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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  April 3, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," strong winds are whipping through our region. winds with rain overnight brought down trees and power lines. we're live in philadelphia to show you the damage on this first alert weather day. to a live look over center city with cold and canada conditions are making it feel like anything but spring. how long it will last coming up in the first alert forecast. the villanova campus goes wild after the wildcats beat oklahoma in the biggest blowout in final four history. now it's on to the ncaa championship game against north carolina. we'll have the highlights,
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reaction and a live report from houston. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just about 5:30 on sunday. the storms overnight serum left their mark on our region. take a look at this tree that fell right down on a car in montgomery county. meteorologist michelle grossman tracking high winds along with the damage. >> hi, marianne. we had hail, high winds up to 60 miles an hour. we had mobile homes that flipped. we had a rough night. we're looking at winds continuing at least through the 12:00 hour and see them diminish this afternoon. let's take a look outside. calm in terms of the sky. we're looking at snow north and west. poconos received an inch of snow early this morning. otherwise most of us are dry. you're dealing with high winds, everywhere in the pink, so every county in the area dealing with high winds. right now we're seeing sustained
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out of the northwest, anywhere from 35, 37, 37 wilmington, 32 in allentown. they are gusting higher than that. seeing wind gusting up to 52 miles per hour in philadelphia, 48 mile-per-hour wind gusts in allentown and 37 in millville. we go through the next couple of hours, the worst will be between now and 9:00. see winds gusting. could be gusting up to 60 miles an hour. also dealing with snow early this morning. see snow to the north and west, parts of the poconos received up to an inch of snow. cold start, temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s. 26 degrees, though, in mount pocono feeling like february. let's go outside to nbc 10 monique braxton to show some of the storm damage from last night. it was a loud one, monique. a lot going on. toyed put on two hats because when i first stepped out of the truck, one "hereafter" seemed to
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be lifting. a lot of utilities, public works crews picking up branches and working to restore power. we're in the 600 block of princeton up in may fair. look at it. a tree has come down on a car. it narrowly missed other cars. police have placed yellow tape on the streets to block the street. at one point as many as 800 customers were without power in this neighborhood. the suburbs also felt the brunt of mother nature on a blustery night. this person waking up to a tree that came crashing down. from there to lower marian. athens and cricket avenue, you see the roadway being cleared. it is the time of year when trees are blooming. now the howling wind also left its mark in chester county. we see a closure near cole street and merlin at east pikeland due to a lark tree that couldn't stand up to the force
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of the wind of crews are working to restore power to about 15 customers in chester county of this is what you're going to face as you head out this morning whether you're going to church our brunch. you may want to make sure your roadway is open. live for now in may fair, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. good advice. thanks, monique. to follow the the windy and cold changes in our area and with the weather, tap the nbc app. it's a free download for your tablet. wildcats headed to the national title game after scoring an all-time proceedout in the final four. we're looking at the wildcats leaving the floor in houston after they demolished oklahoma by 44 points. nova will play north carolina for national championship tomorrow night. nbc 10 matt delucia in houston. matt, villanova fans where you
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are have to be having a good time. after seeing that win in person, i'm sure some of them are still celebrating. >> i'm sure some of them are. that's an accurate assumption there. the excitement never left the stadium last night. toward the enof the game you had one side of the stadium villanova fans screaming in excitement. the other side, oklahoma fans, were nearly silent. >> reporter: that continued into the night. 95-44. many fans felt hopeful for a win but they didn't expect this. >> unbelievable. shocking. oklahoma is a great team but we just had the mojo tonight. they couldn't stop us. >> reporter: of a the game coach jay wright said after the loss it was the kind of game that could happen to anybody but it's
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unfortunate it happened to oklahoma in the final four. looking ahead coach wright said the team had to be continued to be dialed in and try to win more monday night. live in houston, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. got to make it. following the wildcats win, hundreds of students and alumni poured into the quad. the fans watched the team's destiny on the big screen exploded in victory. getting excited for the game for the first time in 31 years. >> decided to rent a winnebago and drive to kentucky for the championship. >> incredible. oh, my gosh. i'm so proud to be a wildcat. >> police patrolling campus made an arrest. blocked off in a few spots as
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thrilled nova fans swarmed the streets. the ncaa championship is on. we're just about one day, 15 hours away from tip-off set for 9:19 monday night. villanova takes on the north carolina tar heels. count on nbc 10 to get you ready for the championship with a live one-hour special monday night. keith johnny, john clark and matt delucia will all be live in houston. the game and buzz for nova nation. it starts at 7:00 tomorrow night right here on nbc 10. in other news we have an update from the baby abducted from king of prussia mall. nbc 10 uncovered while it took so long for some cell phone users to receive an amber alert about the kidnapping on thursday. >> our dispatcher may not have notified police with the exact protocol they want which could have slowed it down. >> that's the word from the
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police chief in upper marian township. he said the lapse led to a domino effect which ultimately caused the delay. moore took the baby from the home. moore told investigators she gave birth in february but her baby died a few hours later. investigators are working to confirm that. moore scheduled to be back in court on the 15th. the kidnapped baby safely back with his family. a pilot walked away with barely a scratch and a pretty good attitude after his plane crashed in gloucester county. it went down in south harrison township. these show it flipped. the pilot said he was on a test flight and it failed. after he got the plane on the
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ground the wheels got caught in tall grass causing the plane to flip over. pilot was left dangling upside down. first responders had to cut him out. the pilot told us he had practiced for situations just like this one. >> glide along, engine stopped and pick out a field and land. they keep the fields nice so it's easy. >> he has more than a decade of flight experience. this crash won't stop him from continuing his hobby. next, a milestone for the airport in brussels nearly two weeks after the terror attacks. take you there coming up. plus we'll show you more of the celebrations in the streets after villanova's big tournament victory. all right.
