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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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well, we are drying out after a wet start to the workweek. nbc 10 along king street in haddenfield and camden county. it's still gray out there, though, and gloomy skies linger. clouds have been covering cape may for much of the morning. this is a live look right now from our camera down the shore. it seems like those clouds and fog have not dissipated too much and not exactly beach weather this morning if you're down there. >> and the rain and low visibility led to flight delays this morning and here's a live look at our camera at the philadelphia international airport and we'll check in with jessica boyington. first let's go to chief
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meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the good news is the last of the rain is moving out. >> the last of the rain is moving out and we'll see dramatic changes in the weather as we go through this afternoon. the roads are generally still wet, but the rain is pretty much gone. as you can see, the heaviest rain from new york city into long island, we still have a little bit of patchy, light rain toward the shore down toward cape may and much of the philadelphia area already dry, but this afternoon the wind is going to pick up like that and the wind advisory is in effect for the entire area until midnight and we may see gusts close to 50 miles an hour. here is the futurecast. nothing more than an isolated showers around the middle of the day, but look at the clearing that is coming in. it's going to be sunny by later this afternoon, if you can believe that. >> temperatures are in the 50s now and headed into the 60s in much of the area. 40s to the north and west.
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so it's not really going to be a cold wind this afternoon and it will be a mild wind. sustained at 24 miles an hour. gusting over 40 by 4:00, but bright and sunny and still windy throughout the night. wef got a colder wind coming in starting tomorrow. more on just how cold with the seven day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. time now for a check of the roads throughout the morning. with the rain it was slow going on a lot of stretches. jessica boyington is joining us now with a look at how the roads are faring. >> that's right, katy. we're doing better. a lot of those accidents have cleared out of the way and we have delays on the schuylkill expressway. we had an earlier accident just a few moments ago that cleared on south street and that was headed eastbound and we had big delays there and now we're headed westbound. from the vine street expressway to the 14-minute trip and we also have an accident out in montgomery county and upper
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moreland on west moreland road and park avenue. we're in mount laurel and 295 and this is right around route 73 and no problems or delays in either direction and you can see the roads are starting to dry out there and we'll check in with the philadelphia international airport and we do have 30-minute delays for arriving flights into philly. we do have weather and low ceiling problems and we have a management problem in effect. katy? >> thank you. turning to decision 2016. time is running out for pennsylvanians to schedule to vote in the upcoming primary next month. today is the deadline. drew smith is here to explain the process for us and what you need to do to make your vote count. these primaries are later than most and what's interesting that for the democratic party states have a primary on the same day as neighboring states. to register, you must be 18 and you must also be a u.s. citizen and a pennsylvania resident for at least a month prior to the
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election as today is the deadline and it's too late to register by mail, but you can still do it online. tap the nbc 10 app and that includes the application. checking out who is leading the races. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders, 55% to 28%. for the republicans, donald trump is on top with 35%. john kasich is second with 20%. they hold their primary elections on april 26th and new jersey voters will go to the polls on june 7th. if you live in delaware or new jersey you still have time to register. delaware's registration is april 2nd and in new jersey you will have until tuesday may 17th to register for that primary and once you register you have to get down to the polls on election day and make your voice count. i'm drew smith.
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nbc 10 news. a lot of people wanting to take part in this election. thank you, drew. he opened fire on the home of his girlfriend's family. it happened overnight in the cuyoga section and five adults and three children were inside at the time. fortunately, no one was hit. the teen then barricaded himself inside his house on nearby north smedley street. a s.w.a.t. team moved in and police found him hiding in the basement. >> villanova has its ticket to houston and the wild cats clawed their way into the semifinals over the weekend. nova will face houston. the game will tip-off at 6:09 saturday evening. [ cheering ] and the wild cats got a spirited welcome home yesterday just hours after they beat kansas to get to the national semifinals. the team and the fans told us
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they'll take a moment to savor things before getting ready for the next big matchup. >> the goal for the whole tournament and the biggest thing for us is not talking about winning the whole thing and talking about the little things. >> you live with them every day and we think our players are great. >> we cried so -- after it was over. >> it's just a huge party. >> again, villanova faces oklahoma saturday evening with the winner going to the national championship game. and villanova is on a championship run and it's got sports talk radio in philadelphia buzzing. >> i'm a temple grad, but i am rooting for villanova. nbc 10 visited the studios of 97.5 the fanatic and we spoke to one host who happens to be the villanova alum. he told us this team embodies what philadelphia is all about.
