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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. full outbound service has been restore on septa's wilmington-newark line following the tragedy. here is where things stand now more than 24 hours after the deadly derailment. the national transportation safety board is investigating why the train and construction equipment were on the same track. the medical examiner will release information today. trains are operating on or close to schedule along the northeast corridor. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in chester, delaware county,
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with an update for us. >> reporter: hi. we're getting ready for a briefing. we'll have updates about the victims' conditions that were injured in the crash yesterday and he's also going to discuss the way the city of chester is helping in the investigation and aftermath of the accident. take a look. the at 8:00 a.m. and 300 passengers and 30 were taken to the hospital and that includes the locomotive engineer and two amtrak workers who were on the tracks were killed and the event data recorder and the black box from in and outside of the train have been recovered and they'll be examined in washington, but the big question remains why was the backhoe on the track that was in use in new york senator chuck schumer says it is normal to do track maintenance when train traffic is lighter and it is unclear if it was scheduled maintenance or cleanup after the heavy rains and storms and there is a 20-step protocol to get maintenance work cleared for the tracks and they'll try to find
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out if all those safety steps were taken and the ntsb tells me they're going to hold their own briefing later today and we're still waiting for more information from the delaware county medical examiner's office about the people who were killed and we understand they have decades of experienced between them and chester's mayor will hold a briefing here any minute and i'll run inside and check back in with you for the latest. for live, we're outside which of thor city hall and i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> we'll see you shortly. this is the second deadly amtrak crash in our area in just the past year. eight people were killed when the train derailed in the port richmond neighborhood. more than 200 people were hurt in the may 12th derailment and amtrak train 188 was posted at twice the posted speed limit when they hit a curve on the tracks and crashed. since then amtrak installed positive train control along the northeast corridor and it's a system that can automatically slow down a train if it's going too fast. nbc 10 will stay on top of the developments into the deadly
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amtrak derailment on air and online right now on the free nbc 10 app and access it with the rail schedule. you can see raw video from the scene plus pictures from the accident. and happening just now as tim furlong mentioned. the mayor is holding a news conference on the aftermath of the train derailment. mayored th m >> we know what we are here concerning and that is the tragic accident and loss of lives on early sunday morning, yesterday. first of all, i -- we all want to send out our prayers to the families of the men who lost their lives on the tracks here in chester yesterday.
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amtrak workers, my understanding is that they'd been workers for quite some time and employed for quite some time by amtrak. so our prayers go out to their families and their loved ones. our prayers also go out to the operator of the train. that had to be a very devastating and horrific event for him or her and to the passengers who were injured and passengers who were onboard and to the coworkers of the men who lost their lives, i do want to provide a special thanks to the church and the pftor of united methodist church and many of those persons who exited the train safely and were able to go
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to the united methodist church to find refuge and help and prayers. it also was a staging place for many of you in the media and so we want to send out a special thank you to the pastor and congregation of the united methodist church. i'd also like to acknowledge the excellent work -- excellent work of our first responders. our police officers and our firefighters who were on the scene, want just the chester police officers and firefighters, but surrounding volunteer fire companies and police officers came in to assist us during this very tragic event. as for me and the council, our hats go off to them because of the cooperation, because of the
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working together and because of the excellent, excellent, excellent service that they provided during this time of need. i can only imagine being in their shoes having to go and witness what they have to witness on a daily basis as first responders. and so i want to applaud them for their courage. i want to applaud them for their hard work and their commitment to doing what they do on a daily basis and particularly on this sunday. >> all right. we're going to move on to other news right now. just to recap, that is chestor mayor tadius kirkland on the deadly train derailment that took place in his city and our tim furlong is inside that press conference and he'll have a detailed report coming up in 25
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minutes. parts of roosevelt boulevard is close said because of an oil spill. lubbock street, it happened earlier this morning and not long ago and that was affecting things in the northbound direction and let's get a status on things with nbc 10 first alert jessica boyington. jessica? course, was an earlier accident and with cleanup under way there and inner drive was closed and approaching the scene with a avenue and we're all in the green there still and you'll have no problem getting by just to avoid those delays and we have slow-moving maintenance vehicles doing some
