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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is nbc 10 news. and while you were sleeping the train involved in the deadly derailment has been moved. but septa and amtrak riders could still be affected this morning. the villanova wildcats are fighting for the ncaa college basketball title and now it is time to seize the moment and pounce on the tar heels. and a countdown of a different counted is on in atlantic city. we'll tell you why some new jersey democratic lawmakers say they're ready to allow a state takeover in ac. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're a couple weeks into spring. it sure doesn't feel like spring. >> not at all. >> there's snow in the poconos. is that stuff man-made? ç >> it's real stuff. this is the 101st anniversary of
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19 inches of snow in philadelphia. a big snowstorm. i know it can happen in april. we are getting snow in the pocono mountains. look at the accumulation, zero. there's a possibility some of the higher elevations will get a bit of snow. looks more impressive on the radar. it looks like it's reaching into the allentown area. the temperatures are well above freezing. even if you see a snowflake, much of it is evaporating once it gets to the ground. there's no accumulation, it's just too warm. a rainy start for the reading area. the snow is starting to taper off in scranton. the snow will not last all day, neither will the cold temperatures in the mountains. not all that cold for philadelphia. 43 degrees will be in the 60s this afternoon. but there is some wet weather ahead. a few scattered showers, especially north and west this morning. mainly rain showers, 46 degrees. then the winds kick in and when temperatures start to climb, 56
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degrees at 10:00. by 1:00 we'll be in the middle 60s southwesterly winds at 17 miles an hour. then we'll be watching for rain to move into philadelphia. i'll take you through it hour by hour with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> we're watching an accident scene on the boulevard around 9th street. farther away from our camera view right now. no big delays in either direction because of that. traffic not stopped, at least not right now by the scene. in medford township, new jersey, a utility pole is down. nj construction on route 70 eastbound around main street. that jug handle is closed. 30-minute delays inbound for the wilmington/newark line. we're still dealing with 30-minute delays because of amtrak and septa sharing tracks. tracks two and three are out of service with only one and four operating this morning. vai? jessica, thank you. the train involved in a deadly
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derailment in delaware county is being moved off the tracks this morning. two experienced amtrak workers on a backhoe were killed yesterday when that train hit them. monique braxton is live for us in trainer. the locomotive was moved within the last two hours. monique, what's next? >> reporter: we have now seen two amtrak trains move through here in the past two hours, one going northbound, another southbound and just moments ago, a septa train came through heading southbound. as you mentioned, the derailed train has been moved north. you can see there's still a lot of amtrak employees working on the line. the goal is to get the derailed train up to 30th street station and make sure there are no disruptions to the morning commute. >> we would like to offer our condolences to the families of the deceased. >> two people were killed and 35 injured when amtrak's palmetto train slammed into a backhoe sunday morning. delaware county's medical examiner plans to release the
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identities of the workers after the autopsies today. the national transportation safety board official has confirmed one of the deceased was the operator of the equipment. new york senator chuck schumer says the other person kill was a supervisor. we're also learning they were both amtrak veterans. so what happened? what caused the train carrying 348 crew members and passengers to collide with the backhoe? we posed that question to the ç national transportation safety board investigator. >> as part of our investigation we will be looking at the track structure that was performed at the time of the accident. as of now we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward-facing video and the inward facing video from the locomotive. >> the ntsb investigator also says the event data recorder has been sent to washington and will be examined in a laboratory
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there. he also plans to answer questions regarding how fast the train was going when it proceeded through trainer. a congressman from our area has told us this is the second time in the past year he's had to respond to a derailment that has been deadly. so he has a lot of questions that he wants answered. you'll hear from him in the next half hour. live for now in trainer, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and railway safety experts say maintenance crews working near a live track must always alert dispatchers to warn them of oncoming trains. a university of delaware professor spoke to us about it in a facetime interview. >> they have to notify the dispatcher and they have to get permission to get on track. so there's a very formal procedure to get permission to get on a piece of track. and obviously, somebody didn't follow the rules. >> u.s. senator from new york chuck schumer says the
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derailment seems very likely to be human error. and this is the second deadly amtrak crash in our area in just the past year. eight people were killed when this train derailed in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. more than 200 people were hurt in that may 12th derailment. amtrak train 188 was traveling at more than twice the posted speed limit when it hit a curve in the track and crashed. since then, amtrak has installed positive train control, along the northeast corridor. it's a system that can automatically slow down a train if it's going too fast. for new developments on the deadly train derailment, stay with nbc 10 on air and online with a free nbc 10 app. we have a slide show of pictures from the latest crash scene, raw video and a link to amtrak's national train schedule. well, tonight is the topper for villanova's march to victory. >> nova nation has its fingers
