decision 2016 including primaries in our area, including delegate count, be sure to tap the nbc 10 app. police in tampa, florida, searching for a group of car thieves who stole eight vehicles right off of a dealership lot. according to authorities, the 10 men rammed a stolen minivan into the gate to get into the lot. then as you just saw there, you can see from the video, two men broke into the building to steal the keys to the vehicles. the thieves drove away with cars and trucks. quite an operation. also in tampa, a police officer is expected to survive after he was shot during a shoot-out with suspects. police said the officer was following cars that have been involved in some sort of altercation yesterday when two men from those cars began firing with the officer. now, one man died at the scene,
7:19 am
the other died later at the hospital. police say the officer's bulletproof vest may have saved his life. investigators are still looking into that shooting. a similar story, an officer is recovering after being shot in charlotte, north carolina. several police were responding to a call of shots being fired last night. when they arrived authorities said the suspect turned the gun on them and started firing. lieutenant andy harris shot in the stomach. just in tampa, officers say their comrades' bulletproof vest saved their lives. a total of two suspects were shot by police. they are in the hospital. >> announcer: now, nbc 10 first alert weather. good sunday morning to you. happy easter to everyone heading out this morning for church service or mass, wherever you may be headed for easter. peeks of clouds and sunshine, mainly cloudy, low-lying fog in and around the city.
7:20 am
we are tracking rain overnight tonight into tomorrow. a soggy monday and warm-up. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. 45 degrees officially at the airport. we've got winds out of the east northeast at 7. we're 7 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday morning. temperatures on the mild side not doing too badly. 34 in the poconos, certainly need a jacket there. 45 philadelphia, 38 mount holly. you're heading out, you get the picture. you're going to want to bundle up a bit, at least midday when they have a chance to bump a little bit. not much sunshine in the way of warming but, okay, 59 not too badly. we did reach 60 yesterday, projecting 59 for a high today with limited sunshine. 63 for tomorrow, then cool off, 62 and 70s towards the end of the week. two areas of. one out here west of st. louis, bringing snow to kansas and other parts of the midwest.
7:21 am
watching this low pressure system down here to the southeast bringing a lot of moisture to the south, southeastern states here, louisiana, alabama, georgia. pulling a lot of moisture from the gulf sending clouds our way for now but then rain later on tonight into early tomorrow morning. so good portion of your easter sunday will stay dry, overcast, and temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. then rain comes in. future weather showing us we expect the rain to move in from the south to the northeast. tonight overnight some of that rain could be heavy at times. waking up tomorrow morning, damp conditions, have the umbrellas handy as you head out to start the next work. the system moves quickly monday afternoon out of here with a few residual on and off showers. by monday night high pressure moving in for tuesday. the temperature is going to stay cool though on tuesday and we are looking for dry conditions. we may get a nice easter sunday
7:22 am
all in all. we should stay dry for a good portion of our day for sure. temperature readings not doing too badly, mid-50s by noontime. it's a day where a the lo of people want to be out and about. the road should be okay. a little fog this morning. that will be lifting. clouds will stay with us as we move on through our sunday. tuesday, wednesday we dry out and warm up thursday friday. >> karen, we like seeing that. >> something that's perceived to be just something that happens in really poor neighborhoods and really rundown places and it's not. >> coming up next, get the led out. nbc 10 investigators take a closer look at just what's in your water.
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the water crisis in flint, michigan, put a spotlight on led problem. next week nbc 10 investigators are revealing led issues right here in our area. it begins at 4:00 p.m. investigative reporter shows us who is living with led. here is a preview. >> this is something perceived to be just something that happens in really poor neighborhoods and really rundown places and it's not. it's all over. >> reporter: in flint we saw led in the water. around here the main concern is paint and dust. we're looking at laws meant to protect our kid. is the health department effective in enforcing this ordinance? >> i think there are a few things that we can change, that need to be changed. >> we checked on the money meant to get rid of led. >> those funds are rated. >> we uncovered local communities and what they are doing. >> do you actively go out and test for led? >> no, we don't. we don't have the resources to
7:27 am
do that. >> tips on how to protect your kids. it's why we're investigating sources of led and how to get rid of it. our investigation, living with led, begins monday afternoon at 4:00. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. a few minutes before 7:30 and nova nation waking up celebrating. nbc 10's drew smith following wildcats run in the ncaa tournament. hi, drew. >> reporter: hi, indicate y. so much excitement in nova nation. we just got word the teams will be on the move back to the line. we'll have details on that next at 7:30. we have clouds and a little fog in our easter forecast. what pout rain? i'll be back with that in just a bit.
