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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. right now at 11:00. investigators work into the night looking for why after a deadly amtrak derailment. >> it did feel like an earthquake. >> the train with hundreds of passengers on board slammed into construction equipment on the track, killing two experienced workers, and putting dozens in the hospital. tonight we're seeing inside the train and hearing the 911 dispatchers. >> 2, say again, 2 doa. >> as calls for answers get louder tonight. good evening, i am denise nakano. investigators still aren't sure why the construction equipment was on the track this morning in the way of the amtrak train.
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train 89 was traveling from new york to savannah, georgia when it crashed in chester. two workers with about six decades experience between them were killed in the collision. nearly three dozen of the 341 passengers on board went to the hospital. federal investigators recovered a data recorder and two cameras as they try to piece together what went wrong. nbc10 drew smith has been digging into this all day, he joins us live from chester. drew? >> reporter: denise, right now amtrak is working to repair the track damaged in this morning's crash. you can see they're trying to minimize disruption to tomorrow's morning commute. they're going to try to get the train out of here, but we are told to expect delays on both septa and amtrak. federal investigators try to answer a question what was a big
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construction piece of equipment doing on the tracks. amtrak trains back in service moved slowly past the investigation scene, where train 89 still sat partially derailed and heavily damaged. >> it is like a big earthquake. that's what it felt like. >> reporter: this shows what it looked like in one of the train cars. >> we got off the track and then there was an explosion. >> reporter: it shows the machine the train ran into. 35 went to the hospital. >> we have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. >> reporter: the two who died were long time amtrak workers. magazine editor and political figure steve forbes was on board, tweeted prayers for the victims. once first responders to find a safe way to get through the mess, they took a trek with luggage in toe to a triage area. buses brought them to the
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station. then the national transportation safety board investigators moved in. >> as part of the investigation, we will look at the track structure and work that was performed at the time of the accident. >> reporter: nicole's home faces directly on the scene. she's used to seeing routine rail work. now she's worried about safety on the tracks. >> from my window you can see the front of the train smashed up. crazy. kind of scary. >> reporter: the ntsb did collect evidence from the train, that includes video recordings that should help them figure out what happened. we also asked if there was communication or scheduling issues between the work crew and amtrak dispatchers. investigators say it is too early to answer that. we are waiting to hear from the medical examiner about the identity of the workers killed. drew smith, nbc10 news. >> railway safety experts say maintenance crews working near a live track must alert dispatchers to warn of on coming
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trains. a professor spoke to us about it in a facetime interview earlier. >> they have to notify the dispatcher, they have to have permission to get on tracks. there's a very formal procedure to get permission to get on these tracks. obviously somebody didn't follow the rules. >> u.s. senator chuck schumer of new york says today's derailment seems likely to be human error. so what does it mean if you plan to take a train tomorrow? here's what you need to know. amtrak says it will operate on a normal schedule tomorrow but warn there could be some delays if traveling between philadelphia and wilmington. septa will have service in time for the morning commute tomorrow, but they say their travelers can expect up to 40 minute delays. it was nearly a year ago when another amtrak train left the tracks in philadelphia's port richland neighborhood killing 8 people.