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crossed for tonight's national championship game against north carolina. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in houston. a lot of the alumni think what happened saturday night was unbelievable and a win tonight might be even more unbelievable. >> vai and katy, there's quite a bit of excitement here in houston even at this hour. i'll tell you, just talking with some of these fans, they are very excited they paid a lot of money for airfare, hotel rooms, you name it, just to be here. and not just to experience this game tonight but to see people they haven't seen in, perhaps, years or decades. take a look at one of the events held yesterday for villanovans. a mass was held yesterday morning at the team hotel a few hours after that big win against oklahoma on saturday. fans i spoke with say it's all about believing in the possibility. a lot of people wrote off the wildcats in recent days not expecting them to pull off the wins they did. now there's only one opponent
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left. >> it's unbelievable. so unbelievable in the moment. you have to sit back and realize that reality is here. we believe it. >> it's going to be a great game. so happy to be here and be a part of it. it's going to be good. villanova, of course. >> of course. villanova. that final game happens tonight right here at nrg stadium in houston. the team has been described as humble and hungry. the fans here say tonight is the night. live in houston with the wildcats, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. we'll see you shortly. you might think it would cost villanova fans a small fortune to see the wildcats play for the national championship in person in houston. but think again. tickets to the title game are actually selling on the secondary market for as little as $52, according to seat geek. that's more than four times less than the cheapest ticket to last year's championship game. the average ticket for tonight's event cost 317 bucks.
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and take a look at this rv. it's both a limo and hotel for five villanova seniors who took off from campus on thursday and made it to houston. the guys made stops at duke university and in new orleans. no clean clothes, not much sleep, no problem. what is the problem, though, for them is they done the have tickets for tonight. they started an instagram account, rv cats. that's gained a lot of followers. >> we're calling ourselves instagram celebrities but we're not quite. >> we want to see the cats win the national championship. >> sounds like they're losing their voices there. the rv cats are hoping to are a generous nova alum or really anyone who will heed their call and pitch in to help and give them tickets. be sure to watch nbc 10 tonight at 7:00 for our one-hour villanova special "march to victory." now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> well, marching into our area this morning are some showers. but it's dry in philadelphia. and not too cold. it's 41 degrees. that's pretty close to normal for this time of year. colder north and west. that's where we're tracking scattered showers, a mix of rain and snow but it's falling into very dry air. most of this is not even reaching the ground. allentown is well above freezing. even if you do see a snowflake it's not going to stick. that first round of snow is out of here. our attention turns to rain. you can see it lines up in pennsylvania and into ohio. there's even a chance of showers in the cincinnati area but i think it's going to be out for the opening day festivities for philadelphia and cincinnati. game time, 4:00 this afternoon. this morning at 8:00, we'll see scattered light showers in the philadelphia area, very light showers. we'll be watching this next round of wet weather that will move into areas north and west first. that's at noontime. plus, dry and warmer in philadelphia. look at delaware and south
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jersey getting some sunshine. some seeing rain, others seeing sunshine. the rain is going to win out, moving into the philadelphia area during the afternoon and evening commute. that's going to drop the temperatures from the 60s into the 50s. this clears out overnight and colder air sets in. during the day, showers for camelback, bethlehem and fleetwood, all in the 50s today. the rain will be arriving in bordertown, abington and souderton. later in the day, the better chance of showers. at the shore, sunshine to start with before the chance of showers moves in late this afternoon and this evening. look at the 70s forç smyrna, milford and millville and 67 degrees in philadelphia. rain arriving this afternoon after a few scattered showers this morning in thorndale and malvern. seven-day forecast with much colder temperatures ahead when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill, thank you. 5:41. don't like that tease about colder temperatures ahead. >> no, we don't. >> hopefully jess will have
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something we do like. >> how's it looking in south jersey? >> looks great around 295 in west deptford around route 130. no problems in either direction. 22-minute drive time headed southbound from the 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge. we are watching an accident scene on the roosevelt boulevard. we can still see there is that active police activity there right now over on the outer drive headed northbound on the boulevard. also watch for reports of hazardous road conditions in montgomery county in east norriton on springview road and valleyview road. 5:4 this monday morning. 43 degrees outside right now. spring training is over. now it's time for some action. today's opening day for the phillies. the phils are starting their season by hitting the road.
