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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. villanova wild cats welcomed back to campus as they bring nova nation a trip to the final four. we take you inside the celebration that has them one game away from a chance at a national title. plus, drizzle is moving into our area as you can see on the live radar. we'll tell you how much trouble it could cause for your monday morning commute. but we begin with an easter massacre that leaves nearly six dozen people hurt. bombs exploded in a park. it comes less than one week
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after the terror attacks in brussels. tonight a local couple calls today's attacks an attempt to divide christian, muslims and hindus. we're joined live from the ben franklin parkway with more reaction from the local pakistani community. >> reporter: that suicide bomb exploding in a park filled with young children and families and it's now sending shock waves to the growing pakistani community right here in philadelphia. many of the dead include women and children celebrating easter, christians in pakistan have long been targets of terror but innocent muslims and hindus are routinely attacked too. >> it doesn't matter which religion they belong to. it's the humanity. how can somebody target young children and mothers? >> reporter: the family runs the pakistani american society of south jersey which includes muslims, christians and hindus
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sharing a common bond. they say these attacks are designed to tear them apart. >> i think we should stand together in solidarity. we should not let them deter us. >> they are trying to divide us and they cannot divide us. >> reporter: a taliban splinter cell claims responsibility. >> how can you live in a place where day by day you may be a target? i would say that the vast majority are here because they receive asylum because of persecution in pakistan. >> reporter: this latest attack, another sign of sectarian violence, but pakistanis say they won't give into fear. >> it doesn't matter whether they're muslim, christian, hindus, we're all humans. >> reporter: that pakistani american society held a peace rally to condemn terrorism
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worldwide. many of their members have spent the past hours reaching out to loved ones in their homeland. in belgium today police clashed with demonstrators in front of a memorial for victims of last week easter error attacks. a seventh scene in brussels. police were dispatched to break up a gathering of more than 400 right wing protesters. police were forced to push the protesters back using water cannons and riot police. the group came from various parts of belgium. ten people were arrested and two officers were hurt. a missing u.s. couple has been identified as victims in last week's deadly attacks at the brussels airport. family members say justin and stephanie schultz were dropping stephanie's mother off at the airport. they were watching her walk through security when the bomb went off. they graduated together from vanderbilt university. stephanie was a native of kentucky.
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well, you could run into rain for your monday morning commute. this is a live look at the radar that shows a fairly light system moving our way. some drizzle is falling in parts of our area tonight. here's a live look at conditions in center city right now. looks like some clear skies there. we're joined now to time out this rain and we're not talking about a washout exactly here. >> that's right. by tomorrow's afternoon rush there won't be any rain in the area. it will be windy though. we have clouds and drizzle out there now. a little bit of fog in some parts of the area and the moisture continues to increase. you can see it coming up from the south. we have patchy areas of light rain in new jersey and some moving right through the philadelphia area at the moment. larger area of rain down in virginia. that is moving up in this direction and everything is just going to get a little bit wetter as we head toward daybreak.
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can see general areas of rain, some of it even on the moderate to heavy side, at least briefly, so it is going to be a wet morning rush and then we start to see clearing coming in during the afternoon. so it's not going to be an all-day rain. it's not all that chilly outside right now. the temperature really is going to change very much as we head through the night and as you can see, if anything, it goes up a little bit, but the rain starts to come down and we do expect it during the morning rush. we'll have more on the timing of that rain and how much colder it's going to get once that system moves out with the 7-day in a few minutes. the villanova wild cats get an elated welcome home today. one night after they punched their ticket to the final four. the players tell us they're taking a moment to enjoy this win with nova nation before they get ready for next saturday's
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matchup. that game could end with a trip to the ncaa championship game and pamela takes us inside today's welcome home celebration. >> reporter: good evening. we were here when the team got back this afternoon, fresh off of last night's win. coach wright telling us around here basketball is like religion, the only thing they hold higher than that, he says, is their faith. so for them to be able to come back here on easter sunday with a crowd full of fans and supporters was truly something special. >> we're behind them, you know t win or lose, every game. always cheering for them. >> reporter: it was the win they had been hoping for. >> i kind of went in the bathroom and cried after it was over. it was superexciting. >> reporter: nova nation went crazy over the advancement to the final four and easter sunday didn't get in the way of fans welcoming the team back home. >> any time you come back from anywhere, you know the nova nation is going to be out in
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full force and think they were even on easter sunday. >> reporter: among them, villanova grad bill know land. >> i've been a season ticket holder since 53. >> reporter: this year he's looking forward to taking in the next game with family and friends in texas. he hopes it ends as it has before. >> everyone, no matter where they're staying, they go back to the team hotel and it's just a huge party. >> reporter: the coach spoke of his players like family. >> it's like being a parent with these guys. you -- you think your kids are great, you know, and other people don't know that. you live with them every day. and we think our players are great, and for everyone else to be able to see it and most importantly for them to believe it is really fulfilling. >> reporter: even more fulfilling, making it all the way. >> we're trying to say we're not done yet and we have a couple more games left.