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more than 200 people were hurt in that may 12th derailment. train 188 was traveling at more than twice the posted speed limit when it hit a curve in the track and crashed. since then, amtrak installed automatic train control, a system that can automatically slow down a train if it is going too fast. count on nbc10 on air and online for continuing coverage of the deadly derailment. we will keep pressing for answers in the investigation and keep you updated on train service. new at 11:00. one person sent to the hospital after being struck by an amtrak train in bucks county. officials say it happened near cornwell heights station in bensalem. it was headed from harrisburg to new york when the person was hit around 7:30 tonight. no word on the victim's condition or why they were on the track. amtrak says service has resumed
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through the area. check it out. strong winds picked up and tossed the trailer this morning. it is happening on the hammond farm in cape may county. several structures on the property were also damaged. the worst of the wind is over, it is still breezy. this is a live look at conditions in cape may. it is not feeling like april. we take a live look. it is in the upper 30s now. then temperatures are going to go up tomorrow. nbc10 first alert meteorologist karen thomas joins us with details on the temperature roller coaster. car snen. >> that's exactly the way we will describe it, it is going up and down. thank goodness the winds have calmed down for most of the region. we are getting a wind out of the southwest in philadelphia about 3 miles per hour. big difference from this time yesterday as well as early this morning when wind gusts were clocked about 52 miles per hour,
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especially along the shoreline. we saw that video there. as we go ahead, we will move ahead with our graphics. show you the temperature readings. they're very cold right now. graphic doesn't want to come up. temperature readings in the upper 30s in philadelphia overnight, then we're going to rebound temperature wise tomorrow. hold onto the umbrellas. good chance for shower activity early in the morning and again in the afternoon. i will be back with the full forecast in a bit. denise? villanova, just 22 hours away from an ncaa championship. competing for national title tomorrow at 9:19 against north carolina. we bring you live team coverage of the villanova march to victory tonight, villanova alum, super fan keith jones is in houston. fans looking for tickets today title game. we will start with brandon hudson.
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plans for a celebration are in full effect, right? >> reporter: they are, denise. safe to say, everyone hopes tomorrow we are celebrating a national championship. there's the pavilion where students are invited to watch the game tomorrow. if you're out on the town watching the game, you can expect to see police, a lot of them. police made 8 arrests yesterday. they don't want to make any tomorrow, so we asked what the plans are. the calm before an expected busy night at kelly's tavern. the restaurant staff is preparing for tomorrow's crowd to watch villanova take on north carolina in the ncaa men's basketball national championship. the bar manager john says it will be standing room only like it was for the final four game last night. >> business was hopping the other day. >> reporter: he expects a bigger crowd monday night, which is why they're making a few changes. >> anybody that comes in with a bag or anything, it will be
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checked for security purposes. >> reporter: villanova university and police are making security changes. a radner township police lieutenant said they'll have an emergency operations center in place and more staff to handle calls. around campus, officers on horse, motorcycle, bicycle, foot patrol. you'll see bomb sniffing canines. radner police say they were prepared last night. 8 people were arrested. 2 for assaulting a police horse, the others for disorderly conduct, including trying to start a fire. a student we spoke to says police had the crowd under control. >> respected that we were out here, looking to have a good time and celebrate our win and victory. >> reporter: this villanova freshman whose mom was a freshman when they won in 1985 say he and his friends are anxiously waiting for tomorrow night. >> how excited are you for
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tomorrow? >> pumped, can't wait. >> lights out, going to be insane. >> reporter: kelly's tavern opens at 3:30, 4:00 tomorrow, charging $5 cover. the pavilion invites students to watch the game at 8:00 tomorrow night. live at villanova, brandon hudson, nbc10 news. >> and nbc10 is your home for all things villanova. we are bringing a one hour march to victory tomorrow. they'll be live from houston with keys to the game. tomorrow night, 7:00 here on nbc10. five villanova seniors and one rv on a 22 hour ride to houston for a chance to see the wildcats play in the championship. we have that story next. and republican rivals team up tonight in decision 2016. the mission, donald trump and tedd are working for right now.
