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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  March 27, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that's a great scene. march on, villanova. wildcats knock off top seeded kansas and villanova is celebrating this morning. plus flight canceled. problems for travelers trying to get to philadelphia after their copilot appeared drunk. >> that is what it's about. >> a clean sweep for sanders. sanders notches wins in three states over hillary clinton but is it enough to put a dent in
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the front-runner's big lead? we'll take down the delegate count for you. taking a live look inside cathedral basilica of st. peter paul center city, philadelphia, happy easter. this morning heading out to easter sunday services. we'll tell you what you need to know about the forecast in the area. good morning and welcome to nbc news on sunday. i'm katy zachry. it's just after 10:00. a lot of people looking at the forecast. they have plans outside. karen thomas, what can we expect? >> indeed. we've got cloudy skies. but to your point, everybody wants to get and about on this easter sunday for sure. it's looking like the majority of the day will be dry despite the heavy cloud cover as we see the city skyline looking sort of gray behind the buildings. 48 in philadelphia. the cold spot up in the poconos close to along the shoreline. we hit 50 in millville, dover and georgetown. what we can expect is easterly win to continue. we're at 12 miles per hour right
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now in philadelphia. a little stronger down along the shoreline. all in all today not doing too badly mostly cloudy skies. maybe a peek of sunshine as we get close to lunchtime. for the most part dealing with overcast skies. we expect showers later on this evening into the overnight hours. that's what i say, the bulk of our easter sunday should remain dry for most of the area. high temperature close to 60. katy. thank you. new from overnight, crews rescued a driver who was trapped in this car that overturned in northeast philadelphia. the car hit a pole and flipped over landing on its top around 1:30 this morning. the driver has only minor injuries. power was knocked out to nearby buildings. also new from overnight, a carbon monoxide scare at a philadelphia bar and restaurant. theyed in old city and found a high level of carbon monoxide.
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the building was evacuated. no one was hurt and an investigation is under way. yes, nova nation comes up big a very important game. the wildcats topple the top seed and now they are moving deeper into the ncaa tournament. nbc's drew smith live at the well fargo center in south philly where he's been throughout the morning. drew, there are not a lot of people joining you, but still you can feel the excitement. >> there's still basketball at wells fargo team, one of the teams villanova could face on the streak toward the championship. we are expecting two hours the victorious team to to their campus on the main line. >> let's go nova! let's go nova! >> reporter: and those are some dedicated fans who traveled all the way to louisville, kentucky, talking to nbc's tim furlong outside the young center last
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night. here in our area fans watching on tv screens were also very impressed with their team's performance. this was a scene at a watch party in king of prussia. the fans got fired up aslanova came back with a five-point deficit with eight minutes to go in the game they hung onto the lead and now heading to the final four. nova diehards who spoke to nbc 10 right after thor. >> we're talking about bucks county taking it all the way to houston arc and wright coming from bucks county where i'm from. >> i'm so emotional right now. this team is so much fun to watch. ryan arcidiacono, the whole country finding out what we've known. that kid has so much passion. he would not let them lose. >> reporter: as we mentioned, ncaa basketball is not done in philly. east region's final wraps up here tonight just before 9:00.
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of course nova fans ready for the next game their team is in, saturday in houston. they are going to play oklahoma in the final four. a big stage. a lot of people around here are rooting for them. live in south philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. thank you, drew. a pennsylvania pilot accused of being drunk before a flight to philadelphia is under arrest. his airline canceled a flight and that left travelers passengers are scrambling for transportation. american airlines flight yesterday morning was supposed to go detroit metropolitan airport to philly international. but the never got off the ground. he failed two tests after being flagged by tsa. the airline has not identified him. some passengers tell us they will file a complaint asking to be compensated for their trouble. it is 10:05, from the delaware bureau the management
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at an apartment complex in wilmington where four people and a pet died this weekend say a faulty boiler exhaust pipe is to blame. it caused carbon monoxide leak. authorities evacuated people from the evergreen at riverfront heights yesterday. maintenance crews are trying to replace the exhaust pipe for every boiler in the complex. >> my biggest fear is it will happen again and we won't make it out. next time we may not make it out. next time may be us there. eight people remain in the hospital. the complex said the faulty boiler passed its most recent inspection. today christians across the world and here in our area are celebrating easter. we're going to take a live look right now inside the christina basilica at st. peter and paul in center city. churchgoers are marking the resurrection of jesus christ. this the second easter sunday service at the basilica this morning. there will be three more today
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including a 12:30 mass in spanish at the cathedral's chapel. ♪ >> nbc 10 was at this sunrise service at the enontabernacle church. it is holding a second service now. earlier this morning pope francis presided over mass at basilica. tens of thousands of faithful went through tight security to attend this service. police had to check handbags and backpacks following terror attacks in brussels. the pope and solemn as he gave his easter blessing and sermon on world affairs. well, coming up next on "nbc 10 news today," bernie sanders feeling the big day. he swept the saturday caucuses and built momentum in the battle with hillary clinton. what sanders has to say about the path toward victory. plus a fiery protest in
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mexico targets donald trump. he wasn't the only american politician feeling the heat.