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>> reporter: but players say you've got to take a moment to enjoy the wins and then shift your focus to the competition still ahead. >> that's the goal for the whole tournament. the biggest thing for us is not talking about winning the whole thing. >> reporter: the team has the day off to rest but come wednesday they will be back on the road headed down to texas where they will face oklahoma. and villanova, i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 use. >> the final ncaa tournament game hosted tonight. top seeded north carolina knocked off notre dame in the elite eight tonight. car lie thcarolina will face sy in the final four. a new museum is drawing criticism tonight for its plan to include a bill cosby exhibition. several women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault
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are angry the national museum after african american history and culture plans to recognize cosby's work without mentioning the claims against him. but the museum says they felt cosby's achievements should stand alone. here at home, cosby has been trying to get a sexual assault case against him dismissed in montgomery county court. he's accused of drugging and molesting an employee back in 2004. his next court appearance has not yet been scheduled. new at 11:00, police are investigating after reports of shots fired at a carnival in south philadelphia. police say no shooter was found. five people were later arrested for disorderly conduct on the broad street subway. well, christians here in our area and around the world are celebrating easter today.
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christians throughout the region went to church to pray and reflect. some catholics celebrated at mass this morning at the cathedral basilica. easter is the day christians mark the resurrection of jesus. ♪ and hundreds of faithful packed the tabernacle in cedar brook for their annual resurrection service. this sunrise service was filled with song and dance and even an appearance by a drum line. ♪ >> now there's a sight. easter bun anies bunny hopping through south philadelphia. the easter parade on south street. the easter prom nad is one of the city's largest and oldest easter traditions.
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the parents were literally a poster for everything not to do. >> a kids' easter egg hunt gets messy when parents scramble to score the treats. we'll hear from a young boy who says he was pushed in the chaos. but first, corpsing out politics. how one philadelphia brewery is tapping donald trump in our decision 2016 coverage. what if one piece of kale
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a shocking discovery for officers from the pennsylvania spca today. dozens of animals without access to food or water were discovered. officers removed 40 live animals. 30 dead chickens were also discovered. the animals are currently around the pspca ful phil headquarters. now, charges could come tomorrow against an american airlines co-pilot suspected of being drunk before a flight to philadelphia. the airline ended up cancelling the flight. a tsa agent spotted the pilot acting strangely. he later failed two breathalyzer tes tests. the airline has not identified him. a philadelphia man is in custody after police say he stabbed his wife and son today. police were called to a home in west philadelphia just after 1:00 this afternoon. they found a 44-year-old woman and a 13-year-old boy each with
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stab wounds to the arms and legs. both are expected to be okay. a man was arrested at the scene. no word on what led to the stabbing. well, big wins this weekend for senator bernie sanders as he took caucuses over hillary clinton in three states and donald trump and senator ted cruz are still going at each other and now governor john kasich says their feud is making him the best gop candidate. our national correspondent has the latest on the campaign. >> thank you, seattle. >> reporter: bernie sanders victorious after resounding wins in three caucuses saturday night. beating hillary clinton 82-18% in alaska, 73-27% in washington state and 71-29% in hawaii. clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate count, but sanders still believes he can win the nomination. >> we have the momentum. we have won five out of the six last contests in landslide
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fashion. >> donald trump continues to deny his campaign had anything to do with the national enquirer story alleging ted cruz had extramarital affairs. >> this story is garbage. it is tabloid smear and it came from donald trump. >> reporter: but trump denies that. >> i counter punch but i'm responding to what he does, but always the press likes to make me the bad guy. >> reporter: john kasich says republican voters should forget those two and join husband campaign. >> i'm the only one that can win in the fall and as you noticed the nar tiff has been what is wrong with the party? >> the next big primary for both parties is in wisconsin a week from tuesday. then all eyes will be on new york which holds its primary april 19th. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. well, time is running out to register. if you want to vote in the pennsylvania primary.