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construction. this is right around gray's it goes eastbound and north and southbound on 95 and we're and out in new jersey there is a utility pole down from earlier this morning that still has this blocked on route 70 eastbound right around main street, and the rest of the roads are looking okay and this is 76 around market street no problem into philadelphia right now. >> jessica, thank you. one win away. the villanova wild cats are preparing for the biggest game of their night tonight as they get ready to take on the university of north carolina in the ncaa title game. this is a live look right now at the fanfest experience in houston where tonight's matchup will take place and following nova's march to victory and he spoke to sisters who made the last-minute decision to fly to texas. >> reporter: saturday night two sisters wanted to be he were, but they weren't and after watching villanova topple
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oklahoma by 44 points they made the decision to come. >> i called her and i said we have to go to houston. get someone on the phone and get a ticket. i don't care where we're staying. let's just go. >> it was during the game when villanova sophomore told her sister to book the trip. >> for the final four kind of games and you never see that like that. >> she stayed up until 1:00 a.m. securing flights and a hotel and they secured a hotel and landed in houston ready to go. >> charlie donovan and luke noland were there the last time the team won the title and they came back for another. 31 years ago and it happened again, man, right? >> this is awesome. >> reporter: now the wild cats prepare for one more game, the one that matters the most later tonight. in houston, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. villanova fans are expected to pack watch parties on and around campus tonight. all classes that begin after 6:00 p.m. have been cancelled and there will be a student game watch in the pavilion beginning at 8:00.
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police are ready in case things get rowdy like they did after saturday's game. university and radner township police tell us they'll have an emergency operation center in place and more staff to answer calls. also additional officers will be patrolling on foot. motorcycles, bicycles and horses. there will also be bomb-sniffing dogs in the area. local police made eight arrests mostly for disorderly conduct. and be sure you watch nbc 10 tonight at 7:00 for our one-hour villanova special march to victory. matt delucia, keith jones and john clark are looking ahead to tonight's championship game. new video this morning shows how the ncaa basketball tournament is turning into an opportunity for thieves. a woman says she met the man in this video near 18th and market street in center city, philadelphia, last month and paid him $300 for two tickets to
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a tournament game, but when she tried to use them she was told they were counterfeit. if you recognize the man you see in that video, call police. and it is almost time to play ball. we waited a long time to say that. the phillies begin their regular season today in cincinnati and fans in our area will still get a chance to gather and watch the game in south philadelphia and cheer on the phils. pamela osborne is live for us at xfinity live with more. >> reporter: katy, this is where the party is going to be. beginning at 3:00, fans are invited to come down here to the xfinity live center to take in the game. >> baseball's back and it's opening day. >> the phillies may be taking on the reds in cincinnati for opening day, but fans here will still have the opportunity to cheer on the team together. xfinity live is hosting a free watch party. here, you can watch the phillies play on a 32-foot screen. there will be giveaways and you
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may even get the chance to meet former players. >> tommy green, thompson, gary matthews and we'll be giving away prizes all throughout the day. >> if you can't make it down for the party you can still participate. >> we're encouraging fans to wear phillies hats no matter where you are throughout the day. whether you're at work or watching a game on tv and listening to a game on the radio. >> here's where the hat comes in. all you have to do is make sure you're wearing your phillies hat and take a picture and upload it to social media and hash tag #c. reporting live at xfinity live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. >> one week from today the phillies return to citizens bank park for their home opener and we'll have all of the bases covered. the pregame show on april lenth begins at 2:00 p.m. followed by first pitch at 3:00 and it's all right here on nbc 10. well, it is a few minutes
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before 12:15 and forced to flee, not once, but twice. the incidents that caused people to evacuate newark liberty airport this morning. we'll have the details. if you step outside you might be wondering where is spring? snow is hitting several parts of the country just in time for opening baseball day. >> the phillies are safe and they've got rain showers in cincinnati. this morning they'll be out by game time. next week, that's a different story and we've got a lot to get through before we get to there including very cold air and another round of rain and we'll have a look at the seven-day forecast when we come back. this is a vitac captioning test
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test thi a >> a fire this rekindled overnight at newark liberty airport forced hundreds of people to evacuate the terminal for the second time in three hours. the port authority says the fire first broke out in a boiler room just after 1:00 a.m. about 200 people headed outside for safety. that's why it was put under control, but a short time later flames began again from that same area forcing the second evacuation. no one was hurt. >> turning now to decision 2016, nbc news has learned the presidential campaigns of both donald trump and ted cruz are working on the same thing. they both want to block rival john kasich from the ballot at the republican national conventi convention. this latest report suggests the two gop candidates are contested in july.