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>> if you're not appreciating what villanova's done so far you're missing out because whether you like villanova or you hate villanova. you have to respect what they've done and they've played at the high of the level they've played all year. >> reporter: philadelphia's role in the ncaa tournament ended last night at the wells fargo center and each top seed north carolina owned its own ticket to houston by beating notre dame. sellout crowd filled the center for games throughout the weekend. also happening today is your chance to chime in on septa's service plans for next year. there will be two open houses today at septa headquarters at 12th and market to get feedback from riders. it includes limited bus stop service along roosevelt boulevard including extended tripos the route 2 bus from the wayne junction station. the first open house begins at noon. this morning we have new
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video of a man wanted in connection with the deadly terror in brussels. authorities are calling him the man in white and right now there is a new push to find and identify him. originally belgian media reported authorities thought he was fai cal, and police released this video you're looking at. surveillance footage captured a man pushing luggage alongside suicide bombers inside the brussels airport. meanwhile, authorities have identified two more americans killed in the bombings. their names have not yet been released. the two other american victims are identified as justin and stephanie shults. the belgian minister says the death toll is now at 35. well, lancaster county woman is facing charges after police say she skipped out on a $600 cap fare. the taxi driver took kelly boyer from new york city to pennsylvania which is nearly a
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150-mile trip. according to authorities boyer told the driver she'd be right back to pay him, but she never returned and the cabbie called police. officers charged boyer with theft of services. it's a first family tradition. the annual white house easter egg roll. here is a live look right now at washington, d.c., where thousands of kids from across the country are participating in the day-long event that includes games, story telling and egg rolling on the south lawn of the white house. this year's theme, let's celebrate the easter egg roll tradition which dates back to the late 1800s. >> charges could come today against an american airlines co-pilot. he's suspected of being drunk before a flight to philadelphia. you can see police arresting the pilot right there on the tarmac in detroit on saturday. the airline ended up canceling the flight. a tsa agent spotted the pilot acting strange before he boarded
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the plane and he later failed two breathalyzer tests. the pilot lives in pennsylvania. the airline has not identified him yet. in pakistan the death toll is rising in connection with the easter sunday bombing that targeted christians. 70 people have been confirmed dead in the attack that happened at this park you're looking at. a breakaway taliban group which supports isis claims responsibility for the bombing. today the country began observing a three-day mourning period. the water crisis in flint, michigan, has put a spotlight on the national lead problem and all week long the nbc 10 investigators are revealing lead issues right here in our area. beginning today at 4:00 p.m. investigative reporter mitch blocker shows us who is living with lead. >> this is something that's perceived to be just something that happens and really poor neighborhoods and really rundown places and it's not. it's all over. >> reporter: in flint we saw
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lead in the water. around here the main concern is paint and dust. we're looking at laws meant to protect our kids. is the health department effective in enforcing this ordinance? >> i -- i think there are a few things that we can change, that need to be changed. >> reporter: we checked on the money meant to get rid of lead. >> those funds are raided. >> reporter: we uncover local communities and what they're doing. >> do you actively go out and test for lead. >> no, we do not. we do not have the resources to do that. >> reporter: we give tips on how to protect your kids. >> it's how we are investigating for lead and what's being done to get rid of it. our investigation, living with lead, is today at 4:00. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher. criticism over a museum exhibit featuring bill cosby. what the display in washington, d.c., will not include that has a women's group angry. plus the calorie count on
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your favorite restaurant dishes may surprise you. what you need to know about the fda's regulation of menus. this morning's rain's moving out, but the strong winds are coming in. i'm tracking the conditions you can expect in my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0242 or visit welcome back. it's just about 11:15. a new museum set to open in washington, d.c., is drawing
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criticism to include a bill cosby exhibition. according to "the new york times" several women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault are upset the national museum of african-american history and culture plans to recognize cosby's work without mentioning the claims against him, but the museum's curators say they feel cosby's achievement should stand alone. here at home, cosby has been trying to get a sexual assault case against him dismissed in montgomery county. he's accused of drugging and molesting a temple university employee back in 2004. his case is on hold while a pennsylvania appeals court plans to hold his appeal to toss the case out. a local country club has closed its doors for good. edgemont country club will now become a housing development. the last few golfers made their rounds yesterday and a fix you are on the delaware county and chester county border since 1963. edgemont was forced to shut down