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>> final four! final four! >> yes, final four. nova nation marching on in ncaa tournament after knocking off top seeded kansas. flight canceled. problems getting to philadelphia after the pilot arrested for being. heading out to easter services, we'll tell you what you need to know about the forecast in your neighborhood. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news i'm katy zachry on easter sunday. a lot of people with eyes on the forecast today, let's check with karen thomas. >> easter forecast not shaping up too badly, although we do have fog moving in as well as low level cloud cover. overcast skies most of the day.
7:31 am
look live at the city skyline. see the clouds in the background. we're limited on sunshine as well as visibility especially north and west of philadelphia right now, fog rolling in. quarter mile visibility in the poconos, two miles in allentown. everywhere else doing fairly okay. we've got that on-shore flow, which is helping keep fog from the shore point. want to take it easy north and west of the city driving. 45 in philadelphia, 46 atlantic city, dover, delaware. we're starting out milder this morning at this hour than we were at this time 24 hours ago. there's good news there. if you're heading out this morning, the next hour or so clouds and a little fog, 44 degrees. 48 by 10:00 a.m. possibly some peeks of sunshine in the mid-morning hours and then clouds really do thicken for a good portion of the afternoon. 55 at lunchtime. a high temp in philly of 59 degrees. i'll be back to check on that rain in the forecast in just a
7:32 am
bit. katy. >> karen, thanks. we'll see you then. new from overnight crews rescued a driver trapped in this car in northeast philadelphia. the car is badly damaged. it hit a pole and flipped over around 1:30 this morning. fortunately the driver only had minor injuries. power was knocked out to a nearby building. well, it was a big win in the big dance. nova nation is celebrating this morning as the wildcats move one step closer to an ncaa championship. nbc 10's drew smith is live for us outside wells fargo center with reaction from last night's nailbiter against top seeded kansas. hi, drew. >> good morning, katy. we just got word. we've been checking with the university about when we might see the team today. it will be between noon and 1:00 in the university's main line campus. we expect to see them celebrating last night's big win
7:33 am
over kansas. those are dedicated fans traveled all the way to louisville, kentucky, talked to tim furlong outside the center. fans watched on the tv screen and are very impressed with the team. this was a scene at a watch part in king of prussia. those fans fired up after nova came back from a five-point deficit and hung onto the lead. listen to diehards who spoke to nbc 10 after the buzzer. >> talking about bucks county making it all the way to houston. arc and wright coming from bucks county where i'm from. >> i'm so emotional right now. this team is so much fun to watch. ryan arcidiacono, the whole country finding out what we've known. that kid has so much passion. he would not let them lose.
7:34 am
>> some excited people right there. ncaa basketball is not done in philly yet. the east region wraps up with a game tonight. villanova fans are already looking forward to seeing their team take on oklahoma. that happens saturday night in houston. live at the wells fargo i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. drew, thank you. well, today is he's ter sunday when christians mark the resurrection of jesus christ. we're going to take a live look inside the eno one tabernacle baptist church in philadelphia. a lot of celebration going on this morning. the church holding first of two easter services. the second begins at 10:00 a.m. there are several easter services scheduled for cathedral basilica. you're looking live at the basilica where they are preparing for first service which begins just under half hour from now. switching gears, pennsylvania pilot accused of being drunk before a flight to philadelphia is under arrest.
7:35 am
his airline canceled a flight and that left travelers scrambling for transportation. american airlines flight yesterday morning was supposed to go detroit metropolitan airport to philly international. but the never got off the ground. at first passengers were told it would be a brief delay but then looked out windows and saw police handcuffing their own pilot on the tarmac right there. a tsa agent spotted the pilot acting strangely as he was going through security at the flight. fibl say the flight later failed two breathalyzer tests. the pilot could face federal charges. airline has not identified him and some passengers bumped from the flight say they will file a complaint asking to be compensated for their trouble. it is 7:35. from our delaware bureau now, the management of a wilmington apartment complex said a faulty boiler exhaust pipe is to blame for the deaths of four people and a pet after a carbon
7:36 am
monoxide leaked there friday. authorities evacuated more residents at evergreen at riverfront heights complex yesterday. red unsafe for occupancy signs. they are posted on several buildings. maintenance crews working to replace exhaust pipe for every boiler in the complex. eight people remain in the hospital from that. from our jersey shore bureau, u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for missing boaters about a half mile off the coast of brigantine, just north of atlantic city. the search started friday night when someone reported seeing three are or four people on top of what looked like an overturned fishing boat. crews searched throughout the day yesterday but didn't turn up with any sign of a ship or distress. officials say no boaters have been reported overdue. villanova is our big story this morning, deep into the ncaa tournament but another hometown team is trying to scratch the
7:37 am
surface of the postseason. coming up in sports, flyers frustration. highlights of last night's matchup as philly continues a run at the playoffs. plus a sanders sweep. bernie cleans up in three caucuses this weekend. we'll explain what it means for his chances against front-runner hillary clinton.