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delegates choose from candidates on the convention ballot. both trump and cruz want to keep kasich's name off the ballot. trump is arguing kasich should not be allowed to continue earning delegates if he does not have a chance of winning the nomination. trump is back on the campaign trail this morning and taking a live look at the scene in lacrosse, wisconsin, as he's speaking to supporters there. the state holds his primary tomorrow. ted cruz is also trying to persuade voters in wisconsin at this hour and he's holding a town hall event in madison and not on the stage yet and you can see the crowd has rallied and ready to go and it will be moderated by megyn kelly who has starred with donald trump throughout the campaign. john kasich is turning his attention to new york state. he's holding a town hall this morning in hemp stead, long island. new york voters go to the polls on april 19th. and you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of
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decision 2016, and be sure you have the nbc 10 app. it's free and we have an entire section devoted to decision 2016 including the updated delegate count and news about each candidate. take a look at this. several inches of snow caused headaches for commuters in connecticut this morning. snowplows were out early just west of hartford. temperatures near freezing for most of the day. it looks like winter there. and a new season of major league baseball begins today, but in cleveland, fans will head to the ballpark wearing scarves and winter coats rather than coats and t-shirts. in progressive field and hopefully warmer temperatures aren't too far off. >> your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 11:00. we're seeing a good warm-up in our area despite mostly cloudy
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skies and the wind is kicking in and that's warming us up. windy, warm and then wet. rain developing and heading our way for the afternoon and it will be steady rain later this afternoon and through most of the afternoon and evening commute. then a blast of cold is what we'll feel. it's some of the cold that brought that snow to portions of ohio. that cold will really race into the area tonight and still cold in the pocono mountains and that's rain falling now at 32 degrees and light rains in the mountains and clouds over trent inand look at wilmington with sunshine, almost up to 60 degrees and those numbers are climbing in and we have sunshine at the shore, too and there are some clouds that will move through early this morning and early this afternoon and rain due in later today into the evening hours at the shore. philadelphia, they're the clouds over the city and we're still seeing sunshine get through those clouds and the winds have picked up and they're now out of the south and the steady wind will get stronger as we go through the afternoon hours.
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a few sprinkles and northern burlington county and northeast philadelphia with the steadier rain is to the north. this is an improvement because we saw snow in this area first thing this morning. the pocono mountains were getting snow and there was a mix of snow and portions of brooks county and even portions of bucks county saw snowflakes and the temperatures stayed well above freezing and they're climbing now even though it is a rainy view. follow that rain to the west and you can see showers that just cleared cincinnati and on track for a dry, phillies game and we're on track for a much colder night and freeze warnings go into effect at 1:00 this morning and the temperatures plummet overnight tonight and during the day, though, we go the other direction. showers will keep you cooler for the pocono mountains with at allentown and redding and go farther east and you'll see 60s and norris town, 62, and these
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temperatures climbing before the rain arrives, and it arrives later in portions of delaware and south jersey, vineland, 63 and dover and delaware up to 68 degrees and cape may is 63 and later this afternoon, that's when the rain will move in with gusty winds and before the steady rain arrives in philadelphia and we'll warm to 64 degrees and 66 in williamstown. the seven-day forecast shows the cold that's coming in tomorrow. down into the below freezing zone for philadelphia and most of the area, in fact and just 48 in the afternoon and a colder morning wednesday and it will warm up in the afternoon and rain is due thursday and another round of cold as we head into the weekend. >> bill, thank you. >> delivery by drone. the new government recommendations that could soon clear the way for commercial drone flights. a look at what would really be allowed to fly overhead.
