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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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cydney long spoke to his family today, she's joining us live. we understand the victim's family has a message for the suspected driver. >> reporter: indeed. they want her to know two things, she simply didn't have the guts to pull over right here on route 130 to stop and do the right thing, but they say they will also find room in their hearts for forgiveness. >> i'm going to tell you to your face you're a coward for doing that all you had to do was wait with my baby died by his self. >> latisha has strong words for the driver police say struck and killed her son but she also has a solid faith. >> you killed my baby, but it's all right because he is an angel, and i know that i love him, god loves him and he is up there with my grand mom, my grandfather. >> 16-year-old quason's body was in the parking lot. susan highland never hit the brakes, drove to camden to hide
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in the home of her daughter's father. her niece who owns the car involved and watched in horror from the passenger seat who secretly dialed 911. >> after the collision she was in shock pretty much. >> her ex didn't want to show his face but told me. >> the cops came, they came and she tried to leave out the back door and no, you need to tell them the truth. face the fact that you hurt somebody you know. if not it's going to haunt you the rest of your life. >> turner's loved ones say he loved track, football and creative drawing. >> he was the best person you can be around. things tough he was looking to make you life. >> my daughter has lost a son, i lost a grandson. that i won't hear the words papa. >> i can't never hug him again. i can't tell him i love him again. my son is not here with me but he is here in spirit in my heart forever. >> reporter: and turner always taught her son to cross at an intersection and believed he did that but markers here in the
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road paint a different picture. highland her bail is set at $200,000. for driving on a suspended license as well as leaving the scene and tonight quay's loved ones will light candle at mcgraw park in camden next to the school that happens at 7:30. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> new video of a scuffle that septa says shows kids behaving badly. the language so unacceptable for tv we had to turn down much of the audio. the video has gone viral and police are looking for the kids but after our report aired at 4:00, the septa police chief tweeted that tips started streaming in and they are now on the way to what they believe is the family's home. >> we need to help families that are in situations where kids are
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spiraling. and these kids are spiraling. something needs to be done to help them. >> the police chief says riders should be concerned this is an ongoing problem because it is just an isolated incident. it is not an ongoing problem we should say. well, it's the wind that will not let up today. nbc 10 in center city where the flags were taking a beating and people walking out there forced to deal with a second straight day of strong wind gusts. this has the flags flapping. live picture here from center city. nbc 10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us. how long is this wind going to stick around? >> just another couple of hours, got to wait for the sun to go down and then the wind will go down. this is cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it's windy there too president it's been windy across the entire area for more than 24
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hours now straight. it's 57 degrees now, cooler wind than it was yesterday. 53 in pottstown, trenton and allentown, 55 in mount holly and of course the wind is the big deal and in some places it is starting to drop. down to 13 miles an hour in pottstown, 15 in millville, 16 in mount holly. some of the lowest numbers of the day. so that is a sign of things to come. the wind will be diminish, it's going to be light by daybreak. but it's also going to be pretty cold, temperatures in the 20s in the suburbs, look at the wind speed. decrease through the night. we'll see how cold it's going to get and how warm later on during the week with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. tonight villanova fans getting ready, getting their fingers on final four gear. finally the first shipment of the must have merchandise arrived on campus.
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look at it go. villanova takes on oklahoma saturday night. tip-off set for 6:09 which means we are just over what, five days away now. nbc 10's lauren mayk live at villanova where the newest nova pride products arrived. like they needed more excitement on campus. >> reporter: they are pretty excited. they are making their plan for houston, for the big game. i do have a friend with me, obviously will here is pretty excited as well. he's got his plan for houston. you've got -- yeah, he know who is is going to win. you know who also is pretty excited, jim, the alumni. check out who i ran into today. not this guy. >> you noticed her loaded up with gear. and that t-shirt. >> i graduated in 1985, i was a cheerleader at penn so i was there when the team won. >> lori is reliving it. >> bringing back memories. >> a lot of memories.
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wonderful memories. >> there are family roots that make villanova sentimental. >> we got married at the chapel here. >> her daughter is now a student and cheerleader. the family will be in houston for the final four. >> we booked our flights before they won against kansas. >> you had faith. in the team today she sees similarities to her senior year. >> when bridges fell on the ball the last game it was just like duane mcclean. as soon as i saw him fall on that ball all of the memories of watching duane because i was there. >> she's glad her daughter is getting to experience a season that turned out to be so special. >> i honestly believe there's some magic going on and i can see them rin winning it all. >> reporter: now, don't worry, even though will kind of attacked me here, we made up, we are friends now. right? we're -- yeah. we're friends.