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lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. good sunk morning, looking at easter sunday forecast. mild temperatures bumping despite the lack of sunshine as we look live at our camera at great adventure. we see a lot of folks want to get outside. you may need a light jacket on the boardwalk, easter parade or easter egg hunt. simply put, you need a jacket. philadelphiaer to the north and west as you get closer to shoreline, closer to 50 degrees. it is 50 in millville, the same in southern delaware. we are watching two low pressure systems right now that are poised to not only bring clouds
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right now we will see for the majority of the day. rain moving our way later on today through the overnight and into our monday. for today most of the area should stay dry for a good portion of our easter sunday with showers moving in from the south to the north later on this evening and then like i said through the overnight. high temperatures in philadelphia and across the delaware valley. 56 to 60 degrees and our winds will be shifting right now from the east and then later on from the northwest and picking up in capacity as we move through the overnight hours. i'll be back with more talk on the rain, when we can expect it to get out of here as well as a warm-up in the. katy. karen, thank you a crowd in mexico city watched as a paper effigy of republican presidential candidate donald trump was burned last night. part of the traditional burning of judas to culminate holy week. trump unpopular in mexico after
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he said some immigrants crossing into the u.s. illegally were, quote, rapists and criminals. an effigy of president obama and one representing isis were also burned at that event. well, rts 10:12 on your sunday morning. coming up next, a victory against isis after forces retake a city held by the terrorist group for months. coming up we'll hear what experts say it could all mean. plus car dealership hype. how a group of thieves broke away with more than half a dozen cars right the lot.
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only fios can. new this morning syrian state media, agents recaptured city from isis a year after they took control. this video shows troops inside the town, with the 2,000-year-old ruins.
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it marks strategic and symbolic victory for syria's government. north korea noubsed it will attack seoul's palace unless south korea apologizes. they execute officials responsible for what they says were plans to attack north leadership. the latest threat against seoul over joint u.s. south korean military drills. the north sees them as a dress rehearsal for an invasion. it's 10:15 now. taking a live look from brussels where protesters and riot police facing off in a square that became memorial site following terror attacks. police used water cannons to disperse anti-isis demonstrators. the government asked the rally be canceled security forces were stretched too thin today. meanwhile officials say two
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more americans among victims who died in the attacks tuesday. justin shults and his wife stephanie were killed in the brussels airport bombings. the couple lived in belgium since 2014. two other americans, a brother and sister from new york also died in the attack. at least 31 people were killed and more than 270 people were injured. police in tampa, florida, are searching for a group of car thieves who stole nearly 10 cars right off a dealership's lot. according to police the 10 men rammed stolen minivan into the gate to get into the lot. then as you saw two men broke into the building to get the keys to the vehicles. the thieves were outside on the lot. they got in the cars and drove away with the cars and. from our jersey shore bureau u.s. coast guard suspended its search for missing boaters about a half mile off the coast of brigantine. that's just north of atlantic city.
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it started friday night when someone reported seeing three or four people on top of when looked like an overturned fishing boat. they searched yesterday but didn't turn up any sign of a boat or distressed voters. officials say no boaters reported overdue. in kansas now military helicopters are helping battle the largest wildfire the state has seen in its history. two black hawk helicopters from national guard equipped with 600 gallon buckets dumped water on the flames yesterday. the wildfire began last tuesday in oklahoma and spread north into kansas. the flames destroyed at least two homes. no serious injuries, though, have been reported. more weather news to talk about in florida. strong winds and hail caused damage last night. this is video of a 40-foot tree that fell onto a home there. the storm damaged dozens of vehicles and ripped the roof off of a car wash. fortunately injuries were reported there.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all righty. we are taking our last look at our weather story this morning for your easter sunday what we can expect in terms of weather headlines. cloudy skies. clouds will stay with us and expect overcast skies as we move through our easter sunday afternoon. we're tracking some rain for later on tonight and through the overnight and just hold on. back to the 70s in the seven-day forecast. you'll see that in just a bit. 48 degrees currently. officially at the airport winds out of the east at 11 miles per hour. temperatures across the region moving upward ever so slightly because we have that limited sunshine. temperatures aren't really takinghave we have an easterly flow off the ocean. 50 in millville, dover delaware. yesterday's high temperature topped out at 60 degrees with the sunshine. today we're getting little peeks
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of sunshine but mostly cloudy skies. right now we're seeing a little beof sunshine down in atlantic city. we have this huge cloud shield moving up from this low pressure in the southeast. so the clouds will prevail throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. you really just are seeing a few little breaks in the overcast sky, peeks of sun. possibly later on in the daytime hours we could see on and off sprinkle shower activity in southern delaware and south jersey. for the most part, most of the area will stay dry. put future weather into motion and show you as we get into the nighttime hours, this rain does get closer to us. we'll be over spreading the area through the overnight south to north. the system continues to move up the coast and monday is looking wet in the morning and finally clearing out here tuesday. but that cold front, cooler air behind it. temperatures will be dropping on tuesday even though we will have the sunshine back in the
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forecast. so happy easter to everybody. as we move through the 10:00 hour, temperatures in the upper 40s, 53 at lunchtime. high in philadelphia 59 degrees. that is what we're looking for as we have wonderful easter festivities i'm sure planned outside. maybe a light jacket will take you all the way through. umbrellas necessary for tomorrow. we'll have that rain on and off. some of the rain overnight could be heavy at times as well and look towards the end of the week. we bump up well above average high temperature this time of year. >> all right, karen. thank you. it's 10:20 this morning on sunday easter. robert de niro's try beck film festival pulled anti-vaccine film. the film alleged cdc committed fraud when it says vaccines do not provide autism.
