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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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shocking video tonight. a man shot while streaming live on social media. the horrific moment a gunman opens fire in chicago as murders soar. the city's most violent start to the year in two decades. weather whiplash. tornadoes touch down across the south as temperatures soar into the 70s in the north, about to take a plunge into the 30s. spring snow on the way. nuclear nightmare. president obama warns a deadly consequences if isis madmen get ahold of nukes. arsenic warning in the food millions feed their kids. the fda now making a move. an alert every parent or grandparent should hear. and drunk shopping. more and more people sipping and clicking the buy button late at night. how to prevent a big hangover when it's time to pay the bills.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's a major american city dealing with an epidemic of violence. the shooting of a man in broad daylight in the streets of chicago apparently captured on his own camera phone have brought into jarring focus a surge in shootings that has made this the most violent start of the year that city has seen in two decades. the jump in shootings close to double the number from this time a year ago. nbc's blake mccoy is had a the details. >> come. >> >> reporter: this cell phone video making the rounds on social media appears to show the moment a man is shot in broad daylight. chicago police say the man shot is a known gang member in critical condition tonight, while the video is shocking, shootings in chicago are increasingly not.
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a whopping 677 through the end of march compared to 359 shootings this time last year. the violence in these streets is blamed on gangs and illegal guns, with bullets flying, kids often finding themselves in the crossfire. one week ago tonight, 13-year-old zarierl trotter was hit by a stray bullet walking home from a basketball game with friends and remains in the hospital. >> he's going to fight and is going to struggle and i'm going to pray. that's what we do. >> reporter: in a sad coincidence trotter appeared in an anti-violence psa just last year. >> i don't want to live around moy community where people are getting shot and people keep on getting killed. >> reporter: chicago he's new police superintendent is vowing to fight the gun epidemic. yesterday alone nine people shot and two of them killed in less than an hour. >> they are destroying our communities. they are destroying families and it has to stop. >> reporter: but the parents who live in these neighborhoods tell me the police are
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already here. >> you don't think anything is going to change? >> i hope it does, but so far we haven't seen any change. >> reporter: norma johnson doesn't let her 9-year-old walk down the street. >> really sad out here. >> it comes your way. >> a bullet don't have a name on it. >> reporter: the bullets don't have names but the victims do. blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. >> neighborhoods under siege in an american city. as we head into the weekend, wild weather is making news tonight from north to south and the southern half of the country it's tornadoes continuing to fire up and cause damage. and in the north it's balmy temperatures about to take a dramatic plunge. a 40-degree swing and snow on the way. nbc's miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: for the third straight day hail, flooding, impossible tornadoes. dangerous storm systems threatening 9 million people across the southeast today.
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in georgia the town of warner robbins inundated with major flooding. this morning at robins air force base day turned to night. tornado sirens blaring, 80-mile-per-hour winds. in mississippi the cleanup after several tornadoes touched down. >> i hope it's not coming this way. >> reporter: the storm taking its toll on this columbus neighborhood, three slamming into marcos walt's home. >> three behind me and one more here on this side. >> reporter: in alabama a swollen creek causing a partial collapse of this road, and a van tumbling into the water. the ground soaked overnight. torrential rains and wind damaging homes and taking down trees. to the north, the powerful system bringing in freezing conditions to michigan n.marquette, a layer of snow and ice. >> a shift in the polar vortex causing a dip in the jet stream. by sunday morning
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windchills will be in the single digits and teens. we're also looking at a few bouts of snow sunday and monday with minor accumulations. >> reporter: tonight a tornado watch continues through georgia and the florida panhandle. mother nature on a tear and on the move. miguel almaguer, nbc news. now to a dire warning from president obama today as he closed out his final nuclear security summit. he sounded the alarm about the horrific consequences the world could face if these weapons ended up in the possession of terrorists. nbc's andrea mitchell has late details. >> reporter: tonight the president's stark warning. frightening nuclear threat facing the world. isis or other terrorists going nuclear. >> there is no doubt that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material they most certainly would use it. >> reporter: president saying terrorists woulded into only smallest amount of pollute yurnlgs the size of an apple, to kill or injure hundreds of thousands
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of people. >> it would be a humanitarian, political, economic and environmental catastrophe. >> reporter: even more likely than a nuclear weapon, isis feeling radiologic material combining it with an explosive to make a dirty bomb, in an urban area, damaging a large area and costing billions to go up. >> if it went down off in new york or the poverty rotterdam or some other crucial asset place, could you have people that would not be able to utilize that place for 10 to 20 years. >> reporter: just last week we learned isis bombers in brussels, khalid and ibrahim al boukari stopped and videotaped a nuclear scientist. only 23 out of 130 countries have secured the nuclear material in their hospitals. universities and power plants. but the elephant in the room tonight for the first time vladimir putin boycotted the summit, and without russia and the u.s. working together, it will be difficult to keep ne
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nuclear weapons out of dangerous hands. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thanks. now to the clash between the democrats in the 2016 race. the late word that bernie sanders now wants an apology after hillary clinton angrily accused his campaign of spreading lies during a testy exchange with an activist. and it comes as he's turning up the heat on clinton in a state she now calls home. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: after trying to pivot to the general elect secretary clinton is now refocusing on the battle at hand. bernie sanders now challenging her on her home it your >> if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president, i will never forget new york. >> reporter: in syracuse today, clinton courted working class opponents. >> my opponent talks about free college. any time someone tells you something is free ask for the details. >> reporter: but sanders is surging drawing a diverse crowd of more than 18,000 people in the bronx last night.