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and, maybe since we're friends he can get me one of those final four t-shirts. unfortunately they are sold out. i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> i don't know. he needs to stop bearing those teeth, lauren. >> yeah, a little scary. >> all right. go nova. nbc 10 has you covered throughout the championship chase. look at this our keith jones, matt delucia, john clark, all headed to houston to bring us live reports from the final four. and don't miss this. our special friday night, villanova, march to victory here on nbc 10, that's friday night at 7:00. to other news, sky force 10 over the scene of a tractor-trailer crash on the p.a. turnpike. this was the aftermath at the bristol toll plaza. the impact caused the truck to burst into flames. fortunately, the driver wasn't hurt. >> from our delaware bureau we know what caused a deadly carbon
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monoxide leak at an apartment complex. four people and a pet died at the complex last week. the state department of natural resources and environmental control says rusted and collapsed boiler pipes led to the deadly leak. concern about lead level in waters forced three schools to turn off the drinking fountains. wfmz did water testing and those apparently found lead levels higher than federal standards at three schools. bethlehem's northeast middle school, allentown's allen high school and union terrace elementary school. the district said the city of bethlehem routinely tests water quality in the city and informed that all tests reveal lead levels well below federal guidelines. it went on to say it is unclear whether or not wfmz followed proper protocol. we called the professor.
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he did not know how the samples were taken. we spoke with wmfz. all protocols were followed but did not use a professional service to take the samples. >> the nbc 10 investigators are running a week-long living with lead series here on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00, tomorrow the investigators look into how money is being spent to get rid of lead and fix the problem before a child gets lead poisoning, that's tomorrow afternoon on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00 p.m. police say a dog attacked a pet groomer at a petsmart store. police were called to the store in south philadelphia this morning. we're told the groomer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. she's expected to be okay. the dog is back home with its owners. to decision 2016, donald trump's presidential campaign manager is facing battery charges. we're getting our first look at
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newly released surveillance video of the alleged incident. michelle fields seen in the yellow shirt filed charges alleging that corey lewandowski pulled her arm while she was trying to ask trump a question. this afternoon the republican front-runner defended his campaign manager. >> i guarantee you, you were pushed around more getting onto this the plane now than she was pushed around. no jury would convict a man and destroy a man's life. >> trump campaign released a statement saying that lewandowski is innocent. >> as hillary clinton and bernie sanders organize in pennsylvania there are about a million more democrats registered than republicans. there are about 4 million registered democrats in the state, slightly more than 3 million registered republicans. pennsylvania and delaware hold their primary elections coming up april 26. new jersey voters go to the polls june 7. for complete decision 2016 coverage, including the latest
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delegate counts and upcoming primaries and caucuses tap the nbc 10 app. from our jersey shore bureau, move over cars it's time to make room for bicyclists and pedestrians to get around. leaders in atlantic county holding a public meeting now. they want feedback on a plan to connect neighbors with paths designated for walking and biking, the goal is to make it easier to get around but it could impact traffic, businesses and parking in the area. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, adding insult to injury, a montgomery county couple sees their home go up in flames, then weeks later things get worse when a symbol of love suddenly vanished. now they hope for your help. the strong winds are going to die down the next couple hours but the temperatures are also about to tumble. more on the chilly night ahead, plus, when the 70s are going to return.
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victimized again. weeks after their home went up in flames a montgomery county couple discovered the burned out place had been burglarized and prize possessions swiped during
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the crime. as deanna durante shows us now, police have a powerful clue to find whoever is responsible. >> this hand is pretty good. this hand is just physical therapy. >> michael doesn't mind talking about the fire, his wife's lucky escape or the burns he got trying to control the blaze himself. he says it was not luck on his side that february night. >> the lord got me out of that house. >> weeks after and after his treatment he wanted to see the damage for himself. >> i went up in the bedroom. >> he looked inside his wife's jewelry box his credit card was missing. he called the credit card company. he would not be responsible for the 1,000 charged to the account. >> i was going to leave it at that, then i went back around there and i discovered my wife's, her engagement ring was missing and anniversary ring i had given her i believe our first wedding anniversary. >> no one is living here and charred furniture.
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graves thought calling police yould be useless until investigators came up with a clue. >> the video is clear. >> this is the man that ran up that bill. this video from a drug store one of many places police say the guy used the card. could he be responsible for the left of the card and the rings? they don't know but they certainly want to talk to hip. >> whether it was somebody broke into my house or whether it was somebody that was supposed to be there helping us, which would be even worse, that was a lousy thing to do. you took advantage of a situation. >> he says his faith in god is strong, his faith in humanity is weak. where he comes from people don't get in involved in cases like this. that could change if someone puts a name to this guy's face and leads to his wife's rings. >> going to get a couple bucks for them, you know. he ain't going to get for them what they are worth to us. >> know who he is, call police. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news."