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test welcome back. it's about 11:25. doctors at johns hopkins university have developed a new less-invasive procedure that could help severely obese patients lose weight. the treatment uses catheters to access specific blood vessels through a small nick in the skin. doctors then inject microscopic beads that increase blood flow to the part of the stomach and produces most of the body's hunger signals. seven patients who underwent this from seed you are averaged a 6% weight loss after just one
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month and a 13% weight loss after six months. well, deadly derailment. we continue to follow new developments in the investigation into yesterday's derailment that killed two longtime amtrak workers. the update we have just received from officials this morning. we'll have the details for you. >> plus controversy settled? princeton university announced whether it will keep a former president's name on its school.
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homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0242 or visit this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test ed thatty us. thaddeus kirklan we continue developments as trains get back on track following yesterday's deadly derailment in delaware county. outbound service has been returneded to septa's wilmington line following the tragedy. the national transportation
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safety board is investigating why the train and the construction equipment were on the same track. the delaware county medical examiner's office will release more information after autopsies are done today. amtrak says trains are operating on or close to schedule along the northeast corridor. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in chester with the update. tim, when we last saw you about an hour ago chester's mayor had just begun a press conference detailing the investigation. what else have you learned? >> that's right. we ran up to 60 yards. the mayor didn't say much in terms of details about the investigation. that was sort of a -- we were brought here thinking about what happened to chester's response. a lot of it was offering condolences and congratulations to all of the first responders who went out to the scene yesterday morning at 8:00. they did say some of the training after the derailment last year in philadelphia and a lot of the training paid off and they're still awaiting answers
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from the ntsb. why was there a backhoe on the track? chuck schumer said among other things, that there is a 20-step protocol to make sure the tracks are safe when they put equipment on there. it is unclear if those procedures were followed. the ntsb will have their own news conference later today and i am told by an ntsb spokesperson and at that point we should learn more about the reasons behind the equipment being on the track and it's a straight long shoot and it's a 120 mile-an-hour zone and i suppose when you're in loud equipment and a 120 mile an hour train and you won't hear it until it's too late at that point and i want to hear about why it was going on and were the workers on the wrong track? all these, and the delaware county medical examiner's office and we should learn more about the veteran amtrak employees who were killed yesterday morning. we'll keep following the story and we'll head down to the scene right now and we'll look around for surveillance video and we want to see if anyone had a look
11:31 am
and what actually happened at the last minute and certainly the ntsb is looking at that, as well and they also have the luxury of the recorder from inside the train and one facing ford on the tracks and one facing back into the engine. so we'll hopefully get a look at more video surveillance and get answers as to why exactly this tragedy happened. again, a number of people are still in the hospital and we got an update from the hospital system which represents a couple of different hospitals and they said they had 19 people admitted into their hospitals and only four remained and everyone else was allowed to go home and we'll keep checking in with the hospitals and ntsb and all aspects of the investigation and we'll have the latest for you as it becomes available later today and we're live outside chester city hall. i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. have breaking news from the sports world. former 76 alan iverson was elected to the naismith hall of fame class of 2016.
11:32 am
iverson spent most of his 14-year nba career here in philadelphia. the 2016 class will be enshrined during hall of fame festivities september 8th to the 10th. checking our nbc 10 headlines right now. an oil spill closed part of roosevelt boulevard today. sky force 10 was over the scene in lubbock just after 9:00 this morning when oil spilled out on the semitruck. the mess was affecting traffic in the area. >> new video shows how the ncaa basketball tournament is turning into an opportunity for criminals. a woman says she paid the man you see in this video $300 for two tickets for a tournament game and when she tried to use them she was told they were counterfeit. >> the fire rekindled overnight at newark liberty airport forcing hundreds of people in the airport to evacuate the terminal for a second time. the port authority says the first fire broke out in a boiler room just after 1:00 a.m. and no