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>> if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the white house! >> reporter: clinton maintains a double digit lead in new york, but sanders is catching up and seems poised to win wisconsin where he stumped today. clinton feeling the heat, lashing out at an environmental activist yesterday who accused her of accepting money from the oil and gas industry. >> i am sick of the sanders campaigning lying about it. i'm sick of it. >> reporter: late today sanders hit back. >> secretary clinton owes us an apology. we were not lying. we were telling the truth. >> reporter: clinton and sanders have both received money from employees of the oil and gas industry, a political drama underscoring the high stakes of new york which could be in play. >> democratic primary voters are far to the left of certainly most new yorkers and to the national democratic party. >> reporter: new york has 247 pledged delegates up for grabs. if clinton wins here, she could all but put
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this race away, but a win for sanders could be a game-changer. lester? >> all right. kristen welker, thanks. police in new mexico have released harrowing video of a near fatal mistake during a botched drug operation. an officer opening fire on someone he believed to be a suspect only to realize seconds later that man is a fellow cop working undercover. nbc's gadi schwartz has the story. >> reporter: an undercover sting gone horribly wrong. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this nearly released lapel video shows a police lieutenant shooting his own undercover overs eight times. >> that was jacob. [ bleep ] me. >> talk to me. >> reporter: video captures the moment the lieutenant realizes who he shot. >> are you okay? no. >> jacob, hang in there, man. >> reporter: officer survived but was hit in almost every major organ. >> i thought you were
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a bad guy! >> reporter: undercover sting over a $60 drug buy and another lapel camera recording a suspect drawing away. l.a.'s use of force expert says this shooting is a case of being unprepared. >> if you don't train properly these types of things happen. >> reporter: lawyers say the lieutenant missed the morning briefing, saw a gun in the car and somehow mistook his overs for the suspect. this week the department announced a $6.5 million settlement with the officer that he shot. >> you're going to be all right. >> reporter: and announced policy changes in officer training, the chief openly crying during a press conference. >> my wife had become very close to them. >> reporter: but this latest shooting controversy already came on the heels of a department of justice investigation into the use of force after other high-profile albuquerque shootings. tonight yet another police apology and another promise for change. gadi schwartz, nbc news. millions of americans are set for pay hike as the
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biggest state and the biggest city in america announced deals to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. then a big source of contention in politics. the news comes as we get strong new job numbers. employers adding 215,000 jobs in march. the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 5% because more americans felt confident enough to jump back into the job market. we get all the latest from nbc's joe fryar. >> reporter: after three-plus years of protests and strikes, workers behind the fight for 15 movement can now declare victory in two states. >> i will be able to financially support my son better. >> reporter: monday california's governor will sign a bill raising the minimum wage to $15, a measure approved by lawmakers after contentious debates. >> these are families that are saying i'm struggling and no one is listening to me. >> this bill, my friends, hurts those it pretends to help. >> reporter: state's current bottom wage $10 will gradually
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climb to 15 bucks by 2022 and analysts say it will affect one out of every three california workers and new york is following suit. lawmakers there reached a budget deal that would boost the minimum wage in new york city to $15 by the end of 2018 with slower increases across the rest of the state. but for many businesses it's too much too fast. >> at end of the day the consumer is going to pay for this. >> reporter: brad rowan owns an italian restaurant in california and fears he'll have to startration prices and the cutting staff. >> $15 an hour is a great number, but when you're employed because you've been let go because the employer can't ain order to keep you, 15 becomes zero. >> reporter: while more cities and states are lifting their makes the federal flor of $7.25 still prevails in 21 states, so for millions the $15 an hour club remains well out of reach with no clear sign how far this wage wave will spread. joe fryar, nbc news, los angeles. the fda is making
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moves over concerns that have been raised for years about the potential health risks for children, including developmental delays, from a type of arsenic found in small amounts in infant rice cereal. one of the first foods given to babies. nbc's morgan radford on the warning for parents. >> reporter: today the food and drug administration proposing new limits on a kind of arsenic found in infant rice cereal. >> what we know is that the -- that arsenic can cause neurodevelopmental changes but that's, again, at high exposures at high levels. what we are taking today is a prudent step. it's a way that we can reduce exposure to arsenic. >> reporter: according to the fda, relative to their body weight, babies consumed three times more rice than adults, mostly through their cereal eslegsly when they are 8 months old and the fda says 53% of rice cereal tested has too much inorganic arsenic.