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after declaring bankruptcy in 2013. a bittersweet ending for the daughter of the course founder. >> it's like planning a funeral. it truly is, but planning a funeral, you in essence celebrate life. >> reporter: ridgewood real estate partners who bought the property plan to build homes on the 190-acre plot. health-conscious consumers will have to wait a bit longer for calorie information to pop up on restaurant menus. the law behind the proposal has been delayed again. the fda says it's postponing the controversial measure until at least next year. the rules call for restaurants and other businesses that sell food to post calorie content of food on menu and menu boards and displays. supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers are lobbying against the measure. millennials are saving money. a new study found young people are putting away more cash than
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any other age group. well more than half of millennials surveyed say they're saving 5% of their incomes and employed americans say they are not saving any of their pay. and today we'll be finding out what is new for philly fans this season. here is a live look at citizens bank park where the countdown is on. we are now two week away from the phil's home opener. before the phillies take on the padres april 11th there's plenty of work to be done at the ballpark. we will be there for a preview for what is new in food and fandom. nbc 10 has you covered for the home opener. it starts at 2:00 followed by first pitch at 3:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. ♪ ♪ now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> not exactly baseball weather out there this morning and we had a wet morning rush, but that rain continues to move out and we're going to be seeing sunshine this afternoon. the live shot from washington, d.c. and the sun is out there. we have strong winds coming in later today and then the 70s returning with some warm winds later in the week. we have a lot of clouds around. some of them pretty low to the ground, but the rain moving out. 52 degrees. the wind is still out of the east so we can't really clear out until the wind shifts and visibility 6 miles and a little bit of fog, but not too bad. 73 on friday. 60 saturday and sunday and going about 64 degrees today and 57 tomorrow. so we get a cold blast and all we're doing is getting to the average temperatures. we're going to end up for one of the warmest marches ever recorded. it will be a top five month once
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it's over. 52, philadelphia ranging into the mid-50s toward the shore. upper 40s to the north and west and the wind is pretty light right now, but it's not going to stay that way. look at this. dead calm in parts of the area and yet we have a wind advisory for this afternoon. these colors, the reds and the purples and that's the strong wind. it's coming out of the west so we have the southwest wind and for the east wind that we have at the airport now and as we go into the afternoon, here come the strong wind gusts out of the west. that's going to clear us out let the sun come out, but we also have some strong wind gusts this afternoon and tonight gusting over 40 miles an hour, but look at that rain race out. so the strong winds higher in the atmosphere, pushing the moisture out of here. as you can see, hardly anything left. the visibility starting to go
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back up except for mount pocono and the the quarter mile visible conditions ilimprove dramatically this afternoon and the rain ends followed by clearing and later today and gusts over 40 miles an hour. on the seven-day forecast we cool down and it's windy tomorrow. gusts to 30 plus and maybe not quite as strong as this afternoon and a really nice day with less wind on wednesday and then 70s come back. low 70s with showers on thursday and no rain over the weekend and some cold air coming in. >> glenn, thank you. an easter treat turned sour at a popular egg hunt. we'll explain what happened when some parents reportedly broke the rules and spoiled the fun for their kids. plus the mission to get more people riding their bikes all while giving back to those in need. we'll introduce you to the
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founder of bike oro now launching in philadelphia.
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welcome. welcome back. 11:23. new this morning, pennsylvanians who travel to delaware to work every day will soon have an
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easier commute. septa's wilmington, newark line is adding two express trains and they will will run in the evening beginning on april 11th. >> taking a live look at the philadelphia international airport. this morning's rain has moved out for most of us, but the strong winds are coming in and nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. plus less than a month to go before pennsylvania's primary and coming up we'll show you whether one of the presidential campaigns will be rallying in our area and how you can register to vote by today's deadline.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. the crolouds are slowly starting to clear after a rainy morning making way for what should be a sunny afternoon.