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welcome back sunday morning. first alert weather. we're tracking potential for damaging winds. either way high winds gusting 60 miles per hour later on this morning. even now in the 50s. right now looking at winds gusting, look at turbines going fast. we do have a high wind warning until noon later this afternoon and every county in the pink on this map. gusting 52 in philadelphia, 48 in allentown. winds gusting to 47 miles per hour in lancaster and 51. probably hearing it outside. we're also dealing with a little snow. down to a mile visibility in mount pocono. that's because we're seeing snow falling, falling to an inch in some spots on the poconos. if you're out and about, you're going to encounter wind and snowfall especially to the north and west. looks like we're not doing to see much south and east of the city. the cold start, temperatures mainly in the 30s across the area. 37 in allentown, 35 in
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lancaster, 41 in philadelphia, atlantic city. just 26 degrees in mount pocono. factor in gusty winds, 11 in pocono, 21 in lancaster, below freezing in philadelphia. feels like february. we're going to feel like february all day long. we'll talk more about that. we're tracking several chances for rain and even some more snow in the seven-day coming up. late night online purchases on the rise especially heading into the weekend. we'll tell you what's driving the trends and what you can do with curb the urge to splurge.
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. . it's a march to victory for 'nova nation. the wildcats are headed to the big game. we'll show you what's happening
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on lancaster avenue from overnight. there you go. villanova students and fans stormed after watching wildcats crush oklahoma. not too far where police avenue helped keep the peace as 'nova fans flooded out of local bars. >> campus, everything on fire. lancaster is crazy. >> lighting up in the quad, unreal. so excited. >> all that excitement led to about half a dozen arrests. not too too many. most were for disorderly conduct. overseas today the airport in brussels is partially open since the terror attacks. a limited number of flights. belgian police and military are screening all vehicles on the access road and only ticketed passengers will be allowed into
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the temporary checking area. isis took credit last month for the attack that killed 35 people and killed 300 others. back in the u.s. a suspicious truck caused them to block off the area last night. it was spotted with keys in the ignition. officers saw wires out of the dashboard and a gas canister in the back seat. they determined the canister was empty. the driver was found and questioned by police but not charged with a crime. the area reopened about a half hour later. we had a wild night weather wise. we had gusty thunderstorms that came through, damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour. some hail, brought some trees down. we may see that over the next couple of hours as well. winds sustained 25 to 35 miles per hour but gusting closer to
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60 at times. we're seeing 52 mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. a windy day. that's why we have first alert weather day. damaging winds really until noon and we start to see winds decrease a bit later this afternoon. it's also cold, feels like february, a cold day all day long. along with the winds, feels like 30s in many spots in the afternoon. also tracking snow this morning in spots that may see more snow early on monday morning in the same place north and west of the city. right now 41 in philadelphia. winds out of the west at 28 miles per hour. 20 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. really that temperature not very far later this afternoon. we'll see temperatures right around 45 later on this afternoon. winds gusting at 52. we do have a high wind warning every county in the area. where you see the pink is where the high wind warning is. the winds are going to be the toughest between now and 9:00. straight out of the northwest, gusty out of the northwest. it's cold air. we're seeing winds sustained 28 miles per hour in philadelphia,
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up to 28 in mount pocono. 33 in reading, 6th in wentwood. gusting 48 miles per hour in allentown, 37 miles per hour in millville. we're going it's some damage or at least potential for damage early this morning. the ground was wet from storms that came through. we're also seeing leaves and blossoms on the tree. that can cause problems. dry in philadelphia, snow to the north and west. see that up west. some squalls move through. just be careful north and west of the city out and about this morning, everywhere else dealing with wind. currently a cold start, cold finish in allentown, mount pocono. 41 degrees in philadelphia. 41 in dover, 43 in wildwood and 41 in atlantic city. factor in the winds, feels colder than that. feels like 24 in allentown, 21 in lancaster, below freezing in philadelphia and feels like 29
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degrees in atlantic city. so bundle up. we're not used to these temperatures. going to be a cold one today. temperatures around 45 later this afternoon with the winds in place. again, very windy for lunchtime and see winds dissipate a bit. winds out of the northwest at 25 to 35 miles per hour, but gusting closer to 60. seven-day forecast, 45 today. another clipper system tonight through monday morning. we may see more snow to the north and west. otherwise afternoon shower chance, 60 degrees, 45 on tuesday. back to the cold air wednesday, milder 52. could see a shower or two thursday cloudy with rain 62. showers on friday 55 and by saturday going to be a windy day next saturday 52. there is a surge in what consumer experts call drunk shopping. more and more people often kicking back with something to drink are clicking the buy button online late at night. nbc's kristen dahlgren reports on the trend and how to prevent