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there are steps you can take. >> rice doesn't have to be the only infant cereal fed there. romania other cereals available for parents and caregivers, and we recommend varying the grains for these children. >> reporter: gerber, one. leading baby food manufacturers, said in a statement we already meet the level proposed by the fda, levels adults should be concerned about, too. >> we need to set standards across the board, and we're also concerned about the risks to adults as well. >> reporter: fda saying rice should be just one part of a well-balanced diet. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. still ahead tonight, sipping and shopping, the trend that experts believe may be driving the rise of the late-night online spending sprees. also, late word on what police have concluded about that knife found on o.j. simpson's former knife found on o.j. simpson's former you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant.
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we're back now with the surge in what some are calling drunk shopping. more and more people kicking back with some wine or a drink of choice and clicking the buy button at their favorite stores online late at night. nbc's kristen dahlgren reports on the rise and how to prevent a big hangover when the bills arrive. >> reporter: got plans tonight? dinner, a few cocktails and some clicks? you're not alone if the urge to spend kicks in sometime after midnight friday. >> shoes, clothes. >> a scooter. >> reporter: online retailer lyst says orders are up 48% at 2:00 a.m. friday, over
6:48 pm
the same time on a monday. late one night brittany decided to buy a fitbit. >> i drank a whole bottle of wine and then i got a fitbit for my mom, my dad, my sister and myself. >> reporter: liz says those late-night shoppers spend 30% more than the school night counterparts. >> all about stress relief and purchasing something gives you a happy surge and certainly something people are looking for at end of a long workweek. >> reporter: and it seems women are leading the charge. >> the pieces that people want to shop for when they are feeling kind of sassy and drunk confident is the pieces that make you feel good. >> reporter: dress sales are up a whopping $320% late friday night. lingerie soars 50%, and shoe sales double, especially the expensive ones. so what can you do to help curb the urge? experts say always check return policies. don't save your credit card info online and set up a separate e-mail for all those
6:49 pm
offers. >> unfortunately, for shoppers the retailers are very aware that this is a trend as well so they are seeing more targeted ads. >> reporter: ads that might just make you think you can't live without those -- >> shoes, shirts, things i didn't need. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a panic on the dock when onlookers realize that the cruise ship coming right at them can't stop. sure, we cor put them stacked on a rack.s. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires. when your ford needs service, these are the specialists. at ford.
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an apple event. elon musk revealed the tesla model 3 has received 198,000 orders in just 24 hours of launching its more moderately priced electric car. standard versions start at about 35,000, but the first ones are expected to go for tens of thousand more as customers add more features. nbc news has learned tonight that forensic tests have ruled out a knife found buried on o.j. simpson's former property as the murder weapon in simpson's infamous 1914 case. this according to law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation. the knife made headlines weeks ago when its existence was revealed. a construction worker reportedly found it and turned it over to a police officer who held on to it for a year. when we come back, our friday "making a difference," a crowded school where they keep finding room in their hearts and classrooms for kids w actually, philly was the first capital. oh, honey... no ♪
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...except you. opioid-induced constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation, which may need a different approach. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. ♪ finally tonight, a story about a school that has a lot more compassion than it does space. there aren't enough seats for all the girls who want to learn there, but rather than turn them away this school found a pretty simple sclugs. kelly cobiella explains in tonight's
6:57 pm
making a difference report. >> reporter: at this school for girls in jordan, behind the smiles, trauma and loss. these are little girls who fled war in syria and now in a foreign land learning english. >> you must be rubbish in the bin. >> reporter: the principal says it was crowded before the refugees started showing up. >> the school is for very big and even some of them -- >> reporter: so the principal came up with a simple answer. if you want a place in school, bring a chair. >> just a chair. >> reporter: hand they did. not just one girl, but one after another after another. today one in five girls here is syrian. i want to be smart, she says. >> when she came, her mother told me that, please, i want her just to write her
6:58 pm
name. >> reporter: hanah says she was afraid of school, even afraid to leave her mother. now she and milad are two of the best students. the school has made them feel they belong and that gives their parents hope. >> they are looking to be a part of something for their children, to be a part of a community and miss maha can't say no. >> reporter: joe biden even cheering her on. >> the principal always finds room for just one more. >> maybe i will see some of them doctors, some of them engineers, some of them teachers. i will be very, very happy if i see that. >> reporter: it starts with a chair. kelly cobiella, nbc news, amman, jordan. >> and a big heart. that's going to do it for us on this friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. have a great weekend and good night.
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♪ >> the nation gets ready. time for the final four. nbc 10 has you covered. >> i want to win it really bad. >> the entire region is ready to party like it's 1985. >> national champions of the nation. >> live in houston, texas, this is villanova, march to victory. ♪ presented by mcdonald's, i'm lovin it. >> that my friends is a live look at the houston sky line in the downtown view. welcome to "villanova march to


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