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we are live in houston so you don't miss a second. nova nation. tomorrow at 7:00. rally behind the home team as they try to make history. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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we were sleeping, woke up to the boom. >> the investigation continues into why two workers were on the tracks in the way of an amtrak train. the workers were killed in a deadly derailment in delaware county today. 35 of the 341 passengers on board had to be taken to the hospital. let's take a live look now at the crash scene. the national transportation safety board is investigating and right now amtrak workers are
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making emergency repairs to try to minimize service disruption for you tomorrow. brussels airport was back open for business today for the first time since march 22nd suicide bomb attacks. they set up a temporary hall instead of using the damaged terminal. the chief executive described the partial reopening as a sign of hope. >> this is a very symbolic but emotional moment for the airport community. the first flight after the terrorist attack. we are turning a page, a page full of blood. but we have to rebuild the airport and we will do so. >> american airlines hasn't given the okay for its planes to resume flights to brussels. the airline released a statement saying they're working to resume service later this week. american operates about 75% of
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flights at philadelphia international. in decision 2016 the donald trump and ted cruz campaigns agree on one thing. they want a ballot at the convention. both campaigns are working to do so. this suggests the leading republican candidates are preparing for a contested convention. trump spoke about kasich while campaigning at a milwaukee diner tonight. >> kasich shouldn't be allowed to continue, and the rnc shouldn't allow him to continue. kasich has more impact on me than cruz. >> as for kasich, he hopes there will be an open republican convention in july. here's a look at the current delegate count. trump leads with 749 delegates, followed by ted cruz, and kasich in third with 143. republicans need 1237 delegates
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to win the nomination. philadelphia will host the democratic national convention this summer. we're just 112 days away from start of the convention, coming up july 25th, at the wells fargo center. hillary clinton isn't waiting until then to visit pennsylvania. she will campaign in philadelphia and pittsburgh wednesday. clinton will discuss her plans to breakdown barriers that hold americans back. her visit comes a few weeks before the pennsylvania primary, april 26th. clinton's democratic opponent bernie sanders rallied his supporters in wisconsin today ahead of tuesday's primary. he tried to make the case that he's the candidate to beat trump. >> the democrats want to make sure that a donald trump does not end up in the white house, which would be an unmitigated disaster for our country. you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> the vermont senator also
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blasted clinton again for not releasing transcripts of her speeches to wall street. villanova will play for a national championship in less than 24 hours from now, but despite what you might think, it won't cost nova nation a fortune to watch in person. tickets to the game tomorrow are selling on the secondary market as low as 52 bucks. that's more than four times less than the cheapest ticket to last year's championship game in indianapolis. the average ticket for tomorrow's matchup cost 317 bucks. some villanova students in houston tell us they still don't have tickets to tomorrow a championship. nbc10's keith jones ran into seniors that drove 22 hours in an rv to texas, and are hoping for nova alumni to show them some love. >> this is it, the rv.
11:19 pm
spent time here. >> reporter: a story of five villanova seniors and one rv. they left thursday afternoon. >> took about 22 hours. split it in three legs. >> reporter: they stopped at duke university and new orleans. >> a disgusting frig. >> this is the best part, the bathroom. this place is a mess honestly, the smell has progressively gotten worse. we have one rule, no number two in the bathroom. >> reporter: they have been sleeping sort of. all told, it cost each of them about 700 bucks. >> it is lodging, driving. we can drive this around. >> reporter: they don't have tickets yet. they started this instagram account. and gained a ton of followers. >> almost a thousand. calling us the grand celebrities. not quite. >> reporter: they hope a
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generous alum will see and hear their passion for villanova and pitch in to help. with the villanova wildcats in houston, keith jones, nbc10 news. >> you can show your support leading up to the championship game by using one of our signs, nova nation. head over to the nbc10 app where you can download and print this full size villanova sign. >> put one in each window. >> everywhere, car, window, whatever. >> i love it. >> not enough spirit. you have to print multiples. if you like roller coaster weather, you have to be in good spirits. >> we took a roller coaster over the weekend. things are calm tonight. we will be roller coaster riding temperatures, even though the winds have died down tonight, which has been a break for so many, we expect windy conditions to stay with us through
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tomorrow. we have another clipper system making its way through coming in tomorrow and so we're going to be in this continuous active weather pattern for another couple of days. we will go ahead and show you the headlines and what to expect. thankfully just a light breeze overnight tonight. that breeze will pick up tomorrow afternoon, not like what we saw today, but we will have breezy conditions tomorrow. we need the umbrellas tomorrow. right now, not doing too bad. cold, 46 degrees, winds are calm in philadelphia. we go ahead and check temperatures across the region, really on the cold side. it is springtime but these temperatures are telling us something else. not even 30 degrees in the poconos. we are mainly in the 30s. 40 in allentown, 35 in the northeast. 36 in trenton, 35 in mount holly. look at that.