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a big hangover when you get the bi bill. >> reporter: got plans tonight? dinn dinner, you few cocktails and a click. you're not alone if it kicks in after midnight on friday. online retailers say orders are up 48% at 2:00 a.m. friday, the same time monday. late one night brittany decided to buy a fitbit. >> i drank a whole bottle of wine and then i got a fitbit for my mom, my dad, my sister and myself. >> late night shoppers spend about 30% more than their school night counterpart. >> all about that stress relief and anxiety. purchasing something gives you that happy surge. it's certainly something people are looking for at the end of a long workweek. >> seems women are leading the surge. >> the feeling a little bit drunk confidence is the pieces that make you feel good.
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>> dress sales up a whopping 320% friday night. lingerie up 50%. shoe sales double, especially the expensive ones. so what can you do to help curb the urge? experts say always check return policies. don't save credit card info online and set up a separate e-mail for all those offers. >> unfortunately for shoppers, retailers are very aware this is a trend as well, so they are seeing more targeted ads. >> ads that might just make you think you count live without those -- >> shoes, shirts any need. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> 5:52. a history making win for wildcats. send villanova fans into a frenzy with a commanding victory over oklahoma. now onto ncaa final. highlights next in sunday morning sports. danny pommels fr
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sports net. villanova didn't just beat oklahoma in their final four game, the wildcats annihilated sooners. josh hart wide open for the three. sports net break. look at this, kris jenkins, touchdown for mikal bridges, the bang and the bucket. ryan arcidiacono was the trifecta. part of a 25-0 run. wildcats win by 24, 95-51. shot almost 72% for the game. villanova will play north carolina for the national title on monday. >> it's amazing. definitely a dream come true. a little hungry, doing the things you've got to do. last national championship game. hopefully come out on top. >> to play in a national championship game. tell us how sweet it is. >> it's really cool, very
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humbling, man. again, it's not being the best team, it's being hot at this time. we all feel so blessed to be here. >> john clark on the scene for us in houston. meanwhile flyers continue their effort to grab playoff spot including saturday's game. just six games remain in the regular season. big game for the wayne train. wayne simmonds, number 17. second series, jake voracek, foreshot. another power play. another goal by simmonds. also an assist, three-point game for him. they are one point ahead of the bruins for the wild card. meanwhile 11 game slot against patriots team trying to make playoff. third quarter, look at this. down the lane. oh, my, a facial for miles turner. 24-3 run to end the quarter for sixers. eight in the fourth quarter alone.
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sixers lose their 12th street 115-102 pref phillies down, 5-3 facing the team. wall. two-run score. tied at five. next batter, cesar hernandez gets just enough, shallow left. that ball is in for the game winning run. phillies win 6-5. games start to count monday in cincinnati. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommels from comcast sports net. today the delaware special olympics basketball tournament will resume at the bob carpenter center in newark. games tip off at 11:00. more than two dozen teams across the state playing in the round robin event that began yesterday. just a few minutes before 6:00 on sunday. damaging winds are whipping across our region this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in philadelphia neighborhood. one of the spots where mother
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nature left her mark overnight. monique? >> right now mother nature is packing a punch. it is snowing here in may fair. we're going to show it to you and more about what's going on overnight after the break. looks a little bit like winter. feels like winter. some snow squalls in some spots, snow showers in others. a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 30s in most spots. feels like 11 degrees in mount pocono. a live look outside. plenty of cloud cover, gusty winds, winds gusting 60 miles per hour. we'll talk all about it coming up. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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. right now on "nbc 10 news today," heavy wins battering our area causing scenes like this one in chester county. crews will certainly have their work cut out for them, cleaning up trees today. a look at the damage straight ahead in a live report. the turbines are turning at lincoln financial field this morning and winds whip across south philly. it will be a cold end to our weekend with temperatures not even reaching 50 today. running away with a major victory. now the villanova wildcats gearing up for bge


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