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one was hurt in either of those flare-ups. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, it is 11:33 on your monday morning and get ready for the rain. a live look outside right now at the shore from our camera in cape may. it shows a dry and mild day for now, but that could be quickly changing in the next few hours and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with details. >> a range of conditions and not bad at all at the shore and some clouds there and some clouds in philadelphia. the temperature, most of the areas are seeing a nice warm-up and northeast philadelphia, 54 degrees and 60s at the shore. you see the sunshine for south jersey and central and southern delaware, but go farther inland and there are clouds over wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and they're producing rain showers to the north. follow that line to the west and these showers are moving almost due east at 40 to 50 miles an
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hour and the harrisburg rainfall that's moving into the area is on track for burks county, montgomery and philadelphia. we will see rain move in. the rains are keeping temperatures cooler to the north, 30s and 40s and look at delaware, and philadelphia will warm into the 60s as well before the rain moves in. once the rain starts coming in and that's when we will see the temperatures drop and the rain will move out this evening and then the temperatures will plummet overnight tonight and take a look at the lows that you would expect neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back with the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. katy? >> thank you. it still feels like winter for millions across the country this morning. an april snowstorm swept across the upper midwest and northeast and more cold weather is on the way. morgan radford is in hartford, connecticut, with the snowy scene there. >> reporter: crews are out cleaning up debris after rains of 60 miles per hour swept
11:35 am
through the northeast and toppling trees and whipping through power lines and this as even more severe weather is expected this way. more than nine inches of snow overnight in michigan, seven in wisconsin and in connecticut more than eight inches of snow expected into this evening and this after more than 150,000 homes are still without power across 25 states and a couple has been killed in boston after a rotting tree fell on the roof of their car and paramedics were able to reach them safely and unfortunately that couple did not make it out alive in massachusetts. there is still high wind advisories in effect across the country and if you live in one of those areas, experts say you should remain extremely cautious. back to you. that was nbc's morgan radford reporting. it is 11:35 and happening today, new jersey state legislature is again considering banning people convicted of certain crimes of owning guns. carjacking, racketeering or engaging in criminal gang
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activity and an assembly committee will review the proposal today. new this morning princeton university will keep president woodrow wilson's name on one of its schools. the university's board of trustees rejected calls to remove wilson's name from princeton's public policy school because of his racist views. wilson was president of the university before becoming commander in chief. he supported racial segregation during his career. we know it all too well. v for villanova, v for victory. villanova university and the main line are ready for a championship evening of basketball as the wild cats get set to take on the north carolina tar heels for the national title. watch parties for tonight's game are for the pavilion on campus at 8:00 and local pubs and villanova beat oklahoma saturday night by 44 points to get into tonight's game. businesses and police are adding extra security to keep things
11:37 am
safe win or lose. and don't miss our nbc 10 march to victory special tonight at 7:00. just tap the nbc 10 app and stay with nbc 10 for the most complete coverage of villanova's title run. well, it's a sure sign that spring has arrived. baseball is back and the phillies will play their first regular season game today. the team is on the road, but that doesn't mean things are quiet at the sports complex in south philadelphia. nbc 10's pamela osborne joins us live for xfinity live to explain. pamela? >> this is definitely going to be the place to be and there will be giveaways and discounts on food and plus you get to watch the game from a 32-foot screen tv. >> we'll be giving away prizes all throughout the day and the phanatic will be there. >> the phillies may be taking on the reds in cincinnati for opening day and fans will have the opportunity to cheer on the team and xfinity live is hosting
11:38 am
a free watch party and they're doing things big. >> baseball's back and it's opening day. >> at xfinity live you can watch the phillies play on a 32-foot screen and there will also be giveaways and you will get the chance to meet former players. >> gary matthews. >> if you can't make it down for the party you can still participate. >> we're encouraging fans to wear phillies hats no matter where they are throughout the day. so whether you're at work or watching a game on tv, listening to a game on the radio. >> reporter: so here's the deal, if you can't get down here today for that watch party all you have to do is wear your phillies hat, take a picture of yourself, upload it #capson and you still have an opportunity to get your hands on some of those prizes. reporting live at xfinity live i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. one week from today the phillies return to citizens bank park for their home opener and we have the bases covered and the pregame show april 11th begins at 2:00 p.m. followed by
11:39 am
first pitch at 3:00 and it's all right here on nbc 10. it's 11:38. turning now to decision 2016. tomorrow's wisconsin primary is shaping up to be a crucial showdown for candidates in both parties. vermont senator bernie sanders is holding a town hall event at this hour in janesville, wisconsin and he's at the podium spe speaking to supporters. hillary clinton is in her home state of new york. she's being joined by andrew cuomo. both candidates are scheduled to campaign in philadelphia later this week. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of decision 2016. be sure to have the nbc 10 app and we'll have an entire section devoted to decision 2016 including the updated delegate count and news about each candidate. retired u.s. women's soccer star abby wambach is facing dui