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hope he can get better. i still have hope. >> the heroin epidemic is crushing families and now there's radical new approach to protecting drug users and it involves allowing supervised heroin injections.
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quarter to 6:00. 43 degrees right now. now with the latest on the deadly amtrak train derailment, delaware county. amtrak says it is operating trains this morning. investigators are trying to determine why a backhoe operated by two experienced amtrak workers was on the tracks. they were killed when the train hit their equipment. an amtrak train was involved in another deadly collision. the train collided with a car in northern illinois. officials say the vehicle drove around the crossing gates and was hit by the train. one person was killed, none of the passengers or crew on the train were hurt. the brussels airport is operating again this morning as the city tries to recover some last month's terror attacks. the airport re-opened for business yesterday for the first time since the march 22nd deadly suicide bombing attack. the damaged terminal still cannot be used. so a temporary boarding and departure hall has been set up
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for passenger who drop off their luggage. the airport's chief executive described the partial re-opening as a sign of hope. >> it's a very symbolical but also very emotional moment for the airport community. it's the first flight after the terrorist attack. we're turning a page, a page full of blood, but we have to rebuild this airport and we will do so. >> now, american airlines has not yet given the okay for its planes to resume flights to brussels. the airline released a statement yesterday saying they're working to resume service later this week. american operates about 75% of the flights at philadelphia international airport. spring is here even though it doesn't feel like it. right now there's no surer sign of the season than the return of phillies baseball. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in south philadelphia with more on opening day.
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>> it is finally here, opening day happening here. even though the phillies aren't playing at home, you can still get in on the action. first pitch is just after 4:00 in cincinnati. but the party begins even earlier than that a. at 3:00, the phillies are hosting a free opening day watch party at the xfinity live center. you'll have the opportunity to meet some former philly players. you'll also get to watch the game from a 32-foot l.e.d. screen. there will be plenty of food, drinks and even some giveaways. the phillies will be passing out these caps here as part of their online campaign. they want you to wear your ball cap today, #capson to show your )q team. reporting live in south philly, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> fits nicely with that nbc 10 fleece you've got there. nbc 10 has you covered for the phillies home opener, the pregame show on april 11th starts at 2:00, followed by the first pitch at 3:00, right here
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on nbc 10. play bill, bill henley. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> good thing it's not a home opener. we have rain on the way today. clouds over the city, dry in philadelphia and 43 degrees. the temperature will be climbing before the rain moves in. the rain is due in to the area. it's starting off as snow in the pocono mountains, light snow falling at camel back. that's how it looks on the ground at camel back. this is how the radar looks in that same area. you can see the snow is falling to start with. this snow is on the move, heading out of northeastern pennsylvania. northern new jersey getting some snow but it's going to turn to rain as the day goes on. the temperatures are already warm, well above freezing for reading, kutztown, allentown seeing temperatures near 40 degrees at this hour. the other element we'll have to watch today, the wind. this will happen with the warmup during the day today. you'll see it at 11:00 this
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morning, a 13 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia, stronger at the shore. cape may 21 miles an hour. as we go into the afternoon, that wind will be increasing. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll see a big warmup in philadelphia, delaware and south jersey. the chance of rain will keep things cooler north and west. rain arrives during the afternoon. we'll see a few spotty showers this morning. the steadier rain will be moving in during the afternoon hours. it will be breezy. philadelphia, delaware, south jersey will warm into the 60s today. a couple spots might even hit 70. tomorrow, the numbers go the other direction. a cold wind blowing. you'll feel it in the morning. 31 to start with. 47 in the afternoon. sunshine and 54 on wednesday. more wet weather for thursday into friday and another round of cold this weekend. >> thank you, bill. ten minutes before 6:00. another update on that situation on the boulevard. >> earlier jessica was telling us about an incident that may be slowing some things. >> we're not seeing a lot of