11:22 pm
at the freezing mark in atlantic city. below where we should be this time of year for temperature readings. those temperatures are going to go up and down, up and down. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. 3 miles per hour winds out of the south. check this out. low pressure system is developing in the midwest. what we are seeing here, lake effect snow showers pushing into north central pennsylvania, north of williamsport. poconos may get snow showers overnight tonight and tomorrow. this is pushing from cleveland. future weather showing us not only clouds moving in overnight early tomorrow morning, we'll wake up tomorrow morning with peeks of sunshine, mainly cloudy skies, then some sprinkle activity around. in the morning hours, should get light shower activity moving north and northwest of
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philadelphia. look at temperatures rebounding. this is what we mean by roller coasters. temperatures are rebounding as warm air is in the system. here comes the clipper by late afternoon. 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, you can see the time stamp, heavier rain moving through the area. it is a quick moving system. it will push through by the evening hours. then temperatures take a tumble. here's the time stamp, tuesday 8:00 a.m. temperature reading, 28 degrees. a freeze watch goes in effect monday night into early tuesday morning simply because temperatures will be subfreezing monday into early tuesday morning. this whole area in a freeze watch which begins at 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning. for tonight, 38 degrees for the low. clouds building toward the morning hours. could get peeks of sunshine. warm up 56 to 60 degrees. then as i said, temperatures are going to start to take a dive. here's the seven-day forecast.
11:24 pm
up and down. look at the temperature readings. then we get another system with the umbrellas handy toward the end of the week. we will check in on the flyers and the push in pittsburgh. and the award on the eve of villanova's appearance in the championship.
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not often a historic win to
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reach the championship has a short shelf life. that's the case for villanova after a 44 point beat down of oklahoma last night. what would be rumor as springboard to a national title or final win for a decorated senior class. john clark is with the wildcats in houston. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: the cats have no idea how wild the streets in villanova will be if they win it all. this was the scene saturday night. >> take championship back, it will be a great feeling. for us and for our families and fans, they always support us since day one and deserve everything. >> reporter: nova tapping the sign that says attitude headed out of the locker room for final practice before the national championship game. seniors know this is the last time they'll wear their villanova jersey.
11:29 pm
they can accomplish everything they wanted and leave as champions. >> i'm happy about it. it is the last possible game where it can happen, put on that jersey. just taking so much pride in wearing villanova on my chest. hopefully go out the right way. >> we know the last game is monday. we haven't been bringing it up, coaches haven't been bringing it up. i think keeping focus on the team, taking everything from away from ourselves. we all know it is the last game. extremely blessed it is a championship game to be playing. >> reporter: this class the winningest in school history and their teammates want this so badly for them. >> it is amazing. they inspire me to keep playing hard every day, every game. i see them doing it. they have been here four years. this is my first year playing and just it is amazing. they deserve the world.
11:30 pm
>> reporter: north carolina caused a lot of pain for villanova in the ncaa tournament. nova is 1 and 5 all time against the tar heels. jay wright eliminated by them three times in the ncaa tournament. only time they have beaten them, 1985. things are coming together. in houston, texas, john clark for comcast sportsnet. jay wright was named naismith national coach of the year for the second time. see if he can get his hands on a bigger trophy tomorrow night. look at the side mirror says objects may be closer than they appear, must be how the flyers feel. here's how it went down. first period. sidney crosby cashes in. 1-0 lead. and con nor sherry to bow bennett. they lead 2-0.
11:31 pm
third period, he spares a shot for point. fliers down 4-2. even when things went right, still wrong. the puck goes off wayne simmons' stick as he hook shots it to the back of the netting, falls off, goes off matt murray's back, but doesn't count. flyers fall 6-2. coming up tomorrow is opening day for the phillies. we hear from pete mckinnon as he takes the reigns of the team. coming up, john clark goes one on one with jay wright. coming right back.
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speedy. fast little guy. some of the area's youngest musicians put on a show today. nearly 400 took part in philadelphia youth orchestra showcase. five different groups played in front of a packed house. students' ages range from 10 to 21 years old. amtrak and septa riders should expect delays tomorrow after the deadly derailment this morning. we will continue coverage of that investigation next.
