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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. no, you're not. >> right now at 11:00, out of control children on septa.
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police wanted to find their parents and nbc 10 tracked down their mom. >> i'm sorry they had to see that and go through that. >> tonight, a parent's apology for a viral video that shows young children misbehaving and recorded on a cell phone. we blurred the faces because no crime was committed. nbc 10 spoke with their parents tonight. she is joining us live from septa headquarters and a teachable moment? >> reporter: that's what they hope is that these kids have learned a major lesson tonight. now, this video is shared thousands of times. i was able to contact the man that shot the video and said he couldn't get a hold of the train operator and didn't see police he posted it on the facebook page in hopes that the kids get some help. >> me as a parent, i want to apologize and especially to the man. >> reporter: people alerted
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about the viral video yesterday showing her two sons were among five children cursing, hitting and spitting at strangers on the l before committing at the york dolphin station. >> they sent me the video. my kids? when i seen that, i was like, oh my god. shocking. i was ashamed a little bit. >> reporter: they were headed home. jasmine took a look and recognized the children. >> they help the lady with the children. not going on. this is years. >> reporter: rivera with an issue with the man that shot the video allegedly said to the children. >> but he escalated it to the point where they were acting like that. >> reporter: they're not condoning the behavior. >> i want to speak for them. i don't want them to look at them like they're animals or stuff like that. they're not like that. >> reporter: now, the parents do say that their children have some problems that they are
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dealing with. now, septa police wanted to talk to them. they tracked down the parents and they offered them social services. live in center city, nbc 10 news. out of west philadelphia tonight, a 14-year-old boy shot in the back around 9:30. extremely critical condition right now. police tell us the teenager was shot on north 60th street and so far no arrests. new at 11:00, three people hurt when a house in northeast philadelphia went up in flames. nbc 10 in the air and on the ground at the home in the fox chase section of town. the homeowner said the fire started in the back of the house as everyone got ready for bed. she thinks it was electrical in nature. new information on a fire that torched several trailers in delaware. we have the live aerials in the 5:00 newscast and tonight we've learned someone intentionally started this fire that damaged
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five trailers inside the trailer park. that's not all. firefighters say someone also disabled the fire hydrants and that caused a delay. a firefighter was burned and in good condition tonight. to our first alert weather now. not too cold out there for a run along the schuylkill river trail but temperatures dip and kids need a coat tomorrow morning. let's get the latest on what you wake up to from meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena? >> you're right. you will need a jacket especially in the lehigh valley and new jersey. take a look at lows tonight. dropping to 34 degrees in philadelphia. around freezing in wilmington. mid-20s possibly in allentown. maybe millville. 29 for the morning low in reading. less wind, that combined with clear skies overnight. that's going to give us cold conditions. here's the bus stop forecast in the morning.
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areas north and west and the new jersey suburbs in the 20s. elsewhere, the mid 0 upper 30s by 7:00 a.m. and then by the afternoon bus stop time, look at that. rebound to about the mid to upper 50s by 2:00 p.m. and plenty of sunshine and much less wind tomorrow than we had today. we have a bigger warm-up in the forecast before the week's over and some rain. i'll show you timing of that coming up. new at 11:00, who would beat up a 92-year-old woman? the attack happened overnight. nbc 10's denise nakano reports, the friend had a feeling something wasn't right. >> reporter: a neighbor told me she thought was strange coming by the victim's house and noticed the garage open and the car missing and wasn't until a couple hours later a close friend checked on the victim and found the house ransacked and called police. two masked men moved in overnight targeting an elderly woman. >> very hard to believe. next door to me.