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welcome back. it is 7:40 on easter sunday. turning to decision 2016. bernie sanders scores a sweep of three conductions in democratic presidential race. vermont senator racked up victories in washington state, alaska hawaii. last night in wisconsin sanders told supporters his campaign is now headed for a big finish in the fall. >> our campaign is the campaign of energy, momentum lead to large voter turnout in november and victory. >> the sanders sweep will thrill his supporters but do little toward beating hillary clinton in the democratic nomination. the latest delegate count shows sanders still face an uphill
7:41 am
battle. clinton with 1672, sanders with 74. the latest on the terror attack in brussels. two more americans confirmed dead in the attack. shults and his wife stephanie died in the airport bombing. they had lived in brussels since 2014. two others a brother and sister from new york were also killed. the terror attack in brussels and decision 2016 will be featured topics today on "meet the press" this morning. next we'll check in with moderator chuck todd in washington for a preview. and villanova wildcats. they are celebrating this morning as are their fans. coming up in sports, we'll hear from the players about their big
7:42 am
tournament win. we're keeping a close eye forecast for you this easter sunday morning. we do have a beautiful live shot right now, great adventure. we do have the sun up but definitely obscured by clouds, low level fog as well. i'll be back with full forecast and a look at the seven-day after the break. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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welcome back. 7:45. here are some stories making headlines today as you wake up. villanova marching on in the ncaa tournament. wildcats held on last night to beat kansas in a nailbiter. they play oklahoma next week. bernie sanders complete add clean sweep of yesterday's caucuses. sanders beat hillary in hawaii, alaska and washington. spite the wins, hillary has a big lead in the delegate count. easter sunday, a live look at st. peter and paul. easter sunday services in 15 minutes of they are preparing for first service which starts at 8:00 a.m.
7:46 am
>> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're checking forecast for you on this all important easter sunday morning. a lot of people heading out. cloudy skies, happy easter. stay dry in the sunshine department, overcast skies and trabing rain as two low pressure systems are headed our way. but we are checking seven-day forecast. you'll see 70s return in the way of temperatures. 76 at airport. winds out of the east at 8. we're about 6 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday morning. temperatures across the region mainly in the 40s. poconos 44 degrees, 42 in glassboro, 46 in atlantic city. 45 in millville. we topped out at 60 degrees yesterday. bright sunshine yesterday afternoon felt pretty nice. we're looking for a high of 59 with the clouds around and rain later on. 63 tomorrow with clouds and rain
7:47 am
again but cooling off on tuesday. wednesday we sort of moderate 62. temperatures ticking up wards from there. watching a low pressure system developing out here west of st. louis. another low pressure down here in the southeast that is pulling a lot of moisture from the gulf. so you see this cloud shelf pushing northeast from this system here keeping us in the overcast department for most of our easter sunday. we should stay dry. however, we do expect that rain moving to the northeast. showers would start down south in southern delaware, south jersey and overspread the area tonight into tomorrow. you want to have the umbrellas handy tonight as well as waking up early tomorrow and heading out as we start the next workweek. some of the rain could be heavy. see this overnight monday morning, 3:00 a.m. temperature readings will dip down and then sort of bounce back tomorrow. but as our future model shows us
7:48 am
by 11:00 a.m., we still have showers scattered with overcast skies. as i mentioned, some of that could be heavy before the whole system gets out of here monday night. tuesday high pressure moving in. temperatures will be on the cooler side though, but we will dry out. for today, we should stay dry for most of the area most of the day. there's the good news there. 48 degrees through the 10:00 a.m. hour then bumping all the to 59 for the high temperature later on this afternoon. seven-day forecast has us sort of taking a little weather ride with rain tomorrow. we dry out, then we warm up into the 70s thursday, friday. katy. >> looking forward to that. thank you, karen. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show, joining us with a look at what you're working on this morning. good morning. >> hi, katy, good morning to you. just ahead on sunday morning, we'll bring you the latest from
7:49 am
brussels. we learned overnight identities of two americans killed in the attack confirming their family's worst fears. we'll tell you more about that and update you on the latest of the investigation. also alabama's governor under fire, accused of miss using state funds and having an affair with one of his top aides. will he be forced to step down? >> don't let her size fool you, this petite 18-year-old looks tiny, especially standing next to the tire. when she gets behind the wheel of this monster truck she is definitely under control. she'll take us for a ride. reviews are in. while many critics think batman versus superman movie is a super flop, that's not stopping people from flocking to theaters in droves. >> that and more when we get started sunday morning. happy easter. >> you too as well. we'll see you shortly. thanks. well, turning now to decision 2016, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