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. a deadly derailment in delaware county. this is a live look at the scene of the crash. at least two workers are dead. crews are expected to move amtrak train 89 sometime overnight. federal investigators continue to search for why the workers were on the tracks right in the way of the amtrak train. nbc10's drew smith has the
11:39 pm
latest from the scene. >> reporter: good evening. amtrak is working overnight to repair all of the damage caused by today's crash. they plan to get more of the rail ready so there are fewer impacts to amtrak and septa service tomorrow. federal investigators have the event recorder and video from the locomotive, that should provide more detail what happened when it crashed into a piece of heavy equipment. 35 people went to the hospital, two people were killed. we're told they were long time amtrak employees. >> we would like to offer our condolences to the family of the deceased. >> this was a communication failure. any time there's an issue, there's a problem that shows room for concern. >> reporter: there may be hours of work left to do here but they want to get two of four tracks operational through the area. we are told to expect delays on
11:40 pm
the commute tomorrow. in chester, drew smith, nbc10 news. tomorrow marks 25 years of tragedy struck in the skies of a local elementary school. april 4th, 1991, a plane carrying senator john heinz collided with a helicopter over marion elementary school. 7 people were killed, including two first grade girls playing outside. a moment of silence is planned for tomorrow for staff members at the school. severe weather last night crumbled this building in kingsessing. the building was unoccupied. one person driving by was struck with debris and is expected to be okay. mother nature hit some spots in montgomery county hard. a tree fell on this car on moorehead avenue. winds are calmer tonight. we're tracking big temperature
11:41 pm
changes. first alert meteorologist karen thomas is here with the details. you talked about the winds, calmer tonight, they ushered in another round of arctic air. cold temperatures on tap as we move through the overnight. then we will get warmer air tomorrow. temperatures are going to bump up as we get to sunrise early tomorrow morning. before that, we're dealing with temperatures in the upper 20s, in the poconos, 34 in pottstown, 41 in philadelphia. freezing mark in atlantic city and millville. what we can expect overnight, 38 degrees, temperatures there, and start to take upward getting to sunrise early tomorrow morning. you see there 32 or below north and west. partly cloudy, colder. the winds will be diminishing and becoming lighter but breezy for now. all in all, not too bad. if you head out, you want to bundle up. we will talk about rain starting early tomorrow morning. i will be back with that and a
11:42 pm
look at the seven day in a bit. from the jersey shore bureau, a group of democratic lawmakers says they're ready to vote on a bill that would allow the state to take over atlantic city. they sent a letter urging him to put it up for vote. if it is not passed, they worry city workers will stop getting paid. atlantic city could face bankruptcy without a state takeover. he opposes that measure because it ends collective bargaining agreements. the nation praying for divine intervention ahead of tomorrow's national championship game. how they're calling on a higher power next.
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tens of thousands of kids in our area are poisoned with lead, but it is 100% preventable.
11:45 pm
parents can protect children with four steps. nbc10 investigator mitch blocker breaks them down. >> reporter: rick french has been finding lead more than a decade with philadelphia health department. >> this is something you want to make sure. >> reporter: he says there are four ways to prevent lead poisoning. first, learn the facts, it is most dangerous for kids under six and for pregnant women. second, know where to find the lead. most kids are poisoned in their own home. >> window sills are important with little kids. >> reporter: he points to what he calls friction surfaces like windows and doors. third, diet matters. >> kids with poor diet can be effected more. >> reporter: foods with calcium, iron, vitamin c help keep lead out of the body. >> it is creating lead, even though we are not seeing it.