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>> reporter: police found the 92-year-old woman bound and beaten in the basement of her home. they believe the invasion on manor drive happened sometime between midnight and 3:00 a.m. tuesday by two men who ransacked the home for items to steal and then punched and kicked the elderly victim before tying her up. >> i saw the police cars go by and then i saw all the commotion and then the detective came and asked us if we saw anything. >> reporter: antonio and his wife josephine just moved on to the block a month ago. as the neighbor recovers in the hospital, they're locking the doors and keeping watch over the neighbors. >> really sad. i guess it could happen in any neighborhood anywhere. you know? we just have to be very cautious. >> reporter: this is the second home invasion in the township this month of an elderly woman. police are looking into a possible township. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new tonight, family and friends honored this teenager
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killed in a hit and run crossing the street overnight. dozens of his classmates showed up tonight in a park in camden to remember the 16-year-old turner. his brother says he also lifted the spirits of everyone around him. >> he had so much -- you know? he living through me vicariously. >> impacting. he'll get back up. he made sure you laugh and you were good. >> the driver's niece reported the crash and police arrested the woman this morning saying she never stepped on the brakes after hitting turner crossing route 130. turner's mother had this message for the suspect. >> i'm going to tell you to your face. you are coward. just sit there and wait by my baby died by himself. you didn't want to be the person and be responsible enough to stay there and wait for somebody to come and help my son. >> police believe turner jumped
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the center median hit. the police say they're waiting for toxicology tests to come back on the suspect. to decision 2016 now. the three remaining republican presidential candidates appeared tonight in milwaukee, wisconsin. cnn's anderson cooper asked the candidates if they plan to support the party's eventual nominee, whoever that may be. take a listen. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no. i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> no. we'll see who it is. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone that attacks my wife and my family. i think our wives, kids should be off limits. >> donald trump and senator ted cruz both appeared to back off the earlier promises to support whoever wins the nomination. later ohio governor kasich insisted the campaign is gaining momentum even after he said he was largely ignored in the early debates. wisconsin voters head to the
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polls next tuesday. donald trump spent much of the day defending his campaign manager. the reporter in the yellow shirt says trump's campaign manager force bring pulled her arm trying to ask the candidate a question. he turned himself in to police on a misdemeanor battery charge and today trump insisted the reporter kept changing her story and said he will not consider firing the manager. pennsylvania's turning into a key state for the democrats. bernie sanders plans to make a first campaign state to pennsylvania on thursday. he's hosting a rally in pittsburgh and hillary clinton's camp opened a phone bank in old city tonight. dozens of people called pennsylvania voters to get the message out. there are 4 million registered voters in p.a. the primary is four weeks from today. new at 11:00, the fbi says it's locking into a report that hackers linked to isis targeted
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dozens of new jersey transit officers. "newsweek" reported the breach and led to the 50 officers and the hackers encouraged lone wolf attacks on the officers. tonight, transit tells us its information system was not compromised but some information was breached from what they call an outside vendor. tonight, a new travel warning for americans. this time, it is anyone traveling to turkey. state department saying there are increased threats of terrorist groups in turkey. family members of diplomats ordered home from turkey. meanti meantime, the airport in brussels is still closed after the terror attacks in belgium. american airlines says there's no flights out of philadelphia international airport to brussels until at least april 7th. tonight, we now know a
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co-pilot had a blood alcohol limit twice the legal limit for pil pilots. he was charged. taken off the detroit to philadelphia flight before takeoff on saturday. the police report reveals maguire registered a 0.8 on a breathalyzer. he admitted to drinking before. the tsa officials thought he was drunk and smelled. the co-pilot told detectives to take him off the plane. all right. the villanova wildcats are marching to victory and the campus is buzzing. students return from easter break and there's students, alumni and faculty making run for the gear. students say they're making plans to head to the matchup in houston. >> finding a hotel with all of us, cram in one room to save money. >> are you going to houston? >> yes, yes. yes, i am. >> how are you preparing for
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that? >> great question. >> so many students and staff planning to make the trip, looks like the villanova campus may be less crowded by the end of the week. there's a sendoff for the players tomorrow afternoon. villanova leaves for houston around 3:00. we'll have live coverage coming up on nbc 10 news tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. we have our own team heading to the final four. keith, john, don, all reporting live from houston starting thursday. next at 11:00, four south jersey cops, one family on vacation. the meal and message that has a local police department asking for your help. also new at 11:00, a mother in labor. at school. the first responders who jumped into action. plus, a nightmare vacation, a local family is sick and now a company forced to pay millions of dollars in fines. and we have a warm-up before the week's over. but also some heavy rain in the
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forecast, too. i'll show you warm it gets and the timing of the showers coming up next.
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new at 11:00, terminex agrees to pay $10 million in fines after a toxic pesticide that made a local family sick on vacation and the company admitted using the pesticide banned for indoor use since the 1980s. it was used at a resort in the u.s. virgin islands where a family of delaware on vacation. the mother and father sick, two days later. and their two sons ended up in the hospital in critical condition. new at 11:00, a gesture of kindness that caught some cherry hill police officers off guard and it came at a day they needed a lift. a sea of thousands of friends, family and law enforcement officers from across the country converging last week on prince georges county, maryland. there to may last respects to officer colson killed in a
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chaotic police station shootout with a suspect. he was hit by friendly fire. among the legions of law enforcements at the funeral, these four off duty members of the cherry hill police department. it was a difficult day. >> especially at the end of four, five-hour funeral with bag pipes and you travel home. >> reporter: before heading home, they stopped in baltimore. >> we sat down and there was a family to our left. three of them. young boy and a mother and father. they noticed us as we walked in. shared a couple words. and we proceeded with our meal. >> reporter: after the family left, a waitress brought this check to the officers on the back a handwritten note. god bless you fellas. the couple picked up the tab and was already out the door on their weekend to explore baltimore's inner harbor with their son. but the officers gave friendly chase and caught up with the
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family. turns out, gave the son a patch in appreciation. >> it's really good to see people approach us nowadays and thank us for us what we do and feel happy about that the calling we have answered just to be police officers, to help our communities and make a difference. >> now, the officers never got the family's name but they love to invite the boy for a tour of the police department as a way of paying back the kindness so if you're out there, they'd love to hear from you. tonight, we are hearing from two emergency responders who helped a mother in labor inside a school cafeteria. last night, the pregnant mother began to feel pains having dinner with her child at the academy in trenton and a surprise and she wasn't due for another month. two ems technicians arrived just in the nick of time and realized
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a crowded place to give birth isn't good and got mom ready to move to the ambulance. >> got on the stretcher. and got her over to the ambulance. we have all of the supplies that we could possibly need. >> it all happened pretty quick an you kind of -- you know what you're supposed to do and do it and kind of look back on it. >> with their help, mom gave birth to healthy twins and then the head of the school said -- this is the first time anyone's given birth on campus. a friendly competition tonight in hopes of raising $500,000 for cancer research. the leukemia and lymphoma society began the man and women of the year fund-raiser. there's 15 contestants. they hope to raise at least $500,000 over 10 weeks. the man and women of the year will be announced in june.