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well, we've had gusty winds, hour after hour after hour. from yesterday afternoon till right now. we've got a cold night ahead. the coldest night of the week once the winds die down of it but the 70s are going to be returning fairly quickly after this. then we're tracking rain that comes with the 70-degree temperatures. well, still fairly windy out there, 22, gusting to 33 miles an hour. 57 degrees, so it's a cooler breeze than yesterday when we got up to 70. it's 53 in allentown, pottstown and trenton right now, 54 in lancaster, and in reading. 55 in westchester and glassboro and mount holly. 57 in dover, millville and atlantic city. you can see temperatures fairly uniform when we have a lot of
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wind. as the wind dies down the temperature's going to go down as we go toward 7:00 a.m. down to 32 degrees in philadelphia itself and in the 20s in many of the suburbs. so, that's going to be a cold night. we've got to get this wind to die down first. it's gusting to 37 miles an hour in mount pocono. some of the gusts now below 25 miles an hour. which we haven't seen so far today. so it is a sign of things to come. and the wind is going to be bringing in the warmer air. not so much tomorrow, that 56 in cincinnati tells you that. but farther to the west it's warmer, in the 70s. and little rock and dallas and that air is headed this way. that's why we've got temperatures in the 70s for a couple of days. it's been sunny but chilly, the closest moisture moving this way is not until you get to iowa. so we're a long way from seeing some rain here. as we go through the night
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tonight, into tomorrow, into tomorrow night it's pretty clear. then by thursday morning we start to see at least some clouds through thursday afternoon, still dry. i don't expect any rain until thursday night when we get showers coming through. as you can see. and then on friday we may see more hours of rain, some of it on the heavier side. possible thunderstorms and then we get another round of wind as we go into saturday and sunday with colder air coming back in. clear, much colder overnight. 34 for the low in philadelphia, 24 in some of the north and western suburbs, millville, new jersey may be one of those spots too. sunny with much less wind during the day tomorrow. the high temperature only near 60 degrees, very light wind in the morning. practically calm. and then increasing to 10 to 15 miles an hour in the afternoon.
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warmer air. temperature near 60 tomorrow, but in the 70s on thursday. a warm night thursday night as the showers come in, the temperature only drops to 62. so it's not that far of a jump to get to 73 on friday even with the rain and thunderstorms. then a little bit cooler on saturday with the wind and a lot colder on sunday. and it stays cold monday and tuesday as well. >> i'm danny pommells. the flyers continue their grueling stretch. we'll hear from the coach and nova gets set for one of the best players in the country. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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the flyers in the midst of a grueling stretch, one that they hope ends with a playoff berth. they are tied with the red wings for the second and final wild card spot in the east. after surrendering a two-goal lead last night. they won in overtime on this claude giroux goal. next up the washington capitals tomorrow night at home. the caps clinched the best record in hockey. but coach says beware. >> i'm not too worried about the caps. they have a tremendous season. we always have a pretty introspective look. we're worried about ourselves and taking care of ourselves and getting ourselves ready and prepared and we'll do that. it's a big challenge, a big test against a great team but again, we'll worry about ourselves and be ready to play. >> villanova is counting down
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the days until they face off with oklahoma in the final four in houston saturday night. this will be the rematch of the game villanova will likely want to forget. oklahoma blew the wildcats out of the building in the early part of the season. buddy hield taken the tournament by storm and the cats know what they are up against. >> you have someone who can shoot the lights out but at the same time athletic enough to get to the rim it's a tough guard because you have to play him so tough, so close. >> he is unbelievable. he's going to be tough to guard. he works for all of the shots. it's not like he's making easy shots. people know he is the best player on the floor. >> closer to home drexel announced their new basketball coach today. the school hired former army coach zach spiker. he replaces the recently let go coach. opening day for the phillies six
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days away. today one of the final clear water tune-ups against the yankees. bad weather in clearwater. the rain was pouring down but the teams played. spring kind of -- serves up one, three-one. bottom one, knocks to left. brings in a run. that's all for the phillies, they lose 7-1 in the four-inning game. back to you guys. >> i'm sure they were glad to get that over with. now for a look what's coming up tonight. bound and beaten, a 92-year-old woman's horror inside her home. that story at 11:00. stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment.
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now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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looking forward to the wind dying down. for glenn and all of us here i'm jim rosenfield. tonight it's a medical condition suffered by one in 10 women that
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is rarely talked about and the hidden danger researchers say it poses. developing news tonight. donald trump's campaign manager arrested, charged with battery over an incident with reporter, police say grabbing her as she tried to ask trump a question. tonight the new video as trump goes on a tirade. hijacked. tonight inside the drama on board a threatened plane when pilots were forced to divert. passengers including americans held hostage by a man wearing what he said was a bomb. cracking the corrode. nbc news has learned who has been helping the fbi break into the san bernardino killer's iphone. blown away by tropical storm force winds, causing a major highway pile-up and a deadly rooftop plunge. and remembering patty duke, the beloved star has died. tonight tributes


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