11:40 am
charges in portland, oregon. police who arrested wambach said they pulled her vehicle over after she ran a red light. she failed sobriety test and a breath test. she released a statement read in part i take full responsibility for my actions. this is all on my and i will make sure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. coming up next, joining forces. two airlines announce a megamerger this morning on the same day a new report is released about what customers think regarding air travel. don't forget your umbrella. we have some rain on the way and it's going to be here just in time for the evening commute and if you're getting ready to move out for tomorrow morning and you'll need to bundle up and much colder weather will be moving in. we have the seven-day forecast just ahead. itac captioning test
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test welcome back. alaska air is buying virgin america. the deal is worth more than $2 billion. alaska air says the deal will expand its route network to include 200 daily departures. the airline is currently the sixth largest u.s. carrier and serves 90 destinations in the u.s., canada and mexico. the deal gives alaska air more
11:44 am
access to east coast airports in washington, d.c. and new york. more flights are arriving on time and airlines are losing fewer bags which is great, but still passengers are complaining about their travel. that's according to a new study from wichita state. researchers found passenger complaints jumped 34% last year to the highest level we've seen in 16 years. their top frustration, cans lagszs and delays. the study's coauthor thinks passengers resent the growth in extra fees for things like checked baggage or changing or canceling a reservation and that makes them quick tore complain when something goes wrong with their travel. a government-sponsored committee is recommending new standards for drones. if they go through it could clear the way it use drones to deliver packages. currently the faa does not allow drones to fly over populated areas especially crowded areas. the recommendations would change that and the purpose of this
11:45 am
committee is to circumvent traditional federal rule procedures which can take years. >>. turns out fewer people are going to movie theater, but some hope that adding new technology to the movie-going experience will reverse that trend. cnbc's julia boorstin has a look. >> reporter: this is the cutting-edge of movie theaters. the surround sound called the barco escape side launching in downtown los angeles. there are immersive projectors and surround southbound speakers and the lobby has high-def displays. >> we need to raise the bar and so compel tag people put down the ipad and leave the couch and actually go to the cinema. this is why we created barco escape. >> there's been an explosion of alternatives to movies including more premium content available
11:46 am
at home. from netflix, amazon prime, hbo and others. >> sean parker is working on screening room to allow people to watch movies at home the very day they debut in theaters and plus all u.s. homes are projected to own a 4k tv by the year 2020. that's why eeg which operates sports theaters around the world is investing in the experiences. the 4dx theater is here with seats that move and wind and smells piped in which eeg says it has been a huge success. >> if we can provide an immersive peerns and there is a demand for it and people want that and there is a new generation of moviegoers that want to be brought into the movie more. >> the more your living room feels like a theater, the more high-tech movie theaters will become. >> and that was cnbc's julia boorstin reporting. >> it's an organization that helps give premature babies a
11:47 am
fighting chance and it wants you to be part of the biggest fu fund-raisfun fund-raisers of the year. he is here with the 2016 philadelphia ambassador allison cowlings. thank you both so much for being here. seth, let's start with you. tell us about the march of dimes and who it helps. it's been out a long time and early on, the goal was to eradicate polio which it did and now we're on to just ensuring babies get a healthy start to life and it's really about that. it's about research and development and making sure that families impacted by this have the tool and resources they need. it's about getting babies a healthy start in liefr. >> allison, one of those families who is sitting next to you, seth allison and your son was born nine weeks early. that must have been so scary. tell us how he is now. >> he's great. he's an amazing, happy
11:48 am
3-year-old child who is breaking strides in terms of his growth and his development, but that's not the way he started and he was -- we have a picture of him right there. that was really early on, right? >> that's the picture where a face only a mother could love. >> and that was last summer. he's amazing. >> how old is he now? >> he'll be 4 in august and like you said, he's hitting all of the benchmarks. he had his struggles like any pre-term baby does and the march of dimes did a lot and thee was given theer pea within hours of his birth and therapy was funded through research that the march of dimes did. i hate to think where we'd be without an organization like the march of dimes because i know our doctor told us that day it was a game changer. it was a game changer for babies like your son that was born this early and 20 years ago, 25 years ago we might not be in this situation. >> you credit this organization. >> absolutely.