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today the drummer from the rock band fish helped get the word out at a voter registration event for bernie sanders in south philadelphia. he met with voters on broad street. he's scheduled to appear at two more events tomorrow. tomorrow is the deadline to register for the pennsylvania primary. but if you live in delaware or new jersey you till have time to register. delaware's deadline is saturday, april 2nd and in new jersey you have until tuesday, may 17th to register for the primary there. pennsylvania and delaware hold their primary elections on april 26th. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7th. and you can get the latest decision 2016 news any time including the updated delegate count by tapping the nbc 10 app. philadelphia brewing company is tapping into the presidential race with a special line of antti donald trump beers.
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dock street brewery has released the first in its friends don't let friends vote drunk series. it was inspired by an episode last night with john oliver. the first beer is the short fingered stout which they describe as a bitter stout with an airy light colored head. well, we had a pretty nice weekend overall. more sunshine on saturday than sunday and now as we start the work week we're going to start it on kind of a damp side. a wet morning rush across much of the area. we're going to have gusty winds coming. some of them coming monday afternoon. some of them coming on tuesday, more than just one day's worth, but the 70s look like they're going to be returning this week as well. we have cloudy skies out there right now, some patches of drizzle. we have some light rain reported right now.
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philly international, 47 degrees. the wind is out of the east. visibility is down a little. it should be down a little bit more bidet break but i don't expect dense fog by morning. 50 in reading and as you get closer to trenton, 44 and so the farthest west you are the warmer it is and that's the way it's going to be during the day tomorrow. then things are going to change. 73 on friday. 60 both saturday and sunday. tomorrow afternoon we'll jump to 67 and then a cold shot for tuesday. we got a cold blast and all we get is average for the temperature. it's going to go right back up after that as we finish up one of the warmest marchs in recorded history. now, the pollen was high on sunday. it's going to be knocked down on monday, but right back up on tuesday and down a little bit on wednesday. so still pretty high this time
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of the year without the rain. you can see a little bit of light rain coming up from the south. much more coming up from virginia. that is going to be affecting us during the morning. and as you can see here, there's 7:00 a.m., the latest future weather. temperatures not much different from what we see right now so it's not like it's going to be a chilly morning but it is going to be damp and then as you can see, going to the afternoon, temperatures jumping to the 60s and we start to clear out. so the afternoon will be quite different than the morning. light rain developing, becoming steadier late. 46 nor the low in philadelphia. temperatures kind of level for the rest of the night. rainy in the morning and then windy in the afternoon. look at that. 20 to 30, gusting to 40 miles per hour, but it's going to a relatively mild wind. then a colder wind on tuesday. gusting over 30 then and then a nice day thursday. look at that thursday. back up to the 70s. we could hit 70 again on friday
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before we really start to cool down late next weekend. coming up, the regional finals of the ncaa tournament wrapping up here tonight in philly. see who punched their ticket to the final four. and villanova already turning the page after that huge win over kansas. see why oklahoma won't be an easy test for jay wright's club.