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well, not so windy outside as it was earlier today and yesterday so it means winds calmer overnight, temperatures will be getting colder and colder morning in the forecast for you especially with clear skies. 70-degree temperatures, though. those return before the end of the week and a nice warm-up in the forecast before the weekend tracking some rain moving into part of the area. lock at the temperatures right now. in the 30s in allentown. 37 degrees. the rest of the area mostly in the mid to low 40s right now and all the numbers dropping off as we get closer to sun rise. a cold start to the morning tomorrow. here's a look hour by hour. temperatures continue to dip into the 30s for philadelphia area. bottoming out around the mid-30s by tomorrow morning and then by lunchtime, near 50 degrees, warmer going through the afternoon. but the big warm-up not until thursday. we'll stay dry going into tomorrow, even through the day thursday. but as far as those cold
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temperatures, those are going to be early tomorrow morning and then keep on warming up. so for tonight, a look at the lows. 34 in philadelphia. 28 quakertown. near freezing possibly closer to the shore but then we quickly warm up into thursday. a south wind. temperatures in the 70s. and then we'll see that rain moving in late thursday into friday. some of this could be heavy. can't rule out thunderstorms and we'll be on the mild side as we go into friday. even warm temperatures still going to be in the low 70s so warm, rainy into the week. tonight, clear skies, colder. winds will be diminishing overnight tonight, becoming lighter. and then tomorrow, it will be still a very nice day, sunny, highs near 60 degrees. but with wind being so much lighter tomorrow than it was today, it's really nice day tomorrow. and then we're warmer thursday, 72 degrees. late showers friday, 73. we'll see some showers possibly
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even some thunderstorms into the weekend. we'll be cooler saturday, 63. and then colder sunday with a high of 48 degrees. also going to be windy across the weekend, too, as we go into next week. morning lows back down into the 30s. it's a cold start and also watching a little weather system for next tuesday but, of course, more details on that as we get closer. hey, the flyers bring in another goalie. the team hosts the best team in hockey tomorrow and might not be at the top of the game. we te'll tell you why coming up. find fantasy shows.
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again. the flyers in the midst of a grueling stretch run and they have made a move to add insurance bringing in former flyers goalie on a trial basis at the morning skate tomorrow. the flyers back in action tomorrow at home, as well, hosting the capitals. the caps clinched the best record in hockey. they don't have a ton to play for at this point in the season but the coach says it doesn't mean a lot to him. >> not too worried about the caps. they have had a tremendous season. we have pretty introspective look here. we're worried about ourselves and taking care of ourselves and getting ourselves ready and prepared and will do that. it's a big challenge, a big test against a great team. but again, we'll, you know, we'll worry about ourselves and we'll be ready to play. >> a potential first round playoff. the red wings lost tonight so they're tied for the second wild card spot. sixers tonight hosting the
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hornets. the elder statesman brand leaving it all over the floor. pushing 40 years old. diving to the floor and the scorer's table. ish smith up to guard williams. rewarded, cashes the 3. too much sting from the hornets. walker hits the triple. hornets win 100-85. sixers' tenth straight loss. villanova heading to houston tomorrow for saturday night matchup and drexel with a new head coach tonight. baseball, bad weather today with the phillies and the yankees anyway with spring training binding down. in between the drops, first inning, surged up to ackley. kiss it good-bye. three-run shot. bottom of one and seeing eye single brings in a run making it 4-1. all the phillies would get. they lose 7-1 in a rain-shorted four-inning game.
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i'm danny. we'll be right back.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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new noise ordinance in a delaware town could make people with loud voiszs loud breakers. council members decided to cap noise at 42 decibels overnight. normal conversations, they're around 60 decibels. this new law excludes air conditioners and generators and opponents say police shouldn't be wasting the time or money on noise enforcement. some people say there's loud parties late at night and don't like it. >> there you go. >> you need a jacket in the morning. >> yeah. heavy jacket. temperatures in the 30s and 20s in some areas. it's sunny in the afternoon and much less wind and that 60 will feel pretty nice tomorrow. warmer thursday, 72. 73 on friday. you see that comes with showers
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and maybe storms and over the week cooler and cold to start tomorrow morning. >> 30s tomorrow morning. >> yeah. some areas 20s. >> waiting for the 70s. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. for all of us here thank you for watching.
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