11:46 pm
kids spend most time on the floor. >> reporter: get your kids tested. the pediatrician can do a simple blood test. the only way to know if your child has lead poisoning. most kids don't look or act sick. symptoms show up as learning or social problems. for french, education is his best tool to solve the lead crisis. >> what is the number one thing parents should know about how to protect from lead poisoning? >> it is 100% preventable. >> reporter: if you wonder if you have lead in the home, think of when it was built or remodeled. if it is before 1978, you're likely living with lead. you could see the entire series living with lead on our website now at for the investigators, mitch blocker, nbc10 news. >> if you missed that, watch all five parts of that series. tap the nbc10 app or go to
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a canadian clinic is taking a radical approach to the heroin epidemic, allowing addicts to get their fix in the open. vancouver, canada is open to the only legal heroin injection center. they can shoot up under medical supervision. they're given clean needles. supporters say it is a way to prevent infection and disease. opponents argue it sends the wrong message. >> the problem i have, it might normalize the behavior. it is like cod he willing behavior. like it is okay, it is okay. it is not okay, you're killing yourself. >> overdose deaths dropped 35% near that center. officials in seattle and upstate new york are considering similar programs. here at home, health officials are trying to stomp out zika virus as we fast approach mosquito season. new jersey department of health spearheading a campaign to
11:48 pm
educate about the risk of zika. officials will have a bilingual presentation at the community health center on west sherman avenue. tonight it is not clear why officials at the art museum temporarily evacuated visitors. witnesses say an alarm went off after noon. cell phone video shows dozens of visitors walking out as security guards cleared the building. they let everyone back in 20 minutes later. it happened in a busy pay what you wish sunday. that's when visitors pay whatever they want for a look at the world renowned collection. i am meteorologist karen thomas. wouldn't you like to just pay for the forecast? whatever forecast you would like. just pay for it. doesn't work that way. breezy conditions, not windy. nothing like what we saw earlier
11:49 pm
today, late last night. tracking rain for tomorrow and freeze watch goes into effect early tuesday morning. very cold temperatures monday night into tuesday morning. it is cold outside now. 47 degrees now in philadelphia. winds are calm. relative humidity 70%. temperatures on the cold side and ticking downward before they get a bump toward sunrise. we are just below 30 degrees in the poconos. 35 degrees now in mount holly. 32 in atlantic city. if you head out tonight, late tonight or early tomorrow morning, you want to bundle up. throw another blanket on the bed. watch this. snow showers off the lake effect, stretching a far reaching fetch. with northwesterly winds earlier today, helps us usher that in. we have cloud cover out of this. snow showers in the upper lehigh
11:50 pm
valley. good possibility in the poconos as that continues. clipper system coming together, developing, that's sweeping through the area tomorrow. we will be in the warm sector. temperatures are going to be bumping upward tomorrow. close to 60 degrees across delaware valley. as we move through early morning hours, could see a spritzer or two. if you are out headed to work, have the umbrellas ready for light shower possibility as it moves through, heavier rain expected with that clipper as it makes it through the afternoon. here is 4:00 p.m. southeastern pennsylvania, much of interior south jersey, delaware getting rain out of that system. i will draw your attention to temperature readings. 57 in philadelphia by 4:00 p.m. temperatures are swinging up and then down. here is tuesday 8:00 a.m. under that freeze watch i mentioned. look at philadelphia's low temperature there.
11:51 pm
29 degrees. seems like winter, not so much like spring. you'll see the seven-day forecast where temperatures are going up and down, up and down. here's the freeze watch, all of the areas in blue. that will begin overnight monday into early tuesday. may need to be extended into tuesday night for wednesday morning. we will see how it goes. 38 degrees overnight for a low temperature in philadelphia, cooler north and west. for tomorrow, we get that push in temperatures. 56 to 60. not much in the way of sunshine tomorrow. i have to say plenty of cloud cover and drizzle coming through. heavier rain in the afternoon. mainly a rumble of thunder later in the afternoon as that clipper makes it through. then temperatures really fall off monday night into tuesday morning. 28 degrees for the overnight low, waking up tuesday, bundle up the kids for sure. villanova fans gathered for
11:52 pm
sunday mass in houston. they tell us they hope their faith will lead them to a national championship tomorrow, a day after record setting win, nova nation called on the cross for a boost in spirit. >> to believe, all of us believe in the team. we are going to do it. >> the possibility does exist. we need to be people that are about the possibility, not about the problems but about the possibility. >> by the way, villanova was the only catholic school in the final four. count on nbc10 for everything you need to know about the wildcats. bringing you a one hour march to victory tomorrow at 7:00. they're live in houston. tomorrow night, 7:00. here on nbc10. i am danny pommells. coming up, john clark goes one on one with jay wright on the eve of the championship. two brothers wearing different shades of blue in tomorrow's game. we have that story coming up.