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i'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that your bracket is just as busted as
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mine unless you took villanova deep into the big dance. heading back to the final four for the first time since 2009 after downing kansas last night. the team returned today as south region champs. plenty of fans on hand to greet them. they'll be bound for houston after winning two games in brooklyn and the last two in louisville. last night wasn't just a dream come true. it was also his 22nd birthday, one he won't forget. >> best birthday i ever had. better than last year's because we weren't playing. it was hard to watch all these elite games last year on my birthday. i didn't know what to do with myself. i was running in circles, but i was just like, wow, this is actually a dream come true, but for our whole team, not just myself individually. i know how hard everyone's worked for this goal and we try to think we're not done yet. >> standing in nova's way next
11:27 pm
is oklahoma. the game back in december was played in hawaii. now the sooners are led by national player of the year candidate and he knows it will be a challenge for his club. >> i'd rather not play them because they're so good, but when you get to the final four, whoever you play, i do think it's going to help our focus in terms of dealing with distractions because players -- players don't like to be embarrassed. they don't like to look bad on the court and they know they could embarrass us. if they get to drilling threes, he did it today. and you know, oregon is a heck of a team. if he can get going like that there's nothing you can do if you let him get it going like that and he did it to us too so i think our guys will be really dialed in. >> so nova and oklahoma punched their tickets. two more spots on the line tonight. first of the east regional final between notre dame and north
11:28 pm
carolina. check out the beachem of the irish rises up and throwing it down. hilarious there on the bench. the up to hicks for the two handed flush. carolina going to their ninth final four. syracuse and virginia, the top ranked uva gets the trifecta here. as has been the case all tournament, no lead is safe. they take the lead with just under 6:00 to play and just roll from there. syracuse, the 10th seed win it and they're headed to the final four. nova and oklahoma will play saturday at 6:09. then syracuse and north carolina and then all acc matchup, the two winners will face off in a championship game one week from
11:29 pm
tomorrow. some distance between themselves and the red wings for the final wild card spot but both teams had 85 points so today flyers manager said its captain is fine. great news after this hit. he was able to get to his feet but did not return to his feet. after wards he told reporters he felt quote, pretty good. the flyers host the jets tomorrow. kevin turner was laid to rest today in alabama. turner passed away thursday after a a thenily battle with als. he played fullback in the nfl for both the eagles and patriots. he was diagnosed with als in 2010. he started a foundation to raise awareness of the disease and the effects of football on the ground. kevin turner was 46 years old. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. an easter treat turns sour at an egg hunt in connecticut.
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the pez company hosted a hunt on saturday. staffers laid out some 10,000 eggs for the children and the plan was to have different start times for different age groups but some parents rushed the fields early. things became chaotic and many children got pushed around. >> i broke my bucket. >> poor guy. pez released a statement that read due to the actions of a few, the good intent quickly turned into a mess. i would like to sincerely apologize to each of our guests. we only wanted to do good for the local community. well, a startling discovery at an easter egg hunt in washington state. police seized 45 pounds of processed marijuana. the pot has a street value of more than 200,000 bucks. authorities were alerted after a man started screaming claiming his roommates were trying to shoot him. more than $100,000 in cash was
11:34 pm
also recovered. gloster township blis got into the easter spirit this weekend. they tweeted out this photo. the caption said yes, we train our canines to deliver eggs too. they're multitalented and have a safe and happy easter weekend. well, the easter bunny isn't the smoothest sky diver. we will show you how to prove that in pennsylvania today. >> we invited you here today to get your honest opinion about this new car.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell
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and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. don't hold out for your monday morning commute. it could slow things down tomorrow morning. some drizzle was passing through our area tonight. here's a live look at conditions at philadelphia international airport. looks dry there right now though. let's go to glen who is timing the system out for us and what could we expect for tomorrow morning? >> we have a little bit of drizzle around right now.