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this is a live look at center city from the camera atop the adventure aquarium in camden. a live look at the schuylkill expressway right now where there was a lot of slow go this morning because of the rain. the strong winds will really pick up this afternoon. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and those details. glenn, not a nice way to start the week, but hopefully the rain is gone for most of us. we're not going to be seeing any for a few days. low clouds. you can see it cut off the tops of the buildings and that is going to change pretty dramatically as we go through the afternoon. you can see the last of the rain moving out and nothing more than a couple of sprinkles left. we do still have the clouds, of course, and you can see the last of the light rain moving offshore, but the rain will be picking up and that will be the big issue and the wind advisory for the entire area, until
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midnight and we'll be seeing wind gusts well over 40 miles an hour and nothing more than an isolated, light shower over the next couple of showers and look at how much clearing we get for the afternoon and there will be sunshine for the afternoon rush and 52 degrees in philadelphia now. a little cooler, north and west and as we go through the afternoon we'll be seeing more sunshine and a whole lot more wind. the 70s will return and we'll tell you with the seven day in just a few minutes. today is the day for pennsylvanians to register to vote for the upcoming primary. people can stop by the county registration office or register online. belgian police released this video of a man wanted in connection with the deadly airport bombings in brussels.
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authorities are calling him the man in white and right now they're trying to identify him and find him. this morn airlines co-pilot could face charges as early as today. he is expected of being drunk on a flight from detroit to philadelphia. he failed two breathalyzer tests. villanova is going dancing in houston. the wild cats punched their ticket to the national semifinals over the weekend. nova will face oklahoma saturday night in houston and we now know the game will tip-off at 6:09 saturday evening. the team returned to campus yesterday as south region champions. nbc 10 was there as plenty of fans greeted the players and the coaches. nova will now have a rematch with oklahoma. a team the caps lost to by 23 points in december. coach joe wright knows the sooner all-american buddy hill will be tough. >> i'd rather not play them because they're so good, but when we get to the final four
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whoever we play they know they can embarrass us. he can get going and there's nothing you can do. jay riwright will try to duplicate what joey did in 1985 when he led villanova to the national title. the 2016 squad reminds him of that championship team. >> sure does. it really does because they're all together. they're all part of what it's all about and congratulations to my dear friend jay wright and everybody else. >> jay wright will be getting his second crack at a championship after taking villanova to the semifinals in 2009. well, their mission is simple. get more people around the world riding bikes and now bikes oro is working to get a set of wheels for more people here in philadelphia. chelsea, founder and ceo of bikes oro joins us live from our
11:32 am
digital operation center to talk more about her organization launching here in philadelphia. chelsea, good morning and thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so what inspired you to begin bikes oro? >> yeah. so it was actually over seven years ago i was living in a refugee community on the outskirts of uganda, and i was working on a project at the time, but what i saw was just how powerful bikes could be to change poeople's access to opportunities whether it was kids or entrepreneurs. i just wanted to see a way to sustainably link getting more bikes to people in need, and i thought by selling a bike that had a social mission directly attached to it, we could accomplish that. >> so these bikes, how does it work, exactly? if someone is interested in buying a bike, orc ro's bike. what good does that do for pem around the world? >> yeah. if someone buys one of our bikes
11:33 am
we help fund a non-profit that helps get the bikes to people. for each bike we're donating 15% of the revenue to the cause. >> that's awesome. so you probably know, philadelphia is becoming a more bike-friendly city and bike lanes are popping up on our streets and cities and how will bike oro connect with people in felly and what's your effort like to get more people riding? >> i live in the greater philadelphia area and i live in cape may so our headquarters are close, so coupled with that, we have four of our ambassadors who are living here in the philadelphia area and those are people who help us tell the story, who are going to have access to bikes at all times, who are going to give people the opportunity to ride them because for the most part we're selling online direct to consumer. these people will have the bikes in their hands and they'll be able to connect with people and invite people out to events and parties that kind of help us promote our story and also just