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danny pommells with you once again. by this time tomorrow night, we will know if villanova can call themselves national champions. john clark went one on one with top cat, jay wright. >> jay wright, when you see the team, what they've's become, they didn't celebrate after making it to national championship game, how dialed are the kids? >> i'm proud of them, really am. hard for me to keep focused and to watch 18 and 22-year-olds do this intelligently. it's really cool. it's inspiring. >> north carolina's big height, length, how much of a different challenge is this? >> there's no team we played like this in the tournament. we played high scoring teams like oklahoma, athletic teams,
11:56 pm
but haven't played a team of this size, length, depth in the frontcourt. that's what concerns me. we've got daniel and daryl up front, but they have like four of those guys up front. this is going to be a challenge and we're going to have to play scrappy to combat their size. >> have you put into your mind about coaching, you can tie him for tournament wins, and match championship. the only one in villanova history. has it sunk in yet what's coming? >> no, because i don't know this until you tell me, now i know that. thanks for putting that in my mind. now i have to get it out. john, i really don't think about that stuff at all because we're focused on this game. that's the great challenge of the tournament. all of that stuff. i hear it from you, i would have never known that about tournament wins. anything i do with coach massimino i am proud of. but we have to keep focused on
11:57 pm
this game, afterwards, whatever happens we'll deal with it. >> humble and hungry. one more. back to you. tomorrow, nbc10 news at 5:00, he has a story of two childhood friends turned brothers squaring off in the national championship game. nate britt's parents became kris jeng in's legal guardians. it is like from a script out of hollywood. >> no movie script, amazing what hard work, sacrifice can do. first to have this opportunity is something we don't take for granted. it is special to our family for sure. >> i am excited about it, you know, who else is going to be there, someone else in your household, to have permanent bragging rights. >> if you're the parents, which side do you sit on? monday is christmas day for phillies fans known as opening day. they start the season on the
11:58 pm
road against the reds. >> do you have a concrete goal in terms of wins and losses or is this more about individual player development? >> you always want to win games, never want to lose games so in that respect i want to win as many games as we can. makes the fans happy. this is for the fans. the fans want to see us win. i hope they have the same enthusiasm when we go through a stretch where we're not winning games, but really, they'll be able to tell we're playing hard. i would like to be the type of fan that when we get back to where we were supposed to be and know we're going to be, that they said i knew it, i could have told you that when they weren't playing well. >> tune in to coverage with an hour long of pregame live at 3:00, followed by first pitch at 4:00. i am danny pommells. be right back.
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up next, in depth. >> this week we are with one of the world's best climbers. he often uses no ropes, tells me about his death defying climbs. i read that you visualize falling to your death? >> is that weird? >> he takes me out of the canadian rockies for a one on one training session. all of that next on in depth here on nbc10.
12:02 am
so storms may have played a role in this fire that destroyed a south jersey church this morning. according to investigators firefighters rushed to the united methodist church in cumberland county around 5:30. here's a look at the scene from the ground as they battle smoke and flames. strong winds knocked down a tree, brought down power lines with it, sparking flames. karen thomas has a final check of the forecast. doesn't know what it wants to do. >> it has been a mixed bag, even had hail last night embedded in the storms. we are not looking for as strong a storm tomorrow, but getting ready for a clipper system to move through. we will be warm, up to 60 degrees. then hang on. a freeze watch goes into effect tuesday morning at 1:00 a.m. national weather service has it enacted until 10:00 a.m. tuesday
12:03 am
morning. very extremely cold temperature monday into tuesday. thanks for joining us. have a great monday. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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open to the show. >> let's do it. >> over the top is always better. >> here we are [ bleep ] doing some narly [ bleep ]. >> i'm graham. >> this is alex. >> did you see that? >> and you're watching "in depth." >> alex honnold one of the world's top rock climbers asending some of the most dangerous and magnificent walls in the world. >> when i got to the stop i was jacked. you're just like oh my god, you know? >> what sets him apart from others is climbing without rope or gear. >> i read somewhere that you'll actually visualize falling to your death. >> is that weird?


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