11:38 pm
much more widespread rain by the morning rush. you can see this view of citizens bank park. it's already looking moist out there. there will be a little bit of fog and not exactly a pretty start to the week. as you can see, with the satellite and radar, the moisture is increasing. we do have some light rain and drizzle coming through philadelphia right now. most areas are dry at the moment, but they're not going to stay that way. look at this rain moving straight up from virginia and the timing of it just puts it right through the area during the morning rush. generally on the light to moderate side, but some could be briefly heavy. i do expect it to move out by later in the morning and sunshine to start to come in by afternoon. now, the temperature not all that chilly right now, and as we go through the night tonight it's not going to cool down. if anything the temperature goes
11:39 pm
up as the rain starts to come down. it will get warmer tomorrow afternoon but then we've got a cold blast coming. i'll tell you how cold it's going to get with the rest of the 7-day in just a moment. a taliban splinter group has claimed responsibility for an apparent suicide bombing in pakistan that killed at least 65 people, mostly women and children. the toll of wounded more than 300. the latest on who the attackers may very targeting. the bomb went off near the children's rides in a park crowded with christians celebrating the easter holiday and the aftermath, scenes of chaos. people tending to the dead and injured, relatives looking for missing loved ones. women and children standing on bloody ground. others helping the injured get to hospitals. ambulances transporting the dead and wounded. a vendor at the park said he was cooking a burger when he heard the loud bang but could not make
11:40 pm
out what happened. the scene at the hospital also chaotic. the wounded, many of them women and children carried in. friends and family crying and comforting each other as they waited for news. a health official saying many of the injured were in critical condition. a break away faction of the taliban in pakistan said it was behind the suicide attack. a spokesman telling nbc news the christian community celebrating easter was the quote, prime target. >> i'm feeling so upset because it's a day of our worship. it's a day of our -- and the parents are innocent people. >> reporter: the united states condemns the attack in the strongest terms. the government in pakistan declared three days of mourning and pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice. >> local pakistanis say they
11:41 pm
won't give in to the fear telling nbc it was designed to attack christians, muslims and hindus. >> it doesn't matter which religion they belong to. it's the humanity. how can somebody target young children and mothers? they are just trying to divide us and they cannot divide us. the american society of new jersey says their group includes dozens of families from many faith backgrounds. let's take a look at some of the stories we'll be following tomorrow on nbc 10. a maryland police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest tomorrow. loved ones will gather for the officer's private burial at long croft cemetery at noon. this is video from the delaware county native's funeral in maryland friday. officer kolson was killed march 13th by one of his fellow officers after a man began firing at a police station.
11:42 pm
he was 28 years old. former congresswoman is headed to the first state. she and her husband will join lawmakers to announce the delaware coalition for common stents. it will focus on strengthening the state's gun laws. she was shot in the head in 2011. since then she has become a strong gun control advocate. also happening in delaware tomorrow, newark city council will consider strengthening its noise ordinance from the strictest in the state to the strictest in the country. citizens can voice their opinion on the issue tomorrow night at 7:00. after more than 50 years in service a local country club closed its doors today. it will now become a housing development. the last few golfers made their rounds today, a fixture on the delaware county border since
11:43 pm
1963. it was forced to shut down after declaring bankruptcy in 2013. it was a bittersweet ending today. >> you celebrate life. >> ridgewood real estate partners who bought the property plans to build houses on the 190 acre plot. the nbc 10 investigators we veal lead issues in our area. plus, a resurrection story on resurrection sunday. how this church consumed by fire managed to have a day of celebration on this easter sunday. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet
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the water crisis in flint
11:46 pm
put an emphasis on water crisis. who's living with lead. here's a preview. >> this is something that perceives to be just something that happens in really poor neighborhoods and really rundown places and it's not. it's all over. >> in flint we saw lead in the water. around here, the main concern is paint and dust. we're looking at laws meant to protect our kids. >> is the health department effective at enforcing this ordinance? >> i -- i think there are a few things that we can change that need to be changed. >> we checked on the money meant to get rid of lead. >> those funds are rated. >> we uncover local communities and what they're doing. >> do you actively go out and test for lead? >> no, we do not. we don't have the resources to do that. >> and we give tips on how to protect your kids. >> what's being done to get rid of it. our investigation, living with lead begins monday afternoon at
11:47 pm
4:00. new yorkers are saying good-bye to paper prescriptions for their medications. as of today, doctors and other health care professionals must electronically send prescriptions directly to pharmacies instead of giving paper scripts to patients. the law aims to fight painkiller abuse while eliminating hard to read handwriting. there are some exceptions to this new law including emergencies. nbc 10 was at sunrise service at christ like pleasant green faith baptist church in north philadelphia. the reverend led this morning's services. just days after their church was destroyed by fire, members from the first presbyterian church used their adopted home and auditorium to celebrate easter this morning.