7:50 am
we've seen that this week. reflecting on america's future at a time of deadly terror in europe is the main topic on nbc's "meet the press." joining us now live for a preview is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. hi, chuck. good morning. >> good morning. good, bad, ugly, that's the best description i've heard of the campaign trail. that's what this week felt like. >> i would say it's pretty accurate. let's start with the republican race for president. it devolved into vicious attacks this week focusing on the candidates' lives while the world was reeling from a deadly terror attack where americans were killed. what is the political fallout? >> i'm still shaking my head. i thought it was going to be a week fill with basically commander in chief test where we would see all the candidates trying to show how they would handle a moment like this. for the first few hours from john kasich, cruz, clinton, sanders, that's where things
7:51 am
looked like it was headed, and then things devolved quickly. seems to be a pattern. sometimes trump impacts it himself, sometimes trump takes advantage of it. every time there's a moment where it seems trump is going to be put on the defense, he had a horrible interview on his foreignsey vision with the "washington post" early this week that could have easily been dogging him all week, sort of non sequiturs all over the place. instead the subject is turned personal. suddenly we're talking about ted cruz's personal life. we went from what could have been a week about what could have been donald trump's lack of foreign policy and security vision we're talking about ted cruz's personal life. cruz finding out what it is like going against trump. they can all tell him how it works, it doesn't look pretty. >> no. bernie sanders one of your guests this morning.
7:52 am
he swept three western caucuses, we've been talking about that. that would seem to give him clinton but is it enough to cut off clinton's path to nomination? >> so far it doesn't. what clinton hoped and sanders camp worried, talk of inevitable clinton nomination built up maybe enthusiasm for washington, alaska, hawaii would be diminished. that wasn't the case. got the large victories he need. the question, can he start winning in primary states. that's the problem. he wins small caucus states because it's core progressive activists that show up to them. when it's a larger electorate of primary voters, other than michigan and new hampshire he hasn't had a lot of success. wisconsin early april. two big primary states sanders can win. he's got to start winning states like that on a consistent basis to truly make this democratic nomination fight look more competitive than it looks today.
7:53 am
>> chuck, thank you for your insight and we'll see you later this morning. >> you got it. >> white house hopefuls bernie sanders and john kasich joined moderator chuck todd for nbc's "meet the press." it comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10.
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7:56 am
fo four. nova nation is ecstatic. >> it's great. i love it now. i'm going to feel it in the morning. i can't wait. it's crazy. it's crazy. >> we're still not satisfied. we still want to win when we get to houston. >> it was great. it was something i wasn't expecting. i don't want to take any focus away from the team. i think it was a whole team effort. unbelievable birthday. >> they got me. they got me really bad in the locker room. remnants of the big east championship i should have anticipated. i wear it as a badge of honor. it's like being when you're a parent, you think your kids are the greatest and then when you see them live that out and become great, it's just makes your heart swell.
7:57 am
>> daniel ochefu cutting down the net. villanova only shot 40% but their defense was unbelievable when they have given up less than 70 points this year, they are 28-1 and now going to the final four. in louisville, kentucky, i'm john clark, comcast sports net. the flyers could not enhance their playoff chances in phoenix last night. the arizona coyotes win 2-1. flyers clinging to final wild card spot. they return home to play winnipeg. just a few minutes before 8:00. karen thomas, kind of a mixed bag for this sunday. >> it sure is. look at the cloud cover, peeks of sunshine in there. the good news is we should stay dry for a portion of easter sunday. have umbrellas tonight and certainly tomorrow morning. >> good news, a warm-up the next few days. >> looking very much forward to
7:58 am
that. showers. >> focus on the warm, right? thanks for joining us, karen and i back at 9:00 a.m. have a great easter sunday. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
7:59 am
she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less? for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn.
8:00 am
good morning. sanders sweep. bernie sanders with three big wins in western states, racking up delegates in washington, alaska and hawaii. >> that is what the message is about. >> but is it too little too late in his race against hillary clinton? we're live with the latest. worst fears realized. breaking overnight, the families of an american couple confirmed their loved ones were killed in the brussels terror attacks. this amid more arrests in connection with the bombing. we're live in brussels. hugh to the rescue. a day at the beach turns scary for hugh's son and another person when a rip current pulls him from the beach forcing hugh to jump into action. a night o


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