11:34 am
get people riding. >> and this is a great time to be promoting your cause, right? because we're getting into the spring and summer months where it's easier to bike outside. >> absolutely. today is not a great day here in philly for riding, but the people who have the right gear can get out there and as we move into the summer you'll see more and more people out riding. >> all right. chelsea covermeyer, founder and ceo of bike oro. thank you for joining us and good luck with your mission. >> thank you. it is 11:34. happening today in delaware, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in wilmington. she'll join lawmakers in announcing the delaware coalition for common sense. the bipartisan group will focus on strengthening the state's gun laws. a gunman shot giffords in the head in 2011. since then she's been a notable gun control advocate. a maryland police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest today in
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delaware county. loved ones will gather for jacai coalson's funeral. officer coleson was accidentally killed march 13th by one of his fellow officers after another man began firing at their police station. coleson was 28 years old. today the mount holly police department will hold their annualer is money they honors three fallen officers. this is the tribute for donald ailshyer, william worth and john holmes. a sniper gunned down the men in 1975. ailshyer were killed at the scene and holmes was paralyzed and died of his injuries more than two decades later. today the drummer for the band phish is helping out the bernie sanders campaign in
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philadelphia. john fishman will appear at the north pat bollanding alley in northern liberty. fishman helped get the word out yesterday in south philadelphia. most of the presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail. there are no primaries or caucuses this week. the next contest is a week from tomorrow in wisconsin. national correspondent tracy potts is following just what's next for the presidential hopefuls. >> reporter: donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich answer voters' questions at a town hall in milwaukee tomorrow. they're vying for 42 delegates in wisconsin next week. it's winner take all and like cruz, kasich is backing off his pledge to support donald trump if trump was the nomination. we'll look at it every single day and we'll see what happens and we've got a long way to go and i don't want to project that he's going to be the nominee. trump and cruz are trading personal attacks. the latest, cruz insists trump planted this tabloid story
11:37 am
accusing cruz of an extra marital affair. >> this is garbage. it is tabloid smear and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> for him to try to say i put the shoe on the other foot is disgraceful. >> reporter: bernie sanders won washington state, alaska and hawaii last weekend. pressed on whether he would support hillary clinton as a nominee. >> too early to talk about that right now. >> reporter: he's pushing to win the majority of wisconsin's 96 democratic delegates and wants to debate clinton in her home state, new york. new this morning details of a speech hillary clinton will give today. she's focusing on president obama's supreme court nominee saying that needs to happen, get an up or down vote. this year, she thinks that critical court decisions could be at risk and she also says she's greatly concerned about what will happen, when donald trump fills that vacancy. tracy potts, nbc news,
11:38 am
washington. >> yoi can get the latest decision 2016 news any time including the delegate count by tapping the nbc 10 app. a philadelphia brewing company is tapping into the presidential race with a special line of anti-donald trump beers. the brewery in southwest philadelphia has released the first friends don't let friends drink drump. the short finger shout which they describe as bitter and delusional with an airy, light-colored pit. experts from different fields are putting their minds to together to come up with solutions to the zika virus. the national institutes of health is hosting the work shop. scientists, educators along with health experts will discuss strategies to find out more about the disease and how to control it. in western pennsylvania,
11:39 am
seven trapped firefighters managed to escape this raging restaurant fire. it happened in the town near pittsburgh yesterday. three of the firefighters suffered burns while they tried to get out. crews said a lack of hydrants in the area made the fire difficult to put out. in south philadelphia, police arrested five people at an easter carnival to benefit a little league. organizers closed the event early after a group fight break out and investigators say they're not sure what sparked the site, but they're looking into it. a candy company is apologizing for an easter egg hunt in connecticut that turned into all-out chaos. the pez company hosted the event and staffers laid out thousands of eggs for the children and they had three different start times and some parents ignored the plan and rushed in for the eggs early and the result was