11:48 pm
this was the scene last tuesday as flames tore through the first presbyterian church. the fire was visible from miles away. officials say the fire started on a balcony likely caused by an electrical problem. well, a spectacle in new york city today. the annual easter bonnet parade featured young and old on four legs and two. they paraded down 5th avenue in elaborate designs, creations included a mountain of peeps, a chocolate bunny and a top hat cascading with lilies. well, a sky diving easter bunny with his sights set on an easter egg hunt in western pennsylvania was a bit off target as you see here. still a dramatic entrance, the easter bunny landed in some nearby woods. he was okay and hopped over to the church egg hunt. the crowd of children was eagerly awaiting him. the easter egg hunt got underway as soon as that easter bunny made his arrival.
11:49 pm
well, he plays a superhero on the big screen, but it turns out that hugh jackman is also a superhero in real life. the wolverine star was at a beach in sydney, australia, yesterday when kids got caught in a rip tide. he teamed up with life guards and beach goers to pull those children to safety. a witness described the actor as being calm, cool and collected during the scare. luckily, everyone was pulled out and was okay. well, superheroes also dominated the box office this holiday weekend. batman versus superman sailed to first place despite lousy reviews. it debuted with $170 million in the u.s., and to put that into perspective, that is the sixth best opening weekend of all time. the disney animated movie came in second followed by my big fat greek wedding 2 with 18 million.
11:50 pm
yeah, it's starting to get a little damp out there and by the morning rush, it's going to be a little bit more widespread in the dampness. kind of wet. not necessarily heavy rain, but wet roads, visibility not so great either. weave got gusty winds coming. it's going to clear things out tomorrow afternoon but also gusty winds for tuesday. 70s look like they'll return this week. kind of a gloomy picture out there. the camera has some drops on it. got some drizzle and light rain in philadelphia now. 47 degrees. winds out of the east. visibility has dropped even just in the last half hour. now down to 4 miles. by morning it will be more like 1 mile or two miles. not exactly a pretty picture. 73 friday. it was 60 both saturday and sunday, just above average. 67 degrees by monday afternoon. then we cool down on tuesday with a gusty wind and then start
11:51 pm
to warm up again. we'll end up with march as one of the top five warmest marchs ever recorded in philadelphia and it's not all that chilly outside right now. 50 in redding and lancaster. 40s across much of the rest of the area and the wind is coming straight off the ocean. not real strong, but it doesn't have to be because it's been persistent so the moisture is already here and it's going to sit around until the wind shifts and it is going to shift tomorrow. now, we have rain coming up from the south, just a little light rain now, but heavy rain coming up from virginia and that will be with us by morning. the temperature not much different than it is right now. you can see it clearing out pretty quickly by 11:00 a.m. the rain is pretty much gone and the afternoon the sun is coming out and the temperatures up in the mid-60s, but the other thing that's happening is that the wind is really picking up. look at this. by tomorrow morning, there's hardly any wind.
11:52 pm
right? a little bit of an east wind. see what happens in the afternoon. shifts into the west, starts gusting up to 30 to 40 miles an hour. that's going to be a mild wind to start off with, and then by the time we get into tuesday, that's going to be a cold west wind. and it's going to be a chilly day on tuesday. the light rain developing becoming steadier as we get toward daybreak. 46 degrees for the low, and during the day tomorrow, kind of an ugly little start, but a drastically different afternoon as the wind shifts from east to west, 20 to 30 gusts to 40 and rather mild in the afternoon. then the cold air starts to come in on tuesday, a high of only 57. gusts over 30 miles an hour. not as cold on wednesday, and then we're back to the 70s on thursday and some showers come in thursday night and into friday and we really have a cold blast that's going to be starting next sunday.
11:53 pm
>> the sixers playing one of the nba's all-time great teams. do they have any shot against the warriors? we'll show you the highlights from last weekend. a fist pump in the locker room. this is a little something different. he explains the mete meaning behind it on the other side. me behind it on the other side. me behind it on the other side. med it on the other side. meaning b it on the other side. meaning be it on the other side.