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delays heading towards or coming from this scene right now. here's route 1, of course, the boulevard around 9th street. we still have that police activity there. it is on the inner drive. the outer drives are moving by just well. everything still moving along okay there. we're also seeing delays at the burlington bristol due to a scheduled opening that was scheduled for 5:25. now openings on the tacony palmyra. wilmington/newark line for septa dealing with at least 30-minute delays headed inbound. they are running on regular weekday service this morning and sharing tracks with amtrak. tracks two and three are out of service. it's two tracks causing some of the delays. vai? >> thank you, jessica. still to come on "nbc 10 news today," this morning at newark liberty airport, hundreds of people had to be evacuated not once but twice in a matter of hours. that's just ahead at 6:00. it's going to be a battle
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between brothers tonight in the fight for the ncaa champions. that's just ahead. that's on "nbc 10 news today."
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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about five minutes before 6:00 a.m. this monday morning from our jersey shore bureau. a group of democratic lawmakers say they're ready to vote on a bill that would allow the state to take over atlantic city. several new jersey assembly members sent a letter to speaker vincent prieto urging him to put bill up for a vote. if it's not passed, they worry city workers would stop getting paid. prieto opposes the measure because it would allow the state to end collective bargaining agreements. the unions have told atlantic city mayor don guardian they will wait four weeks to get paid. here's guardian on a local radio station. >> what amounts to a çone-mont paycheck instead of a paycheck every two weeks. what that does, it helps us immediately, next week, with the necessary shutdown, which does
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not have to occur. >> guardian says it's not a long-term solution but it will buy them some time to get the funding needed to keep the city running. a canadian clinic is taking a radical approach to the heroin epidemic. they are allowing addicts to get their fix in the open. vancouver, canada is home to north america's only legal heroin injection center. they are given clean needles and a spoon. supporters of the clinic say it's a way to help prevent infection and disease. opponents argue it sends the wrong message. >> the problem i have, it might normalize the behavior. it's almost like a coddling behavior where we want to say it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. it's not okay. you're killing yourself. >> overdose deaths have dropped nearly 35% near the clinic. officials in seattle and upstate new york say they're considering starting similar programs. our nbc 10 digital team
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spent five months investigating the issue of opioid addiction in the philadelphia region and throughout our area. you can watch their special series "generation addicted" right now on a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. two childhood friends turned brothers will actually be squaring off tonight when villanova plays north carolina for the national championship game. >> this is pretty cool. chris jenkins plays for the wildcats, nate britt is on the tar heels. the two men as 10-year-olds playing competitive basketball. the whole thing feels like a script out of hollywood. >> it's amazing what hard work, dedication and sacrifice can do. for us to have this tune is the something we don't take for granted. >> who else to beat than someone who's in your household with
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permanent bragging rights. >> we'll be watching for a good luck fist bump between the two before tonight's game. they're getting grade education at two solid schools. >> imagine their parents, though. it will be a tough one. we continue to follow the latest on the deadly derailment that took place near chester. >> everything you need to know, including what train schedules are like today for amtrak and septa. plus, what new information we're getting about the two men who were killed. plus, baseball is back. and so is the philly phanatic. he's joining us live coming up at 6:45. ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," investigators have been working through the night to get the tracks ready for the morning commute after


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