11:40 am
kids getting pushed around from adults. >> and they were taking eggs and they broke my bucket. >> that's so sad. pez released a statement saying due to the action of a few, the good event quickly turned into a mess. i would like to sincerely apologize to our guests and we only wanted to do good for the local community. coming up, next, the suspected carjacker, the woman's bold attempts to get away from the officers who were chasing her. >> a soggy start to your workweek, but the rain has pretty much moved out. i'm tracking the windy and warm conditions you can expect for theest rest of the day. my exclusive first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. we have new video this morning of a suspected carjacker who just would not give up. take a look at this. police near los angeles chased the woman in the brown pickup truck until it spun out. now watch the woman as she gets out of the truck and literally tiptoed toward the officers and them tried to jump into the driver's side of the police car. officers wrestled her to the ground and arrested her. a message of hope and inspiration came as former eagle kevin turner was laid to rest in his hometown of prattville,
11:44 am
alabama. turner passed away thursday after a lengthy battle with als. he played fullback in the nfl for both the eagles and patriots. he was diagnosed with als in 2010. turner started a foundation to raise awareness of als and the effects of football on the brain. his loved ones say his generosity, humor and faith after his diagnosis inspired more people than he could have as a football player alone. kevin turner was 46 years old. in lehigh county this morning the pennsylvania spca is caring for dozens of animals after officers found them in a home without food or water. the officers rescued 40 animals. they also found 30 dead chickens. the rescued animals, rather, are now at the pennsylvania spca philadelphia headquarters. ear infect fections are bec less common among infants.
11:45 am
it's dropped for babies over the last few decades. half of the kids in the survey developed an ear infection by their first birthday which is a significant drop compared to the numbers from the '80s and '90s. a decrease in smoking rates and new vaccine for the decline. speaking of babies, more women are choosing to give birth in places other than hospitals. in 2004 less than 1% of births were at home or in special birthing center, but ten years later by 2014, that percentage increased to 1.5%. most of those pregnancies were considered low risk. and speaking of more baby, donald trump is a grandfather for the eighth time. yesterday ivanka gave birth to a baby boy. his name is theodore ims. >> kushner. donald trump has frequently made mention of his daughter's pregnancy while on the campaign trail. a storm packing 1
11:46 am
100-mile-per-hour winds, battled large parts of england over the weekend. across london people woke up to streets covered in puddles and strewn with debris. the storm left tens of thousands of people there without power. and turning now to glenn "hurricane" schwartz and high winds will be a factor for us, but nothing like that, glenn. we're not expecting gusts up to 100 miles an hour and they can get up to 50 miles an hour with tree limbs coming down and no widespread damage and the rain has moved out and the sun is going to be coming out this afternoon. we've got strong winds coming in later today and eventually some 70s returning this week. the low clouds continue across the area, but look at the flag. it's not moving at all. we have hardly any wind around that's officially calm at the airport in philadelphia. 53 degrees, but we're talking about strong winds this
11:47 am
weird, isn't it. temperatures in the upper 40s, north and west and 53 in philadelphia and 61 in atlantic city and 51 degrees in dover. so there's some warm air not that far away. the pollen, that got knocked down today because of the rain. so some people were happy to see that rain. it was high yesterday, much more moderate today and this is the time of year it can jump back quickly. you can see the rain moving out, dryer air moving in and that's what we're going to be dealing with this afternoon. watch the clouds move out as we go through the afternoon and there we go and the temperature jumps into the mid-60s and the sun is out, but the wind is the real big factor here. it's not all that chilly during the evening, as you can see like
11:48 am
tomorrow morning, though, temperatures are going down in some places into the 30s. and look at the wind. by late this afternoon a calm wind right now. gusts of 36 in philadelphia and 41 in redding and those are straight out of the west and it's a dryer wind, but boy, it's going to be gusty. 46 mile an hour gusts in mount pocono and 44 toms river and 41 in atlantic city and that's an offshore wind not coming in off the ocean and tomorrow it's still a windy day and maybe not quite as windy as today, but it's still going to be pretty gusty. so a couple of days of strong winds. today we have the rain ending with clearing conditions and very windy late in the day with highs getting up into the mid-60s and gusts up over 40 miles an hour.