11:54 pm
the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. douse him in water and throw the water bottles at him. what a scene in the villanova locker room. jay wright making his second trip to the final four. after the game we caught up with the head coach. >> did you get doused? >> yeah, that's a tradition. they got me last year and i forgot about it. they got me good. it was cold this time too. it was a lot. but i'm proud of it. i'm wearing it as a badge of
11:56 pm
honor. >> a few seniors, ryan and daniel to the final four. how special is this? >> those guys took us there. that's what's really special is that, you know, we have five seniors, you know, pat and henry and kevin and daniel and arch and those five make up five of 13 guys. it's a big part of our team, so they've gotten us here. >> feeling cuts down the nets again? >> it's such a great feeling to see those kids reach their potential, you know? they worked so hard for it and it's like being a parent you're so proud of them. >> jay wright and his team back on the main line today. a dry jay wright. he'll look to capture the second title. and the first game back in 1985 when that man was head coach and he says the bunch reminds him of his own championship team. >> sure does. it really does. because they're all together. they're all part of what it's
11:57 pm
all about. and congratulations to my dear friend jay wright and everybody else. >> villanova has this area captivated and their alums including nba all star kyle lowery. after the game lowery was attempting to multitask while watching his wild cats win their trip to the final four. >> you know, i think this is something that we just kind of keep getting better and the last couple years we continue to grow -- yeah, daniel -- and grow every single game. sorry. i'm not really into this right now. go ahead. yeah. >> all right. let's stay in the pros. the sixers facing the warriors tonight. the sixers just nine wins and 64 losses. meanwhile the warriors 65-7. curry during his normal pregame routine. this is normal.
11:58 pm
sizing one up from the tunnel and there it goes and into the net. he would struggle from the floor though on this one. 20 points on the night. but it was his brother, the counter part who was the problem. 40 points, 7 of 14 from behind the arc. the sixers taking one on the chin. the warriors just seven losses. >> i mean, you just never can relax. the volume of points that they can score in just short bursts is -- is breathtaking, you know, like, you just coming down the floor, they're always looking to rise up. i think clay, you forget how big of a man he is apart from his quick release and so you just always afraid of this barrage of -- of points, threes, all that. >> phillies manager says he will decide on the club's fifth
11:59 pm
starting pitcher tomorrow. it's been a battle between morgan and velasquez. that's former phil's general manager. the sox first base coach meanwhile standing in and spanks one off the wall. 20th rbi of the spring, but a two-run here to bradley, jr. just over the wall and then this shot, no doubt about it. the phils fall 5-1.
12:00 am
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12:02 am
up next on nbc 10 it's in depth. >> hey, this week we're in malibu with the most accomplished surfer ever. he remembers some of his closest calls in the water and lessons learned through family tragedy. and his new technology that could forever change the sport. >> i felt like we found gold for the first time or something. >> and takes me out for a one on one surf lesson. all that is coming up next right here on nbc 10. glen's back with a final check of the forecast and some drizzle i guess for the morning commute? >> yeah, it's already looking a little gloomy out there. it will be worse in the morning when you head out, but it will not be that way in the afternoon. it's really going to change. windy and warmer. >> ek o. thank you and that's
12:03 am
nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, have a great monday. o. thank you and that's 10 news for now. for all of us here, have a great monday. k. thank you and that's 10 news for now. for all of us here, have a great monday. a. thank you and that's c 10 news for now. for all of us here, have a great monday. y. thank you and that's nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, have a great monday. ♪
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that is max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. surf than me. >> ever do battle with him? >> go pro falling off mid surf. ♪ kelly slater -- >> you know, sometimes i just can't sleep because i'm so excited about surfing the next day. >> surfings most iconic figure with 11 world titles. both the youngest and oldest champion ever. >> there was a columnist who tried to put your feats into context. i cannot think of another athlete who has matched slater's genius for such a long period of time. >> the florida native still travels the globe to compete, but made a brief stop in malibu fo


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