11:49 am
>> what's his name. >> vaughn. >> he's adorable. >> tell us about the event that's coming up and your biggest annual fund-raiser and why people listening at home if they haven't had a connection to premature babies. it's a terrific day and april 24th is like a walk as well as a run and the 5k, 10k run and which is the sixth year we've done that and the walk has been around for a long time. not only is there a lot of energy, excitement and family and people who get to celebrate how well their kids are thriving and it's a great opportunity to give back, too. so there's an element of fund raising and just supporting the cause. it's a great event and we have bands and petting zoos and we have runners, walkers, families and kids. it's a terrific event. april 24th on sunday. there's the run that starts at 8:00 and the walk precedes that and it's a terrific e event and
11:50 am
people can go online and hope it helps. >> the march of dimes philadelphia march for babies and run for babies is happening sunday, april 24th. the run begins as seth said at 8:00 a.m. and the walk kicks off at 9:30 at the philadelphia museum of art. it's one of several events happening in our area. for more information head to our website, nbc or check out the nbc 10 app. seth and allison, thank you so much. glad he's doing so well. >> thanks. >> meteorologist bill henley. by april 24th it should be warmer. we're getting a warm-up today in spite of the clouds that are overhead and this has a lot to do with it. the wind is blowing out of the southwest and has pushed our temperatures up 57 degrees in philadelphia. that's 19 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time.
11:51 am
clouds will stay put over philadelphia and eventually we'll start to see rain coming out of those clouds and that will happen this afternoon. and look at how much cooler it is and we're seeing sunshine in delaware and the temperatures are in the 60s and dry to start with in delaware and south jersey. you can see rain has returned to redding and allentown and this is an improvement and we saw snow in the pocono mountains and that snow is still falling only in new york state. rain will be falling this afternoon and future rainfall and by then, allentown could be closing in on half an inch of rain and it will be sweeping during the afternoon and evening commute. some heavier downpours are possible, but mainly it will bea i light rain moving through philadelphia and headed toward the jersey shore by 8:00. >> we could see up to half an inch or possibly more in some areas and rain arrives this afternoon and gusty winds will precede the rain and warm us
11:52 am
into the 60s today and those wends gusting to 30 miles an hour, but tonight it is a different story and 17 degrees for the pocono mountains and 20s for allentown and quaker town and mount holly, trenton and doylestown will cool into the 40s and at the shore, freezing for cape may and just below freezing in dover with clear skies and even though it's in the 20s, it will feel like it's in the teens to start with during the day tomorrow and it won't be all that warm in the afternoon and just 47 degrees and a breezy afternoon, but we will see sunshine for tuesday and start off with sunshine for wednesday. the clouds build and leading to another chance of showers thursday, but those showers will only be rain as the temperatures are back up into the low 60s and then back down starting on friday and look at the cold for the weekend. saturday, 47, just 53 degrees sunday afternoon. we'll be right back. vitac captioning test
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this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vi welcome back. we have breaking news. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will hold a news conference this afternoon to talk about the lashaun mccoy case. he's being investigated for his
11:56 am
alleged involvement in a fight with police. nbc 10 will be there and look for full coverage on the nbc 10 mobile app as well as nbc 10 news at 4:00 p.m. we wish him luck. a burlington county native is competing in today's knockout round on nbc's "the voice." nate butler sang with the philadelphia boys choir. he's on team adam and you can watch "the voice" mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. i can see you competing in that. >> with the volume off! >> i'd pay to see that, though. >> yeah. >> well -- >> you'd pay more for nice, sunny warm weather and we're not going to see that today. clouds are already here and we have rain that will be moving in from the northwest. the temperatures have been climbing which is great and 66 in millville and 60 in wilmington and it won't last and
11:57 am
once the rain moves in and the temperatures start falling. >> thank you for that, bill. we'll take it. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 and i'm katy zack re in for bill. have a great day.
11:58 am
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