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originally he said it would provide conversation but after reviewing it he says it does not contribute to the discussion he had hoped for. de niro does have a child with autism. turning now to decision 2016, democrat bernie sanders celebrating a sweep from this. he won three contest toss narrow the gap with presidential front-runner hillary clinton. the vermont senator scored victories in washington state, alaska, and hawaii. and sanders says he's picking up momentum. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead. we have a path toward victory. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are each hoping to win the presidential nomination by the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. we are now 120 days away from the dnc right here in philadelphia. even though sanders had a good day yesterday, he still faces an uphill battle in the delegate count. clinton leads with 1672 delegates.
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sanders has 994. whoever gets 2383 delegates wins the democratic nomination. and in the republican race for president, voters will not get their next chance to cast ballots until a week from tuesday in wisconsin. let's take a look at the gop delegate count now. donald trump is leading with 752 delegates. ted cruz is in second place with 470 and john kasich rounds out the field with 143. a total of 1237 delegates clinches the nomination. the feud between gop front-runner donald trump and ted cruz is still boiling. yesterday trump again denied having anything to do with the tabloid story accusing cruz of extramarital affairs. cruz called the story trash. trump is also on the defense for sharing this unflattering photo of cruz's wife next to his own
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wife, venting on twitter the media is so after me on women. before your complete decision 2016 coverage including information about prim areas in the area and delegate count, be sure to tap the nbc 10 app. just minutes from now, white house hopeful bernie sanders and john kasich join moderator chuck todd for "meet the press." it comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. well, coming up next, flyers frustration. last night's game did not help playoff chances at all. car dot♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. welcome back. 10:25. the flyers could not help their playoff chances in phoenix last night. the arizona coyotes won 2-1. the flyers are clinging to that final wild card spot in the east. they return home to play winnipeg tomorrow night. and it was a similar story
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for 76ers who also fell short on the road in portland. the trail blazers beat philly 108-105. sixers still need one win to avoid tying the record for the worst single season record in nba history. the black history showcase continues at pennsylvania convention center. the event commemorates african-americans across the country. one highlight, philadelphia debut of a documentary celebrating achievements of african-american olympians in the 1936 olympics known as the hitler games. jesse owens is the most notable athlete from that year but he was one of nine african-americans who participated. eight of those athletes took home gold. community paint day yesterday. they had great weather for it. dozens of people got their hands dirt y as they tackled different sections of the painting. it futures future and past
10:27 am
residents of the community and features history. >> we had more yesterday than today. >> yes indeed. >> we have a low pressure system to the south and west so the clouds coming in ahead of that is what's giving us the overcast skies. we should remain dry for the most part for our easter sunday. so you know, head out there, enjoy your easter sunday as best you can. a light jacket will certainly be necessary. then hang onto the umbrellas. later tonight into tomorrow morning, we're starting off the next week. i workweek. maybe a lot of folks have off tomorrow. rain coming into the picture nonetheless. look at thursday and friday. that's a warm front. we'll be in the warm sector of this storm that comes in thursday, friday. this rainmaker i should say. we're going to bump up into the 70s. that's going to be kind of interesting. you can tell i like watermelon weather. i get awfully excited about that. it's crazy because we're still in march and we are looking at
10:28 am
heading back into the 70s. that's not normal talk. we should really be at 57 degrees for average daily high. this will be numerous times in the 70s. so kind of interesting play for weather for sure but happy easter to everybody. >> that's right. we are spoiled, though. coming into spring we had 70 degree weather. >> that's it. it's really been up and down. i will take 70s. >> same here. thank you for joining us. have a wonderful east sunday. "meet the press" was next.
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mmmm, yoplait. this sunday, terror in brussels. after another horrific isis attack on yet another european capital. are major intelligence failings putting more lives at risk? >> this country seems overwhelmed by the scale of the threat. >> we'll have the latest from a city on edge. plus, the trump efct. the republican race devolves even further, if that was possible, with a trump-cruz feud over the candidates' wives. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> is this now the new normal? also, convention chaos. >> the delegates are not bound to vote according to the results of the primary. >> how the republican establishment can deny donald trump the nomination no matter how many states he wins. one of the candidat


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