11:49 am
tomorrow, 56 degrees with gusts over 30. not windy on wednesday. a lot of sunshine and pretty nice day. there are the 70s coming back on thursday with some showers and possibly extending into friday and then definitely much colder over the weekend, especially sunday. > > >> all right. thank you, glenn. ten years and climbing the american lung association fight for air will challenge people to climb one lowingal square one of philadelphia's tallest building. that does not look easy at all. two gentlemen who know that better than anyone, mike clark from the american lung association and next to me aaron thomas president of the national association of firefighters and paramedics local 22. thank you so much for joining us to talk about this event. let's start with you and tell us how the event benefits the american lung association. so we have events throughout the area as a result of these events
11:50 am
we are able to raise money through donations and support from people and after that we use that money and our mission is to save lives by preventing lung disease. we spend a lot of time educating and bringing awareness and advocacy and research with the dollars that we're able to raise as a result of the event and then we have a lot of participation in the event teams, family and friend teams and the fire department and -- >> really supportive, right? >> yes, we are. very supportive. our oldest climber this year is 78. >> that's awesome. >> and we have kids that start at 7. >> oh, wow. good for them. >> some of us have large teams and the fire company has a large team. >> i have a large team. >> tell us yet fire department and paramedics and why this group has gotten involved and gotten invested. >> local 22 we participate and we go to fund raising and we have lung-related issues and we use it as awareness and this is
11:51 am
our tenth year participating and we've raised over $35,000 for the event. we have about 70 members participating this year and our members, actually, some of them run in their gear and they carry another 50 pounds on the way up and it's 50 flights of stairs and it's 1,088 steps and it's a challenge. it keeps our members active and healthy. >> and it's personal, too, for some of your members. they're probably benefiting from the work that the organization does. >> on friday i actually helped one of our member's family and they were going for a double lung transplant in johns hopkins university so it is close to our hearts. >> we have 30 seconds left. tell me, can people still sign up and what can they do to register? >> online registration closes wednesday at noon. they can sign up the morning of the event at 3 logan square or they can sign up on friday night at 3 logan square from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. we're looking to get as many climbers as possible to get out
11:52 am
for the event and it should be a great time. >> thank you so much, mike and andrew. thanks for joining us. >> last-minute details and the fight for air climb to benefit the american lung association is this saturday april 2nd and it begins at 7:00 a.m. at 3 logan square at 1717 arch street and you can visit or the nbc 10 app. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up after the break we are counting down the days until decision 2016 comes to our area and today is a big deadline. what you need to know to register for the pennsylvania primary.
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welcome back. it's five minutes before noon. happening now, new jersey legislators announce a plan to test for lead contamination in the drinking water at all state public schools. a live look right now from inside the statehouse in trenton. the legislation comes after newark schools, rather, shut off sinks and fountains at 30 facilities earlier this month. testing showed elevated lead levels there. now to an update to our top story. the voter registration deadline in pennsylvania, well it is today. it is the last day to register to vote for the upcoming primary and it is not too late.
11:56 am
it is too late to register by mail, but you can still do it online. you don't even leave your home or you can leave your home and go in person to your county voter registration office. if you want to make your vote count count on nbc 10 to help you out. just tap the nbc 10 app or go for the voter registration application. we have big changes coming in the next few hours and we'll clear out and the sun will be coming out and it will get very windy. gusts over 40 miles an hour pushing temperatures into the mid-60s and windy and colder tomorrow and then we start climbing by the end of the week thursday and friday. we're back near 70 degrees. a little bit of a rough start to your monday and workweek with the rain. >> yeah. it wasn't exactly the beautiful commute in, but the commute home will be so different. >> it will be so different and then some sunshine later this week. >> and then -- bill was saying and you were saying 40s this weekend.
11:57 am
>> by sunday. it is going to be cold. not only sunday, but into next week. all right. >> great news. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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[eerie music] ♪ >> abigail: i know you and the crew have been putting in a lot of overtime and...i hope you tell them how much we really appreciate it. >> not a problem, ma'am. main thing is keep everybody safe. >> abigail: wow, looks like it's gonna be a big storm. >> chad: yeah, well, "the wall street journal" didn't get the half of it, so, why don't we set things straight for everybody? thanks, tobey. all right, you ready? well, here's the quote: yes, i will be in zurich. yes, i will be attending the dimera enterprises board meeting, but my sole purpose will be to officially cut


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